Howden Registers - Burials 1546-1550.


Transcription of the Howden Registers - Burials 1546-1550.

Please note I cannot guarantee that my software has always extracted the date in the date column correctly.
The dates are given in the order the appear in the register which is not necessarily numerical order.
Also note that the year commenced on the 25th March up to 1752.

DateName(s) and relationship
June 1546.
17/06/1546John s. to Robt. Tayler of Bermbie xvijo.
23/06/1546Xpofer Collin of Bermbie xxiijo.
Julie 1546.
14/07/1546Catherine wife of Robt. Colling xiiijo.
16/07/1546Jennett wife to Xpofer Colling xvjo.
18/07/1546Robart Colling of Bermbie xviijo.
25/07/1546Eliz. d. to Robart Colling xxvo.
August 1546.
04/08/1546Margaret d. to Alexander halliday iiij.
28/08/1546John Fingley of Barmbie xxviij.
September 1546.
12/09/1546Thorns, s. to Wm. Hall of Asselbie xijo.
26/09/1546Jennett Wood of Bermbie xxvjo.
29/09/1546Agnes Pickering of Asselbie xxixo.
November 1546.
03/11/1546Eliz. wif to John Collin of Asselbie iijo.
December 1546.
23/12/1546Thoms. Collin of Asselbie xxiij.
Aprill 1547.
16/04/1547John son to Jarvis Cotnes of Bermbie xvjo.
Maye 1547.
22/05/1547Agnes Berker of Asselbie xxijo.
Julie 1547.
11/07/1547Margaret wife to John Spenser of Bermbie xjo.
20/07/1547Agnes Slater of Asselbie xxo.
September 1547.
29/09/1547Alice Collin, vid. xxixo.
October 1547.
14/10/1547Eliz. wife to Steven Smith xiiijo.
20/10/1547Robart s. to Willm. Allan xxo.
November 1547.
29/11/1547Grace d. to Robart Arcle xxixo.
Februarie 1547.
12/02/1547Mercie d. to Robt. Allan xijo.
24/02/1547Margaret wife to Henrie Pocklington xxiiijo.
Aprill 1548.
01/04/1548John s. to Robart Watson vx.
02/04/1548Robt. Jennt. c. to Thoms. Underwood ijo.
June 1543.
26/06/1543James s. to Robart Kirsey xxvjo.
Julie 1548.
10/07/1548Thoms. s. to Robt. Hunsley xo.
August 1548.
13/08/1548Isabell d. to John Bell xiijo.
14/08/1548Thoms. s. to Thoms. Jackson xiiijo.
September 1548.
05/09/1548James s. to John Hesslewoode vo.
18/09/1548Robart Watson xviijo.
18/09/1548Jarvis son to Thoms. Ricroft xviijo.
19/09/1548Jennet d. to Thoms. Ricroft xixo..
27/09/1548John s. to Thoms. Arnold xxvijo.
29/09/1548Jarvis s. to Willm Allan xxixo.
29/09/1548Jennt. d. to Anthonie Collin xxixo.
02/11/1548Isabell wife to John Bell ijo.
June 1549.
05/06/1549Robart Collin of Bermbie vo.
05/06/1549Willm. s. to John Cave vo.
August 1549.
20/08/1549Henrie s. to Rich : Pocklington xxo.
September 1549.
03/09/1549Willm Ricroft of Bermbie iijo.
November 1549.
18/11/1549Thoms. s. to Rich. Smith xviijo.
27/11/1549Fayth wife to Rich. Smith xxvijo.
28/11/1549Jennet d. to Robt. Borkenfeild xxviijo
December 1549.
26/12/1549Margaret d. to Edward Binks xxvj.
30/12/1549John Underwoode of Asselbie xxx.
31/12/1549Alice Spencer of Bermbie xxxj.
Januarie 1549.
19/01/1549John son to Willm. Allan xixo.
29/01/1549Steven Smyth of Asselbie xxixo.
30/01/1549Catherine Wooddall of Asselbie xxxo.
March 1549.
06/03/1549Isabell Collin of Bermbie vjo.
09/03/1549Willm Martin of Bermbie ixo.
14/03/1549Robt. Morton of Asselbie xiiijo.
Aprill 1550.
02/04/1550Steven s. to Robart Collin ijo.
14/04/1550The wife of Rich. Branton xiiijo.
18/04/1550Alice d. to George Parkinson xviijo.
Maye 1550.
05/05/1550Joyce Fingley of Bermbie, vid. vo
07/05/1550Willm. Stevenson of Asselbie vijo.
08/05/1550Miles s. to Robt. hereson viijo.
17/05/1550Willm. s. to Robt. Smyth xvijo.

Data transcribed from
A publication by the Yorkshire Parish Register Society
published in the year 1905
Transcribed by Colin Hinson
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