Howden Registers - Burials 1724-17752.


Transcription of the Howden Registers - Burials 1724-1775.

Please note I cannot guarantee that my software has always extracted the date in the date column correctly.
The dates are given in the order the appear in the register which is not necessarily numerical order.
Also note that the year commenced on the 25th March up to 1752.
but that the date column numbers the months in the modern method (English format)

DateName(s) and relationship
??/03/1724Mar. - Martha, D. Robt. man, of Howden.
??/04/1724Apr. - Jon. S. Wm. Graves, of Knedlington.
??/04/1724Apr - Robt. Langton, of Howden.
??/04/1724Apr - Eliz., D. Jon. Hogg, of Newland.
20/04/1724Apr 20. Wm. S. Robt. Waud, of Laxton.
20/04/1724Apr 20. Hen., S. Hen. Chambers, of Howden.
20/04/1724Apr 20. Mary, W. Tho. Hardie, of Saltmarsh.
04/05/1724May 4. Tim Goudel, of Howden.
07/05/1724May 7. Robt. & Jon. sons to Robt. Jackson, of Howden.
08/05/1724May 8. Mary Watson, of Swinefleet.
15/05/1724May 15. Eliz. Slator, of Barnby.
17/05/1724May 17. Mr. .... Semar, of Belby.
24/05/1724May 24. Wm. Beilby, of Saltmarsh.
26/05/1724May 26. Mary Dowson, of Howden.
26/05/1724May 26. Hen : Minnikin, of Yokefleet.
26/05/1724May 26. Eliz., D. Sam Sharp, of Yokefleet.
27/05/1724May 27. Robt. Bradley, of Belby.
29/05/1724May 29. James Kemp, of Belby.
07/06/1724June 7. Eliz., D. Rich : Coates, of Belby.
09/06/1724Jun 9. Sarah, D. Jon. Andrew, of Barnby.
01/07/1724July 1. Jane, D. Jon. Wattkin, of Yokefleet.
19/07/1724Jul 19. James Graburne, of Skelton.
20/07/1724Jul 20. Wm. S. Wm. Snar, of Knedlington.
02/08/1724Aug. 2. Wm S. Wm. Mattrom, of Skelton.
06/08/1724Aug. 6. Wm. S. Mr. Morfeit, of Lund.
10/08/1724Aug 10. Sarah, D. Charles Dove, of Saltmarsh.
10/08/1724Aug 10. Mary, D. Rich. Stadder, of Howden.
05/09/1724Sept. 5. Bar., D. Tho : Hardie, of Saltmarsh.
15/09/1724Sep 15. Eliz., W. Fran. Hildrake, of Balkholme.
15/09/1724Sep 15. Wm. S. Mr. Shipton, of Howden.
24/09/1724Sep 24. Sarah, D. Jon. Barker, of Barnby.
25/09/1724Sept. 25. Jon. S. Simon Jewitt, of Saltmarsh.
25/09/1724Sep 25. Eliz. Kemp, of Belby.
05/10/1724Oct. 5. Jon. Dowson, of Balkholme.
05/10/1724Oct 5. Jon. S. Jon. Briggs, of Howden.
08/10/1724Oct 8. Eliz., D. Zach. Burton, of Newland.
10/10/1724Oct 10. Tho : Keedar, of Saltmarsh.
11/10/1724Oct 11. Wm., S. Ed. Vause, of Howden.
12/10/1724Oct 12. Tho., S. Jon. Dowson, of Balkholme.
21/10/1724Oct 21. Mr. Sam Smith, of Hull.
25/10/1724Oct 25. Robt, S. Jon. Dowson, of Balkholme.
25/10/1724Oct 25. Jon. Wilson, of Balkholme.
26/10/1724Oct 26. Geo. Atkinson, of Asleby.
28/10/1724Oct 28. Mary, W. Tho : Fenton, of Barnby.
30/10/1724Oct 30. Cath., W. Jon. Brown, of Barnby.
30/10/1724Oct 30. Jon. S. Jon. Huthom : Asleby.
05/11/1724Nov. 5. Jane Filding, of Skelton.
06/11/1724Nov 6. Jon. Heslewood, of Thorpe.
07/11/1724Nov 7. Tho : Smith, of Asleby.
17/11/1724Nov 17. Dorith : Artle, of Knedlington.
18/11/1724Nov 18. Anne, W. Peter Bointon, of Metham.
22/11/1724Nov 22. Rebec : W. Jon. Watterhouse, of Asleby.
25/11/1724Nov 25. Ralph, S. Mr. Ralph Northen, Howden.
26/11/1724Nov 26. Robt Mitchel, of Saltmarsh.
29/11/1724Nov 29. Mr. Wm. Battle, of Howden.
02/12/1724Dec. 2. Robt. Hurst, of Skelton.
06/12/1724Dec 6. Josh. Stainforth, Belby.
06/12/1724Dec 6. Anne, W. Rich. Ramsey, Asleby.
08/12/1724Dec 8. Sarah, D. Jon. Watkinson, Cottnes.
11/12/1724Dec 11. Eliz. Knowles, of Asleby.
11/12/1724Dec 11. Anne, W. Tho : Nuttbrown, of Howden.
13/12/1724Dec 13. Anne Vollons, of Howden.
14/12/1724Dec 14. Len : S. Len : Arnold, Belby.
15/12/1724Dec 15. Geo. Bows, of Skelton.
16/12/1724Dec 16. Anne, W. Robt. Parrot, of Yokefleet.
16/12/1724Dec 16. Anne, D. Jon. Jarrat, of Howden.
27/12/1724Dec 27. Hell : W. Jon. Emson, of Balkholme.
27/12/1724Dec 27. Jon. S. Jon. Harrison, of Howden.
10/01/1724Jan. 10. Andrew Palmer, of Laxton.
10/01/1724Jan 10. Eliz., D. Jon. Tomson, of Balkholme.
10/01/1724Jan 10. Jos : S. Jon. Andrew, Barnby.
12/01/1724Jan 12. Wm. S. Jos. Andrew, Barnby.
13/01/1724Jan 13. Sar : W. Jon. Woodswoorth, Knedlington.
13/01/1724Jan 13. Anne, D. Tho : Nuttbrown, Howden.
30/01/1724Jan 30. Tho : S. Tho : Young, Asleby.
03/02/1724Feb. 3. Jon. S. Mr. Jos. Tingate, of Barnby.
03/02/1724Feb 3. Bar : D. Tho : Young, of Asleby.
03/02/1724Feb 3. Tho : S. Jon. Harrison, of Howden.
13/02/1724Feb 13. Anne, D. Tho : Thornbrough, Laxton.
13/02/1724Feb 13. Eliz., W. Jon. Claydon, of Howden.
15/02/1724Feb. 15. Mary, W. Tho : Young, Asleby.
16/02/1724Feb 16. Tho : Widhouse, of Howden.
19/02/1724Feb 19. Anne White, of Howden.
23/02/1724Feb 23. Jon. S. Jon. Bishop, of Laxton.
01/03/1724Mar. 1. Eliz., W. to Marke Nuttbrown, Howden.
01/03/1724Mar 1. Dinis Audes, of Knedlington.
04/03/1724Mar 4. Rebec : D. Tho : Aislby, Howdn.
06/03/1724Mar 6. Tho: Richardson, Saltmarsh.
07/03/1724Mar 7. Eliz., D. Wm. Hood, Kilpin.
13/03/1724Mar 13. John Blemire, Skelton.
14/03/1724Mar 14. Sarah, wife to John Tasker, Belby.
14/03/1724Mar 14. William, son to John Peart, Laxton.
14/03/1724Mar 14. Hanah, dau : of Robt. Baudon, Skelton.
15/03/1724Mar 15. John Wood, Balcom.
15/03/1724Mar 15. Barbrah, wife to John Ramsah, Barmby.
17/03/1724Mar 17. Sarah and Ane, Daus. to Tho. Leper, Barmby.
19/03/1724Mar 19. William Matteroum, Skelton.
24/03/1724Mar 24. Charles, S. to Lenard Thorp, Howden.
28/03/1725Mar 28. .... Belbey, Saltmarsh.
01/04/1725Apr. 1. Tho: Thomas, of Laxton.
01/04/1725Apr 1. Frances Hutson, of Howden.
01/04/1725Apr 1. Cat : wife to Tho. Pinder, Howden.
10/04/1725Apr 10. Eward Stifunson, of Skelton.
15/04/1725Apr 15. Sarah Cooke, of Howden.
24/04/1725Apr 24. Eli : D. Tho. Dalley, of Laxton.
24/04/1725Apr 24. Jon. S. Jon. Pallmer, of Howden.
24/04/1725Apr 24. Will., S. to Beng : Douson, of Howden.
08/05/1725May 8. Cat : Biging, of Howden.
15/05/1725May 15. Ann horst, of balkholme.
15/05/1725May 15. Jane Mourret, of Howden.
18/05/1725May 18. Mar., D. to Jon. Pagett, of Skelton.
22/05/1725May 22. Jon. Broun, of barmbey.
28/05/1725May 28. Mary, D. to Jos. harrison, of barmby.
28/05/1725May 28. Simion, S. to Thomas Ayer, of howden.
28/05/1725May 28. Will Frere, of Laxton.
03/06/1725June 3. Ann, W. to Jon. Good, of Saltmarsh.
03/06/1725Jun 3. Mart. D. to Gorg Kiching, of howden.
09/06/1725Jun 9. Jane, D. to Will. Broun, of Barmbey.
11/06/1725Jun 11. Mary, D. to John hardey, of Knedlinton.
15/06/1725Jun 15. Tomison, D. to Jon. Audus, of Knedlinton.
15/06/1725Jun 15. Mary Good, of Saltmarsh.
29/06/1725Jun 29. John Hart, of howden.
30/06/1725Jun 30. John Garman, of Aselbey.
03/07/1725July 3. Alse, W. to Robert Camel, of Howden.
04/07/1725Jul 4. Leven Ward, a strenger.
11/07/1725Jul 11. Elizbeth Donn, of thorp.
27/07/1725Jul 27. Jon. Cambey, a stranger.
22/08/1725Aug. 22. Gorge Clark, of Howden.
24/08/1725Aug. 24. Rafe, S. to Richard harrison, of Howden.
01/09/1725Sept. 1. Patiens, W. to Will Richison, of Howden.
08/09/1725Sep 8. Will. Curkhus, of Howden.
20/09/1725Sep 20. Jon Parkins, of Saltmarsh.
24/09/1725Sep 24. Jon, S. to Thomas Tomson, of Barmbey.
25/09/1725Sep 25. Mary, D. to Will Brear, of Lakston.
28/09/1725Sep 28. Mr. Tho : Smith, of Aselbey.
02/10/1725Oct. 2. Elizebeth, W. to Gorge Spence, of Howden.
05/10/1725Oct 5. Anne, W. to John Bronkes, of Howden.
17/10/1725Oct 17. Steven Gilderson, of Yockflet.
24/10/1725Oct 24. Rob., S. to Rich. Harrison, of Howden.
05/11/1725Nov. 5. Thomas Fidlen, of Howden.
20/11/1725Nov 20. Mrs. Hammon, of Howden.
30/11/1725Nov 30. Jon. Ramsah, of Howden.
01/12/1725Dec. 1. Sinddeney Blanshard, of barmbey.
05/12/1725Dec 5. Tho., S. to Jon. Watterhouse, of Aselby.
07/12/1725Dec 7. Elizebeth, W. to Jon. Moar, of Howden.
15/12/1725Dec 15. Anne, W. to Joseph Belbey, of Saltmarsh.
25/12/1725Dec 25. Tho : Barker, of howden.
01/01/1725Jan. 1. Margret, D. to Jon. Coggrave, of howden.
04/01/1725Jan 4. Eliz., W. to Gorge Shot, of bolkum.
07/01/1725Jan 7. Ann Wood, of boalkholm.
10/01/1725Jan 10. Sarah, D. to Jon. Dunn, of Thorp.
11/01/1725Jan 11. Richard, S. to Richard Cuniworth, of howden.
07/02/1725Feb. 7. Jon. S. to Jon. Jusen, of Knedlinton.
08/02/1725Feb 8. Corney Collin, of barmby.
11/02/1725Feb 11. Mat. Coverdell, of Asebey.
01/03/1725Mar. 1. Mrs. Mary Waton, of Howden.
03/03/1725Mar 3. Richard, S. to Jon. Moair, of Howden.
03/03/1725Mar 3. Robert, S. to Robert Juson, of Howden.
03/03/1725Mar 3. Mary, wife to Jon. Forth, of barmbey.
13/03/1725Mar 13. An Willkison, of Howden.
21/03/1725Mar 21. Ann, D. of Robert Maskel, of Howden.
24/03/1725Mar 24. Robert Thorp, of Sparinton.
27/03/1726Mar 27. Jon. Bullmer, of Howden.
11/04/1726Apr. 11. Jon, S. to Jon Judgson, of Laxton.
22/04/1726Apr 22. Emanewell dean, of Howden.
23/06/1726June 23. Mr. Richard Colton, of howden.
07/07/1726July 7. Edey, W. to Jon Willkisson, of howden.
14/08/1726Aug. 14. Thomas Hick, of Howden.
27/08/1726Aug 27. Mary, d. to Jon Stones, of belbey.
02/09/1726Sept. 2. Lenard Arnell, of Thorpe lidget.
04/09/1726Sep 4. Jane, W. to Cristorfer Seall, of howden.
07/09/1726Sep 7. Jon, S. to Joseph Wharey, of howden.
10/09/1726Sep 10. Mary, D. to Jon Smith, of Saltmarsh.
28/09/1726Sep 28. Joseph Whary, of howden.
10/10/1726Oct. 10. Thomas Sticknah, of balkholm.
11/10/1726Oct 11. Elisebeth, D. to Will Burton, of howden.
20/10/1726Oct. 20. Jon hord, of thorplidget.
21/10/1726Oct 21. Mary, D. to Peter Wilson, of Aselbey.
21/11/1726Nov. 21. Jane, D. to Thomas Lidster, of howden.
22/11/1726Nov 22. Robert hoall, of belbey.
23/11/1726Nov 23. Jon. Tasker, of Belbey.
04/12/1726Dec. 4. Mary, D. to Will benison, of belbey.
11/12/1726Dec 11. Jon, S. to Jon Tindel, of Aselbey.
20/12/1726Dec 20. Ann howdell, of Knedlinton.
08/01/1726Jan. 8. Mrs. Mary Smith, of Aselby.
09/01/1726Jan 9. Sarah, D. to Will Nickelson, of howden.
20/01/1726Jan 20. Ann fenell, of barmbey.
23/01/1726Jan 23. Mary Stefenson, of Skelton.
04/02/1726Feb. 4. Rob., S. to Mr. Gorge Atherup, of howden.
05/02/1726Feb 5. Will. Nickelson, of howden.
11/02/1726Feb 11. Mr. Thomas Dickens, of howden.
19/02/1726Feb 19. Mary, wife to Richard Palmer, of Aselbey.
19/02/1726Feb 19. Hanah, D. to Will. Wainman, of howden.
24/02/1726Feb 24. Jon, S. to henery hoakesworth, of Aselby.
07/03/1726Mar. 7. Jon Ranforth, of Saltmarch.
08/03/1726Mar 8. Ann Audus, of howden.
08/03/1726Mar 8. Mary, D. to Charles Cowlem, of howden.
11/03/1726Mar 11. Elisebeth, W. to Jon Roades, of Skelton.
21/03/1726Mar 21. Jon Collison, of howden.
27/03/1727Mar 27. Ann Stefenson, of howden.
16/04/1727Apr. 16. Elizebeth, D. to Mr. Will. Mileton, of howden.
05/05/1727May 5. John Wilkinson, of Newland.
09/05/1727May 9. Doiley Preston, of Howden.
24/05/1727May 24. Thomas, S. to Richd Day, of Barmby.
08/06/1727June 8. Eleanor, D. to Robt. Breasly, of Howden.
13/06/1727Jun 13. Wm. S. to Joan Midleton, Howden.
16/06/1727Jun 16. Tho : Eland, of Barnal Hall.
30/06/1727Jun 30. Eliz., wife to Robt. Bilbrough, of Howden.
04/07/1727July 4. Peter Awcock, of Barmby Marsh.
10/07/1727Jul 10. John Rodes, of Skelton.
16/07/1727Jul 16. Margaret Thompson, of Saltmarsh.
21/07/1727Jul 21. Mathew Penrose, of Howden.
25/07/1727Jul 25. Jane, D. to David Langton, of Howden.
28/07/1727Jul 28. John Hineson, of Barmby Marsh.
13/08/1727Aug. 13. Margaret, wife to John Jewson, Knedlington.
13/08/1727Aug 13. Jane, wife to Ed. Kirsey, Knedlington Prot : Pres :
18/08/1727Aug 18. Eliz : wife to Tho. Cade, of Howden.
19/08/1727Aug 19. Hannah, D. to Tho. Harrinson, Barmby.
19/08/1727Aug 19. Tho : S. to Tim : Corner, of Knedlington.
25/08/1727Aug 25. Mrs. Turnell, of Howden.
30/08/1727Aug 30. Anne, wife to Geo : Carr, Yoakfleet.
30/08/1727Aug 30. Eliz., wife to Charles Cowlam, Howden.
31/08/1727Aug 31. Mrs. Scot, of Yoakfleet.
03/09/1727Sept. 3. Tho., S. to Michael Peart, of Howden.
04/09/1727Sep 4. William, S. to John Audus, Knedlington.
04/09/1727Sep 4. Geo : S. John Martindale, Barmby.
08/09/1727Sep 8. Benjamin, Son to Geo : Carr, Yoakfleet.
08/09/1727Sep 8. Anne, D. to Jno. Gindale, of Cotness.
19/09/1727Sep 19. Mary, D. to Anne Corner, of Asselby.
20/09/1727Sep 20. Anne, D. to Tho: Hardy, of Skelton.
20/09/1727Sep 20. Katherine, D. to John Green, of Asleby.
22/09/1727Sep 22. Wm S. to Wm. Burton, Howden.
28/09/1727Sep 28. Rebecca, wife to Jos : Harrison, Barmby.
01/10/1727Oct. 1. Eliz., D. to Tho: Ramsey, Asleby.
01/10/1727Oct 1. Mary, W. to Wm. Bennison, Belby.
03/10/1727Oct 3. John Bellgrave, of Everingam.
03/10/1727Oct 3. Mary, D. to Mat : Bell, Howden.
04/10/1727Oct 4. Mary, D. to John Smith, Saltmarsh.
05/10/1727Oct 5. Sarah, D. to John Underwood, Barmby Marsh.
05/10/1727Oct 5. Ricd. S. to John Green, Asleby.
07/10/1727Oct 7. Anne Huthom, of Skelton.
09/10/1727Oct 9. Ric S. to Robt Green, Asleby.
14/10/1727Oct 14. Hannah Booth, Skelton.
19/10/1727Oct 19. Wm. S. to John Briggs, of Howden.
19/10/1727Oct 19. John, S. to John Stian, Howden.
20/10/1727Oct 20. Hannah, W. to John Audus, Knedlington.
23/10/1727Oct 23. Anne Hoord, Thorp-Ligget.
28/10/1727Oct 28. Margaret, D. to Wm. Thompson, Saltmarsh.
29/10/1727Oct 29. Mary, W. to Ed : Stainforth, Howden.
29/10/1727Oct 29. Wm. Bursey, of Asleby.
29/10/1727Oct 29. Wm. S. to Wm. Wright, Howden.
01/11/1727Nov. 1. Sindone Unthank, Barmby Marsh.
03/11/1727Nov 3. Hannah Young, Saltmarsh.
05/11/1727Nov 5. Eliz : Cotton, of Hemingbrough.
10/11/1727Nov 10. Eliz., wife of Tho: Husband, of Barmby Marsh.
12/11/1727Nov 12. Edmond, son to Edmund Walker, Howden.
15/11/1727Nov 15. John Styan, of Howden.
16/11/1727Nov 16. Eliz. Thompson, Howden.
19/11/1727Nov 19. William Stainton, Knedlington.
22/11/1727Nov 22. Rich& Lyon, of Howden.
22/11/1727Nov 22. John Mawer, of Howden.
01/12/1727Dec. 1. Mary Watson, D. to Widdow Rainforth, Saltmarsh.
03/12/1727Dec 3. Mrs. Coulton, Howden.
07/12/1727Dec 7. Eliz., wife to Tho. Stephenson, Saltmarsh.
07/12/1727Dec 7. John Andrew, of Barmby Marsh.
12/12/1727Dec 12. Geo : son to Geo : Hall, Asleby.
18/12/1727Dec 18. Wm. Graves, of Knedlington.
19/12/1727Dec 19. Jos : S. to Tho : Harrison, Barmby.
21/12/1727Dec 21. Tho : S. to James Foreshore, Skelton.
24/12/1727Dec 24. Mrs. Anne Scott, Howden.
28/12/1727Dec. 28. Anne Hudson, Howden.
27/12/1727Dec 27. A stillborn child of Jno. Hurds, of Balkholme.
02/01/1727Jan. 2. Anne Chapman, Skelton.
02/01/1727Jan 2. Christ : Smith, Laxton, buried at Bubwith.
03/01/1727Jan 3. Anne Cowlam, of Barmby Marsh.
03/01/1727Jan 3. John Jewson, of Knedlington.
03/01/1727Jan 3. Mary Hick, of Howden.
08/01/1727Jan 8. James Raper, of Howden.:
09/01/1727Jan 9. Wm. Sugden, of Laxton.
10/01/1727Jan 10. Jos. Audus, Junr. Howden.
11/01/1727Jan 11. John, S. to Richd. Stather, Howden.
14/01/1727Jan 14. John, S. to John Mitchell, of Belby.
15/01/1727Jan 15. Tho: S. to Tho: Stather, of Thorp.
17/01/1727Jan 17. Eliz. Bulmer, of Howden.
18/01/1727Jan 18. Frances Webster, of Cliff, Hemingbrough.
18/01/1727Jan 18. Mark, S. to Daniel Spink, of Asleby.
19/01/1727Jan 19. Sarah, wife to John Maram, of Kilpin.
19/01/1727Jan 19. Tho: S. to Tho : Hall, Howden.
21/01/1727Jan 21. Tho : Newmarsh, of Saltmarsh.
25/01/1727Jan 25. Sarah, W. to Wm. Wilson, Assleby.:
25/01/1727Jan 25. Jane Thompson, of Assleby.
28/01/1727Jan 28. Charles, S. to Tho: Pickhaver.
29/01/1727Jan 29. Mary, D. to John Long, of Thorpliget.
31/01/1727Jan 31. Geo : S. to Robt. Man, Howden.
01/02/1727Feb. 1. John Wilkinson, of Howden.
02/02/1727Feb 2. John Watson, of Barmby Marsh.
04/02/1727Feb 4. John Dunn, of Thorp.
04/02/1727Feb 4. Mrs. Anne Millington, Howden.
05/02/1727Feb 5. Sarah, D. to John Mayson, Balkholme.
06/02/1727Feb 6. Ricd. Patrick, of Saltmarsh.
06/02/1727Feb 6. Ed : Armitage, of Howden.
08/02/1727Feb 8. Anne Grimage, of Skelton.
08/02/1727Feb 8. Jos: Audus Senr. of Howden.
12/02/1727Feb 12. Hannah, W. to Robt. Leadell, Assleby
14/02/1727Feb 14. Mary, D. to Geo. Kitchin, Skelton.
14/02/1727Feb 14. Christopher Bacon, Howden.
15/02/1727Feb 15. Mary Ettv. of Barmby Marsh.
16/02/1727Feb 16. William Widdows, Barmbv Marsh.
17/02/1727Feb 17. Anne, W. to Tho : Story, Belby.
18/02/1727Feb 18. Mary Cotes, of Belby.
19/02/1727Feb 19. Mr. Tho : Rudd, Saltmarsh.
28/02/1727Feb 28. Anne, D. to Francis Wheldrick, Balkholme.
28/02/1727Feb 28. Frances, W. to Robt. Haram, Saltmarsh.
04/03/1727Mar. 4. Anne Watson, D. to Esther Nutbrown, Howden.
05/03/1727Mar 5. Robt. S. to Robt. Perkin, Balkholme.
07/03/1727Mar 7. Samll. Goodwell, Assleby.
08/03/1727Mar 8. Mary, W. to Wm. Gleedal, Saltmarsh.
09/03/1727Mar 9. Peter Wilson, Assleby, buried at Bubwith,
11/03/1727Mar 11. Robt. Leadall, Asleby,
13/03/1727Mar 13. Anne Freeman, Howden, buried at Eastrington.
16/03/1727Mar 16. Eliz., D. to John Pearson, Assleby.
18/03/1727Mar 18. John Green, Assleby.
18/03/1727Mar 18. Robt. S. to John Palmer, Howden.
20/03/1727Mar 20. John Peart, Laxton.
22/03/1727Mar 22. Mary Hart, of Howden.
22/03/1727Mar 22. Grace, W. to Gab : Hobson, of Assleby.
22/03/1727Mar 22. Robt, S. to John Addams, Howden.
24/03/1727Mar 24. Geo. Brocklebank, Howden.
24/03/1727Mar 24. Esther, D. to Anne Sheepherd, Balkholme.
25/03/1728Mar 25. Tho. Smart, Laxton.
25/03/1728Mar 25. Mary Bromett, Knedlington.
25/03/1728Mar 25. Jos. Bickerton, Howden.
01/04/1728Apr. 1. Catherine, D. to Sam Coulson, Assleby.
03/04/1728Apr 3. William Brown, of Barmbv Marsh.
04/04/1728Apr 4. Wm. S. to Widdow Rainforth, Saltmarsh.
07/04/1728Apr 7. Grace, D. to Daniel Lowther, Howden.
08/04/1728Apr 8. Mary, D. to John Brown, Barmby Marsh.
09/04/1728Apr 9. Mary, W. to Robt. Ferrvman, Howden.
11/04/1728Apr 11. Wm. S. to Thomas Aisdale, Howden.
11/04/1728Apr 11. Eliz : W. to Henry Sheepherd, Howden.
11/04/1728Apr 11. Joshua, S. to Ricd. Andrew. Howden.
14/04/1728Apr 14. John, S. to John Rowley, Howden.
17/04/1728Apr 17. Tho. Pickhaver, Howden.
18/04/1728Apr 18. Mat. Chapman, Howden.
18/04/1728Apr 18. Anne Haward, Howdendike.
21/04/1728Apr 21. Eleanor, W. to John Wadsworth, Knedlington.
25/04/1728Apr 25. John, S. to John Dunn, of Thorp.
25/04/1728Apr 25. Mrs. Wears, of Howden.
26/04/1728Apr 26. Hannah, D. to Wm. Man, Howden.
28/04/1728Apr 28. Robt. Haward Senr. of Howden.
28/04/1728Apr 28. Andrew, son to Tho. Palmer, Laxton.
30/04/1728Apr 30. Tho. Dalley, of Laxton.
01/05/1728May 1. Anne Harrison, of Belbv.
03/05/1728May 3. John, S. to Gen: Blanshard, Howden.
04/05/1728May 4. Daniel Spink, of Asleby.
04/05/1728May 4. William Pearson, of Howden.
12/05/1728May 12. Eliz., W. to Tho : Burton, Howden.
22/05/1728May 22. John Barker, Barmby Marsh.
24/05/1728May 24. Anne Glew, of Yoakfleet.
24/05/1728May 24. Geo., S. to Ricd. Watterson, Newland.
29/05/1728May 29. Sarah Musgrave, of Hull.
18/06/1728June 18. Hannah, D. to John Brooks, Assleby.
20/06/1728Jun 20. Jos: Rose, Barmby.
27/06/1728Jun 27. Michael Bacon, Howden.
27/06/1728Jun 27. Eliz : Wilkinson, Howden.
28/06/1728Jun 28. Eliz. Andrew, Barmby.
02/07/1728July 2. Frances, W. to Tho : Haltonby, Howden.
02/08/1728Aug. 2, Daniel, son to Daniel Spink, Asslebv.
02/08/1728Aug. 2. Mary, W. to Robt. Man, Howden.
09/08/1728Aug 9. Mary, D. to Wm. Snail, Knedlington.
13/08/1728Aug 13. Jane, D. to Tho. Nicholson, Barmby Marsh.
18/08/1728Aug 18. Robt., S. to Robt. Brown, Barmby.
29/08/1728Aug 29. Sarah, D. to Wm. Milburn, York.
11/09/1728Sept. 11. John Pennington, of Spaldington.
14/09/1728Sep 14. Wm. S. to Tho. Robinson, Saltmarsh.
19/09/1728Sep 19. Ed : Bealby, Saltmarsh.
26/09/1728Sep 26. Eliz., W. to Ed. Bealby, of Saltmarsh.
27/09/1728Sep 27. Wm. Neezbeck, of Yoakfleet.
02/10/1728Oct. 2. Eliz. Bird, of Barmby.
06/10/1728Oct 6. John Brooks, of Howden.
12/10/1728Oct 12. John, S. to Tho. Ramsey, Asleby.
24/10/1728Oct 24. John Stephenson, Belby.
27/10/1728Oct 27. Mat: Hill, Barmby.
31/10/1728Oct 31. Mary Hogg, of Howden.
09/11/1728Nov. 9. Hannah, D. to John Borel, Laxton.
10/11/1728Nov 10. Margt Buttle, Barmby.
12/11/1728Nov 12. Eliz., D. to Robt. Bradley, Barmby.
15/11/1728Nov 15. Anne, W. to John Bennison, Kilkin.
22/11/1728Nov 22. Eliz., D. to Geo : Athorp, Howden.
23/11/1728Nov 23. Eleanor Smith, Yoakfleet.
24/11/1728Nov 24. Anne Buttle, of Asleby.
25/11/1728Nov 25. Tho : Nicholson, of Barmby.
03/12/1728Dec. 3. Anthony Coats, Barmby.
04/12/1728Dec 4. Sarah Nicholson, Barmby.
04/12/1728Dec 4. Sarah, D. to Geo : Hall, Asleby.
09/12/1728Dec 9. Anne, W. to James Tinegate, Spaldington.
09/12/1728Dec 9. William Martingill, Barmby.
12/12/1728Dec 12. Robt. Stainforth, Howden.
12/12/1728Dec 12. Eliz. Sarret, Asleby.
13/12/1728Dec 13. Mary Rainforth, Howden.
14/12/1728Dec 14. Anne Watson, Barmby.
17/12/1728Dec 17. Anne, W. to John Jackson, Barmby.
18/12/1728Dec 18. Thomasin, Audus, Howden.
21/12/1728Dec 21. Tho : Ramsey, Assleby.
21/12/1728Dec 21. Rebecca, D. to Jno. Andrew, Barmby.
30/12/1728Dec 30. Wm. Laverick, Balkholme.
30/12/1728Dec 30. Mary, W. to Robt. Leper, Barmby.
04/01/1728Jan. 4. Anne, W. to John Rainforth, Yoakfleet.
04/01/1728Jan 4. Alexander Scot, of Priston-pans, Scotland.
05/01/1728Jan 5. Martha, D. to Robt. Palmer, Asleby.
07/01/1728Jan 7. Mary Man, Howden.
20/01/1728Jan 20. Mary, W. to Nicholas Lowther, Asleby.
25/01/1728Jan 25. William Hesletine, Skelton.
29/01/1728Jan 29. John, S. to John Brooks, Asleby.
31/01/1728Jan 31. Mary Mallison, of Brockles in ye Parish of Drax.
31/01/1728Jan 31. Sam : Brooks, Howdendike.
02/02/1728Feb. 2 John Smith, Saltmarsh.
02/02/1728Feb 2. John, S. to John Atkinson, Asleby.
02/02/1728Feb 2. Thomas Dickinson, Barmby.
07/02/1728Feb 7. Avis Leper, Kilpin.
11/02/1728Feb 11. Eliz., D. to John Newam, Balklolme.
12/02/1728Feb 12. Robt. Barmby, of Kilpin.
19/02/1728Feb 19. Christopher Harrison, Kilpin.
20/02/1728Feb 20. Anne Wilkinson, of Newland.
20/02/1728Feb 20. Jno. Son to Duke Gibson, Howden.
21/02/1728Feb 21. Martha, D. to Widdow Raper, Howden.
24/02/1728Feb 24. Susan Taylor, Kilpin.
25/02/1728Feb 25. Tho: S. to Wm. Winter, Asleby.
27/02/1728Feb 27. Anne, W. to Robt. Parret, Yoakfleet.
27/02/1728Feb 27. Mary, D. to Doiley Preston, Howden.
07/03/1728Mar. 7. Anne, D. to Jane Smith, Saltmarsh.
08/03/1728Mar 8. Robt. Stainforth, of Willetoft.
09/03/1728Mar 9. Sarah, D. to Wm. Cowlam, Yoakfleet.
09/03/1728Mar 9. Eliz. Rudd, Saltmarsh.
11/03/1728Mar 11. Tho., S. to Tho. Hall, Howden.
11/03/1728Mar 11. Margaret, W. to Hen : Wait, Howden.
14/03/1728Mar 14. Mary York, of Yoakfleet.
14/03/1728Mar 14. Mrs. Anne Spoffort, Howden.
16/03/1728Mar 16. Anne Thorill, Holme.
20/03/1728Mar 20. Robt. S. to Robt Clark, of Skelton.
20/03/1728Mar 20. Eliz. Foreshoar, of Skelton.
21/03/1728Mar 21. Anne Adams, Howden.
21/03/1728Mar 21. Robt. S. to Mr. John Dunn, Howden.
21/03/1728Mar 21. Stephen, S. to Stephen Caister, Howden.
23/03/1728Mar 23. Mary, D. to Robt. Maskill, Howden.
25/03/1729Mar 25. Geo. Hall, Asleby.
25/03/1729Mar 25. Eliz., D. to Mr. Robt. Spofforth, Howden.
26/03/1729Mar 26. Robt. S. to Will. Hood, Kilpin.
26/03/1729Mar 26. Mary, D. to Robt. Johnson, Asleby.
27/03/1729Mar 27. Charles Fearn, Howden.
05/04/1729Apr. 5. Anne, W. to Tho : Armstrong, Thorp.
06/04/1729Apr 6. Robt. Haward, Howden.
07/04/1729Apr 7. Hannah Pindar, Laxton.
08/04/1729Apr 8. Mary, D. to James Hoop, Asleby.
10/04/1729Apr 10. Ricd Hesletine, Skelton.
15/04/1729Apr 15. Mary, D. to M. Smith, Asleby.
17/04/1729Apr 17. Tho. Hall, Howden.
17/04/1729Apr 17. Tho., S. to Tho. Graver, Howden.
21/04/1729Apr 21. Tho., S. to Tho. Atkinson, Skelton.
25/04/1729Apr 25. Wm. Emson, Balkholme.
27/04/1729Apr 27. Andrew & Eliz : S. & D. to Tho. Palmer, Laxton.
27/04/1729Apr 27. Tho., S. to Tho : Andrew, Barmby.
27/04/1729Apr 27. Anne, D. to Wm. Pears, Howden.
28/04/1729Apr 28. Mary, W. to Robt. Chapman, Howden.
29/04/1729Apr 29. Eliz : Overon, Barmby.
29/04/1729Apr 29. Anne, W. to Geo. Kitchin, Gould
01/05/1729May 1. Francis Wheldrick, Balkholme.
01/05/1729May 1. Tho: Brabbs, Assleby.
02/05/1729May 2. Eliz., D. Robt Orton, Howden.
03/05/1729May 3. Eliz., D. to Robt. Clayburn, Saltmarsh.
06/05/1729May 6. Mary, W. to John Newam, Balkholme.
07/05/1729May 7. Wm. S. to Wm. Hood, Howden.
09/05/1729May 9. Mary, D. to Wm Hays, Howden.
09/05/1729May 9. Sarah, D. to Wm. Man, Howden.
12/05/1729May 12. Martha Patrick, Laxton.
13/05/1729May 13. Mary Routledge, Howden.
18/05/1729May 18. Mary, D. to Michael Lolly, Booth.
19/05/1729May 19. Mary, D. to Henry Hawksworth, Asleby.
20/05/1729May 20. Joan Rheam, Barmby.
22/05/1729May 22. Michael Lolly, Booth.
25/05/1729May 25. Jno. Bovill, Laxton.
27/05/1729May 27. Anne, D. to Mr. Robt. Spofforth, Howden.
01/06/1729June 1. Richd. S. to Elias Garton, Howden.
04/06/1729Jun 4. John Clough, of Barmby.
04/06/1729Jun 4. John Jarrot, of Howden.
08/06/1729Jun 8. George Roots, Howden.
09/06/1729Jun 9. Margaret, W. to Tho: Story, Belby.
11/06/1729Jun 11. Sarah, W. to John Stringer, Malton.
14/06/1729Jun 14. John Watson, Asleby.
19/06/1729Jun 19. Tho: S. to Widdow Hurst, Saltmarsh.
20/06/1729Jun 20. John Thompson, Howden.
20/06/1729Jun 20. Thomas Newam, Kilpin.
28/06/1729Jun 28. Eliz., D. to Ed : Vauce, Howden.
29/06/1729Jun 29. Francis, S. to Charles Bacon, Howden.
02/07/1729July 2. Anne, D. to Mark Nutbrown, Howden.
06/07/1729Jul 6. Tho: S. to Tho : Nutbrown, Howden.
06/07/1729Jul 6. Mrs. Sarah Audus, Howden.
13/07/1729Jul 13. Mary Harrison, of Ellerton.
14/07/1729Jul 14. Eliz., D. to Wm. Hays, Howden.
15/07/1729Jul 15. Geo. Cass,. Barmby-marsh.
17/07/1729Jul 17. Anne, D. to Tho. Armstrong, Thorp.
23/07/1729Jul 23. Christopher, S. to Christ : Seal, Howden.
24/07/1729Jul 24. Jno. Story, Yoakfleet.
27/07/1729Jul 27. Jno. Rainforth, Yoakfleet.
31/07/1729Jul 31. Eliz : D. to Charles Cowlam, Howden.
02/08/1729Aug. 2. Hannah, D. to John Ayree, Skelton.
03/08/1729Aug 3. Fances, D. to John Jackson, Barmbymarsh.
03/08/1729Aug 3. Mary, D. to William Harrison, Howden.
05/08/1729Aug 5. Sarah, D. to Wm. Hardy, Howden.
14/08/1729Aug 14. Eliz., D. to James Spence, Howden.
15/08/1729Aug 15. Eliz., D. to Tho: Atkinson, Skelton.
27/08/1729Aug 27. Johannah, D. to Robt. Hessey, Laxton.
28/08/1729Aug 28. Sarah, D. to Tho. Palmer, Howden.
02/09/1729Sept. 2. Wm. & Emanuel, sons to Tho: Nutbrown, Howden
03/09/1729Sep 3. Martha, D. to Jno. Gudgion, Laxton.
06/09/1729Sep 6. Anne, W. to Thomas Lee, Kilpin,
07/09/1729Sept. 7. Acroyd, S. to Doiley Preston, Howden.
08/09/1729Sep 8. Wm. S. to Nat : Day, Howden.
10/09/1729Sep 10. Mary, D. to Jno. Jackson, Laxton.
11/09/1729Sep 11. Eliz., W. to Tho: Stephenson, Howden.
14/09/1729Sep 14. Mary & Frances D. to Abraham Dowson, Howden.
16/09/1729Sep 16. Richard, S. to Robt. Hessey, Laxton.
17/09/1729Sep 17. Martha, D. to Robt. Man, Howden.
17/09/1729Sep 17. Eliz., D. to John Wilkinson, Howden.
18/09/1729Sep 18. Sarah, D. to John Cross, of Yoakfleet.
19/09/1729Sep 19. Anne, D. to Robt. Parrott, Yoakfleet.
22/09/1729Sep 22. Eliz., D. to Anne Thomas, of Laxton.
28/09/1729Sep 28. Eliz., D. to George Clay, Howden.
30/09/1729Sep 30. Jos : Franks, Howden.
03/10/1729Oct. 3. Frances, D. to Mr. Matthew Hall, of York.
05/10/1729Oct 5. Sarah, D. to Charles Bacon, Howden.
06/10/1729Oct 6. Mary, D. to Anne Thomas, Laxton.
07/10/1729Oct 7. Sarah, D. to Widdow, Story, Yoakfleet.
08/10/1729Oct 8. Mary, D. to Christ : Thompson, Laxton.
09/10/1729Oct 9. Jno. S. to John Tindall, Cotness.
09/10/1729Oct 9. Christ : S. to Christ : Thompson, Laxton.
10/10/1729Oct 10. Robt., S. to Mat : Bell, Howden.
12/10/1729Oct 12. Jane Jewson, Asleby.
18/10/1729Oct 18. Jane, W. to Robert Waud, of Balkholme.
22/10/1729Oct 22. Anne, W. to John Birtwhisle, Assleby.
27/10/1729Oct 27. Mary, W. to John Dolby, Skelton.
30/10/1729Oct 30. Samll. S. to Samll. Brooks, Howden.
30/10/1729Oct 30. Wm. S. to Tho : Nutbrown, Howden.
01/11/1729Nov. 1. Sarah, W. to Tho. Drewry, Kilpin.
10/11/1729Nov 10. Tho. Husband, Barmby.
10/11/1729Nov 10. Jno. Tasker, Belby.
15/11/1729Nov 15. Anthony, S. to Timo: Corner, Knedlington.
17/11/1729Nov 17. Ricd. Burton, Asleby.
18/11/1729Nov 18. John Birtwhisle, of Asleby.
20/11/1729Nov 20. Robt., S. to Jos : Thompson, Kilpin.
25/11/1729Nov 25. Dorcas Nodle, a travellers child.
25/11/1729Nov 25. Jane, W. to Mark Birtwhisle, Booth.
28/11/1729Nov 28. Eliz. Smith, Asleby.
01/12/1729Dec. 1. Anne Stubbins, Brind.
03/12/1729Dec 3. William Stainforth, Howden.
05/12/1729Dec 5. Elias Garton, Howden.
07/12/1729Dec 7. Anne Dickinson, Barmby.
08/12/1729Dec 8. a travellers child.
10/12/1729Dec 10. Wm. Dowson, Kilpin.
13/12/1729Dec 13. Anne, W. to Robert Cass, Barmby-Marsh.
13/12/1729Dec 13. Hannah, W. to Robert Bawdon, Skelton.
22/12/1729Dec 22. Matthew, S. to Mat : Easingwood, Knedlington.
30/12/1729Dec 30. Anne, D. to Isaac Peart, of Laxton.
30/12/1729Dec 30. William, S. to William Winter, of Assleby.
31/12/1729Dec 31. Eliz. Bealby, Saltmarsh.
04/01/1729Jan. 4. Jervis, S. to Jervis Copley, Yoakfleet.
08/01/1729Jan 8. Judith Rawling, Barmby Marsh.
11/01/1729Jan 11. Jonathan Thorp, of Knedlington.
14/01/1729Jan 14. Anne, W. to Tho : Palmer, Laxton.
21/01/1729Jan 21. Robt. Hessey, Laxton.
22/01/1729Jan 22. Hannah, D. to Jno. Collison, Howden.
31/01/1729Jan 31. William, S. to Wm. Harrison, Howden.
04/02/1729Feb. 4. Richard Weddle, Howden.
10/02/1729Feb 10. Margt. D. to Geo : Athorp, Howden.
15/02/1729Feb 15. Henry Field, Howden.
15/02/1729Feb 15. Mary Harrison, Howden.
01/03/1729Mar. 1. Francis Nurser, Booth.
05/03/1729Mar 5. Thomas Dent, of field Houses.
07/03/1729Mar 7. Jno. Story, Yoakfleet.
11/03/1729Mar 11. Mary, W. to Wm. Burton, Howden.
23/03/1729Mar 23. Tho: S. to John Bond, of Ellerton.
25/03/1730Mar 25. Andrew, S. to Wm. Cook, Howden.
07/04/1730Apr. 7. Eliz., D. to John Stainton, Howden.
19/04/1730Apr 19. Robt. Waud, of Sutton super Derwent.
22/04/1730Apr 22. Mary, D. to Mark Birtwhistle, Booth.
23/04/1730Apr 23. Mary, W. to Wm. Stephenson, Kilpin.
28/04/1730Apr 28. Wm. Garton, Howden.
29/04/1730Apr 29. Robt. Palmer, Assleby.
03/05/1730May 3. John, S. to Widdow Dowson, of Kilpin.
07/05/1730May 7. Tho: Lidster, Howden.
09/05/1730May 9. Robert, son to Robt. Palmer, Asleby.
03/06/1730June 3. Jane, child to Anne Watson, Skelton.
05/06/1730Jun 5. Grace Harrison, Howden.
06/06/1730Jun 6. David, S. to Ed. Hardy, Barmby.
20/06/1730Jun 20. Frances, W. to James Gilliot, Kilpin.
21/06/1730Jun 21. Lewis, S. to Tho: Jewet, Saltmarsh.
29/06/1730Jun 29. Elizabeth, D. to Robt. Chapman, Howden.
02/07/1730July 2. Mary, W. to Sam. Sharp, Yoakfleet.
11/07/1730Jul 11. Tho: S. to Tho: Anderson, Howden.
16/08/1730Aug. 16. Mary, D. to Marmaduke Gibson, Howden.
20/08/1730Aug 20. John Drinkle, Howden.
20/08/1730Aug 20. Philip Fearn, Howden.
10/09/1730Sept. 10. Mark, S. to John Andrew, Barmby.
11/09/1730Sep 11. Mary, W. to Charles Dove, Saltmarsh.
12/09/1730Sep 12. John Empson, Balkholme.
12/09/1730Sep 12. Michael Peart, Howden.
04/10/1730Oct. 4. Eliz: wife to John Bell, Howden.
05/10/1730Oct 5. Sarah, D. to William Bradley, Howden.
05/10/1730Oct 5. Mary, wife to James Hoop, Asleby.
23/10/1730Oct 23. Robt. S. to John Scholfield, Sandhall.
07/11/1730Nov. 7. The. Newton, late of Stockton, near York.
11/11/1730Nov 11. Elizabeth Haward, of Howden.
24/11/1730Nov 24. John Mitchel, of Belby.
29/11/1730Nov 29. Jane, W. to W Geo. Milner, Howden,
01/12/1730Dec. 1. Eleaner, W. to Thomas Batty, Assleby.
01/12/1730Dec 1. John, S. to Tho. Jewett, Saltmarsh.
13/12/1730Dec 13. Josias Stainforth, of Howden.
20/12/1730Dec 20. Isabel, W. to Richd. Garton, Saltmarsh.
22/12/1730Dec 22. John, S. to Robert Jackson, Howden.
25/12/1730Dec 25. Thomas Dailey, of Laxton.
26/12/1730Dec 26. Tho : Tindall, S. in Law to Jno. Peach, Assleby.
30/12/1730Dec 30. Mary, D. to Widdow Jillison, Yoakfleet.
01/01/1730Jan. 1. Anne, D. to Jno. Colthard, of Assleby.
14/01/1730Jan 14. Elizabeth Taylor, of Saltmarsh.
16/01/1730Jan 16. Thomas Bullen, of Howden.
19/01/1730Jan 19. Wm. S. to William Beelby, of Howden.
23/01/1730Jan 23. Eliz. Harrison, Assleby.
31/01/1730Jan 31. Cathrine Root, Saltmarsh.
31/01/1730Jan 31. Jno. S. to Geo. Cook, Barmby.
06/02/1730Feb. 6. Anne, W. & Anne, D. to Jno. Storey, Barmby Marsh.
09/02/1730Feb 9. Thomas Courser, of Balkholme.
22/02/1730Feb 22. Sibil, W. to William Wilkinson, Howden.
23/02/1730Feb 23. Mary Underwood, of Barmby Marsh.
28/02/1730Feb 28. William Thompson, of Saltmarsh.
04/03/1730Mar. 4. Richard Hill, of Skelton.
17/03/1730Mar 17. Mrs. Anne Thompson, of Howden.
30/03/1731Mar 30. Luke Fisher, of Howden.
01/04/1731Apr. 1. Matthew Ramsey, of Barmby marsh.
05/04/1731Apr 5. George, S. to Geo : Clay, Howden.
07/04/1731Apr 7. Marmaduke, S. to Widow Franks, Howden.
09/04/1731Apr 9. Jane, D. to Jno. Underwood, Barmbymarsh.
15/04/1731Apr 15. James, S. to James Hoop, of Assleby.
16/04/1731Apr 16. William Preston, of Howden.
17/04/1731Apr 17. George, S. to James Hoop, of Assleby.
17/04/1731Apr 17. Hannah, D. to Gabriel Hobson, of Assleby.
22/04/1731Apr 22. Ruth, W. to Richd Newton, of Howden.
22/04/1731Apr 22. William Wilkinson, of Howden.
25/04/1731Apr 25. Jane Lidster, of Howden.
25/04/1731Apr 25. William Gledall, of Balkholme.
28/04/1731Apr 28. Mary, W. to Matthew Hudson, of Howden.
30/04/1731Apr 30. Anne, W. to Wm. Jackson, of Staddlethorp.
01/05/1731May 1. Eliz., D. to Tho: Husband, deceas'd, Barmby.
06/05/1731May 6. John, S. to Mr. John Hudson, of Howden.
10/05/1731May 10. Anne, D. to Richard Day, of Barmby.
12/05/1731May 12. Thomas, S. to Richard Ramsey, of Assleby.
13/05/1731May 13. Anne, W. to John Briggs, of Howden.
17/05/1731May 17. John, S. to Francis Kirkhouse, of Kilpin.
17/05/1731May 17. Elizabeth English, of Howden.
17/05/1731May 17. Rebeccah, W. to Henry Chambers, of Howden.
18/05/1731May 18. John Good, of Assleby.
19/05/1731May 19. Elizabeth Awcock, of Howden.
25/05/1731May 25. Sarah Audus, of Howden.
30/05/1731May 30. Dorcas, D, to M`. James Mallison, of Howden.
30/05/1731May 30. Anne, W. to Joseph Hutchinson, of Assleby.
03/06/1731June 3. Margery Fryar, of Skelton.
08/06/1731Jun 8. John, S. to Mark Bonzeby, a travellour.
10/06/1731Jun 10. Anne, W. to John Jackson, of Laxton.
11/06/1731Jun 11. Anne Branton, of Barmby Marsh.
12/06/1731Jun 12. John, S. to Robert Man, of Howden.
13/06/1731Jun 13. John, S. to John. Mason, of Balkholme.
16/06/1731Jun 16. Anne, W. to Robert Levens, of Skelton.
16/06/1731Jun 16. William Brooks, of Howdendike.
28/06/1731Jun 28. Alice, W. to Jeremiah Bishop, of Laxton.
10/07/1731July 10. Mary, D. to Tho: Brabbs, late of Assleby.
12/07/1731Jul 12. George Hardcastle, of Howden.
18/07/1731Jul 18. William, S. to William Laverick, late of Balkholme.
23/07/1731Jul 23. Eliz., D. to William Bramham, of Assleby.
26/07/1731Jul 26. William Scott, of Howden.
29/07/1731Jul 29. Henry Waite, of Howden.
04/08/1731Aug. 4. Susan, Leighton, of Skelton.
09/09/1731Sept. 9. Rebeccah, D. to Paul Pickhaver, Barmby Marsh.
18/09/1731Sep 18. Thomas, S. to Joseph Wilson, of Barmby Marsh.
22/09/1731Sep 22. Sarah, D. to John Nutbrown, of Howden.
24/09/1731Sep 24. Thomas Tasker, of Booth.
03/10/1731Oct. 3. Diary Preston, Widdow, of Howden.
22/10/1731Oct 22. Joseph, S. to Joseph Townend, Barmby-Marsh.
27/10/1731Oct 27. Robert, S. to Robert Baldwin, of Barmby-Marsh.
06/12/1731Dec. 6. John Bossal, of Yokefleet.
19/12/1731Dec 19. Hannah, wife to Thos. Barnet, of Knedlington.
24/12/1731Dec 24. John, S. to Thomas Barnet, of Knedlington.
28/12/1731Dec 28. John, S. to William Thompson, of Saltmarsh.
01/01/1731Jan. 1. Sarah Freeman, of Howden.
18/01/1731Jan 18. Frances, D. to John Chapman, of Skelton.
28/01/1731Jan 28. Charles, S. to Charles Bacon, of Howden.
29/01/1731Jan 29. Mary Dring, of Howden.
30/01/1731Jan 30. Richard Garton, of Saltmarsh.
14/02/1731Feb. 14. Margaret Hurst, of Howden.
17/02/1731Feb 17. Mary, D. to Christopher Glew, of Howden.
18/02/1731Feb 18. Elizabeth Torton, of Belby.
18/02/1731Feb 18. Ebenezer, S. to Ebenezer Coulson, of Knedlington.
25/02/1731Feb 25. James Thompson, of Howden.
05/03/1731Mar. 5. Elizabeth Chapman, of Howden.
06/03/1731Mar 6. William Bennison, of Belby.
19/03/1731Mar 19. Christopher Gokeman, of Howden.
30/03/1732Mar 30. Elizabeth, D. to John Waterhouse, of Assleby.
09/04/1732Apr. 9. John Lee, of Balkholme.
13/04/1732Apr 13. John, S. to Thomas Armstrong, Thorp.
16/04/1732Apr 16. Martha, D. to William Keather, of Howden.
30/04/1732Apr 30. Arthur Drewry, of Howden.
22/05/1732May 22. Jno. S. to Geo : Milner, Howden.
02/06/1732June 2. Mary, W. to Willm. Biggin, of Howden.
06/06/1732June 6. Samuel, S. to Elizabeth Simpson, buri'd at Knedlington.
20/06/1732Jun 20. William Lidster, of Knedlington.
21/06/1732Jun 21. Hannah, D. to Robert Peacock, of Barmby Marsh.
22/06/1732Jun 22. Thomas, S. to Robert Mann, of Howden.
01/07/1732July 1.-Anne, D. to Nathaniel Day, of Howden.
04/07/1732Jul 4. John, S to Anne Moor, of Kilpin.
07/07/1732Jul 7. Anne, W. to Richard Harrison, of Howden.
13/07/1732Jul 13. Edward Nixon Senr. of Howden.
14/07/1732Jul 14. Anne Franks, of Laxton, Widow.
15/07/1732Jul 15. Thomas Cade, of Howden.
18/07/1732Jul 18. Mary, D. to Jacob Maslen, of Howden.
20/07/1732Jul 20. John, S. to John Cook, of Howden.
26/07/1732Jul 26. Anne, natural dau. of Anne Franks, Laxton.
01/08/1732Aug. 1. Simon, natural S. to Anne Franks, of Laxton.
08/08/1732Aug 8. Marmaduke, S. to Marmaduke Gibson, of Howden.
04/09/1732Sept. 4. Susan Andrew, of Howden.
10/09/1732Sep 10. John Harrison, of Kilpin.
18/09/1732Sep 18. Mary, W. to Edward Westaby, of Kilpin.
30/09/1732Sep 30. Anne Tasker, of Knedlington.
09/10/1732Oct. 9. Elizabeth, D. to Elizabeth Dickons, at Howden.
26/10/1732Oct 26. Anne, W. to James Hoop, of Assleby.
07/11/1732Nov. 7. John, S. to David Langton, of Howden.
01/12/1732Dec. 1. John, S. to Richard Farrar, of Laxton.
10/12/1732Dec 10. William, S. to Hamond Seymour, of Kilpin.
19/12/1732Dec 19. Mr. Matthew Belt, or Howden.
26/12/1732Dec 26. Eleanor Fisher, of Howden.
28/12/1732Dec 28. Anne, D. to Matthew Stephenson, of Howden.
02/01/1732Jan. 2. Susannah, D. to Sarah Underwood, Barmby.
02/01/1732Jan 2. Jane Preston, of Knedlington.
09/01/1732Jan 9. Mrs. Henrietta Maria. Saltmarsh, of Saltmarsh.
18/01/1732Jan 18. William, S. to Matthew Bell, of Barmby.
23/01/1732Jan 23. Elizabeth, D. to William Dent, of Yoakfleet.
28/01/1732Jan 28. William Pearson, of Balkholme.
19/02/1732Feb. 19. Thomas, S. to Nathaniel Day, of Howden.
19/02/1732Feb 19. Elizabeth, D. to John Mason, of Balkholme.
20/02/1732Feb 20. Richard Butler, of Barmby Marsh.
22/02/1732Feb 22. Peter, S. to Peter Kemp, of East Linton.
24/02/1732Feb 24. Catherine Houghton, of Howden.
25/02/1732Feb 25. Nicholas, S. to Thomas Lawton, of Belby.
01/03/1732Mar. 1. John Scales, of Saltmarsh.
03/03/1732Mar 3. John Dowson, of East Linton.
04/03/1732Mar 4. Jordan Lawton, of Thorp Lidget.
04/03/1732Mar 4. Mary Bows, of Assleby.
05/03/1732Mar 5. Robert Poppleton, of Holme, dy'd at Skelton.
12/03/1732Mar 12. Sarah, D. to Mr. Gabriel Whitaker, of Howden.
12/03/1732Mar 12. John Thompson, of Saltmarsh.
15/03/1732Mar 15. Benjamin, S. to William Studley, of Yoakfleet.
28/03/1732Mar 28. Sarah Kemp, of East Linton.
31/03/1732Mar 31. Moses, S. to William Armitage, Saltmarsh.
12/04/1733Apr. 12. Richard Day, of Barmby Marsh.
16/04/1733Apr 16. Thomas, S. to Thomas Sugden, of Laxton.
17/04/1733Apr 17. Anne Handson, of Howden.
20/04/1733Apr 20. William Rusholme, of Howden.
09/05/1733May 9. John Henderson, of Howden.
19/05/1733May 19. Mr. William Millington, of Howden.
21/05/1733May 21. Henry, S. to William Bradley, of Howden.
27/05/1733May 27. Samuel, S. to Peter Kemp, of East Linton.
27/05/1733May 27. Bealby, S. to Anne Allen, of Saltmarsh.
29/05/1733May 29. Thomas Stephenson, of Howden.
31/05/1733May 31. Mrs. Anne Weighton, of Howden, widow.
03/06/1733June 3. Mary, W. to Richard Farrar, of Saltmarsh.
07/06/1733Jun 7. Thomas Underwood, of Barmby marsh.
16/06/1733Jun 16. Thomas Scissons the eldest, of Assleby.
19/06/1733Jun 19. Eliz : W. to Robert Baldwin, of Barmby marsh.
23/06/1733Jun 23. William Day, an Apprentice in Barmby, marsh.
18/07/1733July 18. Anne, D. to Robert Hurd, of Balkholme.
05/08/1733Aug. 5. Mary, D. to Robert Clark, of Skelton.
10/08/1733Aug 10. John, S. to John Hemmingway, of Howden.
13/08/1733Aug 13. John Steel, of Barmby marsh.
13/08/1733Aug 13. Althea, w. to Thomas Good, of Saltmarsh.
29/08/1733Aug 29. Thomas, S. to Charles Cowlam, of Howden.
02/09/1733Sept. 2. Christopher Hopper, of Howdendike.
04/09/1733Sep 4. Edward Hardy, of Barmby Marsh.
13/09/1733Sep 13. James Spence, of Howden.
30/09/1733Sep 30. (blank), Mardison, of Yoakfleet.
01/10/1733Oct. 1. Anne Sugden, of Laxton.
01/10/1733Oct 1. John Wilkinson ye younger, of Howden.
07/10/1733Oct 7. Richard, S. to Athorpe Garton, of Saltmarsh.
12/10/1733Oct 12. Anne Peart, of Laxton, widow.
22/10/1733Oct 22. Anne Cook, of Yoakfleet.
11/11/1733Nov. 11. George, S. to John Collinson, of Howden.
25/11/1733Nov 25. Joseph, S. to Joseph Jewett, of Skelton.
16/12/1733Dec. 16. Eleanor, D. to John Vollance, of Barmby marsh.
19/12/1733Dec 19. Thomas Anderson, of Howden.
20/12/1733Dec 20. Anne, D. to Thomas Batty, of Assleby.
24/12/1733Dec 24. Rebecca, W. to James Foreshore, of Skelton.
26/12/1733Dec 26. Elizabeth Raper, of Howden, Spinster.
02/01/1733Jan. 2. Elizabeth Hessah, of Laxton.
03/01/1733Jan 3. Anne, D. to Thomas Sugden, of Laxton.
03/01/1733Jan 3. Jane, D. to Doiley Preston, of Howden.
04/01/1733Jan 4. Anne Lidster, of Knedlington, Widow.
06/01/1733Jan 6. Sarah, D. to James Savage, of Howden.
09/01/1733Jan 9. Sarah, W. to John Mason, of Balkholme.
15/01/1733Jan 15. Sarah, D. to John Stones, of Belby.
22/01/1733Jan 22. Anne, W. to John Bennison, of Kilpin.
22/01/1733Jan 22. Grace Coates, of Barmby Marsh, widow.
25/01/1733Jan 25. Robert Bollan, of Assleby.
26/01/1733Jan 26. Anne Moor, of Kilpin.
30/01/1733Jan. 30. William Scissons, of Assleby.
31/01/1733Jan. 31. Mary, W. to Peter English, of Skelton.
05/02/1733Feb. 5. Thomas, S. to John Tindall, of Yoakfleet.
10/02/1733Feb. 10. Anne Nelson, of Howden, widow.
01/03/1733Mar. 1. Charity, D. to Robert Dowson, of Howden.
13/04/1734Thomas, S. to John Collinson, of Howden. Apr. 13.
13/04/1734Anne Lademan, of Howden. Apr. 13.
14/04/1734Ann Bell, of Howden. Apr. 14.
16/04/1734Thomas Harrison, of Barmby Marsh. Apr. 16.
25/04/1734Mary, D. to Richard Hall, of Barmby Marsh. Apr. 25.
28/04/1734Robert Leeton, of Skelton. Apr. 28.
29/04/1734William Keader, of Howden the elder. Apr. 29.
30/05/1734Thomas Fisher, of Howden. May 30.
04/06/1734Anne, D. to Richard Stather, of Howden. June 4.
03/06/1734Jane, W. to Peter Holmes, of Saltmarsh. June 73.
18/06/1734Anne, W. to Francis Wheldrake, of Balkholme. June 18.,
22/06/1734Sarah, D. to John Andrew, of Barmby-marsh. June 22.
02/07/1734Mary Oxley, of Howden. July 72.
05/08/1734Mrs. Martha Raper, of Howden, Widow. Aug. 5.
25/08/1734Robert, S. to Robert Richardson, of Howden. Aug. 25.
29/08/1734Anne, W. to John Leng, of Thorp Lidgett. Aug. 29.
02/09/1734Hannah, D. to John Collinson, of Howden. Sept. 2.
09/09/1734Mary, D. to John Stone, of Belby. Sept. 9.
07/09/1734William, S. to William Cowlam, of Yoakfleet. Sept. 77.
23/09/1734John Jackson, of Laxton. Sept. 23.
29/09/1734Mary, D. to William York, of Howden. Sept. 29.
04/10/1734Anne Newsome, of Stainforth. Oct. 4.
16/10/1734Mary Harrison, of Howden the elder. Oct. 16.
22/10/1734Elizabeth Coulson, of Howden. Oct. 22.
31/10/1734William Gibson, of Saltmarsh. Oct. 31.
04/11/1734Robert Bilbrough, of Howden. Nov. 4.
05/11/1734Elizabeth, W : to John Coggrave, of Howden. Nov. 5.
06/11/1734Anne, W. to George Coam, of Knedlington. Nov. 6.
07/11/1734Peter, S. to Leonard Thorp, of Howden. Nov. 7.
05/11/1734Mark Nutbrown, of Howden. Nov. 75.
16/11/1734John Colthard, of Assleby. Nov. 16.
17/11/1734Robert Harrison, of Howden. Nov. 17.
30/11/1734Anne, D. to Sarah Underwood, of Barmby Marsh. Nov. 30.
03/12/1734Matthew, S. to Matthew Kitching, of Howden. xber. 3.
17/12/1734John, S. to George Coam, of Knedlington. xber. 17.
17/12/1734Edward, S. to Richard Pindar, of Laxton. xber. 17
25/12/1734Mary, D. to Henry Smith, of Howden. xber. 25.
29/12/1734Robert Cass, of Barmby Marsh. xber. 29.
07/12/1734Anne, D. to Mr. Thomas Graver, of Howden. xber. 37.
04/01/1734Samuel Gooddill, of Assleby. Jan. 4.
27/01/1734Thomas, S. to Mary Hartley, of Howden. Jan. 27.
22/01/1734Thomas, S. to Samll. Sharp Junr., of Yoakfleet. Jan. 22.
23/01/1734John Watson, of Saltmarsh. Jan. 23.
30/01/1734William, S. to William Awcock, of Howden. Jan. 30.
09/02/1734Doyley Preston, of Howden. Feb. 9.
15/02/1734Thomas, S. to Elizabeth Mardison, of Yoakfleet. Feb. 15.
20/02/1734John Hyde, of Howden, Senr. Feb. 20.
24/02/1734Mary Faucitt, of Kilpin. Feb. 24.
27/02/1734William Studley, of Yoakfleet. Feb. 27.
02/03/1734Margaret, D. to Mr. Thomas Grayer, of Howden. Mar. 2.
10/03/1734William Bramham, of Assleby. Mar. 10.
23/03/1734Joseph, S. to John Leaper, of Barmby Marsh. Mar. 23.
25/03/1735Alice Brocklebank, of Howden. Mar. 25.
31/03/1735Sarah, D. to George Clay, of Howden. Mar. 31.
09/04/1735Thomas, S. to George Clay, of Howden. Apr. 9.
09/04/1735Anne, W. to Thomas Burton, of Howden. Apr. 9.
11/04/1735Elizabeth, D. to Joseph Tasker, of Belby. Apr. 11.
11/04/1735John, S. to Thomas Harrison, of Barmby Marsh. Apr. 11.
21/04/1735Thomas Andrew, of Barmby Marsh. Apr. 21.
08/05/1735Thomas Barker, of Saltmarsh. May 8.
10/05/1735Hannah, D. to Mary Lavericke, of Knedlington. May 10.
13/05/1735Peter, S. to Peter Holmes, cf Saltmarsh. May 13.
22/05/1735Henry Chambers, of Howden. May 22.
27/05/1735Mary York, of Howden the elder. May 27.
27/05/1735Thomas, S. to Jacob Maslen, of Howden. May 27.
02/06/1735Mary, D. to Thomas Robinson, of Saltmarsh. June 2.
03/06/1735Elizabeth, D. to John Nutbrown, of Howden. June 3.
16/06/1735Mark, S. to John Nutbrown, of Howden. June 16.
18/06/1735Peter English, of Skelton. June 18.
19/06/1735Robert, S. to Alice Harrison, of Howden, widow. June 19.
29/06/1735Jane, D. to Thomas Croyser, of Saltmarsh. June 29.
01/07/1735Rebecca, D. to Widow Barker, of Saltmarsh. July 1.
11/07/1735Mary, D. to Thomas Jewett, of Laxton. July 11.
16/07/1735Jonathan, S. to Jonathan Markam, of Laxton. July 16.
02/07/1735Thomas, natural s. to Elizabeth Hutchcroft, of Saltmarsh. July 2r
23/07/1735Isaac, S. to Thomas Burton, of Howden. July 23.
25/07/1735Anne, D. to William Armitage, of Saltmarsh. July 25.
26/07/1735Richard, S. to Henry Smith, of Howden. July 26.
30/07/1735Robert, S. to Robert Baldon, of Barmby Marsh. July 30.
31/07/1735Moses, S. to William Armitage, of Saltmarsh. July 31.
03/08/1735Anne White, of Howden. Aug. 3.
12/08/1735Eliz., W. to George Cass, of Barmby Marsh. Aug. 12.
01/09/1735Thomas, S. to Thomas Downham, of Howden. Sept. 1.
03/09/1735Anne, D. to Thomas Burton, of Howden. Sept. 3.
05/09/1735Thomas, S. to Matthew Bell, of Barmby Marsh. Sept. 5.
12/09/1735Eleanor, D. to Anne Barker, of Barmby Marsh. Sept. 12.
15/09/1735Sarah, D. to John Steel, of Barmby Marsh. Sept. 15.
16/09/1735Mary, D. to John Stainton, of Howden. Sept. 16.
23/09/1735Joseph Townend, of Barmby Marsh. Sept. 23.
29/09/1735Robert, S. to William Harrison, of Howden. Sept. 29.
02/10/1735Tames. S. to William Bradley. of Howden. Waterman. Oct. 2.
06/10/1735Sarah, D. to William Bradley, of Howden, Waterman. Oct. 6.
08/10/1735Mary, D. to John Whiteley, of Laxton. Oct. 8.
22/10/1735John Audus, of Knedlington Senior. Oct. 22.
23/10/1735Elizabeth, D. to Leonard Branton, of Barmby. Oct. 23.
02/11/1735Elizabeth, D. to Anne Nicholson, of Barmby. Nov. 2.
06/11/1735Thomas Story, of Barmby Marsh. Nov. 6.
06/11/1735Elizabeth Gibson, of Howden. Nov. 6.
11/11/1735William Lane, of Howden. Nov. 11.
15/11/1735Mr. John Bullen, of Howden the elder. Nov. 15.
15/11/1735Rebecca Baldwin, of Kilpin. Nov. 15.
17/11/1735Margaret Fisher, of Howden. Nov. 17.
20/11/1735Robert, S. to William Bell, of Barmby Marsh. Nov. 20.
24/11/1735Robert Harding, of Howden. Nov. 24.
29/11/1735Robt. S. to Robt. Leaper, of Barmby the younger. Nov. 29.
02/12/1735James, S. to Elizabeth Courser, of Balkholme. Dec. 2.
04/12/1735Meliora, D. to Milcah Oamley, of Howden. Dec. 4.
07/12/1735Alice, W. to Richard Wilson, of Assleby. Dec. 7.
10/12/1735Thos. S. to Thomas Andrew, late of Barmby Marsh. Dec. 10.
??/??/1735Mary, D. to Thos. Stainforth, of Barmby Marsh.
03/01/1735Richard Blansherd, of Saltmarsh. Jan. 3.
06/01/1735Mary Hallewel, of Laxton. Jan. 6.
11/01/1735John, S. to Joseph Townend, of Barmby Marsh. Jan. 11.
17/01/1735Grace, D. to John Gudgion, of Laxton. Jan. 17.
17/01/1735Sarah, W. to John Roinge, of Saltmarsh. Jan. 17.
23/01/1735Mary, D. to Anne Garton. of Howden. Jan. 23.
24/01/1735Anne, D. to John Ellerthorpe, of Assleby. Jan. 24.
26/01/1735Alice Terry, of Assleby. Jan. 26.
27/01/1735John, S. to John Gudgion, of Laxton. Jan. 27
14/02/1735Joseph, S. to Thomas Lawton, of Belby. Feby 14
23/02/1735Thomas Drewry, of Skelton. Feby 23.
23/02/1735John Townley, of Yoakfleet. Febry 23.
02/03/1735Mary, D. to Thomas Stainforth, of Barmby. Mar. 2.
05/03/1735Mary, W. to Thomas Elmer, of Yoakfleet. Mar. 5.
05/03/1735Richard Stephens, of Howden. Mar. 5.
11/03/1735Mary, D. to Samuel Coggrave, of Hull. Mar. 11.
14/03/1735Alice Screeton, of Howden. Mar. 14.
22/03/1735Isabel, W. to Hammond Seymour. of Kilpin. Mar. 22.
23/03/1735Eleanor, W. to Leonard Thorp, of Howden. Mar. 23.
26/03/1736Robert, S. to Daniel Lowther, of Howden. Mar. 26.
26/03/1736Mary, D. to John Rhodes. of Howden. Mar. 26.
29/03/1736Mary, W. to Mr. Leonard Barthorp, of Howden. Mar. 29.
01/04/1736John Ryley, of Howden. Apr. 1.
03/04/1736Andrew, S. to Thomas Palmer, of Laxton. Apr. 3.
10/04/1736Elizabeth, D. to William Bradley, of Howden, Waterman. Apr. 10.
13/04/1736John, S. to Matthew Kitching, of Howden. Apr. 13.
18/04/1736Michael, S. to William Bulmer. of Howden. Apr. 18.
27/04/1736Mary Lien, niece to Mary Eland, of Barnhill Hall. Apr. 27.
29/04/1736Ralph, S, to Mr. Robert Spofforth, of Howden. Apr. 29.
06/05/1736Edward, S. to Charles Cowlam, of Howden. May 6.
07/05/1736Matthew, S. to William Bulmer, of Howden. May 7.
11/05/1736John Gudgeon, of Laxton. May 11.
11/05/1736Anne, D. to Thomas Downham, of Howden. May 11.
12/05/1736Mary Neezbeck, of Balkholme, a servant. May 12.
14/05/1736Anne, D. to Joseph Wilson, of Barmby Marsh. May 14.
14/05/1736Jane, D. to Francis Bell, of Belby. May 14.
15/05/1736John Peart, of Laxton. May 15.
16/05/1736Mary, D. to Robert Sugden, of Howden. May 16.
17/05/1736Elizabeth, D. to Thomas Iveson, of Howden. May 17.
19/05/1736Esther, W. to John Bulmer, of Howden. May 19.
26/05/1736William, S. to John Bulmer, of Howden. May 26.
31/05/1736Sarah, W. to John Leaper, of Barmby Marsh. May 31.
31/05/1736Elizabeth, D. to Joseph Jewitt, of Skelton. May 31.
03/06/1736John, S. to William Ruslin, of Balkholme. June 3.
07/06/1736Robert Nelson, of Howden. June 7.
09/06/1736Catherine, D. to Anne Rainforth, of Howden. June 9.
12/06/1736Mary, D. to Christopher Glew, of Howden. June 12.
13/06/1736Robert White, of Howden, Labourer. June 13.
13/06/1736Sarah, D. to William Hardy, of Howden. June 13.
16/06/1736Mary, W. to Tho Watson, late of Skelton. June 16.
18/06/1736Dorothy, W. to Thos. Brown, of Barmby Marsh. June 18.
20/06/1736Elizabeth, W. to George Belt, of Howden. June 20.
23/06/1736Robert Green, of Assleby. June 23.
27/06/1736William Cowlam, of Yoakfleet. June 27.
28/06/1736Thomas, S. to Robert Johnson, of Assleby. June 28.
04/07/1736Joseph Hutchinson, of Assleby. July 4.
04/07/1736Edward, S. to Simon Addison, of Saltmarsh. July 4.
08/07/1736David, S. to John Dolby, of Skelton. July 8.
18/07/1736Elizabeth Cade, of Howden, spinster. July 18.
20/07/1736Anne, wife to Thomas Stather, of Thorp. July 20.
21/07/1736James Gilliot, of Kilpin, Waterman. July 21.
25/07/1736Mary, W. to Robert Heathy, of Howden. July 25.
25/07/1736Jane, D. to Robert Heathy, of Howden. July 25.
01/08/1736Robert Richardson, of Howden. Aug. 1.
20/08/1736John Camp, of Howden. Aug. 20.
24/08/1736Thomas, S. to James Foreshore, of Skelton. Aug. 24.
28/08/1736Robert, S. to John Tindal, of Yoakfleet. Aug. 28.
18/09/1736Isaac Peart, of Laxton. Sept. 18.
21/09/1736Dorothy, D. to Alice Morley, of Howden. Sept. 21.
23/09/1736Michael Todd, of Barmby Marsh, Butcher. Sept 23.
26/09/1736John, S. to Thomas Nuam, of Yoakfleet. Sept 26.
03/10/1736Susanna, W. to Thomas Stonely, of Assleby. Oct. 3.
05/10/1736Thomas Hick, of Howden, Taylor. Oct. 5.
07/10/1736Peter, S. to Joseph Thompson, of Newland. Oct. 7.
12/10/1736Robert, S. to Zacheus Hembrough, of Belby. Oct. 12.
16/10/1736Gervas Copley, of Yoakfleet the elder. Oct. 16.
17/10/1736Stephen, S. to Stephen Bulmer, of Howden. Oct. 17.
30/10/1736Sarah, D. to James Savage, of Howden. Oct. 30.
01/11/1736Mrs. Elizabeth Raper, of Howden. Nov. 1,
08/11/1736Isaac, S. to Widow Peart, of Laxton. Nov. 8.
12/11/1736Reuben, S. to Widow Bovil, of Laxton. Nov. 12.
18/11/1736Joseph, S. Thomas Gowdale, of Barmby Marsh. Nov. 18.
18/11/1736Edmund Burlingson, of Howden. Nov. 18.
21/11/1736Frances, D. to John Rowley, of Howden. Nov. 21.
06/12/1736lane, W. to Charles Taylor, of Skelton. Dec. 6.
07/12/1736Anne Stubbins, of Brind. Dec. 7.
08/12/1736Alice, D. to Michael Norwood, of Saltmarsh. Dec. 8.
10/12/1736Elizabeth, D. to Margery Gillison, of Yoakfleet, widow. Dec. 10.
13/12/1736John Hill, of Barmby Marsh. Dec. 13.
17/12/1736Catherine, D to John Smith, of Laxton. Dec. 17.
22/12/1736lane Preston, of Howden, Widow. Dec. 22.
25/12/1736Sarah, D. to Thomas Buttle, of Yoakfleet. Dec. 25.
03/01/1736Joseph, S. to Thomas Thompson, of Balkholme. Jan. 3.
06/01/1736John Reinge, of Saltmarsh. Jan. 6.
15/01/1736Thomas, S. to Gabriel Hobson, of Assleby. Jan. 15.
16/01/1736Henry Hawksworth, of Assleby, Labourer. Jan. 16.
19/01/1736Lancelot Dowson, of Howden. Jan. 19.
19/01/1736William, S. to Richard Conyworth, of Howden. Jan. 19.
19/01/1736Martha Bishop, of Laxton, widow. Jan. 19.
22/01/1736Samuel Sharp, of Yoakfleet the elder. Jan. 22.
24/01/1736Frances, D. to Jane Cowlam, of Yoakfleet, widow. Jan. 24.
30/01/1736Johanna, W. to Thomas Thompson. of Balkholme. Jan. 30.
31/01/1736Anne, D. to Martha Townsley. of Yokefleet, widow. Jan. 31.
02/02/1736Dorothy Sissons. of Asslehv, widow. Feb. 2.
06/02/1736Thomas Thompson, of Howden. Feb. 6.
12/02/1736Mary, D. to Richard Pinder, of Laxton. Feb. 12.
18/02/1736William. S. to William Dowson, of Barmby Marsh. Feb. 18.
21/02/1736Elizabeth Halliwell, of Laxton. widow. Feb. 21.
21/02/1736Anne, D. to William Scott, of Willitoft. Feb. 21.
23/02/1736Johnson, S. to John Duckles, of Saltmarsh. Feb. 23.
28/02/1736Thomas Kevil. of Yoakfleet. Feb. 28.
02/03/1736Thomas, S. to Thomas Field. of Howden. Mar. 2.
02/03/1736Anne, D. to Thomas Batty. of Assleby. Mar. 2.
08/03/1736William, S. to Widow Kevil, of Yoakfleet. Mar. 8.
09/03/1736William, S. to William Leaner, of Kilpin. Mar. 9.
10/03/1736William, S. to W George Milner. of Howden. Mar. 10.
13/03/1736Jane, D. to Jane Cowlam, of Yoakfleet. Mar. 13.
17/03/1736John Pearson, of Assleby. Mar. 17.
18/03/1736John Wadman, of Saltmarsh. Mar. 18.
24/03/1736Elizabeth, W. to Mr. George Milner, of Howden. Mar. 24.
27/03/1737Mordecai Fox, of Yoakfleet. Mar. 27.
02/04/1737Elizabeth Wright. of Skelton. Apr. 2.
03/04/1737John Bowes, of Howden, an Apprentice Boy. Apr. 3.
05/04/1737Anne, W. to John Batty, of Newland. Apr. 5.
05/04/1737Elizabeth, D. to Samuel Sharp, of Yoakfleet. Apr. 5.
05/04/1737Mary, D. to George Cook, of Barmby Marsh. Apr. 5.
09/04/1737Joseph Jewitt, of Skelton, Husbandman. Apr. 9.
07/04/1737Matthew, S. to John Hildrake, of Balkholme. Apr. i7.
19/04/1737Thomas Clark, of Howden. Apr. 19.
28/04/1737Alexander, S. to (blank). Apr. 28.
29/04/1737Richard Newton, of Howden. Apr. 29.
03/05/1737Lydia, D. to Richard Hall, of Barmby Marsh. May 3.
07/05/1737Anne, W. to Robert Scales, of Yoakfleet. May 7.
07/05/1737(blank), D. to Charles Dove, of Saltmarsh. May 7.
08/05/1737Robert Chapman, of Howden. May 8.
17/05/1737Anne, W. to Samuel Dawson, of Yoakfleet. May 17.
08/05/1737Robert Mitchil, of Howden, Journyman Weaver. May i8.
19/05/1737John Bramham, of Assleby, late Wm.'s son. May 19.
20/05/1737Anne, D. to Wm. Dent, of Yoakfleet, ye younger. May 20.
21/05/1737Thomas, S. to Robert Dowson, of Howden. May 21.
22/05/1737William, S. to William Stevenson, of Kilpin. May 22.
26/05/1737Jane, D. to Leonard Brampton, of Barmby. May 26.
08/06/1737Alice, W. to William Brampton, of Barmby. June 8.
11/06/1737Alice, W. to Thomas Cooke, of Assleby. June 11.
22/06/1737Robert Brown, of Barmby Marsh. June 22.
06/07/1737Thomas Lambert, of Newland. July 6.
14/07/1737Sarah Cressey, of Howden, a maid Servant. July 14.
23/07/1737Thomas. S. to George Tudale, of Yoakfleet. July 23.
26/07/1737Mary, W. to John Rhodes. of Howden. July 26.
26/07/1737Elizabeth, W. to Thomas Alcock, of Assleby. July 26.
03/08/1737Tohn Burton. of Howden. Aug. 3.
05/08/1737William, S. to William Leaper. of Kilpin. Aug. 5.
07/08/1737Thomas, S. to Thomas Leighton. of Skelton. Aug. 7.
11/08/1737Anne, W. to Tohn Harrison. of Howden. Aug. 11.
18/08/1737Elfin : W. to Mr. Thomas Jewitt, of West Linton. Aug. 18.
18/08/1737Richard, S. to Miles Pinder, of Skelton. Aug. 18.
19/08/1737Dorothy Drinkall, of Howden, Widow. Aug. 19.
21/08/1737Tosenh Stainforth. of Howden, Glover. Aug. 21.
22/08/1737Elizabeth. W. to Beniamine Dowson. of Howden. Aug. 22.
27/08/1737Tohn Addams, of Howden. Aug. 27.
30/08/1737Isabel Nelson, of Howden. Aug. 30.
12/09/1737Christonher Goakman. of Howden. Sept. 12.
14/09/1737Mary, D. to Tohn Rowley, of Howden. Sept. 14.
24/09/1737Robert. S. to Tohn Bradley. of Barmbv Marsh. Sept. 24.
26/09/1737Robert Spender. of Barmby Marsh. Sept. 26.
07/10/1737Frances. D. to William Spight. of Rawcliffe. Oct. 7.
07/10/1737Mary Walker. of Howden. spinster. Oct. 7.
18/10/1737Tohn, S. to Thomas Tewitt, of Saltmarsh. Oct. 18.
25/10/1737Elizabeth. D. to William Bulmer. of Howden. Oct. 25.
26/10/1737Jane Leech. of Temple Hurst. spinster. Oct. 26.
26/10/1737Thomas, S. to John Smith, of Howden. Oct. 26.
30/10/1737Tohn Mentford, of Howden. Oct. 30.
08/11/1737Isabel, W. to Stenhen Bulmer. of Howden. Nov. 8.
08/11/1737Sarah Tasker, of Howden. Nov. 8.
09/11/1737Anne Wright. of Skelton, a poor woman. Nov. 9.
10/11/1737Mary, D. to Robert Boothby, of Skelton. Nov. 10,
15/11/1737John Addison, of Laxton. Nov. 15.
16/11/1737Eliz., W. to Robert Boothby, of Skelton. Nov. 16.
20/11/1737Rhoda Pocklington, of Howden, spinster. Nov. 20.
24/11/1737Anne, W. to Thomas Batman, of Belby. Nov. 24.
28/11/1737John Atkinson, of Howden, Senr. Carpenter. Nov. 28.
03/12/1737Alice, D. to James Savage, of Howden. Dec. 3.
07/12/1737Nicholas Lowther, of Assleby. Dec. 7.
08/12/1737Peter Theaker, of Skelton, a Servant. Dec. 8.
22/12/1737Thomas, S. to John Smith, of Laxton. Dec. 22.
14/12/1737Francis, S. to Nicholas Youngson, of Howden. Dec. 14.
17/12/1737Frances, D. to Jane Cowlam, of Yoakfleet. Dec. 17.
20/12/1737Mary, D. to Mrs. Sarah Cowper, of Howden. Dec. 20.
25/12/1737Peter Rusholme, of Howden, Grocer. Dec. 25.
03/01/1737William Lowther, of Howden, Keelman. Jan. 3.
06/01/1737Martha Townley, of Yoakfleet, a poor widow. Jan. 6.
15/01/1737Marmaduke Gibson, of Howden, Labourer. Jan. 15.
18/01/1737Mary Carr, of Howden, Widow. Jan. 18.
22/01/1737Anne, D. Mary Richardson, of Howden, Widow. Jan. 22.
22/01/1737William, S. to George Spence, of Howden. Jan. 22.
24/01/1737Mrs. Anne Seymour, of Howden, Widow. Jan. 24.
29/01/1737Elizabeth, W. to Peter Holmes, of Saltmarsh. Jan. 29.
31/01/1737John Atkinson, of Yoakfleet, Taylor. Jan. 31.
31/01/1737Mary. D. to Matthew Stevenson, of Howden. Jan. 31.
01/02/1737Elizabeth Sissons, of Assleby, Widow. Feb. 1.
05/02/1737Mary, D. to Charles Fletcher, of Assleby. Feb. 5.
08/02/1737Robert, S. to Mr. George Athorpe. of Howden. Feb. 8.
14/02/1737Sarah. D. to John Noble, of Barmby Marsh. Feb. 14.
20/02/1737John Bealby, of Saltmarsh. Feb. 20.
20/02/1737Sarah, W. to George Blanshard. Feb. 20.
28/02/1737Jane. W. to Robert Lynn. of Howden. Feb. 28.
01/03/1737Mr. Thomas Jewitt, of West Linton. Mar. 1.
03/03/1737William. S. to Tohn Lyon, of Duncoats. Mar. 3.
05/03/1737Thomas, S. to Jonathan Underwood, of Barmby. Mar. 5.
06/03/1737Elizabeth, D. to Robert Jackson. of Howden. Mar. 6.
13/03/1737W Mary Smith, of Assleby. Widow. Mar. 13.
18/03/1737lane Hartley, of Howden, a Maid Servant. Mar. 18.
24/03/1737Mary, D. to Thomas Robinson, of Saltmarsh. Mar. 24.
01/04/1738Benjamine, S. to Benjamine Taylor, of Howden. Apr. 1.
16/04/1738Benjamine Dowson, of Howden. Apr. 16.
21/04/1738Margaret Pearson, of Howden, Widow. Apr. 21.
05/05/1738Mrs. Isabel Northen. of Howden, Widow. May 5.
02/06/1738Jane, D. to Richard Fearn, of Howden. June 2.
20/08/1738Jane. D. to Marmaduke Bell, of Howden. Aug. 20.
21/08/1738George Bealby, of Saltmarsh. Labourer. Aug. 21.
27/08/1738Edward, S. to Leonard Thorp, of Howden. Aug. 27.
29/08/1738Frances, D. to Robert Bailey. of Yoakfleet. Aug. 29.
30/08/1738Anne, D. to John Dennison, of Kilpin. Aug. 30.
31/08/1738Robert Copley, of Laxton, a Servant. Aug. 31.
09/09/1738Jane, W. to Robert Clark, of Skelton. Sept. 9.
10/09/1738Anne, D. to Robert Dawson, of Saltmarsh. Sept. 10.
20/09/1738Sarah, D. to Thomas Jefferson, of Howden. Sept. 20.
03/10/1738Charles, S. to Charles Dove, of Saltmarsh. Oct. 3.
07/10/1738Eliazbeth, W. to John Smith, of Laxton. Oct. 7.
07/10/1738Peter, S. to Peter Holmes, of Saltmarsh. Oct. 7.
16/10/1738Mary Day, of Barmby Marsh, Widow. Oct. 16.
24/10/1738Matthew Hudson, of Howden. Oct. 24.
24/10/1738Elizabeth Keader, of Howden, Widow. Oct. 24.
24/10/1738Mary, D. to Mary (blank). Oct. 24.
29/10/1738Thomas Sissons, of Assleby. Oct. 29.
02/11/1738Elizabeth, W. to Robert Bailey, of Yoakfleet. Nov. 2.
10/11/1738lane, D. to William Headon, of Balkholme. Nov. 10.
13/11/1738Thomas Burton, of Howden, Labourer. Nov. 13.
24/11/1738John, S. to Robert Peacock, of Barmby Marsh. Nov. 24.
29/11/1738John Waterhouse, of Assleby the elder. Nov. 29.
06/12/1738Mary Wadman, Carrhouse, Widow. Dec. 6.
14/12/1738John, S. to Joseph Thompson, of Balkholme. Dec. 14.
20/12/1738William. S. to Margaret Preston, of Howden. Dec. 20.
20/12/1738Sabina Jane, D. to Mr. John Empson. of Howden. Dec. 20.
25/12/1738Hannah, D. to Booz Thompson, of Howden. Dec. 25.
25/12/1738Tohn Bennison. of Kilpin. Dec. 25.
25/12/1738David, S. to John Ellythorp, of Asslebv. Dec. 25.
27/12/1738Mary, wife to John Bradley, of Barmby Marsh. Dec. 27.
05/01/1738John, S. to John Drinkall, of Howden. Jan. 5.
07/01/1738Mary, D. to Joseph Thompson. of Balkholme. Jan. 7.
07/01/1738Eliza, D. to Richard Coneyworth, of Howden. Jan. 7.
10/01/1738Mary Awdus. of Knedlington, widow. Jan. 10.
11/01/1738Anne, D. to George Stubbing, of Brind. Jan. 11.
15/01/1738William Dowson. of Barmby Marsh. Jan. 15.
17/01/1738Martha, D. to William Bradley, of Howden, Waterman. Jan. 17.
19/01/1738Matthew. S. to Matthew Dove, of Howden. Jan. 19.
02/02/1738Robert Perkin. of Balkholme, a weaver. Feb. 2.
02/02/1738Jane, D. to Widow Bennisin, of Kilpin. Feb. 2.
05/02/1738Anne, D. to William Dent, of Yoakfleet Junior. Feb. 5.
09/02/1738Mary, W. to Thomas Palmer. of Laxton. Feb. 9.
27/02/1738Mr. Robert Benson, of Howden. Feb. 27.
07/03/1738Mary Hardcastle, of Howden, a poor Woman. Mar. 7.
10/03/1738John Bilhrough. of Brind. in ye Parish of Wressle. Mar. 10.
13/03/1738Anne. D. to Charles Cowlam. of Howden. Mar. 13.
06/03/1738Tohn. S. to Thomas Brown, of Kilnin. Mar. t6.
24/03/1738Rdward. S. to Alice Bealby, of Saltmarsh. Mar. 24.
30/03/1730Samuel Sharp, of Yoakfleet. Mar. 30.
02/04/1730Mary, D. to Robert Thorp, of Belby. Apr. 2.
09/04/1730William, S. to William Burton. of Howden. Apr. 9,
18/04/1730Anne. D. to William Pears. of Howden. Apr. 18,
22/04/1730Mr. William Lowther, of Howden; Apr. 22.
26/04/1730Michael Frear, of Skelton. Apr. 26.
27/04/1730Charles Dove, of Saltmarsh. Apr. 27.
04/05/1730Robert Clark, of Skelton, Labourer. May 4.
10/05/1730Mary, Jarrett, of Howden, a poor widow. May 10.
23/05/1730Anne, D. to Edward Stainforth, of Howden. May 23.
26/05/1730Mary, W. to Philip Mannet, of Laxton. May 26.
30/05/1730Martha, D. to Matthew Stevenson, of Howden. May 30.
06/06/1730Robert, S. to James York, of Howden. June 6.
20/06/1730Savil Bradley, of Howden, Barber Surgeon. June 20.
26/06/1730Thomas Smith, of Howden. June 26.
29/06/1730Robert, S. to Widow Kevil, Yoakfleet. June 29.
01/07/1730Anne, D. to Robert Halliwell, of Laxton. July 1.
06/07/1730Mary, D. to Widow Butterfield, of Metham. July 6.
06/07/1730Mary, D. to Robert Halliwell, of Laxton. July 6.
07/07/1730Eleanor, D. to Robert Wood, of Assleby. July 7.
08/07/1730Richard, S. to Richard Calver, of Yoakfleet. July 8.
10/07/1730Jane, D. to Robert Wood, of Assleby. July 10.
15/07/1730Thomas, S. to Richard Sharp, of Yoakfleet. July 15.
22/07/1730Robert, S. to Robert Bell, of Howden. July 22.
23/07/1730Sarah, D. to William Cook, of Howden. July 23.
25/07/1730George, S. to Michael Lamb, of Knedlington. July 25.
30/07/1730Margaret, W. to Thomas Robinson, of Saltmarsh. July 30.
31/07/1730Elizabeth, D. to Stephen Meadley of Cotness. July 31.
07/08/1730Anne Bailey, of Howden, a Maid Servant. Aug. 7.
13/08/1730William Branton, of Barmby Marsh, a weaver. Aug. 13.
16/08/1730John Smith, of Howden, Weaver. Aug. 16.
05/09/1730Richard, S. to Richard Stather, of Howden. Sept. 5.
06/09/1730Joseph, S. to John Brooks, of Assleby. Sept. 6.
07/09/1730John Stephenson, of Assleby, Carpenter. Sept. 7.
11/09/1730William Addams, of Howden, Tayor. Sept. 11.
23/09/1730Robert, S. to Daniel Lowther, of Howden. Sept. 23.
28/09/1730Elizabeth, W. to Charles Bacon, of Howden. Sept. 28.
02/10/1730Elizabeth Weatheralt, of Barmby Marsh, Widow. Oct. 2.
03/10/1730Sarah, D. to Matthew Leng, of Belby. Oct. 3.
03/10/1730Sarah, D. to Charles Cowlam, of Howden. Oct. 3.
05/10/1730William, S. to George Johnson, of Howden. Oct. 5.
05/10/1730Elizabeth, D. to William Hewson, of Howden. Oct. 5.
07/10/1730Catherine, D. to John Jackson, of Barmby Marsh. Oct. 7.
14/10/1730Joshua Barker, of Saltmarsh, a servant. Oct. 14.
17/10/1730Elizabeth Vollans, of Assleby, a servant. Oct. 17.
20/10/1730Peter, S. to Zaccheus Burton, of Newland. Oct. 20.
24/10/1730Elizabeth, D. to John Hogg, of Howden. Oct. 24.
28/10/1730Jane, D. to Richard Fearn, of Howden. Oct. 28.
29/10/1730Frances, D. to John Jackson, of Barmby Marsh. Oct. 29.
29/10/1730Margaret Green (was nurs'd at Howden). Oct. 29.
30/10/1730Zaccheus, S. to Zaccheus Burton, of Newland. Oct. 30.
05/11/1730Anne Adams, of Howden, a poor Widow. Nov. 5.
11/11/1730Mary Gibson, of Saltmarsh, a poor Widow. Nov. 11.
12/11/1730Richard Ramsay, of Assleby, Weaver. Nov. 12.
13/11/1730Matthew, S. to Matthew Leng, of Belby. Nov. 13.
18/11/1730Michael, S. to Robert Thorp, of Belby. Nov. 18.
29/11/1730Mrs. Anne Watson, of Saltmarsh, widow. Nov. 29.
04/12/1730Anne Mason, of howden, singlewoman. Dec. 4.
07/12/1730Eliz., D. to Rebecca Baldwin, late of Kilpin. Dec. 7.
09/12/1730William, S. to Richard Hall, of Barmby. Dec. 9.
01/01/1730Mary & Jane, D. to Thomas Croyser, of Saltmarsh. Jan. 1.
06/01/1730Eliz. Pallister, of Howden, a poor widow. Jan. 6.
14/01/1730Thomas Nutbrown, of Howden, Taylor. Jan. 14.
23/01/1730Elizabeth, D. to Jno. Bennison, late of Kilpin. Jan. 23.
25/01/1730Eleanor, W. to George Parker, of Balkholme. Jan. 25.
03/02/1730George, S. to George Clay, of Howden. Feb. 3.,
06/02/1730William, S. to William Dixon, late of Howden. Feb. 6.
08/02/1730John Awdus, of Knedlington, Yeoman. Feb. 8.
10/02/1730William Saunders, of Kilpin. Feb. 10.
11/02/1730Elizabeth, D. to Mr. George Welburne, of Howden. Feb. 11.
19/02/1730Sarah, W. to Simon Ayre, of Howden. Feb. 19.
25/02/1730John Coulson, of Knedlington, Wheelwright. Feb. 25.
25/02/1730Thomas Dawson, of Knedlington, Husbandman. Feb. 25.
27/02/1730Richard, S. to Thomas Atkinson, of Skelton. Feb. 27.
28/02/1730Robert, S. to John Andrew, of Barmby Marsh. Feb. 28.
04/03/1730Michael, S. to Michael Lamb, of Knedlington. Mar. 4.
05/03/1730Anne Mitchil, of Saltmarsh, a poor widow. Mar. 5.
14/03/1730Esther, W. to John Stones, of Belby. Mar. 14.
20/03/1730Anne, D. to George Tudale, of Yoakfleet. Mar. 20.
23/03/1730Charles, S. to Matthew Dove, of Howden. Mar. 23.
25/03/1740Rebecca Pickhaver, of Howden, Widow. Mar. 25.
09/04/1740John, S. to Thos. Holmes, of Laxton. Apr. 9.
09/04/1740Mary, child of Xtiana Bullock, of Seassey. Apr. 9.
12/04/1740Mary Hardy, of Howden, a poor Widow. Apr. 12.
15/04/1740Anne Coney worth, of Howdendike, a servant. Apr. 15.
18/04/1740Martha, D. to Matthew Kitchin, of Howden. Apr. 18.
21/04/1740George, S. to Thomas Nuam, of Balkholme. Apr. 21.
28/04/1740Audry, D. to Peter Holmes, of Saltmarsh. Apr. 28.
06/05/1740Anne, D. to James Day, of Howden. May 6.
10/05/1740William Biggin, of Howden. May 10.
13/05/1740john Brown, of Howden, Joyner. May 13.
14/05/1740Alne, D. to John Ellis, or Barmby marsh. May 14.
25/05/1740Thos. Fenton, of Barmby Marsh, Waterman. May 25.
28/05/1740John, S. to Matthew Nutty, of Howden. May 28.
11/06/1740Mary, W. to Wm. Alcock, of Howden. June 11.
14/06/1740Elizabeth Adams, of Howden, a poor widow. June 14.
15/06/1740John, S. to Richard Calver, of Yokefleet. June 15.
15/06/1740Mary Wilkinson, of Howden, widow. June 15.
15/06/1740Jonathan, S. to Thomas Robinson, of Saltmarsh. June 15.
17/06/1740William, S. to Richard Pinder, of Laxton. June 17.
19/06/1740John Maslen, of Howden, a Minor. June 19.
20/06/1740Mary, wife to Jos. Harrison, of Barmby, Weaver. June 20.
23/06/1740William, S. to Benjamine Taylor, of Howden. June 23.
01/07/1740John, S. to John Weighton, of Howden. July 1.
02/07/1740Edward, S. to Richard finder, of Laxton. July 2.
04/07/1740William Todd, of Howden, a poor man. July 4.
07/07/1740John Procter, of Howdendike. July 7.
07/07/1740John Ramsay, of Barmby Marsh, Shoemaker. July 7.
07/07/1740William Wilson, of Assleby, a poor man. July 7.
15/07/1740Mrs. Anne Weighton, of Howden, Spinster. July 15.
15/07/1740The. Jewitt, of Saltmarsh, Butcher. July 15.
15/07/1740William, S. to Richd. Calver, of Yoakfleet. July 15.
21/07/1740Sarah, D. to Widow Drewry, of Barmby. July 21.
31/07/1740Jane Chapple, D. to Widow Fenton, of Barmby. July 31.
02/08/1740John Andrew, of Barmby Marsh, weaver. Aug. 2.
10/08/1740Elias Garton, of Howden, Sadler. Aug. 10.
24/08/1740Eleanor Walker, of Belby, a poor woman. Aug. 24.
25/08/1740George Clay, of Howden. Aug. 25.
08/09/1740Mary, D. to William Bradley, of Howden. Sept. 8.
28/09/1740Mary, D. to Henry Scott, of Hull. Sept. 28.
28/09/1740William Robinson, of Barmby, Schoolmaster. Sept. 28.
01/10/1740Matthew, S. Matthew Stephenson, of Howden. Oct. 1.
05/10/1740Jane, W. of David Mitchil, of Loftsome. Oct. 5.
10/10/1740Wm. Dent, of Howden, Sadler (honestus, pius). Oct. 10.
11/10/1740Anne Tiplady, of Howden, a poor Widow. Oct. 11.
11/10/1740Robert Bell, of Howden, Husbandman. Oct. 11.
24/10/1740William, S. to William Keader, of Howden. Oct. 24.
22/10/1740George, S. to Abraham Dowson, of Howden. Oct. 22.
28/10/1740Charles, S. to Widow Dove, of Saltmarsh. Oct. 28.
31/10/1740Ruth Fearn, of Howden, a poor Widow. Oct. 31.
01/11/1740George Johnsin, of Howden, Labourer. Nov. 1.
07/11/1740Richard Copley, of Knedlington, an hired Servt. Nov. 7.
09/11/1740Elizabeth, D. to Thomas Alcock, of Howden. Nov. 9.
11/11/1740Margaret, W. to Marmaduke Bell, of Howden. Nov. 11.
11/11/1740Joanna, D. to William Bealby, of Howden. Nov. 11.
12/11/1740Richard English, of Howden, Waggoner. Nov. 12.
13/11/1740Elizabeth, W. to Leonard Thorp, of Howden, Junr. Nov. 13.
15/11/1740John, S. to John Hildrake, of Balkholme. Nov. 15.
15/11/1740Mary, D. to Thomas Downham, of Howden. Nov. 15.
18/11/1740John, S. to Widow Wright, of Howden. Nov. 18.
24/11/1740George Smith, of Belby. Nov. 24.
26/11/1740John, S. to John Collinson, of Howden. Nov. 26.
26/11/1740Anne Lyon, of Howden, a poor widow. Nov. 26.
??/11/1740Frances, D. to Widow Peart, of Knedlington. Nov. -.
27/11/1740John, S. to Robert Dowson, of Howden. Nov. 27.
30/11/1740William Wright, of Howden, Gardener. Nov. 30.
02/12/1740Alice, W. to William Catterton, of Balkholm. Dec. 2.
02/12/1740Anne, D. to William Coates, of Howden. Dec. 2.
07/12/1740Mary Hineson, of Howden, Widow. Dec. 7.
10/12/1740James, S. to Widow Spence, of Howden. Dec. 10.
14/12/1740Sarah, D. to Francis Kirkhouse, of Howden. Dec. 14.
14/12/1740Joseph Bealby, of Saltmarsh, Labourer. Dec. 14.
14/12/1740Robert Webster, of Howden, Labourer. Dec. 14.
14/12/1740John Lolly, S. to Widow Tasker, of Booth. Dec. 14.
17/12/1740Mrs. Mary Pennel, of Howden, Widow. Dec. 17.
19/12/1740Anne, W. to John Brookes, of Assleby. Dec. 19.
21/12/1740John Lancaster, of Barnelhall, a Servant. Dec. 21.
30/12/1740Richard Wilson, of Assleby. Dec. 30.
30/12/1740Mary, D. to Widow Procter, of Howdendike. Dec. 30.
05/01/1740Joseph, S. to John Pearson, late of Assleby. Jan. 5.
06/01/1740Charles Bacon, of Howden, Journeyman Tanner. Jan. 6.
09/01/1740Mary, D. to Mr. James Horrocks, of Howden. Jan. 9.
10/01/1740Elizabeth, W. to John Palmer, of Balkholme. Jan. 10.
16/01/1740Robert Halliwel, of Laxton, Blacksmith. Jan. 16.
19/01/1740Martha, W. to Robert Hurd, of Balkholme. Jan. 19.
21/01/1740Elizabeth, W. to Robt. Underwood, of Barmby. Jan. 21.
21/01/1740Leonard Thorp, of Howden. Jan. 21.
??/01/1740Elizabeth, W. to Thomas Armstrong, of Thorpe. Jan.
??/01/1740S. to Jonathan Markham, of Skelton. Jan.
??/01/1740William Wood, of Skelton, Husbandman. Jan.
30/01/1740Anne, D. to Robt Parrot, of Yoakfleet. Jan. 30.
02/02/1740William, S. to William Alcock, of Howden. Feb. 2.
11/02/1740Mary, W. to Robert Blanshard, of Thorp. Feb. 11.
13/02/1740Robert Solly, of Howden, Labourer. Feb. 13.
13/02/1740John, S. to Richard Stather, of Howden. Feb. 13.
16/02/1740William, S. to Esther Seaton, of Howden. Feb. 16.
17/02/1740John, S. to John Waterhouse, of Assleby. Feb. 17.
26/02/1740Alice, W. to Mr. Ralph Nixon, of Howden. Feb. 26.
26/02/1740Elizabeth, D. to Mr. Robt. Potter, of Stillingfleet,
Clerk. Feb. 26. (Her grandchild.)
06/03/1740John, S. to Rebecca Underwood, of Howden. Mar. 6.
17/03/1740John, S. to John Tindall, of Yoakfleet. Mar. 17.
18/03/1740Mary Harrison, of Barmby, a poor Woman. Mar. 18.
18/03/1740Elizabeth Stuteley, of Yoakfleet, Widow. Mar. 18.
19/03/1740Thomas Widhouse, of Assleby, Husbandman. Mar. 19.
25/03/1741John & Joseph, S. to Simon Chappel, of Barmby. Mar. 25.
28/03/1741John Tutle, of Yoakfleet. Mar. 28.
04/04/1741Eleanor, D. to late Widow Walker, of Howden. Apr. 4.
07/04/1741Anne, D. to Mr. George Swallow, of Howden. Apr. 7.
08/04/1741John, S. to William Harrison, of Howden. Apr. 8.
11/04/1741Anthony, S. to Francis Bell, of Belby. Apr. 11.
??/04/1741Hannah, D. to Robert Mann, of Howden. Apr. -.
??/04/1741Sarah, D. to Richard Stather, of Howden. Apr. -.
??/04/1741Thomas Mounser, of Assleby, Brick Maker. Apr. -.
02/05/1741John Patterick, of Saltmarsh, Taylor. May 2.
02/05/1741Edward Johnson, of Yoakfleet, Shoemaker. May 2.
04/05/1741Jonathan Underwood, of Barmby, Weaver. May 4.
07/05/1741Lydia, D. to Charles Fletcher, of Assleby. May 7.
09/05/1741Robert Copley, of Yoakfleet, a Minor. May 9.
03/06/1741John Noble, of Barmby, Weaver. June 3.
06/06/1741John, S. to John Jackson, of Barmby. June 6.
08/06/1741Edward Hesletine, of Hook. June 8.
16/06/1741Robert Lyon, of Howden, Butcher. June 16.
19/06/1741Sarah Bishop, of Laxton, Spinster. June 19.
20/06/1741Thomas Stoneley, of Assleby, Taylor. June 20.
22/06/1741John Brookes, of Assleby, Husbandman. June 22.
25/06/1741Anne, D. to Widow Bealby, late of Saltmarsh. June 25.
27/06/1741Doyley, S. to Matthew Kitchin, of Howden. June 27.
02/06/1741Sarah, W. to Francis Kirkhouse, of Kilpin. June 2S.
07/07/1741George, S. to Widow Clay, of Howden. July 7.
24/07/1741Sarah, D. to Anne Garton, of Howden. July 24.
08/08/1741John Johnson, of Barmby, Shoemaker. Aug. 8.
13/08/1741Robert Lawrence, of Barmby, Bricklayer. Aug. 13.
21/08/1741Samuel, S. John Harland, of Howden. Aug. 21.
24/08/1741Joseph, S. to Nathaniel Brown, of Barmby. Aug. 24.
28/08/1741Eliz., D. to Nathaniel Brown, of Barmby. Aug. 28.
31/08/1741Anne, D. of Robert Dawson, of Saltmarsh. Aug. 31.
04/09/1741George, S. of Thomas Newham, of Balkholme. Sept. 4.
04/09/1741Elizabeth, D. of Thomas Good, of Saltmarsh. Sept. 4.
05/09/1741Jane, D. of Mr. George Athorpe, of Howden. Sept. 5.
08/09/1741Sarah, W. to Thomas Smith, of Howden. Sept. 8.
13/09/1741Michael, S. to Michael Lamb, of Knedlington. Sept. 13.
20/09/1741Elizabeth, D. to William Hewson, of Howden. Sept. 20.
04/10/1741Anne Bows, of Laxton, a poor Widow. Oct. 4.
07/10/1741Anne, D. of Widow Ramsay, of Assleby. Oct. 7.
10/10/1741Hannah, D. of Widow Lawrence, of Barmby. Oct. 10.
14/10/1741Elizabeth, D. of Robert Mann, of Howden. Oct. 14.
18/10/1741William, S. of William Jackson, of Assleby. Oct. 18.
04/11/1741Anne Fearn, of Howden, a poor Widow. Nov. 4.
29/11/1741Thomas Armstrong, of Thorp, Husbandman. Nov. 29.
03/12/1741Thomas Harrison, of Skelton, Labourer. Dec. 3.
07/12/1741William Lowther, of Assleby, Husbandman. Dec. 7.
09/12/1741James, S. to late Widow Fearn, of Howden. Dec. 9.
11/12/1741Anne, W. to Edward Finder, of Laxton. Dec. 11.
??/12/1741Anne, D. of Anne Pennington, of Barmby. Dec. -.
16/12/1741Joseph Pearson, of Asselby, Weaver. Dec. 16.
16/12/1741Sarah, W. to John Wood, of Balkholme. Dec. 16.
17/12/1741Richard Storey, of Barmby, a Servant. Dec. 17.
20/12/1741Clara Turner, of Howden, Widow. Dec. 20.
20/12/1741William, S. of John Steel, of Barmby. Dec. 20.
24/12/1741Sarah, W. to Thomas Pennington, of Barmby. Dec. 24.
25/12/1741Mary, W. to William Brookes, of Howden. Dec. 25.
27/12/1741Thomas Storey, of Belby, Husbandman. Dec. 27.
31/12/1741Elizabeth Robinson, of Barmby, Widow. Dec. 31.
01/01/1741Gervas, S. of Philip Scolfield, of Skelton. Jan. 1.
01/01/1741Mary Storey, of Belby, Widow. Jan. 1.
02/01/1741Thomas, S. of Thomas Leighton, of Skelton. Jan. 2.
05/01/1741Mary Cass, of Barmby, Widow. Jan. 5.
08/01/1741Jonathan, S. of Joseph Brookes, of Howden. Jan. 8.
08/01/1741Anne, W. to John Leaper, of Barmby. Jan. 8.
08/01/1741William, S. of George Cass, of Barmby. Jan. 8.
19/01/1741Robt. S. of Widow Webster, of Howden. Jan. 19.
20/01/1741Mary, W. to John Robinson, of Barmby. Jan. 20.
24/01/1741William, S. of Eliz : Bursay, of Howden. Jan. 24.
02/02/1741John & James, S. to John Fearn, of Howden. Feb. 2.
07/02/1741Thomas Pennington, of Barmby, Husbandman. Feb. 7.
07/02/1741(blank), W. to Leonard Thorp, of Howden. Feb. 7.
13/02/1741Mary, D. of Widow Bealby, of Saltmarsh. Feb. 13.
13/02/1741Mary Perkin, of Balkholme, a poor Widow. Feb. 13.
14/02/1741John Knowles, of Kilpin, Husbandman. Feb. 14.
17/02/1741Samuel, S. of Thomas Downey, of Howden. Feb. 17.
18/02/1741Godfrey Hyde, of Howden, Blacksmith. Feb. 18.
01/03/1741John Powel, of Howden, Labourer. Mar. 1.
03/03/1741Henry, S. of Margaret Huby, Retford. Mar. 3.
11/03/1741Sarah, W. to Thomas Pearson, of Assleby. Mar. 11.
12/03/1741Elizabeth Awdus, of Knedlington. Mar. 12.
18/03/1741Leah Pearson, of Assleby, Widow. Mar. 18.
20/03/1741James Cunningham, a Travellour. Mar. 20.
24/03/1741Dorothy Gibson, of Howdendike, Widow. Mar. 24.
25/03/1742John Atkinson, of Bowden, Joyner. Mar. 25.
03/04/1742Isabel, W. to John Wilson, of Howden. Apr. 3.
13/04/1742Robert Todd, of Barmby Marsh, Butcher. Apr. 13.
13/04/1742Eliz., D. of Nicholas English, of Howden. Apr. 13.
20/04/1742William, S. of William Bell, of Barmby. Apr. 20.
26/04/1742Mrs. Rachel Athorpe, of Thorpe, Spinster. Apr. 26.
30/04/1742Edward, S. of Edward Burton, of Newland. Apr. 30.
03/05/1742Jane, D. of Thomas Field, of Howden Jnr. May 3.
17/05/1742Mary Powel, of Howden, Widow. May 17.
17/05/1742Elizabeth Lister, of Assleby, a poor Widow. May 17.
20/05/1742Elizabeth, W. to Thomas Nutbrown, of Howden. May 20.
21/05/1742John, S. of John Collinson, of Howden. May 21.
24/05/1742Jane, W. to Matthew Dove, of Howden. May 24.
28/05/1742John Lowther, of Assleby, Yeoman. May 28.
29/05/1742John, S. of William Ellingworth, of Howden. May 29.
30/05/1742Mary, W. to James Savage, of Howden. May 30.
03/06/1742James Wood, of Laxton, Miller. June 3.
04/06/1742William Robinson, of Assleby, Glover. June 4.
05/06/1742Milcah Oameley, of Howden, a servant. June 5.
10/06/1742Anne, W. to Gamaliel Thompson, of Howden. June 10.
12/06/1742William Richardson, of Howden. June 12.
12/06/1742Francis, S. of Widow Butterfield, of Metham. June 12.
16/06/1742Annamaria, D. of Francis Chester, of Howden, June 16.
22/06/1742Mary, W. to John Fletcher, of Howden. June 22.
26/06/1742Joseph, S. of William Bradley, of Howden. June 26.
26/06/1742Richard, S. of Miles Pinder, of Kilpin. June 26.,
28/06/1742Margaret, W. to John Snow, of Knedlington. June 28,
08/07/1742John Collinson, of Howden, Husbandman. July 8.
19/07/1742Hannah, D. of Ann Bacon, of Howden. July 19.
20/07/1742Jane, D. of David Langton, of Howden. July 20.
25/07/1742Thomas, S. of Thomas Dunn, of Howden. July 25.
09/08/1742Jane, D. of John Wheldrake, of Balkholme. Aug. 9.
09/08/1742Mary, D. of Widow Benson, of howden. Aug. 9.
10/08/1742James, S. of James _Foreshore, of Skelton. Aug. 10.
21/08/1742john, S. of Rebecca Underwood, of Howden. Aug. 21.
22/08/1742Dinah, D. of John Andrew, late of Barmby. Aug. 22.
24/08/1742Anne, D. of Robert Faram, of Knedlington. Aug. 24.
25/08/1742George (blank), of Thorp, a servant. Aug. 25.
??/08/1742Mary, D. of Widow Watson, of Howden. Aug. -.
11/09/1742Jane, D. of Robert Majer, of Saltmarsh. Sept. 11.
16/09/1742Thos. S. of Thomas Dent, of Yoakfleet. Sept. 16.
17/09/1742John Harrison, of Howden, Labourer. Sept. 17.
17/09/1742Hannah, D. of Widow Clay, of Howden. Sept. 17.
17/09/1742Robert, S. of Robert Parrot, of Yoakfleet. Sept. 17.
19/09/1742Sarah, W. to Wm. English, of Barmby. Sept. 19.
26/09/1742Thomas, S. of Thomas Waterhouse, of Barmoy. Sept. 26.
28/09/1742John, S. of Thomas Jewitt, of Saltmarsh. Sept. 28
29/09/1742Elizabeth, D. of Widow Clay, of Howden. Sept. 29.
30/09/1742James, S. of Richard Bainton, of Howden. Sept. 30.
08/10/1742Elizabeth, W. to Richard Bainton, of Howden. Oct. 8.
12/10/1742Alice, D. of Thomas Jewitt, of Saltmarsh. Oct. 12.
19/10/1742Martha, D. of John Wadsworth, of Knedlington. Oct. 19.
28/10/1742John Scholfield, of Sandhall, Husbandman. Oct. 28.
29/10/1742Robert Hurd, of Balkholme, Labourer. Oct. 29.
31/10/1742Magdalene, D. to Thomas Robinson, of Howden. Oct. 31.
06/11/1742Elizabeth Coates, of Howden, a poor Widow. Nov. 6.
07/11/1742Joseph Harrison, of Barmby, Weaver. Nov. 7.
08/11/1742William English, of Barmby, a poor Man. Nov. 8.
10/11/1742Hannah, D. of Richard Fearn, of Howden. Nov. 10.
22/11/1742Elizabeth, W. to Leonard Brampton, liarmby. Nov. 22.
28/11/1742Wm. Westoby, of Howdendike, Waterman. Nov. 28.
19/12/1742Jane, W. to William Snarr, of Knedlington. Dec. 19.
22/12/1742John, S. of John Birtwhistle, of Booth. Dec. 22.
02/01/1742Mary, W. of Robert Mann, of Howden. Jan. 2.
05/01/1742Elizabeth, D. of Miles Overend, of Balkholme. Jan. 5.
07/01/1742Thomas, S. of Mr. John Mann, of Howden. Jan. 7.
08/01/1742Elizabeth, W. to Wm. Pallister, of Howden. Jan. 8.
09/01/1742Mary, D. of Martin Bilbrough, Howdendike. Jan. 9.
10/01/1742Mary, W. to John Cass, of Barmby Marsh. Jan. 10.
11/01/1742Jane, D. of Robert Taylor, of Skelton. Jan. 11.
06/02/1742Wm. S. of Gillian Bursey, of Belby. Feb. 6.
09/02/1742Mary, W. to John Boothby, of Howden. Feb. 9.
19/02/1742Anne Stainforth, of Howden, widow. Feb. 19.
06/03/1742John, S. to Thomas Stephenson, of Howden. Mar. 6.
08/03/1742William Anderson, of Howden, a servant. Mar. 8.
10/03/1742Thomas Pearson, of Spaldington. Mar. 10.
14/03/1742Ann, W. to Simon Gilderdale, of Laxton. Mar. 14.
23/03/1742Hannah, D. of John Boothby, of Howden. Mar. 23.
04/04/1743Edmund, S. of John Jackson, of Laxton. Apr. 4.
06/04/1743Joseph, S. of Widow Ashton, of Howden. Apr. 6.
12/04/1743Mary, d. of Thos. Armstrong, late of Thorp. Apr. 12.
23/04/1743Samuel, S. of Jonathan Markam, of Howden. Apr. 23.
24/04/1743Rufus, S. of Robt. Featherston ye youngr. of Howden. Apr. 24.
25/04/1743Isabel, W. to Robert Featherston, of Howden. Apr. 25.
01/05/1743Mary, D. of Thomas Stephenson, of Howden. May 1.
03/05/1743Hannah, W. to John Fearn, of Howden. May 3.
05/05/1743John Newmarch, of Howden, a poor man. May 5.
19/05/1743Susanna Dowson, of Howden, a poor widow. May 19.
19/05/1743Robt. S. of Robert Hurd, late of Balkholme. May 19.
26/05/1743Mary, W. to John Stainton, of Howden. May 26.
09/06/1743Robert Leaper, of Barmby Marsh, Yeoman. June 9.
19/06/1743William, Morton, of Howdendike, a servant. June 19.
20/06/1743Elizabeth, D. of Thomas Field, of Howden. June 20.
21/06/1743Ann, W. to James Bilbrough, of Belby. June 21.
26/06/1743Margaret Burton, of Howden, a poor Widow. June 26.
26/06/1743Elizabeth, D. of William Coates, of Howden. June 26.
30/06/1743Jane, D. of Widow Harrison, of Skelton. June 30.
02/07/1743Mary Bealby, of Saltmarsh, a poor widow. July 2.
31/07/1743Mary, D. to John Pocklington, of Barmby. July 31.
02/08/1743George Parker, of Howden, Barber Surgeon. Aug. 2.
27/08/1743Nathaniel Mapplebeck, of Howden, Barber. Aug. 27.
28/08/1743Margaret Hyde, of Howden, widow. Aug. 28.
30/08/1743Ann Underwood, of Howden, a poor widow. Aug. 30.
19/09/1743Hannah, D. of John Hogg, of Howden. Sept. 19.
05/10/1743Ann, W. to Matthew Dove, of Howden. Oct. 5.
08/10/1743Mary, D. of David Pearson, of Assleby. Oct. 8.
13/10/1743Wm. S. of Thos. Thompson, of Thorp Lidget. Oct. 13.
19/10/1743Jos : Walker, of Howden, out of ye poor House. Oct. 19.
22/10/1743Priscilla, W. to Wm. Blanshard, Clementhorp. Oct. 22.
26/10/1743Zaccheus, S. of Edwd Burton, of Newland. Oct. 26.
30/10/1743Jane, W. to Edmund Baxter, of Laxton. Oct. 30.
12/11/1743Abraham, S. of Richd. Maskel, of Howden. Nov. 12.
18/11/1743Ann Freeman, of Howden, Widow. Nov. 18.
22/11/1743George, S. of Thomas Dunn, of Howden. Nov. 22.
24/11/1743Alice, W. to Thos. Smith, of Howden. Nov. 24.
30/11/1743Robert, S. of Matthew Dove, Howden. Nov. 30.
04/12/1743Ann, D. of Joseph Brookes, of Howden. Dec. 4.
06/12/1743Wm. Gyles, of Kilpin, a poor Man. Dec. 6.
07/12/1743Martha, D. of David Langton, Howden. Dec. 7.
08/12/1743Frances, W. to Thomas Lowther, Assleby. Dec. 8.
10/12/1743Hannah, D. of William Hewson, of Howden. Dec. 10.
19/12/1743Richard, S. of John Harland, of Howden. Dec. 19.
19/12/1743Frances, D. of Thomas Snell, of Howden. Dec. 19.
20/12/1743John, S. of Robert Dowson, of Howden. Dec. 20.
??/12/1743Henry, S. of Thos. Robinson, of Howden. Dec. -.
??/12/1743George, S. of George Coam, of Knedlington. Dec.
??/01/1743Samll. S. of John Harland, of Howden. Jan. -.
??/01/1743Thos. S. of George Coam, of Knedlington. Jan. -.
??/01/1743Ann, D. of John Rouley, of Howden. Jan. -.
??/01/1743Thomas, S. of John Cass, of Barmby. Jan. -.
??/01/1743Ann, D. of late Ann Freman, of Howden. Jan. -.
??/01/1743Mary, W. to Thomas Ellis, of Yoakfleet. Jan. -.
??/01/1743Miles, S. of Miles Pinder, of Kilpin. Jan. -.
??/01/1743Thos. S. of John Wighton, of Howden. Jan. -.
??/01/1743Eliz., D. of John Coggraye, late of Howden. Jan. -.
??/01/1743Tames, S. of George Spence, of Howden. Jan. -.
??/02/1743Hannah Williamson, Barmby, Spinster. Feb. -.
??/02/1743Robt. S. of Robt. Baldwin, of Barmby. Feb. -.
??/02/1743Ann, D. of Robert Baldwin, of Barmby. Feb. -.
??/02/1743Eliz., D. of James Bilbrough, of Belby. Feb. -.
??/02/1743Maria, D. of Rebec : Brookes, Saltmarsh. Feb. -.
21/02/1743Thos. Smith, of Yoakfleet, Husbandman. Feb. 21.
22/02/1743Deborah, D. of John Scholfield, Sandhall. Feb. 22.
25/02/1743The. Harrison, Barmby marsh, poor . . Feb. 25.
26/02/1743Eliz., D. of Richard Johnson, Balkholme. Feb. 26.
03/03/1743George Gregson, of Knedlington. Mar. 3.
07/03/1743Arthur Chapple, of Barmby Marsh. Mar. 7.
11/03/1743James, S. of Henry Bainton, of Yoakfleet. Mar. 11.
15/03/1743Thos. Croyser, of Saltmarsh, Yeoman. Mar. 15.
18/03/1743Robert, S. of William English, of Barmby. Mar. 18.
19/03/1743John, S. of Francis Airy, of Skelton. Mar. 19.
22/03/1743Ann, W. to William Cowlam, of Laxton. Mar. 22.
28/03/1744Mary, D. of Thomas Newham, Saltmarsh. Mar. 28.
28/03/1744Wm. S. of Francis Airy, of Skelton. Mar. 28.
29/03/1744Robert, S. of Edward Bishop, of Laxton. Mar. 29.
10/04/1744John Cass, of Barmby, a poor Man. Apr. 10.
16/04/1744Mary Lambert, of Howden, Widow. Apr. 16.
17/04/1744Thomas Wilson, of Barmby, Batchelor. Apr. 17.
23/04/1744Elizabeth, D. of W Chris : Bayles, of Laxton. Apr. 23.
29/04/1744William, S. of Robert Lister, of Howden. Apr. 29.
06/05/1744Ann, W. to Robert Barber, of Howden. May 6.
18/05/1744John, S. of John Smith, of Laxton. May 18.
18/05/1744Wm. S. of William Thompson, of Loftsom. May 18.
22/05/1744Mary Skelton, of Howden, a poor Widow. May 22.
23/05/1744John, S. of Robt. Peacock, of Barmby. May 23.
31/05/1744Joseph, S. of Nathaniel Smith, of Assleby. May 31.
01/06/1744John, S. of John Wright, of Assleby. June 1.
06/06/1744Philip, S. of Joseph Belshaw, of Howden. June 6.
10/06/1744Eleanor Leadam. of Barmby, Widow. June 10.
11/06/1744Mary, W. to William Bradley, of Howden. June 11.
12/06/1744John Mason, of Balkholme, Labourer. June 12.
24/06/1744Mary, D. of Thomas Good, of Saltmarsh. June 24.
27/07/1744Esther, D. of William Coates, of Howden. July 27.
01/07/1744Joseph, S. of Thomas Brown, Barmby. July 1.
03/07/1744(blank), S. of Thomas Steel, Barmby. July 3.
07/07/1744Elizabeth, D. of John Johnson, of Laxton. July 7.
27/07/1744Leonard Charter, of York. July 27.
30/09/1744Mary, W. to John Wilkinson, of Howden. Sept. 30.
07/10/1744Thomas, S. of Thos. Stephenson, Howden. Oct. 7.
14/10/1744Ann, W. to Thos. Sissons, of Assleby. Oct. 14.
??/10/1744Catherine Adams, of Skelton, Widow. Oct. -.
??/10/1744Eliz., W. to Matthew Bell, of Barmby. Oct. -.
??/10/1744Willm Snarr, of Knedlington. Oct. -.
??/11/1744Christopher Bayles, of Laxton, Gent. Nov. -.
??/11/1744Mary, D. of Mr. Jno. Nichols, of Howden. Nov. -.
??/11/1744Susanna, W. to Wm. Bradley, Assleby. Nov. -.
??/11/1744Deborah Freeman, of Howden, Spinster. Nov. -.
??/11/1744Grace Croashaw, of Howden, Widow. Nov. -.
??/11/1744Ann, W. to John Hanker, of Kilpin. Nov. -.
??/12/1744W Jno. Dunn, of Howden the elder. Dec. -.
??/12/1744Edwd. S. of Eliz. Boothby, Howden. Dec. -.
??/01/1744Jane Brown. of Barmby. a poor Widow. Jan. -.
??/01/1744Jno. S. of George Geldard, of Y-. Jan. -.
??/01/1744William Servant, of Howdendike. Jan. -.
??/01/1744Jane Chappel, of Barmby, a poor Widow. Jan. -.
??/02/1744Thos. Palmer, of Laxton. Feb. -.
??/02/1744Edwd. S. of Edward Bishop. of Laxton. Feb. -.
??/02/1744Mary Spencer, of Howden, Widow. Feb. -.
??/??/1744John, S. of William Empson, Howden.
??/03/1744Hannah, D. of Eliz. Lazenby, Kilpin. Mar. -.
??/03/1744Susanna. W. to Thos. Downham, Howden. Mar. -.
??/03/1744Alice, W. to Tohn Chapman, of Skelton. Mar. -.
??/03/1744Mary Westobie. of Howdendike, Widow. Mar. -.
??/03/1744Mr George Welburn, of Howden. Mar. -.
??/04/1745Thos. Woollans, of Skelton. Labourer. Apr. -.
??/04/1745Mrs. Sarah, W. to Thos. Awdus, of Saltmarsh. Apr. -.
??/04/1745Jno. Harland, of Howdendike, Labourer. Apr. -.
??/04/1745Ann, D. of Mr. Gabl. Whitaker, of Howden. Apr. -.
??/04/1745Elizabeth, D. of John Hyde, of Howden. Apr. -.
??/05/1745Elizabeth, D. of Stephen Bulmer, Howden. May -.
??/05/1745Lydia, D. of Richd. Hall, of Barmby. May -.
??/05/1745William Ray. of T,axton, a Servant. May -.
??/05/1745Ann, D. of Wm. Bealby, Howdendike. May -.
??/05/1745Ann, D. of Thomas Nutbrown, Howden. May -.
??/05/1745Mary, D. of Widow Taylor, Howden. May -.
??/05/1745Sarah Jackson, of Barmby, widow. May -.
??/05/1745Jos : S. of Ann Mann, Howden. May -.
??/05/1745Peter Thorp. of Howden. Batchelor. May -.
08/06/1745(blank) Ellerker, of Barmby, spinster. June 8.
09/06/1745(blank) Garton, of Howden, Spinster. June 9,
13/06/1745Benjamine Addison, of Howden, Batchr. June 13.
25/06/1745Rebecca, D. of Edward Tiplady, Howden. June 25.
07/07/1745Dorothy Henderson, of Howden, a poor Wid. July 7.
26/07/1745Elizabeth, W. to Charles Taylor, Skelton. July 26.
04/08/1745Ann, D. of Robert Dean, of Barmby. Aug. 4.
05/08/1745Simon, S. of Charles Taylor, of Sketon. Aug. 5.
07/08/1745Peter Tune, of Laxton, Batchelor. Aug. 7.
25/08/1745Eliz. Dennison, of Belby, a poor widow. Aug. 25.
29/08/1745Richard, S. to George Spence, Howden. Aug. 29.
01/09/1745..... Chapman, of Howden, Widow. Sept. 1.
06/09/1745..... Howlsworth, of Howden, Apprentice. Sept. 6.
25/09/1745William Catterton, of Balkholme. Sept. 25.
25/09/1745Jane, D. to Joseph Serjeantson, Yokefleet. Sept. 25.
05/10/1745Mary, D. of Robert Taylor, of Skelton. Oct. 5.
13/10/1745Esther Stubbings, of Brend, spinster. Oct. 13.
20/10/1745Thos. Eland, of Barnillhall, Batchelor. Oct. 20.
22/10/1745Matthew, S. of Jno. Clayburn, of Howden. Oct. 22.
23/10/1745..... Atkinson, of Laxton, Widow. Oct. 23.
24/10/1745..... Baldwin ye elder, of Barmhv. Oct. 24.
08/11/1745..... , S. of Thomas Fearn, of Howden. Nov. 8.
02/11/1745..... Burton. of Howden, spinster. Nov. 2.1.
01/12/1745Dorothy Walker. of Howden, a poor widow. Dec. 1.
05/12/1745Jos : Fengate, Minister. of Barmhv marsh. Dec. 5.
21/12/1745Ellen, W. to Mr. Thos Escricke, of Howden. Dec. 21.
23/12/1745William Dent, of Yoakfleet, Junr. Dec. 23.
01/01/1745Ash, S. of Martin Bilbrough, Howden. Jan. 1.
04/01/1745Tho. Bell. of Howden. Jan. 4.
08/01/1745....., S. of Wm. Dent. late of Yoakfleet. Jan. 8.
16/01/1745....., W. of Wm. Pears, of Howen. Jan. 16.
18/01/1745....., W. to Thos. Stainforth, of Barmhv marsh. Jan. 18.
23/01/1745Rebecca, D. to Tames Foreshore. of Skelton. Jan. 23.
06/02/1745Joseph, S. of Thomas Steel, of Barmby. Feb. 6.
09/02/1745.... Dring, of Howden, a poor woman. Feb. 9.
17/02/1745William. S. of John Wighton, of Howden. Feb. 17.
25/02/1745Elizabeth, W. to Peter Kemp, of (blank). Feb. 25.
28/02/1745Dinah, D. of Richard Sharp, of Yoakfleet. Feb. 28.
04/03/1745Elizabeth, D. to Robert Leaper, of Barmby. Mar. 4.
19/03/1745Rich& Bradley, of Skelton. poor. Mar. 19.
21/03/1745....., S. of John Raisin. of Yoakfleet. Mar. 21.
29/03/1746Samuel, S. of Matthew Dove, of Howden. Mar. 29.
05/04/1746Thomas Awdus, of Saltmarsh. Apr. 5.
05/04/1746Elizabeth, W. to Philip Mouatt, of Laxton. Apr. 5.
09/04/1746Elizabeth Barker, of Assleby, a poor widow. Apr. 9.
16/04/1746John, S. of George Stubbins, at Brend. Apr. 16.
17/04/1746Hannah, D. of Thomas Dunn, of Howden. Apr. 17.
27/04/1746Mrs. Sarah Sutton, of Howden, widow. Apr. 27.
27/04/1746Jeremiah Bishop, of Laxton, poor. Apr. 27.
07/05/1746Joseph, S. of Joseph Devitt, of Saltmarsh, May 7.
13/05/1746Wm. S. of Wm. (blank). May 13.
17/05/1746Sarah, D. of Nicholas English, of Howden. May 17.
18/05/1746Hannah, W. to William English, of Barmby. May 18.
09/06/1746Robert Peacock, of Barmby. June 9.
29/06/1746The Revd. Mr. John Threlkeld, Vicr. of Howden. June 29.
??/06/1746Robert, son to Stephen Selly. June -.
??/06/1746Miss Abigail Jefferson, of Howden. June -.
??/07/1746Robert Dawson, of Saltmarsh. July -.
??/07/1746Easter, wife of Robt. Portington, Howden. July -.
??/07/1746Eliz., W. to W Robert Potter, Vicar of Stillingfleet. July -.
??/07/1746Wm. S. to Wm. Rusholme, of Howden. July -.
??/08/1746James, S. to Dan : Lowder, of Howden. Aug. -.
??/08/1746Eliz., D. to Thos. Stephenson, of Howden. Aug. -.
??/08/1746Mary, dau : to Niche. Bradley, of Yoakfleet. Aug. -.
23/08/1746Mary, dau. of Edward Bishop, of Laxton. Aug. 23.
30/08/1746Mary Cross, of Yoakfleet, spinster. Aug. 30.
10/09/1746Alice Bailey, of Barmby, spinster. Sept. 10.
11/09/1746John Newham, of Kilpin, Labourer. Sept. 11.
11/09/1746Sarah, dau : of Benjamin Tayler, of Howden. Sept. 11.
17/09/1746Robert, son of Joseph Harrinson, of Barmby. Sept. 17.
07/10/1746Thos. Robinson, of Howden, Innholder. Oct. 7.
07/10/1746John, son of Edward Casslin, of Knedlington. Oct. 7.
09/10/1746Mary Holmes, spinster, of Howden. Oct. 9.
12/10/1746Thos. son of John Palmer, of Balkholme. Oct. 12.
13/10/1746Emanuel Overan, of Balkhlme. Oct. 13.
13/10/1746George Spense, of Howden. Oct. 13.
18/10/1746Mary Key, servant, in Howden. Oct. 18.
25/10/1746Mary York, of Howden. Oct. 25.
01/11/1746Matthew Bell, of East Linton. Nov. 1.
01/11/1746Robt. Breasley, of Howden, Cooper. Nov. 1.
02/11/1746Sarah, dau : of John Pinder, of Laxton. Nov. 2.
03/11/1746John Burtwhistle, of Booth Ferry, Husbandman. Nov. 3.
04/11/1746John, son of John Jaques, of Yoakfleet. Nov. 4.
11/11/1746Mrs. Mary Markham, of Howden. Nov. 11.
12/11/1746Robt. son of Richard Johnson, of Balkholme. Nov. 12.
13/11/1746Ellis, wife of John Waterhouse, of Asselby. Nov. 13.
14/11/1746Elisabeth, dau : of Mary Woolhams. Nov. 14.
19/11/1746Elisabeth, wife of John Walton, of Saltmarsh. Nov. 19.
28/11/1746Ann Spense, widdow, of Barmby. Nov. 28.
29/11/1746Jonathan, son of Jonathan Markham, of Howden. Nov. 29.
03/12/1746Mary, dau : of Miles Finder, of Bellasides. Dec. 3.
05/12/1746Alice, wife of John Cox, of Barmby. Dec. 5.
13/12/1746William, son of Richard Colverd, of Yoakfleet. Dec. 13.
02/01/1746Isaac Dowsn, of Asselby. Jan. 2.
03/01/1746John Platt, of Barmby. Jan. 3.
09/01/1746Edward Bishop, of Laxton. Jan. 9.
13/01/1746Samuel Stainforth, of Howden. Jan. 13.
13/01/1746Thos. son of John Roads, of Howden. Jan. 13.
14/01/1746Ann Bramham, of Asselby, widow. Jan. 14.
18/01/1746Mary Thorp, of Howden, spinster. Jan. 18.
20/01/1746Ann Worrel, of Barmby. Jan. 20.
28/01/1746John Bradley, of Barmby. Jan. 28.
31/01/1746Easter Nutbrown, of Howden, widow. Jan. 31.
01/02/1746Sarah, dau : of Ann Levens, of Howden. Feb. 1.
04/02/1746Thos. Goodison, of Howden. Feb. 4.
04/02/1746David, son of David Pearson, of Asselby. Feb. 4.
11/02/1746Peter Kemp, of East Linton. Feb. 11.
13/02/1746Carr Inglish, Dancing Master. Feb. 13.
19/02/1746John, son of Thos. Stephenson, of Howden. Feb. 19.
15/02/1746Mary Gleedale, of Howden, Widow. Feb. 15.
16/02/1746John Nelson, of Howden. Feb. 16.
17/02/1746Mary Burton, of Howden, Widow. Feb. 17.
04/03/1746Mary, dau : of T. Weddel, of Howden. Mar. 4.
07/03/1746Joh. Robinson, of Howden, Labourer. Mar. 7.
13/03/1746Sarah, wife of John Watkinson, of Cotness. Mar. 13.
18/03/1746Alice, wife of Wm. Banks, of Barmby. Mar. 18.
25/03/1747Jane, wife of George Calin, of Knedlington. Mar. 25.
27/03/1747Mary, dau : of William Snarr, of Skelton. Mar. 27.
28/03/1747John Megget, of Skelton, Labourer. Mar. 28.
29/03/1747Mary, dau : of John Scofield, of Sandhall. Mar. 29.
29/03/1747Thos. son of Edwd. Vause, of Howden. Mar. 29.
30/03/1747Elisabeth Boothby, of Yoakfleet. Mar. 30.
31/03/1747Elisabeth, dau : of Mr. Robt. Spoforth, of Howden. Mar. 31.
01/04/1747Rebekah, dau : of Sarah Vickerton, of Howden. Apr. 1.
22/04/1747Ellin, wife of Robt. Clayburn, of Howden, Jnr. Apr. 22.
29/04/1747Mary Munford, of Howden, Widow. Apr. 29.
30/04/1747Thos. Corbet, of Saltmarsh, Labr. Apr. 30.
30/04/1747Ann, wife of John Giles, of Balkholme. Apr. 30.
03/05/1747Robert, son to Ann Garton, of Howden. May 3.
03/05/1747John Pinder, of Barmby. May 3.
03/05/1747Barbara Corbet, of Saltmarsh. May 3.
03/05/1747Robt. son of ye said Barbara Corbett. May 3.
06/05/1747Wm. Underwood, of Howden, Shoemaker. May 6.
06/05/1747Palister, of Howden. May 6.
09/05/1747Richard Tood, of Barmby. May 9.
10/05/1747John Clark, of Saltmarsh. May 10.
11/05/1747Catherine, wife of Saml. Coulson, of Asselby. May 11.
22/05/1747Matthew, son of Fanny Headon. May 22.
22/05/1747Elis : dau. of Jane Sides, of Saltmarsh. May 22.
22/05/1747Mary, dau : of John Lyon, of Balkholme. May 22.
23/05/1747Gabriel Hobson, of Asselby, Labr. May 23.
23/05/1747Wm. Keader, of Howden, Innkeeper. May 23.
27/05/1747Mary, dau : of Amaziah Eccles, of Skelton. May 27.
18/06/1747Margt., dau : of John Roads, of Howden. June 18.
18/06/1747Ann, dau : of Thos. Burntoft, of Asselby. June 18.
19/06/1747Benjn. son of Thos. Corbett, Saltmarsh. June 19.
30/06/1747Joseph, son of John Winnle, of Asselby. June 30.
22/07/1747John Royston, of Saltmarshe. July 22.
10/08/1747Ann, wife of Matthew Easingwood, of Knedlington. Aug. 10.
15/08/1747Ann, dau : of Natl. Day, of Howden, Junior. Aug. 15.
19/08/1747Thos. son of Mary Cook, of Asselby. Aug. 19.
02/09/1747William York, of Howden, Innkeeper. Sept. 2.
06/09/1747Robert Pinder, Mariner. Sept. 6.
14/09/1747Margt. dau. of Mrs. Tangate, late of Barmby. Sept. 14.
07/10/1747Ann, dau : of Arthur Monsel, of Asselby. Oct. 7.
09/10/1747William, son of Richard Ward, of Howden. Oct. 9.
09/10/1747Isabel, dau : of Robt. Fetherston, of Howden. Oct. 9.
14/10/1747Jane, wife of Paul Pickhaver, of Barmby. Oct. 14.
21/10/1747Faith, dau : of John Morton, of Yoakfleet. Oct. 21.
29/10/1747Mrs. Margt. Croyser, of Saltmarsh. Oct. 29.
07/11/1747John, son of Thos. Broklebank, of Howden. Nov. 7.
08/11/1747James, son of James Cammel, Howden. Nov. 8.
23/11/1747Elisabeth, dau : of Wm. Bramman, of Assleby. Nov. 23.
23/11/1747Andrew, son of John Palmer, of Balkholme. Nov. 23.
20/12/1747Robt. Featherstone, of Howden, Labr. Dec. 20.
20/12/1747Mary, dau : of John Briggs, of Skelton. Dec. 20.
21/12/1747Thos. son of Thos. Broklebank, of Howden. Dec. 21.
26/12/1747Mary Butter, of Asselby, Servt. Dec. 26.
29/12/1747Richd. Haward, of Howden, Barber. Dec. 29.
01/01/1747Ann, wife of John Nutbrown, of Asselby. Jan. 1.
04/01/1747Richd. Farror, of Laxton, Labourer. Jan. 4.
06/01/1747Alice Armstrong, of Belby. Jan. 6.
06/01/1747Wm. Oats, Pedler. Jan. 6.
12/01/1747Robt. son of Robt. Thornbury, Belby. Jan. 12.
15/01/1747John Snow, of Skelton, Farmer. Jan. 15.
16/01/1747Mary, wife of Robt. Crowshow, of Howden. Jan. 16.
25/01/1747Mrs. Elisabeth Jefferson, of Howden. Jan. 25.
26/01/1747Elisabeth, dau : of Thos. Keader, of Kilpin. Jan. 26.
30/01/1747John Leaper, of Barmby, Husbandman. Jan. 30.
30/01/1747John Kade, of Howden, Joiner. Jan. 30.
07/02/1747Robt. Green, of Asselby, Bricklayer. Feb. 7.
11/02/1747Catherine Newham, of Kilpin. Feb. 11.
22/02/1747Mary Marshell, of Asselby, Spinster. Feb. 22.
06/03/1747Mary, dau : of Wm. Parkins, of Yoakfleet. Mar. 6.
08/03/1747Joseph Boast, of Barmby. Mar. 8.
12/03/1747John Waterhouse, of Asselby. Mar. 12.
15/03/1747Alice Warden, of Howden, Pauper. Mar. 15.
31/03/1748Mary Newmarch, of Howden, Pauper. Mar. 31, 1748.
25/04/1748Richard Harrison, of Asselby. Apr. 25.
03/05/1748Ann, wife of Jervas Copley, of Yoakfleet. May 3.
10/05/1748Stephen Bailey, of Howden Dyke. May 10.
22/05/1748Richardson, son of Wm. Rusholme. May 22.
25/05/1748George, son of Thos. Pickerd, of Barmby. May 25.
29/05/1748Thos. Ayer, of Howden, Innholder. May 29.
31/05/1748Francis, son of Francis Ayrey, of Skelton. May 31.
16/06/1748Richd. son of Mary Robinson, widow, Howden. June 16.
19/06/1748Sarah, dau. of Sarah Hallam, Stranger. June 19.
25/06/1748Solomn. Barret, of Asselby, pauper. June 25.
??/07/1748Matthew Stephenson of Howden, Belman. July -.
18/08/1748A sailor, drown at Howden Dyke. Aug. 18.
22/08/1748Matthew Lamb, of Knedlington. Aug. 22.
18/09/1748Frances Saunders, of Kilpin, widow. Sept. 18.
18/09/1748Elisabeth, Dau. of Thos. Singleton. Sept. 18.
27/09/1748George, son of Thos. Tayler, of Skelton. Sept. 27.
02/10/1748Thos. son of Thos. Steel, of Barmby. Oct. 2.
05/10/1748John, son of John Jackson, of Kilpin. Oct. 5.
14/10/1748Richard Stather, of Barmby, Bricklayer. Oct. 14.
05/11/1748Joannah Heward, of Howden, pauper. Nov. 5.
18/11/1748Hannah, dau : of John Man, of Howden. Nov. 18.
25/11/1748Easter, dau : of John Fletcher, of Howden. Nov. 25.
26/11/1748Ann, dau : of Amor Eccles, of Skelton. Nov. 26.
05/12/1748Ann, dau : of John Fletcher, of Howden. Dec. 5.
07/12/1748Robt, son of Robt. Fielder, of Howden. Dec. 7.
08/12/1748Sarah, dau : of Richd. Bainton, of Howden. Dec. 8.
11/12/1748Margt Preston, of Howden, spinster. Dec. 11.
17/12/1748Sarah, dau : of Edwd. Caslin, of Knedlington. Dec. 17.
18/12/1748Ann, wife of William Snarr, of Skelton. Dec. 18.
12/12/1748Frances, dau : of Joseph Woofe, Curate. Dec. 12.
25/12/1748John Atkinson, of Asselby, Labr. Dec. 25.
25/12/1748Mary Dawson, of Asselby, Widow. Dec. 25.
04/01/1748James, son of Isabel Robinson, of Howden. Jan. 4.
09/01/1748Joanna Middleton, of Howden. Jan. 9.
11/01/1748Elisabeth, dau : of Stephen Bulmer, Howden. Jan. 11.
15/01/1748Grace, wife of John Smith, of Laxton. Jan. 15.
17/01/1748Joseph Thompson, of Kilpin. Jan. 17.
01/02/1748Ann Stoner, of Howden, paupr. Feb. 1.
06/02/1748Thos. son of John Usquate, of Howden. Feb. 6.
08/02/1748George Gibson, servant to Mr. Sutton, of Howden. Feb. 8.
22/02/1748Joseph Tasker, of Belby. Feb. 22.
14/03/1748Sarah, dau : of Wm. Hewitson, of Howden. Mar. 14.
21/03/1748John Richardson, of Asselby, Husbandman. Mar. 21.
23/03/1748John, son of John Claburne, of Howden. Mar. 23.
01/04/1749Thos. son of John Roads, of Howden, Apr. 1.
05/04/1749Thos. Elmer, of Yoakfleet, pauper. Apr. 5.
06/04/1749John Roads, of Howden, Pinder. Apr. 6.
07/04/1749Isaac Richardson, of Howden. Apr. 7.
04/05/1749Ann, wife of William Stephenson, of Kilpin. May 4.
05/05/1749Ellin, dau. of John Kelsey, of West Lniton. May 5.
09/05/1749Thos. son to The. Grey, of Kilpin. May 9.
09/05/1749Mary, dau : of Richard Ward, of Howden Dyke. May 9.
17/05/1749Mary Roads, of Howden, widow. May 17.
21/05/1749Ann, dau : of Richard English. May 21.
23/05/1749Ann, wife of Wm. Dent, of Yoakfleet, lunatick. May 23.
29/05/1749John Tindal, of Yoakfleet, Labr. May 29.
18/06/1749Wm. Banks, of Barmby. June 18.
20/06/1749Ann Burtwhistle, of Howden. June 20.
25/06/1749Lawrence Grundy, of Knedlington. June 25.
29/06/1749Jane Ballan, of Howden, widow. June 29.
17/07/1749Elisabeth, wife of George Farret, of Howden. July 17.
25/07/1749Saml. Snow, of Skelton, pauper. July 25.
09/08/1749Ann, D. of Matthew, Dove, of Howden. Aug. 9.
17/08/1749Ann, wife of Nathanl. Day, of Howden. Aug. 17.
02/09/1749Elisabeth Elmer, of Yoakfleet, widow, pauper. Sept. 2.
17/09/1749James Duncomb, Scotchman. Sept. 17.
22/09/1749John, son to Wm. Tate, of Saltmarsh. Sept. 22.
01/10/1749Elisabeth, D. of John Bawden, of Balkholme. Oct. 1.
04/10/1749Robt. Wigganham, of Barmby, servant. Oct. 4.
07/10/1749Richd. Sharp, of Yoakfleet, Labr. Oct. 7.
13/10/1749Dorathy, wife of Hammond Seymour, of Kilpin. Oct. 13.
27/10/1749Jane Johnson, of Yoakfleet, widow. Oct. 27.
01/11/1749John, son of John Duckles, of Saltmarsh. Nov. 1.
07/11/1749Elis: D. to Elisabeth Underwood, of Barmby. Nov. 7.
21/11/1749Elis: Drinkall, of Howden, widow. Nov. 21.
30/11/1749Robert Peacock, of Barmby. Nov. 30.
14/11/1749Mrs. Ann Haram, of Saltmarsh, buried at Laxton. Nov. 14.
04/12/1749John Coggrave, of Booth, Butcher. Dec. 4.
04/12/1749Elisabeth, dau : of Mr. John, Dancer. Dec. 4.
10/12/1749George, son of John Briggs, of Howden. Dec. 10.
29/12/1749Thos. Ricall, of Beverley. Dec. 29.
29/12/1749Thos. Hoult, of Balkholme, poor. Dec. 29.
29/12/1749Catherine Gilliard, of Howden, poor. Dec. 29.
02/01/1749Ann Ward, Servt in Howden. Jan. 2.
02/01/1749Ann Hoult, of Balkholme, widow. Jan. 2.
02/01/1749Simon, son to Simon Ayre, of Howden. Jan. 2.
04/01/1749Ells: dau : of Arthur Moonsey, of Asselby. Jan. 4.
05/01/1749Richard, son of Rebec : Underwood. Jan. 5.
13/01/1749Stephen, son of Thos. Stainforth, of Barmby. Jan. 13.
14/01/1749Sarah, dau : of Joseph Clemmett, of Barmby. Jan. 14.
17/01/1749Ellin, wife to Thomas Good, of Saltmarsh. Jan. 17.
26/01/1749Thos.son to Thos. Steel, of Barmby. Jan. 26.
29/01/1749Wm. son to Thos. Bacchus, of Laxton. Jan. 29.
08/02/1749Thos. son to Nichol Bradley, of Yoakfleet. Feb. 8.
09/02/1749Susannah, D. to Robt. Dowson, of Howden. Feb. 9.
10/02/1749Ann Stephens, of Howden. Feb. 10.
18/02/1749Joseph, son to David Pearson, of Asselby. Feb. 18.
21/02/1749Mary, D. to Richard Laycock, of Howden. Feb. 21.
25/02/1749John Roads, of Howden, servant. Feb. 25.
26/02/1749Dorothy Blanchard, of Howden widow. Feb. 26.
01/03/1749Eliz : wife to Thom. Almley, of Lax-ton. Mar. 1.
02/03/1749Thos. son to Wm. Mann, of Howden. Mar. 2.
04/03/1749John, son to Wm. Nelson, of Howden. Mar. 4.
05/03/1749Eliz., wife to Arthur Mounsey, of Asselby. Mar. 5
08/03/1749Elis., D. to Edward Vause, of Howden. Mar. 8.
11/03/1749Ann, D. to John Atkinson, of Asselby. Mar. 11.
11/03/1749Thomas, son to John Rowley, of Howden. Mar. 11.
11/03/1749Robert Waud, Bailiff, of Howden. Mar. 11.
13/03/1749Priscilla, wife to John Nutbrown, of Howden. Mar. 13.
16/03/1749Thos., son to Robt. Clayburn, Junr. of Howden. Mar. 16.
16/03/1749Ralph, son to Robt. Spofford, of Howden. Mar. 16.
18/03/1749Emanl. son to Robt. Gray, of Kilpin. Mar. 18.
29/03/1750James, son to Matthew Dove, of Howden. Mar. 29 (1750).
02/04/1750Ann, D. to Saunder Beckett, of Howden. Apr. 2.
04/04/1750Saml. Coluson, of Asselby, poor. Apr. 4.
04/04/1750Lydia, D. of Joseph Beamont, of Howden. Apr. 4.
04/04/1750Robt., son of Saunder Beckett, of Howden. Apr. 4.
07/04/1750Joseph, son to Saml. Dunn, of Howden. Apr. 7.
11/04/1750Sarah, D. to Michael Lamb, of Howden. Apr. 11.
14/04/1750John, son to Thos. Ellis, of Skelton. Apr. 14.
14/04/1750George, son to Thos. Slack, of Knedlington. Apr. 14.
14/04/1750Margaret, wife to Mr. Thomas Graver, of Howden. Apr. 14.
17/04/1750Ann, D. of Thos. Brocklebank, of Howden. Apr. 17.
17/05/1750Charles, son to Robert Foreshore, of Howden. May 17.
20/05/1750Thos. Palmer, of Balkholme. May 20.
22/05/1750Jane Palmer, of Asselby. May 22.
24/05/1750Martin, son of Martin Bilbrough, of Howden. May 24.
01/07/1750William, son of William Cook, of Howden. July 1.
01/07/1750John Newham, of Skelton. July 1.
05/07/1750William, son of William Martindale, of Barmby. July 5.
17/07/1750George Stubbin, o Brin. July 17.
20/07/1750Thos. son to Thos. Batty, of Asselby. July 20.
24/07/1750Dorathy, wife of Nicholas Bradley, of Yokefleet. July 24.
27/07/1750John Athorpe, of Howden. July 27.
28/07/1750Ann, wife of Thos. Batty, of Asselby. July 28.
29/07/1750Ann Coulson, of Nedlington, widow. July 29.
04/08/1750Ann, wife of David Belt, of Howden. Aug. 4.
14/08/1750Thos. Bielby, of Whitgift, Bachr. Aug. 14.
15/08/1750Elisabeth, dau : of Margaret Leighton, of Skelton. Aug. 15.
30/08/1750Catherine Sissons, of Asselby. Aug. 30.
01/09/1750Miles Harrinson, of Howden. Sept. 1 c.
19/09/1750James, son to Richard Fisher, of Beverley. Sept. 19.
22/09/1750George Belt, of Howden. Sept. 22.
24/09/1750Ann, wife to Richard Waterhous, of Barmby. Sept. 24.
01/10/1750Emanuel, son to John Lyon, of Balkholme. Oct. 1.
02/10/1750Mary, wife to William Tayler, of Barmbv. Oct. 2.
03/10/1750Elisabeth, wife to Richd. Fisher, of Beverley. Oct. 3.
03/10/1750William Tate, of Saltmarsh, Jocky. Oct. 3.
06/10/1750Mary, dau : to Thos. Roberts, of Laxton. Oct. 6.
07/10/1750Elis : dau. of William Tayler, of Barmby. Oct. 7.
09/10/1750William Dent, of Yokefleet. Oct. 9.
09/10/1750George, son to William Nelson, of Howden. Oct. 9.
13/10/1750Dorathy Preston, widow, of Howden. Oct. 13.
13/10/1750Mary, wife of Moses Drake, of Howdendike. Oct. 13.
13/10/1750John, son to John Dennis, of Barmby. Oct. 13.
14/10/1750William Brooks, of Howden, Yeoman. Oct. 14.
16/10/1750Robert Clayburn, of Howden. Oct. 16.
21/10/1750John, son to William Stevenson, of Saltmarsh. Oct. 21.
23/10/1750John, son to Moses Drake, of Howdendike. Oct. 23.
25/10/1750Mary Coutherd, of Eastrington. Oct. 25.
29/10/1750Ann, dau : of John Boothby. Oct. 29.
06/11/1750William Burn, of Balkholme. Nov. 6.
09/11/1750James, son George Corner, of Saltmarsh. Nov. 9.
10/11/1750Jonathan, son to John Cade, of Asselby. Nov. 10.
19/11/1750William, son to Miles Overan, of Balkholme. Nov. 19.
21/11/1750Abram, son of Mr. Thos : Parkinson, of Howden. Nov. 21.
21/11/1750John Coax, of Barmby Marsh. Nov. 21.
24/11/1750Mary Thompson, of Howden, Pauper. Nov. 24.
31/12/1750Sarah, d. of John Kelsey, of East Linton. Dec. 31.
02/01/1750Cicilia Styon, of Skelton, pauper. Jan. 2.
03/01/1750John Franks, of Belbie, servant. Jan. 3.
10/01/1750Mary, wife of John Good, of Howdendyke. Jan. 10.
11/01/1750Mary, wife to Ephraim Harper, Laxton. Jan. 11.
13/01/1750Thos., son to Henry Bainton, of Laxton. Jan. 13.
16/01/1750Elis : Lambert, of Newland. Jan. 16.
20/01/1750Mr. William Martin, of Howden. Jan. 20.
21/01/1750Mary Gillens, of Howden, spinster. Jan. 21.
26/01/1750Mary, d. of James Campbell, of Howden. Jan. 26.
05/02/1750William Copeland, of Howden, labr. Feb. 5.
05/02/1750Jane Copeland, of Howden. Feb. 5.
14/02/1750Elisabeth York, of Howden, widow. Feb. 14.
18/02/1750Catherine, d. of Thos : Sissons, of Asselby. Feb. 18.
25/02/1750,Robt. son to Richd. Laycock, of Howden. Feb. 25.
03/03/1750William, son to Stephen Selby, of Howden. Mar. 3.
05/03/1750George, son to Widow Copeland, of Howden. Mar. 5.
08/03/1750Sarah, d. to Widow Copeland, of Howden. Mar. 8.
09/03/1750William, son to John Thompson, Howden. Mar. 9.
10/03/1750Thos : son to Thos : Brocklebank, of Howden. Mar. 10.
16/03/1750Mary, wife of John Boyce, of Yokefleet. Mar. 16.
20/03/1750John, son of John Boyce, of ditto. Mar. 20.
20/03/1750Easter, d. to Edward Nixon, of Howden. Mar. 20.
21/03/1750Elisabeth, d. to John Baldon, of Balkholme. Mar. 21.
21/03/1750Ellin Woodhouse, of Knedlington. Mar. 21.
21/03/1750William, son to Wm. Rusholme, of Howden. Mar. 21.
09/04/1751Thos : son to Richard Watson, of Barmby. Apr. 9.
14/04/1751Elisabeth, wife of Robert Bishop, of Laxton. Apr. 14.
18/04/1751John Howburne, of Skelton, servant. Apr. 18.
24/04/1751Martha Williamson, of Barmby, pauper. Apr. 24.
25/04/1751John, son to Thos : Lowther, of Asselby. Apr. 25.
25/04/1751Mary, d. to William Pierce, of Asselby. Apr. 25.
02/05/1751Mary, d. to James Crawshow, of Howden. May 2.
07/05/1751Lydia, d. to Joseph Beamont, of Howden. May 7.
13/05/1751Sarah, wife to John Tate, of Howden. May 13.
13/05/1751Elisabeth, d. to John Wighton, of Howden. May 13.
23/05/1751Mrs. Elisabeth Millington, of Howden. May 23.
04/06/1751Elisabeth Weddel, widow, of Howden. June 4.
05/06/1751Ann, d. to John Walls, junior, of Howden. June 5.
12/06/1751John, son to John Laitham, of Howden. June 12.
26/06/1751Dorathy, d. to John Hyde, of Howden. June 26.
26/06/1751Hannah, d. William Empson, of Howden. June 26.
06/07/1751George, son to William Bielby, of Howdendike. July 6.
08/07/1751Mary, d. to Zach : Hembrough, of Howden. July 8.
11/07/1751Elisabeth, d. to ye Revrd. James Godmond, Vicar. July 11.
12/07/1751Richard, son to Richard Watson, of Barmby. July 12.
12/07/1751Mary, d. to David Belt, of Howden. July 12.
15/07/1751William, son to Richard Ward, of H :dyke. July 15.
18/07/1751Thos : son of Robert Man, of Howden. July 18.
18/07/1751John, son to Matthew Bell, of Howden. July 18.
23/07/1751Mary, wife to Thos : Batty, of Newland. July 23.
31/07/1751Jane, wife to Joseph Mayfield, of Newland. July 31.
15/08/1751Susannah, wife to Boaz Thompson, of Howden. Aug. 15.
20/08/1751Godfrey, son to John Hyde, of Howden. Aug. 20.
01/08/1751Elisabeth Fletcher, of Howden, widow. 1. paupers. Aug. 20.
25/08/1751Isabella Green, of Asselby, widow, J Aug. 25.
27/08/1751Susannah, d. to Robert Dowson, of Howden. Aug. 27.
02/09/1751Hannah, dau : to Willm. Parker, of Howden. Sept. 2.
06/09/1751William Thorp, of Howden. Sept. 6.
06/09/1751Mr. John Nicoll, of Howden, attorney at law. Sept. 6.
09/09/1751Ann Garton, Howden, widow. Sept. 9.
10/09/1751Mary, wife of Mr. Willm. Rusholme, merchnt. Sept. 10.
18/09/1751Elisabeth Wilson, of Howden, pauper. Sept. 18.
20/09/1751Nathaniel Day, junr. of Howden. Sept. 20.
25/09/1751Thomas Johnson, of Howden. Sept. 25.
26/09/1751Mary, d. of Robert Dowson, of Howden. Sept. 26.
01/10/1751Ann, wife to Thos. Field, of Howden. Oct. 1.
08/10/1751Mary, d. to John Pearson, of Asselby. Oct. 8.
12/10/1751Frances, d. to Mr. George Athorpe, of Howden. Oct. 12.
15/10/1751William Bulmer, of Howden, innkeeper. Oct. 15.
16/10/1751Elisabeth Coupland, of Howden, widow. Oct. 16.
16/10/1751Ann Snarr, of Howden, servant. Oct. 16.
21/10/1751Susannah, wife to George Kitchen, of Howden. Oct. 21.
03/11/1751Peter Holmes, of Saltmarsh, pauper. Nov. 3.
04/11/1751Mary, wife to William Headon, of Balkholme. Nov. 4.
10/11/1751Robert, son to Thos. Leighton, of Skelton. Nov. 10.
12/11/1751Sarah Andrew, of Barmby, widow, pauper. Nov. 12.
13/11/1751Ann, wife to John Preston, of Howden. Nov. 13.
14/11/1751Ann, d. to John Nutbrown, of Howden. Nov. 14.
19/11/1751Elisabeth, wife to William Richardson, of Howden. Nov. 19.
01/12/1751Ann, d. of Mathew Maslen, of Howden. Dec. 1.
07/12/1751John Hall, Barmby, servant. Dec. 7.
07/12/1751Thos : son to Thos: Goodall, of Knedlington. Dec. 7.
08/12/1751Rebecka, wife of John Duckles, of Saltmarsh. Dec. 8.
14/12/1751Jonadab Belt, of Belby. Dec. 14.
16/12/1751Mark, son of John Featon, of Laxton. Dec. 16.
20/12/1751Elisabeth, wife to Thos : Awcock, of Howden. Dec. 20.
25/12/1751Richard, son to Richard Ellison, of Booth. Dec. 25.
26/12/1751John Rainforth, of Howden. Dec. 26.
31/12/1751Mr Athorpe, of Howden. Dec. 31.
11/01/1752Elliner, wife to Thos. White, of Barmby. Jan. 11.
12/01/1752John Ashton, of Howden. Jan. 12.
19/01/1752Thos : son of Thos : Stephenson, of Howden. Jan. 19.
04/02/1752Hannah, dau : to Thos : White, of Barmby. Feb. 4.
04/02/1752William, son to John Halliday, of Howden. Feb. 4.
06/02/1752Sarah Lark, of Kilpin. Feb. 6.
09/02/1752Mary, wife to William Parker. Feb. 9.
12/02/1752Hannah, d. to Willm Cass, of Barmby. Feb. 12.
13/02/1752Nathanl. Bell, of Howden. Feb. 13.
23/02/1752Elliner, d. to Joseph Jones, of Howden. Feb. 23.
26/02/1752Robt. Mann, Sexton. Feb. 26.
02/03/1752Jane, d. to Abram Dowson, of Howden. Mar. 2.
09/03/1752Willm. Palmer, of Yokefleet. Mar. 9.
09/03/1752Thos : son to Thos : Batty, of Asselby. Mar. 9.
10/03/1752Susannah, dau : Thomas Steaner, ditto. Mar. 10.
13/03/1752Thos : Ledham, of Belby. Mar. 13.
14/03/1752William, Son to Mary Stanley, of Asselby. Mar. 14.
18/03/1752Willm. Son of Emanl. Jefferson, Esqr. Mar. 18.
19/03/1752Thos : Sugdon, of Laxton. Mar. 19.
20/03/1752William, son to Wm. English, of Barmby. Mar. 20.
21/03/1752Mary, wife to George Moore, of Saltmarsh. Mar. 21.
12/04/1752M. George Athorpe, of Howden. Apr. 12.
16/03/1752Press: dau : of Widow Ashton. Mar. 16.
22/04/1752Elisabeth, d. to Jonathan Spink. Apr. 22.
01/05/1752Jane Wise, of Howden. May 1.
16/05/1752Catherine, wife of Thos : Bentley, of Saltmarsh. May 16.
21/05/1752Mary Story, of Yokefleet. May 21.
25/05/1752Ann, wife to John Bawden, of Howden. May 25.
27/05/1752Hannah, wife to John Torton, Barmbey. May 27.
31/05/1752Abram, son to John Boothby, of Howden. May 31.
12/06/1752Rose, wife of John Lyon, of Balkholme. June 12.
12/06/1752Mary Belt, of Howden, spinster. June 12.
16/06/1752William Copeland, of Howden pauper. June 16.
20/06/1752Ann, wife of Mr. Robert Spofforth, Howden. June 20.
30/06/1752Rachel Bulmer, of Howden. June 30.
30/06/1752Ellin Kendal, of Heminbrough. June 30.
23/07/1752Richard, son to Francis Airy, of Balkholme. July 23.
31/07/1752Thos : Stephenson, of Howden. July 31.
11/08/1752Sarah, dau : of John Torton, of Yokefleet. Aug. 11.
15/10/1752Thos : son to Robt : Fielder, of Howden. Oct. 15.
26/10/1752Mary, wife to Saml. Cottom, of Howden. Oct. 26.
27/10/1752John Preston, of Howden. Oct. 27.
28/10/1752William Harrinson, of Howden. Oct. 28.
10/11/1752John Coulson, of Knedlington. Nov. 10.
19/11/1752William Saunders, of Howden. Nov. 19.
19/11/1752Mary, D. to William Stephenson, of Saltmarsh. Nov. 19.
25/11/1752John Torton, of Yokefleet. Nov. 25.
08/12/1752Jane, D. to Thomas Smith, of Yoakfleet. Dec. 8.
10/12/1752Willm Coats, of Barmby. Dec. 10.
11/12/1752Ellin, dau : of Mr. Emanl. Jefferson, of Howden. Dec. 11.
21/12/1752George Kitchen, of Howden. Dec. 21.
24/12/1752Ann, dau: to Elis. Clay, of Howden. Dec. 24.
02/01/1753Elisabeth, wife of James Lindsdale, of Howden. Jan. 2.
04/01/1753Richard Colvert, of Yokefleet. Jan. 4.
10/01/1753Ann, dau : of Robert Jackson, of Howden. Jan. 10.
11/01/1753Matthew, son to Thos. Stephenson, of Howden. Jan. 11.
16/01/1753Ann Widdows Alice Coulam, Widow of Asselby. Jan. 16.
17/01/1753John Stones, of Thorp Ledget. Jan. 17.
20/01/1753John Bauden, of Balkholme. Jan. 20.
29/01/1753Matthew, son of Matthew Jubb, of Yokefleet. Jan. 29.
08/02/1753Mark Burtwhistle, of Rawcliff. Feb. 8.
14/02/1753John, son to Richard Ward, of Howden Dyke. Feb. 14.
15/02/1753Nicholas, son to Nicholas Carr, of Yokefleet. Feb. 15.
16/02/1753Nathaniel Day, of Howden. Feb. 16.
21/02/1753Christopher, son to Ephraim Harper, of Laxton. Feb. 21.
25/02/1753Mary, D. of William Lister, of Howden. Feb. 25.
26/02/1753Mary, D. of Richard Butler, of Barmby. Feb. 26.
03/03/1753William, son to Matthew Dowe, Howden. Mar. 3.
04/03/1753Rebecca Thompson, of Howden. Mar. 4.
11/03/1753William, son to Ephraim Harper, of Laxton. Mar. 11.
15/03/1753Mary, D. of John Pearch, of Asselby. Mar. 15.
11/03/1753Elizabeth Smith, of Yokefleet. Mar. 11.
16/03/1753Matthew Bell, of Barmby. Mar. 16.
29/03/1753Mary, D. to Thos. Pickard, of Barmby. Mar. 29.
03/04/1753William Cass, of Barmby, Husbandman. Apr. 3.
07/04/1753Ann Rainforth, of Yoakfleet. Apr. 7.
12/04/1753Jane, D. to John Baldwin, of Balkholm. Apr. 12.
14/04/1753Catherine, wife to John Kirkman, of Hull. Apr. 14.
25/04/1753Thom Leper, of Barmby, Husbandman. Apr. 25.
02/05/1753Elisabeth Newmarch, of Howden. May 2.
02/05/1753Tho Turnel, of Howden, Gentleman. May 2.
08/05/1753Ann, wife to William Tasker. May 8.
09/05/1753Elisabeth, wife to Joseph Beaumont, of Howden. May 9.
16/05/1753Catherine, wife to John Jackson, of Barmby. May 16.
17/05/1753Jane, d. to Thos. Harrinson, of Barmby. May 17.
24/05/1753Sarah, wife to Nicholas Bradley, of Yokefleet. May 24.
25/05/1753Margaret, wife to Henry Brocklebank, of Thorp legit. May 25.
26/05/1753William, son to William Stephenson, of Saltmarsh. May 26.
08/06/1753Nicholas Audas, of Booth, Keelman. June 8.
10/06/1753Ann Gray, of Metham Hall, servant. June 10.
11/06/1753John Rowley, of Howden, Labr. June 11.
18/06/1753Mary Addison, of Belby. June 18.
20/06/1753Sarah, D. to Sarah Sharp, of Yoakfleet. June 20.
22/06/1753Gamaliel Thompson, of Howden, Labr. June 22.
04/07/1753Ann Cotton, of Howden, widow. July 4.
12/07/1753Elisabeth, D. to Sarah Porter, a Presbyterian, Howden. July 12.
14/07/1753Thos. Smith, of Yoakfleet. July 14.
17/07/1753Mary, D. to James Foreshore, of Skelton. July 17.
20/07/1753Catherine Garton, of Laxton, Spinster. July 20.
26/07/1753Elisabeth, wife to John Smith, of Yoakfleet. July 26.
01/08/1753Christopher Seal, of Howden. Aug. 1.
15/08/1753John, son to William Stephenson, of Saltmarsh. Aug. 15.
25/08/1753Mary, wife to Jonathan Brown, of Howden. Aug. 25.
15/09/1753James Foreshore, of Skelton, Husbandman. Sept. 15.
21/09/1753Alice Thompson, of Kilpin, widow. Sept. 21.
22/09/1753Mary Blackburn, of Barmby. Sept. 22.
02/10/1753Robert Eskrick, of Howden, Gentleman. Oct. 2.
15/10/1753Rebecca Andrew, of Barmby, Widow. Oct. 15.
16/10/1753Clarissa, wife to John Coam, of Balkholme. Oct. 16.
18/10/1753John Coggrave, of Howden. Oct. 18.
02/11/1753John Beilby, of Willitoft. Nov. 2.
06/11/1753Sarah Smith's dau : of Howden Dike. Nov. 6.
09/11/1753Robert Maskel, of Howden, Shoemaker. Nov. 9.
26/11/1753George Blanshard, of Howden. Nov. 26.
05/12/1753Robert, son to Nicholas Bradley, of Yoakfleet. Dec. 5.
05/12/1753James, son to Wm. Nicholson, of Howden Dike. Dec. 5.
07/12/1753Ann, D. to John Pears, of Howden. Dec. 7.
18/12/1753Mark, son of John Fenton, of Laxton. Dec. 18.
03/01/1754Thos. son to John Kelsey, of East Linton. Jan. 3.
07/01/1754Thos. son to John Bullas, of Howden. Jan. 7.
18/01/1754Wm. Layborn, of Laxton. Jan. 18.
26/01/1754Philip Bell, a Mendicant. Jan. 26.
15/02/1754Benjamin Young, of York. Feb. 15.
17/02/1754Jane Sydes, of Saltmarsh, Widow. Feb. 17.
18/02/1754Rose Coggrave, of Howden. Feb. 18.
24/02/1754Ann, wife to Robert Bouthby, of Howden. Feb. 24.
03/03/1754John, son to Mr. Matthew Maslen, of Howden. Mar. 3.
05/03/1754Robert, son to John Flecher, of Howden. Mar. 5.
11/03/1754Mary, wife to The Bradley, of Howden. Mar. 11.
16/03/1754Hannah, D. to Richard Ellison, of Booth. Mar. 16.
01/04/1754Mary Burton, of Howden, widow. Apr. 1.
03/04/1754Wm. Sharp, of Barmby. Apr. 3.
30/04/1754Susannah Brown, of Barmby. Apr. 30.
06/05/1754John Wadsworth, of Knedlington. May 6.
13/05/1754Mary Dixon, of Howden. May 13.
29/05/1754Will : son to Wm. Man, of Howden. May 29.
02/06/1754Ryall Welbourn, widow. June 2.
10/06/1754John Walls, of Howden. June 10.
15/06/1754Richard Hall, of Barmby. June 15.
23/06/1754Alice Sharp, of Barmby. June 23.
28/06/1754Jane Lee, of Saltmarsh. June 28.
20/07/1754Thos. son to Thos. Higgin, of Belby. July 20.
26/07/1754George Tayler, of Knedlington. July 26.
11/08/1754Thomas, son to Wm. Relph, of Barmby. Aug. 11.
12/08/1754Wm. son to Stephen Selly. Aug. 12.
21/08/1754Stephen, son to Stephen Selly, of Howden. Aug. 21.
27/08/1754Mr. Robert Mawson, of Cotness. Aug. 27.
02/09/1754Ann Hodgson, of Knedlington. Sept. 2.
02/09/1754Nicholas, son of Nicholas English, of Howden. Sept. 2.
03/09/1754Jane, wife to John Sadler, of Howden. Sept. 3.
07/09/1754Ann, D. to Thos. Slack, of Knedlington. Sept. 7.
08/09/1754Alice, wife to John Hudson, Howden. Sept. 8.
10/09/1754Mary, wife of George Moor, of Saltmarsh. Sept. 10.
01/09/1754Grace, D. to Thos. Slack, of Knedlington. Sept. 1o.
14/09/1754Hannah, D. to Sam : Cottam, of Howden. Sept. 14.
17/09/1754John Smeaton, of Scarborough. Sept. 17.
19/09/1754Esther, wife of John Peers, of Howden. Sept. 19.
25/09/1754James, son to Peter Tune, of Howden. Sept. 25.
27/09/1754John Cade, of Asselby, Husbandman. Sept. 27.
11/10/1754Jane, D. to Wm. Cobb, of Asselby. Oct. 11.
18/10/1754Wm. son to Thos. Batty, of Asselby. Oct. 18.
22/10/1754Emanuel Nutbrown, of Howden. Oct. 22.
26/10/1754Robert, son to George Corner, of Saltmarsh. Oct. 26.
28/10/1754Wm., son to John Nutbrown, of Howden. Oct. 28.
29/10/1754Margaret Laybourn, of Laxton. Oct. 29.
15/11/1754Ann, wife to John Pullen. Nov. 15.
18/11/1754Samuel Dunn, Tanner. Nov. 18.
19/11/1754Thos. Turner, Asselby or Barmby. Nov. 19.
21/11/1754Sarah, D. to John Good, of Howden Dyke. Nov. 21.
29/11/1754Wm. Jackson, of Laxton. Nov. 29.
05/12/1754Thos. son to Wm. Nicholson, of Howden dyke. Dec. 5.
11/12/1754Elisabeth, wife to M. Abram Haigh, of Asselby. Dec. 11.
11/12/1754Sarah Marsh, of Howden. Dec. 11.
23/12/1754Wm Godmond, of Howden. Dec. 23.
06/01/1755Eliz., D. to Thos. Brownbridge, of Newland. Jan. 6.
07/01/1755Saml. son to Richard Thomlison. Jan. 7.
13/01/1755Sarah, wife to John Green, of Howden. Jan. 13.
13/01/1755Eliz : D. of John Cudwith, of Yoakfleet. Jan. 13.
14/01/1755Ann, wife of Jonas Tyson, of Barmby. Jan. 14.
17/01/1755Ann, D. of Sarah Sharp, of Yoakfleet. Jan. 17.
20/01/1755Richd. son to Richard Tomlison, of Saltmarsh. Jan. 20.
26/01/1755John, son to John Brown, of Howden. Jan. 26.
27/01/1755Jane Tayler, of Skelton, widow. Jan. 27.
31/01/1755Mary, wife of John Pearch, of Asselby. Jan. 31.
12/02/1755Eliz., wife of John Burton, Barmby. Feb. 12.
13/02/1755George Tutin, of Yoakfleet. Feb. 13.
13/02/1755John Barber, of Howden. Feb. 13.
14/02/1755Ann, wife to Abram Bland, Howden. Feb. 14.
15/02/1755Joseph Brooks, a poor Boy. Feb. 15.
17/02/1755Thos. son to Thos. Batty, of Asselby. Feb. 17.
17/03/1755Wm. Peers, of Howden. Mar. 17.
23/03/1755Mary Todd, of Howden. Mar. 23.
24/03/1755Mary, D. to Thomas Torton, of Barmby. Mar. 24.
28/03/1755Wm. son to Richard Ward, of Howden Dyke. Mar. 28.
21/04/1755Jane Wilson, of Asselby, widow. Apr. 21.
28/04/1755John Portwith, of Yoakfleet, Labourer. Apr. 28.
28/04/1755Richard Blackburne, of Asselby. Apr. 28.
06/05/1755Richard Hindesley, of Howden, grocer. May 6.
07/05/1755Hannah, dau to Thos. Pennington, of Barmby. May 7.
11/05/1755Robert, son to Alice Ager, of Balkholm. May 11.
11/05/1755Elis : Blackburne, of Asselby, widow. May 11.
13/05/1755Joseph Cass, of Barmby. May 13.
16/05/1755Margt Smart, of Kilpin. May 16.
20/05/1755Rosamond, D. to Richard Hembrough, of Howden. May 20.
24/05/1755Elliner Stainforth, of Howden, widow. May 24.
25/05/1755Elisabeth, D. to Richard Hembrough, of Howden. May 25.
29/05/1755Fairburne Bland, of Howden, Soldier. May 29.
03/06/1755Richard, son to Richard English, of Howden. June 3.
04/06/1755Elisabeth Benson, of Howden, widow. June 4.
06/06/1755Richard Bellow, of Kilpin. June 6.
12/06/1755Henry, son to Richard Hindesley, of Howden. June 12.
15/06/1755Joseph, son to Joseph Moor, of Yoakfleet. June 15.
24/06/1755Ann, D. to John Brown, of Barmby. June 24.
24/06/1755Ann, D. to Richard Levitt, of Skelton. June 24.
14/07/1755Matthew, son to Matthew Smith, of Howden. July 14.
14/07/1755James, son to John Cade, of Asselby. July 14.
21/07/1755Rebecka, wife to John Brown, of Barmby. July 21.
28/07/1755Elisabeth, wife to Mr. Edward Nixon, of Howden. July 28.
01/08/1755George Farret, of Howden. Aug. 1.
05/09/1755Ann, wife to MT Robert Sutton, of Howden. Sept. 5.
08/09/1755Ann, D. to Benjamin Underwood, of Barmby. Sept. 8.
25/09/1755Mary, D. to Robert Fielder, of Howden. Sept. 25.
15/10/1755Samuel Newmarch, of Howden. Oct. 15.
22/10/1755Jonathan, son to George Corner, of Saltmarsh. Oct. 22.
27/10/1755Ann, dau : to William Laverick, Howden. Oct. 27.
31/10/1755John Ward, of Howden, Sailor. Oct. 31.
02/11/1755Ann, wife to John Coan, of Yokefleet. Nov. 2.
02/11/1755Alice, wife to Charles Fletcher, of Asselby. Nov. 2.
03/11/1755Jane, D. to John Johnson, of Asselby. Nov. 3.
08/11/1755Rufford, son to Robert Fetherby, of Howden. Nov. 8.
12/11/1755Mary, D. to Jonathan Spink, of Howden. Nov. 12.
23/11/1755Mary, D. to John Bullace, of Howden. Nov. 23.
30/11/1755Mary Brown, of Howden, Widow. Nov. 30.
21/12/1755William Stephenson, of Kilpin. Dec. 21.
28/12/1755Thomas Pickard, of Barmby. Dec. 28.
29/12/1755Frances Hall, of Belby, widow. Dec. 29.
07/01/1756John, son to John Fish, of Balkholme. Jan. 7.
08/01/1756John Chapman, of Skelton. Jan. 8.
08/01/1756Mary, D. to William Rusholme, of Howden. Jan. 8.
09/01/1756Henry Smith, of Thorp, Servant. Jan. 9.
09/01/1756Thos. Leek, of Howden, Servant. Jan. 9.
05/02/1756Charles, son to George Lion, of Balkholme. Feb. 5.
06/02/1756Richd., son to Richd. Watson, of Barmby. Feb. 6.
21/02/1756Margt. English, of Howden, widow. Feb. 21.
24/02/1756William, son to Wm. Keader, of Kilpin. Feb. 24.
21/03/1756Martha, D. to Joseph Cass, of Barmby. Mar. 21.
27/03/1756Robert Faram, of Howden, Labourer. Mar. 27.
28/03/1756Wm. Rowland, of Howden, Husbandman. Mar. 28.
10/04/1756Hannah Richardson, of Howden, widow. Apr. 10.
11/04/1756Mary, wife to Francis Wheldrake, of Balkholme. Apr. 11.
16/04/1756Sarah Robinson, of Howden. Apr. 16.
18/04/1756Hannah Stones, of Thorp legitt. Apr. 18.
26/04/1756Charles, son to Charles Taylor, Skelton. Apr. 26.
09/05/1756Mary, wife to Thos. Powels, Barmby. May 9.
16/05/1756George Carr, of Yoakfleet. May 16.
26/05/1756Zachariah Burton, of Kilpin. May 26.
28/05/1756Joseph Sargison, of Yokefleet. May 28.
13/06/1756George, son to John Wilson, of Howden. June 13.
17/06/1756Thos. Dixon, of Laxton, Husbandman. June 17.
21/06/1756William Rowland, of Howden. June 21.
25/06/1756Sutheron Millington, of Howden. June 25.
01/07/1756Amelia, D. to Leonard Thorp, of Howden. July 1.
12/07/1756Martha, D. to James Peers, of Belby. July 12.
15/07/1756Elisabeth, wife to Joseph Wilson, Barmby. July 15.
15/08/1756John, son to James Savage, of Howden. Aug. 15.
04/09/1756Richard Moat, of Yokefleet. Sept. 4.
05/09/1756Jane Mitchel, of Belby, spinster. Sept. 5.
05/09/1756Thos. Kell, of Knedlington. Sept. 5.
10/09/1756Ann, D. to John Brown, of Balkholm. Sept. 10.
07/11/1756Thos. Stephenson, of Saltmarsh. Nov. 7.
08/11/1756Elis : Biggin, of Howden, widow. Nov. 8.
17/11/1756Joseph, son to Joseph Wilson, of Barmby. Nov. 17.
22/11/1756Wm. son to Widow Stephenson, Salt : Nov. 22.
24/11/1756Thos. son to Thos. White, of Barmby. Nov. 24.
03/12/1756Thomas Bacchus, of Laxton. Dec. 3.
07/12/1756Richard, son to Rich. Stadder, of Carrhouse. Dec. 7.
13/12/1756Thos. Field, of Howden, Tayler. Dec. 13.
15/12/1756Mary, wife to Thos. Drury, of Thorp. Dec. 15.
26/12/1756Joseph, son to Thos. Turton, of Barmby. Dec. 26.
26/12/1756Robert, son to James Savage, of Howden. Dec. 26.
09/01/1757Amelia, Dau : to Benjamin Perrot, of Skelton. Jan. 9.
10/01/1757Ellin, wife to William Newlove, of Asselby. Jan. 10.
06/02/1757Mary Hodgson, of Howden. Feb. 6.
17/02/1757John, son to Thos. Waterhouse, of Barmby. Feb. 17.
15/02/1757Martin, son to David Long, of Yoakfleet. Feb. 15.
17/02/1757William, son to Thos. Wood, of Skelton. Feb. 17.
11/03/1757Elisabeth, wife to John Pearch, of Asselby. Mar. 11.
13/03/1757John, son to John Pearch, of Asselby. Mar. 13.
17/03/1757Mary, wife to Charles Taylor, of Skelton. Mar. 17.
18/03/1757Joseph, son to John Pearson, of Asselby. Mar. 18.
02/04/1757William, son to Richard Levitt, of Skelton. Apr. 2.
09/04/1757Mr. Thos. Eskrick, of Howden. Apr. 9.
12/05/1757Margaret, D. to Mrs. ...... Wordsworth, of Howden. May 12.
17/05/1757Leonard Thorp, of Howden. May 17.
20/05/1757Amor Eccles, of Skelton, Labourer. May 20.
27/05/1757Matthew Belt, of Howden, Husbandman. May 27.
11/06/1757Ann, D. to John Bullas, of Howden. June 11.
16/06/1757Benjamin Dowson, of Kilpin. June 16.
17/06/1757Jane, D. to Joseph Jewitt, of How-den. June 17.
24/06/1757Catherine, wife to Martin Stonely, of Asselby. June 24.
25/06/1757Ann, D. to William Rawson, of Howden Dyke. June 25.
02/07/1757John Coats, of Sparrington outsides. July 2.
03/07/1757William Bell, of Barmby, Miller. July 3.
04/07/1757Abram, son to John Winle, of Asselby. July 4.
09/07/1757Ann, dau : to Thos. Harrison, of Barmby. July 9.
27/07/1757John Singleton, of Asselby. July 27.
10/08/1757Richard Ward, of Howden Dyke. Aug. 10.
13/08/1757Mary Brown, of Barmby. Aug. 13.
03/09/1757Sarah, wife to Leonard Branton, of Barmby. Sept. 3.
13/09/1757Mary, D. to Sarah Bentley, of Yokefleet. Sept. 13.
16/09/1757Judith, wife to Matthew Mennel, of Howden. Sept. 16.
15/10/1757M. Robert Sutton, of Howden. Oct. 15.
15/10/1757Ruth, wife to Edward Vause, of Howden Junr. Oct. 15.
25/11/1757Peter Waterhouse, of Howden, Servt. Nov. 25.
01/01/1758Elizabeth Tayler, of Howden. Jan. 1.
01/01/1758Robert Jackson, of Howden, Shoemaker. Jan. 1.
03/01/1758John, son to Thos. Burton, of Howden. Jan. 3.
04/01/1758Thomas, son to Edward Vause, of Howden. Jan. 4.
05/01/1758Mary, dau : to Thos. Perrot, of Yokefleet. Jan. 5.
05/01/1758William Winter, of Asselby, Husbandman. Jan. 5.
17/01/1758George Empson, of Balkholme. Jan. 17.
12/02/1758Elizabeth, wife to Thos. Volance, of Barmby. Feb. 12.
28/02/1758Sarah Bland, of Howden. Feb. 28.
10/03/1758Mary Lyon, of Howden, widow, paupr. Mar. 10.
12/03/1758William, son to John Briggs, of Skelton. Mar. 12.
17/03/1758Elizabeth, Dau : to John Green, of Howden. Mar. 17.
18/03/1758John, son to John Martindale, of Barmby. Mar. 18.
01/04/1758John Brown, of Barmby. Apr. 1.
02/04/1758Hannah & Mary, Daus. to German Gilliot, of Howden. Apr. 2.
08/04/1758Samul. Adams, of Howden Dyke. Apr. 8.
15/04/1758John Vollence, of Howden. Apr. 15.
22/04/1758Ann, dau : to Richard Olmley, of Balkholm. Apr. 22.
25/04/1758Mary Perrot, of Howden, widow. Apr. 25.
07/05/1758Elizabeth Bell, of Barmby. May 7.
19/05/1758William Newlove, of Asselby. May 19.
29/05/1758William, son to George Craven, of Yokfleet. May 29.
02/06/1758Dorathy Simpson, of Knedlington. June 2.
05/06/1758Frances, wife to Richard Day, of Barmby. June 5.
25/06/1758Thomas Stainforth, of Barmby. June 25.
30/06/1758Francis Kirkhouse, of Howden. June 30.
30/07/1758William Headon, of Kilpin. July 30.
05/08/1758Jane, dau : to William Andrew, of Barmby. Aug. 5.
06/08/1758Mary Jewitt, of Saltmarsh, wife to Simon Jewitt. Aug. 6.
07/08/1758Sarah, dau : to William Roddil, of Howden. Aug. 7.
09/08/1758Mary, wife to John Jackson, of Kilpin. Aug. 9.
14/08/1758John Silverwood, of Drax. Aug. 14.
15/08/1758Mary, wife to Edward Vause, of Howden. Aug. 15.
02/09/1758Mary Eland, of Barnil Hall, widow. Sept. 2.
12/09/1758Mary, dau : to Miles Pinder, of Howden. Sept. 12.
17/09/1758Mark, son to Richard Olmley, of Balkholm. Sept. 17.
17/09/1758Mary, D. to William Lazenby, of Howden. Sept. 17.
11/10/1758Ann, D. to Mary Laidman, of Howden. Oct. 11.
23/10/1758Elizabeth, wife to David Pearson, of Asselby. Oct. 23.
24/10/1758Ellin Lamb, of Knedlington. Oct. 24.
24/10/1758William, son to William Leaper, of Kilpin. Oct. 24.
27/10/1758Rebekah, D. to Paul Pickhaver, of Barmby. Oct. 27.
04/11/1758Ann, wife to Robert Johnson, of Asselby. Nov. 4.
26/11/1758Elizabeth Walker, of Howden. Nov. 26.
01/12/1758William, son to John Torton, of Barmby. Dec. 1.
06/12/1758John Torton, of Barmby. Dec. 6.
10/12/1758Edward Westoby, of Saltmarsh. Dec. 10.
10/12/1758William Snarr, of Skelton. Dec. 10.
11/12/1758Dorathy, wife to John Jackson, of Howden. Dec. 11.
11/12/1758Elizabeth, wife to John Hogg, of Howden. Dec. 11.
16/12/1758William Starin, of Hull. Dec. 16.
19/12/1758Elizabeth, wife to Edward Day, of Howden. Dec. 19.
24/12/1758William, son to Richard Green, of Newland. Dec. 24.
04/01/1759Elizabeth Lowther, of Howden. Jan. 4.
05/01/1759William, son to William Nicholson, of Howden Dyke. Jan. 5.
10/01/1759Thomas, son to William Singleton, of Asselby. Jan. 10.
16/01/1759Elizabeth Pickhaver, of Howden. Jan. 16.
31/01/1759Mrs. Ann Norse, of Staddlethorpe. Jan 31.
07/02/1759Mary Nutbrown, of Howden. Feb. 7.
11/02/1759Matthew, son to Thomas Alcock, of Howden. Feb. 11.
21/02/1759Simon Ayre, of Howden. Feb. 21.
07/03/1759Mary, wife to John. Jackson, of Howden, Desine. Mar. 7.
27/03/1759Hannah, wife to Gervas Copley, of Bellasides. Mar. 27.
28/03/1759William Maskal, of Howden. Mar. 28.
02/04/1759Easther Nutbrown, of Howden. Apr. 2.
07/04/1759Margaret. D. to Mr. George Athorpe, of Howden. Apr. 7.
12/04/1759John Jackson, of Barmby. Apr. 12.
16/04/1759Mary, D. to John Tyas, of Howden. Apr. 16.
17/04/1759Ann, D. to George Torton, of Yokefleet. Apr. 17.
18/04/1759George, son to Thomas Ayre, of Kilpin. Apr. 18.
??/??/1759(blank), son to Mr. Young of Yokefleet.
08/05/1759Alice, wife to Thomas Marshal, of Belby. May 8.
10/05/1759Ann, wife to Simpson Colt, of Redness. May 10.
11/05/1759Catherine, wife to John Leighton, of Skelton. May 11.
08/06/1759Elizabeth, wife to Robert Parrot, of Yokefleet. June 8.
20/06/1759Thomas Waterhouse, of Howden. June 20.
24/06/1759Margaret, wife to Richard Almley, of Balkholme. June 24.
04/07/1759Mary, D. to Thomas Bradley, of Howden. July 4.
05/07/1759Jane, D. to William Doughty, of Howden. July 5.
03/08/1759Hannah, wife to Thos. Wilcock, of Howden. Aug. 3.
17/08/1759Mary, wife to George Hatfield, of Laxton. Aug. 17.
30/08/1759Hannah, D. to George Hatfield, of Laxton. Aug. 30.
31/08/1759Hannah, D. to James York, of Howden. Aug. 31.
05/09/1759Hannah, Nicholson, of Howden, widow. Sept. 5.
23/09/1759Hannah, D. to Thomas Wilcock, of Howden. Sept. 23.
03/10/1759Thomas, son to Charles Tayler, of Skelton. Oct. 3.
05/10/1759Thomas Brownbridge, of Balkholme. Oct. 5.
07/10/1759James Lindsdale, of Howden, Cooper. Oct. 7.
11/10/1759John Briggs, of Howden, Tayler. Oct. 11.
24/10/1759William Gott, of Knedlington, Husbandman. Oct. 24.
08/11/1759Robert Brown, of Barmby, Blacksmith. Nov. 8.
11/12/1759Ellin Goodall, of Howden, widow. Dec. 11.
27/12/1759Wm. son to John Thompson, of Howden. Dec. 27.
13/01/1760Clare, D. to Richard Bainton, of Howden. Jan. 13.
17/01/1760Wm. Hood, of Howden, Butcher. Jan. 17.
20/01/1760Robert, son to Robert Wilson, of Barmby. Jan. 20.
20/01/1760Anna Maria, Wife to Dr. Joshua Dunn, Howden. Jan. 20.
24/01/1760Hannah, D. to James Bilbrough, of Belby. Jan. 24.
24/02/1760John Smith, of Newland, Husbandman. Feb. 24.
25/02/1760Sarah Tomlison, of Rainsbitt, Widow. Feb. 25.
05/03/1760Wm. Glew, of Howden, Labourer. Mar. 5.
08/04/1760Francis, son to Quintan Snarr, Balkholme. Apr. 8.
29/04/1760Thomas, son to Thomas Cook, Asselby. Apr. 29.
29/04/1760Hannah, D. to John Ayre, of Howden. Apr. 29.
02/05/1760John Audas, of Booth. May 2.
12/05/1760John, son to William Palmer, of Howden. May 12.
14/05/1760Leonard, son to Richard Drew, of Howden. May 14.
02/06/1760Margaret Brown, of Wressel. June 2.
11/06/1760William Miller, of Beverley. June 11.
23/06/1760Mary, wife to John Thompson, of Howden. June 23.
11/07/1760John, son to John Roberts, of Laxton. July 11.
14/07/1760John Kell, Traveller. July 14.
18/07/1760Mary Dowson, of Howden. July 18.
03/08/1760Elizabeth Ashton, of Howden, widow. Aug. 3.
07/08/1760Robert, son to Robert Leaper, of Barmby. Aug. 7,
11/09/1760Margaret, Dau : to John Singleton, of Asselby. 7ber. 11.
18/09/1760Ann, wife to Jacob Richardson, of Howden. 7ber. 18.
28/09/1760Mary Copley, of Skelton, widow. 7ber. 28.
30/09/1760Mary Overend, of Balkholme, widow. 7ber., 30.
19/10/1760Robert, son to Richard Johnson, of Belby. 8ber. 19.
27/10/1760Mary Robinson, of Howden, widow. 8ber. 27.
04/11/1760Mary, wife to Thos. Coam, of Kilpin. 9ber. 4.
05/11/1760Sarah, D. to Abraham Holmes, of Yokefleet. 9ber. 5.
10/12/1760Mary, D. to George Blanshard, of Yokefleet. 10ber. 9.
10/12/1760George Baxter, a Traveller. 10ber. 21.
10/12/1760Jane, wife to Henry Bell, of Spaldington. 10ber. 26.
10/12/1760Deborah Waterhouse, of Howden, widow. 10ber. 26.
10/12/1760Joseph, son to William Cobb, of Asselby. 10ber. 29
05/01/1761Martha Batman, of Howden, widow. Jan. 5.
27/01/1761Mary, wife to Robert Snarr, of Skelton. Jan. 27.
30/01/1761Jewitt, son to John Laverick, of Balkholme. Jan. 30.
15/02/1761Thomas, son to Robert Snarr, of Skelton. Feb. 15.
17/02/1761Susanna, wife to Henry Shepherd, of Howden. Feb. 17.
22/02/1761Mary, wife to Joseph Harrison, of Barmby Junr. Feb. 22.
25/02/1761Sarah, dau : to Richard Hall, of Barmby. Feb. 25.
03/03/1761Grace, wife to John Nutbrown, of Howden. Mar. 3.
07/03/1761John Fernley, of Howden. Mar. 7.
07/03/1761Dorothy Dunn, of Howden, widow. Mar. 7.
17/03/1761Mary, D. to John Roberts, of Laxton. Mar. 17.
01/04/1761Ellin Hunter, of Howden. Apr. 1.
09/04/1761Margaret Wand, of Howden, widow. Apr. 9.
21/04/1761Thomas, son to Edward Jewitt, of Balkholme. Apr. 21.
24/05/1761Ann, wife to John Ellothorp, of Asselby. May 24.
26/05/1761Joseph, son to John Batty, of Newland. May 26.
30/05/1761Elizabeth Edwards, of Howden, widow. May 30.
31/05/1761Gabriel Whitaker, of Howden. May 31.
31/05/1761Samuel Tate, of Howden. May 31.
01/07/1761Jane, wife to Henry Bell the younger, of Spaldington. July 1.
06/07/1761Elizabeth, dau : to John Claybourne, Howden. July 6.
26/07/1761James York, of Howden, Farrier and Blacksmith. July 26.
01/08/1761Mary, wife to Robert Taylor, Skelton. Aug. 1.
10/08/1761Susannah, dau : to Robert Dunn, Howden. Aug. 10.
26/08/1761Athorpe, son to Robert Dunn, Howden. Aug. 26.
27/08/1761Jane, dau : to Robert Perrot, Yokefleet. Aug. 27.
17/09/1761Elisabeth, Dau. to William Ellinworth, Howden. Sept. 17.
18/09/1761Edward, son to Dorothy Dent, Yokefleet. Sept. 18.
19/09/1761Mary, wife to Robert Dean, of Barmbv. Sept. 19.
23/09/1761Margaret Tate, of Howden, widow. Sept. 23.
09/10/1761Franses, Dau : to Mr. John Danser, Howden. Oct. 9.
27/10/1761Mary, wife to Martin Bilbrough, Howdendike. Oct. 27.
28/10/1761John, son to William Winter, Asselby. Oct. 28.
28/10/1761Edward Swan, of Laxton, Labourer. Oct. 28.
05/11/1761Thomas Batty, of Asselby. Nov. 5.
09/11/1761Sarah, dau : to Samuel Green, Barmby. Nov. 9.
26/11/1761Robert Nixon, a stranger. Nov. 26.
26/11/1761Rebekah, wife to Edward Tiplady, Howden. Nov. 26.
30/11/1761Betty, D. to Jonathan Spink, Howden Dyke. Nov. 30.
25/12/1761Amor, son to Amor Duckles, Yokefleet. Dec. 25.
30/12/1761Alice, wife to James Empson, Balkholme. Dec. 30.
11/01/1762Thomas, son to Thomas Brown, of Yokefleet. Jan. 11.
13/01/1762Susannah, D. to Joshua Dunn, of Howden. Jan. 13.
16/01/1762Sarah, dau : to William Kirtison, Howden. Jan. 16.
17/01/1762Jane, wife to Edward Burton, of Newland. Jan. 17.
24/01/1762John Robinson, of Barmby. Jan. 24.
28/01/1762A stranger, drowned. Jan. 28.
17/02/1762William, son to John Green, of Newland. Feb. 17.
27/02/1762John, son to John Whiteley, of Laxton. Feb. 27.
27/02/1762Mrs. Elisabeth Threlkeld, of Howden, widow. Feb. 27.
02/03/1762Jacob Maslen, of Saltmarshe, Miller. Mar. 2.
05/03/1762Mary, Dau : to Sarah Richardson, of Howden. Mar. 5.
10/03/1762Martha, Dau : to John Thompson, Howden. Mar. 10.
15/03/1762Elisabeth, Dau : to William Cliff, Howden. Mar. 15.
25/03/1762Richard Waterhouse, of Barmby. Mar. 25.
28/03/1762Grace Watson, of Balkholme. Mar. 28.
31/03/1762John Drinkall, of Howden, Butcher. Mar. 31.
03/04/1762John, son to Thomas Gray, of Howden. Apr. 3.
09/04/1762MN. Margaret Turnill, of Howden. Apr. 9.
09/04/1762Thomas, son to Thomas Gray, Howden. Apr. 9.
18/04/1762Robert, son to Robert Leaper, of Barmby. Apr. 18.
18/04/1762Miles, son to Miles Pinder, of Howden. Apr. 18.
23/04/1762Ellin Arnil, of Thorp Legit, widow. Apr. 23.
23/04/1762Barbara, wife to John Robinson, Howden. Apr. 23.
01/05/1762Sarah, wife to Edward Throssle, of Yokefleet. May 1,
05/05/1762Richard Fearn, of Howden. May 5.
27/05/1762Jane, wife to John Hardy, of Kilpin. May 27.
28/05/1762Alice, dau : to Thomas Frear, of Howden. May 28.
11/06/1762Elizabeth Taylor, of Barmby. June 11.
21/06/1762William English, of Barmby. June 21.
14/07/1762Mary, wife to John Pickard, Barmby. July 14.
15/07/1762Mary, wife to John Ramsey, of Booth. July 15.
18/07/1762William, son to William Winter, Knedlington. July 18.
22/07/1762Mary, dau : to George Pickhaver, Howden. July 22.
22/07/1762Mary, dau : to Richard Conneyworth, Howden. July 22.
04/08/1762Sarah, dau : to George Pickhaver, Howden. Aug. 4.
06/08/1762Ann Wadsworth, of Knedlington. Aug. 6.
09/08/1762Alice, wife of Richard Laycock, Howden. Aug. 9.
17/08/1762Mary, D. to William Nicholson, of Booth. Aug. 17.
30/08/1762Mary Harrison, of Barmby. Aug. 30.
31/08/1762Benjamin, son of John Fell, Skelton. Aug. 31.
02/09/1762Ann, wife to Thomas Perrot, Yokefleet. Sept. 2.
07/09/1762Jonathan Moor, of Howden. Sept. 7.
28/09/1762Ann, Dau : to John Stadder, of Saltmarsh. Sept. 28.
05/10/1762William, son to Thomas Thompson, Kilpin. Oct. 5.
06/10/1762Ann, D. to John Thompson, Knedlington. Oct. 6.
21/10/1762Elisabeth, wife of James Tune, Howden. Oct. 21.
22/10/1762Dorathy Foreshore, of Skelton. Oct. 22.
23/10/1762John, son to John Kelsey, of Newland. Oct. 23.
25/10/1762Hannah, dau : to Richard Stork, of Howden. Oct. 25.
16/10/1762Edward Pinder, of Laxton. Oct. 16.
02/11/1762John, son to Robert Johnson, of Kilpin. Nov. 2.
03/11/1762Mary Cass, of Barmby. Nov. 3.
07/11/1762Mary English, of Skelton. Nov. 7.
15/11/1762William, son to John Thompson, of Howden. Nov. 15.
23/11/1762Alice, dau : to Benjamin Hill, of Yokefleet. Nov. 23.
12/12/1762John Watkinson, of Cotness. Dec. 12.
05/12/1762Ann, D. to Mary Easengwold, of Knedlington. Dec. 5.
20/12/1762Ann Belshaw, of Howden, widow. Dec. 20.
23/12/1762Hannah, D. to Robert Foreshore, Howden. Dec. 23.
07/01/1763Francis Wheldrake, of Balkholme. Jan. 7.
08/01/1763Thomas Harrinson, of Barmby. Jan. 8.
08/01/1763William Blythe, of Asselby. Jan. 8.
15/01/1763Hannah, wife to John Dalby, of Skelton. Jan. 15.
20/01/1763Mary Gott, of Knedlington, widow. Jan. 20.
20/01/1763Thomas Ellis, of Barmby. Jan. 20.
10/02/1763John, son to John Brittain, of Barmby. Feb. 10.
27/02/1763Mary, wife to John Underwood, of Barmby. Feb. 27.
27/02/1763Dorothy, wife to Christopher Glew, of Howden. Feb. 27
22/03/1763Edward Breweter, of Belby. Mar. 22.
28/03/1763Sarah Brown, spinster, of Barnby. Mar. 28.
30/03/1763James Empson, of Faxfleet. Mar. 30.
06/04/1763Charles Cowlam. Senr, of Howden. Apr. 6.
10/04/1763Ann Nurser, of Barnby. Apr. 10.
11/04/1763John, son of Charles Fletcher, of Asselby. Apr. 11.
18/04/1763Jane Cass, of Barnby, widow. Apr. 18.
23/04/1763James Boynton, of Howden. Apr. 23.
01/05/1763George, son to Mr. George Athorpe, of Howden. May 1.
03/05/1763Edward, son to William Doughty, of Howden. May 3.
09/05/1763Elizabeth, wife to William Alcock, of Howden. May 9.
23/05/1763William, son to Rebecca Tate, of Howden. May 23.
09/06/1763John, son to Mary White, of Kilpin. June 9.
10/06/1763Miles Pinder, of Howden poor House. June 10.
14/06/1763Mrs. Foljamb, wife to the Rev Mr. Foljamb,
dissenting Minister of Howden. June 14.
01/07/1763Edward Vause, Junior, of Howden. July 1.
07/07/1763John, son to Robert Kirk, of Thorpe. July 7.
09/07/1763Hannah, dau : to John Roberts, of Laxton. July 9.
18/07/1763Joseph, son to Mary White, of Kilpin. July 18.
14/08/1763Mary, dau : to Richard Coneyworth, of Howden. Aug. 14.
17/08/1763Ann, wife to Zachariah Burton, of Eastrington. Aug. 17.
25/08/1763Mary, dau : to Thomas Lowther, of Asselby. Aug. 25.
29/08/1763Ann Beane, widow, of Knedlington, poor. Aug. 29.
01/09/1763Thomas Cooke, of Asselbv, Senr. Sept. 1.
11/09/1763Sarah, dau : to William Winter, of Asselby. Sept. 11.
19/09/1763Michael Lockwood, of the Parish of Whitgift. Sept. 19.
16/10/1763Ann, dau : to William Armytage, of Asselby. Oct. 16.
21/10/1763Anna, dau : to Robert Johnson, of Barnby. Oct. 21.
25/10/1763Eleanor, dau : to William Armytage, of Asselby. Oct. 25.
30/10/1763John Hoggs, of Howden, poor. Oct. 30.
07/11/1763Elizabeth Bocock, of Howden, widow. Nov. 7.
16/11/1763Michael Pate, of Howden. Nov. 16.
18/11/1763Mary Harrison, of Howden. Nov. 18.
27/11/1763Martha Broader, of Balkholme, poor. Nov. 27.
07/12/1763Rebecca, wife to William Alcock, of Howden. Dec. 7.
07/12/1763David, son to Jonathan Ellathorp, of Asselby. Dec. 7.
09/12/1763Ann Seal, widow, of Howden poor House. Dec. 9.
16/12/1763Mary, dau : to Joseph Harrison, of Barnby. Dec. 16.
17/12/1763Richard Leng, of Cavil. Dec. 17.
18/12/1763Ann, clan : to Jonathan Ellathorp, of Asselby. Dec. 18.
28/12/1763Thomas Leaper, of Kingston upon Hull, Mariner. Dec. 28.
28/12/1763Stainton, son to Mrs. Benton, Grocer in Howden. Dec. 28.
31/12/1763Ann, Dau : to Robert Rowley, of Howden. Dec. 31.
08/01/1764Thomas Hardy, of Saltmarsh. Jan. 8.
08/01/1764Samuel, son to Robert Sugden, of Howden. Jan. 8.
17/01/1764William, son to John Leek, of Balkholme. Jan. 17.
19/01/1764Mary, wife to Robert Sugden, of Howden. Jan. 19.
22/01/1764William, son to William Piercy, of Asselby. Jan. 22.
24/01/1764Robert Sool, of Skelton. Jan. 24.
27/01/1764Mary, dau : to the late Richard Leng, of Cavil. Jan. 27.
08/02/1764Mrs. Elizabeth Athorpe, of Howden, spinster. Feb. 8.
19/02/1764Eleanor, wife to Emmanuel Jefferson, Esq. of Howden. Feb. 19.
21/02/1764Robert Tindall, of Yokefleet, poor. Feb. 21.
22/02/1764Robert, son to Gervas Copley, of Bellasides. Feb. 22.
04/03/1764Sarah, wife, and Mary, dau : to John Kelsey, of Newland,
both in one Coffin. Mar. 4.
05/03/1764Priscilla Lowther, of Howden, Widow. Mar. 5.
18/03/1764Ann, dau : to Mr. John Whitaker, of Howden. Mar. 18.
29/03/1764Charles Fletcher, of Belby. Mar. 29.
01/04/1764Rosamond & Sarah, Dau. to Joseph Copgrave, Howden. Apr. 1.
04/04/1764Sarah, wife to Robert Wilberfoss, of Menthorp. Apr. 4.
06/04/1764Ann, wife to John Blanshard, of Howden. Apr. 6.
06/04/1764Stephen Selly, of Howden, Blacksmith. Apr. 6.
08/04/1764Martha, dau : to Robert Foreshore, of Howden. Apr. 8.
13/04/1764Hannah, dau : to Edward Baliah, of Booth. Apr. 13.
14/04/1764Mary, wife to Lewis Jewitt, of Yokefleet. Apr. 14.
15/04/1764Elizabeth, dau : to Robert Good, of Asselby. Apr. 15.
15/04/1764Ann Holt, of Newland, an Orphan, 15 years of age. Apr. 19.
23/04/1764George, son to John Ellis, of Yokefleet. Apr. 23.
30/04/1764Jane, dau : to Thomas Morrit, of Howden. Apr. 30.
04/05/1764Thomas, son to John Good, of Howdendvke. May 4.
05/05/1764William, son to John Holliday, of Howden. May 5.
06/05/1764John Weighton, of Howden. May 6.
08/05/1764Mary, dau : to Joseph Copgrave, of Howden. May 8.
16/05/1764George, son to Richard Russell, of Howden. May 16.
22/05/1764Sarah, dau : to Thomas Dunn, Howden. May 22.
23/05/1764Ann, dau: to Joseph Copgrave, of Howden. May 23.
28/05/1764John, son to Aaron Armytage, of Howden Dyke. May 28.
29/05/1764Thomas, son to Lewis Jewitt, of Yokefleet. May 29.
29/05/1764Catharine, wife to Edward Stainforth, of Howden. May 29.
30/05/1764Mary, dau : to John Headlam, of Howden. May 30.
31/05/1764William, son to Matthew Iveson, of Howden. May 31.
01/06/1764Mary, Dau : to Mabell Aulmley, Howden. June 1.
04/06/1764Mary, wife to William Cook, Parish Clerk, of Howden. June 4
05/06/1764William, son to Joseph Elcock, of Howden. June 5.
07/06/1764John, son to Samuel Rodwell, of Howden Dyke. June 7.
09/06/1764Thomas, son to Samuel Rodwell, of Howden Dyke. June 9.
10/06/1764John, son to Robert Waud, of Howden. June 10.
11/06/1764Elizabeth, dau: to Samuel Rodwell, of Howden Dyke. June 11.
14/06/1764Benjamin, son to Robert Waud, of Howden. June 14.
16/06/1764John, son to John Alcock, of Howden. June 16.
20/06/1764Isabel, wife to William Lawtie, of Linton. June 20.
01/07/1764Elizabeth, Wife to Richard Tomlinson, of Laxton. July 1.
03/07/1764Mary, dau : to Charles Abba, of Howden. July 3.
05/07/1764Thomas, son to Abraham Rowntree, of Howden. July 5.
12/07/1764Elizabeth, dau : to James Hardy, of Kilpin. July 12.
18/07/1764Lydia, dau : to Ann Boynton, of Howden, widow. July 18.
18/07/1764Sarah Rhodes, of Howden, a poor widow. July 18.
27/07/1764John, son to Ann Story, of Howden. July 27.
29/07/1764Hannah, dau : to Thomas Frear, of Howden. July 29.
31/07/1764John, son to Thomas Thompson, of Kilpin. July 31.
02/09/1764Margaret, dau : to Thomas Bradley, of Howden. Sept. 2.
02/09/1764John, son to Thomas Butler, Blacksmith, of Howden. Sept. 2.
07/09/1764Ann, dau : to Corney Gillyot, of Yokefleet. Sept. 7.
24/09/1764Joseph Harrison, Senr. of Barnby. Sept. 24.
28/09/1764Elizabeth Holt, of Skelton, a poor servant. Sept. 28.
01/10/1764Jane, wife to Peter Millington, of Howden. Oct. 1.
03/10/1764John Hogg, of Howden, poor. Oct. 3.
08/10/1764Mary, dau : to William Glew, of Howden. Oct. 8.
13/10/1764Elizabeth, dau : to John Leek, of Balkholme. Oct. 13.
14/10/1764Sarah, dau : to Tho Stainley, of Asselby. Oct. 14.
21/10/1764John, son to John Tyass, of Howden. Oct. 21.
21/10/1764Hannah Gibson, of Bourne, poor. Oct. 21.
22/10/1764Charles, son to John Bell, of Cotness. Oct. 22.
28/10/1764Mary, wife to Mr. Philip Schofield, of Skelton. Oct. 28.
28/10/1764Ann Rainforth, of Howden, a poor widow. Oct. 28.
30/10/1764Mary Lee, of Skelton, a poor orphan. Oct. 30.
04/11/1764Moses, son to Sarah Cass, of Yokefleet. Nov. 4.
05/11/1764Mary Bell, widow, a vagrant belonging to the Parish of Cottingham,
near Kingston upon Hull. Nov. 5.
09/11/1764Hannah, dau : to Gervas Copley, of Bellasides. Nov. 9.
14/11/1764Thomas Alcock, of Howden. Nov. 14.
04/12/1764John, son to Thomas Brown, of Knedlington. Dec. 4.
10/12/1764John Underwood, of Barnby. Dec. 10.
11/12/1764Ann Ought, of Skelton, widow. Dec. 11.
12/12/1764Mr. Ralph Nixon, of Howden. Dec. 12.
14/12/1764Sarah, dau. to Sarah Brownbridge, of Balkholme. Dec. 14.
25/12/1764Amelia, dau. to Wm. Doughty, of Howden. Dec. 25.
31/12/1764Thomas Leighton, of Skelton. Dec. 31.
01/01/1765George, son to Samuel Cotton, of Howden. Jan. 1.
04/01/1765Ann, dau. to William Armytage, of Asselby. Jan. 4.
06/01/1765Mr. John Athorpe, of Howden. Jan. 6.
09/01/1765Mary, wife to Thomas Drewry, of Thorpe Ledget. Jan. 9.
12/01/1765Robert, son to Robert Foreshore, of Howden. Jan. 12.
21/01/1765Ann Bacon, of Howden, widow (poor). Jan. 21.
10/02/1765Mary Loadman, of Howden, spinster. Feb. 10.
17/02/1765Deborah Little, a poor servant. Feb. 17.
18/02/1765Hannah, dau. to Richard Green, of Newland. Feb. 18.
19/02/1765Absalom, son to Robert Parrot, of Yokefleet. Feb. 19.
24/02/1765Elizabeth, dau : to Richard Johnson, of Belby. Feb. 24.
07/03/1765Mary, dau : to Sarah Sharp, widow of Yokefleet. Mar. 7.
19/03/1765Thomas Smart, of Howden, Innkeeper. Mar. 19.
20/03/1765John Adams, of Howden Poor House, Mar. 20.
22/03/1765Zachariah Burton, of Newland. Mar. 22.
24/03/1765Jane Field, of Howden, widow. Mar. 24.
29/03/1765Mary, dau : to Wm. Ewbank, of Asselby. Mar. 29.
03/05/1765Robert, son to Mr. John Bell, of Howden, Grocer. May 3.
16/05/1765Ann Stephenson, of Saltmarsh. May 16.
31/05/1765George Harrison, of Howden, Shopkeeper. May 31.
09/06/1765Seth Hodgson, of Howden, Labourer. June 9.
20/06/1765Maria, wife to Richard Bainton, of Howden. June 20.
13/07/1765Mary Lolly, of Booth, widow. July 13.
16/07/1765Elizabeth Hood, of Howden, widow. July 16.
28/07/1765Elizabeth, wife to Joseph Wilson, of Howden. July 28.
06/08/1765Mary, wife to William Laverick, of Howden. Aug. 6.
11/08/1765Catharine Leighton, of Skelton, widow. Aug. 11.
14/08/1765Thomas Bentoft, of Asselby, Miller. Aug. 14.
10/09/1765William, son to Widow Glew, of Howden. Sept. 10.
01/09/1765Jane Briggs, of Howden, a poor widow. Sept. I 1.
24/10/1765Elizabeth, dau : to Joseph Jones, of Howden. Oct. 24.
27/10/1765Mary Brown, of Howden, spinster. Oct. 27.
30/10/1765Sarah, dau : to Thos. Kilvington, of the Half Way House. Oct. 30.
04/11/1765Ann, wife to John Palmer, of Howden poor House. Nov. 4.
10/11/1765John Palmer, of Howden poor House. Nov. 10.
17/11/1765Mary, wife to Samuel Hall, of Water Side House. Nov. 17.
18/11/1765Ann Williamson, of Barnby, spinster. Nov. 18.
19/11/1765John Bell, of Howden, Grocer. Nov. 19.
30/11/1765Ann, dau : to George Craven, of Laxton. Nov. 30.
30/11/1765Joseph Waterhouse, of Howden. Nov. 30.
06/12/1765Jane Ward, a servant. Dec. 6.
05/01/1766Alice Keadar, of Howden, widow. Jan. 5.
20/01/1766Elizabeth, dau : to the Revd. Wm. Leech, Curate of Howden. Jan. 20.
27/01/1766Peggy, dau : to Mr. George Athorpe, of Howden, Apothecary. Jan. 27.
10/02/1766George, son to Robert Good, of Asselby. Feb. 10.
22/02/1766John, son to John Nutbrown, of Howden. Feb 22.
26/02/1766Margaret, wife to Samuel Rodwell, of Howden-dyke. Feb. 26.
27/02/1766Mildred, dau : to the Revd. Wm. Leech, Curate of Howden. Feb. 27.
01/03/1766John, son to John Bartle, of Skelton. Mar. 1.
03/03/1766William Bradley, of Knedlington, Labourer. Mar. 3.
05/03/1766William Lazonby, of Howden, Labourer. Mar. 5.
05/03/1766Sarah, dau : to Thos. Stephenson, of Howden. Mar. 5.
16/03/1766Mary Bradley, of Knedlington, widow. Mar. 16.
20/03/1766Mary, dau : to George Scawm, of Knedlington. Mar. 20.
22/03/1766John Hardy, of Kilpin. Mar. 22.
23/03/1766Frances, wife to William Coates, of Howden. Mar. 23.
29/03/1766Elizabeth, wife to John Bradley, of Newsham. Mar. 29.
31/03/1766Rebecca, dau : to George Mason, of Howden. Mar. 31.
01/04/1766James Bilbrough, of Belby. Apr. 1.
05/04/1766James, son to James Peers, of Belby. Apr. 5.
09/04/1766Sarah Faram, of Howden, widow. Apr. 9.
15/04/1766Jane Best, of Howden, widow. Apr. 15.
17/04/1766Hannah, dau : to John Dunn, of Howden. Apr. 17.
08/04/1766John Stainton, of Howden. Apr. i8.
21/04/1766Henry Sergeson, of Yokefleet. Apr. 21.
22/04/1766Jane Bellow, of Howden, Widow. Apr. 22.
25/04/1766John Buttle, of Balkholme. Apr. 25.
09/05/1766John Dolby, of Asselby. May 9.
09/05/1766Henry Brocklebank, of Thorp-Ledget. May 9.
15/05/1766John Sharp, of Yokefleet. May 15.
23/05/1766Nicholas, son to Nicholas Bradley, of Yokefleet. May 23.
28/05/1766Elizabeth, dau : to William Newham, of Balkholme. May 28.
04/06/1766John, son to William Bielby, of Howden-dyke. June 4.
06/06/1766Sarah Coggrave, of Howden, Widow. June 6.
20/06/1766Alexander Beckett, of Howden, poor. June 20.
30/06/1766William Lister, of Howden, Butcher. June 30.
01/07/1766William Bielby, of Howden. July 1.
07/07/1766Robert, son to the Revd. Robt. Potter, Vicar of Stillingfleet. July 7.
18/07/1766Joshua Weighton, of Howden, a Minor. July 18.
03/08/1766James, son to James Hardy, of Kilpin. Aug. 3.
06/08/1766Richard Coneyworth, Senr. of Howden. Aug. 6.
14/08/1766Charles & George (Twins), sons to Robert Good, of Asselby. Aug. 14.
14/08/1766Ann Watson, of Knedlington, Widow. Aug. 14.
15/08/1766Elizabeth, dau : to Elizabeth Sharp, a vagrant. Aug. 15.
20/08/1766Mary Little, spinster. Aug. 20.
10/09/1766Matthew, son to Ann Buttle, of Balkholme, widow. Sept. 10.
15/09/1766Robert Drinkall, of Howden. Sept. 15.
17/09/1766Sarah, wife to Joseph Coggrave, of Howden. Sept. 17.
25/09/1766Jewitt, son to John Laverick, of Balkholme. Sept. 25.
12/10/1766Mary, wife to Robert Dowson, of Howden. Oct. 12
13/10/1766John, son to Thomas Utley, of Yokefleet. Oct. 13.
14/10/1766Ann Stainforth, a poor servant. Oct. 14.
15/10/1766Ann, dau : to Thomas Utley, of Yokefleet. Oct. 15.
18/10/1766William, son to John Leaper, of Kilpin. Oct. 18.
21/10/1766George Nelson, of Savil. Oct. 21.
26/10/1766John Leek, of Balkholme. Oct. 26.
30/10/1766Joseph Moore, of Howden, late of Laxton, poor. Oct. 30.
10/11/1766Mary Pearson, of Asselby, spinster. Nov. 10.
16/11/1766Ann, dau. to William Hunt, of Brind-Lees. Nov. 16.
12/12/1766John Ellathorpe, of Asselby, poor. Dec. 12.
23/12/1766Mary, dau : to William Peck, of Asselby. Dec. 23.
02/01/1767Robert, son to Mr. Abraham Rowntree, of Howden. Jan. 2.
06/01/1767Thomas, son to Richard Drew, of Howden. Jan. 6.
07/01/1767Richard, son to Thomas Hilldrake, of Balkholme. Jan. 7.
09/01/1767William, son to Richard Green, of Newland. Jan. 9.
15/01/1767Daniel Broader, of Balkholme, a poor Orphan. Jan. 15.
17/01/1767Joseph, son to Michael Taylor, of Howden. Jan. 17.
18/01/1767Thomas Lowther, of Asselby. Jan. 18.
27/01/1767Henrietta Maria, D. to Mr. Arthur Saltmarsh. of Saltmarsh. Jan. 27.
03/02/1767Thomas, son to John Dunn, of Howden, Carpenter. Feb. 3.
05/02/1767James, son to Peter Inglish, of Kilpin. Feb. 5.
08/02/1767Margaret, dau : to John Nutbrown, of Howden. Feb. 8.
08/02/1767John, son to Ann Bell, of Howden, widow. Feb. 8.
09/02/1767Mary, dau : to Hammond Seymour, Jr. Feb. 9.
09/02/1767Sarah, Wife to Richard Thompson, of Skelton. Feb. 9.
10/02/1767Samuel, son to Jane Waud, of Howden. Feb. 10.
12/02/1767John, son to Sarah Moore, of Howden, widow. Feb. 12.
18/02/1767Ann, dau : to John Tyas, of Howden. Feb. 18.
21/02/1767Ann, dau : to John Bartle, of Skelton. Feb. 21.
04/03/1767Isabella, dau : to Hammond Seymour, Jr. Mar. 4.
04/03/1767Catharine Clayburne, of Howden, widow, poor. Mar. 4.
06/03/1767Jane, dau : to George Bentley, of Skelton. Mar. 6.
07/03/1767Ann, dau : to Thomas Thompson, of Kilpin. Mar. 7.
07/03/1767Hannah, dau : to William Singleton, of Asselby. Mar. 7.
08/03/1767Joseph, son to Joseph Thompson, of Kilpin. Mar. 8.
09/03/1767John, son to John Harrison, of Howden, Labourer. Mar. 9.
21/03/1767Thomas, son to Mr. Thomas Turnell, of Howden. Mar. 21.
24/03/1767George, son to John Taylor, of Asselby. Mar. 24.
25/03/1767John Parrot, of Yokefleet, a servant. Mar. 25.
06/04/1767Esther, wife to William Leaper, of Kilpin. Apr. 6.
12/04/1767Joseph, son to Lewis Jewitt, of Yokefleet. Apr. 12.
13/04/1767George Hatfield, of Kilpin. Apr. 13.
17/04/1767William Armytage, of Saltmarsh. Apr. 17.
20/04/1767Mary Selly, of Howden, widow. Apr. 20.
20/04/1767Elizabeth Lazonby, of Howden, spinster. Apr. 20.
23/04/1767William, son to William Doughty, of Howden. Apr. 23.
24/04/1767John Giles, of Skelton, poor. Apr. 24.
24/04/1767John, son to Joseph Wilson, of Howden. Apr. 24.
01/05/1767Mn. Elizabeth Mawson, of Laxton, widow. May 1.
03/05/1767William Cooke, of Howden, Parish Clerk. May 3.
04/05/1767Mary Jackson, of Howden, widow. May 4.
08/05/1767Mary Harrison, of Howden Poor House, Widow. May 8.
15/05/1767James Savage, of Howden, Batchelor. May 15.
16/05/1767Thomas, son to Thomas Hudson, of Skelton. May 16.
19/05/1767Thomas, son to Thomas Brown, of Newland. May 19.
26/05/1767George, son to George Craven, of Laxton. May 26.
28/05/1767Hannah, wife to Mr. Athorpe Garton, of Saltmarsh. May 28.
30/05/1767Elizabeth, dau : to John Nutbrown, of Howden. May 30
31/05/1767John, son to Jane Green, of Skelton. May 31.
02/06/1767Ann, Dau : to John Grey, of Howden. June 2.
09/06/1767Robert Hunt, of Brind Lees. June 9.
14/06/1767Jane, dau : to Richard Coneyworth, of Howden. June 14.
16/06/1767Caroline, dau : to Matthew Imeson, of Howden. June 16.
17/06/1767Richard, son to Richard Jenkinson, of Howden. June 17.
21/06/1767Mary Lazonby, of Howden, widow, poor. June 21.
23/07/1767Mr. Thomas Graver, of Howden, Surgeon & Apothecary. July 23.
03/08/1767Marmaduke, son to Marmaduke Waterhouse, of Asselby. Aug. 3.
16/08/1767Ann, wife to John Hall, of Belby. Aug. 16.
26/08/1767John Garside, of Howden, Innkeeper. Aug. 26.
03/09/1767James, son to William Doughty, of Howden. Sept. 3.
05/09/1767Sarah Wright, of Howden, widow. Sept. 5.
06/09/1767Frances Robinson, of Howden, widow. Sept. 6.
11/09/1767Matthew Easingwood, of Knedlington. Sept. 11.
18/09/1767John, son to John Jackson, of Howden. Sept. 18.
14/10/1767Joan, wife to John Tate, of Howden. Oct. 14.
30/10/1767Mary, wife to Charles Leach, of Gilberdike. Oct. 30.
10/11/1767Robert, son to Thomas Butler, of Howden. Nov. 10.
11/12/1767Joseph, son to John Tasker, of Belby. Dec. 11.
13/12/1767Jane Nelson, of Cavil, Spinster, a poor servant. Dec. 13.
15/12/1767Edward Stainforth, of Howden. Dec. 15.
17/12/1767Elizabeth, dau : to Robert Good, of Asselby. Dec. 17.
27/12/1767Mrs. Hannah Whitaker, of Howden, widow. Dec. 27.
13/01/1768Robert Ridsdale, of Knedlington. Jan. 13.
19/01/1768Mary, wife to Robert Thorpe, of Howden. Jan. 19.
20/01/1768Mary Bradley, of Howden, widow, poor. Jan 20.
22/01/1768Isabel Winter, of Knedlington, poor. Jan. 22.
26/01/1768Richard Jackson, of Howden. Jan. 26.
05/02/1768Hammond, son to Mary Pinder, of Howden Poor House, Widow. Feb. 5.
21/02/1768Thomas Ross, of Howden Poor House. Feb. 21.
23/02/1768Thomas Easingwood, of Knedlington, poor. Feb. 23.
27/02/1768Robert Thorpe, of Belby. Feb. 27.
29/02/1768Ann Langton, of Howden Poor House, Spinster. Feb. 29.
05/03/1768Jane Field, of Howden, spinster. Mar. 5.
13/03/1768Mary, dau : to William Coates, of Howden, Cooper. Mar. 13.
30/03/1768Ann, wife to Robert Fielder, of Howden. Mar. 30.
31/03/1768Thomas, son to the late Robert Ridsdale, of Knedlington. Mar. 31.
03/04/1768Hannah Collinson, of Howden, Widow. Apr. 3.
13/04/1768Francis Bell, of Belby, poor. Apr. 13.
20/04/1768Thomas, son to the late Hannah Collinson, of Howden. Apr. 20.
21/04/1768John Peach, of Asselby, Jr. Apr. 21.
23/04/1768Elizabeth, wife to Joshua Hammond, of Howden. Apr. 23.
27/04/1768Henry Shepherd, of Howden poor House. Apr. 27.
29/04/1768Elizabeth Watson, of Knedlington, spinster. Apr. 29.
02/05/1768Esther, dau : to John Leaper, of Kilpin. May 2.
07/05/1768Thomas, son to John Good, of Howden Dyke. May 7.
08/05/1768John Weighton, of Howden, Gardiner. May 8.
16/05/1768Ann Armytage, of Saltmarsh, widow. May 16.
31/05/1768Mary, wife to Thomas Thompson, of Kilpin. May 31.
31/05/1768Martin, son to Miles Overran, of Balkholme. May 31.
07/06/1768Rebecca Hunt, of Brind Lees, Widow. June 7.
14/06/1768Elizabeth, Wife to Matthew Smith, of Howden. June 14.
14/06/1768Mary, Dau : to Matthew Smith, of Howden. June 14.
20/06/1768William Mann, of Howden. June 20.
27/06/1768Sarah Cowlam, of Howden, Widow. June 27.
17/07/1768Edward Cibber, a poor orphan. July 17.
18/07/1768William, son to William Dove, of Saltmarsh. July 18.
22/07/1768Mary, wife to John Tyas, of Howden. July 22.
28/07/1768George, son to George Blanshard, of Thorpe. July 28.
02/08/1768Catharine, dau : to Edward Eyre, of Howden. Aug. 2.
06/08/1768Joseph, son to Joseph Fletcher. of Howden. Aug. 6.
08/08/1768Mary, Dau : to John Scholfield, of Sand Hall. Aug. 8.
10/08/1768Lucy, dau : to Ann Pickhaver, of Howden, widow. Aug. 10.
13/08/1768Thomas Harlin, of Howden. Aug. 13.
13/08/1768Paul, son to Ann Pickhaver, of Howden, Widow. Aug. 13.
02/09/1768Martin Bilbrough. Sept. 2.
11/09/1768Richard Thompson, of Howden, servant. Sept. 11.
15/09/1768Elizabeth, dau : to Richard Ellison, of Howden-dyke. Sept. 15.,
19/09/1768John, son to Edward Day, of Howden. Sept. 19.
19/09/1768John, son to John Tyas, of Howden. Sept. 19.
28/09/1768Mr. Robert Sutton, of Howden, Tanner. Sept. 28.
11/09/1768Betty, dau : to James Thwaites, of Howden, Sadler. Oc.t 11.
15/10/1768Ann, dau : to James Thwaites, of Howden, Sadler. Oct. 15.
18/10/1768Mary, dau : to George Bentley, of Skelton. Oct. 18.
23/10/1768George, son to John Fletcher, of Howden, Butcher. Oct. 23.
06/11/1768Mary Pinder, of Howden poor House, widow. Nov. 6.
08/11/1768Mary, dau : to John Briggs, of Howden. Nov. 8.
09/11/1768Elizabeth, wife to Nathaniel Smith, of Asselby. Nov. 9.
18/11/1768John, son to Philip Greenup, of Howden. Nov. 18.
24/11/1768John, son to the late Mary Coates, of Howden. Nov. 24.
09/12/1768Mary, dau : to Thomas Brown, of Newland. Dec. 9.
19/12/1768Mary, wife to Christopher Glew, of Howden. Dec. 19.
25/12/1768John Leighton, Jnr. of Skelton. Dec. 25.
16/01/1769Richard, son to William Piercy, of Asselby. Jan. 16.
19/01/1769Dorothy, dau : to John Alcock, of Howden. Jan. 19.
20/01/1769Thomas Atkinson, Sr. of Skelton. Jan. 20.
29/01/1769Ann, wife to Robert Good, of Asselby. Jan. 29.
08/02/1769Nathaniel Smith, of Asselby. Feb. 8.
08/02/1769George Leek, of Howden. Feb. 8.
08/02/1769John Chapman, a Servant Feb. 8.
09/02/1769Sarah, dau. to William Gott, of Knedlington. Feb. 9.
28/02/1769Richard Halliwell, of Howden, Labourer. Feb. 28.
01/03/1769Stephen Thompson, of Howden. Mar. 1.
12/03/1769Elizabeth, wife to Robert Rowley, of Howden. Mar. 12.
14/03/1769Margaret, wife to Samuel Thompson, of Howden. Mar. 14.
21/03/1769William Shepley. Mar. 21.
01/04/1769Ann Watkin, of Yokefleet, spinster. Apr. 1.
04/04/1769Ann, dau : to Robert Rowley, of Howden. Apr. 4.
06/04/1769Mary, wife to George Bentley, of Skelton. Apr. 6.
06/04/1769Nathaniel Wilberforce, a child from Asselby. Apr. 6.
08/04/1769Sarah, dau : to Edmund Waterhouse, of Knedlington. Apr. 8.
11/04/1769James, son to John Fell, of Skelton. Apr. 11.
16/04/1769William Smith, a soldier. Apr. 16.
22/04/1769Mary Woodsworth, of Howden, widow. Apr. 22.
25/04/1769Thomas & Elizabeth, son & dau : to Cornelius Gillyot,
of Yokefleet, both drowned. Apr. 25.
29/04/1769Thomas, son to Robert Sugdon, of Howden. Apr. 29.
29/04/1769Robert, son to James Savage, of Howden, Senr. Apr. 29.
02/05/1769Lucy, dau : to Richard Jenkinson, of Howden. May 2.
05/05/1769Thomas, son to Thomas Frear, of Howden. May 5.
06/05/1769Elizabeth, dau : to Thomas Hilldrake, of Balkholme. May 6.
07/05/1769James, son to Thomas Brockbank, of Howden, Taylor. May 7.
09/05/1769Matthew Dove, of Howden, poor. May 9.
17/05/1769Matthew Leng, of Belby. May 17.
25/05/1769Sarah, dau : to Richard Dove, of Howden. May 25.
30/05/1769Francis Kirkhouse, of Howden. May 30.
03/06/1769Margaret, dau : to William Burrell, of Kellington. June 3.
12/06/1769John Smyth, of Asselby. June 12.
14/06/1769Elizabeth, wife to Richard Stork, of Howden. June 14.
05/07/1769Arabella, wife to David Langton, of Howden. July 5.
16/07/1769Mary, wife to Thomas Wood, of Skelton. July 16.
06/08/1769Thomas Brown, of Knedlington. Aug. 6.
10/08/1769Jane, wife to Thomas Fletcher, of Howden. Aug. 10.
28/08/1769John Best, of Howden, Mariner. Aug. 28.
04/09/1769Sarah, wife to William Flockton, of Howden. Sept. 4.
08/09/1769Sarah, wife to Geo : Allinson, of Howden. Sept. 8.
11/09/1769James, son to Richd. Stork, of Howden. Sept. 11.
15/09/1769Ann, dau : to Wm. Sissins, Howden. Sept. 15.
02/10/1769Thos. Thompson, Kilpin. Oct. 2.
06/10/1769Elisabeth, wife to Wm. Elinworth, Howden, Junr. Oct. 6.
10/10/1769John, son to Jno. Fielder, of Thorp Lidget. Oct. 10.
01/11/1769Mary Pattrick, of Howden. Nov. 1.
04/11/1769Mary, wife to John Thompson, Knedlington. Nov. 4.
05/11/1769John Good, Howden Dike. Nov. 5.
21/11/1769John, son of John Tootle, Saltmarsh. Nov. 21.
26/11/1769Mary, dau. of Benjamin Jackson. Nov. 26.
02/12/1769Jane Nelson, widow, from Cavil. Dec. 2.
02/12/1769Mary, dau : of John Tate. Dec. 2.
05/12/1769Sarah, dau : of Geo : Kitchin. Dec. 5.
12/12/1769Robert, son of Robert Blanchard, Cavil Hall. Dec. 12.
13/12/1769William Bamforth, Howden Dyke. Dec. 13.
29/12/1769Mary Stephenson. Dec. 29.
29/12/1769Emmanuel Jefferson, Esq., Justice of ye Peace. Dec. 29.
01/01/1770Robert Parrot, from Yoakfleet. Jan. 1.
13/01/1770Ann Blythe, from Assleby, Jan. 13 (aged 80.)
08/01/1770John Nutbrown, from Assleby, aged 78. Jan. 14.
16/01/1770Elizabeth, Daus of Robt Cowper. Jan. 16.
18/01/1770(blank), Jan. 18.
29/01/1770Elizabeth Brown, from Knedlington. Jan. 29.
30/01/1770James Day. Jan. 30.
30/01/1770Richard, son of Richard Johnson, Belby. Jan. 30.
04/02/1770Margaret Stainton. Feb. 4.
08/02/1770Ann, dau : of Edward Nixon. Feb. 8.
??/??/1770(blank), dau : of John Jackson, Kilpin.
11/02/1770John Schofield, from Sand Hall. Feb. 11.
24/02/1770Mary Thornton, from Balkholme. Feb. 24.
04/03/1770John, son of Ann Ion, of Howden. Mar. 4.
11/03/1770Elizabeth, wife of David Pearson, Asselby. Mar. 11.
13/03/1770John, son of John Ashton, Knedlington. Mar. 13.
14/03/1770Thomas, son of Richard Stork, Howden. Mar. 14.
16/03/1770Richard Levitt, from Skelton. Mar. 16.
23/03/1770John, son of Matthew Smith, Howden. Mar. 23.
31/03/1770Rilay, son of George Craven, Laxton. Mar. 31.
02/04/1770Sarah, dau. of John Ashton, Knedlington. Apr. 2.
05/04/1770Richard Thompson, from Skelton. Apr. 5.
06/04/1770Elizabeth, dau : of Thomas Peach, Asselby Apr. 6.
15/04/1770John Fletcher, R. C. Apr. 15.
20/04/1770Ann, dau : of Deborah Sool, Skelton. Apr. 20.
20/04/1770Thomas Laverock, from Sandholme. Apr. 20.
28/04/1770Mary, dau : of George Allison. Apr. 28.
04/05/1770Ann, dau : of John Croyser, Balkholme. May 4.
08/05/1770Robert Dunn, Gent. May 8.
22/05/1770Thomas Bentley, Innkeeper. May 22.
22/05/1770John, son of Robert Foreshore. May 22.
24/05/1770John Wray, from Balkholme. May 24.
13/06/1770Thomas, son of Edmund Waterhouse, Knedlington. June 13.
16/06/1770Elizabeth, wife of William Ellinworth. June 16.
28/06/1770John Wilkinson, Bricklayer, Howden. June 28.
16/07/1770Dinah Breaseley, July 16. (aged 80.)
16/07/1770William Jubb, from the Poor House. July 16.
17/07/1770John, son of William Ellinworth. July 17.
01/07/1770Ann Tennyson, widow, aged 81. July 20.
26/07/1770Thomas Nutbrown, Howden. July 26.
12/08/1770John, son to Edward Hare. Drowned. Aug. 12.
19/08/1770John, son to John Nutbrown. Aug. 19.
24/08/1770Thomas Wright, of Asselby. Aug. 24.
26/09/1770Elizabeth, dau : to Thomas Windale, Howden. Sept. 26.
01/10/1770Ann, dau : to George Allison, of Howden. Oct. 1.
04/10/1770Alice, dau : to Leonard Potter, of York. Oct. 4.
08/10/1770Ann Bell, widow, of Howden. Oct. 8.
08/10/1770Thomas, son to Thos. Batman, Knedlington. Oct. 8.
12/10/1770Mrs. Sarah Cooper, widow, of Howden. Oct. 12.
09/10/1770Alice, wife to Thomas Anderson, aged 79. Oct. 14.
15/10/1770John Hyde, Innholder at the half Moon, Howden. Oct. 15.
24/10/1770Mary Hildrake, Widow, of Balkholme. Oct. 24.
25/10/1770Jane Fitch, of Howden. Oct. 25.
05/11/1770Nicholas English, of Howden. Nov. 5.
08/11/1770Ellin Cade, of Howden. Nov. 8.
19/11/1770James Tune, of Howden. Nov. 19.
23/11/1770Catharine Ramsey, from Asselby. Nov. 23.
03/11/1770Thomas Bullass, aged 83, of Howden. Nov. 30.
13/12/1770Michael Lamb, Innkeeper in Howden. Dec. 13.
27/12/1770Sarah Moore, of Howden, Widow. Dec. 27.
31/12/1770Ann Thompson, of Howden, Widow. Dec. 31.
04/01/1771Mr. William Turnell, of Howden, drowned. Jan. 4.
18/01/1771Margaret, wife of Robert Rainforth, Howden. Jan. 18.
19/01/1771Richard Crawshay, of Howden. Jan. 19.
23/01/1771Boaz Thompson, of Howden. Jan. 23.
01/02/1771Sarah, clan : to Sarah Good, of Howden Dyke. Feb. 1.
01/02/1771James Peers, of Belby. Feb. 1.
08/02/1771Thomas Anderson, aged 88. Feb. 10.
20/02/1771Thomas, son to Thomas Fletcher, Howden. Feb. 20.
01/03/1771Mr. Robert Mawson, of Cotness. Mar. 1.
03/03/1771Quintin Snarr, of l3alkholme. Mar. 4.
05/03/1771Mary, dau : to Deborah Sool, of Skelton, widow. Mar. 5.
05/03/1771Ann Savage, of Asselby. Mar. 5.
07/03/1771Elizabeth Leek, Widow, of Howden. Mar. 7.
21/03/1771Richard Hindesley, Howden. Mar. 21.
25/03/1771Susanna, wife to Robert Heather, Howden. Mar. 25.
21/04/1771Thomas, son to David Langton, Howden. Apr. 21.
29/04/1771Patience, dau : to George Belt, Howden. Apr. 29.
13/05/1771Elizabeth, dau : to (blank) Bolton. May 13.
22/05/1771Ann, dau : to William Waud, Yoakfleet. May 22.
23/05/1771Ann, dau : to Jane Waud, Howden. May 23.
09/06/1771Hannah Mann, Widow, Howden. June 9.
10/06/1771Margaret, wife to Martin Slingsby, Howden. June 10.
29/06/1771Dorothy, dau : to Aaron Armitage. June 29.
12/07/1771William Logan, Howden. July 12.
16/07/1771Mary, dau : to William Dove, Saltmarsh. July 16.
21/07/1771John Underwood, Barber, Howden. July 21.
26/07/1771William, son to Wm. Collin. July 26.
29/07/1771Jonathan Markham, Howden. July 29.
08/08/1771John, son to James Woodsworth, Howden. Aug. 8.
22/08/1771Walter, son to Walter Sharpe, Howden. Aug. 22.
08/09/1771William Peck, Howden. Sept. 8.
19/09/1771Richard Meggott, Skelton. Sept. 19.
25/09/1771William, son to John Whitaker, Howden. Sept. 25.
06/10/1771Robert Blanchard, Senr. Howden. Oct. 6.
30/10/1771John Pearson, of Asselby. Oct. 30.
05/11/1771Sutlif, wife to Richard Bainton, Howden. Nov. 5.
10/11/1771Elizabeth Wynne, of Howden. Nov. 10.
11/12/1771Elizabeth, dau : to William Powell, Howden. Dec. 11.
12/12/1771Isabel Spence, Howden. Dec. 12.
20/12/1771Elizabeth Pindar, Howden. Dec. 20.
22/12/1771Ann, wife to Robert Featherstone, Howden. Dec. 22.
27/12/1771Arthur Jewitt, HoWden. Dec. 27.
14/01/1772Jane Jackson, from Armine. Jan. 14.
06/02/1772Sarah Porthouse, widow, Yoakfleet. Feb. 6.
21/02/1772John, son to John Harrison, Howden. Feb. 21.
27/02/1772Elizabeth Ashton, Howden. Feb. 27.
01/03/1772John Brown, Taylor, of Howden. Mar. 1.
23/03/1772Jane, wife to William Hardy, Howden. Mar. 23.
29/03/1772Mary, wife to Joseph Brooks, Howden. Mar. 29.
20/04/1772Ann, wife to Edward Day, Joiner, Howden. Apr. 20.
21/04/1772Jane, wife to James Campbell, Howden. Apr. 21.
22/04/1772William, son to William Nicholson, Howden. Apr. 22.
30/04/1772Elizabeth Kirby, Howden. Apr. 30.
02/05/1772Sarah, dau : to Mary Lambert, Howden. May 2.
10/05/1772John Dunn, Junr. Howden. May 10.
11/05/1772Thos. son to Richard Tomlinson, Laxton. May 11.
19/05/1772Mary, dau : to John Leake, Balkholme. drowned. May 19.
03/05/1772Thomas, son to Charles Empson, Saltmarsh. May 3i.
01/06/1772Thomas Goodall, Howden. June 1.
04/06/1772Joseph Lee, Itinerant Potman. June 4.
10/08/1772Ralph, son to John Hudson, Howden. Aug. 10.
16/08/1772Robert White, Howden. Aug. 16.
26/08/1772Alice Bray, Howden. Aug. 26.
27/08/1772Richard, son to William Dove, Saltmarsh. Aug. 27.
28/08/1772Ann, dau : to Samuel Appleyard, of Castleford. Aug. 28.
05/09/1772Elizabeth, dau : to William Alcock, Howden. Sept. 5.
28/09/1772Henry, son to Henry Cooper, Howden. Sept. 28.
04/10/1772Mary, wife to Matthew Kitchen, Howden. Oct. 4.
09/10/1772Hammond Seymour, Howden. Oct. 9.
09/10/1772Ann, wife to John Whittle, Itinerant. Oct. 9.
30/10/1772Mary, wife to Richard Ombler, Balkholme. Oct. 30.
30/10/1772Ann, dau : to Elizabeth Shepherd, Howden. Oct. 30.
04/11/1772Frances, dau. to Francis Smith, Saltmarsh. Nov. 4.
18/11/1772Elinor Leech, Howden Dyke. Nov. 18.
21/11/1772William, son to William Bray, Howden. Nov. 21.
25/11/1772Christopher Glew, Howden. Nov. 25.
27/11/1772William Elinworth, Senr. Howden. Nov. 27.
11/12/1772John, son to John Pearson, Asselby. Dec. 11.
12/12/1772Sarah Taylor, Asselby. Dec., 12.
31/12/1772Ann, dau. to Mr. John Danser, Howden. Dec. 31.
04/01/1773Joseph, son to Joseph Elcock, Howden. Jan. 4.
07/01/1773Robert, son to Robert Ridgedale, Knedlington. Jan. 7.
08/01/1773Ann, dau : to John Walls, Howden Dyke. Jan. 8.
12/01/1773George, son to Thomas Slack, Knedlington. Jan. 12.
13/01/1773William, son to The. Windle, Saltmarsh. Jan. 13.
17/01/1773Martha Egremont, Howden. Jan. 17.
17/01/1773Elizabeth, dau : to Tho Bradley, Howden. Jan 17.
19/01/1773Francis, son to William Bell, Saltmarsh. Jan. 19.
27/01/1773Paul, son to Robert Cowper, Howden. Jan. 27.
02/02/1773William, son to Willm. Ellinworth, Howden. Feb. 2.
09/02/1773William Burton, Howden. Feb. 9.
09/02/1773Ann, wife to John Harrison, Howden. Feb. 9.
19/02/1773Edward, son to Edward Day, Howden. Feb. 19.
21/02/1773John, son to Robert Mann, Howden. Feb. 21.
05/03/1773Elizabeth Glew, Howden, Pauper. Mar. 5.
07/03/1773Thomas, son to Thomas Kelsey, Newland Gate. Mar. 7.
11/03/1773Frances, Dau : to Richd. Jenkinson, Howden. Mar. 11.
12/03/1773Mary, dau : to Richard Green, Newland. Mar. 12.
22/03/1773Sarah, wife to Henry Cooper, Howden. Mar. 22.
02/04/1773Mr. George Athorpe, of Howden. Apr. 2.
12/04/1773John Watson, Howden. Apr. 12.
21/04/1773Ann, Wife to John Laverack, Balkholme. Apr. 21.
21/04/1773James, son to Valentine Harrison, Howden. Apr. 21.
24/04/1773William, son to Matthew Iveson, Howden. Apr. 24.
25/04/1773Thomas Kilvington, Half-way-House. Apr. 25.
28/04/1773Eliz. dau : to Richard Bainton Howden Apr 28
28/04/1773Eliz., dau : to William Voace, Bowden. Apr. 28.
06/05/1773John, son to John Wilkinson, Howden. May 6.
15/05/1773Benjamin Parrot, son to Mary Morrit, Howden. May 15.
22/05/1773Mary, dau : to John Ruslin, Howden. May 22.
06/06/1773Ann, wife to John Housquaite, Howden. June 6.
06/06/1773Mary, dau : to Robt. Alcock, Howden. June 6.
07/06/1773Ann, dau : to Mary Lambert, Howden. June 7.
15/06/1773John Hinderson, Howden. June 15.
16/06/1773Thomas Brockbank, Howden. June 16.
22/06/1773Richard, son to Thomas Morrit, Junr. Howden. June 22.
13/08/1773Ann Lockwood, Howden. Aug. 13.
27/08/1773John, son to Peter Lyon. Aug. 27.
30/09/1773William Lockwood, Howden. Sept. 30.
10/10/1773John Hall, Belby. Oct. 10.
25/10/1773Ann, wife to William Bell, Saltmarsh. Oct. 25.
26/10/1773Sarah, wife to Thos. Waterhouse, Asselby. Oct. 26.
03/11/1773Elizabeth Calvert, Howden. Nov. 3.
07/11/1773Ann, dau. to William Lawton, Linton. Nov. 7.
01/11/1773William Grey, Kilpine. Nov. 1.
29/11/1773Sarah, dau : to William Empson, Howden. Nov. 29.
25/12/1773Susannah, wife to Henry Bainton, Howden. Dec. 25.
27/12/1773Mary, dau : to William Wand, Yoakfleet. Dec. 27.
14/01/1774Mary, wife to John Croyser, Balkholme. Jan. 14.
16/02/1774Mary, dau : to William Kedar. Feb. 16.
21/02/1774Robert, son of Robert Perrot, Yoakfleet. Feb. 21.
05/03/1774Thomas Halliwell, Howden. Mar. 5.
06/03/1774John, son of John Scholfield, Sand Hall. Mar. 6.
11/03/1774Hannah Long, widdow, of Belby. Mar. 11.
11/03/1774Mary, dau : of Wm. Buttle, Thorp. Mar. 11.
12/03/1774Jane, dau : of Robert Couper, Howden. Mar. 12.
22/03/1774John, son to Joseph Fletcher, Howden. Mar. 22.
25/03/1774Parnal, son to Wm. Toft. Mar. 25.
30/03/1774Elizabeth, D. to John Whitaker, Howden. Mar. 30.
06/04/1774Mary, wife of William Toft, Howden. Apr. 6.
11/04/1774William Jackson, Howden. Apr. 11.
23/04/1774Joseph, son to John Tasker, Belby. Apr. 23.
30/04/1774Ann, D. to John Holiday, Howden. Apr. 30.
15/06/1774Mary Fletcher, widdow. June 15.
03/07/1774Patience, D. to Wm. Richardson, Howden. July 3.
18/07/1774Jane, wife to William Doughty, Howden. July 18.
24/07/1774Richd. Green, Newland. July 24.
07/08/1774Elisabeth, D. to John Moyser, Asselby. Aug. 7.
30/08/1774Martha, Dau : of Ann Mann, Howden Dike. Aug. 30.
08/09/1774Mary, Dau : to William Perrot, Yoakfleet. Sept. 8.
19/09/1774Dolly, dau : of Joseph Elcock, Howden. Sept. 19.
20/09/1774Mary Sissons, Asselby. Sept. 20.
11/10/1774Arthur Levitt, Skelton. Oct. 11.
08/11/1774Ann, Dau.: to Hamon Seymour, Howden. Nov. 8.
29/11/1774Elisabeth Turton, Yoakfleet. Nov. 29.
04/12/1774Mary, dau : to Amelia Benton. Dec. 4.
15/12/1774John, son to James Campbell, Howden. Dec. 15.
16/12/1774Sarah Bickerton, Howden. Dec. 16.
18/12/1774Thomas Scalm, Laxton. Dec. 18.
23/12/1774James Savage, Senior, Howden. Dec. 23.
07/01/1775Anne, dau : to John Dennis, Howden. Jan. 7.
12/01/1775Fanney, wife of Charles Abba, Howden. Jan. 12.
10/02/1775Elleanor, D. to John Halliday, Howden. 10th February.
22/02/1775Elisabeth, dau : to Jonathan Ellerthorp, Asselby. 22nd February.
28/02/1775William, son to William Doughty, Howden. 28th February.
11/03/1775John, son to Lewis Jewett, Yoakfleet. Mar. 11.
13/03/1775Mary Cade, Asselby. Mar. 13.
21/03/1775Mrs. Susanah Dunn, WIddow, Howden. Mar. 21.
01/04/1775Martha Dodgeson, Howden Poor House. Apr. 1.
02/04/1775Mary Birtwhistle, Widdow, of Booth. Apr. 2.
06/04/1775Eliz., D. to John Dennis, Howden. Apr. 6.
21/04/1775Ann Watson, Howden. Apr. 21.

Data transcribed from
A publication by the Yorkshire Parish Register Society
published in the year 1913
Transcribed by Colin Hinson
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