Howden Registers - Marriages 1724-1770.


Transcription of the Howden Registers - Marriages 1724-1770.

Please note I cannot guarantee that my software has always extracted the date in the date column correctly.
The dates are given in the order the appear in the register which is not necessarily numerical order.
Also note that the year commenced on the 25th March up to 1752.
but that the date column numbers the months in the modern method (English format)

DateGroom's and Bride's names
16/04/1724Apr. 16. Rich. Hill & Mary Tison, both of Barnby.
21/04/1724Apr 21. Robt. Baldwin, of Barnby, & Ann Booth, of Skelton.
28/04/1724Apr 28. Jon. Watson, Barnby, & Anne Hessey, of Wighton.
30/04/1724Apr 30. Matth. Bell & Mary Routlidge, both of Howden.
19/05/1724May 19. Geo. Wright & Mary Farrah.
02/06/1724June 2. Mr. Tho Dickans & Mrs. Eliz. Birtwisle, both of Howden.
11/06/1724Jun 11. Mr. Jon. Carnill & Mrs. Anne Wright.
11/08/1724Aug. 11. Robt. Chapman & Mary Stephenson, both of Howden.
03/11/1724Nov. 3. Robt. Jewson and Susanna Dowson, both of Howden.
08/11/1724Nov 8. Wm. Ibbinson, of Swinefleet, & Anne Johnson, Barnby.
15/11/1724Nov 15. David Philips, of Wresle, and Martha Hinchbal, Barnby.
19/11/1724Nov 19. Jos. Beilby & Anne Perkins, both of Saltmarsh.
01/12/1724Dec. 1. Jos. Tasker and Han Stainforth, both of Saltmarsh.
08/12/1724Dec 8. Geo. Spence & Eliz. Wilkinson, both of Howden.
15/12/1724Dec 15. Wm Nickolls & Han. Milner, both of Howden.
27/12/1724Dec 27. (blank) of Loftsom & Margt. Keedor, of Saltmarsh.
31/12/1724Dec. 31. Phil. Boynton, of Mettham, & Mary Barratt, same.
07/01/1724Jan. 7. Thos. Hardie, Saltmarsh, & Ematt Woollas, of Skelton.
17/01/1724Jan 17. Wm. Edwards, of Wighton, & Eliz. Kitchin, of Howden.
02/04/1725Apr. 2. John Bovel, of Laxton, & Hanah Barker, of Howden.
05/04/1725Apr 5. John Emson, of Bolchom, & Mary Steel, the same.
07/04/1725Apr 7. Joseph Whery & Mary Priston, Howden.
01/05/1725May 1. Tho. Nutbrown, of Howden, & Mary Hurst, of Thorp.
02/05/1725May 2. Rob. Tomson, of hurst, & Ellis Phillopes, barmby.
04/05/1725May 4. Fran. hildrake, of belcomn, & Mary dallbey, of Nuland.
27/05/1725May 27. Thomas Hodenbey & Franses Webster, boath of Howden.
21/06/1725June 21. Thomas bintley, of hembrouf, & Mary Ackison, of Aselbey.
27/06/1725Jun 27. Isak Morris and Mary Car, boath of Howden.
25/06/1725Jun 25. Lenard hill and Mary Ray, boath of Howden.
22/09/1725Sept. 22. Jon Day, of Holthroup, & Margret Simson, of Aselbey.
01/10/1725Oct. 1. Nicklous English & Mary Brown, boath of Howden.
10/10/1725Oct 10. Gorge Kiching, of Saltmarch, and Ann Dickin (?), of Skelton.
22/10/1725Oct 22. Tho. Barnet, of Swinflet, & Doritey Heselwod, of Thorp.
07/11/1725Nov. 7. Jon. Clark, of Camsel, & Ann Wilson, of Howden.
23/11/1725Nov 23. Willbet Carter, of Boulton, & Sewsanah Drurey, of Metoum.
30/11/1725Nov 30. Thomas Good, of (blank), & Alethea Pearsey, of Saltmarsh.
05/12/1725Dec. 5. Will. Borten & Mary Atkinson, of howden.
10/12/1725Dec 10. Abraham douson & Franses hardcustel, of howden.
05/01/1725Jan. 5. Will. Armatage & Ann Robson, of howden.
11/01/1725Jan 11. James Gillyet & Franses Westebey, both Skelton.
15/01/1725Jan 15. Jon. Stones & Ester holmes, boath of belbey.
23/01/1725Jan 23. Nick. Louder & Mary Wodman, boath of Aselby.
22/02/1725Feb. 22. Jon Willkisson & Mary Cade, both of howden.
12/04/1726Aprill 12. Will. Parrot & Elizebeth Johnson, boath of Youckfleet.
02/09/1726Sept. 2. Jon. Barrot & Mary Willson, boath of Yockfleet.
04/09/1726Sep 4. Jon. Whitlah & Cattren Stefenson, boath of Lax :
04/09/1726Sep 4. Jon Mateson, of Melton, and Mary Morret, of Thorp.
04/09/1726Sep 4. Will. Newum, of Saltmarsh, & Lidea Peniton, of Reedness.
11/09/1726Sep 11. David Langton & Arabelah Thorp, boath of Howden.
17/09/1726Sep 17. Richard Cass, of barmbey, & Jane Leedum, of Roclef.
21/11/1726Nov. 21. Jeramiah hall & Sarah hartlah, boath of barnel hous.
21/11/1726Nov 21. Pall Pickhafer & Jane gibbouns, boath of barmby.
28/11/1726Nov 28. Henery Shiperd & Elizebeth Richison, boath of howden.
04/12/1726Dec. 4. Thomas Palmer & Ann Underwood, boath Laxton.
21/12/1726Dec 21. Jon Roulah & Mary Tomson, boath of howden.
21/12/1726Dec 21. Edward Stanforth, of howden, & Mary Claborn, of Saltmarsh.
05/01/1726Jan. 5. Tho. harison & Ann harison, boath of barmbey.
18/01/1726Jan 18. Jon. Mariom & Sarah Leeper, boath of Kilpin.
21/01/1726Jan 21. Jon gill, of houck & Ann dranesfeld, of Kilpin.
05/02/1726Feb. 5. Will. tod, of howden, & Mary Willson, of balkhum.
14/02/1726Feb 14. Mr Robert Spoferd & Mrs. Maslen, boath of howden.
02/04/1727Apr. 2. Joseph huchisson & Ann Corner, boath of Aselby.
04/04/1727Apr 4. Wm. Bell & Eliz : Brampton, both of Barneby.
09/04/1727Apr 9. William Snarr & Jane Dowson, both of Knedlington.
18/04/1727Apr 18. John Dolly Newland & Mary Leighton, Skelton.
23/04/1727Apr 23. John Rhodes & Mary Kirtman, both of Howden.
24/04/1727Apr 24. Thomas Watson, Asleby, & Mary Gill, Kilpin.
27/04/1727Apr 27. Thomas Fenton & Jane Chappel, both of Barmby.
30/04/1727Apr 30. Timothy Dowler, Kilpin, & Eliz. Simpson, Hook.
09/05/1727May 9. John Rhodes, Skelton, & Sarah Patterick, Belby.
11/05/1727May 11. Robt. Peacock & Hannah Walker, both of Barmby.
23/05/1727May 23. Christopher Seall, of Howden, & Anne Smithson, of Heck.
04/06/1727June 4. Robert Palmer & Jane Key, both of Asselby.
18/06/1727Jun 18. Richd. Watterson, of Eastrington, & Eliz. Wilkinson, of Newland.
04/07/1727July 4. Mr. John Stainton & Mrs. Mary Brooks, both of Howden (licensed).
03/09/1727Sept. 3. Sam : Graves, of Kilpin, & Margaret Richardson, Saltmarsh.
13/09/1727Sep 13. Tho. Bullen & Anne Burks, both of Howden.
21/09/1727Sep 21. Jno. Buttle & Mary Thurle, both of Barmby.
11/11/1727Nov. 11. Christopher Glew & Dorathy Leadall, Howden.
20/11/1727Nov 20. Marmaduke Gibson & Eliz. Fenton, Barmby.
01/12/1727Dec. 1. John Good, of Belby, & Mary Bennison, of Kilpin.
08/01/1727Jan. 8. Richd. Waller, Drax, & Anne Cowlam, Barmby Mash.
09/01/1727Jan 9. Wm. Johnson, of Hull, & Anne Sharp, Yoakfleet.
09/01/1727Jan 9. David Mitchell, Wressell, & Jane Collison, Howden.
23/01/1727Jan 23. Robt. Thorp and Mary Seymour, of Belby.
29/02/1727Feb. 29. Robt. Clark, of Thorp, & Margt. Paget, Skelton.
05/03/1727Mar. 5. John Hessey, of Seaton, & Mary Cook, Yoakfleet.
05/03/1727Mar 5. Tho. Hunter, of Brayton, & Mary Baley, Barmby.
03/04/1728Apr. 3. Geo : Clay & Eliz : Field, of Howden.
08/04/1728Apr 8. Mr. John Hudson and Mrs. Alice Nixon, Howden.
28/04/1728Apr 28. James Hastings, North Cave, & Cath : Brownin, Barmby.
18/06/1728June 18. Peter English, Laxton, & Mary Paget, Skelton.
17/09/1728Sept. 17. Wm. Bradley, Coy-house, Snaith, & Mary Campbell, Howden.
21/09/1728Sep 21. Jos : Townend & Grace Nicholson, Barmby.
23/09/1728Sep 23. Gab. Hobson, Asleby, & Sarah Stickney, of Balkholme.
22/10/1728Oct. 22. Robt. Brown & Mary Brown, both of Barmby.
14/11/1728Nov. 14. Tho. Alcock, of Armin, & Eliz. Sanderson, Howden.
14/11/1728Nov 14. Tho. Dreury, Linton, & Sarah Courser, Howden.
19/11/1728Nov. 19. Wm. Ellinworth & Eliz. Laythman, Howden.
19/11/1728Nov 19. Charles Cowlam, Howden, & Sarah Lidster, Knedlington.
19/11/1728Nov 19. Tho : Dickinson, Barmby, & Katherine Marshell, Howden.
20/12/1728Dec. 20. Jos : Jewet, Saltmarsh, & Jane Lowther, Assleby.
31/12/1728Dec 31. Jno. Noble & Eliz. Lawrance, Barmby.
18/02/1728Feb. 18. Leonard Thorp, Howden, & Eliz. Welles, Cottinworth.
27/02/1728Feb. 27. Tho : Story & Margt. Stephenson, Belby.
02/03/1728Mar. 2. John Bennison, Kilpin, & Susannah Parish, Howden.
08/04/1729Apr. 8. Geo. Carr, Yokefleet, & Prudence Cooper, Whitgift.
13/04/1729Apr 13. Wm. Wright & Eliz. Walker, Howden.
01/05/1729May 1. Tho. Burton & Anne Breart, Howden.
04/05/1729May 4. Matthew Kitchin & Mary Wharrey, Howden.
08/05/1729May 8. Mr. Thos. Eskricke & Mrs. Hellen Maslen, Howden.
20/05/1729May 20. Mr. Jno. Waile & Mrs. Mary Morritt, Howden.
10/06/1729June 10. Tho. Harland, Howden, & Alice Stephenson, Skelton.
08/07/1729July 8. Thomas Sugden, Laxton, & Anne Garton, Howden.
03/08/1729Aug. 3. Ricd. Ramsey & Catherine Green, both of Asleby.
05/08/1729Aug 5. Peter Holmes & Jane Smith, Saltmarsh.
23/09/1729Sept. 23. Henry Clark, of Seaton Ross, & Mary Wheldrack, of Balkholme.
28/09/1729Sep 28. Thomas Smith & Anne Harrison, of Howden.
06/10/1729Oct. 6. Mr. John Watson & Mrs. Anne Empson, Saltmarsh.
15/11/1729Nov. 15. Geo : Ryley & Eliz. Johnstone, of Wressell.
20/11/1729Nov 20. James Day & Sarah Egar, Howden.
29/11/1729Nov 29. Wm. Headon, Kilpin, & Mary Laverick, Balkholme.
27/12/1729Dec. 27. James Savage, Kilpin, & Mary Hall, Howden.
05/02/1729Feb. 5. Ricd. Pinder & Mary Addinson, Laxton.
09/02/1729Feb 9. Tho. Singleton & Alice Good, Asleby.
30/03/1730Mar. 30. Tho. Awcock and Eliz. Hall, Asleby.
31/03/1730Mar 31. Wm. Leeper, Kilpin, & Esther Dowson, of Scorff parish, Drax.
11/04/1730Apr. 11. Robt. Gilderdale, Laxton, & Eliz. Hutchinson, Fockerby.
14/04/1730Apr 14. Tho. Armstrong, Thorp, & Eliz. Sarratt, Gunby.
30/04/1730Apr 30. Tho. Drurey & Hannah Dowson, Kilpin.
10/05/1730May 10. Richard Calvert & Jane Cross, Yokefleet.
12/05/1730May 12. Wm. Burton & Hannah Hartley, Howden.
18/05/1730May 18. Mat. Dove & Anne Fearn, Howden.
18/05/1730May 18. Robt. Chapman & Anne Cade, Howden.
07/06/1730June 7. Robt. Vavisor & Anne Thomas, Laxton.
09/06/1730Jun 9. William Lowther & Anne Drabs, Asleby.
29/06/1730Jun 29. Richard Stephens & Anne Stephenson, Howden.
30/06/1730Jun 30. Thomas Tasker, Knedlington, & Mary Solly, Booth.
07/07/1730July 7. Wm. Emmit, Thorgonby, & Anne Cliff, Barmby.
18/07/1730Jul 18. Tho : Cobutt & Rachel Johnson, both of Kilpin.
17/08/1730Aug. 17. Robt Ferryman, Howden, & Anne Moor, Barmby.
31/08/1730Aug 31. Wm. Gyles & Margaret Leigh, both of Kilpin.
22/09/1730Sept. 22. James Campbell, Howden, & Jane Leighton, Knedlington.
01/10/1730Oct. 1. Wm. Bennison, Belby, & Anne Sheeperd, Balkholme.
19/10/1730Oct 19. Francis Kirkhouse & Mary Kirkhouse, Howden.
20/10/1730Oct 20. John Woodsworth & Mary Cross, Knedlington.
27/10/1730Oct 27. John Bealby & Alice Gorge, Laxton.
04/11/1730Nov. 4. Revd. Mr. Robt Potter and Mrs. Elizabeth Nixon, both of Howden.
10/11/1730Nov 10. Tho : Plaister & Eliz. Wood, both of Howden.
12/11/1730Nov 12. Robt. Man & Mary Palmer, both of Howden.
14/11/1730Nov 14. John Carr & Eliz. Thompson, both of Thorp.
17/11/1730Nov 17. Benjamine Watson & Anne Laverack, Assleby.
17/11/1730Nov 17. Tho : Snowdale, Goole, & Mary Jackson, Belby.
17/11/1730Nov 17. Michael Norwood & Mary Belby, Saltmarsh.
30/11/1730Nov 30. Charles Taylor & Jane Schooles, both of Skelton.
07/12/1730Dec. 7. Charles Dove & Mary Beelby, Saltmarsh.
18/12/1730Dec 18. Matthew Stephenson & Mary Middleton, Howden.
26/12/1730Dec 26. Matthew Pearson & Margt Sherwood, Howden.
14/01/1730Jan. 14. Samll. Sharp & Anne Waud, Yoakfleet.
24/01/1730Jan 24. Geo : Tuby, Aughton, & Mary Empson, Balkholme.
16/02/1730Feb. 16. John Brabs, of Bubwith, & Mary Dowson, Kilpin.
20/02/1730Feb 20. Tho : Buttle, of Cavil, and Anne Smith, Yoakfleet.
20/04/1731Apr. 20. Thomas Batty & Anne Throstle, both of Assleby.
27/04/1731Apr 27. John Hogg & Eliz. Thorp, both of Howden.
06/07/1731July 6. William Keather & Alice Pocklington, Howden.
29/07/1731Jul 29. Joseph Stainforth & Eleanor Brooks, of Howden.
10/08/1731Aug. 10. John Bennison, Kilpin, & Anne Stephenson, Skelton.
30/10/1731Oct. 30. John Stephenson & Eliz. Good, both of Assleby.
02/11/1731Nov. 2. James Brown & Eliz. Smith, both of Howden.
09/11/1731Nov 9. Robt Wadman, Saltmarsh, Eliz. Steel, Barmby marsh.
15/11/1731Nov 15. John Thompson & Anne Cooke, both of Saltmarsh.
15/11/1731Nov 15. John Smith, of South Duffield, & Eliz. Elleot, of Howden.
16/11/1731Nov 16. Miles Pinder, of Skelton, & Anne Cooke, of Assleby.
16/11/1731Nov 16. Booz Thompson, of Howden, & Susannah Menel, Yokefleet.
16/11/1731Nov 16. James Cocking & Anne Snare, of Sandhall.
23/11/1731Nov 23. Thomas Lieghton & Katherine Coats, both of Skelton.
30/11/1731Nov 30. Robert Thornton & Mary Nutbrown, Assleby.
03/02/1731Feb. 3. Richard Fearn & Jane Richardson, Howden.
03/02/1731Feb 3. Robert Parrot & Eliz. Hart, both of Yoakfleet.
06/02/1731Feb 6. Henry Chambers & Sarah Wilkinson, of Howden.
07/02/1731Feb 7. James Hoop & Anne Watson, both of Assleby.
10/02/1731Feb 10. Thomas Fearn & Sarah Stephenson, Howden.
21/02/1731Feb 21. John Scales, Laxton, Rebecca Bealby, Saltmarsh.
21/02/1731Feb 21. William Dent & Dorothy Beck, of Yokefleet.
11/04/1732Apr. 11. Tho Barker & Rebecca Franks, both of Saltmarsh.
27/04/1732Apr 27. John Drinkall & Anne Wilson, both of Howden.
30/04/1732Apr 30. Robt. Dawson, of Greenoke, & Margt Forge, of Newland.
21/09/1732Sept. 21. John Jackson, of Hook, & Dorothy Drewry, Howden.
12/11/1732Nov. 12. Emmor Ettles & Jane Hartley, both of Skelton.
16/11/1732Nov 16. Tho : Harrison, Cawood, & Dinah Mulkey, Belby.
16/11/1732Nov 16. William Awcock & Mary Sanderson, both of Howden.
23/11/1732Nov 23. Benjamine Wand & Mary Pickhaver, both of Yokefleet.
30/11/1732Nov 30. Joseph Beelby, Saltmarsh, & Mary Mitchil, Knedlington.
02/12/1732Dec. 2. John Burrow, Gole, & Sarah Sanderson, Howden.
26/12/1732Dec 26. George Tudall & Eliz. Scissons, both of Yokefleet.
16/01/1732Jan. 16. Marmaduke Johnson, Bennetland, Anne Stephenson, Kilpin.
06/02/1732Feb. 6. Thomas Bishop & Mary Hueson, both of Laxton.
27/03/1733Mar. 27. John Pinder & Sarah Addison, both of Laxton.
27/03/1733Mar 27. Geo : Cross & Sarah Pearson, both of Balkholme.
27/03/1733Mar 27. Jon : Underwood & Eliz. Rummins, both of Barmby.
03/04/1733Apr. 3. Matthew Clark, North Cave, Eliz : Hogg, Howden.
22/04/1733Apr 22. John Williamson & Esther Pennington, both of Barmby.
24/04/1733Apr 24. John Steel & Anne Jackson, both of Barmby.
04/05/1733May 4. Robert Sugden, Howden, & Mary Burton, Laxton.
05/05/1733May 5. Richard Sharp & Sarah Atkinson, both of Yokefleet.
06/05/1733May 6. Robert Richardson & Catherine Richardson, both of Howden.
10/06/1733June 10. William Biggin & Elizabeth Gokeman, both of Howden.
23/09/1733Sept. 23. William Haigh, of Grimesthorp, Anne Newmarch, Saltmarsh.
06/10/1733Oct. 6. John Threlkeld, Clerk, & Elizabeth Turnell, both of Howden.
07/10/1733Oct 7. William York & Elizabeth Bell, both of Howden.
08/10/1733Oct 8. Thomas Palmer & Mary Newam, both of Laxton.
13/11/1733Nov. 13. Richard Briers, Snaith, Susanna Baram, Howden.
13/11/1733Nov 13. Thomas Vollans & Elizabeth Worell, both of Barmby.
24/11/1733Nov 24. John Jackson & Susanna Cook, both of Laxton.
27/11/1733Nov 27. Richard Farrar & Elizabeth Hessah, both of Laxton.
27/11/1733Nov 27. John Snow, Knedlington, Margt Corner, of Assleby.
27/11/1733Nov 27. Thomas Good, Saltmarsh, Eleanor Garton, of Howden.
01/12/1733Dec. 1. Benjamine Taylor & Sarah Pickhaver, both of Howden.
19/12/1733Dec 19. Martin Robinson, of Barton, Sarah Ary, of Cotness.
01/01/1733Jan. 1. Matthew Long, Belby, Hannah Stevenson, Kilpin.
07/02/1733Feb. 7. Robert Bishop & Elizabeth Cook, both of Laxton.
21/02/1733Feb 21. Joseph Clemett & Anne Coakes, both of Barmby.
25/02/1733Feb 25. George Bealby, Saltmarsh, Barbara Taylor, Skelton.
26/02/1733Feb 26. Benjamine Wily, Whitgift, Sarah Leeton, Skelton.
26/02/1733Feb 26. John Bennison & Anne Gibson, both of Kilpin.
16/04/1734Apr. 16. John Mason & Eleanor Empson, both of Balkholme.
21/04/1734Apr 21. Robert Harrison & Alice Patterick, both of Howden.
23/04/1734Apr 23. Robert Todd, Selby, & Mary Butler, of Barmby.
27/04/1734Apr 27. Michael Lamb & Elizabeth Parker, both of Howden.
28/04/1734Apr 28. William Coates & Anne Baldwin, both of Barmby.
07/05/1734May 7. George Burton, West Cottingworth, Susanna Lamb, Howden.
09/06/1734June 9. Stephen Bulmer & Isabel Haram, both of Howden.
10/07/1734July 10. Samuel South, of Yoakfleet, Anne Kitching, Kilpin.
14/07/1734Jul 14. James Tune & Elizabeth Saunders, both of Howden.
15/07/1734Jul 15. James Gilliot & Elizabeth Westobe, both of Kilpin.
21/07/1734Jul 21. John Smith & Elizabeth Awdus, both of Yokefleet.
21/08/1734Aug. 21. William Sanders, of Kilpin, Senr. & Frances Dowson of ye same.
10/09/1734Sept. 10. William Robinson, Hemingbrough, Marge Spink, Assleby.
17/09/1734Sep 17. Francis Wheldrake & Anne Neezbeck, both of Balkholme.
21/09/1734Sep 21. John Scutt & Anne York, both of Yoakfleet.
21/10/1734Oct. 21. Hezekiah Underwood, Beverley, Susanna Kitching, Howden.
17/11/1734Nov. 17. William Sheriff & Elizabeth White, both of Howden.
01/12/1734Dec. 1. Ralph Allen & Jane Smart, both of Laxton.
30/12/1734Dec 30. Andrew Clemmy & Mary Noble, both of Howden.
31/12/1734Dec 31. Francis Peck, Asselby, & Elizabeth Watson, Yoakfleet.
28/01/1734Jan. 28. Robert Lister & Mary Rhodes, both of Howden.
04/02/1734Feb. 4. Thos. Hutchcroft & Eliz. Bradley, both of Saltmarsh.
09/02/1734Feb 9. John Leckenbye, Spaldington, Jane Bellah, Assleby.
11/02/1734Feb 11. Robert Webster & Anne Stevenson, both of Howden.
16/02/1734Feb 16. John Hobson & Jane Hart, both of Skelton.
18/02/1734Feb 18. Henry Brockbank & Margaret Lawtie, both of Thorp Lidget.
25/03/1735Mar. 25. Thomas Bradley & Mary Pullen, both of Howden.
13/05/1735May 13. Peter English & Mary Frear, both of Skelton.
13/05/1735May 13. Thomas Batman, Howden, Anne Storey, of Belby.
18/05/1735May 18. William Hewson, & Mary Thomas, both of Laxton.
27/05/1735May 27. John Sadler & Jane Clark, both of Howden.
19/08/1735Aug. 19. Thomas Storey, of Belby, & Mary Clark, of Balkholme.
22/09/1735Sept. 22. Thomas Nuam, of Kilpin, & Mary Cross, of Belby.
08/10/17358br. 5. Richard Lee & Sarah Jackson, both of Kilpin.
14/10/1735Oct 14. Richard Laycock & Alice Harrison, both of Howden.
28/10/1735Oct 28. Thomas Dunn & Eizabeth Weddle, both of Howden.
29/10/1735Oct 29. Peter Holmes & Eliz : Drinkall, both of Saltmarsh.
11/11/1735Nov. 11. John Keiser & Elizabeth Lawton, both of Belby.
11/11/1735Nov 11. John Ellis & Elizabeth Cass, both of Barmby.
12/11/1735Nov 12. George Cass & Elizabeth Story, both of Barmby.
13/11/1735Nov 13. Richard Maskel & Anne Hart, both of Barnhill Hall.
13/11/1735Nov 13. Thomas Elmer & Mary Sharp, both of Yoakfleet.
18/11/1735Nov. 18. John Brewins, Carrhouse, Jane Snar, of Clemet Thorp.
18/11/1735Nov 18. Thomas Nelson & Eliz. Calvard, both of Yoakfleet.
18/11/1735Nov 18. William Tasker & Anne Skelton, both of Howden.
18/11/1735Nov 18. John Duckles & Rebecca Scales, both of Saltmarsh.
27/12/1735Dec. 27. John Wright & Mary Snow, both of Knedlington.
01/01/1735Jan. 1. Anthony Chapman, Gribthorpe, Dorothy Henderson, Howden.
05/02/1735Feb. 5. William Branton & Faith Smith, both of Barmby.
12/02/1735Feb 12. John Heckles & Elizabeth Cass, both of Barmby.
12/02/1735Feb 12. John Cass & Mary Gibson, both of Barmby.
17/02/1735Feb 17. Robert Halliwel, Laxton, Jane Lambert, Saltmarsh.
17/02/1735Feb 17. Thomas Gowdale, of Spaldington, Eliz. Rose, of Barmby.
08/03/1735Mar. 8. Edward Garnett, Portington, Sarah Pennington, Barmby.
09/03/1735Mar 9. William Hueson & Eliz. Thompson, both of Howden.
26/04/1736Apr. 26. James Foreshore & Dorothy Jackson, both of Skelton.
27/04/1736Apr 27. John Hall & Eleanor Reed, both of Laxton.
06/05/1736May 6. Thomas Brown & Eliz. Thompson, both of Laxton.
13/05/1736May 13. John Fearn & Hannah Atkinson, both of Howden.
24/08/1736Aug. 24. Robt. Baldwin, Junr. & Elizabeth Hill, both of Barmby.
06/09/1736Sept. 6. Thomas Elmer & Elizabeth Mardison, of Yokefleet.
29/10/1736Oct. 29. Robert Bell & Frances Scutt, both of Howden.
07/11/1736Nov. 7. John Maplebeck, Drax, Margaret Armit, Barmby.
09/11/1736Nov 9. Richard Wilson, Asleby, Jane Poppleton, Holme.
11/11/1736Nov 11. Gervas Copley, Yokefleet, Margt. Blyth, Assleby.
16/11/1736Nov 16. George Coam, Assleby, Jane Thornton, Knedlington.
23/11/1736Nov 23. Joseph Brooks & Mary Brown, both of Howden.
29/11/1736Nov 29. Joseph Belshaw & Anne Linsdale, both of Howden.
29/12/1736Dec. 29. Lawrence Grundy, Howden, & Mary Laverack, Knedl :
16/03/1736Mar. 16. Thos. Harrison & Mary Tayler, both of Sand Hall.
11/04/1736Apr. 11. John Lyon, of Hook, & Rosamond Overend, Duncoats.
14/04/1736Apr 14. Robert Borril Scalby & Anne Garton, Howden.
28/04/1736Apr 28. Thomas Burton & Margaret Graves, both of Howden.
28/04/1736Apr 28. Samuel Dawson & Anne Smith, both of Yoakfleet.
06/05/1736May 6. Thomas Weddle & Elizabeth Dunn, both of Howden.
16/05/1736May 16. Francis Chester & Anne Clarson, both of Howden.
29/08/1736Aug. 29. Thomas Wells & Sarah Harper, both of Saltmarsh.
08/10/17368br 3. Nicholas Youngson & Frances Hotham, of Howden.
05/10/1736Oct 5. John Leaper & Anne Underwood, both of Barmby.
29/10/1736Oct 29. Thomas Stoneley & Eliz. Hawksworth, both of Assleby.
10/11/1736Nov. 10. Robert Scales, Yoakfleet, Hannah Turner, Holme.
14/11/1736Nov 14. Thos. Addams, Skelton, Catherine Johnson, Saltmarsh.
15/11/1736Nov 15. Christopher Waterhouse, Susanna Varlow, Howden.
17/11/1736Nov 17. Robt. Featherstone, Eliz : Ashton, both of Yoakfleet.
17/11/1736Nov 17. William Nelson, Anlaby, Margtt. Thornton, Barmby.
06/12/1736Dec. 6. Robert Boothby & Ruth Middleton, both of Skelton.
26/12/1736Dec 26. Miles Harrison & Martha Haward, both of Howden.
27/12/1736Dec 27. Thos. Brown, Barmby, Jane Jewitt, Skelton.
07/01/1736Jan. 7. John Nutshow & Frances Weadley, both of Welton.
10/01/1736Jan 10. Robert Taylor, Cotness, Mary Hornsey, Howdendike.
31/01/1736Jan 31. Robert Ellis, Spaldington, Eliz : Courser, Balkhome.
18/02/1736Feb. 18. Thomas Jewitt & Eleanor Milner, both of Saltmarsh.
02/04/1738Apr. 2. Edward Stainforth & Cath. Richardson, both of Howden.
25/05/1738May 25. John Johnson & Mary Pearson, both of Assleby.
30/05/1738May 30. Francis Brown & Ursula Empson, both of Howden.
04/07/1738July 4. John Pearson, Howden, Anne Westobie, Howdendike.
18/07/1738Jul 18. Philip Scholfield, Skelton, Mary Copley, Howden.
24/07/1738Jul 24. William Coates & Esther Linsdale, both of Howden.
07/11/1738Nov. 7. George Tuby, Aughton, Catherine Dudding, Thorp.
11/11/1738Nov 11. Peter Holmes & Anne Prune, both of Saltmarsh.
16/11/1738Nov 16. Matthew Lamb, Knedlington, Eleanor Bursah, Kilpin.
28/11/1738Nov 28. John Wilson, Greenock, Anne Bellah, Skelton.
28/11/1738Nov 28. Richard Clark & Elizabeth Stather, both of Thorp.
30/11/1738Nov 30. Robert Foreshore, Hannah Keader, both of Howden.
02/12/1738Dec. 2. Thomas Snell & Martha Fearn, both of Howden.
26/12/1738Dec 26. John Richardson & Eliz. Ramsey, both of Assleby.
26/12/1738Dec 26. Robert Bailey & Eliz. Philips, both of Yoakfleet.
27/12/1738Dec 27. Nathaniel Bell & Eliz. Reynolds, both of this Town.
29/12/1738Dec 29. Robt. Heathey & Susanna White, both of Howden.
01/02/1738Feb. 1. Simon Chappel & Anne Fletcher, both of Barmby.
13/02/1738Feb 13. David Belt & Anne Richardson, both of Howden.
06/03/1738Mar. 6. John Robinson Armin, Mary Eager, of Howden.
06/03/1738Mar 6. William Dixon & Mary Preston, both of Howden.
23/04/1739Apr. 23. Robt. Clark, Skelton, Anne Bennison, Kilpin.
08/05/1739May 8. John Ashton & Eliz. Priest, both of Howden.
09/05/1739May 9. John Weighton & Eliz. Dunn, both of Howden.
03/06/1739June 3. John Meggitt & Mary Patterick, both of Skelton.
01/07/1739July 1. Rich& Horsely & Barbara Nicholson, both of Barmby.
08/08/1739Aug. 8. Thomas Waterhouse & Eliz. Bird, both of Barmby.
22/09/1739Sept. 22. Robert Faram & Sarah Robinson, both of Skelton.
24/09/1739Sep 24. James Stead, of Walton, & Mary Peart, of Knedlington.
18/10/1739Oct. 18. Robert Knowble & Sarah Low, both of Howden.
06/11/1739Nov. 6. Thos. Higgins, of Yoakfleet, Sarah Sheppard, Belby.
13/11/1739Nov 13. John Robinson, of Hook, & Elizabeth Raper, of Howden.
25/11/1739Nov 25. John Brown, of Howden, Susanna Bradley, of Hull.
02/12/1739Dec. 2. John Walton & Mary Dawson, both of Knedlington.
16/12/1739Dec 16. William Robinson & Elizabeth Harrison, both of Barmby.
26/12/1739Dec 26. John Gyles & Anne Dawson, both of Sand Hall.
15/01/1739Jan. 15. James Moxon, of Hook, & Elizabeth Nutbrown, of Howden.
29/01/1739Jan 29. Robert Ramsey & Jane Sutcliffe, both of Assleby.
12/02/1739Feb. 12. Charles Bacon & Anne Smith, both of Howden.
13/02/1739Feb 13. Robert Crowshay & Mary Westoby, both of Howden.
19/02/1739Feb 19. Edward Burton & Jane Watson, both of Newland.
21/02/1739Feb 21. William Stephenson & Hannah Milner, both of Saltmarsh.
08/04/1740Apr. 8. Richd. Johnsen, Assleby, Mary Laverack, Balkholme.
30/04/1740Apr 30. Simon Ayre & Elizabeth Stephenson, both of Howden.
02/05/1740May 2. Abraham Evinson, Normanby, Jane Snell, of Howden.
14/05/1740May 14. Thomas Camplishon, Loftsom, & Jane Laverac, Assleby.
29/05/1740May 29. Joseph Jones, Johanna Middleton, both of Howden.
03/06/1740June 3. John White Kilpin, Alice Bealby, Saltmarsh.
24/06/1740Jun 24. William Richardson & Eliz. Easton, both of Howden.
21/07/1740July 21. Robt. Lolley & Sarah Crane, both of Howden.
29/07/1740Jul 29. Wm. Palmer & Mary Wright, both of Yoakfleet.
17/08/1740Aug. 17. Wm. Alcock & Elizabeth Garton, both of Howden.
13/11/1740Nov. 13. Robt Harwood, Metham, Anne Brafforth, West Linton.
13/11/1740Nov 13. Thos. Cawbutt, Yoakfleet, Barbara Bealby, Saltmarsh.
13/11/1740Nov 13. John Johnson & Mary Wade, both of Barmby.
17/11/1740Nov 17. Samll. Dawson & Anne Priestley, both of Yoakfleet.
17/11/1740Nov 17. Robt. Dudding, West Linton, Mary Oxtoby, Balkholme.
25/11/1740Nov 25. Joseph Cass & Martha Hopper, both of Barmby.
30/11/1740Nov 30. John Cambidge, Hannah Leaper, both of Knedlington.
06/01/1740Jan. 6. Hugh Awdus & Anne Blith, both of Assleby.
22/01/1740Jan 22. Mr. Joshua Dunn, Howden, Mrs. Maria Godfrey, Hook.
03/03/1740Mar. 3. John Clayburne & Mary Horn, both of Howden.
31/03/1741Mar 31. William Copley Newland, Mary Hessah, Laxton.
02/04/1741Apr. 2. John Nutbrown, Spaldington, Anne Lyon, Howden.
27/04/1741Apr 27. David Pearson, Elizabeth Padley, both of Assleby.
05/05/1741May 5. John Dudding, Susannah Wardin, both of Knedlington.
19/05/1741May 19. Thos. Brewer, Hook, Eliz. Peart, of Knedlington.
21/07/1741July 21. Joseph Harrison, Mary Brown, both of Barmby.
26/07/1741Jul 26. Edward Steers Rusholme and Hannah Drewry, Barmby.
08/08/1741Aug. 8. Arthur Chapple & Eliz. Thompson, both of Barmby.
27/08/1741Aug 27. Thomas Garbut & Margaret Robinson, both of Howden.
19/10/1741Oct. 19. Thos. Nutbrown & Eliz : Bilbrough, both of Howden.
22/10/1741Oct 22. Richard Baldwin & Anne Forster, both of Barmby.
12/11/1741Nov. 12. Richard Blackburn, Eliz. Wilson, both of Assleby.
14/11/1741Nov 14. John Smith Sr Grace Coates, both of Laxton.
29/11/1741Nov 29. Ephraim Harper, Mary Thompson, both of Laxton.
30/11/1741Nov 30. Ric : Hindsley, Greenoak, Grace Brown, Barmby.
10/12/1741Dec. 10. John Cade & Elizabeth Sissons, both of Assleby.
22/12/1741Dec 22. Wm. Seal, Assleby, Alice Leaper, Kilpin.
24/12/1741Dec 24. Nicholas Bradley, Dorothy Gillison, Yoakfleet.
27/12/1741Dec 27. Robt. Hurd, Balkholme, Eliz. Stoneley, Assleby.
19/04/1742Apr. 19. Wm. Richmond, Mary Walker, both of Howden.
20/04/1742Apr 20. Edmund Baxter, Jane Halliwel, both of Laxton.
20/04/1742Apr 20. Wm. Copeland, Elizabeth Maskel, both of Howden.
22/04/1742Apr 22. John Cooke, Luddington, Mary Atkinson, Laxton.
27/04/1742Apr 27. John Lighton, Catherine Moseley, both of Skelton.
29/05/1742May 29. George Wall, Eliz. Armstrong, both of Thorp.
29/05/1742May 29. Edward Pindar & Ann Gudgeon, both of Laxton.
01/07/1742July 1. Charles Taylor & Eliz. Thompson, both of Skelton.
05/07/1742Jul 5. William Thersh, Knedlington, Ann Clarkson, Assleby.
02/08/1742Aug. 2. William Blith & Ann Lowther, both of Assleby.
29/08/1742Aug 29. Richd. Todd, Wheldrake, Ann Bell, Barmby.
04/09/1742Sept. 4. Thomas Stoneley, Sarah Hoop, both of Assleby.
27/10/1742Oct. 27. Gamaliel Thompson, Ann Wright, both of Howden.
01/11/1742Nov. 1. Jno. Jaques, Yoakfleet, Jane Kilburne, Howden.
02/11/1742Nov 2. Robt. Drinkal & Eliz : Laycock, both of Howden.
14/11/1742Nov 14. Thomas Nutbrown, Alice Hurst, both of Howden.
14/11/1742Nov 14. Thomas Smith, Alice Chapman, both of Howden.
15/11/1742Nov 15. Thos. Scoam, Clare Cook, both of Belby.
16/11/1742Nov 16. Robt. Dean, Mary Underwood, both of Barmby.
18/11/1742Nov 18. Saml. Steel, Belby, Ann Hessah, Sand Hall.
27/11/1742Nov 27. Edwd. Bishop, Mary Wood, both of Laxton.
30/11/1742Nov 30. Richd. Stather, Howden, Cath. Barker, Barmby.
??/12/1742Dec. - Robert Branton & Mary Harrison, of Barmby.
27/12/1742Dec 27. James Savage & Edith Wilkinson, both of Howden.
02/01/1742Jan. 2. John Fletcher & Mary Wilkinson, both of Howden.
04/01/1742Jan 4. George Corner, Saltmarsh, Martha Taylor, Booth.
01/02/1742Feb. 1. John Snow & Jane Chapman, of Knedlington.
10/02/1742Feb 10. Leonard Branton & Sarah English, both of Barmby.
04/04/1743Apr. 4. John Harrison & Ann Barker, both of Barmby.
17/04/1743Apr 17. John Robinson & Ann Greenupp, both of Barmby.
24/04/1743Apr 24. John Bursay, Mary Thompson, both of Belby.
28/04/1743Apr 28. John Durham, Brackenholme, Ann Brownbridge, Belby.
02/05/1743May 2. John Boothby, Elizabeth Bursay, both of Howden.
05/05/1743May 5. Henry Hall, Sand Hall, Sarah Spencer, Rainsbird.
17/05/1743May 17. Wm. Pallister, Elizabeth Knowble, both of Howden.
16/06/1743June 16. Quintin Snarr, Anne Catterton, Balkholme.
26/06/1743Jun 26. William Snarr, Knedlington, Mary Ashton, Howden.
30/06/1743Jun 30. Thos. Lowther, Frances Hawkings, both of Assleby.
26/07/1743July 26. Wm. Martin, Elizabeth Godfrey, both of Howd.
07/08/1743Aug. 7. Thos. Morritt & Mary Newham, both of Howden.
08/09/1743Sept. 8. Thos. Halliwel, Foggerthorp, Eliz : Wall, Thorp.
26/09/1743Sep 26. Thos. Lee & Hannah Bracebridge, of Howden.
03/11/1743Nov. 3. Samll. Iveson, Mary Dove, both of Saltmarsh.
06/11/1743Nov 6. Wm. Rider, Eleanor Palmer, of Saltmarsh.
12/11/1743Nov 12. Jno. Johnson, Mary English, both of Laxton.
12/11/1743Nov 12. Wm. Bradley, Susanna Hunt, Knedlington.
17/11/1743Nov 17. Jno. Hill, Ann Buttle, both of Yoakfleet.
19/11/1743Nov 19. Jno. Jackson, Kilpin, Mary Duncalf, Howden.
21/11/1743Nov 21. Robt. Belt, Mary Chapman, both of Skelton.
01/12/1743Dec. 1. Thos. Burntoft, Garthorp, Mary Colthard, Assleby.
18/12/1743Dec 18. Jno. Tomlinson, Selby, Mary Lawrence, Barmby.
29/12/1743Dec 29. Robt. Breasley & Ann York, both of Howden.
29/12/1743Dec 29. Edmd. Baxter, Laxton, Deb : Blackburn, Angleby.
01/01/1743Jan. 1. Samll. Cotton, Mary Lambert, both of Howden.
29/01/1743Jan 29. Wm. Fletcher, Assleby, Ann Arlin, of Howden.
31/01/1743Jan. 31. Richd Dent, Poppleton, Eliz. Barker, Barmby.
02/02/1743Feb. 2. Thos. Sissons & Ann Dodsworth, both of Assleby.
27/03/1744Mar. 27. Thos. Empson, Thorp, Eliz : Gibson, Howden.
02/04/1744Apr. 2. Thos. Wilkinson, York, Jane Butterfield, Metham.
16/04/1744Apr 16. Geo. Harrison, Jane Cowlam, both of Yoakfleet.
01/05/1744May 1. Thos. Wood, Skelton, Mary Burrel, Gribthorp.
14/05/1744May 14. Frans. Savage, Swinfleet, Sarah Kevil, Yoakfleet.
21/06/1744June 21. Hammond Seymour, Kilpin, Dorothy Hyde, Howdn.
12/07/1744July 12. Jonathan Brown, Howdn. Mary Newmarch, Saltmarshe.
22/07/1744Jul 22. Mr. Isaac Broadley, Hull, & Ann Eliz : Eskrick, Howd.
16/10/1744Oct. 16. Wm. Meggott, Hook, Eliz. Dawson, Kilpin.
13/11/1744Nov. 13. Jos : Bickerton, Ann Smith, both of Howden.
13/11/1744Nov 13. Jno. Popplewel, Eliz : Cowling, of Saltmarsh.
13/11/1744Nov 13. Jno. Hall, Ann Frank, both of Belby.
13/11/1744Nov 13. Robt. Hurst, Barbara Bradley, of Saltmarsh.
15/11/1744Nov 15. Richd. Ambler, Eliz : Lambert, both of East Linton.
15/11/1744Nov 15. Matt : Dove, Eliz. Reynoldson, both of Howden.
20/11/1744Nov 20. Luke Bell, Eliz. Whiteley, both of Howden.
20/11/1744Nov 20. Thos. Ellis, Yoakfleet, Sarah Lonsdale, Cotness.
22/11/1744Nov 22. Frans. Jackson, Moor Ends, Eliz. Walker, Howden.
27/11/1744Nov 27. Richd. Watson, Ann Moxan, both of Barmby.
04/12/1744Dec. 4. Jno. Atkinson, Mary Bramham, of Assleby.
15/12/1744Dec 15. Leo : Thorp, Howden, Maria Wadsworth, Kned.
26/12/1744Dec 26. Solomon Brewitt, Leah Pearson, Assleby.
27/12/1744Dec 27. Wm. Relph, Barmby, Mary Underwood, Howden.
01/01/1744Jan. 1. David Iveson, Mary Fearn, both of Howden.
07/01/1744Jan 7. Jno. Royston, Ann Bradford, both of Yoakfleet.
17/01/1744Jan 17. Robt. Hayton, Wellam Bridge, Rachel Drewry, Howden.
21/01/1744Jan 21. Thos. Dodgson, Marth : Addiman, both of Howden.
29/01/1744Jan 29. Wm. Underwood, Jane Jackson, both of Howden.
21/04/1745Apr. 21. Jno. Perkin & Mary Lee, both of Kilpin.
25/04/1745Apr 25. Joseph Waterhouse & Mary Harrison, both of Howden.
01/05/1745May 1. John Tate, Sarah Dowson, both of Howden.
12/05/1745May 12. Richd. Waterhouse, Cath : Wilson, Barmby.
19/05/1745May 19. Robt. Fielder, Ann Wilberfoss, Sandhall.
30/07/1745July 30. Jno. Hanker, Isabella Linsdale, both of Kilpin.
31/07/1745Jul 31. James Pearson, Hook, Ann Beamont, of Kilpin.
08/08/1745Aug. 8. Wm. Rusholme, Mary Richardson, both of Howden.
12/08/1745Aug 12. Samll. Whitaker, Saltmarsh, Cat. Leckenby, Laxton.
27/10/1745Oct. 27. Thos. Richardson, Selby, Eliz. Harland, Howden.
09/11/17459br. 3. Thos. Marshal and Alice Mitchel, both of Belby.
12/11/1745Nov 12. John Bealbey & Sarah Tomas, both of Yoakfleet.
13/11/1745Nov 13. William Layburn, Eliz. Bajambe, both of Saltmarsh.
14/11/1745Nov 14. John Leedom, Laxton, Jane Lademan, of Howden.
17/11/1745Nov 17. Thomas Butler, Edith Breasley, both of Howden.
17/11/1745Nov 17. George Hatfield, Laxton, Mary Winter, Kilpin.
18/11/1745Nov 18. John Palmer, Susanna Leckenby, both of Balkholme.
26/10/1745Oct. 26. Robt. Green & Mary Hudson, both of Barmby.
28/10/1745Oct 28. Thos. Fielder & Rebecca Malson, both of Sandhall.
26/12/1745Dec. 26. John Wall, of Hull, Sarah Rusholme, of Howden.
30/12/1745Dec 30. Jo : Bullock, Barwick, Mary Richardson, Howden.
01/01/1745Jan. 1. Herbert Dawson, Laxton, Ruth Blanshard, Howden.
14/01/1745Jan 14. Edwd. Marshal, Redness, Eliz : Bickerton, Howden.
31/01/1745Jan 31. Wm. Bland & Sarah Chambers, both of Howden.
27/06/1746June 27. James Bilbrough & Ann Bray, both of Bilby.
03/07/1746July 3. Matthew Dolphin, of Wresle, & Jane Birdwhistle, of Howden.
23/07/1746Jul 23. Samuel Glasby & Grace Todd, both of Yorkfleet.
05/08/1746Aug. 5. Thos. Long & Dorathy Dent, both of Yorkfleet.
15/08/1746Aug 15. Mark Lowther, of Howden, & Mary Jewson, of Howden dyke.
18/08/1746Aug 18. Joseph Moor and Ann Ward, Both of Yorkfleet.
09/09/1746Septr. 9. Robert Mann & Ann Colton, both of Howden.
02/11/1746Novr. 2. Peter Dean & Sarah Atkinson, both of Howden (Licence).
09/11/1746 9. James Harrinson & Mary Empson, of Balkholme.
10/11/1746 10. John Vicars, of Eastrington, & Mary Nutbrown, of Howden.
13/11/1746 13. John Brigs, of Whitgift, & Barbara Chapman, of Howden.
16/11/1746 16. Ralph Scott, of Blacktoft, & Sarah Bradley, of Howden.
17/11/1746 17. Thos. Drury & Mary Sherburn, both of Belby.
18/11/1746 18. Thos. Moor, of Laxton, & Mary Taylor, of Skelton.
02/02/1746Feb. 2. Thomas Mardison & Mary Coneyworth, both of Howden.
07/05/1747May 7. John Nicholson, of Asselby, & Ann Robin, of Howden.
11/06/1747June 11. Benjamin Underwood & Mary Volans, both of Barmby.
30/08/1747Augt 30. Jonathan Moor & Sarah Lolly.
11/10/1747Octr. 11. Robt Clayburn & Ann Abba.
10/12/1747Decr. 10. Edward Gibson & Elis : Hawksworth.
21/12/1747 21. William Pearce & Jane Hall.
05/01/1747Jany. 5. John Roberts, of Whitgift, & Mary Lambert, of Laxton.
22/01/1747 22. Richard Elliotson & Ann Burtwhistle, of Booth Ferry (Licence).
26/01/1747 26. Robert White, of Wressle Parish, & Margt Blancherd, of Howden (Licence).
26/01/1747 26. John Underwood & Rachel Bulmer, both of Howden (Licence).
18/04/1748April 18. William Barn & Jane Shaw, of Skelton.
07/06/1748June 7 George Sterton & Elizabeth Jackson or Yoakfleet
25/07/1748July 25. Tho Waterhouse & Sarah Hewat, both of Asselby.
20/09/1748Sept. 20. Joseph Tindal, of Breighton, & Ann Leek, of Barmby.
21/09/1748 21. Francis Hutchcroft & Catherine Jopson, both of Barmby.
15/11/1748Novr. 15. John Boys & Elisabeth Dewse, both of Barmby.
23/12/1748Decr. 23. Jervas Copley & Hannah Maram, of Howden Par :
02/02/1748Feby. 2. Thos. White, of Loftsome, & Ellen Cass, of Barmby (Licence).
03/02/1748 3. John Dennis & Elis : Underwood, of Barmby (Licence).
04/04/1749April 4. Wm. Wood & Margt Brown, of Saltmarsh (Licence).
27/04/1749 27. Wm. Cook & Mary Dowson, of Howden.
05/06/1749June 5. Chars. Tayler & Mary Woolhams, of Skelton.
25/06/1749 25. Matthew Jubb & Mary Laverick, of Yoakfleet.
12/06/1749 12. James Richardson & Ann Argyle, of Howden.
25/06/1749 25. Wm. Rushworth, Par. of Egbrough or Kellington, & Hannah Peacock, of this Parish.
03/08/1749Augt. 3. Charles Metham, Sailor, & Ann Breasley.
15/10/1749Octr. 15. John Green, of Saltmarsh, & Sarah Jewitt.
12/11/1749Novr. 12. Matthew Hornsby, of Belferrys, York, & Jane Grasson, of Howden.
17/11/1749 17. George Pickhaver & Ann South, of Howden.
21/11/1749 21. John Thompson & Mary Goodhair, of Saltmarsh.
30/11/1749 30. Will. Newham & Frances Heedal, both of Kilpin.
30/11/1749 30. Benjamin Sanderson & Mary Bradley, Kilpin.
02/12/1749Decr. 2. Benjamin Wilson, of Gainsborough, Sailor, & Ellin Breasley, of Howden.
06/12/1749 6. George Carter, of Asselby, & Ellin Mason, of Howden.
26/12/1749 26. Edward Brewster, of Kilpin, & Hanna Tasker, of Belby.
26/12/1749 26. Arthur Otley & Ann Turner, of Barmby.
26/12/1749 26. George Mason & Elis : Clark, both of Howden.
30/12/1749 30. Joseph Willson & Ann Butler, both of Barmby (Licence).
04/02/1749Feb. 4. Moses Drake & Mary Chimney, of Howden Dyke.
05/02/1749 5. Wm. Andrew, of Barmby, & Jane Wilkinson, of Howden. (Licence).
11/02/1749 11. Wm. Cliff & Sarah Nutbrown, of Howden.
13/03/1749March 13. George Teatall, of Yokefleet, & Bridgett Johnson, of Welton.
27/03/1750March 27. Tho Lewis & Ann Levens, of Howden.
17/04/1750April 17. Robt. Skin & Martha Palmer, of Asselby.
19/04/1750 19. George Farret & Mary Snarr.
07/06/1750June 7. Joseph Thorp, of Armin, & Elis : Hessey, of Howden.
05/07/1750July 5. German Gillyard & Sarah Bilton, of Howden.
25/07/1750 25. Paul Pickhaver & Mary Johnson, of Barmby.
10/08/1750Augt. 10. Abraham Holmes & Sarah Mowberry, of Yoakfleet.
23/09/1750Septr. 23. William Waters & Mary Leaper, of Barmby.
28/10/1750Octr. 28. John Nutbrown & Elis : Richardson, of Asselby.
30/10/1750 30. David Belt & Mary meson, both of Howden.
01/11/1750Novr. 1. Henry Horseman & Mary English, of Howden.(Licence).
06/11/1750Nov. 6. William Fox & Elliner Story, of Barmby.
13/11/1750 13. James Bramman, of Newland, & Ann Branton, of Barmby.
13/11/1750 13. John Hobson & Alice Robinson, of Laxton
15/11/1750 15. Saml. Hall, of Thorp, & Mary Johnson, of Laxton.
26/11/1750 26. T hos. Watson, of Cavil, & Martha Harwood, of Thorp
04/12/1750Decr. 4. John Torton, of Gripthorp, & Mary Stubbins, of Brin
26/12/1750 26. John Wilkinson & Mary Coggrave, of Howden.
31/12/1750 31. John Thorp & Hannah Robinson, of Howden.
06/01/1750Jany 6. John Nutbrown & Grace Hall, of Howden.
24/01/1750 24. Joseph Mayfield, of Barmby, & Jane Lambert, Newland
04/02/1750Feby 4. Christopher Johnson & Elis : Wright, of Howden.
12/02/1750 12. Thos. Bateson, of Weighton, & Elis : Butler, Barmby. (Licence).
11/03/1751March 11. Thos Thompson & Mary Ayre, of this Town. (Licence).
09/04/1751April. 9. Thos. Batty & Mary Ilinger, of Asselby.
13/06/1751June 13. Richard Scott, of Rawcliff. & Eliza : Hastings, of Howden.
15/06/1751 15. William Hodgson & Hannah Drury, both of Barmby.
28/07/1751July 28. William Halliday & Bathsheba Smorfitt, of Barmby.
02/08/1751Augt. 2. Ambrose Baxter & Ann Day, both of Saltmarsh.
20/10/1751Octr. 20. John Laverick & Ann Jewett, both of this Parish. (Licence).
20/10/1751 20. Thos. Ellison, of Hemingbrough, & Elis : Brown, of Barmby.
03/11/1751Nov. 3. William Palmer & Mary Pinder, both of this Town.
13/11/1751 13. William Pearson & Susan : Palmer, of this Town.
14/11/1751 14. Richard Tomlinson & Elisa : Bell, of Saltmarsh.
24/11/1751 24. Hugh Watkins & Isabella Stainforth, of Carhouse.
24/12/1751Dec. 24. Thos. Good, of Saltmarsh, & Sarah Jewitt, of Redness.
29/12/1751 29. Richd. Levitt & Mary Mounsier, both of Asselby.
12/02/1752Feby 12. John Alcock & Hannah Grayton, of Sand Hall.
11/03/1752Mar. 11. Boaz Thompson & Martha Middleton.
31/03/1752 31. Richd. Olmley, of Laxton, & Cathe Whitaker, of Sandholme.
11/04/1752April. 11. John Pearch & Mary Atkinson, both of Asselby.
30/04/1752 30. John Martingale & Mary Cook, of Howden Dyke.
06/06/1752June 6. Thos. White, of Barmby, & Sarah Winter, of Asselby.
03/11/1752Novr 3. John Good & Sarah Smith, of Howden Dyke
12/11/1752 12. Stephen Thompson & Mary Richardson. of Howden.
21/11/1752 21. Joseph Andrew, of Barmby. & Elis : Ellis, of Kilpin.
23/11/1752 23. Allen Hutch, of Whitgift, & Joanna Hill, of Howden.
23/11/1752 23. David Long & Sarah Whickfall, of Yokefleet.
26/11/1752 26. Wm. Winter & Elis : Weldrake, of Asselby.
26/11/1752 26. Amor Duckles & Ann Carr, of Yoakfleet.
26/12/1752Dec. 26. Christr. Tayler & Frances Newham.
26/12/1752 26. John Tate & Joanna Moor, of Howden.
05/05/1753May 5. George Brooks & Susannah Stephenson (Licence).
18/06/1753June 18. George Clark, of Latham, & Ann Todd, of Barmby.
03/07/1753July 3. Thos. Bromley & Hannah Bovil, of Howden.
26/07/1753 26. Robert Rames & Mary Beaumont (pedlers).
26/08/1753Aug. 26. George Moor & Mary Powis, of Saltmarsh.
18/10/1753Octr. 18. James Smorfit, of Drax, & Ann Potter, of Howden.
06/11/1753Novr. 6. John Wood & Susannah Bell, of Barmby.
25/11/1753 25. John Thompson & Ann Bell, of Knedlington.
27/11/1753 27. Richard Hindesley & Margaret Jewitt (Licence).
27/11/1753 27. Guy Hawkins, of Wressle, & Alice Cook, of Balkholme.
28/11/1753 28. Pelham Smith & Neaty Rowland, of Barmby.
28/11/1753 28. Thomas Backhouse, of Laxton, & Ellen Larch.
03/12/1753Dec. 3. George Jennison & Ann Greenwood.
03/12/1753 3. Abraham Holmes, of Yoakfleet, & Mary Hawksworth, of Asselby.
05/12/1753 5. Thos. Nutbrown & Ann Boys, of Barmby.
24/12/1753 24. William Underwood & Mary Smorfit.
24/12/1753 24. Thos. Parrot & Ann Thompson, both of Yoakfleet.
30/01/1754Jany 30. Robert Johnson, of Skelton, & Ann Norwood, of Saltmarsh.
04/02/1754Feby 4. John Mails, of Holme, & Ann Millington, of Howden.
09/02/1754 9. John Brown & Rebecca Andrew (Licence).
19/02/1754 19. Abram Haigh. of Saltmarsh. & Elisabeth Smith, of Asselby. (Licence).
20/04/1754April 20. Hammond Seymour & Mary Masterman (Licence).
(All marriages were by banns unless otherwise stated.)
02/05/17542 May. John Tate & Rebecca Whiteley, both of Howden, by John Mallison, Curate. Witns : James Godmond, Vicar, & Thos. Athorpe.
22/05/175422 May. Thomas Handsome & Elisabeth Chappel, both of Howden. Witns : William Cooke, Mary Cook.
27/05/175427 May. William Proctor & Anne Wentworth, both of Howden. Witns : Wm. Glew, Elener Potes.
28/05/175428 May. Henry Brocklebank & Ann Wilson, both of Howden. Witns : Edward Vcase, Jr. James Godmond.
30/05/175430 May. Thomas Bentley, Par : of Market Weighton, and Mary Robinson. of this Parish. (Licence). Witns : Jordan Brisby, Hannah Keader.
04/06/17544 June. Robert Laybourne &.Margaret Railton, both of this Par : Witns : Edward Underwood, George Moore.
24/06/175424 June. John Cavin & Ann Sharp, both of this Par : Witns 11 Robt. Waud, Mary Empson.
03/07/17543 July. John Watson & Mary Williamson, both of this Par : (Licence). Witns : M. Taleor, William Cooke.
15/07/175415 July. Thomas Wilicock, Joiner, & Hannah Noble, Spinster, both of Howden. Witns : Richd. Bainton, Mary Lister.
15/07/175415 July. Paul Watkin, Tayler, & Mary Smith, spinster, both of Howden. Witns : Eliz : Preston, William Cooke.
25/07/175425 July. Samuel Rodwell, of Thorn, Mariner, & Margaret Kitchen, of Howden, spinster. Witns : Matthew Kitchen, Hannah Keader.
30/07/175430 July. William Flockton, Mariner, & Sarah Anderson, spinster, both of Howden. Witns : Richd. Ward, Elizth. Ward.
15/08/175415 Augt. Francis Smith & Sarah Armitage, both of Howden. Witns : Wm. Armitage, Jacob Maslin.
24/09/175424 Septr. Thomas Dowson, of Skelton, Husbandman, & Mary Dallby, of Howden. (Licence). Witns : John Dalby, Athorp Garton.
03/10/17543 Oct. William Tasker, Labourer, & Ann Webster, widow, both of this Par : Witns : Mary Bullmar, Boaz Thompson.
05/11/17545 Novr. William Tate, of Knedlington, & Anne Shepherd, of Howden. Witns : John Wadsworth, William Cooke.
11/11/175411 Novr. George Mason, of Howden, Labourer, & Ann Wilson, of Brin, Par : Wressel. Witns : William Coats, William Cooke.
12/11/175412 Nov. William Glew & Mary Fletcher, both of this Par : Witns : Tho. Leek, Mary Lister.
26/11/175426 Nov. Samuel Green & Mary Todd, both of this Parish. Witns: Thomas Green, Elizabeth Cass.
26/11/175426 Novr. Thomas Scalm, of Howden, & Mary Buttle, Par : Snaith. Witns : Thos. Brown, Jas. Watson.
01/12/17541 Decr. Thomas Harper & Ann Colbert, both of this Par : Witns : George Cross, Sarah Cross.
03/12/17543 Decr. John Wilson & Anne Thompson, both of this Par : Witns : Sothn. Millington, William Cooke.
03/12/17543 Dec. John Fish & Sarah Arnal, both of Howden. Witns : Thos. Burntofts, Willm. Cooke.
08/12/17548 Dec. Christopher White, Cooper, & Mary Spence, Spinster, both of Howden. (Licence). Witns : Wm. Booth, Wm. Dalby.
10/12/175410 Decr. Samuel Collin, Husbandman, & Jane Kendall, spinster, both of this Par : Witns : Joseph West, Ann West, George Wise.
24/12/175424 Decr. Peter Millington, of Easterington, and Jane Clerk, of Howden. Witns : Thomas Turnell, John Hudson, Ann Barber.
??/12/1754Decr. Banns only. Thomas Smith, of Howden, & Eliz: Kettlestrings, of Eastrington.
??/12/1754Decr. Banns only. Thos. Laverick, of Howden, & Elis : Wilkinson, Par. South Cave.
20/01/175520 Jany Thos. Coggin, servant, & Ann Brown, spinster, of Carr House. Witns : Richard Stather, William Cooke.
20/01/175520 Jany James Watson & Elisabeth Agar, both of this Par : Witns : John Peach.
28/01/175528 Jany William Gray & Mary Meggot, both of Howden. Witns : Thos. Dowson, Mary Dowson.
10/02/175510 Feby William Gott, Husbandman, & Mary Harrison, spinster, both of this Par : (Licence). Witns : Thos. Harrison. William Cooke.
01/04/17551 April. William Andrew & Ann Story, both of this Parish. Witns : Jno. Barry, Jno. Fiske.
15/04/175515 April. Edward Cobb, Par. of Hemingburgh, & Elizabeth Cook, of Howden. Witns : Thomas Thompson, William Cooke.
04/05/17554 May. John Perch & Jane Pinkney, both of the par : of Howden. Witns : Willm. Cooke.
17/06/175517 June. William Newham & Elisabeth Bentley, both of Howden. Witns : John Newam, Edward Fleeman.
08/07/17558 July. Thos. Royle & Ann Dowson, both of this Par : Witns : William Coats, Esther Coats.
19/08/175519 Augt. Thos. Stainforth, weaver, & Elisabeth Webster, spinster, both of Howden. Witns : John Harrison, Tho. Bentley.
24/08/175524 Augt. Thomas Cooke & Catharine Cade, both of Howden. Witns : William Cooke, Mary Cooke.
06/09/17556 Sept. John Alston, Par : of St. Edmund, Salisbury, in the Co : of Wiltshire, officer in ye Excise, & Catherine Lowther, of Howden, spinster, by Licence. Witns : Elizabeth Bywater, John Stainton.
07/09/17557 Septr Henry Bell, Junr. Par. of Bubwith, Husbandman, & Jane Blanshard, of Howden. (Licence). Witns : Robert Blanshard, William Cooke.
03/11/17553 Novr. John Harrison & Catherine Blanshard, Widow, both of Howden. Witns : William Booth, Anthony Guy.
25/11/175525 Novr. Robert Roulland & Elisabeth Ellinworth, both of this Par : Witns : Jonathan Goodwill, Wm. Ellinworth.
26/11/175526 Novr. George Craven, Labourer, & Ann Riley, servant, both of this Par. Witns: Margaret Simpson, Mary Smart.
08/12/17558 Decr John Denton, Serjeant, & Sarah Tomlinson, both of this Par. Witns : Willm. Cockburn.
09/12/17559 Decr. James Allen, FIaxdresser, & Grace Pilkington, spinster, both of Howden. Witns : John Briggs, Junr, William Cooke.
11/12/175511 Decr. Stephen Corbett, of St. Martin's, Leicester, Hosier, & Anna Bullen, of Howden. (Licence). Witns : John Nicholson, William Booth.
11/12/175511 Decr. Jonathan Overan, Husbandman, & Rebecka Palmer, spinster, both of Howden Par. Witns : John Wilkinson, Willm. Harling.
14/01/175614 Jany. John Oades, Blacksmith, & Mary Sherwood, spinster, both of Howden Par : by Edward Robinson, Clerk. Witns : Tho. Linthall, Joseph Jewitt.
28/01/175628 Jany. Richard Stadder, Husbandman, of Howden, & Elisabeth Hessey, of Blacktoft, spinster. Witns : Thos. Smart, Abr : Haigh.
03/02/17563 Feb. Wm. Nicholson, shoemaker, & Elisabeth Stainforth, spinster, both of Howden Par : Witns : John Best, Robert Kirkhouse.
17/02/175617 Feby. William Craven, Joiner, & Eleanor Porter, Par : of Howden. Witns : Thomas Frear, Thomas Fearn.
22/02/175622 Feby. John Sadler, Tayler, & Margaret Peers, both of Howden. Witns : John Wilson, Isaac Gedmond.
17/03/175617 March. Robert Underwood, Husbandman, and Eliz : Kellington, Par. of Howden. Witns: R. Spofforth, Junr. Isaac Godmond.
20/03/175620 March. Hammond Seymour, Husbandman, & Catherine Leighton, spinster, both of Howden Par : by Licence. Witns: Thomas Leighton, Isaac Godmond.
22/04/175622 April. Thos. Bradley, butcher, & Margaret Stickney, both of Howden Par : Witns : Wm. Logan, Henry Best.
06/05/17566 May. Willm. Royland, Husbandman, & Jane Awmon, widow, both of Howden Par. Witns : Willm Ellingworth, Wm. Cooke.
23/05/175623 May. John Drewry, of Drax, Bookkeeper, & Martha Jackson, of Howden, spinster, by Licence. Witns : John Jackson, William Hodgson.
25/05/175625 May. John Cobb, of Hembrough, Bricklayer, & Ann Cook, of Howden, spinster. Witns : John Eland, Thos. Bentley.
09/06/17569 June. Cornelius Hill, of Armin, & Mary Wells, of Howden, by Licence. Witns : Tho. Bentley, Jno. Fletcher.
21/06/175621 June. Gorge Allison & Sarah Harrison, both of Howden Par : Witns : Jas. Pears, Mary Wilson.
29/06/175629 June. George Newby, of Sculcoates, Mariner. & Elizabeth Clay, spinster, of this Par : by Licence. Witns : Thos. Smart, Thos. Field.
20/07/175620 July. John Bartle, servant, & Mary Harrison, servant, both of Howden. Witns : John Dallbv, Thomas Thorpe.
12/08/175612 Augt. George Vollans, Baker, & Mary Gostlow, servant, both of Howden. Witns : William Booth, John Hudson.
12/09/175612 Septr. George Coats, servant, & Hannah Catterick, both of Howden. Witns : Jno. Batty, Wm. Cooke.
25/10/175625 Octr. John Blanshard, Labourer, & Ann Steaner, both of Howden Par. Witns : Jonathan Goodwill, Frances Alcock.
21/11/175621 Novr. George Nevill, of Whitgift, & Alice Alcock, of Howden. Witns : Thos. Alcock, Wm. Cooke.
23/11/175623 Novr. Robert Ridsdale & Mary Tasker, both of Howden Par : Witns : Thos. Atkinson, John Dallby.
23/11/175623 Novr. Lewis Jewitt, servant, & Mary Holmes, servant, both of Howden Par. Witns : Thos. Jewitt, Wm. Cooke.
28/11/175628 Novr. Robert Selly, of Drax, Blacksmith, & Elizabeth King, of Howden, spinster. Witns : Robart Lister, Jas. Godmond, Vicar.
12/12/175612 Decr. William Doughty, sailor, & Jane Cammel, Mantua Maker, both of Howden Par : by Licence. Witns : Andw. Campsell.
27/12/175627 Decr. Richard Johnson, Husbandman, & Mary Willson, servant, both of Howden Par : Witn : William Winter.
04/01/17574 Jan. Thomas Weldrake, Husbandman, & Mary Hessey, spinster, both of Howden Par : Witns : Rich : Hindesley, John Laverack.
24/01/175724 Jan. Samuel Cotton, shoemaker, & Rebecca Danscme, spinster, both of Howden Par : Witns : Christopher Waterhouse, Frs. Thackra.
13/02/175713 Feb. .... William Lawtv, Husbandman, & Isabel Kelsey, Widow, both of Howden Par : Witn : Henry Brocklebank.
01/05/17571 May. John Thompson, Shoemaker, & Hannah Keader, spinster, both of Howden (Licence) Witns : Henry Brocklebank, Charles Keader.
28/04/175728 April. Thomas Drury, of Thorp, Husbandman, & Mary Kell, of Knedlington, widow. Witn : John Bullass.
23/05/175723 May. John Headley, of Eastrington, Husbandman, & Ann Moor, of Howden, servant. Witn : William Coats.
29/06/175729 June. Robert Wilson, Butcher, & Sarah Steel, spinster, both of Howden, by Licence, in Barmby Chapel, by Will. Burges. Curate. Witns : Robt. Crookdake, John Maynard.
30/06/175730 June. Robert Wilberfosse, of Bubwith, Husbandman, & Sarah Smith, of Howden, spinster. (Licence). Witns : Martha Smith, Joseph Birdwhistle.
19/07/175719 July. Charles Fearn, Skinner, & Jane Rowland, both of Howden Par : Witns : John Tiplady, Edmund Maltby.
05/06/17575 June. Edward Day, Joiner, & Elisabeth Fearnley, spinster, both of Howden Par
01/08/17571 Augt. Thomas Cass, Husbandman. of this Parish, & Ann Walker, of North Cave, spinster. Witns : Jno. Walker, Marmaduke Procter. E. ROBINSON, Curate.
07/08/17577 Augt. George Harrison, Labourer, & Jane Wood, both of Howden. JAS. GODMOND, Vicar.
27/08/175727 Augt Richard Smith. Waterman, & Ann Garnett, both of Howden. Witn : Grace Crawshow.
30/08/175730 Augt Thomas Frear, Husbandman, & Martha Keader, spinster, both of Howden (Licence). Witns : Robt. Sutton Charles Keader.
10/09/175710 Septr William Green, servant, & Susanna Young, servt. both of Howden. Witn : Robt. Bell.
18/09/175718 Septr. William Hardy, Joiner, & Elisabeth Godfrey, Spinster, both of Howden (Licence). Witns : Wm. Hardy, John Bulmer.
19/09/175719 Septr. Charles Fletcher, Husbandman, & Alice Singleton, widow (Licence). Witn : John Good.
20/09/175720 Septr. John Mashiter, of St. Mary's, Lancaster, Ropemaker, & Ann Harrison, of Barmby, spinster (Licence). Witn: Josh. Harrison.
25/09/175725 Sept. Martin Stainley, weaver, & Jane Eckles, widow, both of Howden. Witn : John Tiplady.
16/10/175716 Octr. Thomas Bilton, shoemaker, & Ann Webster, both of Howden. Witns : John Tiplady, Edmund Maltby.
18/10/175718 Octr. John Nicholson, Exciseman, & Mary Markham, spinster, both of Howden (Licence). Witns : Ann Spofforth, Charles Kedar.
01/11/17571 Nov. John Steel, Husbandman, & Sarah Atkinson, spinster, both of Howden. Witns : William Hodgson, Thomas Peach.
05/11/17575 Novr. James Hardy, Husbandman, & Ann Laverack, both of Howden (Licence). Witn : Robert Thornbrough.
23/11/175723 Nov. Joseph Thompson, Husbandman, & Mary Markham, spinster, both of Howden Par : Witn : Robert Underwood.
22/11/175722 Novr. John Leaper, Carpenter, & Elisabeth Smith, servant, both of Howden Par : Witn : William Leaper.
23/11/175723 Novr. Robert Chaplain, servant, & Elizabeth Hardy, spinster, both of Howden Par : Witn : James Hardy.
24/11/175724 Nov. Joseph Townend, servant, & Mary Hurst, servant, both of Howden Par : Witn : Robt. Har.
24/11/175724 Nov. John Pinder, Carpenter, & Hannah Cass, servant, both of Howden Par : Witn : Mary Lamb.
24/11/175724 Novr. William Abba, of Howden, servt. and Elizabeth Watson, of Bubwith, servant. Witn : Richd. Waterhouse.
26/11/175726 Nov. Rich& Ramsey, weaver, & Mary Russell, spinster, both of Howden Par :
27/11/175727 Novr. John Gowthorp, servant, & Elizabeth Dixon, widow, both of Howden Par : Witns : Nich : Blanshard.
06/12/17576 Dec. Joseph Elcock, servant, & Sarah Blanshard, servant, both , of Howden Par : Witn : Robert Blanshard.
06/12/17576 Dec. George Empson, servant, & Mary Weldrake, servant, both of Howden Par : Witn : Matthew Smith.
06/12/17576 Dec. Edward Jewitt, servant, & Elizabeth Haigh, spinster, both of Howden Par : Witn : Abraham Haigh.
11/12/175711 Dec. Samuel Brown, Butcher, & Mary Hall, servant, both of Howden Par : Witn : Edeyth Savage.
13/12/175713 Dec. William Singleton, Husbandman, & Hannah Hoop, spinster, both of Howden Par : Witns : James Cammell. James Howse.
26/12/175726 Dec. Jonathan Goodwill, servant, & Mary Walker, spinster, both of Howden Par : Witns : William Booth, Thos. Gipp.
09/02/17589 Feby. Robert Waud, Victuler, & Ann Barber, servant, both of Howden Par : (Licence). Witn : Marmaduke Procter.
23/03/175823 March. Thomas Speck, Glazier, & Mary Hogg, spinster, both of Howden Par : Witns : Richard Fearn, John Ayre.
28/03/175828 March. William Calvert, of Hook, Husbandman, & Sarah Leaper, of Howden Par : spinster. Witns : John Leaper, Willm. Leaper.
11/04/175811 April. George Athorp, Gentleman, & Miss Elizabeth Graver, both of Howden Par : (Licence). Witns : Thomas Graver, Robert Athorpe.
16/04/175816 April. Robert Maskall, Shoemaker, & Mary Gastalow, widow, both of Howden Par : Witn : John Tiplady.
27/04/175827 April. John Wightley, servant, Howden Par : & Mary Thompson, servant, Wressel Par. JAMES GODMOND, Vicar.
07/05/17587 May. Benjamin Hill, Husbandman, & Bridgett Tutil, widow, both of Howden Par : Witn : Edward Voase.
16/05/175816 May. Edward Jackson, of Bubwith, servant, & Elizabeth Martin, of Howden, servant.
24/05/175824 May. Thomas Garbutt, Shoemaker, & Sarah Chambers, servant, both of Howden Par : ISAAC NICHOLSON, Curate.
11/06/175811 June. Joseph Harrison, Husbandman, & Mary Knott, spinster, both of Howden Par : married in Barmby Chapel (Licence), by Will. Burges, Curate. Witns : Jno. Mashiter, Robt. Crookdake.
13/06/175813 June. Edward Swan, Labourer, & Ann Pinder, spinster, both of Howden Par. Witns : John Haram, William Booth.
20/06/175820 June. William Kerchisson, Junr. and Sarah Ayre, Spinster, both of Howden Par : Witn : Ann Drinkal. JAS. GODMOND, Vicar.
29/06/175829 June. Robert Good & Ann Good, spinster, both of Howden, by Isaac Nicholson. Witns : Charles Fletcher, Tho : Bentley.
23/10/175823 Octr. William Geikie, servant, & Jane Harrison, servant, both of Howden Par : Witns : William Rodwell, Philip Greenup.
25/11/175825 Novr. George Bentley, servant, & Mary Taylor, servant, both of Howden Par : JAMES GODMOND, Vicar.
30/11/175830 Novr. Gregory Thornton, servant, & Mary Empson, servant. JAMES GODMOND, Vicar.
03/12/17583 Decr. Edward Thrussel, Husbandman, & Sarah Moat, widow, both of Howden Par :
07/12/17587 Decr. George Howthorpe, Eastrington Par : & Mary Bell, widow, of Howden. Witn : Jonathan Goodwill.
10/12/175810 Decr. John Bell, Miller, & Elizabeth Stainforth, widow, both of Howden Par : Witn : Thos. Bentley.
27/12/175827 Decr. Robert Bishop, Labourer, & Mary Johnson, widow, both of Howden Par : Witns : Thomas Kedar, Josh. Jewitt.
09/01/17599 Jany. Matthew Iveson, Husbandman, & Margaret Brooks, spinster, both of Howden Par : (Licence). Witns : John Brooks, Joseph Brooks.
23/01/175923 Jany. Samuel Bower, Labourer, Eastrington Parish, & Mary Drabs, Par : of Howden.
24/01/175924 Jany. Jacob Richardson, Husbandman, & Ann Hudson, both of Howden Par : ISAAC NICHOLSON, Curate.
26/02/175926 Feb. George Easingwood & Elizabeth Atkinson. Witns: John Tiplady, Elias Branton.
18/03/175918 March. Wm. Stockdale & Mary Riley, both of Yokefleet. Witns: Jno. Sharp, W. Riley.
10/04/175910 April. Thomas Pickard & Mary Battle, both of Howden Parish. Witt : Tho Audas.
17/05/175917 May. Henry Best, Shoemaker, & Rebekah Clark, servant, both of Howden Par : Witns : John Best, Mary Kirkhouse.
22/05/175922 May. Aaron Armitage, Waterman, & Dorothy Procter, both of Howden Par : Witn : John Tate.
05/06/17595 June. James Clemet, Staymaker, Jane Bolden, spinster, both of Howden Par : Witns : Tho. Bentley, Joseph Clemit.
14/06/175914 June. John Jackson, Taylor, & Mary Stoneley, servant, both of Howden Par : Witns : John laverack, Elizabeth Stephenson.
19/06/175919 June. James Gilyeat, Servant, & Martha Walsh, Servant, both of Howden Par : Witns : John Wilson, John Kirkhouse.
26/06/175926 June. Robert Souwl, of Whitgift, servant, & Deborah Eccles, servant. Witns : Mary Burton, Martin Stoneley.
01/07/17591 July. John Turton, of Santinley, Par. of Wragby, & Ann Haigh, Par. of Howden (Licence). Witns : Abraham Haigh, Benjamin Turton.
12/08/175912 Aug. Thomas Audas, Husbandman, & Elizabeth Stephenson, spinster, both of Howden Par. Witns-: Thos. Brown, Jno. Stephenson.
14/08/175914 Augt. George Blanshard, Husbandman. of Howden Par : & Sarah Earnshaw, spinster, of North Cave. (Licence). Witns : Robt. Blanshard, Junr. Robert Blanshard, Senr
01/11/17591 Novr. Thomas Wilcock, Joiner, & Elizabeth Firth, spinster, both of Howden Par : Witn : John Hyde.
01/11/17591 Nov. John Noble, Weaver, & Hannah Maskell, spinster, both of Howden Par : Witn : Thomas Freer.
06/11/17596 Nov. Robert Parrot, Labourer, & Elizabeth Ward, Servant, both of Howden Par : Witn : Benjn. Watkinson.
25/11/175925 Novr. David Pearson, Innkeeper, of Drax, and Hannah Todd, of Howden. Witns : Robt Wilson, Thos. Baitson.
27/11/175927 Nov. Thomas Cook, servant, & Mary Norwood, spinster. Witns : Michael Norwood, Jno. Norwood.
28/11/175928 Nov. John Stainton, servant, of Whitgift, & Ann Roberts, servant, of Howden. Witn : John Stainton. ISAAC NICHOLSON, Curate.
14/12/175914 Dec. John Wright, & Mary Jackson, both of Howden Par : Witns : Thos Lea, David Pearson.
20/12/175920 Dec. Richard Long, servant, & Hannah Beeston, servant, both of Howden Par :
19/02/176019 Feb. Robert Johnson, Husbandman, & Ellin Bacchus, Widow, both of Howden Par.
19/02/176019 Feby Robert Dunn, of Howden, Mercht. & Elizabeth Athorpe, of Laxton. (Licence). Witns : William Dunn, Hannah Dunn, Susana Dunn.
08/04/17608 April. Simpson Colt, servant, & Elizabeth Airy, servant, both of Howden Par. Witns : John Kirkhouse, John Drinkall.
28/04/176028 April, Thomas Brown, Husbandman, of Brindleys (extra parochial), & Ann Burton, of Howden, by Licence. Witns : Henry Sowley, W11. Brown.
01/05/17601 May. Philip Greenup, Flaxdresser, & Jane Day, spinster, both of Howden Par. Witn : Jno. Day.
01/05/17601 May. Edward Day, Joyner, & Ann Palmer, servant, both of Howden Par :
10/05/176010 May. Edwd. Voase, Blacksmith, & Ann Savage, spinster, both of Howden Par : (Licence). Witn : Richard Sowerby.
10/05/176010 May. Anthony Forster, Husbandman, of Stillingfleet, & Martha Chaplain, servant, of Howden. Witn : Robert Chaplain.
13/05/176013 May. Abraham Rowntree, Apothecary, & Margaret Hudson, spinster, both of Howden Par : (Licence). Witns : Henry Sowley, Ann Spofforth.
03/06/17603 June. Richard Ambler, Labourer, & Elizabeth Harper, servant, both of Howden Par : Witn : R. Jewitt.
03/08/17603 Aug. John Bell & Elizabeth Maram, both of Yokefleet. Wm. Leech, Curate. Witns : Amaziah Duckles, Wm. Grassby.
16/09/176016 Sept. Daniel Deighton, Carpenter, & Joanna Ash, Bilbrough. spinster, both of Howden Parish. Lancelot Godmond, Curate. Witns : Martin Bilbrough, Jno. Tyas.
29/09/176029 Septr. Robert Brown, of Ellerton, Husbandman, & Margaret Durham, of Howden, spinster. (Licence). Witns : Wm Brown, Mary Brown.
02/10/17602 Oct. John Day, shoemaker, & Ann Robsone, servant, both of Howden Par : Witn : Alexr. Blackadder.
02/10/17602 Octr. Thomas Good, of Holy Trinity, Hull, & Maria Cass, Par. of Howden. Witn : Richard Cass.
17/11/176017 Novr. Thomas Thompson, Labourer, & Mary Rolin, spinster, both of Howden Par. Witn : Joseph Thompson.
25/11/176025 Novr. John Birkenshire, servant, & Elizabeth Dunn, spinster, both of Howden Par : Witn : Richd. Drew.
30/11/176030 Novr. Joseph Clemmet, of Wresel, Husbandman, & Mary Mattrom, Par. of Howden. Witn : Thos. Atkinson.
02/12/17602 Decr. Nathaniel Hurd, Servant, & Mary Ramsey, servant, both of Howden Par :
04/12/17604 Dec. John Dunn, Carpenter, & Jane Stubbin, servant, both of Howden Par : Witn : William Johnson.
08/12/17608 Decr. William White, servant, & Mary Stotheard, servant, both of Howden Par. Witn : John Kirkhouse
13/12/176013 Decr. Thomas Drabwell, of St. Trinity in Hull, Grocer, & Sarah English, Par. of Howden, spinster. (Licence). Witn: William English.
18/12/176018 Decr. Thomas Shepherd, Servant, Par. of Howden, & Sarah Elwood, Widow, Par. of Snaith. Witn : Th : Bentley.
06/01/17616 Jany. Thomas Thompson & Mary Bradley, Spinster, both of Kilpin, by Wm. Leech, Curate. Witn : Gamaliel Thompson.
17/01/176117 Jany. George Hatfield, Labourer, & Sarah York, Widow, both of Howden Par :
22/01/176122 Jan. Miles Pinder, Miller, & Mary Thompson, spinster, both of Howden Par : (Licence). Witn : Stephen Maram.
02/02/17612 Feb. Jonathan Ball, Junr. of Royston, Husbandman, & Elizabeth Emmerson, Howden Par : Witns : Jonathan Ball, Charles Scholey.
13/04/176113 April. Thomas Barton, Husbandman, & Martha Snell, servant, both of Howden Par. Witn : John Tate.
05/05/17615 May. Coats Smith, Husbandman, & Ann Maslin, spinster, both of Howden Par. Witn : Jacob Maslen.
07/07/17617 July. Thomas Audas, Husbandman, & Ann Kirtison, spinster, both of Howden Par. Witns : Thomas Bentley, Catherine Kirtison.
08/07/17618 July. John Gray, shoemaker, & Ann English, spinster, both of Howden Par : Witn : Jno. Tate.
16/08/176116 Augt. Nicholas Penniman, servant, & Dorathy Duckles, servant, both of Howden Par : Witn : Matthew Kitchen.
29/09/176129 Septr. William Delany, P. of Snaith, Husbandman, & Hannah Peacock, of Howden, spinster. (Licence). Witns: David Pearson, Thos. Baitson.
19/11/176119 Novr. John Eayr, Husbandman, & Jane Newmarch, servant, both of Howden Par. (Licence). Witns : Maicl Lomb, John Newmarch.
23/11/176123 Novr. William Bennison, Cooper, & Sarah Nevit, servant, both of Howden Par. Witn : John Bulmer.
24/11/176124 Nov. John Brown, servant, & Catherine Thompson, servant, both of Howden Par : Witns : John Fletcher, William Kirkhouse.
26/11/176126 Novr. Richard Barrowcliff, of Hook, & Hannah Breeton, of this Par : Witns : Wm. Glew, Ann Robison.
02/02/17622 Feb. Henry Horseman, Servant, & Ann Collin, Servant, both of this Par : Witn : John Kirkhouse.
09/02/17629 Feby. Benjamin Jackson, Husbandman, & Jane Wright, spinster, both of this Par : Witn : Christr. Iveson.
13/02/176213 Feby. John Nuttbrown, Senr. of Howden, weaver, & Rebekah Bielby, of Bubwith, widow. Witns : Tho : Young.
22/02/176222 Feby. John Nuttbrown, Junr., Weaver, & Rebekah Hodgson, Spinster, both of Howden. Witn : Tho. Nuttbrown.
23/02/176223 Feby Thomas Cook, of Welton, Husbandman, and Catherine Ramsey, of Howden Par : spinster. Witns: Charles Fletcher, John Nuttbrown.
20/04/176220 April. John Male, Basketmaker, & Mary Wilson, spinster, both of Howden. Witns : Joseph Wilson, Hannah Hall.
27/04/176227 April. John Piccard & Mary Baines, both of this Par. Witns : Mary Piccard.
18/05/176218 May. Thomas Scoam, Husbandman, of Howden, & Mary Abba, of Wressel Par. Witn : Wm. Coats.
06/06/17626 June. Philip Stockdale, of Howden, servant, and Sarah Underwood, of Bubwith, servant. Witn : John Underwood.
17/08/176217 Aug. Wm. Emmerson, Husbandman, & Hannah Leaper, both of Howden Par : Witns : Robert Athorpe, John Hudson, Josh. Jewitt.
14/09/176214 Septr. Michael Taylor & Mary Jewitt, both of this Par : Witns : Jos. Jewitt-Smith, Jno. Hudson.
04/10/17624 Octr. William Bell & Ann Braffit, both of Howden Par : Witns: Ann Bell, George Clark.
05/10/17625 Octr. Elias South & Ann Robinson, both of this Par. Witn : Samuel South.
25/10/176225 Octr. Ralph Bell, of St. Helen's Par : York, & Margaret Sharp. of this Par : (Licence). Witns : John Day, Ann Day.
28/10/176228 Octr. Samuel Kirby & Mary Boothby, both of this Par : (Licence). Witn : John Scruton.
22/11/176222 Novr. Thomas Tutil & Rachel Gibson, both of this Par. Witns : Benjamin Hill, John Hyde.
23/11/176223 Novr. Edward Parrot & Ann Brigham, both of Howden Par : Witns : Wm. Brown, Michael Lamb.
13/12/176213 Decr. John Harrison & Mary Maskall, both of Howden Par : Witns : Will. Smith, John Nutbrown.
14/12/176214 Decr William Coward, Eastrington Par : & Sarah Bradley, Howden Par : Witns : Jno. Mallison, Rt. Athorpe.
04/01/17634 Jany. John Bell & Ann Spofforth, both of Howden Par (Licence). Witns : Robt. Spofforth, Mary York.
06/02/17636 Feby Richard Day & Martha Cass, both of Howden Parish. Witns : John Nutbrown, Willm. Palmer.
14/02/176314 Feby. William Grassby & Helen Laycock, both of this Parish. Witns : Wm. Logan, Franois Thackra.
15/02/176315 Feby Joseph Coates & Elizabeth Thompson, both of this Parish. Witns : Robert Giles, Thome Thompson.
20/02/176320 Feby. Joseph Rogers, Par: of High Church, Kingston-upon-Hull, Sailor, & Lydia Cass, Par : of Howden (Licence). Witns : George Cass, John Nutbrown.
01/03/17631 March. John Wilson, of Blacktoft, & Dorothy Reader, Par : of Howden (Licence). Witns : Tho : Bentley, Joseph Clemit.
12/03/176312 March. John Norwood & Ruth England, both of this Par : Witns : Michael Norwood, Ann Duckles.
23/05/176323 May. Thos. Jewitt & Elizabeth Gilderdale, both of this Par : Witns : Peter Jewitt, Jos Jewitt.
24/05/176324 May. Jno. Fox, of Whitgift, & Catherine Dalby, of Howden (Licence). Jno. Brown, Jno. Dallby.
29/06/176329 June. William Alcock & Rebecca Tate, both of this Par : by John Mallison, Curate of Eastrington. Witns : John Clayborn, John Kirkhouse.
14/08/176314 Aug. John Beilby, Par : of Howden, & Mary Smith, Par : of Bubwith (Licence). Witns : Wm. Smith, Wm. Cooke.
30/08/176330 Aug. James Bayliff & Mary Blanshard, both of this Par. Witns : Wm. Booth, Nich : Blanshard.
13/10/176313 Octr. Joseph Body, Par. of St. Clement Danes, London, & Jane Welburne, Par. of Howden (Licence). Witns : John Best, John Kirkhouse.
10/11/176310 Novr. John Jackson & Jane Bourne, both of this Par. Witn : Ed : Day.
27/11/176327 .Novr. John Ashton, of Bourne Lees (extra Parochial), & Ann Stather, of Howden Par : Witn : Abrm. Jackson.
05/12/17635 Decr. Matthew Tuby, Par : of Bubwith, & Jane Chapel, Par. of Howden. Witns : Thos. Robinson, Thomas Saunderson.
23/01/176423 Jany. William Alcock & Martha Watson, both of Howden Par : Witns : Joseph Elcock, John Alcock.
26/01/176426 Jany. Richard Buttle, Par. of Eastrington, & Mary Dixon, Par. of Howden (Licence). Witns : Edward Blyth, Thomas Dixon.
14/02/176414 Feby. Matthew Hairsine & Ann Johnson, both of this Par. Witns : John Taylor, John Johnson.
19/02/176419 Feby Joseph Wilson & Elizabeth Bulmer, both of this Par. Witns : Josh Jewitt, John Tyas, Thos. Brockbank.
21/02/176421 Feby. Christopher Glew & Mary Austhorpe, both of this Par. Witns : Thos. Hallywell, George Belt.
28/02/176428 Feby. Timothy Spivie. Par : of Hemingbrough, & Jane Banes, of this Par. Witns : Tho. Bentley, David Dallby.
24/04/176424 April. George Cook, Par : of Adlingfleet, & Mary Johnson, of this par : Witns : Philip Scholfield, Jno. Best.
18/06/176418 June. John Calvert, of this Par : & Ellen Bulmer, widow, Par : of Wressle (Licence). Witns : Thos. Bentley, Wm. Cooke.
05/07/17645 July. Richard Fenwick, Par. of Selby, yeoman, & Alice Hobson, of this Par : widow (Licence). Witns : John Whitaker, James Savage.
23/07/176423 July. John Stather & Hannah Wadsworth. both of this Par : Witns : William Gott. William Brown.
14/08/176414 Augt. Mark Finland & Mary Meadley, both of this Par : Witns : George orge Scott, Edward Throstle.
30/08/176430 Augt. Thomas Turnell & Clare Nixon, both of this Par: (Licence). Witns: Edwd. Nixon, John Hudson.
25/09/176425 Septr. William Jenkinson & Ann Langerill, both of this Par. Witns : Tho. Bentley & Jno. Kirkhouse.
02/10/17642 Octr. Thomas Allen & Christy Hill, both of this Parish. Witns : Robert Giles, Tho. Sarjantson.
15/10/176415 Octr. Walter Sharp & Ann Boynton, widow, both of this Par. Witns : William Peck, Willm. Cooke.
30/10/176430 Octr. Matthew Easingwood & Mary Lowther, both of this Par : (Licence). Witns : Thomas Freer, Elizth. Ward.
13/11/176413 Nov. William Taylor & Elizabeth Harpur, both of this Par :Witns : Ephraim Harper, Wm. Cooke.
13/11/176413th Nov. William Layborn & Ann Binnings, both of this Par :Witns : Ephraim Harper, Wm. Cooke.
18/11/176418 Nov. Richard Strafford, Par. of Eastrington, & Mary Lister, widow, Howden Par. Witns : Matthew Kitchen. William Cooke.
27/11/176427 Nov. Thomas Windle & Truth Jackson, both of this Par : Witns : Richard Drew, John Tindell.
29/11/176429 Nov. Mark Rowland & Elizabeth Smith, both of this Par : Witns : Will. Smith, Ann Pickard.
02/12/17642 Decr. Joseph Fallowfield & Rebecca Chambers, both of this Par : Witns : Robert Dunn, John Waide.
04/12/17644 Decr. Richard Thomlinson & Judith Arthur, both of this Par : Witns : John Wilson, Samuel Scott.
26/12/176426 Decr. Alexander Blockader & Sarah Dunn, both of this Par : Witns : George Dunn. Jno. Tyas.
06/01/17656 Jany. Samuel Appleyard, Par. of St. John, Beverley, & Eliza. beth Bilbrough, of this Par. Witns : Aaron Armitage Thos. Lockwood.
14/01/176514 Jan. Thomas Robinson & Hannah Brown, both of this Par . Witn : Thomas Crust.
22/01/176522 Jan. William Gell, Par. of Bubwith, & Elizabeth Winter, of this Par. Witns : Thos. Brown, Jno. Wadsworth.
05/02/17655 Feb. Thomas Hutchinson & Sutcliffe Jackson, both of this Par. Witns : John Steel, Charles Cowlam.
19/02/176519 Feb. William Peck & Jane Bentoft, both of this Par : Witns W. Caister, Robt Sutton.
26/03/176526 March. John Barnett, Par. of Bubwith, & Elizabeth Fletcher, of this Par. (Licence). Witns : Isaac Brabs, Tho. Bentley.
05/05/17655 May. Thomas Nutbrown & Mary Brockbank, both of this Par : Witns : Thos. Brockbank, Willm. Lister.
19/06/176519 June. John Audas, Drax Par : & Elizabeth Cooke, of this Par. Witns : Thor. Audas, William Cook.
23/06/176523 June. John Dennis & Ann Leaper, both of this Parish. Witns : Wm. Andrew, Michael Lamb.
25/06/176525 June. Robert Stephenson & Ann Stainley, both of this Par : Witns : Willm Singleton, Hannah Singleton.
02/09/17652 Septr. George Milner, of Bishop Hill the Younger, Gentleman, & Jane Fitch, Jnr. of this Par : Spinster (Licence). Witns : Jane Atkinson, John Mallison.
03/09/17653 Septr. Robert Waud, Mariner, & Elizabeth Andrew, both of this Par : Witns : Thos. Tattersall, John Hyde.
16/09/176516 Sept. George Corbett & Ann Dowson, both of this Par : Witns : Matthew Bell, Jno. Claybourn.
23/09/176523 Sept. William Cook, Howden Par : & Mary 3rafford, Catton: Par : Witns : Geo. Hutton, Jno. Batman.
03/10/17653 Octr. John Smith & Ann Good, both of this Parish. Witns : Christy Smith & Jno. Tyas.
03/10/17653 Octr. William St. Quintin, P. of Holy Trinity, Hull, & Eliza. beth Sharp, of this Par. Witns : Tho : Johnson, Robt. Waud.
09/10/17659 Oct. William French, P. of Holy Trinity, Hull, & Jane. Kirkhouse, spinster, of this Par. (Licence). Witns : Jno. Kirkhouse, Mary Kirkhouse.
27/10/176527 Oct. Robert Snarr & Elizabeth Morley, both of this Par. Witns : Willm Cooke, Willm. Palmer.
29/10/176529 Oct. John Harrison, of York, Taylor, & Sarah Fearn, of this Par : (Licence). Witns : Geo. Seed, Eliz. Fearn.
29/10/176529 Octr. Thomas Brown & Ann Tate, widow, both of this Par : Witns : Jno. Tate, Willm. Palmer.
04/11/17654 Nov. Thomas Utley & Elizabeth South, both of this Parish. Witns : Samuel South, Willm Parrot.
17/11/176517 Nov. John Wadsworth, Howden Par., & Arabella Twig, Snaith Par. (Licence). Witns: Elisha Beharrell, Tho. Bentley.
26/11/176526 Nov. John Benson & Hannah Barnet, both of this Parish. Witns : Wm. Emmerson, Wm. Farand.
26/11/176526 Novr. Edward Throstle & Dorothy Dent, both of this parish. Witns : Cornealious Gilyott & ......
28/11/176528 Novr. Simeon Wade, of Cawood, Cornwainer, & Alice Smith, of Howden, spinster. (Licence). Witns : Thomas Freeman, John Rhodes.
02/12/17652 Decr. William Kersey & Ann Arthus, both of this Par : Witns : Wm. Gott, Ma. Arthur.
24/12/176524 Decr. Joseph Fisher, P. of Drax, Clerk, & Mary Smyth, of this Par : (Licence). Witns : Robt. Athorpe, Margaret Mallison (by Jno. Mallison, Curate of Laxton).
19/01/176619 Jany Robert Featherstone & Ann Batman, both of this Par : Witns : Matthew Smith, Jno. Batman.
20/01/176620 Jany. John Baker, P. of St. Trinity, Hull, & Ann Ricard, of this Par : spinster. (Licence). Witns : Hester Arthur, Jno. Rickard.
30/01/176630 Jany John Baldwin & Jane Sissons, both of this Par : Witns : James Clemet, John Clemet.
06/02/17666 Feby George Clarkson, P. of Whitgift, & Ann Jackson, of this Par. Witns : Sarah Whitaker, Alice Nixon, Eillin Whitaker.
10/02/176610 Feby. Thomas Hollawell & Mary Waterhouse, both of this Par. Witns : Francis Thackra, Rd. Harrison.
06/04/17666 April. George Smith & Elizabeth English, both of this parish. Witns : Jos : Jewitt, Richard English.
08/04/17668 April. Robert Iles, P. of Drax, & Hannah Steel, of this Parish. Witns : John Steel, Robert Wilson.
20/04/176620 April. William Beale & Mary Underwood, both of this Par : Witns : Jno. Tyas, Jno. Newmarch.
22/04/176622 April. Thomas Hudson & Ann Brown, both of this Parish. Witns : Thos. Hallywell, Wm. Palmer.
29/04/176629 April. William Volans & Mary Almon, both of this Par : Witns : Rd. Andrew, Mary Paver.
04/05/17664 May. John Harrison & Ann Jewitt, both of this Parish. Witns : Michael Taylor, Josh. Jewitt, Junr.
27/05/176627 May. John Tasker, Husbandman, & Elzabeth Bilbrough, spinster, both of this Par. Witns : Thos. Dunn, Wm. Bray.
30/06/176630 June. Thomas Stephenson, P. of Stillingfleet, & Mary Smith, of this Par : Witns : Matthew Smith, Geo. Hawkin.
03/07/17663 July. Henry Vitty & Jane Stather, both of this Par. Witns : Matthew Smith, Samuell Graves.
22/07/176622 July. Joseph Sayles, P. of Fishlake, & Sarah Kitchen, of this Par. Witns : Matthew Kitchen, Robt Tood.
01/08/17661 Augt William Riley & Alice Robinson, both of this parish. (Licence). Witns : Robert Lister, Robert Iles.
11/08/176611 Augt. William Thornborough, Batchelor, & Mary Watson, spinster, both of this Par : Witns : Jno. Kirkhouse, Jno. Kirkhouse.
14/08/176614 Augt James Savage, Batchelor, & Tibby Williamson, spinster, both of this Par : (Licence). Witns : Jno. Watson, Wm. Glew.
26/08/176626 Augt. Thomas Newham, Batchelor, & Sith Beeston, spinster, both of this Par : Witns : Thos. Nutbrown, senr. Wm Cooke.
16/09/176616 Septr. Benjamin Wager, P. of Campsall, Batchelor, & Ann Gardam, of Howden, Widow. (Licence). Witns: Jno. Haram, Abm. Haigh.
23/09/176623 Sept. Isaac Brabs & Margaret Jacques, both of this Par : Witns : Josa Dunn, Geo. Brook.
19/10/176619 Oct. William Hill & Mary Deane, both of this Parish. Witns: Robert Deane, Wm. Cooke.
28/10/176628 Octr. Abraham Haigh & Elizabeth Lister, both of this Par : Witns : Mary Garside, Wm. Andrew.
02/11/17662 Novr. George Howdell & Sarah Collins, both of this Parish. Witns : Willm Howdle, Wm. Cooke.
23/11/176623 Nov. James Gall, P. of Wressle, Batchelor, & Ann Turner, of this Par., spinster. Witns : Robert Sherborn, John Tate.
25/11/176625 Novr. George Scawm, of Eastrington, Batchelor, & Frances Thompson, of this Par : spinster. Witns : George Seed, William Coates.
25/11/176625 Nov. John Taylor, Batchelor, & Mary Young, spinster, both of this Par : Witns : David Dallby, Henry Taylor.
02/12/17662 Dec. Thomas Harrison, Batchelor, & Sarah Barrett, spinster, both of this Par : (Licence). Witns : Jno. Thwaites, Jos. Jewitt, Jr.
02/12/17662 Decr. Thomas Singleton, of Bubwith, Batchelor, & Ann Bilbrough, of this Par., Widow. Witns : Chas. Fletcher, Tho. Bentley.
02/12/17662 Dec. John Harrison, Batchelor, & Elizabeth Lawrence, spinster, both of this Par : Witns : Jno. Harrison, Jos. Barker.
04/12/17664 Decr. William Wood, Batchelor, & Alice Audas, spinster, both of this Par : Witns : Tho. Bentley, Jno. Audas.
06/12/17666 Decr. Charles Leach, Batchr. & Mary Slack, spr. both of this Par : (Licence). Witns : James Leighton, Wm. Brown.
09/12/17669 Dec. Samuel Hall, widower, & Susanna Brighton, widow, both of this Par : Witns : Thos. Nutbrown, Wm. Cooke.
27/12/176627 Dec. Thomas Harlin, Batchelor, & Ann Bulmer, spinster, both of this Par : (Licence). Witns : John Best, Henry Best.
10/01/176710 Jany William Hardy, Batchr. & Ann Sissons, spr. both of this Par : (Licence). Witns : Will. Smith, John Tyas.
12/01/176712 Jany. Robert Singleton, Batchr. & Mary Newham, spr. both of this Par : Witns : Thos. Newham, Jno. Tyas.
16/02/176716 Feby. William Harrison, of Brayton, Batchr. & Mary Tate, of this Par : spr. Witns : Josiah Lee, Jno. Harrison.
19/02/176719 Feb. John Tranter, Batchr. & Ann Voase, widow, both of this Par : (Licence). Witns : Jno. Wilkinson, Joseph Cossins.
05/04/17675 April. Samuel Ward, batchr. & Elizabeth Watson, spr. both of this Par. Witns : Jno. Tyas, John Nutbrown.
01/04/17671 April. Thomas Fallowfield, of Eastrington, Bachr. & Elizabeth Dunn, of this Par : Witns : Thomas Dunn, Jno. Tyas.
07/05/17677 May. Jarvis Cornwell, P. of Snaith, batchr. & Ann Empson, of this Par : spr. (Licence). Witns : Wm Caister, Thos. Turnell.
03/06/17673 June. Joseph Cossins, Bachr. & Henrietta Foljambe, Spr. both of this Par. Witns : Martin Cossins, Mark Nutbrown.
09/06/17679 June. Juhn Haldenby, Bachr. & Ann Wood, Spr. both of this Par : Witns : Thos. Wood, George Borrell.
06/07/17676 July. Joshua Hammand, Bachr. & Elizabeth Harlin, spr. both of this Par : Witns : Will. Craven, Chas. Fearn.
16/10/176716 Oct. William Revell, of Flixborough, Bachr. & Ruth Good, this Par., spr. (Licence). Witns : John Good, Tho. Bentley.
20/10/176720 Octr. John Leighton, Bachr. & Mary Leighton, spr. both of this Par. Witns : Thos. Dowson, Tho : Atkinson.
26/10/176726 Oct. Robert Dawson, of Eastrington, Bachr. & Ann Whitaker, this Par., spr. (Licence). Witns : Wm. Leyborn, Jno. Tyas.
22/11/176722 Nov. Edmund Waterhouse, Bachr. & Mary Garnett, spr. both of this Par : Witns : Wm. Gott, Tho. Bentley.
24/11/176724 Nov. John Petty, of Wressle, Bachr. & Mary Barker, this Par : spr. Witns : John Bentley, Jno. Tyas.
02/12/17672 Decr. Thomas Piccard, widdower, & Phoebe Hemingway, spr. both this Par. Witns : Jno. Clemet, Thos. Atkinson.
15/12/176715 Decr. John Duffing, Batchr. & Ann Bradforth, spr. both of this Par : Witns : John Laverack, Phillip Sted.
31/12/176731 Decr. Richard Bainton, widower, & Sutliffe Hutchinson, widow, both this Par : Witns : Henry Bainton, Jno. Tyas.
17/01/176817 Jany Thomas Holesworth, Batchr. & Mary Thompson, spr. both this Par : Witns : Amaziah Duckles, Jno. Tyas.
08/02/17688 Feby. William Vause, Bachr. & Elizabeth Crosland, spr. both of this Par : (Licence). Witns : R. Jenkinson, Jno. Tyas.
14/02/176814 Feby Robert Carr, Bachr. & Hannah Pinder, both of this Par : Witns : Jno. Tyas, George Bickerton.
23/02/176823 Feb. John Spencer, Bachr. & Esther Hall, spr. both this Par. Witns: Edward Hare, Jno. Tyas.
01/03/17681 March. John Steel, Bachr. & Elizabeth Drinkall, spr. both this Par. Witns : Robt. Copley, Jno. Tyas.
20/03/176820 March. William Crabtree & Margaret Swales, both this par. Witns : John Lynn, Jno. Tyas.
11/04/176811 April. William Joy, Bachr. & Mary Kettlewell, spr. both this Par. Witns : Anthy. Forster, Thos. Turnell.
21/06/176821 June. William Hatfield, Bachr. & Sarah Moat, spr. both of thisPar. Witns : Edward Throstle, Jno. Tyas.
26/06/176826 June. Joseph Fletcher Bachr. & Ann Hide, spr. both this Par. (Licence). Witns : Jno. Best, Sarah Tennyson.
20/07/176820 July. John Eyre, of Fishlake, widower, & Margaret Pearson, this Par : spr. (Licence), Witns : Jno. Nutbrown, Jno. Tyas.
20/07/176820 July. John Watson, Bachr. & Dinah Featherstone, spr. both this Par. Witns : Thos. Freer, Wm. Powell.
31/07/176831 July. William Lawty, widower, & Mary Scoam, spr. both of this Par : (Licence). Witns: Anthy. Forster, Jno. Tyas.
04/08/17684 Augt. Thomas Brockbank, Bachr. & Anna Maria Fearn, spr. both of this Par : Witns : Tho Nutbrown, Jno. Tyas.
25/08/176825 Aug. Thomas Bullock, this Par., Bachr. & Jane Barker, of Drax, spr. (Licence). Witns : Jonathan Ellerthropp, Robert Barker.
05/09/17685 Septr. Robert Spofforth, Jnr. Bachr. & Hannah Markham, spr. both of this Par. (Licence). Witns : Robt. Heseltine, Wm. Booth.
13/09/176813 Septr William Thompson, of Wressle, Bachr. & Hannah Stainforth, this Par., spr. (Licence). Witns : Jno. Tasker, Jno. Tyas.
21/09/176821 Sept. John Pocklington, Bachr. & Elizabeth Waterhouse, spr. both this Par : (Licence). Witns : Tho. Bentley, James Watson.
02/10/17682 Oct. Robert Leetham, of Drax, Bachr. & Elizabeth Cass, this Par., spr. (Licence). Witns : John Pinder, Thos. Good.
03/10/17683 Oct. Thomas Spink, Bachr. & Sarah York, spr. both of this Par. Witns : Zach. Hembrough, Jno. Tyas.
07/10/17687 Oct. John Tyas, this Par., widower, & Margaret Gray, of Holme on Spaldingmore, widow. (Licence). Witns : Wm. Glew, G. Day, Robt. Fearn.
17/10/176817 Oct. Thomas Atkinson, Jr. this Par., Yeoman, & Isabel Jennings, Widow. (Licence). Witns : Tho. Bentley, Jno. Tyas.
25/10/176825 Oct. William Powell, Bachr. & Catherine Foreshore, spr. both of this Par : Witns: Wm. Locke, Wm. Booth.
25/10/176825 Oct. Joshua Hammond, Cabinet Maker, & Elizabeth Cowlam, Mantua Maker, spr. both of this Par : Witns : E. Day, Jno. Tyas.
26/11/176826 Nov. John Burton, of Cottingwith, Waterman, & Mary North, this Par., spr. (Licence). Witns : Michael Lamb, Mark Nutbrown.
28/11/176828 Nov. Henry Taylor, Bachr. & Mary Singleton, spr. both of this Par. Witns : John Smyth, Jno. Tyas.
19/12/176819 Decr William Stephenson & Ann Ion, spy. both of this Par. Witns : Robt. Athorpe, Thos. Harrison, Thos. Turnell.
22/12/176822 Dec. Thomas Peach, Husbandman, & Phoebe Burton, spr. both of this Par : Witns : Matthew Clark, Mark Nutbrown.
05/01/17695 Jany Samuel Harrison & Sarah Hessay, spr. both of this Par : Witns : John Wright, Jno. Tyas.
03/02/17693 Feb. Richard Porthouse, of Dunnington, Roper, & Sarah Dowson, spr. this Par : (Licence). Witns : Thos. Harrison, John Harrison) Thos. Sutton.
20/02/176920 Feb. John Smyth, Yeoman, & Mary Walker, spr. both of this Par. (Licence). Witns : Robt. Athorpe, Jonathan Ellerthrop.
07/03/17697 March. Joseph Parker, Bricklayer, & Hannah Boys, spr. both of this Par : (Licence). Witns : Henry Best, Jnr. Tyas.
10/04/176910 April. John Robinson, Bachr. & Mary Fairweather, spr. both of this Par : Witns : Tho : Bentley, Jno. Tyas.
24/04/176924 April. Alexander Beckett, weaver, & Mary Coulam, spr. both of this Par : Witns : Tho. Linthall, John Claybourn.
25/04/176925 April. Robert Giles, Labr. & Rebecca Taylor, spr. both of this Par : Witns : George Bentley, Charles Taylor.
30/04/176930 April. Alexander Tilland, of Howden, Woollen Draper, & Hannah Wade, of Snaith, spr. (Licence). Witns : Jos. Cossins, Jno. Tyas.
14/05/176914 May. William Bray, Labr. & Elizabeth Lawson, spr. both of this Par. Witns : Charles Taylor, Jno. Tyas.
18/05/176918 May. Robert Collinson, Yeoman, & Hannah Turner, widow, both of this Par : (Licence). Witns : John Turner, Jno. Tyas.
18/05/176918 May. George Bentley, Labrr. & Mary Ridsdale, widow, both of this Par : Witns : George Easingwood, Jnr. Tyas.
07/08/17697 Augt. George Etherington, servantman, & Mary Tindal, spr. both of this Par : Witns : Jno. Laverack, Willm. Thorpe.
12/08/176912 Augt. John Gilderdale, of Snaith, Farmer, & Ann Duckles, this Par., spr. (Licence). Witns : Elizabeth Jewitt, Jno. Tyas.
19/09/176919 Sept. Thos. Fletcher, Butcher, & Ann Alcock, spr. both of this Par : Witns : Nich. Blanshard, Jas. Bayliff.
25/10/176925 Octr. Thomas Peary, of St. Peter's in Barton, & Mary Tasker, spr. of Howden. (Licence). Witns : Jno. Tyas, Wm. Powell.
25/10/176925 Octr. John Young, Marriner, & Elisabeth Bell, of Howden, servant. Jas. Godmond, Minister, Witns : Jno. Tyas, Tho Bentley.
21/11/176921 Novr. William Ellinworth, Husbandman, & Elizabeth Pate, spr. both of this Par : W. Bristoe, Curate. Witns : Chas. Fearn, Jno. Tyas.
23/11/176923 Novr. William Collen, Husbandman, & Judeth Bowlen, spr. both of this Par : Witns : Thomas Nutbrown, Jnr. Tyas.
28/11/176928 Novr. Miles Potter, Husbandman, & Ann Buttle, spr. both of this Par : Witns : Walter Sharp, Jno. Tyas.
30/11/176930 Novr. George Pennock, of Market Weighton, Joiner, & Sarah Brownbridge, of this Par., widow. Witns : William Booth, Jno. Tyas.
11/12/176911 Decr. Lewes Jewet, Husbandman, & Sarah Bentley, Spr. both of this Par : Witns : Amaziah Duckles, Jno. Tyas.
06/02/17706 Feb. William Flockton, Mariner, & Sarah Anderson, spr. Witns : Joseph Bickerton, Jno. Tyas.
03/03/17703 March. John Thorpe, Husbandman, & Jane Rowland, spr. both of this Par. (Licence). Witns : William Coats, Mark Nutbrown.
17/04/177017 April. John Long, Husbandman, & Sarah Jepon, spr. both of this Par : Witns : jas. Bayliff, Jno. Tyas.
01/05/17701 May. John Copeland, Husbandman, & Susannah Stephenson, spr. both of this Par. Witns : Philip Scholfield, Rob. Kershaw.
10/05/177010 May. Arthur Chappel, cordwainer, this Par : & Ruth Wilson, of Aughton, spr. Witns : Martin Slingsby, Jno. Tyas.
13/05/177013 May. Robert Rowland, Husbandman, & Jane Scarborough, spr. both of this Par. Witn : Jno. Tyas.
10/06/177010 June. Peter Millington, Husbandman, & Mary Hall, spr. both of this Par. Witns : Thomas Halywell, Jno. Tyas.

Data transcribed from
A publication by the Yorkshire Parish Register Society
published in the year 1913
Transcribed by Colin Hinson
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