Howden Registers - Miscellaneous 2.


Transcription of the Howden Registers - Miscellaneous 2.

Miscellaneous entries in the Parish Registers.

Herein are printed the contents of the 4th, 5th, and 6th Book of the Howden Registers. The 4th Book contains 42 paper leaves, 16½ inches by 6 inches, in a brown paper covering. Some of the leaves are much frayed. It records Baptisms, Burials, and Marriages to 1746.

Book No. 5 measures 15¾ inches by 8 5/8 inches, is bound in cloth, and contains 102 parchment leaves, of which 39 are blank. The Binding is torn in several places. The Book contains the Baptisms and Burials at Howden from 1746 to 1775, and the Baptisms and Burials at Barmby on the Marsh and Laxton from 1763 to 1 778 ; also the Marriages at Howden from 1746 to June, 1754.

Book No. 6 contains printed forms for Banns and Marriages, and 48 leaves, 16½ inches by 10¾ inches, were utilized. The binding was in a parchment cover, which is now quite loose, so that some of the Registers may have been lost. They embrace the period from 1754 to June, 1770.

The thanks of the Society were due to the Reverend G. M. L. Rees, the late Vicar of Howden, for permission to copy these Registers.

SCRIPT : A.D. 1747.

Robertus Potter (a Lasenbia agro Cumbriensi oriundus) praesens Vicarius de Stillingfleet, Ebor, olim fuit Scholae Hovedensis magister, et Richardo Coulton, Vicario de Howden Curatus. Viz. A.D. 1723-4 et 5.

Johannes Threlkeld (a Lasenbia praedict ortus) Vicarius fuit Hovedensis A.D. 1726, et Successor Richardo Coulton. Robertus Potter, praediet Curatus et Ludimagister, ad annum 1730. Isaacus Wilson, Westmariensis, Curatus fuit et Ludimagister, succedaneus nunc vero Vicarius de Brafferton, Ebor. Gulielmus Potter (Frater praedict Roberto et praesens Vicarius de Hemingbrough, Ebor), Ferulam inde quatiebat et adjutorius fuit Praedicator, viz. ab anno 1738 ad 1742.

Johannes Bracken, Westmariensis, pro uno Anno accepit : et Josephus Woof, Cumbriensis successit Jacobus Godmond, Westmariensis, Vicarius de Howden, A.D. 1746, et successor Johanni Threlkeld, praedic : Josephus Woof, Curatus & Ludimagister, A.D. 1747. Deus dabit Successorem.

24/11/1766 This Day (being Sunday) Elizabeth, wife to David Dalby, of Asselby, aged about 24 years, being born & brought up a Roman Catholic, publicly renounced the Errors of the Church of Rome, in the Parish Church of Howden, before me, William Leech, Curate of Howden. Nov. 2.

N.B.-The Fees for burying either in the Choir, in Metham Altar, or any other part of the East End of the Parish Church of Howden, are double to the Fees for burying in any other part

£ s. d.
of the said Church, which said Fees are ... ... 0 10 8
therefore the Former Fees are ... ... ... 1 1 4
viz., Minister ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 0 13 4
Clerk ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 0 5 4
Sexton ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 0 2 8
1 1 4

received the aforesaid Fees (for the use of the Revd. Mr. Godmond) for burying Henrietta Maria, Daughter to Mr. Arthur Saltmarsh, of Saltmarsh, in Metham Altar aforesaid, the 27th Day of January 1767. Witness my Hand.
WILLIAM LEECH, Curate of Howden.
James Godmond instituted & inducted to the Vicarage of Howden 22 Augt. 1746.
Several Baptisms and Burials, being sent in irregularly, are to be found in P. 92, and some I am afraid never come to my Hand at all.

(these entries are to be found at the end of the baptisms and burials for Howden 1863 onwards [Colin Hinson]))

Data transcribed from
A publication by the Yorkshire Parish Register Society
published in the year 1913
Transcribed by Colin Hinson
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