Howden parish:


Howden, Memorial transcription:

The World War I and II Memorial near the Minster in Howden.

The front of the Memorial. (see also Photo)

Howden and District
War Memorial
Erected by Public
Our Glorious Dead
1914 - 1919

also 1939 - 1945

Cpl. Harry Eastwood
Flt. Sgt. George Arthur Axup
Gnr. Arthur Watson
1st Cls. Stkr. Sydney Stockill
Cpl. Harry Willingham
L.Cpl. Eric Featherstone
Pte. Harry Camwell
L.Cpl. Frederick Stevens
L. Ac Albert Edward Hornsby
Tpr. Walter Proctor
L. Bmdr. Harry Sweeting
Gnr. Frank Lightowler
Sgt. Clifford Moore Brewster

The right front of the Memorial (side 2). (see also Photo)


Pte. Cyril Cuthbert Agar
Lieu. Harold Edward Agar
Cpl. Fred Anderton
Spr. Tom George Andrew
Pte. Albert Avey
Pte. Arthur James Baker
Pte. Harold Bell
Pte. Ephraim Bentley
Rfh. Charles Singleton Bland
Pte. John Bertram Bradforth
Tpr. Lionel Calam Burgess
Pte. John Camp
Cpl. Richard Collins
Pte. James Martin Connor
Pte. William Henry Dove
Pte. Alfred Fitch
Dvr. Harry Franks
Pte. Robert Gill
F.Liet. William Glew

Pte. Frank Maw
Pte. Thomas George Shaw
Drv. George Beevers

The third side of the Memorial. (see also Photo)


Pte. Sydney Goodyear
Pte. Harold Habblett
Pte. George Haigh
Sgt. Harry Hall
Pte. Charles Hall
Pte. Tom Hounsley
Sp. William Hustler
Pte. John George Jackson
Sgt. Reginald Percival Jones
Pte. Arthur Edwin Kay
Pte. William Henry Forrester Knox
Pte. Reginald Glendinning Lake
Pte. James William Langhorn
Pte. John Augustus Blanchard Latham
Ab.Sn. John Thomas Linton
Pte. Harold Lucas
Lt.Com. Charles Caesar de Merindol Malan

The fourth side of the Memorial. (see also Photo)


Cpl. John William Markham
Pte. Thomas Marston
Pte. Matthew William Marquis
Tpr. Harry Matthews
Pte. Thomas Stephen Mooney
A.S. Richard Henry Kirby Myers
Pte. John William Newham
Sgt. Leonard Riby Nicholson
Pte. William Nutbrown
Pte. Herbert Oliver
Pte. Thomas Francis Peam
Pte. John Edward Pooley
Pte. William Norman Rowntree
2 Lt. Charles Frederick Saunders
Q.M.Sgt. John Everitt Saunders
Pte. Jack Stathers Sherburn
Pte. William Shirbon
Pte. Robert Simms

The fifth side of the Memorial. (see also Photo)


Spr. Ernest Smith
Pte. Thomas Frederick Spivey
Pte. William Stephenson
Pte. William Sweeting
Pte. Jim Thirkettle
Pte. Thomas Thornton
Tpr. Robert Butler Throssell
Tpr. James William Warner
Pte. James Henry Wilkinson
Pte. Harold Woodall
Pte. Richard Woodall
Bugler George Wray Asselby
Pte. Albert Henderson Brabbs
Pte. Edgar Hornshaw
Pte. Thomas William Hornshaw
L/Cpl. Sidney Clifford Plaster

The sixth side of the Memorial. (see also Photo)


Lieu. George Eric Asquith Anderton
Pte. Walter Chatham
L/Cpl. James Jackson
Pte. Arthur Middleton
Pte. Harry Middleton
Pte. Herbert Middleton
Pte. Walter Edward Sweeting
Gnr. Fred Watson
Pte. Arthur Wilson
Able Seaman Thomas Wood


L/Cpl. Thomas Dobson
Pte. Francis Albert Robinson
Pte. Richard Laurence Wilson


L/Cpl. Herbert William Ramsey
Sgt. George Henry Tipping
Pte. Arthur Wainman

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson