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Hutton Cranswick parish:

Hutton Cranswick, Vicars transcription:

The List of Incumbents for St. Peter's Church, Hutton Cranswick.


The Church was given by Joan, Widow of Gilbert Gertrude to the Priory of
Watton and on 18 Kal. Dec 1302 it was appropriated to the prior and convent
thereof after the cession or death of Robert de Pykering, then rector of the same,
and then a vicarage was ordained therein for a perpetual vicar personally to reside
and serve the cure of souls and be presentable by the said prior and convent, to whom
on 5th Dec. 1433 licence was granted to present one of the brethren of their own...
monastery, or any other secular able clerk to this vicarage of their patronage which
theretofore was wont to be governed by a secular priest. [Torre]

Time InstitutedNamesPatronsHow Vacated
1273Matthew de Bridlington
21 Jan 1279 [80]William de Malton
Robert de Pykering
27 April 1304Hugh de BartonPriors Convent of Watton
18 October 1308Geoffrey de SantonPriors Convent of Watton diac
John de KildalePriors Convent of Watton resignation for Vicarage of Paul
14 November 1343William de CarlilePriors Convent of Watton resignation for Vicarage of Alldeburgh
11 January 1344 [45]Walter de FitlyngsPriors Convent of Watton pbr.
William LeasetPriors Convent of Watton death
9 April 1403William de WissendenPriors Convent of Watton resignation for Ch of Hyston, Linc dios
2 July 1408John de HessefeldPriors Convent of Watton resignation for Chantry at Lowthorp
27 December 1410Robert GromePriors Convent of Watton death
14 September 1423Edmund BroghtonPriors Convent of Watton resignation
23 December 1430William LaxPriors Convent of Watton death
30 April 1432John de WanceforthPriors Convent of Watton
Canon of Priory of Watton
24 December 1464John AtonPriors Convent of Watton Canon resignation
23 April 1465William ConstablePriors Convent of Watton rural Deanresignation
14 May 1469John BroghtonPriors Convent of Watton cap.
John CraxtonPriors Convent of Watton death
15 April 1474Robert KnyghtPriors Convent of Watton resignation
18 June 1487James BoltonPriors Convent of Watton resignation
30 May 1494Hugh SurePriors Convent of Watton resignation
7 August 1506Peter SproxtonPriors Convent of Watton cap.death
7 March 1508 [9]Robert WadePriors Convent of Watton pbr.death
1549Thomas Webbster resignation
8 September 1553Thomas WhitleyS.T.B. - Abp York for 36y VIII deprivation
October 1554Thomas MunktonT. Hungate for Mary [Queen] death
1 May 1571Thomas BirkheadeEliz. Regina resignation
28 February 1575 [6]Robert MoxonEliz. Regina death
30 October 1593John SmythT. Crompton M.A.resignation
29 October 1600Tristram TaylorW. Morehouse, gentleman resignation
31 December 1613John NicholsonW. Morehouse, gentleman
8 September 1664Ralph MasonSir John Hotham, bart. M.A.death
3 June 1667Christopher SmedleySir John Hotham, bart. death
9 March 1710 [11]Thomas HoggardSir Charles Hotham
1724Christopher GunbySir Charles Hotham B.A.death
20 February 1749 [50]Thomas DowbigginSir Charles Hotham death
23 December 1767William JesseSir Beaumont Hotham B.A.cession
27 September 1780Alexander ThistlethwaytSir Charles Thompson death
18 March 1783Bethell RobinsonSir Charles Thompson death
29 March 1819Joseph RigbyLord Hotham death
14 April 1871Charles Douglas PudseyAbp York cession
24 March 1881Robert Charles George O'CallaghanLord Hotham M.A.cession
22 November 1906Robert Warner WheatleyLord Hotham B.A.cession
23 November 1920William Reginald TrevittAbp York M.A.cession
7 December 1926George StorerAbp York L.Th. Rural Dean
2 May 1967William Martin ClarkeAbp York retirement
28 May 1976Lawrence Richard William JarvisBishop of Hull

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson