Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for KEYINGHAM in Post Office Directory of 1857.


Private Residents:

  • Mrs Astey
  • Mrs Ann Beal
  • Mrs Chatterton
  • George Cole Francis Esq. Saltagh Grange
  • Mr William Penniston
  • Rev Joshua Smyth


  • George Allison gardener
  • Frederick Backhouse plumber and glazier
  • Isaac Denton Beal farmer The Marsh
  • Mrs Mary Bower cowkeeper
  • Miss Frances Brooks dressmaker
  • Jas. Brooks machine maker and wheelwright
  • James Brown Ship
  • Robert Buckland farmer
  • Ralph Burnell shopkeeper and postmaster
  • Henry Carlin farmer Keyingham Grange
  • William Carr market gardener
  • Robert and George Chatterton ale and porter merchants
  • William and John Clark farriers
  • John Clark farmer Church House
  • Henry Clark shoemaker
  • John and Henry Coupland tailors
  • Benjamin Dunn farmer Ebor House
  • George Ellerby shopkeeper
  • Robert Elletson gardener
  • Francis Ford market gardener
  • George Cole Francis farmer Saltagh Grange
  • James Freeman veterinary surgeon
  • Edward Groundrill farmer
  • Matthew Groom market gardener
  • Joseph Harman shopkeeper and blacksmith
  • Edward Harrison butcher
  • Ambrose Heward market gardener
  • Miss Emma Hopkins mistress of infants school
  • Edward Hudson miller
  • Richard Hudson farmer
  • William Jackson gardener
  • Charles Kemp stationmaster
  • George Kemp currier
  • George Kendall master of national school
  • Mrs Jane Kendall dayschool
  • James Kirkley saddler
  • John Kirkwood shoemaker
  • John Langdale farmer
  • William Langdale cattle dealer
  • George Langthorp plumber and glazier
  • Henry William Lee surgeon
  • Abraham Leonard brickmaker
  • John Longhorn grocer and draper
  • George MacKreth surgeon
  • Joseph Marling joiner, wheelwright and parish clerk
  • George Marshall jun. farmer The Marsh
  • George Marshall sen. farmer The Marsh
  • Malton Meadley butcher
  • Thomas Meadley blacksmith
  • John Mitchinson farmer Marsh Cottage
  • Mrs Mary Penniston ladies school
  • John Phillipson carrier
  • Richard Rider miller
  • John Sargeant market gardener
  • Thomas Suton bricklayer
  • Robert Sykes shoemaker
  • Thomas Tarbottom blacksmith
  • William Thompson farmer and cattle dealer
  • Thomas Tindall farmer
  • David Tong tailor
  • William Wallis farmer
  • Mrs Mary Willingham grocer and draper
  • Robert Wreathall Blue Bell, druggist and grocer
  • Richard Wright shoemaker


  • Ralph Burrell postmaster.
  • Letters received through Hull.
  • The nearest money order is at Hedon and Patrington.


  • Hull John Phillipson Tuesdays
  • Hull George Kemp Tuesdays and Fridays

Transcribed by Shelly Stephenson. ©2006