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These photographs were taken by Doreen Laycock and me on the morning of Thursday 18th June 2015. The weather was overcast but dry.

The East Yorkshire Family History Society transcribed the stones about twenty years ago, and these transcriptions can be found in full in the booklet published by the EYFHS. However, there have been some changes in the intervening years. Firstly the cemetery remains in use so any burials which have taken place since the EYFHS visited it are not recorded in their book although we have photographed them. Secondly, many of the stones have become eroded, have fallen over or have become overgrown. For this reason we have been unable to find some of the inscriptions recorded by the EYFHS, and we have only been able to identify others by their position in relation to neighbouring stones. We have, however, taken pictures of all the memorials we could find, even those which have no inscription. With larger graves, where more than one person has been buried in the same plot, or the wording was partially hidden by flowers we have taken multiple images of the same grave. These have a suffix of a number in brackets. Compared to the churchyard, however, with (I think) one exception, there are no two people of the same name buried in the same grave. This probably reflects the greater range of forenames in use since the late Victorian age and the abandonment of the tradition of naming children after their parents and grandparents.

Views of Kilham Cemetery, June 2015

These photographs were taken by Lisa Blosfelds and Doreen Laycock on Thursday 18th June 2015. Our intention was to provide a virtual tour of the cemetery and to allow anyone looking for an ancestor's grave to see where it is in relation to other graves. The cemetery was originally opened in 1885, presumably because the churchyard itself was full. It was subsequently extended in 1956 and remains in use to this day. The graves in the new section seem to be more closely spaced than those in the old section. The old section is divided from the new one by the remains of a hedge, and only the gates of the new section can be opened, the old ones being corroded shut. There is a central path down the middle of each section. The cemetery is situated a few hundred yards to the north of Kilham, bounded to the west by the Kilham to Rudston road. Otherwise it is surrounded by open fields in a very pleasant rural setting which is made even prettier in June by the wild flowers in the fields and hedgerows. The plan of the cemetery is based on a tracing of an image from Google Earth.

Lisa Blosfelds
1 July 2015

Kilham Cemetery Plan

The links given below for the grave names take you to the first page for the relevant grave of that name.

The number for the photograph is given in the caption below the photograph.

There are three sizes of photos: the thumbnail images which link to a page containing a larger image (640 by 480 pixels), and then a full size image which is linked from the previously mentioned larger image. The full size image can of course be saved for your own personal use.

The list of cemetery views

The list of grave photographs

The photographs:

Abbey  Agars  Allan  Allerston  Anderson  Arksey 
Armstrong  Arnett  Ashby  Ashmore  Baker  Banks 
Barden  Barker  Bastiman  Bench  Berriman  Bird 
Blacker  Bowman  Boynton  Bramham  Brumpton  Bryan 
Burdon  Burt  Butters  Capron  Care  Carr 
Carter  Chandler  Chew  Clarke  Clifton  Coates 
Cockerill  Cooper  Cornell  Coutts  Cowton  Croft 
Crossley  Dancaster  Daniels  Darley  Davison  Denman 
Dennis  Dossor  Downard-  Easterby  Eaton  EB 
Ellis  Fallowdown  Ferguson  Fewster  Fincher  Foster 
Frost  Furlong  Galtry  Girling  Goddard  Good 
Gray  Green  Hairsine  Hakner  Hall  Hallett 
Halliday  Hallsworth  Hannah  Harrison  Havers  Height 
Helme  Heseltine  Hewitt  Hinton  Hobson  Hoggard 
Holt  Howard  Humphry  Hunt  Iveson  Jackson 
Jeffels  Johnson  Jones  Jordan  Kemp  Kilvington 
Kirk  Kirton  Knowles  Lakes  Lamplough  Lamplugh 
Leake  Leeson  Littlewood  Locke  Lovel  Lunn 
Mallory  Maltby  Mattick  Maulson  Mawer  Middlewood 
Milner  Milson  Mitchell  Moore  Morgantroy  Morris 
Moss  Mundy  Nagel  Nellie  Nicholson  Nobbs 
Noddle  Noon  Nordass  Oxley  Pape  Parker 
Pashby  Pattinson  Pattison  Pick  Pinkney  Playforth 
Plowman  Preston  Pymm  Rank  Rawson  Readman 
Redshaw  Reed  Rice  Richardson  Rispin  Robinson 
Robson  Rodmell  Rookes  Saville  Savoury  Scott 
Sedman  Sellers  Sharp  Shaw  Shepherdson  Short 
Simpson  Sissons  Smallwood  Smith  Speed  Sullivan 
Sutcliffe  Tallentire  Tate  Taylor  Teale  Thompson 
Thorley  Thornton  Tindall  Towse  Turnbull  Turton 
Twiddle  Twigg  Tyler  Unknown  Unknown*  Vase 
Vickerman  Walker  Wallis  Ward  Warkup  Warrington 
Waslin  Watts  Webster  Welburn  Whiting  Wilkinson 
Wilson  Winn  Witty  Wood  Woodward  Wright 
Yeomans  Young                 
* Please note that the "Unknown*" section contains those with unreadable full surnames.

Happy hunting!

Doreen Laycock and Lisa Blosfelds