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These photographs were taken by Doreen Laycock and me on the morning of Thursday 18th June 2015. The weather was overcast but dry.

Our intention was to provide a virtual tour of the cemetery and to allow anyone looking for an ancestor's grave to see where it is in relation to other graves. The cemetery was originally opened in 1885, presumably because the churchyard itself was full. It was subsequently extended in 1956 and remains in use to this day. The graves in the new section seem to be more closely spaced than those in the old section. The old section is divided from the new one by the remains of a hedge, and only the gates of the new section can be opened, the old ones being corroded shut. There is a central path down the middle of each section. The cemetery is situated a few hundred yards to the north of the village and is bounded to the west by the Kilham to Rudston road. Otherwise it is surrounded by open fields in a very pleasant rural setting which is made even prettier in June by the wild flowers in the fields and hedgerows. The plan of the cemetery is based on a tracing of an image from Google Earth.

Lisa Blosfelds
1 July 2015

Plan of Kilham Cemetery

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The list of cemetery views

The list of grave photographs

The photographs:

Central_path_of_the_old_section_looking_east  Central_path_of_the_old_section_looking_south_east  Eastern_edge_of_the_new_section 
Eastern_edge_of_the_old_section  Looking_east_along_the_hedge_dividing_the_two_sections  Looking_north_along_the_Rudston_road 
Looking_south_towards_Kilham_along_the_Rudston_road  Looking_west_along_the_old_cemetery_path  New_cemetery_gates 
New_section_from_the_old_one  New_section_path_looking_west  Old_cemetery_gates 
Old_section_from_the_eastern_end_of_the_dividing_hedge  Old_section_from_the_new_one  Old_section_from_the_south_east 
Old_section_from_the_south_west  Old_section_looking_north  Old_section_looking_north_east 
Old_section_looking_south_east  Old_section_looking_west  Poppy_fields_to_the_east_of_the_cemetery 
Southern_part_of_the_new_section  Southern_part_of_the_new_section_from_the_north_east_corner  Southern_part_of_the_new_section_from_the_south_east_corner 
Southern_part_of_the_old_cemetery  Western_edge_of_the_old_section_looking_north  Western_edge_of_the_old_section_looking_south 
Western_edge_of_the_old_section_looking_towards_the_new_section  Wild_flowers_in_the_hedge  Wild_flowers_in_the_hedge_between_the_sections 

Happy hunting!

Doreen Laycock and Lisa Blosfelds