Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for KILHAM in Bulmer's Directory of 1892.



  • Post Office, Money Order, Savings Bank, Annuity and Insurance Office, Kilham, Lowthorpe, Hull. Mails arrive at 8-20 am., from Hull, and are despatched at 4-30 p.m. Nearest Telegraph Office, Driffield. Thomas Wood, sub-postmaster.

Miscellany of trades

  • Arksey Miss Annie, dressmaker
  • Banks Cook, joiner
  • Bastiman Robert, builder
  • Boynton Francis, brewer
  • Carr William, boot and shoe maker
  • Carter Henry, thrashing-machine owner
  • Chandler Robert, miller
  • Coates Anthony, vict., Blacksmith's Arms
  • Coates Henry, shoemaker
  • Crosland Rev. Jonathan, L.Th., vicar
  • Dukes George, blacksmith
  • Ferguson John, tailor and draper
  • Fletcher George, boot and shoe dealer
  • Fowler John, butcher
  • Galtry George, tailor and draper
  • Gutherless Alfred, joiner and cabinet maker
  • Gutherless Mr. Preston
  • Harrison Jonathan Redshaw, gardener
  • Harrison Thomas, bread dealer
  • Harrison Thomas, grocer
  • Hoggarth John William, tailor
  • Hoggarth Thomas, bricklayer
  • Kendrew Rev. Joseph (Wesleyan)
  • Knaggs Richard brewer
  • Mallory Mrs. Elizabeth, Richmond house
  • Milner Mr. John, Rose cottage
  • Morgantroy Isaac, vict., Star Inn
  • Oxley Mrs. Harrison, private school
  • Pinkney William, shoemaker
  • Preston Mrs. Edward
  • Priestley Mark, brickmaker
  • Raines Frank, grocer
  • Reed Henry William, schoolmaster, N. S.
  • Rugg Joseph, horsebreaker
  • Simpson George Robert, saddler
  • Smallwood John, grocer and draper
  • Smith John, gardener
  • Speed Henry, market gardener
  • Stather Blanchard, grocer and lodgings
  • Stead Mrs. Mary, beerseller, Bay Horse
  • Stephenson Miss Mary, lodgings
  • Sutcliffe Geo. Gilbert Angell, L.R.C.P., L.M., and M.R.C.S., physician and surgeon
  • Walker Miss Rachel, provision dealer
  • Watson Johnson, blacksmith
  • Watts George, thrashing-machine owner
  • Whiting Thomas, grocer
  • Wiles John, grocer
  • Wiles William, market gardener
  • Williams W. C., master, Grammar school
  • Wilson James, pig dealer
  • Wilson Joseph, butcher
  • Wood James, market gardener
  • Wood Thomas, grocer and stationer, P.O.


  • Adams James, Little Broachdale
  • Agars John, South villa
  • Angus Maxwell Cryke: h Cattleholmes
  • Davison Spruce
  • Davison William, Low farm
  • Dixon George William, Middledale
  • Ellyard Samuel, Broachdale
  • Haggitt Henry, Pasturegate
  • Hairsine Edward, Manor house
  • Helme John
  • Helms William
  • Hornby John, West End farm
  • Jordan Harland, East Gate lodge
  • Kingston Henry, West field
  • Lamplough John Robert, Tuft hill
  • Lamplough Samuel, West field
  • Lamplough Wharram
  • Medforth Mrs. Martha, Dotterill park
  • Middlewood Harry
  • Milner John, Middledale
  • Robson Albert
  • Robson John, Field house
  • Robson Richard, South side
  • Shipley Francis Thomas, Raven hill
  • Shipley Samuel, White hall
  • Thompson Charles, Swaythorpe
  • Ullyott Francis, East End cottage
  • Wilson Richard, Hall farm
  • Wood Sackville, West End farm
  • Wray William Jefferson, Kilham grange


  • Durham Floater, to Driffield daily; Bridlington, Wednesday and Saturday
  • Rawson Harry, to Driffield, Thurs. and Sat.
  • Rispin William, to Driffield, Thursday; Bridlington, Wednesday and Saturday
  • Robson William, to Hull, Tuesday; Driffield, Thursday; Bridlington, Saturday
  • Webster Thomas William, to Bridlington, Wed, and Sat.; Driffield, Thurs. and Mon.
  • Wiles Mark, to Bridlington, Wednesday and Saturday; Driffield, Thursday

Scan, OCR and html by Colin Hinson. Checking and correction by Peter Nelson.