Data from the 'Collectio Rerum Ecclesiasticarum' from the year 1842.




Data from the 'Collectio Rerum Ecclesiasticarum' from the year 1842.

The place: LANGTOFT.     Church dedication: ST. PETER.     Church type: Peculiar. Discharged Vicarage.

Area, 5,900 acres. Dickering wapentake *1. -Population, 523 *2; Church-room, 250 *3; Net value, £354. -In the town of Langtoft were three carucates and a half of land, which were held of the fee of Reginald Fitz Peter, who held them of the Archbishop of York, and he of the King in capite, without rent, &c.; and twenty-one carucates and a half are of the liberty of St. Peter in York.

The Prebend of Wilton, since annexed to the treasury, had in Langtoft fifteen tenements and thirty-seven oxgangs of land, held by several tenants.

Also the Prebendary of Stillington hath in Langtoft eleven tenements, wasted, sixteen oxgangs of demesne land, and seven freeholders, who hold of him five tenements and sixteen oxgangs of land, and nine cottages at certain rents and services.

And the Prebendary of Strensall hath in Langtoft eleven tenements and thirty-two oxgangs of land.

But the Prebendary of Langtoft is lord of the town, having his manor there, nine oxgangs and two acres of demesne land, each oxgang containing sixteen acres, and rent of assize, £1. 0s. 8d., paid by the freeholders, yearly.

Also thirty-five tenants, holding twenty-nine tenements and forty-two oxgangs of land in bondage, at three shillings per oxgang.

The Prebendary is Rector, to whom it was appropriated, and a Vicarage ordained therein, 12th December 1274. Augmented 15th Kal. April 1302. -See Curious Collection Entry.

Patron, the Prebendary of Langtoft, in York Cathedral.

Impropriator, the Rev. E. Gibbons.

The Vicarage is valued in Pope Nicholas's taxation, at £6. 13s. 4d.; in the King's books at £8; and in the Parliamentary Survey, vol. xvii. page 400, it is stated: "Langtoft and Cottam-Minister £25. 13s. 4d., paid by the State out of the late Prebend."

An Inclosure Act was passed 41st Geo. III.

15th Kal. April 1302, Roger Marmyon, Prebendary of Langtoft, gave the Vicar for his habitation one toft within the said town, which the Dean and Chapter confirmed accordingly.

No glebe house.

The Register books commence in 1537.

Parochial Charities. -No return.

Post town: Kilham.

Torre's MS. (Peculiars), page 647. Abp. Sharp's MS. vol. ii. page 241. Bawdwen's Domesday Book, (Langetou,) pages 15. 31. 47.

*1 The townships of Cottam and Langtoft are partly in the liberty of St. Peter of York.

*2 Viz. Cottam 25, and Langtoft 498. In 1834, Cottam was returned at 28, and Langtoft at 523.

*3 In 1818, returned at 450.

From the original book published by
George Lawton in 1842..
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