Data from the 'Collectio Rerum Ecclesiasticarum' from the year 1842.

The place: LONDESBOROUGH.     Church dedication: ALL SAINTS.     Church type: Rectory in charge.

Area, 4,200 acres. Harthill wapentake. Holme Beacon. -Population, 259 *1 ; Church-room, 180 *2; Net value, £798. -The town of Londesborough, containing six carucates of land, was held of the Archbishop of York by Reginald Fitz Peter, by suit of the Archbishop's Court of Wilton.

Also, William de Shermy held 'one carucate, and the Church is endowed with another.

The Church was of the patronage of the Lords Fitzherbert ; from them it came to the Lords Aton, and so by the Bromfleets, Lords Vescy, to the Cliffords, Earls of Cumberland, and afterwards of the Earls of Burlington.

Present patron, the Duke of Devonshire.

Valued in Pope Nicholas's taxation, at £23. 6s. 8d.; in the King's books, at £16; and in the Parliamentary Survey, vol. xvii. page 364, at £70 per annum.

Inclosure Acts were passed 56th Geo. III., and 1st and 2nd Geo IV., amending ditto.

The glebe house is fit for residence.

The Register Books commence in 1653, but defective to 1791. -Vide transcripts at York.

The Hospital, founded by Richard Earl of Burlington and Elizabeth his wife, for six bachelors or widowers and six widows, who have paid to each of them respectively £5, by monthly instalments ; to each of them, for a gown, £1; and to each of them, for fuel and fire, £1. There is also paid out of the funds, £10 to the Rector for reading prayers ; £2 to the parish clerk for ringing the bell and attending the prayers ; and the remainder, £4, for the repairs of the Hospital, but which last sum is generally applied in supplying coals (the Hospital being kept in repair at the expense of the Duke of Devonshire). Endowment : rent charge of £100 per annum. -Vide 10th Report, page 660.

Post town: Market Weighton.

Torre's MS., page 1139. Abp. Sharp's MS., vol. ii. page 25. Bawdwen's Domesday Book (Lodenesburg), page 46.

*1 Londesborough and Easthorpe.

*2 Agreeably to the return in 1818. In 1834, the return is, "sufficient."

From the original book published by
George Lawton in 1842..
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