Long Riston parish:


Long Riston, Roll of Honour transcription:

The World War I Roll of Honour in St. Margaret's Church, Long Riston.

Long Riston and Arnold

Soldiers and Sailors who served in the War 1914-18.

Pte. Fred Atkins, M.F.P. Pte. Herbert Gill, R.M.
Drv'r Allan Atkins, R.F.A. Pte. Edwin Harland, E.Y.
Pte. Bertie Atkins, M.G. L'Cpl. George Hall, A.S.
Pte. John Wm. Ashton, E.Y. Pte. George R. Hastings, E.Y.
Pte. George Boyes, L.C. Pte. Henry Jackson, Canadian Reg't
Pte. George Blake, A.S.C. Pte. Percy Jackson, Australian Reg't
Pte. Fred Boyd, R.F.A. Driv'r Richard Carlill Jackson, A.S.C.
Pte. Charles Barker, Manchesters Pte. Robert Greaves, L.C.
Pte. Robert Barker, 4th Welsh Reg't Pte. Wm. Lovewell, E.Y.
Pte. Edward Barker, R.F.A. Pte. Wm. Lawty, R.F.A.
Pte. Hugh Riley Blenkinsop, N.F. Pte. John Lawty, Canadian Reg't
L'Cpl. James Carlill, N.F.A. Pte. Edward Masters, A.S.C.
Drv'r Arthur Carlill, R.F.A. Corpl. Harold Masters, A.S.C.
L'Cpl. Frank Carlill, R.E. Driv'r Amos Masters, A.S.C.
Gnr. Wm. Sauder Cressey, Tank Corps Pte. John Myers, E.Y.
L'Cpl. George Cressey, Canadian Reg't Corpl. Wm. Myers, R.F.C.
Bdr. Percy Collisson, R.F.A. Pte. George Peacock, Coldstream Gds.
Pte. James Collisson, E.Y. Pte. George Pearson, K.O.Y.L.I.
Pioneer James Cappleman, R.E. Pte. James Robinson, A.V.C.
Pte. Herbert Cappleman, E.Y. Pte. Robert Robinson, D.C.M.
Drv'r Albert Victor Coupland, R.F. Pte. Frank Stork, R.G.A.
Pte. Nevill Clubley, R.F.A. Pte. John Watson, E.Y.
Pte. Sydney Clubley, E.Y. Pte. Stephen Kirkwood, E.Y.
Pte. Arthur Clubley, R.F.A. Pte. Harry Kirkwood, E.Y.
Pte. Ernest Flowerden, E.Y. Pte. Wm. Kirkwood, E.Y.
Pte. Harry Fletcher, E.Y. Stoker George High, R.N.


Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson