Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for NAFFERTON in Bulmer's Directory of 1892.



  • Post Office, Money Order Office, and Savings Bank, Nafferton, Hull. Nearest Telegraph Office, Driffield. Mails arrive at 6-50 a.m. and 2-5 p.m. from Hull, and are despatched at 12-10 p.m. and 4-45 p.m. Henry Bell, postmaster. Wall Letter Box at the Station, cleared at 4-30 p.m.

Miscellany of trades

  • Arnell Thomas, gardener, The Hall
  • Atkinson Mrs. Harriet, Park house
  • Bailey Miss Mary, dressmaker
  • Baron Tom, grocer
  • Bebbington Allen, grocer and coal merchant
  • Bell Henry, tailor and draper
  • Bell James, fruiterer
  • Blades William, grocer
  • Booth Mrs. Annie Maria, Sunnyside
  • Broadley Mrs. Mary
  • Burton George, Wesleyan schoolmaster
  • Butterfield Robert, poultry dealer
  • Carrington Thomas, blacksmith
  • Carter Francis, vict., White Horse
  • Colley Matthew, shopkeeper
  • Crompton Mrs. Isabella, Holly bank
  • Davidson Rev. James, M.A., vicar
  • Dixon Mr. Harrison
  • Duffin Henry, draper
  • Duggleby Mrs. Maria, Driffield road
  • Eden Emanuel, pork butcher
  • Etherington Thomas, assistant overseer
  • Fenby Paul, grocer
  • Foster Mrs. Mary
  • Foster William, grocer
  • Gilbank William, cowkeeper
  • Goodwill James, gardener
  • Gore Mrs. Jane
  • Greenley Mrs. Mary Ann, vict., Cross Keys
  • Harrison Mrs., Hollybank
  • Hilton Henry, vict., Blue Bell
  • Hoggarth Mrs. Annie, dressmaker
  • Holtby Mr. Richard, Filbert grove
  • Jarratt Miss Jane
  • Jefferson Israel, bootmaker
  • Johnson John, poulterer
  • Knapton Mr. William
  • Laybourne Mrs. Jane
  • Levitt Reub., shoeing smith, implement maker, and coal dealer
  • Lidster Miss, infant schoolmistress
  • Longbottom Charles, general dealer
  • Longbottom Samuel, glass, &c., dealer
  • Meek Robert, saddler
  • Middleham James, machinist
  • Monkman Mrs Mary, draper, Mount pleasant
  • Monkman Walter, grocer
  • Muntz Mrs. Holly bank
  • Nicholson Richard, butcher
  • Nornabell Mrs. S. M., miller
  • North Mr. Charles Matthew, Sands house
  • Nunns John Wm., stationmaster, and agent for the Hand in Hand Fire and Life Insurance Society & Imperial Union Accident Assur. Ltd.
  • Oubridge John, butcher
  • Porter Thomas, coal dealer
  • Pratt John, grocer and coal dealer
  • Preston William, master, national school
  • Raines William, blacksmith, Albion house
  • Ross Mr. William, The Villa
  • Savile Robt., M.D., Edin., and M.R.C.S., Lond., The Elms
  • Sellers Alfred, butcher
  • Shepherdson John, joiner
  • Shields James, clerk
  • Short Benjamin, builder and contractor
  • Simpkin James, poultry dealer
  • Slee Francis, hairdresser
  • Southwick Mrs. Ann
  • Spanton Samuel, shoemaker
  • Spanton William, joiner
  • Stamp Mark, vict., King's Head
  • Stocks Mrs. Hannah
  • Stockton John, grocer
  • Taylor John, cattle dealer, Nether Elms house
  • Thorpe William Brewster, cattle dealer
  • Thurlow Thomas, joiner and cabinet maker
  • Towse Thomas, beer retailer, Star Inn
  • Vasey William, tailor
  • Walker James, grocer
  • Ward John Samuel, engineer and millwright
  • Ward Richard Thomas, builder
  • Ward Thomas, joiner
  • Wardell Mrs. Sarah, dressmaker
  • Watson John William, tailor and draper
  • Wilkinson Joesph, saddler
  • Williamson Thomas, grocer and draper


  • Beilby George
  • Booth John
  • Broadley Henry (and joiner)
  • Cole Thomas
  • Creaser George
  • Crompton Thomas
  • Dickson John, Wold house
  • Ellyard Charles, The Limes
  • Gofton Peter, Pockthorpe hall
  • Harrison George
  • Hodge Robert Rivis, Station farm
  • Horner Escritt
  • Jarratt James Robert
  • Jefferson John
  • Lovell William Woodcock, The Grange
  • Overfield George, Nethergate
  • Potter Lamplough, Pockthorpe
  • Pratt Frederick
  • Redman Thomas
  • Robinson Edward, Westgate
  • Sellers John
  • Sherwood Robert
  • Simpson John, Westfield


  • Milner John William, to Driffield daily
  • Stephenson Henry, to Bridlington, Saturday; Driffield, Thursday


  • Postal address, Wansford, Driffield.

    Mails arrive at 7-15 am, from Driffield, and are despatched at 5-50 p.m, Nearest Money Order Office is Nafferton, and the nearest Telegraph Office, Driffield; Mr. Rd. Moon, postmaster.

Miscellany of trades

  • Gawthorn William, coal merchant
  • Holtby James, schoolmaster
  • Merkins George, post messenger to Gembling
  • Moore Richard, tailor
  • Richardson John, miller
  • Watson Charles William, cowkeeper
  • Wilson George, miller
  • Windus John, joiner


  • Aconley Robert, and vict., Trout Inn
  • Barmby William
  • Dowson Thomas (and cowkeeper)
  • Robinson Mrs. Susannah (and miller)
  • Simpkin William, Ivy house
  • Thompson George, Thornholme farm
  • Tranmer Wm. (and cattle dealer), Manor house


  • Clark William (and grocer) to Driffield, on Thursday and Saturday

Scan, OCR and html by Colin Hinson. Checking and correction by Peter Nelson.