Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for NORTH CAVE in Pigot's Directory of 1829.


Post Office,

  • South Cave, Barnard Cook, Post Master.
  • Letters are despatched to Market Weighton at forty minutes after twelve at noon, by horse post, and arrive every morning at half past six

Nobility Gentry and Clergy,

  • Barnard Henry Gee, esq. South Cave castle
  • Baron ---, gent. Drewton
  • Baron Mrs. S. Drewton
  • Burton Henry, esq. Hotham
  • Champney R. gent. Ellerker
  • Collins Mrs. Marry, Welton
  • Crake Rev. ---, South Cave
  • Croft Rev. Robert, Rowley
  • Foster Charles, gent. North Cave
  • Johnson John, gent. Welton
  • Johnson John, jun. gent. Welton
  • King Rev. John, South Cave
  • Leeson Thomas, gent. Ellerker
  • Leeson Treavill, gent. South Cave
  • Lowthorp William, esq. Welton hall
  • Maude Miss, South Cave
  • Muncaster the Right Hon. the Earl of, Brantingham Thorpe
  • Popple Rev. Allies, Welton
  • Raikes Robert, esq. Welton house
  • Raikes Thomas, esq. Spring hill
  • Richardson Mrs. Welton
  • Simpson Rev. James, Brantingham
  • Stillingfleet Rev. James, Hotham
  • Thornton Misses, North Cave
  • Todd Rev. Robert, North Cave

Academies & Schools,
Not otherwise described are Day Schools.

  • Bissitt Mrs. (boarding) Welton
  • Holberry Thomas, South Cave
  • Jackson Mrs. M. (boarding) Welton
  • National School, Welton-Thomas Jackson, master
  • Sharp Robert, South Cave
  • Simpson Rev. James, (boarding) Brantingham
  • Smith John, Welton
  • Tindall Matthew, North Cave


  • Robinson John, South Cave
  • Walmsley & Burland, South Cave


  • Dalton Richard, North Cave
  • Dixon ---, Newport
  • Eccles Thomas, Hotham
  • Levitt Thomas, South Cave
  • Morley David, South Cave
  • Nelson William, Welton
  • Nicholson Daniel, Hotham
  • Parkinson John, Welton
  • Pickering Matthew (and veterinary surgeon) South Cave
  • Thrustle Thomas, North Cave
  • Woodhall William, Newport

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Anson William, South Cave
  • Batty George, North Cave
  • Boast Richard, North Cave
  • Dawson William, North Cave
  • Deighton Richard, Welton
  • Douglass Alexander, South Cave
  • Glasby Samuel, South Cave
  • Ramsay Edward, Newport
  • Simpson Richard, North Cave
  • Stainton John, North Cave
  • Williamson Thomas, Welton


  • Andrew William, Welton
  • Brittain William, Newport
  • Denton John, Hotham
  • Marshall Robert, North Cave
  • Milner James, South Cave
  • Penrose John, Welton
  • Sissons John, North Cave
  • Smith John, South Cave
  • Wilkinson Richard, Welton

Brick Makers,
Marked thus * are also Coal Merchants.

  • *Armatage George, Newport
  • Armatage John, Brough
  • Armatage Thomas, Newport
  • *Brittain Joseph, Newport
  • Brommitt George, Newport
  • Brown John & Thomas, Newport
  • Brown William, Newport
  • Garnett George, Newport
  • Grasby Richard, Newport
  • Moss Thomas, Newport
  • Ramsay James, Newport


  • Barratt John, South Cave
  • Bartram John, Welton
  • Cade William, South Cave
  • Cottam George, South Cave
  • Cryer William, Newport
  • Kirk William, Newport
  • Petch Richard, North Cave
  • Petty William, Welton
  • Stather Edward, North Cave
  • Tindale Valentine, South Cave

Corn Millers,

  • Clark George, Ellerker
  • Fallowfield William, North Cave
  • Hembrough Robert, Hotham
  • Marshall Thomas, South Cave
  • Mattison Richard, Everthorpe
  • Stephenson Thomas, Welton
  • Sutton Thomas, North Cave

Earthenware Manufrs,

  • Saville George, Newport
  • Scott William, Newport


  • Blanchard Peter, North Cave
  • Brabbs Absolom, North Cave

Gardeners & Seedsmen,

  • Hargrave George, Welton
  • Watson Robert, North Cave
  • Wood Christopher, South Cave

Grocers and Drapers,

  • Collinson John & Sons (and agents to the British Fire & Life office) North Cave
  • Crosby William, Newport
  • Dixon George, Welton
  • Hewson William, North Cave
  • Hicks Thomas, Newport
  • Hornsby Thomas, Newport
  • Hudson John, Welton
  • Hunter William, Welton
  • Johnson Elizabeth, Newport
  • Kilvington John, Welton
  • Pinder Elizabeth, Newport
  • Scott William, Newport
  • Simpson William, North Cave
  • Wallis Anthony, Welton
  • Wallis George, Newport

Inns, Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Bay Horse, James Levett, South Cave
  • Black Bear, Richard Newlove, South Cave
  • Blacksmiths' Arms. Matthew Pickering, South Cave
  • Black Swan, Thomas Dean, North Cave
  • Crown and Anchor, Gen. Turner, Newport
  • Duke of York, James Pearson, Everthorpe
  • Fox Inn (and excise office) Barnard Cook, South Cave
  • Green Dragon Inn (& posting house) Eleanor Wright, Welton
  • King's Arm, Susannah Foster, Newport
  • Three Tuns, John Tindale, South Cave
  • Turk's Head, Thomas Armitage, Newport
  • White Hart (& posting house) Thomas Reynolds, North Cave
  • White Horse, Js. Witter, North Cave
  • Windmill, William Cousen, South Cave


  • Brown John, Newport
  • Conder John, South Cave
  • Hargrave James, Welton
  • Harrison Thomas, South Cave
  • Prince William, Newport

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Sundries,

  • Galland Joseph South Cave
  • Murgatroyd Joan, North Cave
  • Postill George, Hotham
  • Sharp Robert, South Cave
  • Sissons Elizabeth, North Cave
  • Sutton James, North Cave


  • Gordon William, Welton
  • Hill John, South Cave
  • Hilton John, North Cave
  • Jackson Richard, Welton
  • Tinsdill Edward, South Cave


  • Batty John, North Cave
  • Coulson James, Newport
  • Farrow William, Welton
  • Harrison Thomas, North Cave
  • Hessey Mark, Welton
  • Jackson George, North Cave
  • Kidd Samuel, Welton
  • Megg Thomas, North Cave
  • Pearson Thomas, North Cave
  • Robinson David, (& draper) South Cave
  • Scott William, Newport
  • Wandby Jonathan, (& draper) South Cave
  • Ward William, North Cave

Watch & Clock Makers,

  • Stoddart Benjamin, South Cave
  • Watson William, South Cave

Wheelwrights & Joiners,
Marked thus * are Joiners only.

  • *Brown Thomas, Newport
  • Cade Samuel, Welton
  • *Dorsey Peter, Welton
  • Ellison William, North Cave
  • Ingmire John, Welton
  • *Moody Robert, Welton
  • *Mounsey Arthur, Newport
  • Nicholson Robert, South Cave
  • Ogelvie Edward J. (and cabinet maker) Welton
  • Pearson John, North Cave
  • Petfield George, South Cave
  • Sargeson George, Hotham
  • Wright Joseph, North Cave


  • Atkinson William, leather-cutter, South Cave
  • Bentley John, linen-weaver, South Cave
  • Brittain Henry, baker, Welton
  • Brownlow Thomas, provision dealer, North Cave
  • Craggs & Alsop, papermakers, North Cave
  • Fenwick James, plumber & glazier, Welton
  • Gibson John, auctioneer, Hotham
  • Hudson Elizabeth, milliner, &c. Welton
  • Kemp Robert, tin plate worker, South Cave
  • Pashley Thomas, maltster, Ellerker
  • Ross Thomas, millwright, North Cave
  • Sanderson Robert, plough maker, North Cave
  • Sharp Robert, librarian to the subscription library, and sub-distributer of stamps, South Cave
  • Tindale John, cooper, South Cave


  • To Howden, Francis Smithson (from Hull) passes through South Cave, every Tuesday evening-and William Simpson, every Friday evening.
  • To Hull, William Cousen and John Fenwick (from South Cave Michael Akitt, R. Lundie and T. Hunt (from North Cave)-and Thomas Cade and Thomas Nicholson (from Welton) all on Tuesday & Friday mornings-Francis Smithson, every Monday morning-& William Simpson, every Thursday morning, both from Howden.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003