Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for NORTH CAVE in Bulmer's Directory of 1892.



  • Letters, via Brough, arrive at 4-45 am.; delivery begins at 7 am.; despatch, 7-25 p.m.
  • Post, Money Order, Telegraph, Insurance and Annuity Office at Mrs. Mary Taylor's, grocer. Nearest Railway Station, North Cave (a quarter-of-a-mile), H. & B. Ry.

Miscellany of trades

  • Anderson James, blacksmith
  • Barker Reuben, butcher and cattle dealer
  • Bell Miss Mary Alice
  • Berry Walter, horsebreaker
  • Beverley William, hairdresser
  • Black Andrew, brassfounder (Hull)
  • Blacker William, bootmaker
  • Blanchard Robert, market gardener
  • Buckton Geo. Freer, solicitor, Westgate house; office, 21 Parliament street Hull
  • Cameron Robert Duncan, L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S. (Edin.), Croft house
  • Chrispin George, butcher, Westgate
  • Coates Miss Margaret, Low hall
  • Coulson Mr. Henry, Church street
  • Craven Thomas, butcher, Church street
  • Davey John, earthenware dealer
  • Davy Thomas, coal merchant
  • Denton Tom, schoolmaster
  • Drewry George, vict., Black Swan
  • Easingwood Thomas, bellman
  • Everingham Miss Alice Watson
  • Everingham Mrs. Annie, Westgate
  • Farmery William, tailor
  • Fowler Charles, joiner, &c., Church street
  • Fowler George Frederick, grocer and draper
  • Garlick Samuel, vict., Albion Hotel
  • Gelder William, thrashing machine proprietor
  • Gowland Mr. Richard, Church street
  • Gray John, baker and confectioner, Church st
  • Greenwood Charles, builder
  • Greenwood Edward, builder
  • Grice Mrs. Fanny and Miss Harriet Benson, dressmakers, church street
  • Hargrave Miss Ann, grocer
  • Harwood Miss Annie, schoolmistress
  • Hicks Tom Henry (Saunders & Hicks)
  • Hicks William, bootmaker and parish clerk
  • Howard Miss Mary Eliza
  • Howdie Benjamin, refreshment rooms
  • Ingham William, bootmaker and newsagent, Westgate
  • Jones Rev. John C. (Primitive Methodist)
  • Jones Miss Maria, Westgate
  • Kirby Johnson, mangr. to T. S. Whittaker, Esq.
  • Kirby Robert, grocer
  • Lamb Mrs. Ann
  • Leeson Miss Maria, Westgate
  • Maud Nicholas, assistant overseer
  • Middlebrook Richard, auctioneer, valuer, and land agent, Westgate
  • Middlebrook Miss Sarah Ann
  • Mounsor Arthur, coal merchant, North Lane station, and at Newport
  • Mounsor Coulson, coal merchant
  • Newmarch Thomas, painter, &c., Church st
  • Nockless Edward, painter, &c., Church street
  • Parker John, Friends' cottage
  • Parkinson John, auotioneer and valuer, Sand hall
  • Parkinson William, saddler, Westgate
  • Pearson Charles, joiner, Church street
  • Pearson John, joiner and builder, Westgate
  • Plewes John William, miller
  • Powell Mr. James
  • Rispin Henry, carrier, Church street
  • Saunders & Hicks, ironfounders and blacksmiths
  • Saunders R. W. & T., ironfounders andimplement makers
  • Saunders Robt. Wm. (H. W. & T. Saunders)
  • Saunders Thomas, (R.W.& T. Saunders)
  • Scott Anthony Eland, grocer
  • Selby Wm., insurance and commission agent
  • Simpson John William, grocer and draper
  • Spawtin Edward Ward, stationmaster, North Cave station
  • Taylor George, tailor and draper
  • Taylor Mrs. Mary, grocer and postmistress
  • Temperance Hall - Church street
  • Tomlinson Rev. Walter M., M.A. (Gonville and Caius College, Cantab.), vicar, The Vicarage
  • Underwood Mr. Dennis, Westgate
  • Wright Geo. Mountain, builder, Church street
  • York City & County Banking Co., Ltd., Westgate; attendance, 3-30 to 5-0 p.m. Monday and Thursday; Chas. Wilkinson, manager
  • Yorkshire Banking Co., Ltd.; attends from South Cave, Monday, from 2-0 to 3-0 p.m.
  • Yorkshire Penny Bank, Girls' school; Tuesday, 4-0 to 5-0 p.m.


  • Anderson Abraham Swales, to Hull, Tues. & Fri.
  • Copeland Seth Wm., to Beverley (Globe Inn), Saturday
  • Rispin Hy., to Black Swan, Mytongate, Hull, Tuesday and Friday, and to Newport
  • Smith James, Hull, Tuesday and Friday, and Market Weighton, Wednesday


  • Atkinson James, Westgate
  • Beckett Joseph Dennis, Dryholme
  • Blossom Thomas, Manor farm, Nordham
  • Boast Samuel, Nordham
  • Boast William & Richard (and millers)
  • Clementshaw Thomas
  • Copeland Seth William
  • Dennis Charles, Common
  • Dudding Mrs. Ann, Newport
  • Freeman George, Railway crossing
  • Graves Jas., hind for Col. Clitherow, Castle farm
  • Gray Daniel, and vict., The White Hart
  • Hicks Henry, Nordham
  • Hill John Cooper (and fellmonger)
  • Holmes Mrs. Ann (& coal and gravel mercht.)
  • Jarratt Percival, Walling Fen house, via Newport, Brough
  • Moate William, Finkle street
  • Mounsor Williamson, Mill house
  • Pinder Benjamin, Westgate
  • Rispin William
  • Robinson Mrs. Elizabeth, Nordham
  • Scott William & Joseph, Westgate farm
  • Stather William, Milestone house
  • Suddaby Robert, Manor farm
  • Thomas Ambrose, hind for Philip Darling, via Newport, Brough
  • Thornham Charles, Jarrett hills
  • Tomlinson George, Topping's house
  • Tomlinson James W., Brook farm
  • Waudby John


  • Post Office at James Pearson's. Letters via Brough, arrive at 5-15 a.m. Delivery commences at 7 a.m.; despatch at 7-36 p.m., Sunday at 6-40 p.m. Nearest Money Order and Telegraph Office - North Cave (one mile).

Miscellany of trades

  • Barker Jesse, gamekeeper, Everthorpe hall
  • Hardy John, gardener
  • Pearson James, joiner, grocer, and post office
  • Thompson Anthony, market gardener
  • Whittaker Thos. Stephen, Esq., Everthorpe hall


  • Anderson Abraham, Manor farm
  • Bradshaw Thomas
  • Crispin Richard
  • Househam Alfred (and cattle dealer), Mill house
  • Laverack Henry, Everthorpe grange
  • Musk George
  • Thompson John


  • Letters via South Cave, Brough, except where stated otherwise.

Miscellany of trades

  • Gray Wm. junr., seed crusher; office, 35 High street, Hull
  • Morrison Thomas, accountant, Drewton stray
  • Nichol Jas., stationmaster, South Cave station
  • Wilson John William, nurseryman and florist
  • Wilson John, bank manager, Drewton stray
  • Wilson John, shepherd, Toll bar


  • Coulson John William, West Hill farm
  • Fisher William, Low farm
  • Hutchinson Thomas, High Drewton, via North Cave
  • Leake William Robert (and coal merchant and agent for Goole Tillage Co.'s cake, seeds, tillages, &c.), Kettlethorpe
  • Robinson Robert Thomas, Rudstone walk
  • Suddaby Robert Henry, letters via North Cave
  • Wimbush Miss Beatrice


  • Letters, via Hotham Brough, are delivered at 8-0 a.m., and collected at the same time. Nearest Money Order and Telegraph Office, North Cave (two miles).

Miscellany of trades

  • Fox William Henry, Esq., The Lodge; and at Bradwell grove, Burford, Oxon.
  • Gowthorpe Miss Ellen, schoolmistress
  • Smith Wm., gamekpr. & caretaker, The Lodge


  • Appleton George Wm., (and overseer, surveyor, and assessor of taxes, and land steward for Wm. Hy. Fox, Esq.), Manor house and the Hall farm
  • Gospel William, Town End farm and Bunny hill, South cliffe
  • Holdridge John Henry, Carr farm
  • Naylor Wm., farm bailiff for Market Weighton Reformatory, Avenue farm
  • Rennison Mrs. Annie, Hill farm
  • Watson Mrs. Martha, Bielsbeck farm


  • Letters, via Hotham Brough, are delivered about 8-0 am., and collected at the same time. Nearest Money Order and Telegraph Office, North Cave (two miles).

Miscellany of trades

  • Kempley John, auctioneer, Manor house; office, Market Weighton
  • Parkin James, blacksmith
  • Reynolds John, shopkeeper
  • Walker George, joiner


  • Appleton George William (and steward to William Henry Fox, Esq.)
  • Barr Walter Henry, Now or Never farm
  • Gospel John & William, Bunny hill
  • Harker Thomas, Cliffe dales
  • Jackson George, Duck nest
  • Kempley William, C.C., Manor house
  • Leake Thomas, Boarden doors
  • Scott Mrs. Barbara
  • Sutton Henry

Scan, OCR and html by Colin Hinson. Checking and correction by Peter Nelson.