Patrington Churchyard gravestones etc.


Patrington Churchyard gravestones etc..



The last photos of the Patrington Churchyard gravestones etc. were taken in and consequently no graves after this date appear here.

The index consists of a table of surnames (below), each being linked to the first image of that surname. To get to the rest of the same surname images, simply use the scroll facilities on each succeeding page.

The number for the photograph is given in the caption below the photograph.

No attempt was made to remove grass from overgrown graves (no tools) but tried to remove the moss etc. from the graves which consist of a cross.

If you can identify the names on the "Unknown" graves, please drop Colin a line by email (use the "Report Problems" link at the bottom of the relevant page).

There are three sizes of photos: the thumbnail images which link to a page containing a larger image (640 by 480 pixels), and then a full size image which is linked from the previously mentioned larger image. The full size image can of course be saved for your own personal use.

You will appreciate that there is ample scope for errors in this, so if you find any, please drop Colin a line - there is a link to the error form at the bottom of each page.

Happy hunting!

Colin Hinson.

Adamson  Alvin  Andrew  Appleby  Aram  Armes 
Armitage  Arnold  Atkinson  Barchard  Barclay  Barnard 
Baron  Barrett  Batty  Beecroft  Best  Billney 
Birkwood  Blanchard  Blashill  Blenkarn  Blyth  Boke 
Bolderson  Bowsman  Boyd  Bradley  Braimbridge  Bratley 
Brigland  Brown  Buck  Burman  Burnham  Burns 
Butterworth  Calvert  Carrigan  Carter  Cassidy  Chadwick 
Charlton  Chessman  Clark  Clayton  Close  Coates 
Cockerill  Colley  Cook  Corbett  Coy  Craven 
Crawford  Crawforth  Croft  Crook  Curtis  Cuthbert 
Dadley  Davis  Dawson  Dennison  Dibnah  Dolton 
Drew  Drewery  Dunkin  Dunn  Dyson  Edmunds 
Edson  Edwards  Ellis  Escreet  Escrett  F.M.R. 
Fallowfield  Farron  Fenby  Fenwick  Fewster  Field 
Firth  Foster  Found  Frankland  Freer  French 
Frith  Garsides  Garthwaite  Gawkell  Goundrill  Graves 
Gray  Greenshaw  Grindell  Grund  Grundy  Hall 
Hancock  Handcock  Harness  Harper  Harrison  Hembrough 
Herd  Herdsman  Heskwood  Hilton  Hodgson  Holmes 
Hopper  Hoskison  Howarth  Hubbard  Hudson  Hunter 
Hutchinson  Jackson  Johnson  Jones  Joy  Kirkby 
Kirkham  Kirkwood  Kirman  Kitchen  Kitchingman  Lambert 
Land  Langthorp  Lazenby  Leadall  Leadley  Lee 
Leonard  Little  Liversedge  Lockwood  Longhorne  Mabb 
Mackreth  MacNicholas  Maddock  Marriott  Marritt  Marshall 
Matchan  Matchet  Meadley  Medcalf  Medforth  Metcalf 
Milner  Mitchell  Mounsey  Munby  Neesam  Nelson 
Newcombe  Newlove  Nicholson  Nixon  Norris  North 
Norton  Nunton  Ogram  Owst  Parker  Parrot 
Parrott  Pashby  Pattinson  Pawson  Peace  Peach 
Pearcy  Pearson  Penrose  Pickering  Pindar  Potchet 
Potts  Pugh  Rhodes  Richardson  Roberts  Robinson 
Robson  Rooks  Rudd  Runton  Sawyer  Sayle 
Scott  Screeton  Searby  Sharp  Shaw  Shields 
Simons  Simpson  Sleight  Slide  Smales  Smith 
Snaith  Soulsby  Spencer  Stark  Starkey  Statters 
Stavler  Stavley  Stephenson  Stockdale  Styche  Suddaby 
Swinney  Tasker  Taylor  Tennison  Thompson  Thorp 
Thorpe  Tiplady  Towler  Towse  Tuffeny  Unknown 
Unknown*  Vickerman  Wade  Walker  Watson  Webster 
Wiles  Wilkin  Wilkinson  Wilkson  Williamson  Wilson 
Wing  Winship  Wood  Woodhouse  Woods  Worrall 
Wray  Wreathall  Wreghit  Wright  Young     
* Please note that the "Unknown*" section contains those with unreadable full surnames.