Patrington, Yorkshire, England. Geographical and Historical information from 1750.


Geographical and Historical information from the year 1750.

"PATRINGTON, a parish in the E.R. of Yorkshire, in Holderness, the ancient Praetorium of Ptolomey, on a r. that runs into the Humber, 142 cm. 171 mm. from London, has a pleasant prospect of the shore of the Humber, and the green fields on the b. of Lincolnshire; and the inh. boast of its antiquity, and of the pristine excellency of its harbour. This manor was given by Charles II. to Sir Robert Hildyard, for his own and his two sons lives, after whose death, it was granted to Ld. Portland. It is a very ancient corporate T. with a Mt. on S."

[Transcribed by Mel Lockie © from
Stephen Whatley's England's Gazetteer, 1750]