Patrington Parish, Directory of Trades and Professions for 1892


Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades
for PATRINGTON in Bulmer's Directory of 1892.

  • Parish Church (St. Patrick) - Rev. H. E. Maddock, M.A., F.G.S., rector and rural dean of Hedon
  • Wesleyan Methodist Chapel - Served from Withernsea
  • Primitive Methodist Chapel - Minister, Rev. John George Smith
  • County Councillor for Patrington Division - A. H. Easten, Esq., J.P., Patrington

  • Rev. Charles Day, Hollym, chairman Walter Samuel Bailey, Esq., Anlaby Alfred Knocker Dibb, Esq., Kirkella William George Dickenson, Esq., Roos, Hull Arthur Henry Easten, Esq., Patrington, Hull
  • Clerk to the Magistrates - G. R. Park, solicitor, Hedon and Hull Petty Sessions are held at the Court house, Patringion, every month The following places are included in the Petty Sessional Division : - Burstwick, Easingion, Halsham, Hollym, Holmpton, Keyingham, Kilnsea, Ottringham, Out-Newton, Owthorne, Patrington, Paull, Rimswell, Ryhill, Skeffling, South Frodingham, Sunk Island, Thorngumbald, Waxholme, Welwick, Winestead, Withernsea

Police Station
  • East End, John Don, inspector

  • Meetings held in the Board Room at the Workhouse every alternate Saturday at 11-0 am.
  • Chairman - John Garton, Ottringham
  • Vice-Chairmen - -Samuel Fisher, Thorngumbald, and F. J. Gardam, Withernsea
  • Clerk to the Guardians and Assessment Committee - Henry Dunn, Manor hs., Patrington
  • Treasurer - H. J. R. Pease, Old bank, Hull
  • Relieving Officer, and Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths - T. Allen Found, Patrington
  • Superintendent Registrar - H. Dunn
  • School Attendance and Enquiry Officer - T. A. Found
  • Assistant Overseer for Patrington - H. Adolphus Mackreth
  • Medical Officers - Workhouse, J. Fullarton Land, Westgate house, Patrington; East District, William Henry Coates Patrington; Middle District, W. Askwith Rudd, Hull road, Withernsea; North East District, E. Thew Turnbull, The Chestnuts, Roos; Part West District, J. Frederic Mackreth,Keyingham, and Part West District, James Soutter, Hedon
  • Workhouse - John B. Wood, master; Mrs. Janet C. Wood, matron

  • Clerk - Henry Dunn
  • Treasurer - H. J. R. Pease, Old bank, Hull
  • Medical Officer - J. Fullarton Land
  • Inspector of Nuisances - Rt. Frost. Ottringham

  • Patrington Amicable Society - J. Hutton, sec. Sherwood Lodge (No. 467), of the United Ancient Order of Druids - J. Hutton, secretary
  • Patrington Gas Works - E. Bell, secretary and collector, Preston; John Pegg, manager
  • Patrington Station - (Hull and Withernsea Branch, N.E.R.), Titus Rainey, stationmaster
  • The Loyal Thomas Hildyard Lodge (Manchester Unity), of the Independent Order of Oddfellows - B. Screeton, secretary
  • Winestead Station - Geo. Raper, stationmaster
  • Working Men's Institute (Established 1886) - J. Hutton, secretary; Mrs. Easten, librarian; William Pinder, caretaker
  • Post, Money Order, Telegraph Office, and Savings Bank: Miss S. North, postmistress. Letters via Hull arrive, week days, at 7-45 am, and 8-10 p.m.; Sundays, 9 a.m.; and are despatched, week days, at 6 p.m., and Sundays at 5-5 p.m.
Miscellany of trades
  • Andrew Miss Ellen, apartments, Greenshaw ln
  • Barclay Miss Anne
  • Binnington Edward, tinner
  • Blanchard James, retired inspector of police
  • Blashill Harold Henry, farm foreman
  • Boyd Robert, farm foreman
  • Chessman William Esq., Ruston house
  • Christie Thomas Frederick, merchant (in Hull)
  • Clark Mr. Samuel
  • Don John, inspector of police for the South Holderness Division of the East Riding, Police station, East end
  • Drewery George, smack owner, Haven side
  • Drewery John, smack owner, Haven side
  • Dunn Henry, clerk to the Guardians,Patricroft Union, to the Patrington Rural Sanitary Authority, and superintendent registrar of births, deaths, and marriages, Manor house
  • Easten Arthur Hy., Esq., J.P., C.C., Dunedin
  • Found Thomas Allen, relieving officer, registrar of births, deaths, and marriages, school attendance and enquiry officer, and collector to the Guardians, Patrington Union, South villa
  • Grange Richard Sharp, farm foreman
  • Harness John, surveyor of Winestead Level Drainage, Patrington haven
  • Harrison Mr. John, Harrison's buildings
  • Holmes Miss Mary
  • Hoskison Mrs., Westgate
  • Hutchinson Mrs. Sarah
  • Hutton John, master, National schools
  • Kirkby Miss Emily
  • Kirkwood Geo., carrier to Hull, Tues. and Fri.
  • Kirman Henry, freeholder, Ivy cottage
  • Lambert Miss Maria Ellen, The Mount
  • Mackreth Herbert Adolphus, assistant overseer and collector of tithes, Rose cottage
  • Maddock Rev. Henry Edward, M.A., and late Fellow of Clare college, Cambridge, F.G.S., Rectory
  • Marshall Richard, Esq., Enholmes hall
  • Marshall Mr. Richard, Winestead road
  • Mawman George, watchmaker
  • Naylor George, property owner, Haven side
  • Neal William, flour dealer, Westgate
  • North Miss Sarah, postmistress
  • Parrott Fennel, junr., fishing smack owner,
  • Parrott Fennel, senr., fishing smack owner, Patrington haven
  • Parrott George Best, fishing smack owner, Patrington haven
  • Parrott Hy., fishing smack owner, Patrington haven
  • Parrott Mrs. Margaret, North side
  • Parrott Robt., fishing smack owner, Patrington haven
  • Pearson Edward, property owner
  • Pegg John, gas works manager
  • Pickering Mrs. Elizabeth, Haven side
  • Pugh William Buckley, gentleman
  • Pybus William, thrashing machine proprietor
  • Rainey Titus, stationmaster, Patrington station (Hull and Withernsea branch N.E. railway)
  • Raper George, stationmaster, Winestead station (N.E. railway)
  • Robinson George, foreman drainer
  • Robinson Mrs. Mary, Haven side
  • Robinson Mrs., lodgings
  • Rogerson Miss Mary Ann
  • Rudd Richard, poultry dealer, East end
  • Screeton Henry, draper's manager
  • Smith Rev. John George (Primitive Methodist)
  • Smith Ogram, property owner
  • Snaith William, tinplate worker
  • Staveley George, grocer's manager
  • Stephenson Mrs. Elizabeth, Greenshaw lane
  • Thorp John, gentleman, Alma house
  • Ward Robert, gardener
  • Wilkin George, fellmonger and pig butcher, Patrington haven
  • Williamson James, confectioner
  • Wood John B., master of the Union Workhouse
  • Wood Mr. John William, Greenshaw house
  • Wortley John, head gardener to H. Marshall, Esq.


Academies & Schools.
  • Dunn Miss Eliza
  • Infants', Patrington haven; Miss Found, mistress
  • National (boys), John Hutton, master; (girls), Miss C. M. Still, mistress; (infants'), Miss Watson, mistress

  • Atkinson Edwin (to John Smith, brewer, Tadcaster), Holderness Inn
  • Fenwick John Bilton (toTadcaster Tower Brewery)
  • Hutton John (Yorkshire Fire and Life Insurance)
  • Iveson Benj. (land and com.)
  • Lundy Fredk. Robt. (to Burton Brewery Co.); h 21 Norwood street, Hull
  • Mabb William. Hy. (Norwich Union Life and Fire office), Sedbergh house
  • Mackreth Herbert Adolphus (Alliance Assurance Co.), Rose cottage

  • Edson Thomas
  • Norris David
  • Norris William John

Boot & Shoe Makers.
  • Barrett Thomas
  • Johnson Geo. Hy., Ings lane
  • Pawson Albert Ed., Eastgate
  • Scott Rt. (& chimney sweeper)
  • Sharp Rd. & Patrington haven
  • Tiplady James
  • Tiplady William

Bricklayers and Builders.
  • Cockerill Henry
  • Colley John
  • Kirkwood James

  • Dibnah Arthur Andrew
  • Newcombe Thomas
  • Wright Edward

  • Burnham Mrs. Elizth. Harriet

Coal Dealers.
  • Curtis Wm., Patrington haven
  • Johnson James
  • Leconby John
  • Robson Mark
  • Train Frederick
  • Watson Stephen, Haven side

Corn Millers.
  • Appleby Jas,, Patrington mill
  • Cuthbert Ronald, Haven mill

  • Close Jas. (and cattle dealer)
  • Edson Aaron Andrew (& pig butcher
  • Frankland John (and cattle dealer), Ings lane
  • Robson Mark
  • Towler Chas., Greenshaw lane

  • Bailey Miss Elizabeth
  • Limon Joseph (& boot dealer)
  • Robinson Miss Elizabeth

  • Alvin John, Patrington haven
  • Blashill John (farm bailiff), Enholmes
  • Blashill William, South side
  • Brown George (and yeo.), Mile house; h Sunk island
  • Chessman Ed. (and yeo.), East End house
  • Chessman William (and yeo.), Ruston house
  • Dunn The Misses, Mary Jane & Cath. (owners), Eastfield
  • Gray William John
  • Ingram John Owston, The Rookery
  • Iveson Benj. (land agent and valuer), Ivy cottage
  • Johnson Rd. Anderson, Greenland
  • Kirkwood William (and cattle dealer), East end
  • Lamplugh Harper (and corn merchant), Cromwell lodge
  • Meadley Geo. & Michael Suddaby (& yeo.), South side; h Sunk island
  • Meadley Robt., Growths farm, Patrington haven
  • Newcombe Thomas
  • Screeton Henry
  • Thorp Edward (and yeo.)
  • Vickerman Ewd., Elm Tree hs
  • Wright Edward, Church farm, and Tunah farm

Grocers & Provision Dealers
  • Bailey Miss Elizabeth
  • Barnard Charles William
  • Barnard John
  • Curtis Wm., Patrington haven
  • Harrison Thomas
  • Robinson Miss Elizabeth
  • Screeton Branton

Hotels, Inns, &c.
  • Amicable Society; Chas. Blythe
  • Burn's Head, Patrington haven; George Bratley, (and straw, chaff, &c., dealer)
  • Dog and Duck (commercial & posting); Robt. Medforth
  • Hildyard Arms; Geo. Hornby Foster
  • Holderness Inn (late Three Crowns); Edwin Atkinson
  • Plough Inn, Patrington haven; Sheriff Suddaby, (& carter)
  • Railway Inn; Joseph Heslop
  • Telegraph Inn, Patrington station; Miss Sarah Jane Norton

Joiners and Wheelwrights.
  • Barrett Charles, Fern side
  • Fewster David
  • Gray Thomas (and implement maker)

Milliners and Dressmakers.

(Marked m are Milliners, and d Dressmakers.)
  • dHarness (Miss Charlotte) & Hyde (Miss Mary)
  • mLimon Joseph
  • dMarshall Mrs., Winestead rd
  • dNorth Miss E.
  • dPearson Misses, Westgate
  • mRobinson Miss Elizabeth
  • dThompson Miss
  • dWood Mrs. Sophia

Painters, Paperhangers, Plumbers, &c.
  • Blenkhorn Jane
  • Parrott Arthur
  • Smith Joseph Slingsby

Saddlers and Harness Makers.
  • Harrison James
  • Styche Frederick

  • Atkinson Thomas
  • Curtis Geo., Winestead terrace (and manager, Enholme tilery)
  • Newton John
  • Parrott Mrs. Susannah, Patrington haven

  • Coates William Hy., medical officer to the East District of Patrington Union, Bleak house
  • Land Jno. Fullarton (L.R.C.P., Edin., and M.R.C.S., Eng., medical officer of health to the Patrington Rural Sanitary Authority, Admiralty surgeon and agent, local med. officer to the London Trinity Corporation, &surgeon to the Patrington Union Workhouse), Westgate house

  • Andrew William
  • Dibnah Arthur
  • Kirkham Benjamin
  • Thompson William, Haven side
  • Ward John, Winestead road

  • George William Kirkwood, & Edwd. Train, to Hull, Tuesday and Friday

Scan, OCR and html by Colin Hinson. Checking and correction by Peter Nelson.