Patrington Parish Registers - Baptisms 1570-1731.


Transcription of the Patrington Registers - Baptisms 1570-1731.

Please note I cannot guarantee that my software has always extracted the date in the date column correctly.
The dates are given in the order the appear in the register which is not necessarily numerical order.
Also note that the year commenced on the 25th March up to 1752.
but that the date column numbers the months in the modern method (English format)

DateName(s) and relationship
07/05/1570May 7 die Ellen Jackson filia Johannis Jackson baptizata fuit
16/05/157016 die Johan Sharpe filia Xpistoferi Sharpe baptizata fuit
04/06/1570June 4 die Isabel Nicholson filia Wm Nicholson babtizata fuit
18/06/157018 die Robert Thornley filius Richardi Thornley babtizatus fuit
14/07/1570Jul. 14 die Willm Stilton filius Johis Stilton babtizatus fuit
14/08/1570Aug. 14 die Margret Nelson filia Georgi Nelson babtizata fuit
27/08/157027 die John Newton filius Wilhelmi Newton babtizatus fuit
27/10/1570Oct. 27 die Vrsula Walker filia Edwardi Walker babtizata fuit
12/11/1570Nov. 12 die George Gyldus fil Johannis Gildus babtizatus fuit
26/11/157026 die Katherine Manners filia Henci Manners babtizata fuit
03/12/1570Dec. 3 Margret Bellet filia Wm Bellet babtizata fuit
17/12/157017 die Wm Parker filius illigetimus Leonardi Parker bab. fuit
17/12/1570eodem die Alice Applebie filia Johannis Applebie babtizata fuit
28/12/157028 die John Rider filius Robti Rider babtizatus fuit
24/01/1570Jan. 24 die Elsabeth Jefferson filia Johis Jefferson babtizata fuit
02/02/1570Feb. 2 die Emat Braton filia illigetima Andrei Braton bab. fuit
04/02/15704 die James Dodd filius Johis Dodd babtizatus fuit
16/02/157016 die Anne Tocke filia Thomae Tocke babtizata fuit
03/03/1570Mar. 3 die Richard Lighterne fil Osswoldi Lighterne babtizatus fuit
01/04/1571April primo die Margret Stilton filia Wilhelmi Stilton bab. fuit
03/04/15713 die Richard Trusley filius Richardi Trusley babtizatus fuit
17/06/1571June 17 die Isabel Tumholme filia Thomae Tumholme babtizata fuit
26/08/1571Aug. 26 Pattrick Giltencross and Michael Giltencross twins babtiz
04/09/1571Sep. 4 die Cicile Jackson filia Jackson (sic) babtizata fuit
04/09/1571eodem die Isabel Greneshaw filia Johis Grenshaw Labtizata fuit
23/09/157123 die Michael Owstwicke filius Johis Owstwicke babtizatus fuit
29/09/157129 die Margret Hutton filia Thomae Hutton babtizata fuit
14/10/1571Oct. 14 die Johan Strundaile filia Walter Strundaile babtizata fuit
06/01/1571Jan. 6 Annas Artcles filia Johis Artcles babtizata fuit
09/03/1571Mar. 9 Annas Sharpe filia Xpofer Sharpe babtizata fuit
09/03/15719 Philip Applebie filius Applebe babtizatus fuit
09/03/15719 James Kirstie filius Bartlemue Kirstie bab. fuit
09/03/15719 James Reame filius Johis Reame babtizatus fuit
09/03/15719 Elsabeth Oggram filia Robti Oggram bab. fuit
09/03/15719 Margaret Tyvie filia Johis Tyvie babtizata fuit
01/07/1572Jul. primo die Katherine Mason filia Robti Maison babtizata fuit
14/08/1572Aug. 14 die Bartlemue Dodd filius Johis (Blank) babtizatus fuit
29/09/1572Sep. 29 die Gregorie Talor filius Gregorij Talor babtizatus fuit
26/10/1572Oct. 26 die Francis Warde filia Wilhelmi Warde babtizata fuit
18/11/1572Nov. 18 die Samuel Strundaile filius Walter Strundaile bab. fuit
09/12/1572Dec. 9 die Thomas Stevenson filius Stephen Stevenson bab. fuit
01/03/1572Mar. 1 die Johan Cauverley filia Thomae Caverley babtizata fuit
12/04/1573Apr. 12 die Wm Bellet filius Petri Bellet babtizatus fuit
25/04/157325 die Elsabeth Stilton filius (sic) Wm Stilton babtizata fuit
17/05/1573May 17 die Willm Nelson filius Georgii Nelson babtizatus fuit
30/05/157330 die Margret Gray filia Robti Gray babtizata fuit
07/06/1573Jun. 7 die Elsabeth Wilkinson filia Ambros Wilkinson bab. fuit
21/06/157321 die John Kynnye filius Bartlemue Kynnie babtizatus fuit
05/07/1573Jul. 5 die Bettris Wilkinson filia Wm Wilkinson babtizata fuit
03/07/15733 die Wm Oggram filius Robti Oggram babtizatus fuit
06/09/1573Sep. 6 die John Reame filius Johis Reame babtizatus fuit
13/09/157313 die Edward Trusley filius Rich Trusley babtizatus fuit
13/09/1573eodem die Walter Stilton filius Johis Stilton babtizatus fuit
20/09/157320 die Robert Ellerbie filius Wm Ellerbie babtizatus fuit
17/10/1573Oct. 17 die Robert Rider filius Robti Rider babtizatus fuit
01/11/1573Nov. 1 die Samuel Cowper filius Rich. Cowper babtizatus fuit
15/11/157315 die Frances Foster filia Robti Foster babtizata fuit
05/12/1573Dec. 5 die Elsabeth Kirstie filia Bartle Kirstie babtizata fuit
10/08/1574Aug. 10 die Wm Veele filius Richardi Veele babtizatus fuit
04/08/1574Aug. 4 die Cornelius Strundall filius Walter Strundall bab. fuit
08/08/15748 die Annas Ostwicke filia Johis Ostwicke babtizata fuit
10/08/157410 die Bartle Wilkinson filius Ambros Wilkinson bab. fuit
05/09/1574Sep. 5 die Margret Wilsonn filia Johis Wilson babtizata fuit
07/09/15747 die Garrat Lerking filius Rich Lerking babtizatus fuit
12/09/157412 die Xpistopr Shiperd filius Walter Shiperd babtizatus fuit
13/09/157413 die Wm Gedney filius Stephen Gedney babtizatus fuit
24/10/1574Oct. 24 die James Mattock filius Johis Mattocke babtizatus fuit
03/11/1574Nov. 3 die John Jackson filius Johis Jackson babtizatus fuit
03/11/1574eodem die Richard Sharpe films Xpistopher Sharpe babtizatus fuit
15/02/1574Feb. 15 die Edmonde Walker filius Edwardi Walker babtizatus fuit
24/02/157424 die Richard Cooke filius Johis Cooke babtizatus fuit
26/02/157426 die Amiell Coke filius Lauranc Cooke babtizatus fuit
30/03/1574Mar. 30 die Adoram Kirstie filius Bartle Christie babtizatus fuit
04/05/1575May 4 die Wm Bewes filius Wm Bewes babtizatus fuit
13/07/1575Jul. 13 die John Rowthe filius Johis Rowth baptizatus fuit
13/07/1575eodem die Bartle Gray filius Wm Graie babtizatus fuit
04/10/1575Oct. 4 die Wm Cawverlay filius Thomae Cawverley babtizatus fuit
08/12/1575Dec. 8 die Richard Wilkinson filius Richardi Wilkinson bab. fuit
30/12/157530 die Johan Trusley filia Rich. Trusley babtizata fuit
31/12/157531 die Bartle Jackson filius Johis Jackson babtizatus fuit
21/01/1575Jan. 21 die Agnes Gibson filia Richd. Gibson babtizata fuit
20/02/1575Feb. 20 die Wm Watson filius Johis Watson babtizatus fuit
27/02/157527 die Francis Gray filius Richard Graie babtizatus fuit
11/04/1576Apr. 11 die John Walker, filius, Edwardi Walker babtizatus fuit
13/04/1576Apr. 13 die John Cooke filius Johis Cooke babtizatus fuit
14/04/157614 die Robt Hausley filius Robt Hausley babtizatus fuit
18/04/157618 die Stephen Strundall filius Walter Strundall bab. fuit
24/04/157624 die Marie Stevenson filia Thomae Stevenson babtizata fuit
12/05/1576May 12 die Wm Gray filius Henric Grai babtizatus fuit
09/11/1576Nov. 9 die David Graie filius David Graie babtizatus fuit
09/12/1576Dec. 9 die John Campion filius Petri Campion babtizatus fuit
28/12/157628 die Elsabeth Hogg filia Robti Hogg babtizata fuit
20/01/1576Jan. 20 die John Jackson filius Thomae Jackson babtizatus fuit
09/03/1576Mar. 9 die Johan Rowth filia Johis Routhe babtizata fuit
06/04/1577Apr. 6 die Marie Jackson filia Johis Jackson babtizata fuit
13/04/157713 die Ellen Maddocke filia Johis Maddock babtizata fuit
03/05/1577May 3 die Richard Foxxe filius Richardi Foxe babtizatus fuit
19/08/1577Aug. 19 die Peter Sharp filius Xpistopher Sharp babtizatus fuit
01/09/1577Sep. primo Frances Manners filia Richard Manners babtizata fuit
15/09/157715 die John Stevenson filius Wm Stevenson babtizatus fuit
15/09/1577eodem die Wm Reame filius Johis Reame babtizatus fuit
22/09/157722 die Agnes Symson filia Thomae Symson babtizata fuit
10/12/1577Dec. 10 die Frances Blithe filia Robti Blithe babtizata fuit
08/01/1577Jan. 8 die Richard Matchan filius Thomae Matchan babtizatus fuit
11/01/157711 die Elsabeth Trusley filia Robti Trusley babtizata fuit
11/01/1577eod. die Maude Huggon filia Georgi Huggon babtizata fuit
15/01/157715 die Marie Jackson filia Johis Jackson babtizata fuit
09/02/1577Feb. 9 die Wm Raynold filius of (sic) Wm Rainold babtizatus fuit
11/02/157711 die John Wilson filius Johis Wilson babtizatus fuit
09/03/1577Mar. 9 die Margret Stilton filia Francisci Stilton babtizata fuit
23/05/1578May 23 die Robert Hogge filius Robti Hogge babtizatus fuit
16/05/157816 die Wm Routhe filius Rich. Routh babtizatus fuit
17/05/157817 die Robte Sharpe filius Raphe Sharp babtizatus fuit
16/08/1578Aug. 16 die Elsabeth Stevenson filia Thomae Stevenson bab. fuit
27/09/1578Sep. 27 die John Ellerbie filius Wm Ellerbie babtizatus fuit
10/10/1578Oct. 10 die John Watson filius Johis Watson babtizata fuit
13/10/157813 die Margret Smith filia Robti Smyth babtizata fuit
18/10/157818 die Theophilus Arcles filius Johis Artcles babtizatus fuit
12/12/1578Dec. 12 die Thomas Caverlay filius Thomae Cauerlay bab. fuit
17/12/157817 die Richard Jackson filius Thomae Jackson babtizatus fuit
17/12/157817 die Effome Gray filia Rich. Gray babtizata fuit
27/12/157827 die Frances Smyth filia Johis Smyth babtizata fuit
28/12/157828 die Thomas Gray filius Wm. Gray babtizatus two
28/12/1578eodem die Annas Gray filia Wm. Gray babtizata } twynns
10/01/1578Jan. 10 die John Hewyt filius Rich. Hewyt babtizatus fuit
17/01/157817 die George Campion filius Petri Campion babtizatus fuit
07/03/1578Mar. 7 die Frances Meggetson filia Johis Meggetson babtizata fuit
07/03/15787 die Wm Butcher filius Thomae Butcher babtizatus fuit
02/04/1579Apr. 2 die Jeane Newton daughter Robti Newton babtizata fuit
02/04/15792 die Mawde Friston filia Thomae Friston babtizata fuit
25/06/1579Jun. 25 die Elsabeth Walker filia Edwardi Walker babtizata fuit
01/08/1579Aug. primo die John Dowe filius Thomae Dowe babtizatus fuit
31/10/1579Oct. 31 die Marie Cullingworth filia Wm. Cullingworth bab. fuit
12/10/157912 die Willm Parker filius Leonard Parker babtizatus fuit
12/10/157912 die Robert Gray filius Henric Gray babtizatus fuit
02/02/1579Feb. 2 die Johan Routhe filia Johis Routhe junioris babtizat
02/02/15792 die Frances Warner filia Robt. Warner babtizata fuit
29/03/1580Mar. 29 die Thomas Stevenson filius Thomae Stevenson bab. fuit
09/04/1580Apr. 9 die Wm. Newton filius Robti Newton babtizatus fuit
22/05/1580May 22 die Robert Dyne filius Wm. Dyne babtizatus fuit
22/06/1580Jun. 22 die Robert Blythe filius Robti Blithe babtizatus fuit
22/06/158022 die Annas Ellerbie filia Wm. Ellerbie babtizata fuit
25/11/1580Nov. 25 die Robert Wilsonn filius Johis Wilson babtizatus fuit
10/12/1580Dec. 10 Frances Symson filia Thomae Symson babtizata fuit
16/12/158016 die Elsabeth Burde filia Edwardi Birde babtizata fuit
07/01/1580Jan. 7 die John Bewes filius Wm. Bewes babtizatus fuit
08/01/15808 die John Jackson filius Johis Jackson babtizatus fuit
10/01/158010 die Thomas Foxe filius Rich. Foxe babtizatus fuit
17/01/158017 die Anne Trusley filia Rich. Trusley babtizata fuit
28/01/158028 die Margret Androwe filia Petri Androwe babtizata fuit
02/02/1580Feb. 2 die Annas Walker filia Edwardi Walker babtizata fuit
18/02/158018 die Wm. Campion filius Petri Campion babtizatus fuit
26/02/158026 die Agnes Arcles filia Johis Arcles babtizata fuit
10/04/1581Apr. 10 die Isabel Wood filia Edwardi Wood babtizata fuit
24/05/1581May 24 die Thomas Dune filius Wm. Dune junior babtizatus fuit
13/07/1581Jul. 13 die Thomas Mason filius Thomae Mason babtizatus fuit
16/07/158116 die Alic Rowthe filia Rich. Routhe babtizata fuit
05/08/1581Aug. 5 die John Dixon filius Georgii Dixon babtizatus fuit
28/08/158128 die Emmet Hogg filia Robti Hogg babtizata fuit
29/09/1581Sept. 29 die Annas Cauverley filia Thomae Cauverley babtizata fuit
19/10/1581Oct. 19 die Edward Manners filius Richardi Manners bab. fuit
29/10/158129 die Wm. Nelson filius Georgii Nelson babtizatus fuit
30/11/1581Nov. 30 die Wm. Wetherll filius Rich. Wetherell babtizatus fuit
30/11/158130 die Thomas Huggone filius Thomae Huggin babtizatus fuit
01/01/1581Jan. primo die Agnes Wright filia Thomae Wright babtizata fuit
12/01/158112 die Johan Megson filia Johis Megson babtizata fuit
01/02/1581Feb. 1 die Katheron Reame filia Johis Reame babtizata fuit
19/04/1582Apr. 19 die John Smyth filius Almon Smyth babtizatus fuit
14/04/158214 die Agnes Wood filia Johis Wood babtizata fuit
10/06/1582Jun. 10 die Bridget Gray filia Rich. Gray babtizata fuit
19/06/158219 die Barbaray Burde filia Edwardi Burd babtizata fuit
15/07/1582Jul. 15 die Ursula Parkin filia Percivall Parkine babtizata
28/07/158228 die Agnes Newton et Frances Newton babtizata
03/08/1582Aug. 3 die Robert Langdaile filius [blank] babtizatus fuit
07/09/1582Sep. 7 die Johan Androwe filia [blank] babtizata fuit
09/09/15829 die Elsabeth Bewes [blank] babtizat
16/09/1582Sep. 16 die Margret Symson filia blank] babtizat
07/10/1582Oct. 7 die Edward Grave filius [blank] babtizatus fuit
07/10/15827 die Richard Stevenson filius [blank] babtizatus fuit
14/10/158214 die John Gildus filius Johis Gildus babtizatus fuit
24/11/1582Nov. 24 die Wm. Shipperd filius Wm. Shipperd babtizatus fuit
24/11/158224 die Emmot Stevenson filia Thomae Steuenson bab. fuit
25/11/158225 die Rich. Wetherell filius Rich. Wetherell babtizatus fuit
02/12/1582Dec. 2 die Elsabeth Watson filia Francis Watson babtizata fuit
06/12/15826 die Elsabeth Hodghon filia Johis Hodghon babtizata fuit
24/01/1582Jan. 24 die Agnes Isaac filia Wm. Isaac babtizata fuit
27/01/158227 die Thomas Isaac filius Rich. Isaac babtizatus fuit
10/02/1582Feb. 10 die Rich. Hargraue filius Johis Hargraue babtizatus fuit
08/03/1582Mar. 8 die Ellen Foxe filia Rich. Foxe babtizata fuit
08/03/15828 die Agnes Wllkinson filia Ambros Wilkinson babtizata fuit
06/04/1583Apr. 6 die Edward Walker filius Jacobi Walker babtizatus fuit
01/05/1583May primo die George Broderick filius George Broderick bab. fuit
26/05/158326 die Richard Friston filius Thomae Friston babtizatus fuit
07/07/1583Jul. 7 die Gabriel Wood filius Johis Wood babtizatus fuit
01/09/1583Sep. primo die Barbara Harrison filia Johis Harrison babtizata
22/09/158322 die Agnes Wood filia Edwardi Wood babtizata fuit
22/09/1583eodem die Alice Campion filia Petri Campion babtizata fuit
22/09/1583eodem die Elsabeth Armstronge filia Xpistopher Armstrong
29/09/158329 die Peter Currie filius Petri Currie babtizatus fuit
13/10/1583Oct. 13 die Thomas Truslay filius Rich. Truslay babtizatus fuit
09/11/1583Nov. 9 die Jeane Bucke filia Georgii Bucke babtizata fuit
05/12/1583Dec. 5 die Edward Caverley filius Thomm Caverley babtizatus fuit
25/01/1583Jan. 25 die Johan Dune filia Wm. Dune junior babtizata fuit
03/02/1583Feb. 3 die Martha Blenck filia Wm. Blencke babtizata fuit
17/02/158317 die Wm. Readmar filius Wm. Readmar babtizatus fuit
25/02/158325 die John Pollard filius Wm. Pollard babtizatus fuit
05/03/1583Mar. 5 die John Burde filius Edwardi Burd babtizatus fuit
22/03/158322 die Edward Graie filius Wilm Gray babtizatus fuit
10/05/1584May 10 die Rich. Broderick filius Georgi Broderick babtizatus fuit
15/05/158415 die Wm. Mylns filius Wm. Myns babtizatus fuit
27/05/158427 die Thomas Wilson filius Johis Wilson babtizatus fuit
10/06/1584Jun. 10 die Margret Warde filia Robti Warde babtizata fuit
20/06/158420 die Mathew Jackson fils. Thomae Jackson illigetimus bab. fuit
26/06/158426 die Margret Audlay filia Thomae Audley babtizata fuit
20/07/1584Jul. 20 die Agnes Watson filia Johis Watson babtizata fuit
02/08/1584Aug. 2 die Anne Chadwick filia Jacobi Cadwick babtizata fuit
24/08/158424 die Alice Sheildes filia W m. Sheildes babtizata fuit
28/08/1584Aug. 28 die Alice Hogg filia Robti Hogg babtizata fuit
17/10/1584Oct. 17 die John Maull filius Gabriel Maull babtizatus fuit
01/12/1584Dec. primo die Jeane Jackson filia Thomae Jackson babtizata fuit
05/12/1584Dec. 5 die Agnes Gildus filia Wm. Gildus babtizata fuit
12/12/158412 die Thomas Rawlinson filius Johis Rallinson babtizatus fuit
03/01/1584Jan. 3 die Wm. Andrew filius Petri Andrew babtizatus fuit
08/02/1584Feb. 8 die Margret Kirstie filia Wm Kirstie babtizata fuit
24/02/158424 die Robert Dyne filius Wm Dyne babtizatus fuit
13/03/1584Mar. 13 die Elsabeth Foxe filia Rich Foxe babtizata fuit
16/06/1585Jun. 16 die Wm. Watson filius Johis Watson babtizat fuit
24/06/158524 die Henry Dixon filius Georgi Dixon babtizatus fuit
08/08/1585Aug. 8 die Sarai Blith filia Johis Blithe babtizata fuit
04/10/1585Oct. 4 John Robinson filius Thomae Robinson babtizatus fuit
16/01/1585Jan 16 die John Rawlinge filius Johis Rawling babtizatus fuit
22/01/158522 die Margret Blith filia Roberti Blyth babtizata fuit
03/02/1585Feb. 3 die Willm. Mall filius Gabriel Mall babtizatus fuit
10/02/158510 die Anne Bucke filia Georgii Bucke babtizata fuit
14/02/158514 die Rich. Currie filius Edward Currie babtizatus fuit
22/02/158522 die Thomas Care filius Thomae Care babtizatus fuit
25/02/158525 die Martha Caverley filia Thomae Caverley babtizata fuit
08/03/1585Mar. 8 die Thomas Sheildes filius Wm. Sheildes babtizatus fuit
12/03/158512 die Peter Mylns filius Stephen Mins babtizatus fuit
12/03/158512 die Xpistopr Audlay filius Thomae Audlay babtizatus fuit
12/03/1585eod. die Olivr. Ward filius Robti Ward babtizatus fuit
26/03/158526 die Thomas Symson filius Thomae Symson babtizatus fuit
26/03/1585eod. die Wm. Stevenson ij children babtizat
26/03/1585eodem die Thomas Robinson one child babtizat
26/03/1585Mar. 26 die James Walker one man childe babtizatus fuit
26/03/1585eodem die Frances Isaac filia Johis Isaack babtizata fuit
09/07/1586Jul. 9 die John Huggon filius Thomas Huggon babtizatus fuit
31/07/158631 die Bartle Chirstie filius Wm. Chirstie babtizatus fuit
06/08/1586Aug. 6 die Robt. Trusley filius Richardi Trusley babtizatus fuit
07/08/15867 die Emmat Crawfoorth filia Petri Crawfoorth babtizata fuit
08/10/1586Oct. 8 die Lettis Purser filia Xpistopher Purser babtizata fuit
29/10/158629 die John Iselande filius Richardi Iseland babtizatus fuit
13/11/1586Nov. 13 die Margret Stilton filia Robert Stilton babtizata fuit
29/11/158629 die Esabel Wood filia Johis Wood babtizata fuit
01/12/1586Dec. 1 die Peter Watson filius Francis Watsonn babtizatus fuit
25/12/158625 die Oliver Jackson filius Thomae Jackson babtizatus fuit
05/01/1586Jan. 5 die Esabel Wower filia Xpistopher Wower babtizata fuit
02/02/1586Feb. 2 die Marie Megson filia Johis Megson babtizata fuit
09/02/15869 die Esabel Gray filia Richard Gray babtizata fuit
20/02/158620 die Willm. Rosse filius Thomae Rosse babtizatus fuit
17/03/1586Mar. 17 die Dynes Hodgson filia Raphe Hodgson babtizata fuit
19/03/1587Mar. 19 die Raphe Savage filius Thomae Savage babtizatus fuit
28/03/158728 die Ursula Braidlay filia Thomae Braidlay babtizata fuit
08/07/1587Jul. 8 die Thomas Wood filius Edwardi Wood babtizatus fuit
08/07/15878 die Thomas Pollard filius Wm. Pollard babtizatus fuit
09/07/15879 die Henrie Snypp filius Thomae Snype babtizatus fuit
26/07/158726 die Elsabeth Bilton filia Wm. Bilton babtizata fuit
22/08/1587Aug. 22 die John Fussie filius Edwardi Fussie babtizatus fuit
26/08/158726 die Margret Smyth filia Roberti Smyth babtizata fuit
03/09/1587Sep. 3 die Annas Fox filia Rich. Foxe babtizata fuit
10/09/158710 die Jeane Care filia Thomae Care babtizata fuit
18/10/1587Oct. 18 die Emmot Ellerbie filia Wm. Ellerbie babtizata fuit
29/11/1587Nov. 29 die Annis Readmar filia Wm. Readmar babtizata fuit
01/02/1587Feb. primo die Richard Hall filius Roberti Hall illigettimus bab. fuit
10/02/158710 die Jeane Gildus filia Wm. Gildus babtizata fuit
18/02/158718 die John Rawlinge filius Johis Rawlinge babtizatus fuit
18/02/158718 die Annis Lickbarrow filia Jefferow Lickbarrow bab. fuit
24/03/1587Mar. 24 die Peter Campion filius Petri Campion babtizatus fuit
04/04/1588Apr. 4 die Anne Raylay filia Bryan Railai babtizata fuit
09/04/15889 die Margret Birde filia Edwardi Birde babtizata fuit
22/06/1588Jun. 22 die Thomas Ingrom filius Thomae Ingrom babtizatus fuit
17/08/1588Aug. 17 die Marie Truslai filia Robti Trusley babtizata fuit
18/08/158818 die Annis Dune filia Wm. Dune babtizata fuit
01/09/1588Sep. primo die Elsabeth Crawfoorth filia Henric Crawfoorth bab. fuit
07/09/15887 die Elsabeth Mason filia Xpistopher Mason babtizata fuit
08/09/15888 die John Wright filius Rob Wright babtizatus fuit
29/09/158829 die Edward Bucke filius Georgi Bucke babtizatus fuit
18/10/1588Oct. 18 die Margret Savage filia Thomae Savage babtizata fuit
20/10/158820 die Robert Caverla filius Thomae Caverla babtizatus fuit
19/11/1588Nov. 19 die Frances Ward filia Raphe Ward babtizata fuit
31/12/1588Dec. 31 die Xpistopher Dixon filius Georgi Dixon babtizatus fuit
01/01/1588Jan. primo die Wm. Crawfurth filius Petri Crawforth babtizatus fuit
06/01/15886 die Jeane Garner filia Richard Garner babtizata fuit
26/01/158826 die John Thornley filius Rich. Thornley junior babtizatus fuit
08/03/1588Mar. 8 Marie Fussie filia Cuthbert Fussie babtizata fuit
22/03/158822 Elsabeth Watson filia Johis Watson babtizata fuit
07/05/1589May 7 die Anne Fuller filia Edwardi Fuller babtizata fuit
17/05/158917 die Elsabeth Ward filia Thomae Warde babtizata fuit
08/06/1589Jun. 8 die Ellis Shipperd filia Wm. Shiperd babtizata fuit
20/07/1589Jul. 20 die Wm. Robinson filius Thomae Robinson bab. fuit }twins.
20/07/1589eodem die Emmot Robinson filia Thomae Robinson bab. fuit }twins
20/07/1589eodem die Margret Dune filia Johis Dune babtizata fuit
02/08/1589Aug. 2 die Edward Care filius Edward Care babtizatus fuit
09/08/15899 die Brian Railiffe filius Briani Railiffe babtizatus fuit
10/08/158910 die Elsabeth Jackson filia Thomae Jackson babtizata fuit
17/08/158917 die Francis Readmar filius Wm. Readmar babtizatus fuit
05/09/1589Sep. 5 die Wm. Watson filius Thomae Watson babtizatus fuit
20/09/158920 die Stephen Bewes filius Wm Bewes babtizatus fuit
21/09/158921 die Annis Birde filia Edwardi Bird babtizata fuit
27/09/1589Sept. 27 die Edward Gildus filius Wm. Gildus babtizatus fuit
18/10/1589Oct. 18 die Edward Headon filius Xpistop Headon
16/10/158916 die Peter Chambers filius Thomae Chambers
28/10/158928 die John Megson filius Johis Megson
28/10/158928 die Anne Chirstie filia Bartle Kirstie babtizata fuit
09/11/1589Nov. 9 die John Bilton filius Wm. Bilton
22/11/158922 die Elsabeth Symson filia Thomae Symson
06/12/1589Dec. 6 die Wm Gedney filius Stephen Gedney
25/12/158925 die Robert Lake filius Leonard Lake
01/01/1589Jan. primo die Alice Hodghon filia Raphe Hodghon
18/01/158918 die Richard Mowbray filius Georgi Mowbray
25/01/158925 die Ursulai Chadwick filia James Chadwick
25/01/158925 die Jeane Tunye filia Jacobi Tunye
14/02/1589Feb. 14. die Gwalter Rannsome filius Petri Rannsom
04/03/1589Mar. 4 die John Wood filius Edward Wood
07/03/15897 die Johan Garner filia Richardi Garner
08/03/15898 die John Savage filius Thomae Savage
28/03/1590Mar. 28 die Edward Headon filius Edward Headon babtizatus fuit
11/04/1590Apr. 11 die Jeane Watson filia Francis Watson babtizata fuit
12/04/159012 die Annas Moore filia Xpistop Moore
18/04/159018 die Elsabeth Fussie filia Edward Fussie
25/04/159025 die Annas Jackson filia Johis Jackson
25/04/1590eod. die Isabel Foster filia Wm. Foster
24/05/1590May 24 die Ursilla Truslai filia Richardi Truslai
06/06/1590Jun. 6 die Barbarai Kirstie filia Wm. Kirstie
27/06/159027 die Marget Audley filia Thomae Audley.
29/07/1590Jul. 29 die John Shipherd filius Wm. Shipherd babtizatus fuit
08/08/1590Aug. 8 die Robert Maison filius Xpistop Maison
14/08/159014 die Annas Crawfoorth and Jeane Crawfoorth daughters twynns of Henrie Crawfoorth
15/08/159015 die Edward Lickbarrowe filius Jefferow Lickbarrow
13/09/1590Sep. 13 die Jeane Blythe filia Johis Blith
11/10/1590Oct. 11 die Margret Thornley filia Richardi Thornley
08/11/1590Nov. 8 die Margret Hall filia Humfray Hall
28/11/159028 die Jeane Fussie filia Cuthbart Fussie
12/12/1590Dec. 12 die Richard Smyth filius Wm. Smyth
19/12/159019 die Henrye Warde filius Raphe Ward
28/12/159028 die John Gedney filius Stephen Gedney junior
06/01/1590Jan. 6 die Richard Hewyt filius Edward Hewyt
13/02/1590Feb. 13 die Henrye Foster filius Richard Foster
28/02/159028 die Marie Pollard filia Wm. Pollard junr.
13/03/1590Mar. 13 die Robert Thornley filius Robti Thornley
08/06/1591Jun. 8 die Thomas Wilkinson filius Percivell Wilkinson babt. fuit
07/08/1591Aug. 7 die Barbarai Spilsbie filia Nicholas Spilsbie
07/08/15917 die Barbara Andrew filia Petri Andrew
18/08/159118 die Susanna Bucke filia Georgii Bucke
24/08/159124 die Richard Crawfoorth filius Henric Crawforth
29/08/1591Aug. 29 die Agnes Wrighte filia Robti Wright
29/08/159129 die Agnes Stevensonn filia Jacobi Stevenson
04/09/1591Sep. 4 die Ellis Friston filia Robert Friston
03/10/1591Oct. 3 die Thomas Robinson filius Thomae Robinson
14/11/1591Nov. 14 die Christabell Gray filia Rich Gray
30/11/159130 die Raphe Crawfoorth filius Petri Crawfoorth
18/12/1591Dec. 18 die Barbarie Sothwicke filia Johis Southwicke
09/01/1591Jan. 9 die Barbara Higgin filia Miies Higin
26/01/159126 die Thomas Savage filius Thomm Savage
22/01/159122 die Bartle Kirstie filius Bartle Kirstie
02/02/1591Feb. 2 die Rich. Tunye filius Jacobi Tunye
05/02/15915 die Thomas Megson filius Johis Megson
12/02/159112 die Elsabeth Gray filia Johis Gray junr.
23/02/159123 die Dynas Mallerie filia Wm. Mallerie
28/02/159128 die Robert Watson filius Johis Watson
06/03/1591Mar. 6 die Xpistopher Headon filius Xpistop Headon
18/03/159118 die Elsabeth Hodgson filia Raphe Hodgson
20/04/1592Apr. 20 die Barbara Mowbray filia Georgii Mowbray
08/06/1592Jun. 8 die Custanc Ralay filia Brian Ralay babtizata fuit
14/06/159214 die Agnes Mason filia Xpistop Mason babtizata fuit
18/06/159218 die Margret Cunstable filia Xpistop Cunstable babtizata fuit
13/08/1592Aug. 13 die Barbara Gildus filia Wm. Gildus babtizata fuit
23/09/1592Sep. 23 die James Law filius Wm. Law babtizatus fuit
29/09/159229 die Stephen Gedney filius Stephen Gedney babtizatus fuit
17/10/1592Oct. 17 die Anne Garner filia Rich. Garner babtizata fuit
15/11/1592Nov. 15 die Jeane Lillie illegittima filia babtizata fuit
30/12/1592Dec. 30 die Margerie Watson filia Briani Watson babtizata fuit
20/01/1592Jan. 20 die Wm. Hubbleday filius Edward Hubbleday babtizatus fuit
28/01/159228 die Barbara Megson filia Johis Megson babtizata fuit
28/01/159228 die Margret Blith filia Johis Blith babtizata fuit
28/01/159228 die Annas Oggram filia Thomae Oggram babtizata fuit
28/03/1593Mar. 28 die Barbary Wilkinson filia Percivall Wilkinson bab. fuit
05/04/1593Apr. 5 die Xpistop Headon filius Xpistop Headon babtizatus fuit
14/04/159314 die George Spilsbie filius Nicholas Spilsbie babtizatus fuit
13/05/1593May 13 die Frances Care filia Edward Care bab. fuit
27/05/159327 die Robert Symson filius Thomae Symson babtizata fuit
01/06/1593Jun. primo die Xpistopher Mason filius Xpistop Mason bab. fuit
07/06/15937 die Willm. Mallerie filius Wm. Mallerye babtizatus fuit
13/06/159313 Osswolde Thomson fil. Isabel Thompson illigetima bab. fuit
17/06/159317 die Peter Coston filius Petri Coston babtizatus fuit
20/07/1593Jul. 20 die Frances Birde filia Edwardi Bird babtizata fuit
29/07/159329 die Elsabeth Beck filia Robti Beck babtizata fuit
09/09/1593Sep. 9 die John Readmar filius Wm. Readmar babtizatus fuit
29/09/159329 die John Shiperd filius Wm. Shiperd babtizatus fuit
07/10/1593Oct. 7 die George Shiperd filius Robti Shiperd babtizatus fuit
09/10/15939 die Jeane Warde filia Henric Warde babtizata fuit
18/10/159318 die Bettric Ransome filia Petri Ransom babtizata fuit
10/11/1593Nov. 10 die Elsabeth Deane filia Wm. Deane babtizata fuit
12/01/1593Jan. 12 die Francis Andrew filius Petri Androw babtizatus fuit
12/01/159312 die Wm. Southwick filius Johis Southwick
12/01/159312 die Wm. Law filius Wm. Lawe babtizatus fuit
26/01/159326 die Margret Tunye filia Jacobi Tunie babtizata fuit
01/02/1593Feb. primo die Robert Chadwick filius Jacobi Chadwick babtiz
06/02/15936 die Wm. Knockes filius Wm. Knockes babtizatus fuit
10/02/159310 die Christabell Stevenson filia Jacobi Stevenson bab. fuit
16/02/159316 die Frances Robinson filia Thomae Robinson babtizata fuit
17/02/159317 die Frances Mowbray filia Georgi Mowbray babtizata fuit
25/03/1594Mar. 25 die Humphray Tumholme filius Wm Tumholme bab. fuit
28/03/159428 die Marie Distanc filia Johanis Distanc babtizata fuit
17/04/1594Apr. 17 die Elsabeth Railay filia Briani Ralay babtizata fuit
21/05/1594May 21 die Elsabeth Crawfoorth filia Petri Crawfurth bab. fuit
09/05/15949 die Elsaheth Gednay filia Stephen Gednay babtizata fuit
27/05/159427 Robert Maison filius Xpistop Maison babtizatus fuit
02/06/1594Jun. 2 die Barbara Hall filia Humfray Hall babtizata fuit
09/06/15949 die Jeane Skeflinge filia Edwardi Skefling babtizata fuit
15/06/159415 die Elsabeth Kirstie filia Wm. Kirstie babtizata fuit
22/06/159422 die Jeane Higgin filia Miles Higgine babtizata fuit
19/07/1594Jul. 19 die Jeane Oggram filia Thomae Oggram babtizata fuit
03/08/1594Aug. 3 die Raphe Hodghon filius Raphe Hodghon babtizatus fuit
11/08/159411 die Richard Bilton filius Gregorie Bilton babtizatus fuit
07/09/1594Sep. 7 die John Gray filius Johis Gray babtizatus fuit
08/09/15948 die Anne Cooke filia Wm. Cooke senior babtizata fuit
05/10/1594Oct. 5 die Thomas Ward filius Raphe Ward babtizatus fuit
10/11/1594Nov. 10 die Thomas Bucke filius Georgi Bucke babtizatus fuit
17/11/159417 die Robert Shiperd filius Robti Shiperd babtizatus fuit
29/03/1595Mar. 29 die Anne Pollard filia Wm. Pollard babtizata fuit
30/03/159530 die Elsaheth Cocke filia Thomae Cocke babtizata fuit
09/04/1595Apr. 9 die Elsabeth Coston filia Petri Coston babtizata fuit
27/04/159527 die Margret Blencke filia Thomae Blenck babtizata fuit
21/06/1595Jun. 21 die Thomas Friston filius Robti Friston babtizatus fuit
21/06/159521 die Frances Atkinson filia Wm. Atkinson babtizata fuit
07/07/1595Jul. 7 die Richard Moore filius Xpistop Moore babtizatus fuit
25/07/159525 die Richard Garner filius Richardi Garner babtizatus fuit
23/08/1595Aug. 23 die Wm. Deane filius Wm. Deane babtizatus fuit
03/09/1595Sep. 3 die Katherine Distanc filia Johis Distanc babtizata fuit
18/10/1595Oct. 18 die Alic Bilton filia Wm. Bilton babtizata fuit
19/10/159519 die Frances Birde filia Edwardi Birde babtizata fuit
15/11/1595Nov. 15 die Alice Blithe filia Johis Blithe babitzata fuit
22/11/1595Nov. 22 die Margret Wilkinson filia Raphe Wilkinson bab. fuit
05/12/1595Dec. 5 die Elsabeth Headon filia Xpistop Headon babtizata fuit
20/12/159520 die Jeane Bewes filia Wm Bewes babtizata fuit
28/12/159528 die Jeane Cocke filia Anthonye Cocke babtizata fuit
25/01/1595Jan. 25 die Elsabeth Clappam filia Robti Clappam babtizata fuit
21/03/1596Mar. 21 die Ellis Tunye filia Jacobi Tunye babtizata fuit
21/03/159621 die Alice Hodghon filia Raphe Hodghon babtizata fuit
08/04/1596Apr. 8 die Anne Chadwick filia Jacobi Chadwick babtizata fuit
14/04/159614 die Anne Chirstie filia Wm. Chirstie babtizata fuit
18/04/159618 die Jeane Cooke filia Wm. Cooke babtizata fuit
02/05/1596May 2 die Anne Robinson filia Thomae Robinson babtizata fuit
13/05/159613 die Dynis Higgins et Janeta Higgins filiae Miles Higgins
30/05/159630 die Margret Lawe filia Wm. Law babtizata fuit
19/06/1596Jun. 19 die Robert Sheildes filius Wm. Sheildes iunior bab. fuit
20/06/159620 die Robert Trusley filius Richardi Trusley babtizatus fuit
20/06/159620 die Anne Watson filia Johis Watson babtizata fuit
24/06/159624 die Leonard Railai filius Briani Railai babtizatus fuit
23/07/1596Jul. 23 die Robert Tumholme filius Wm. Tumholme babtizatus fuit
17/08/1596Aug. 17 die Margret Knoxe filia Wm. Knoxe babtizata fuit
02/10/1596Oct. 2 die Frances Ransome filia Petri Ransom babtizata fuit
17/10/159617 die Humfray Mowberay filius Georgii Mowbray bab. fuit
06/11/1596Nov. 6 die Frances Skeffline filia Edwardi Skeffline babtizata fuit
21/10/1596Oct. 21 die Ursula Androw filia Petri Androwe babtizata fuit
24/10/159624 die Thomas Coston filius Petri Coston babtizatus fuit
22/01/1596Jan. 22 die Michael Christie filius Bartle Cristie babtizatus fuit
06/02/1596Feb. 6 die Thomas Shipard filius Wm. Shipard babtizatus fuit
24/02/159624 die Raphe Ward filius Raphe Warde babtizatus fuit
24/02/1596eodem die Mathew Mighell filius Wm. Mighell babtizatus fuit
14/03/1596Mar. 14 die Mathew Giltencross filius Wm. Giltencross bab. fuit_
16/03/159616 die Jeane Sieges filia Johis Slegges babtizata fuit
27/03/1597Mar. 27 die John Atkinson filius Wm. Atkinson babtizatus fuit
17/04/1597Apr. 17 die Wm. Wilkinson filius Percivall Wilkinson bab. fuit
11/05/1597May 11 die Anne Talor filia Johis Talor babtizata fuit
19/05/159719 die Wm. Shipard filius Robti Shippard babtizata fuit
26/05/159726 die Rahel Bilton filia Gregorie Bilton babtizata fuit
29/05/159729 die Peter Fussie filius Edwardi Fussie babtizatus fuit
25/07/1597Jul. 25 die Anne Oggram filia Thomae Oggram babtizatus fuit
21/09/1597Sep. 21 die Mathew Trusley filius Richardi Trusley bab. fuit
29/09/159729 die Isabel Pollarde filia Wm. Pollard, Junior babtizata fuit
29/09/159729 die Barbarai Blenck filia Thomae Blencke babtizata fuit
29/10/1597Oct. eod. die Richard Clappam filius Robti Clappam babtizatus fuit
18/10/159718 Anne Daine filia Wm. Deane babtizata fuit
??/01/1597Jan. die Jeane Gildus filia Johis Gildus babtizata fuit
18/02/1597Feb. 18 die James Tutnye filius Jacobi Tunie babtizatus fuit
03/03/1597Mar. 3 die Barbara Moore filia Xpistop More babtizata fuit
??/03/1597Mar. (?) die Katherine Cooke filia Wm Cooke senior babtizata fuit
19/03/1597Mar. 19 die James Shipard filius Wm. Shipard babtizatus fuit
26/03/159826 die Syimon Hodghon filius Raphe Hodghon babtizatus fuit
07/04/1598Apr. 7 die Humfridus Tumholme filius Wm. Tumholme bab. fuit
17/04/159817 die Jeane Bird filia Edwardi Birde babtizata fuit
28/06/1598Jun. 28 die Xpistop Cowper filius Mathew Cowper babtizatus fuit
15/07/1598Jul. 15 die John Cooke filius Wm. Cooke babtizatus fuit
05/08/1598Aug. 5 die Robertus Ward filius Raphe Ward babtizatus fuit
19/08/159819 die Frances Bilton filia Wm. Bilton babtizata fuit
03/09/1598Sep. 3 die Margret Blassel filia Stephen Blassel babtizata fuit
03/09/1598eod. die Richard Distanc filius Johis Distanc babtizatus fuit
08/10/1598Oct. 8 die Francis Headon filius Xpistop Headon babtizatus fuit
15/10/159815 die Elsabeth Law filia Wm. Law babtizata fuit
15/10/1598eod. die Anne Lake filia Leonardi Lake babtizata fuit
18/10/159818 die Elsabeth Sheildes filia Wm. Shieldes junr bab. fuit
12/11/1598Nov. 12 die Willm Wilsonn filius Johan Wilson babtizatus fuit
19/11/159819 die Elsabeth Stevenson filia Jacobi Stevenson bab. fuit
25/11/159825 die John Blith filius Johis Blith babtizatus fuit
25/11/1598eod. die Xpistop Crawforth fil. Petri Crawfoorth bab. fuit
07/12/1598Dec. 7 die Frances Railay filia Briani Railay babtizata fuit
31/12/159831 die Wm. Cocke filius Anthonie Cocke babtizatus fuit
14/01/1598Jan. 14 die Henrie Megson filius Johis Megson babtizatus fuit
21/01/159821 die Lettice Shipard filia Robti Shipard babtizata fuit
02/02/1598Feb. 2 die Anne Mowbrough filia Georgii Mowbrough bab. fuit
24/03/1598Mar. 24 die Steven Atkinson filius Wm. Atkinson baptizatus fuit
??/04/1599Apr. die Jeams Cocke sone of Thomas Cocke babtiz.
27/05/1599May 27 die Robarte Truslowe als Megsone bassegotten bapt.
10/06/1599Jun. 10 die Wm. Dennise als Crake sonne of Ursula Dennis bapt.
24/06/1599Jun 24 die Myles Higgin filius Myles Higgins baptizatus est
22/07/1599Jul. 22 die Mary Myns filia Johannis Myns baptizatus est
04/08/1599Aug. 4 die Anne Moore filia Xpoferi Moore baptizatus est
12/08/159912 die Anne Urre filie Gabrielis Urre baptizatus est
02/09/1599Sep. 2 die Jacobus Rawson filius Jacobi Rawson baptizatus est
16/09/159916 die Wm. Michaell filius Wm. Michaell baptizatus est
14/10/1599Oct. 14 die Barbara Routh filia Wm. Routh baptizata est
25/11/1599Nov. 25 die Katherin Dayne filia Wm. Daine baptizata est
16/12/1599Dec. 16 die Jane Blencke filia Thomae Blencke baptizata est
21/12/159921 die Thomas Tuenye filius Jacobi Tuenye baptizatus est
23/12/159923 die Barbara Bilton filia Gregorii Bilton baptizata est
26/12/159926 die Wm. Cooper filius Mathei Cooper baptizatus est
06/01/1599Jan. 6 die Thomas Gray filius Johannis Gray baptizatus est
24/01/159924 die Jaine Westerdaile filia Johannis Westerdaile bap. est
27/01/159927 die Elsabeth Parker filia Johannis Parker baptizata est
27/01/1599eodem die Johannes Headon filius Christoferi Headon bap. est
27/01/1599eodem die Ellin Christie filia Bartholomei Christie baptizata est
02/02/1599Feb. 2 die Thomas Ogram filius Thomae Ogram baptizatus est
24/02/1599Feb. 24 die Humfrey Woode filius Leonardi Woode baptizatus est
02/03/1599Mar. 2 die Richardus Sheppard filius Wm. Shepperd bap. est
16/03/159916 die Dinis Cooke filia Wm. Cook baptizata est
25/03/160025 die Phillippe Cooke filius Wilhelmi Cooke baptizatus est
13/04/1600Apr. 13 die Nathaniell Buck filius Edwardi Buck baptizatus est
20/04/160020 die Margrete Wilkinson filia Percevaile Wilkinson bap. est
15/06/1600Jun. 15 die Jane Kyrkbye filia Roberti Kyrkbye baptizatus est
24/06/160024 die Anne Clappam filia Roberti Clappam baptizata est
28/06/160028 die Anne Shieldes filia Wm Shieldes baptizata est
06/07/1600Jul. 6 die Henricus Shepherd filius Roberti Shepherd bap. est
02/08/1600Aug. 2 die Anne Bird filia Edwarde Bird baptizata est
30/08/160030 die Henricus Hodgson filius Radulphi Hodgson bap. est
24/09/1600Sep. 24 die Wm. Pollard filius Wm. Pollard baptizatus est
05/10/1600Oct. 5 die Barbara Truslay the daughter of Edward Truslay was bap.
05/10/1600eodem die Steven Tayler the sonne of Sissily Tayler base gotten was baptized
09/11/1600Nov. 9 die Ricardus Sagge filius Ricardi Sagge baptizatus est
09/11/1600eodem die Jane Mowbray filia Georgii Mowbray baptizata est
14/11/160014 die Barbara Pearson filia Rogeri Pearson baptizata est
07/12/1600Dec. 7 die Raphe Burrell filius Thomae Burrell baptizatus est
09/12/16009 die Marye Rawlinge filia Thomae Rawlinge baptizata est
14/12/160014 die Barbara Huton filia Margrete Huton base gotten bap. est
20/12/160020 die Robert Westerdaile filius Joh[a]n Westerdaile vidua baptizatus est
24/12/160024 die Ricardus Railai filius Brianni Railai baptizatus est
25/01/1600Jan. 25 die Thomas Truslay filius Richardi Truslay baptizatus est
24/02/1600Feb. 24. die Richard Watson the sonne of Brian Watson was bap.
26/03/1601Mar. 26 day Stephen Ward the sonne of Raphe Ward baptized
05/04/1601Apr. 5 day Jeane Sheperde daughtr of Wm. Sheperd was baptized
29/04/160129 day Margret Oggram dau. of Thomas Oggram
24/06/1601Jun. 24 day Jane Watson dau. of John Watson
28/06/160128 day Margret Bilton dau. of Wm. Bilton
26/07/1601Jul. 26 day John Stevenson son of James Stevenson
26/07/1601eodem die Mary Distance daur of John Distance
09/08/1601Aug. 9 day Miles Rawson sonne of James Rawson
22/09/1601Sept. 22 day Mathewe Cauverlay son of Wm. Cauverlay
04/10/1601Oct. 4 day John Buck sonne of Edward Bucke
14/10/160114 day Agnes Herran daur. of Gerrard Herran
22/10/160122 day Agnnes Robinson daugr. of Alexsaunder Robinson
22/10/1601eodem die John Tewnie sonne of James Tewnie
25/10/160125 day Jane Browne daughter of Laurence Browne
03/11/1601Nov. 3 day Jane Ellerbie daur. of Robt. Ellerbie
15/11/160115 day Jane Tailer daur. of Gregorie Tailer
13/12/1601Dec. 13 day Jane Blith daur. of John Blith
31/01/1601Jan. 31 day Alce Cocke daur. of Anthony Cocke
02/02/1601Feb. 2 Myles Truslay son of Edward Truslay
24/02/160124 Mathias Atkinson son of Wm. Atkinson
07/03/1601Mar. 7 Thomas Christie son of Wm. Christie
05/04/1602Apr. 5 Thomas Blenckarn sonne of Thomas Blenkarne
11/04/160211 Margret Dunne daughtr. of Henri Dunne
11/04/1602eodem die Willm Bilton son of Gregori Bilton
16/05/1602May 16 Margret Chadweek daughtr. of James Chadwek
16/05/1602eod. die Willm Endick son of Willm Endicke
23/05/160223 Jone Routh daur. of Wm. Routh
11/07/1602July 11 Richard Truslaye son of Richd. Truslaye
18/07/160218 Robert Cooke son of Willm. Cooke
21/09/1602Sep. 21 Mathew Burrell son of Thomas Burrell
26/09/160226 Agnes Cooke daur. of Willm Cooke junior
18/10/1602Oct. 18 James Tewnye son of James Tewnye
17/11/1602Nov. 17 Margret Sheildes daur. of Wm. Sheildes junior
21/11/160221 William Routh son of Willm Routh (boteman)
12/12/1602Dec. 12 Thomas Greenshaw son of Robt. Greenshaw
16/01/1602Jan. 16 Miles Shieldes son of Wm. Shieldes senior
16/01/1602eodem die John Maison son of Francis Maison
30/01/160230 Christofer Hodgson sonne of Raphe Hodgson
28/03/1603Mar. 28 Margrete Clapham daughter of Robert Clapham
21/04/1603Apr. 21 Elsabeth Mowbray daughter of George Mowbray
15/05/1603May 15 Margret Gray daughter of John Gray
28/05/160328 George Tomholme son of Willm Tomholme
05/06/1603Jun. 5 Ann Tayler daur. of Gregory Tayler
23/06/160323 John Shepherd sonne of Robert Shepherd
02/07/1603Jul. 2 Anne Headon daur. of Christofer Headon
10/07/1603Jul. 10 Agnnas Sagge daughter of Richard Sagge baptised
10/07/1603eodem die Jane Distance daur. of John Distance
17/07/160317 Thomas Parkinson sonne of Richard Parkinson
17/07/1603eodem die Elsabeth Dunne daur. of Henry Dunne
30/07/160330 Jane Moore daur. of Christofer Moore
30/07/1603eodem die James Giltencrosse sonne of Willm Giltencrosse
03/08/1603Aug. 3 Jane Michaell daur. of Wm. Michaell
05/08/16035 Bartilmew Graye sonne of Edward Graye
21/08/160321 Christofer Constable sonne of Christofer Constable
21/08/1603eodem die Elsabeth Ward daughter of Raphe Warde
28/08/160328 Agnne Ellerbie daughter of Robert Ellerbie
11/09/1603Sep. 11 Robert Skeflinge son of Edward Skeflinge
02/10/1603Oct. 2 Francis Routh daughter of Wm. Routhe Webster
06/11/1603Nov. 6 Jane Pearson daughter of Roger Pearson
04/12/1603Dec. 4 Willm. Giltencrossse son of Pattrick Giltencrosse
18/12/160318 Thomas Caverlay son of Willm. Caverlay
08/01/1603Jan. 8 Margret Pollard daur. of Wm. Pollard junr.
06/02/1603Feb. 6 Agnne Shepherd daur. of Wm. Shepherd
09/04/1604Apr. 9 Richard Keirbie son of Willm. Keirbie
15/04/1604Apr. 15 Willm. Cocke son of Margret Cocke base gotten
29/04/160429 Francis Vicaridge daur. of Henry Vicaridge
01/06/1604Jun. 1 Willm. Fussie son of Edward Fussie
04/07/1604Jul. 4 Willm. Burrell sonne of Wilim. Burrell
22/07/160422 Elsabeth Truslay daughter of Edward Truslay
25/07/160425 Jone Sharpe daughtr. of Peter Sharpe
12/08/1604Aug. 12 Raphe Shepherd sonne of Henry Shepherd
02/09/1604Sep. 2 George Chambers sonne of John Chambers
23/09/160423 Richard Burrell sonne of Thomas Burrell
28/10/1604Oct. 28 Agnne Cooke daughtr. of Willm. Cooke
11/11/1604Nov. 11 Elsabeth Blith daur of John Blith
13/11/160413 Nicholas Bewe son of Willm. Bewe
13/11/1604eod. die John Wilkinson son of Persabell Wilkinson
25/11/160425 Katherin Truslay daur. of Richard Truslay
21/12/1604Dec. 21 Thomas Tock son of Robert Tock
06/01/1604Jan. 6 Elsabeth Browne daur. of Laurence Browne
06/01/16046 Thomas Sagge son of Richard Sagge
20/01/160420 Christofer Maison sonne of Francis Maison
??/01/1604Jan. Elsabeth Huton daur. of Margret Huton base gotten
03/02/1604Feb. 3 Bartholmowe Christe sonne of Bartholmowe Christe
14/02/160414 Christofer Staringe son of Edward Staringe
10/03/1604Mar. 10 Thomas Mowbray sonne of George Mowbray
25/03/160525 Willm. Blenckarn son of Thomas Blenckarne
01/04/1605Apr. 1 Custance Hodgson daughter of Ralphe Hodgsone
14/04/160514 Nichollas Sheildes sonne of Willm. Sheildes
04/05/1605May 4 Richard Fetherstone sonne of James Fetherstone
02/06/1605Jun. 2 Robert Tewny son of James Tewny
07/07/1605Jul. 7 John Reame sonne of John Reame
07/07/16057 Thomas Tayler sonne of Gregory Tayler
04/08/1605Aug. 4 Francis Hogge daughter of Robert Hogge
18/08/160518 Richard Parkinson sonne of Richard Parkinson
21/09/1605Sep. 21 Ralph Ward sonne of Ralphe Warde
21/09/1605eodem die Willm. Shepherd sonne of Henry Shepherd
22/09/160522 Peter Chadweke sonne of James Chadweke
20/10/1605Oct. 20 Robert Greene sonne of Ralphe Greene
10/11/1605Nov. 10 Jane Ridin daur. of Oswold Ridin
10/11/1605eod. die Jane Megson daur. of Ralphe Megson
02/02/1605Feb. 2 Jane Staringe daughtr. of Edward Staringe
02/02/1605eodem die Henry Hinde alias Sinkley sonne of Urselay Hinde base gotten
15/02/1605Feb. 15 Arthure Woode sonne of Willm. Woode 12 twines
15/02/1605eod. die Margrete Woode daur of Willm. Woode bapt
09/03/1605Mar. 9 Agnne Dunne daur. of Henrye Dunne
26/04/1606Apr. 26 Robert Fetherstone sonne of Willm. Fetherstone bapt
29/05/1606May 29 Alse Ellarbye daur. of Robarte Ellarbye
10/06/1606Jun. 10 Thomas Dalton sonne of Thomas Dalton bapt.
15/06/160615 Peter Ranson sonne of Michaell Ranson bapt
27/07/1606Jul. 27 Willm Graye sonne of Edward Graye
27/07/160627 Agnne Caverlay daughtr. of Wm. Caverlay
03/08/1606Aug. 3 Edward Truslowe sonne of Edward Truslowe
13/08/160613 Nicholas Greene sonne of Thomas Greene
31/08/160631 Elsabeth Tailer daur. of Margret Tailer
21/09/1606Sep. 21 Evvis Chadweeke daur. of James Chadweke
12/10/1606Oct. 12 Sussan Ellerbeck daur. of Willm Ellerbecke
12/10/1606eod. die Willm Awdlay sonne of Willm Awdlay
26/10/160626 Willm Sheildes sonne of Walter Sheildes
28/10/160628 Gregory Bilton sonne of Willm Bilton
05/11/1606Nov. 5 Jane Foster daur. of Margret Foster basegotten
16/11/160616 Willm Reame sonne of John Reame
23/11/160623 Elsabeth Riden daur. of Oswold Riden
23/11/160623 Margrete Routh daughter of Wm. Routh tailer
07/12/1606Dec. 7 Wilfraye Patteson sonne of Francis Patteson
01/01/1606Jan. 1 Agnne Burrell daur. of Wm. Burrell
06/01/16066 Francis Tailer daur. of Gregory Tailer
15/03/1606Mar. 15 James Fetherstone sonne of James Fetherstone
18/04/1607Apr. 18 Peter Chambers sonne of John Chambers
02/05/1607May 2 Agnne Dunne daur. of Willm Dunne bap
03/05/16073 Willm Burrell sonne of Thomas Burrell
09/05/16079 Marye Mowbray daur. of George Mowbray
24/05/160724 Willm Cooke sonne of Willm Cooke
24/05/160724 Robert Pearson sonne of Roger Pearson
14/06/1607Jun. 14 Robert Graye sonne of John Graye
02/08/1607Aug. 2 Mathew Pollarde sonne of Wm. Pollarde
09/08/16079 Agnne Rawson daur. of James Rawson
16/08/160716 John Staringe sonne of Edward Staringe
23/08/160723 Barbara Smith daur. of Robert Smith
30/08/160730 Emott Blith daur. of John Blithe
30/08/160730 Barbara Hogge daugtr. of Robert Hogge
06/09/1607Sep. 6 Robert Smith sonne of John Smith
23/09/160723 Doritye Tocke daur. of Robert Tocke
11/10/1607Oct. 11 Agnne Giltencrosse daur. of Pattrick Giltencrosse
11/10/160711 John Blenckern sonne of Thomas Blenckern
15/11/1607Nov. 15 Willm Johnson sonne of Wm. Johnson
15/11/160715 Margrete Greene daughtr. of Ralph Greene
20/12/1607Dec. 20 Edward Distance sonne of John Distance
??/12/1607Dec. Francis Dalton daur. of Christofer Dalton
07/01/1607Jan. 7 Christopher Audlay sonne of Christopher Audlay
27/01/160727 Willm Keirbye sonne of Willm Keirbye
24/01/160724 John Shepherd sonne of Henry Shepherd
14/07/1607Jul. 14 Agnne Truslowe daughter of Richard Truslowe
20/03/1607Mar. 20 John Dalton sonne of Thomas Dalton
20/03/160720 John Parkinson sonne of Richard Parkinson
17/04/1608Apr. 17 Thomas Fetherstone son of James Fetherstone}2 twinns
17/04/160817 Jane Fetherstone daughtr. of James Fetherstone}2 twinns
05/06/1608Jun. 5 Elsabeth Tewnye daur. of James Tewnye
19/06/1608Jun. 19 Margrete Whelpdaile daur. of Marmaduk Whelpdaile
10/07/1608Jul. 10 Christopher Moore sonne of Christopher Moore
03/08/1608Aug. 3 Thomas Patteson sonne of Francis Pattesone 2 twins
03/08/16083 Agnne Patteson daur. of Francis Patteson j
21/08/160821 Henry Vickaridge sonne of Henry Vickaridge
21/08/160821 Francis Warde sonne of Ralphe Warde
03/09/1608Sep. 3 Margrete Harris daur. of Edmond Harris
15/09/160815 Isabell Dunne daur. of Henrye Dunne
16/10/1608Oct. 16 George Huton sonne of Margrete Huton base gotten
20/11/1608Nov. 20 Francis Smith sonne of John Smith
30/11/160830 Henry Johnsonne sonne of Willm Johnsonne
08/01/1608Jan. 8 John Ellerbeck sonne of Willm Ellerbeck
22/01/1608Jan. xxij Anne Staringe daughter of Edward Staringe
19/02/1608Feb. xix John Chambers sonne of John Chambers
26/02/1608Feb. xxvj John Watson sonne of John Watson jun.
11/03/1608Mar. xj Custance Chadwick daur. of Jamas Chadwick
12/03/1608Mar. xij Katherin Farra daur. of Gartrude Farra base
25/03/1609Mar. xxv John Cocke sonne of John Cocke paptized (sic)
04/06/1609Jun. iiij Alse Shepherd daughter of James Shepherde
09/07/1609Jul. ix Thomas Shieldes son of Walter Shieldes
03/09/1609Sep. iij Jane Burrell daughter of William Burrell
13/09/160913 Willm Caverlay sonne of Willm Caverlay } 2 twins
13/09/160913 Barbara Caverlay daur. of Wm. Caverlay } 2 twins
17/09/160917 Stephen Robinson sonne of Thomas Robinson
29/09/160929 Thomas Burrell sonne of Thomas Burrell
01/10/1609Oct. 1 Joane Cooke daur. of Willm Cooke
06/10/16096 Willm Ellerbye sonne of Robert Ellerbye
08/10/16098 John Waster sonne of Adam Waster
08/10/16098 Jhon (sic) Reame sonne of John Reame baptized
08/10/16098 Jaine Scotte daughter of Huigh Scotte
14/10/160914 Thomas Mowbray sonne of George Mowbray
18/10/160918 John Dickson sonne of Katherin Dickson base gotten
22/10/160922 John Harris sonne of Edmonde Harris
24/11/1609Nov. 24 Emmot Gedney daur. of Robert Gedney jun.
30/11/160930 John Tidthroppe sonne of Thomas Tidthrop
25/12/1609Dec. 25 Elsabeth Tocke daughter of Robert Tocke
02/02/1609Feb. 2 Anne Sansbye daughter of Wm. Sansbye
04/02/16094 Dinis Keirbye daur. of Wm. Keerbye
24/02/160924 Richard Dalton sonne of Christopher Dalton
04/03/1609Mar. 4 Margrete Pearson daughter of Roger Pearsone
07/03/16097 Jane Watson daughter cf John Watson jun.
06/05/1610May 6 Stephen Shepherd sonne of Henry Shepherd
20/05/161020 John Shieldes son of William Shieldes
10/06/1610Jun. 10 Willm Routhe sonne of Willm Routhe
24/06/161024 Gregorye Tailler sonne of Gregorye Tailler
14/07/1610Jul. 14 John Headon sonne of John Headon
15/07/161015 Elsabeth Browne daur. of Willm Browne
29/07/161029 Ralphe Greene sonne of Ralphe Greene
05/08/1610Aug. 5 Jane Patteson daur. of Francis Patteson
12/08/161012 Mauldlan Cocke daur. of Anthony Cocke
07/10/1610Oct. 7 David Distance sonne of John Distance
07/10/16107 Jane Johnson daughter o Willm Johnson
25/11/1610Nov. 25 Elsabeth Higgan daughter of Henry Higgan
22/12/1610Dec. 22 Francis Blashell daur. of Stephen Blashell
23/12/161023 Robert Birde als Johnson base gotten
06/02/1610Feb. 6 Willm Whelpdaile sonne of Marmaduke Whelpdaile
10/02/161010 Robarte Watsone sonne of Johne Watsone jun.
10/03/1610Mar. 10 Anne Shieldes daughter of Walter Shieldes
26/03/1611Mar. 26 Willm Dunne sonne of Henrye Dunne
26/03/161126 Jane Ellerbecke daughter of Wm. Ellerbecke
31/03/161131 Thomas Hutchan sonne of Wm. Hutchan
07/04/1611Apr. 7 Alce Graye daughter of Edward Graye bapt.
01/05/1611May 1 Margret Cocke daughter of John Cocke
23/06/1611Jun. 23 John Dunne sonne of Willm Dunne bapt.
07/07/1611Jul. 7 John Yoward sonne of Anne Yoward base
29/09/1611Sep. 29 Henrye Chambers sonne of Johne Chambers bapt.
11/11/1611Nov. 11 Anne Herris daughter of Edmond Herris
24/11/161124 Anne Blenckhorne daughter of Thomas Blenckhorne
30/11/161130 Roberte Graye sonne of John Graye
15/12/1611Dec. 15 Jane Pettie daughter of Thomas Pettye
15/12/161115 Ellin Robinson daughter of Thomas Robinson
02/02/1611Feb. 2 Nicholas Keirbye sonne of Willm Keirbye
23/02/161123 James Chadwicke sonne of James Chadwicke
23/02/161123 Jone Birde daughter of Willm Birde
15/03/1611Mar. 15 Barbara Gednay daughter of Robert Gednay
25/03/1612Mar. 25 Robart Parkinson son of Richard Parkinson } 2 twins.
25/03/161225 Michaell Parkinson son of Richard Parkinson } 2 twins.
05/04/1612Apr. 5 Francis Browne daughter of Laurence Browne
10/05/1612May 10 Jane Dalton daughter of Christopher Dalton
01/06/1612Jun. 1 Alce Shepherd daughter of Henrie Shepherd
14/06/161214 John Staringe sonne of Edward Staringe
16/08/1612Aug. 16 Huighe Scott sonne of Huighe Scott
16/08/161216 Elizabeth Mowbray daughter of Georg Mowbray
23/08/161223 Jane Minnes daughter of Robert Minnes
30/08/161230 Richard Thornlay sonne of John Thornlay bap.
26/09/1612Sep. 26 Elsabeth Swaine daughter of James Swaine
04/10/1612Oct. 4 Susanna Caverlay daughter of Willm Caverlay
18/10/161218 Anne Savige daughter of John Savige
08/11/1612Nov. 8 Lettice Patteson daughter of Francis Patteson
20/12/1612Dec. 20 John Smith sonne of John Smith baptized
27/12/161227 John Tailler sonne of Gregory Tailler bapt.
17/01/1612Jan. 17 Edward Hutchan sonne of Willm Hutchan
17/01/1612Jan. 17 Marmaduke Whelpdaile sonne of Marmaduke Whelpdaile
20/02/1612Feb. 20 Thomas Shieldes sonne of Walter Shieldes
24/02/161224 John Higgan sonne of Henrye Higgan
01/04/1613Apr. 1 John Jefferson sonne of Richard Jefferson baptized
03/04/16133 Willm Shieldes sonne of Willm Shieldes
09/05/1613May 9 Alce Chambers daughter of John Chambers
23/05/161323 Thomas Younge sonne of Henry Younge
24/08/1613Aug. 24 Anne Cooke daughter of Willm Cooke
21/11/1613Nov. 21 Marye Johnson daughter of John Johnson
12/12/1613Dec. 12 Robert Gedney sonne of Robert Gedney jun. bapt.
12/12/161312 Katherin Griscrofte daur. of Willm Griscroft
06/03/1613Mar. 6 Thomas Sansbye sonne of Willm Sansbie
03/04/1614Apr. 3 Henry Dunne sonne of Henrye Dunne
08/05/1614May 8 Thomas Jefferson soune of Richard Jefferson
19/06/1614Jun. 19 Marye Shiplay daughter of Francis Shiplay basegotten
22/06/161422 John Newton sonne of John Newton bapt.
26/06/161426 Isabell Shepherd daur. of Henry Shepherd
07/08/1614Aug. 7 Barbara Hogge daughter of Robert Hogge
08/08/16148 George Bucke sonne of Edward Bucke
21/08/161421 Sara Mowbray daughter of George Mowbray
14/09/1614Sep. 14 Willm Johnson sonne of Willm Johnson bapt.
18/09/161418 John Cocke sonne of John Cocke
13/10/1614Oct. 13 Brian Railay sonne o Brian Railay ye younger
06/11/1614Nov. 6 Ann Powlard daughter of John Powlard baptized
07/11/16147 Robert Clarke sonne of Frauncis Clarke bapt.
13/11/161413 Ann Wilsonn daur. of Robt. Wilsonn bapt.
04/12/1614Dec. 4 John Smith sonne of John Smith late of Skeffling bapt.
08/01/1614Jan. 8 Margaret Borfoote daughter of George Borfoote bapt.
15/01/161415 Marie Bankes daur. of John Bankes bapt.
15/01/161415 John Watson sonne of Jo: Watson bapt.
22/01/161422 John Laike sonne of Leonard Laike bapt.
02/02/1614Feb. 2 John Johnsonn sonne of John Johnson bapt.
03/02/16143 Christofer Overton sonne of Christopher Overton
10/03/1614Mar. 10 Stephen Milnes sonne of Robert Milnes bapt.
12/03/161412 Christofer Dalton sonne of Xpofer Dalton bapt.
12/03/161412 Thomas Graie sonne of Edward Gray baptised
16/04/1615Apr. 16 Frauncis Browne daughter of Wm. Browne bapt.
30/04/161530 John Veritie sonne of Thomas Veritie bapt.
24/06/1615Jun. 24 Hellen Smith daughter of litle John Smith webster bapt.
09/07/1615Jul. 9 Marmaduke Chambers son of John Chambers
09/07/16159 Thomas Higgan sonne of Henrie Higgan bapt.
22/08/1615Aug. 22 Robert Simpson sonne of Georg Simpson bapt.
24/08/161524 John Bird sonne of Willm Bird bapt.
10/09/1615Sep. 10 Thomas Awdlay sonne of Xpofer Adlay
10/09/161510 Betteris the daughter of Thomas Truslove bapt.
10/09/161510 Ann Gildas daughter of John Gildas bapt.
22/09/161522 Michaell Pattison sonne of Frauncis Pattison bapt.
24/09/161524 Johan Scott daughter of Hewgh Scott bapt.
26/11/1615Nov. 26 Elizabeth Tocke daughter of Robt. Tocke baptised
25/12/1615Dec. 25 Edmond Johnsonn sonne of William Johnsonn baptized
17/03/1615Mar. 17 Jane Clarke daughter of Frauncis Clarke baptised
25/03/1616Mar. 25 Elizabeth Sheildes daughter of Willm Sheildes bapt.
28/03/161628 William Pollard sonne of Thomas Pollard baptized
21/04/1616Apr. 21 Ellen Sheildes daughter of Walter Sheildes bapt.
26/05/1616May 26 Alice Gisbrough daughter of Raph Gisbrough
09/06/1616Jun. 9 John Endicke sonne of Richard Endicke
16/06/161616 Elsabeth Hogge daughter of Robert Hogge
16/06/161616 Francis Reame daughter of John Reame
24/06/161624 John Thornlay sonne of Thomas Thornlay
14/07/1616Jul. 14 Katherin Simpson daughter of George Simpson
28/07/161628 Elsabeth Ellerbecke daughter of Wm. Ellerbecke
18/08/1616Aug. 18 Thomas Savige sonn of John Savige
25/08/161625 Alice Walker daughter of Mathew Walker
08/09/1616Sep. 8 Anne Browne daughter of Robert Browne
21/09/161621 Elsabeth Stoker daughter of Thomas Stoker
06/10/1616Oct. 6 Anne Watson daughter of Willm Watson
05/11/1616Nov. 5 Jane Duncalfe daughter of Laurence Duncalf
29/12/1616Dec. 29 John Railay sonne of Brian Railay junr.
06/01/1616Jan. 6 John Duncalfe sonne of John Duncalfe
19/01/161619 Jane Shepherd daughter of Henrye Shepherde
30/01/161630 Katherin Bucke daughter of Edward Bucke
23/02/1616Feb. 23 Thomas Johnson sonne of John Johnson bap.
02/03/1616Mar. 2 Thomas Adison sonne of John Adison
16/03/161616 Anne Gildus daughter of John Gildus
23/03/161623 Francis Bird daughter of Thomas Bird bapt.
17/04/1617Apr. 17 Margarite Blenckern daur. of Thomas Blenckherne
01/06/1617Jun. 1 Willm Pollard sonne of Thomas Pollard
10/08/1617Aug. 10 Anne Knox daughter of Willm Knox
22/08/161722 John Banckes sonne of John Banckes
05/10/1617Oct. 5 Barbara Moore 4aughter of Ric. Moore
09/11/1617Nov. 9 Margarit Dawson daughter of John Dawson
16/11/161716 Robert Tocke sonne of Roberte Tock bapt.
23/11/161723 Bettrice Smith daughter of Wm. Smith
29/12/1617Dec. 29 Jane Shieldes daughter of Walter Shieldes
29/03/1618Mar. 29 Christabell Shiplay daughtr. of Francis Shiplay base gotten
10/05/1618May 10 Francis Sansbie daughter of Willm Sansbie
26/05/161826 Thomas Watson sonne of John Watson bapt.
31/05/161831 Barbara Dalton daughter of Christofer Dalton
31/05/161831 John Hogge sonne of Robert Hogge bapt.
01/06/1618Jun. 1 Edeth Coeke daughter of Willm Cooke bapt.
21/06/161821 John Gildus sonne of John Gildus bapt.
30/06/161830 Barbara Stevenson daughter of Mr. Thomas Stevenson
13/09/1618Sep. 13 John Wilson son of Roberte Wilson
26/09/161826 Willm Pollard sonne of Thomas Pollard
26/10/1618Oct. 26 Faith Thornlay daughter of Thomas Thornlay
06/12/1618Dec. 6 Elizabeth Ward doughter of Thomas Ward bapt.
10/01/1618Jan. 10 Frauncis Clark son of Frauncis Clark bapt.
24/01/161824 John Wood son of Gabriell Wood
24/01/161824 Jane Smith the doughter of John Smith bapt.
21/02/1618Feb. 21 Jane the doughter of Robert Bilton bapt.
21/02/161821 Sicely the doughter of Georg Simpson
28/02/161828 Elizabeth the doughter of Thomas Simpson
28/02/161828 Frauncis the doughter of Willm Watson bapt.
07/03/1618Mar. 7 Richard son off Bryan Railay junior
13/03/161813 Willyam son off Willyam Ellerbeck bapt.
14/03/161814 Thomas son off Willyam Dun bapt.
14/03/161814 Thomas son off Thomas Stocker bapt.
??/03/1618Mar. Barbara doughter of Lorenc Duncalfe bapt.
01/05/1619May 1 Richard sonn of Henry Moore was baptised
30/05/161930 Elizabeth the doughter of John Bankes baptised
13/06/1619June 13 Richard son of Thomas Burd was baptiz.
20/06/161920 John the sonn of Thomas Galland bapt.
15/08/1619Aug. 15 Willm the son of Matthew Walker was bapt.
20/08/161920 Jane the doughter of John Johnson was bapt.
17/09/1619Sep. 17 Raiph the son of Richard Jefferson was bapt.
03/10/1619Oct. 3 Bartholomew the son of Robert Shepehard was baptised
24/10/161924 Robert Tock the son of Robert Tock was bapt.
01/11/1619Nov. 1 Willm the son of Hugh Scott was baptised
17/11/1619Nov. 17 Humphra Duncalfe son of John Duncalfe gent
21/11/161921 Rachell the doughter of Richard Davy fisher
16/12/1619Dec. 16 Stephen the son of John Dawson baptised
28/12/161928 Alse doughter of Richard Beastow
31/01/1619Jan. 31 William the son of Thomas Ward was bapt.
02/02/1619Feb. 2 Mary the doughter of Edward Buck
26/02/161926 Elizabeth doughter of Xpopher Dalton
26/03/1620Mar. 26 Stephen son of Peter Naylor bapt.
26/03/162026 Willyam son of Michaell Bradie
09/04/1620Apr. 9 John son of John Pollard was baptised
02/07/1620Jul. 2 Faith the doughter of Willm Ellerbecke
06/08/1620Aug. 6 Elizabeth the doughter of Thomas Pollard bapt.
20/08/162020 Ann the doughter of Gabriell Wood
10/10/1620Oct. 10 Elizabeth the doughter of Willm Smith
18/10/162018 Xpopher the son of Richard Moore
28/10/162028 Prudenc the doughter of Robart Bilton
03/12/1620Dec. 3 Issabell the doughter of John Guildhouse
21/12/162021 Elizabeth the doughter of Thomas Thornlay
24/12/162024 William the son of John Wattson
30/01/1620Jan. 30 Urian the son of John Duncalfe gent bapt.
02/02/1620Feb. 2 Robart the son of Robert Harper
04/02/16204 Willm the son of Willm Burton
25/02/162025 Iszabell the doughter of Brian Railay
11/03/1620Mar. 11 Emmott the doughter of Wm. Sandesby bapt.
25/03/162025 Thomas the son Frauncis Pattenson
26/04/1621Apr. 26 Allic the doughter of Willm Dun bapt.
22/05/1621May 22 Thomas the son of Peter Sharp bapt.
22/05/162122 Jacob the son of Willm Knox was bapt.
06/07/1621Jul. 6 John the son of John Lam was bapt.
13/08/1621Aug. 13 John the son of Frauncis Clark bapt.
19/08/162119 Thomas the son of Thomas Wilson bapt.
02/09/1621Sept. 2 Robart the son of Robert Hogg bapt.
04/11/1621Nov. 4 Ann the doughter of John Bankes bapt.
11/11/162111 Jane Moore daughter of Richard Moore bapt.
24/12/1621Dec. 24 Johan daughter of Thomas Galland bapt.
30/12/1621Dec. 30 Elsabeth Barne daughter of Willm Barne baptized
30/12/162130 Richard Truslove sonne of Robert Truslove
13/01/1621Jan. 13 Willm Crawforth sonne of Richard Crawforth bap.
13/01/162113 Thomas Duncalfe sonne of Lowerance Duncalfe bapt.
03/02/1621Feb. 3 Willm Campion sonne of Peter Campion
03/02/16213 Thomas Watson sonne of Willm Watson
10/03/1621Mar. 10 Willm Dun sonne of Henry Dun straunger bapt.
23/03/162123 Francis Tibthorpe daughter of Francis Tibthorpe
31/03/162131 Willm Newwarkee sone of James Newwarke
11/04/1622Apr. 11 Thomas Jefferson son of Robert Jefferson bapt.
24/04/162224 Elsabeth Simpson daughter of George Simpson
11/06/1622Jun. 11 Marie Dalton daughter of Christopher Dalton
13/10/1622Oct. 13 John Walker sonne of Robert Walker
20/10/162220 ettrise Bartchard daugh of Thomas Bartchard
27/10/162227 Margret Pollard daughtr. of Thomas Pollard
12/01/1622Jan. 12 John Mallerie sone of Willm Mallerie
23/02/1622Feb. 23 Willm Nailler son of Petter Nailler
23/03/1622Mar. 23 Richard Smith sone of Willm Smith bapt.
09/04/1623Apr. ix Jane Jefferson daughter of Robert Jefferson bapt.
11/05/1623May 11 John Crawforth sone of Raphe Crawforth bapt.
11/05/162311 Richard Moore sone of Henrye Moore bapt.
02/06/1623Jun. 2 Ellin Railay daughter of Brian Railay bap.
08/06/16238 Thomas Thornley sone of Thomas Thornley bap.
20/07/1623Jul, 20 Emme Trouslove daughter of Robert Truslove bap.
20/07/162320 Rachell Bilton daughter of Robert Bilton bap.
27/07/162327 Jane Crawforth daughter of Richard Crawforth bap.
03/08/1623Aug. 3 Willm Sansbye sone of Thomas Sansbye bap.
04/10/1623Oct. 4 Tobias Bucke sone of Edward Bucke bap
23/11/1623Nov. 23 Dinis Dawson daur. of John Dawson
23/11/162323 Ailse Pollerd daur. of John Pollard
30/11/162330 James Tibthorpe sone of Francis Tibthorpe
11/12/1623Dec. 11 Johane Ellerbecke daur. of Willm Ellerbecke
21/12/162321 Katheran Watson dau of Willm Watson
01/02/1623Feb. 1 Jane Tumholme daur. of Thomas Tumholme
25/03/1624Mar. 25 Francis Moore daughter of Ellin Moore base gotten
09/05/1624May 9 Thomas Jefferson sone of Robert Jefferson bapt.
29/06/1624Jun. 29 Thomas Thornlay sonne of Thomas Thornlay
18/07/1624Jul. 18 John Westerdaile sonne of Hobert Westerdaile
01/08/1624Aug. 1 Anne Hogge the daur. of Robert Hogge
22/08/162422 Nathaniell Swaine sonne of James Swaine clarke bapt.
22/08/162422 Marye Beane daughtr. of Simon Beane bapt.
05/09/1624Sep. 5 Grissill Campion daughter of Peeter Campion bapt.
12/09/162412 Ann Atsee daughter of John Atsee bapt.
19/09/1624Sep. 19 John Wadworth sone of John Wadworth baptized
19/09/162419 Ann Railay daughter of Brian Railay bapt.
28/10/1624Oct. 28 Jane Megson daughter of Henrye Megson bapt.
14/11/1624Nov. 14 Jane Maison daur. of Christopher Maison bapt.
18/01/1624Jan. 18 John Heddon sone of Christopher Heddon bapt.
06/02/1624Feb. 6 Joseph Bankes sone of Joseph Bankes
20/02/162420 Roger Barne sone of Willm Barne bapt.
06/03/1624Mar. 6 Ailse Shipwright daur.of Richard Shipwright bapt.
20/03/162420 Faith Stephenson daur. of George Stephenson bapt.
03/04/1625Apr. 3 Elsabeth Sagg daughter of Christopher Sagg baptized
19/04/162519 Easter Simpson daughter of George Simpson bapt.
25/04/162525 Ann Ellerbeck daur. of Willm Ellerbeck
22/05/1625May 22 Elsabeth Crawforth daur. of Raphe Crawfourth
10/07/1625Jul. 10 Thomas Moore sone of Richard Moore baptized
20/07/162520 Robert Jefferson sone of Robert Jefferson bapt.
14/08/1625Aug. 14 James Dun sone of Henrie Dun baptized
04/09/1625Sep. 4 Ann Sansbye daughter of Thomas Sansbye bapt
16/10/1625Oct. 16 Emmot Simpson daughter of Thomas Simpson jun.
16/10/162516 Marye Hodgson daughter of Henrie Hodgeson
01/11/1625Nov. 1 Richard Bestow son of Richard Bestow
04/12/1625Dec. 4 James Pattisson sone of Francis Pattison bap.
18/12/162518 Francis Wilson daur. of Elsabeth Wilson base gotten bapt.
25/12/162525 Willm Simpson daur. of Ann Simpson base gotten
26/12/162526 Willm Consett sone of Willm Consett bapt.
06/01/1625Jan. 6 Raphe Warriner sone of John Warriner bapt.
05/03/1625Mar. 5 Peter Nailler sone of Peter Nailler
23/03/162523 John Jefferson sone of Richard Jefferson bapt.
06/04/1626Apr. 6 Robert Walker sone of Robert Walker baptised
06/04/16266 Ann Watson daughtr. of Robert Watson bapt.
16/04/162616 Easter Thornlay daur. of Thomas Thornlay bapt.
18/05/1626May 18 Johane Buck daughter of. Edward Buck bapt.
18/06/1626Jun. 18 Betteris Truslove daughter of Robert Truslove
13/08/1626Aug. 13 Jane Megson daughter of Henrie Megson bapt.
03/09/1626Sep. 3 Willm Railay sone of Brian Railay bapt.
24/09/162624 Oliver. Bilton sone of Robert Bilton
05/11/1626Nov. 5 Marie Wright daughter of Jeddia Wright
12/11/162612 Thomas Wadworth son of John Wadworth
12/11/162612 Elizabeth Dawson daur. of John Dawson
16/11/1626Nov. 16 Abigale Bartchard daughter of Christopher Bartchard
17/12/1626Dec. 17 Ann Atsee daughter of John Atsee baptized
14/01/1626Jan. 14 Bridgget Blith daughter of John Blith baptized
21/01/162621 Ailse Watson daughter of Willm Watson bapt.
22/03/1626Mar. 22 Thomas Parkinson sone of Thomas Parkinson baptized
26/03/1627Mar. 26 Jonah Fisher sone of George Fisher baptized
15/04/1627Apr. 15 Robert Westerdaile sone of Robert Westerdaile baptized
19/04/162719 Anna Sagg daughter of Joseph Sagg baptized
06/05/1627May 6 Elizabeth Webster daughter of Mathew Webster baptized
27/05/162727 Willm Reame sone of Willm Reame babtized (sic)
29/05/162729 Robert Smith sone of Francis Smith baptized
17/06/1627Jun. 17 Margret Tibthorpe daughter of Francis Tibthorpe bapt.
24/06/162724 Elizabeth Simpson daughter of George Simpson baptized
29/07/1627Jul. 29 Ailse Dun daughter of Willm Dun baptized
19/08/1627Aug. 19 John Bilton son of John Bilton baptized
26/08/162726 Michaell Ward sone of Ralphe Ward bap.
02/09/1627Sep. 2 Francis Buck the son of Edward Buck baptized
23/09/162723 Elizabeth Ward daughter of Henrie Ward baptized
27/10/1627Oct. 27 Nicholas Cooke sone of James Cooke
01/11/1627Nov. 1 Ann Lockwood daughter of George Lockwood bapt.
11/11/162711 John Warriner sone of John Warriner baptized
18/11/162718 Jane Stevenson daughter of George Stevenson baptized
02/12/1627Dec. 2 Mathew Smiddish the son of George Smiddish baptized
17/02/1627Feb. 17 Elias Bankes sone of John Bankes baptized
24/02/162724 Francis Moore sone of Richard Moore baptized
16/03/1627Mar. 16 Katherin Shipwright daughter of Richard Shipwright
10/04/1628Apr. 10 Peter Jefferson sone of Robert Jefferson )2 twinnes
10/04/162810 Margret Jefferson daughter of Robert Jefferson ,
15/04/162815 Willm Ellerbeck sone of Willm Ellerbeck baptized
22/05/1628May 22 Christopher Sagg sone of Christopher Sagg bap.
08/06/1628Jun. 8 Thomas Bartchard sone of Thomas Bartchard
21/06/162821 Ann Buck daughter of Thomas Buck baptized
22/06/162822 Tomison Crawforth daughter of Ralphe Crawforth
22/06/162822 Thomas Railay sonn of Brian Railay baptized
29/06/162829 Ann Sansbye daughter of Willm Sansbye
20/07/1628Jul. 20 John Watson son of Robert Watson baptized
20/07/162820 Francis Mallerie daughter of Willm Mallerie bap.
03/08/1628Aug. 3 John Burton sonne of Peter Burton baptized
23/08/162823 Thomas Hall sonne of Ralphe Hall baptized
27/08/162827 Willm Cooke sonne of Robert Cooke baptized
27/08/162827 George Cooke sonne of Robert Cooke baptized) 2 twins
19/10/1628Oct. 19 Robert Leades sonne of Katheran Leades basegotten
26/11/1628Nov. 26 Ann Simpson daughter of Thomas Simpson
30/11/162830 Elias Nailler sonne of Peter Nailler baptized
30/11/162830 Abell Fisher sonne of George Fisher baptized
23/12/1628Dec. 23 Jane Watson daughter of Richard Watson baptized
04/01/1628Jan. 4 Willm Marshell sone of Peter Marshell bapt.
11/01/162811 George Wadworth sonn of John Wadworth baptized
18/01/162818 Ralphe Hodghson sonn of Christopher Hodghson bap.
01/02/1628Feb. 1 Iphis Parkinson daughter of Thomas Parkinson bapt.
10/02/162810 George Blith sonne of John Blith baptized
15/02/162815 Marie Sagg daughter of Joseph Sagg baptized
15/02/162815 John Warriner sonne of John Warriner baptized
24/02/162824 Mathew Truslove sonne of Robert Truslove baptized
25/02/162825 Francis Maison sonne of Christopher Maison baptized
12/04/1629Apr. 12 Katheran Bilton daughter of Robert Bilton baptized
12/04/162912 Marie Andrew daughter of Willm Andrew baptized
26/04/162926 Francis Thornlay sonne of Thomas Thornlay bapt.
10/05/1629May 10 Marye Bilton daugter (sic) of Willm Bilton baptized
24/05/162924 Marye Bartchard daughter of Christopher Bartchard bapt.
14/06/1629Jun. 14 Ann Smith daughter of Francis Smith baptized
02/07/1629Jul. 2 Henry Corbet sonne of Francis Corbet cler.
05/07/16295 Willm Caverlay sonne of Mathew Caverlay
26/07/162926 Marye Dawson daughter of John Dawson baptized
16/08/1629Aug. 16 Susana Campion daughter of Peter Campion
06/09/1629Sep. 6 Thomas Dun sonne of Henrye Dun baptized
06/09/16296 Thomas Browne sonne of John Browne baptized
27/09/162927 Ann Buck daughter of Edward Buck baptized
27/09/162927 John Turrington sonne of Edward Turrington
22/11/1629Nov. 22 James Tewnie sonne of Thomas Tewnie bap.
22/11/162922 Emmet Cooke daughter of James Cooke baptized
29/11/162929 Katheran Lockwood daughter of George Lockwood bap.
05/01/1629Jan. 5 Ann Pruston daughter of John Pruston baptized
12/01/162912 Elizabeth Bucke daughter of Thomas Bucke baptized
24/01/162924 Elizabeth Reame daughter of Willm Reame
31/01/162931 Willm Johnson sonne of Willm Johnson baptized
24/02/1629Feb. 24 Francis Stephenson daughter of George Stevenson
28/02/162928 Ann Burton daughter of Peter Burton baptized
21/03/1629Mar. 21 Robert Shepherd sonne of Robert Shepherd baptized
22/03/162922 Joan Leng daughter of George Lenge baptized
11/03/1630Mar. 11 Ann Webster daughter of Matthew Webster bap.
26/03/163026 Ann Ellerbeck daughter of Willm Ellerbeck bap.
28/06/1630Jun. 28 Willm. Mallerie sonne of Willm Mallerie
04/08/1630Aug. 4 Robert Westerdaile sonne of Robert Westerdaile
18/08/163018 Thomas Dalton sonne of John Dalton
21/08/163021 Thomas the son of Thomas Hunter and Elizabeth Shaw (?)
22/08/163022 Robert Barber sonne of Robarber (sic) baptized
09/08/1630Aug. 9 George Simpson sonne of Thomas Simpson jun. bapt.
29/09/1630Sep. 29 Christopher Heddon sonne of Christopher Heddon bapt.
06/10/1630Oct. 6 Jane Railay daughter of Brian Railay bapt.
28/10/163028 Henrye Smith sonne of Francis Smith bapt.
30/10/163030 Thomas Walker sonne of Matthew Walker bapt.
03/11/1630Nov. 3 Willm. Atsee sonne of John Atsee bapt.
14/11/163014 Willm. Bilton sonne of John Bilton bapt.
15/12/1630Dec. 15 Willm. Hall sone of Ralphe Hall bapt.
27/12/163027 John Dawson sonne of John Dawson bapt.
10/02/1630Feb. 10 Ailse Sansbye daughter of Willm. Sansbye bapt.
17/02/163017 John Sagg sonne of Joseph Sagg bapt,
27/02/163027 Ellis Sagg dau. of Christopher Sagg
03/03/1630Mar. 3 Willm. Sheildes sonne of Nicholas Sheildes
13/04/1631Apr. 13 Willm. Shipwright sonne of Richard Shipwright
05/05/1631May 5 Robert Simpson sone of George Simpson
05/05/16315 Steven Megson sone of Henrye Megson
05/06/1631Jun. 5 Thomas Caverlay sone of Matthew Caverlay
27/07/1631Jul. 27 Ann Burton daughter of Peter Burton
17/08/1631Aug. 17 Marye Dun daughter of Beniamin Dun
24/08/163124 Thomas Corbet sonne of Francis Corbet cler.
21/09/1631Sep. 21 George Andrew sonne of Willm. Andrew
14/10/1631Oct. 14 Elizabeth Pruston daughter of John Pruston
23/10/163123 Ellis Thornlay daughter of Thomas Thornlay
23/10/163123 Elizabeth Parkinson daughter of Thomas Parkinson
05/11/1631Nov. 5 Thomas Tewnie sonne of Thomas Tewnie
30/11/163130 Willm. Wadworth sonne of John Wadworth
30/11/163130 John Blith sonne of John Blith bapt.
23/12/1631Dec. 23 Prudence Johnson daughter of Willm. Johnson baptized
06/01/1631Jan. 6 Jane Enderson daur. of Christopher Enderson
26/01/163126 Isabell Marshell daughter of Peter Marshell bapt.
29/01/163129 Jane Watson daughter of Robert Watson
05/02/1631Feb. 5 Margrete the daughter of Willm. Cumin and Jane Andrew
08/02/16318 Leonard Tumholme sonne of Thomas Tumholme
11/03/1631Mar. 11 Christopher Moore sone of Richard Moore bapt.
14/03/163114 John Browne daughter of John Browne bapt.
16/03/163116 Elizabeth Watson daughter of Richard Watson bapt.
21/03/163121 Thomas Webster sonne of Mathew Webster bapt.
03/04/1632Apr. 3 John Greneshoe sonne of Thomas Greneshoe baptized
29/04/163229 Francis Banckes daur. of John Banckes bapt.
05/05/1632May 5 Marye Smith daur. of Francis Smith
30/05/163230 Elizabeth Cooke daughter of James Cooke bapt.
29/07/1632Jul. 29 Ann Hodgson daughter of Christopher Hodgson
15/08/1632Aug. 15 Thomas Hodgson sonne of Christopher Hodgson baptized
25/08/163225 Ann Truslove daur. of Robert Truslove baptized
12/09/1632Sep. 12 Ellice Leng daughtr. of George Leng bapt.
26/09/163226 John Handcock sonne of John Handcock bapt.
18/10/1632Oct. 18 Peter Burton sonne of Peter Burton bapt.
26/11/1632Nov. 26 Marye Mallery daughter of Willm. Mallerye bapt.
30/11/163230 Thomas Simpson sonne of Thomas Simpson
10/01/1632Jan. 10 Elizabeth Corbet daughter of Francis Corbet cler.
03/02/1632Feb. 3 Jane Reame daughter of Willm. Reame senr. bap.
02/03/1632Mar. 2 Marye Megson daughter of Henrye Megson bapt.
23/03/163223 Francis Ranson daur of Peter Ranson bapt.
22/04/1633Apr. 22 Issabell Westerdaile daughter of Robert Westerdaile bapt.
05/05/1633May 5 Willm. Moore sonne of Richard Moore bapt.
12/05/163312 Christopher Stevenson sonne of George Stevenson bapt.
26/05/163326 Elizabeth Barber daugr. of Robert Barber bapt.
26/05/163326 Marye Friston daughr. of Marmaduke Friston bapt.
30/05/163330 Christopher Sagg sonne of Christopher Sagg bapt.
02/06/1633Jun. 2 Joan Caverlay daur. of Mathew Caverlay baptized
10/06/163310 Robertus filius Nicholai Sheilds baptizatus
26/06/163326 Gulielmus filius Thomae Parkinson baptizatus
01/09/1633Sep. 1 Lucia filia Richardi Shipwright baptizata
18/09/163318 Johannes films Radulphi Hall baptizatus
25/09/163325 Martha filia Edvardi Turrington baptizata
14/11/1633Nov. 14 Gulielmus filius Johannis Atsee baptizatus
19/11/163319 Josephus filius Josephi Sagge baptizati
19/11/163319 Franciscus filius Roberti Gaule baptizati
27/11/163327 Jana filia Thomae Fetherstone baptizata
15/12/163310bris 15 Francisca filia Johannis Blith baptizata
21/12/163321 Thomas filius Johannis Blenkehorne baptizatus
22/01/1633Jan. 22 Johannes filius Thomae Marshall baptizatus
13/02/1633Feb. 13 Elizabetha filia Edouardi Bucke baptizata
19/02/163319 Franciscus filius Gulielmi Johnson
13/03/1633Mar. 13 Anna filia Thomae Greeneshaw baptizata
14/03/163314 Maria filia Johannis Dauson baptizata
19/03/163319 Richardus filius Johannis Wadworth bapt.
23/03/163323 Anna filia Gulielmi Mallery baptiz.
15/04/1634Apr. 15 Franciscus filius Christophori Headon baptizatus
01/05/1634May 1 Johannes filius Petri Marshall baptiz.
07/05/16347 Jana filia Francisci Warde baptiz.
07/06/1634Jun. 7 Rebeckah filia Thomae Tocke baptiz.
12/06/163412 Barbara filia Christopheri Crawforth baptiz.
21/07/1634Jul. 21 Elizabetha filia Johannis Cooke baptiz.
06/09/1634Sep. 6 Thomas filius Johannis Browne baptiz.
13/09/163413 Susanna filia Gabrielis Wood baptizata
24/09/163424 Isabella filia Thomae Tewny baptiz.
03/10/16348bris 3 Sarah filia Francisci Smith baptiz.
16/10/163416 Anna filia Francisci Corbett baptiz.
10/11/16349bris 10 Christopherus filius Johannis Maste baptiz.
23/11/163423 Emota filia Petri Ranson
24/11/163424 Georgius filius Annes Bertram et populi
31/11/1634Nov. ultimo Anna filia Roberti Gaule baptiz.
24/12/1634Dec. 24 Maria filia Henrici Megson baptiz.
22/01/1634Jan. 22 Thomas filius Richardi Watson baptiz.
26/01/163426 Elizabetha filia Jacobi Wintringham baptiz.
13/02/1634Feb. 13 David filius Marmaduki Friston bapt.
07/03/1634Mar. 7 David filius Thomae Sympson baptiz.
12/03/163412 Nicholaus filius Nicholai Sheilds 21 baptiz.
10/04/1635Apr. 10 Francisca filia Roberti Barber baptiz.
16/04/163516 Thomas filius Gulielmi Andrew
07/05/1635May 7 Jana filia Edouardi Turrington ex decessu matris in hanc lucem intrans baptizata
30/06/1635Jun. 30 Robertus filius Christopheri Sagge baptizatus [original says 31st June]
20/08/1635Aug. 20 Anna filia Edouardi Distance baptiz.
28/08/163528 Bartholomaeus filius Johannis Dauson baptiz.
14/10/1635Oct. 14 Dorcas filia Matthiae Bullock et Aliciae uxoris ejus bapt.
11/11/1635Nov. 11 Ursula filia Roberti Truslove bapt.
13/11/163513 Fidelia vulgo Faith filia Francisci Smith bapt.
19/11/1635Nov. 19 Johannes filius Matthiae Caverley baptiz.
30/11/163530 Eduardus filius Christopheri Crawforth baptiz.
02/12/1635Dec. 2 Johannes filius Johannis Maste bapt.
13/12/163513 Gulielmus filius Roberti Thompson baptiz.
17/01/1635Jan. 17 Gulielmus filius Thomae Fetherstone baptiz.
18/02/1635Feb. 18 Elizabetha filia Thomae Greeneshaw baptiz.
28/02/163528 Maria filia Gulielmi Johnson baptiz.
09/03/1635Mar. 9 Leonardus filius Johannis Barchard baptiz.
27/03/1636Mar. 27 Maria filia Christopheri Hodgson
29/05/1636May 29 Ursula filia Johannis Blenkhorne baptiz.
29/05/163629 Johannes filius Johannis Rawlinge baptiz.
06/07/1636Jul. 6 Thomas filius Petri Burton baptiz.
17/07/163617 Gullelmus filius Gulielmi Reame junr. baptiz.
24/08/1636Aug. 24 Francisca filia Francisci Corbet clerici et Annae uxoris ejus baptizata
05/09/1636Sep. 5 Douglas filia (sic) Thomae Tocke baptizata
15/09/163615 Milcah filia Gulielmi Buck baptizata
18/09/163618 Johannes filius Gulielmi Wallis bapt.
24/09/163624 Georgius filius Davidis Distance baptiz.
29/09/163629 Francisca filia Thomae Parkinson baptiz.
18/10/1636Oct. 18 Maria filia Francisci Warde baptizata
12/11/1636Nov. 12 Humfridus filius Radulphi Hall baptiz.
13/11/163613 Thomas filius Johannis Blyth baptiz.
21/01/1636Jan. 21 Elizabetha filia Thomae Marshall bapt.
22/01/163622 Helena filia Georgii Stevenson bapt.
09/02/1636Feb. 9 Thomas filius Thomae Dalton bapt.
19/02/163619 Francisca filia Francisci Smith baptiz.
03/03/1636Mar. 3 Radulphus filius Johannis Dalton bapt.
11/03/163611 Johannes filius Johannis Gray bapt.
12/03/163612 Johannes filius Nicholai Sheilds bapt.
15/03/163615 Isabella filia Petri Ranson baptiz.
26/03/1637Mar. 26 Thomas filius Jacobi Wintringham baptiz.
29/03/163729 Fidelia vulgo Faith filia Gulielmi Johnson baptiz.
10/04/1637Apr. 10 Thomas filius Edouardi Turrington baptiz.
14/06/1637Jun. 14 Johannes filius Johannis Cooke baptiz.
23/06/163723 Robertus filius Roberti Thompson baptiz.
11/07/1637Jul. 11 Elizabetha filia Thomae Thorneley bapt.
16/07/163716 Anna filia Johannis Blenckhorne baptiz.
28/07/163728 Joanna filia Gulielmi Cooke baptiz.
28/07/163728 Johannes filius Thomae Tewny baptiz.
??/09/1637Sep. Robertus filius Roberti Sheepheard baptiz.
??/12/1637Dec. Gulielmus filius Johannis Barchard baptiz.
??/12/1637Dec. Richardus filius Thomae Barchard baptiz.
27/12/1637Dec. 27 Richardus filius Christophori Hodgson baptiz.
06/01/1637Jan. 6 Gullemus filius Gulielmi Oliver baptiz.
21/01/163721 Thomas filius Christophori Headon baptiz.
14/03/1637Mar. 14 Anna filia Johannis Dalton baptiz.
26/03/1638Mar. 26 Johannes filius Matthiae Walker bapt.
03/06/1638Jun. 3 Tomas filius Thomae Shaw baptiz.
18/07/1638Jul. 18 Guliemus filius Francisci Corbett rectoris eccliae et Annae uxoris ejus bapt.
15/07/163815 Cristopherus filius Johannis Gray
22/07/163822 Francisca filia Isabella Greenshaw relictae Thomae Greeneshaw nuper defuncti baptiz.
05/08/1638Aug. 5 Richardus filius Davidis Distance
18/08/163818 Anna filia Thomae Carleile
22/08/163822 Franciscus filius Georgii Bawne baptiz.
09/09/1638Sep. 9 Dinah filia Thomae Parkinson baptiz.
03/10/1638Oct. 3 Francisca filia Christopheri Crawforth baptiz.
11/10/163811 Johannes filius Francisci Smith baptiz.
12/10/163812 Richardus filius Gulielmi Crosse baptiz.
28/10/163828 Maria filia Edouardi Gardiner baptiz.
18/11/1638Nov. 18 Jacobus filius Thomae Dalton baptiz.
03/01/1638Jan. 3 Marcus filius Edouardi Turrington baptiz.
17/03/1638Mar. 17 Jana filia Jacobi Wintringham baptiz.
17/03/163817 Anna filia Gulielmi Shields junr
23/03/163823 Jana et Katharine filiae gemellae Annae Dunne et populi bapt.
25/03/1639Mar. 25 Elizabetha filia Nicholai Sheilds bapt.
03/04/1639Apr. 3 Jana filia Petri Ranson baptiz.
07/04/16397 Elizabetha filia Gulielmi Oliver baptiz.
13/04/163913 Francisca filia Gulielmi Ellerbie baptiz.
14/04/163914 Anna filia Elizabethae Browne et populi
17/04/163917 Johannes filius Gulielmi Marshall baptiz.
17/04/163917 Ruth filia Roberti Thompson baptiz.
23/04/163923 Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Cooke junioris bapt.
02/06/1639Jun. 2 Robertus filius Thomae Tocke baptizatus
25/07/1639Jul. 25 Marie filia Christophori Mason baptizata
10/08/1639Aug. 10 Gulielmus filius Thomae Carlile bapt.
18/08/163918 Gulielmus filius Johnannis Barchard
25/08/163925 Katharina filia Gulielmi Reame baptiz.
18/09/1639Sep. 18 Gulielmus et Richardus filii gemelli Johannis Dalton baptiz.
13/10/1639Oct. 13 Elizabetha filia Thomae Tewny baptist.
14/10/163914 Jana filia Petri Burton baptiz.
29/10/163929 Susanna filia Francisci Smith baptiz.
06/02/1639Feb. 6 Cornelius filius Francisci Corbett rectoris eccliae et Annae uxoris ejus baptiz.
13/02/163913 Elizabetha filia Francisci Ward baptiz.
19/02/163919 Anna filia Gregorii Bilton baptiz.
21/02/163921 .... filia Katharinae Hide uxoris Raphe Hide qui circiter septennium abfuit
15/03/1639Mar. 15 Johannes filius Johannis Maste baptiz.
24/03/163924 Isabella filia Johannis Cooke baptiz.
12/04/1640Apr. 12 Jana filia Thomae Shaw baptiz.
18/04/164018 Miles filius Johannis Higgon baptiz.
10/05/1640May 10 Robertus filius Roberti Gaule baptiz.
12/07/1640Jul. 12 Gulielmus filius Johannis Sheilds baptiz.
19/07/164019 Anna filia Eduardi Turrington baptiz.
24/07/164024 Jana filia Marmaduci Fryston baptiz.
30/07/164030 Anna filia Richardi Jefferson baptiz.
18/09/1640Sep. 18 Ellzabetha filia Gulielmi Crosse baptiz.
10/10/1640Oct. 10 Beatrix vulgo Bettrice filia Petri Ranson baptiz.
18/10/164018 Robertus filius Johannis Dauson baptiz.
24/10/164024 Isabella filia Johannis Wilkinson baptiz.
28/10/164028 Anna filia Thomae Younge baptiz.
19/11/1640Nov. 19 Richardus filius Thomae Dalton baptiz.
20/12/1640Dec. 20 Johannes filius Johannis Gray, baptiz.
23/12/164023 Franciscus filius Francisci Smith baptiz.
28/12/164028 Gabriel filius Abrahami Chadwin baptiz.
06/01/1640Jan. 6 Elizabetha filia Thomae Parkinson baptiz.
28/01/164028 Robertus filius Christopheri Headon baptiz.
28/01/164028 Eduardus filius Eduardi Gardiner baptiz.
02/02/1640Feb. 2 Maria filia Thomae Marshall 20 baptiz. hoc anno
28/03/1641Mar. 28 Thomas filius Christophori Crawforth baptiz.
14/04/1641Apr. 14 Gulielmus filius Nicholai Shields baptiz.
22/04/164122 Wilfridus filius Johannis Cooke baptiz.
24/05/1641May. 24 Elizabetha filia Johannis Barchard baptiz.
28/05/164128 Stephanus filius Roberti Thompson baptiz.
29/05/164129 Robertus filius Franciscae Routh et populi baptiz.
11/07/1641Jul. 11 Thomas filius Jacobi Wintringham baptiz.
20/07/164120 Robertus filius Gulielmi Ellerbie baptiz.
01/08/1641Aug. 1 Jana filia Gulielmi Bucke baptiz.
15/08/164115 Naomi filia Francisci Corbett rectoris eccliae et Annae uxoris baptiz.
??/08/1641Aug. Maria filia Roberti Sheepheard baptiz.
05/09/1641Sep. 5 Anna filia Thomae Barchard baptiz.
05/09/16415 Nicholaus filius Gulielmi Crosse baptiz.
21/11/1641Nov. 21 Katharina filia Marmaduci Fryston baptiz.
09/12/1641Dec. 9 Anna filia Christopheri Mason baptiz.
09/01/1641Jan. 9 Richardus filius Francisci Smith baptiz.
09/01/16419 Hester filia Christabellae Ward et populi baptiz.
12/01/164112 Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Oliver baptiz.
02/02/1641Feb. 2 Gregorius filius Gregorii Bilton bapt.
10/02/164110 Stephanus filius Johannis Blyth bapt.
13/02/164113 Elizabetha filia Richardi Truslove bapt.
13/03/1641Mar. 13 Anna filia Johanis Wilson bapt.
16/03/164116 Richardus filius Thomae Parkinson bapt.
29/03/1642Mar. 29 Anna filia Georgii Bawne baptiz.
03/04/1642Apr. 3 Edouardus filius Thomae Sawer alias Shaw
10/04/164210 Edouardus filius Edouardi Turrington baptiz.
14/04/164214 Christopherus filius Christophori Dalton baptiz.
17/04/164217 Margareta filia Johannis Lakes baptiz.
01/05/1642May 1 Susanna filia Abrahami Chadwin baptiz.
19/05/164219 Isabella filia Thomae Younge baptiz.
25/05/164225 Thomas filius Gulielmi Reame baptiz.
06/06/1642Jun. 6 Edouardus filius Thomae Webstar baptiz.
20/06/164220 Jana filia Patricii Gibson baptiz.
02/08/1642Aug. 2 Ellis filia Johannis Higgon baptiz.
16/08/164216 Johannis filius Davidis Distance baptiz.
23/08/164223 Thomas filius Josephi Sagge baptiz.
18/09/1642Sept. 18 Anna filia Thomae Tewney baptiz.
11/10/16428bris 11 Francisca filia Bartholomaei Thwaytes bapt.
13/11/1642Nov. 13 Jana filia Christopheri Omler baptiz.
27/11/164227 Richardus filius Roberti Thompson bapt.
30/11/164230 Richardus filius Gulielmi Sheilds piscatoris bapt.
04/12/1642Dec. 4 Francisca filia Johannis Maste baptiz.
11/12/164211 Thomas filius Martini Bucke baptiz.
31/12/164231 Johannes filius Margeriae Jackson et populi
09/01/1642Jan. 9 Maria filia Janae Hunter et populi bapt.
26/01/164226 Cicilia filia Matthaei Walker baptiz.
02/03/1642Mar. 2 Gulielmus filius Thomae Dalton baptiz.
08/03/16428 Phillippus filius Gulielmi Cooke jun. baptiz.
08/03/16428 Edouardus filius Roberti Gaule baptiz.
11/03/164211 Richardus filius Thomae Parkinson baptiz.
06/04/1643Apr. 6 Johannes filius Thomae Sauage baptiz.
11/04/164311 Fidelia vulgo Faith Franscisci Corbett rectoris eccliae et Annae uxoris baptiz.
12/04/164312 Radulphus et Georgius filii gemelli Fr. Ward baptiz.
26/04/164326 Anna filia Johannis Donne baptiz.
06/05/1643May 6 Elizabetha filia Petri Ranson baptiz.
05/09/1643Sep. 5 Helena filia Marmaduci Cooke baptiz.
24/09/164324 Martha filia Christophori Hodgson baptiz.
27/09/164327 Anna filia Briani Rayley junioris baptiz.
09/10/1643Oct. 9 Marmadukus fillius Nicholas Shieldes baptiz.
12/11/1643Nov. 12. Barbara filia Christophori Crawforth
12/11/164312. Margareta filia Jacobi Wintringham baptiz.
01/11/164312. Thomas filius relictae Thomae Dunne occisi ante Kingstone super Hull October primo
13/11/164313 Jacobus filius Francisci Smith bapt.
30/11/164330 Johannes filius Abrahami Chadwin baptiz.
24/12/1643Dec. 24 Maria filia Johannis Cooke baptiz.
28/01/1643Jan. 28 Gulielmus filius Eduoardi Turrington baptiz.
25/02/1643Feb. 25 Anna filia Edouardi Gardiner baptiz.
25/02/164325 Edouardus filius Georgii Smiddish baptiz.
06/04/1644Apr. 6 Johannes filius Thomae Parkinson baptiz.
23/04/164423 Franciscus filius Johannis Blyth baptiz.
24/04/164424 Jonathan filius Johannis Dalton baptiz.
28/04/164428 Francisca filia Gulielmi Crosse baptiz.
05/05/1644May 5 Edouardus filius Bartholomaei Gray baptiz.
05/05/16445 Thomas filius Marmaduci Friston baptiz.
11/06/1644Jun. 11 Francisca filia Petri Ranson baptiz.
09/07/1644Jul. 9 Jana filia Thomae Marshall baptiz.
18/07/164418 Thomas filius Johannis Barcharde baptiz.
21/09/1644Sep. 21 Francisca filia Elizabethae Barren et populi baptiz.
28/09/164428 Francisca filia Johannis Sheilds baptiz.
20/10/1644Oct. 20 Jana filia Thomae Barchard baptiz.
09/11/1644Nov. 9 Georgius filius Georgii Bawne baptiz.
21/11/164421 Elizabetha filia Georgii Blacker baptiz.
04/12/1644Dec. 4 Anne filia Georgii Bucke baptiz.
24/01/1644Jan. 24 Gulielmus filius Johannes Maste baptiz.
29/01/164429 Anna filia Gregorii Bilton baptiz.
12/02/1644Feb. 12 Robertus filius Abrahami Chadwinne baptiz.
02/03/1644Mar. 2 Edouardus filius Edouardi Johnson baptiz.
02/03/16442 Elizabetha filia Patricii Gibson baptiz.
13/03/164413 Thomas filius Christophori Mason baptiz.
25/03/1645Mar. 25 Jana filia Johannis Lakes baptizata
27/03/164527 Thomas filius Thomae Sauage baptizatus
28/03/164528 Gulielmus filius Francisci Corbett rectoris eccliae
et Annae uxoris (natus martii 20) baptizatus
02/04/1645Apr. 2 Elizabetha filia Avis Lighton et populi
29/04/164529 Jana filia Thomae Pollard baptiz.
01/05/1645May 1 Maria filia Thomae Webstarre baptiz.
08/06/1645Jun. 8 Samuell filius Roberti Thompson baptiz.
15/06/164515 Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Barchard baptiz.
15/06/164515 Petrus filius Gulielmi Crosse baptiz.
15/06/164515 Elizabetha filia Christophori Crawforth baptiz.
27/07/1645Jul. 27 (Francisca filia Christophori Dalton baptiz.
27/07/164527 Edouardus filius Thomae Dalton baptiz.
03/08/1645Aug. 3 :Michaell flius Petri Ranson baptiz.
05/10/1645Oct. 5 Philippus :Thus Gulielmi Cooke baptiz.
09/11/1645Nov. 9 Bryanus filius Bryani Rayley junioris baptiz.
07/12/1645Dec. 7 Richardus filius Edouardi Turrington baptiz.
23/12/164523 Elizabetha filia Johannis Tumholme baptiz.
19/01/1645Jan. 19 Robertus fIlius Roberti Pearson baptiz.
31/01/164531 Franciscus filius Gulielmi Reame baptiz.
26/02/1645Feb. 26 Gulielmus filius Petri Burton baptiz.
19/03/1645Mar. 19 Margareta filia Francisci Warde baptiz.
23/03/164523 Robertus filius Abrahami Chadwinne bapt.
24/03/164524 Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Ellerbie
26/03/1646Mar. 26 Elizabetha filia Johannis Dalton
09/04/1646Apr. 9 Francisca filia Josephi Sagge baptiz.
09/04/1646Apr. 9 Gulielmus filius Matthaei Walker baptiz.
12/06/1646Jun. 12 Michael filius Johannis Blythe
12/06/164612 Franciscus et Francisca filius Roberti Gaule baptiz.
04/07/1646Jul. 4 Margareta filia Thomae Warde baptiz.
13/08/1646Aug. 13 Hugo filius Johannis Donne baptiz.
23/09/16467bris 23 Georgius filius Michaelis Pattison baptiz.
27/10/16468bris 27 Maria filia Gulielmi Barchard baptiz.
19/11/16469bris 19 Elizabetha filia Edouardi Gardiner baptiz.
22/11/164622 Jana filia Gulielmi Mem prize baptiz.
05/01/1646Jan. 5 Helena filia Johannis Lakes baptiz.
19/01/164619 Gulielmus filius Roberti Richardson baptiz.
28/01/164628 Ellis filia Nicholai Sheilds baptiz.
11/02/1646Feb. 11 Maria filia Gulielmi Pollard baptiz.
29/03/1647Mar. 29 Matthaeus filius Edouardi Terrington baptiz.
30/03/164730 Richardus filius Edouardi Taylor baptiz.
13/04/1647Apr. 13 Thomas filius Thomae Sauage baptiz.
27/04/164727 Elizabetha filia Thomae Addison baptiz.
03/05/1647May 3 Gulielmus filius Thomae Parkinson baptiz.
06/05/16476 Jana filia Thomae Twydell baptiz.
24/05/164724 Anna filia Thomae Pollard baptiz.
17/06/1647Jun. 17 Martha filia Thomae Webstar baptiz.
19/06/164719 Elizabetha filia Johannis Maste baptiz.
12/08/1647Aug 12 Anna filia Guliemi Hardie baptiz.
12/08/164712 Elizabetha filia Johannis Sheilds baptiz.
24/08/164724 Elizabetha filia Johannis Tumholme baptiz.
30/08/164730 Maria filia Dorotheae Thorpe et populi baptiz.
18/10/16478bris 18 Georgius filius Georgii Blacker (natus 8 die) baptiz.
19/10/16478bris 19 Richardus filius Francisci Corbett et Annae uxoris natus 6 die 8bris baptiz.
23/10/164723 Oliverus filius Marmaduci Fryston baptiz.
26/10/164726 Robertus filius Gulielmi Ellerbie baptiz.
30/10/16478bris ultimo Anna filia Abrahami Chadwinne baptiz.
15/12/164710bris 15 Jana filia Georgii Bawne baptiz.
21/12/164721 Jana filia Gulielmi Crosse baptiz.
28/12/164728 Isabella filia Thomae Jobson baptiz.
10/01/1647Jan. 10 Elizabetha filia Bryant Raley baptiz.
29/01/164729 Maria filia Christopheri Crawforth baptiz.
02/02/1647Feb. 2 Anna filia Christopheri Dalton baptiz.
09/02/16479 Elizabetha filia Jacobi Wintringham baptiz.
14/02/164714 Margareta filia Simonis Catherwood baptiz.
08/04/1648Apr. 8 Anna filia Edouardi Turrington baptiz.
23/05/1648May 23 Susanna filia Samuelis Smith baptiz.
01/08/1648Aug. 1 Gulielmus filius Edouardi Johnson baptiz.
01/08/16481 Thomas filius Thomae Webster baptiz.
12/09/16487bris 12 Dinah filia Thomae Dalton baptiz.
04/10/1648Oct. 4 Francisca filia Michaells Pattison baptiz.
02/11/1648Nov. 2 Robertus filius Johannis Walker baptiz.
16/11/164816 Thomas filius Petri Ranson baptiz.
19/11/164819 Thomas filius Thomae Warde piscatoris baptiz.
10/03/1648Mar. 10 Johannes filius Gulielmi Story baptiz.
24/04/1649Apr. 24 Johannes filius Johannis Lakes baptiz.
26/04/164926 Maria filia Johannis Blyth baptiz.
10/05/1649May 10 Isabella filia Abrahami Chadwinne baptiz.
14/05/164914 Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Sheepheard baptiz.
16/05/164916 memorand. quod May 16 Thomas filius Gulielmi Cooke baptiz
17/07/1649Jul. 17 Alicia filia Roberti Hunter baptiz.
24/07/164924 Sarah filia Valentini Brough baptiz.
29/07/164929 Benjamin filius Josephi Sagge baptiz.
07/08/1649Aug. 7 Richardus filius Roberti Gaule baptiz.
19/08/164919 Samuell filius Francisci Cosen baptiz.
25/09/1649Sep. 25 Francisca filia Thomae Moore baptiz.
??/10/1649Oct. Gulielmus filius Edouardi Gardiner baptiz.
17/10/164917 Dinah filia Thomae Savidge baptiz.
??/10/1649Oct. ..... Robertus filius Francisci Smyth baptiz.
15/11/1649Nov. 15 Johannes filius Christopheri Crawforth bapt.
20/11/164920 Francisca filia Francisci Warde baptiz.
13/12/1649Dec. 13 Johannes filius Georgii Bowne baptiz.
01/01/1649Jan. 1 Maria filia Thomae Addinson baptiz.
03/01/16493 Elizabetha filia Gulielmi Dunne baptiz.
13/01/164913 Samuel filius Edouardi Turrington baptiz.
15/01/164915 Thomas filius Gulielmi Ellerbie baptiz.
17/01/164917 Margareta filia Thomae Sharpe baptizata
10/02/1649Feb. 10 Anna filia Petri Rawlinge baptiz.
21/02/164921 Thomas filius Gregorii Bilton baptiz.
06/03/1649Mar. 6 Sarah filia Thomae Webstar baptiz.
14/03/164914 Richardus filius Thomae Parkinson baptiz. baptiz. 26
11/04/1650Apr. 11 Jacobus filius Jacobi Wintringham baptiz.
16/04/165016 Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Hardy baptiz.
09/05/1650May 9 Johannes filius Johannis Largeman baptiz.
23/05/165023 Richardus filius Roberti Thompson baptiz.
10/06/1650Jun. x Anna filia Francisci Headon generosi baptiz.
13/06/165013 Johannes filius Roberti Pearson baptiz.
27/06/165027 Franciscus filius Johannis Maste baptiz.
19/08/1650Aug. 19 Johannes filius Johannis Walker baptiz.
05/09/1650Sep. 5 Robertus filius Roberti Hunter baptiz.
08/09/16508 Franciscus filius Francisci Cosens baptiz.
08/09/16508 Johannes filius Johannis Lambert baptiz.
20/10/1650Oct. 20 Ellzabetha filia Thomae Pollarde baptiz.
23/10/165023 Georgius filius Michaelis Pattison bapt.
26/10/165026 Francisca filia et Mallery filius Georgii Blackerre baptiz.
27/10/165027 Katharina filia Gulielmi Deane baptiz.
29/10/165029 Jana filia Thomae Pauston baptizata
07/11/1650Nov. 7 Marmaducus filius Marmaduci Fryston baptiz.
28/11/165028 Susanna filia Johannis Tumholme baptiz.
17/12/1650Dec. 17 Christopherus filius Christopheri Dalton baptiz.
07/01/1650Jan. 7 Anna filia Gulielmi Welbourne baptiz.
06/02/1650Feb. 6 Johannes filius Edouardi Taylor alias Johnson bapt.
27/02/165027 Hester filia Valentini Brough baptizata
30/03/1651Mar. 30 Timothy filius Annae Crosse et populi baptiz.
08/04/1651Apr. 8 Hester filia Bryani Rayley baptiz.
09/04/16519 Francisca filia Gulmi Story
01/04/1651Memorand. quod primo die Aprilis Katharina filia Samuelis Smyth baptizata fuit
01/05/1651May 1 Johannes filius Johannis Barchard baptiz.
18/06/1651Jun. 18 Lyddia filia Johannis Reynard
15/07/1651Jul. 15 Leonardus filius Johannis Lakes
24/07/165124 Dinah filia Thomae Savidge baptizata
05/08/1651Aug. 5 Thomas filius Thomae Jobson sepultus (sic)
07/08/16517 Elizabetha filia Thomae Webstar baptizata
09/09/1651Sep. 9 Susanna the daughter of John Crawforth
10/09/165110 Jane the daughter of Thomas Moore
02/10/1651Oct. 2 Anna ye daughter of Peter Ranson
02/10/16512 Francis the sonne William Barcharde
27/10/165127 Elizabeth the daughter of Willm Marshall
04/12/1651Dec. 4 Robert the sonne of Wm. Ellerbie
04/12/16514 John the sonne of John Meson
13/12/165113 Isaack the sonne of Mary the widow of Wm. Cooke
16/12/165116 Thomas the sonne of Thomas Pawston
18/12/165118 Henry the sonne of Thomas Sheephearde
20/01/1651Jan. 20 Thomas the sonne of John Largeman baptiz.
17/02/1651Feb. 17 Katharine the daughter of Thomas Sharpe bapt.
30/03/1652Mar. 30 John the sonne of Robert Pearson baptiz.
05/04/1652Apr. 5 James the sonne of James Wintringham baptiz.
08/04/16528 Elizabethe the daughter of Abraham Chadwin bap.
13/04/165213 John the sonne of Edward Gardiner baptiz.
11/05/1652May 11 Christopher the sonne of Christopher Crawforth bap.
18/11/1652Nov. 18 Doritie daughter of Francis Cusan birth
18/07/1653Jul. 18 Elin daughter of Christopher Dalton birth
??/12/1653Dec... Uslay daughter of Thomas Savaig birth
14/08/1653Aug. 14 Robart the sonne of Robart Jefferson was borne
The birth of children
02/08/16531653 Feb. 2 daye Marie daughter of John Lackes birth
30/03/1654Mar. 30 daye Jane daughter of Rapth (sic) Hodgeson birth
03/05/1654May 3 daye Katharine daughter of Sammuell Smith birth
19/05/165419 day John son of John Polard birth
26/05/165426 day Michell son of Michell Patteson birth
03/06/1654Jun. 3 day Henerie son of Thomas Hall birth
12/06/165412 day Anne daughter of Thomas Postan birth
11/07/1654Jul. 11 day George son of Bartholomeei Gray birth
22/08/1654Aug. 22 day Oliver son of John Walker birth
29/08/165429 day Simon son of Robert Parson birth
16/09/1654Sep. 16 day Elizabeth daughter of John Greanshaw birth
22/10/1654Oct. 22 day Thomas son of Edward Gardinner birth
02/11/1654Nov. 4 day Willm second son of John Shieldes birth
07/11/16547 day daughter of Brian Railay was still borne
09/11/16549 day Thomas son of Richard Cock birth
09/11/16549 day Willm son of Francis Cossen birth
01/12/1654Dec. first day Josias son of John Rannard birth
03/12/16543 day Richard son of Thomas Moore birth
07/12/16547 Marmaduck son of Marmaduck Wheldaile birth
08/12/16548 day Willm son of Willm Bilton birth
16/12/165416 Jane daughter of Willm. Railay birth
24/12/165424 Richard son of Willm Storie birth
27/12/165427 Timothe & James sones of John Mast birth
31/12/165431 Bettrice daughter of Robert Smith birth
23/01/1654Jan. 23 day Marie daughter of Thomas Sauaige birth
01/02/1654Feb. first day Thomas son of George Crawforth birth
10/02/165410 day daughter of Christopher Crawforth birth
20/02/165420 day Henerie son of John Megson birth
04/03/1654Mar. 4 day Sammuell son of Sammuell Norton birth
10/03/165410 day Grace daughter of George Bawne birth
23/03/165423 day Evis daughter of Widdow Jobson birth
24/03/165424 day Anne daughter of Willm Deane birth
14/04/1655Apr. 14 day Kathrine daughter of Thomas Shippard birth
20/04/165520 day George son of Robert Simpson birth
29/04/165529 day Margaret daughter of Willm Elerbie birth
28/06/1655Jun. 28 day Elizabeth daughter of Marmaduck Paler birth
01/08/1655Aug. first day Robert son and stilborne daughter of Willm Cockerline birth
21/08/165521th day John son of John Warrinner birth
01/12/1655Dec. first day son of James Bilton was stillborne
04/12/16554 day Henerie son of Francis Cossen birth
13/12/165513 day Thomas son of Thomas Barchard birth
28/12/165528 day John son of Robert Hunter birth
11/01/1655Jan. 11 day unbapti[s]ed daughter of Willm Welburne birth
13/01/165513 day Margret daughter of John Jefferson birth
03/02/1655Feb 3th day Willm son of Willm Marshall birth
08/02/16558 day Anne daughter of Robert Barber birth
25/02/165525 day Alce daughter of Willm Hall birth
26/02/165526 day Francis son of Francis Aire birth
27/02/1655Feb. 27 day Margaret daughter of Richard Cock birth
14/03/1655Mar. 14 day Barbara daughter of Christopher Dalton birth
05/04/1656Apr. 5 day Easter daughter of Gorge Blith birth
20/04/165620 day Robert son of Robert Sagg ali [a] s Railay birth
21/04/165621 day son of Michell Parkinson was stillborne
23/04/165623 day Willm son of John Polard birth
23/04/165623 day Willm son of Robert Jefferson birth
23/04/165623 day Margaret daughter of Thomas Webster birth
01/05/1656May 1 day Abram son of Abram Chadwick birth
14/05/165614 day Robert son of Willm Storie birth
17/05/165617 day Robert son of Robert Simpson birth
23/06/1656Jun. 23 day Marie daughter of Robert Pearson birth
01/07/1656Jul. first day Francis sone of Edward Jonson birth
22/07/165622 day Barnard son of Mr. Sammuell Proud (clarke) birth
30/10/1656Oct. 30 day daughter of John Lackes birth
22/11/1656Nov. 22 day Anne daughter of Rapth Hochson birth
09/12/1656Dec. 9 day Issabell daughter of Richard [blank] birth
31/12/165631 day Robert son of Robert Smith birth
01/01/1656Jan. first day Anne daughter of Marmaduck Fristone birth
10/01/165610 day Mathew son of John Walker birth
15/01/165615 day John son of Thomas Hall birth
29/01/165629 day James son of James Bilton birth
24/02/1656Feb. 24th day Elizabeth daughter of Willm Welburne birth
28/02/165628 day Caleb son of Sammuell Pikerd birth
09/03/1656Mar. 9 day Cornelius son of Sammuell Smith birth
10/04/1657Apr. 10 day Jane daughter of Thomas Barton birth
18/04/165718 day daughter of Thomas Sauaige was stillborne
24/04/165724 day Sarah daughter of George Blith birth
14/05/1657May 14 day Jane daughter of Willm. Railay birth
06/06/1657Jun. 6 day Bridgett daughter of Peter Rawling birth
20/07/1657Jul. 20 day Marie daughter of Thomas Postan birth
15/09/1657Sept. 15 day Richard Norton sone of Samuell Norton birthday
13/09/165713 day Margarett the daughter of Marmad. Paller baptized
24/10/1657Oct. 24 day Margarett the daughter of Michaell Pattison birth
24/10/1657the same day Thomas ye sonne of William Halle his birthday
23/12/1657Dec. 23 day Ane the doughter of William Deane birthday
22/01/1657Jan. 22 Thomas the soun of Thomas Webster birthday
01/02/1657Feb. 1 Mary the doughter of Thomas More birth day
21/02/165721 Richard the son of Robart Hunter birth day
17/03/1657Mar. 17 day Anna the doughter of Samuell Smith birthday
03/04/1658Apr. 3 day Dorathy the doughter of Richard Stamp birthdaie
15/04/165815 day Dorcas the doughter of Marey Friston and Expofer Benington basegotten
26/05/1658May 26 Ellzabeth the daughter of Robert Shildes birthday
24/08/1658Aug. 24 day John Laughton the soun of William Laughton birthday
25/08/165825 day Willm. Laughton the soun of William Laughton birthday
12/09/1658Sep. 12 day Elisabeth the doughter of John Blyth birth day.
03/11/1658Nov. 3 day Ellin the doughter of Expofer Headon birthday
03/12/1658Dec. 3 day Elizabeth the doughter of John Lakes birth
??/02/1658Feb. Ralph the soun of Thomas Hall birth
??/02/1658Feb. Joshua the soun of Samuell Pickard birth
16/03/1658Mar. 16 day Brian the soun of William Rallay birth
04/07/1658Jul. 4 day John the soun of Expofer Dalton birth
29/08/1658Aug. 29 Richard the soun of Richard Garner birth
28/10/1658Oct. 28 Jane the doughter of Thomas Barchard birth
31/10/165831 Bridgit the doughter of George Blyth birth
??/11/1658Nov. .. day Jaell the doughter of Samuel Smith birth
11/11/165811 day Samuel the soun of Samuel Proude birth
27/11/165827 day William the soun of John Meginson birth
07/12/1658Dec. 7 day George the soun of Expofer Stevenson birth
??/02/1658Feb. Marey the doughter of Ralph Houghon birth
??/02/1658Feb. the soun of Robert Hunter shewmaker birth
(No entries from Feb. 1658 to June 1660).
14/06/1660Jun. 14 Gulielmus filius Josephi Sag baptiz.
17/07/1660Jul. 17 Gulielmus filius Roberti Sympson baptiz.
28/07/166028 Sara filia Thomae Coatsworth baptiz.
31/07/166031 Anna filia Thomae Burton baptiz.
07/08/1660Aug. 7 Francisca filia Gulielmi Dunn baptiz.
12/08/166012 Jana filia Rogeri Ringrose baptiz.
16/09/1660Sep. 16 Michael filius Michaelis Pattison baptiz.
25/09/166025 Elizabetha filia Thomae Kirby baptiz.
25/09/166025 Gulielmus filius Johannis Walker baptiz.
02/10/1660Oct. 2 Gulielmus filius Marci Terrington baptiz.
30/10/166030 Jana filia Marmaduci Pala baptiz.
04/11/1660Nov. 4 Johannes filius Gulielmi Bilton baptiz.
04/12/1660Dec. 4 Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Fetherston baptiz.
11/12/166011 Francisca filia Christopheri Headon baptiz.
18/12/166018 Rebeica filia Humphredi Hall baptiz.
20/12/166020 Dorothea filia Samuelis Prowd Rectoris baptiz.
07/02/1660Feb. 7 Elizabetha filia Ricardi Hodgson baptiz.
21/02/166021 Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Dean baptiz.
22/02/166022 Gulielmus filius Roberti Wallas baptiz.
10/03/1660Mar. 10 Thomas filius Thomae Moore baptiz.
21/03/166021 Johannes filius Johannis Dawson baptiz.
07/05/1661May 7 Anna filia Gulielmi Moore baptiz.
08/05/16618 Hannah the daughter of William Hunter baptiz.
14/07/1661Jul. 14 Dinas ye daughter of Tho. Savage baptiz.
18/07/166118 Jane ye daughter of Sam. Smyth baptiz.
22/09/1661Sep. 22 Joseph Sagge sone of Joseph Sagge baptiz.
30/10/1661Oct. 30 Ann ye daughter of Willm. Reame baptiz.
03/12/1661Dec. 3 Frances ye daughter of John Fisher baptiz.
05/12/1661Dec. 5 Margarett ye daughter of Christ. Stevenson baptiz.
30/12/166130 Jane ye daughter Willm. Smyth baptiz.
08/01/1661Jan. 8 John ye sone of Samuell Proud baptiz.
12/01/166112 Dorothy ye daughter of Willm. Pollard baptiz.
15/01/166115 Elizabeth ye daughter of Tho. Webster baptiz.
02/02/1661Feb. 2 Ann ye daughter of Tho. Cutsworth baptiz.
06/02/16616 Thomas ye sone Roger Ringrose baptiz.
10/03/1661Mar. 10 Roger ye sone of Willm. Rayley baptiz.
18/03/166118 Marke ye sone of Marke Turrington baptiz.
03/04/1662Apr. 3 Christopher ye sone of Richard Hodgson baptiz.
04/04/16624 John and Susana ye sone and daughter of Tho. Kirbye baptiz.
18/04/166218 Mary ye daughter of Richard Cocke baptiz.
05/05/1662May 5 Ann ye daughter of Thomas Barchard baptiz.
25/05/1662May 25 Willm ye sone of Roger Barne baptiz.
30/05/166230 Willm ye sone of Robert Wallas baptiz.
12/07/1662Jul. 12 Jane ye daughter of Will Fetherston baptiz.
14/07/166214 Henery ye sone of Christo. Dalton baptiz.
18/08/1662Aug. 18 Thomas ye sone of Richard Garner baptiz.
19/08/166219 Jane ye daughter of Thomas Tocke baptiz.
04/10/1662Oct. 4 Ann ye daughter of John Dawson baptiz.
21/10/166221 Mathew ye sone of John Walker baptiz.
21/10/166221 Eliza : ye daughter of Willm Hunter baptiz.
07/11/1662Nov. 7 Ralphe ye sone of Ralphe Hodgson baptiz.
18/12/1662Dec. 18 Thomisin ye daughter of John Crawford baptiz.
06/01/1662Jan. 6 John Maske ye sone of John Maske baptiz.
15/01/166215 George ye sone of George Blyth baptiz.
03/03/1662Mar. 3 Susana ye daughter of Joseph Picard baptiz.
19/03/166219 Samuell ye sone of Samuel Proud baptiz.
26/03/1663Mar. 26 Seuanea the daughter of Joh Megson baptiz.
29/03/166329 Jame the sonne of Edwayrd Tourinton baptiz.
20/04/1663Apr. 20 Willam the sonne of Willam More baptiz.
03/05/1663May 3 Margryte the doughter of Willam Smyth baptiz.
07/05/16637 John the sonne of John Watson baptiz.
18/05/166318 Dianea the doughter of Jame Dallton baptiz.
26/06/1663Jun. 26 An the doughter of John Shieles baptiz.
30/06/166330 Thomas the sonne of Thomas Borton baptiz.
13/07/1663Jul. 13 John the sonne of Thomas Daylton baptiz.
30/08/1663Aug. 30 Elazabeth the doughter of Jame Simson baptiz.
01/09/1663Sep. 1 day Jane the doughter of Thomas Parkisson baptiz.
22/09/166322 Elazabeth the doughter of John Fisher baptiz.
24/09/166324 Christoffer the sonne of Willame Tomson baptiz.
13/10/1663Oct. 13 Richarde the sonne of Joif Sagge juner baptiz.
17/11/1663Nov. 17 John the sonne of Christoffer Hedon baptiz.
29/12/1663Dec. 29 Ralphe the sonne of Thomas Sawaig baptiz.
11/02/1663Feb. 11 Richarde the sonne of Richarde Stampes baptiz.
14/02/166314 Willame the sonne of Thomas Webstere baptiz.
14/02/166314 Elazabeth the doughter of Willame Reyme baptiz.
23/02/1663Feb. 23 Ann the dougter of Thomas Moore baptiz.
23/02/166323 Elazabeth the doughter of John Dawson baptiz.
25/02/166325 Rachell the doughter of Sammeuell Smyth baptiz.
28/02/166328 Joan the doughter of Willam Denne baptiz.
20/03/1663Mar. 20 Elazabeth the doughter of John Broune of Mawlton baptiz.
13/04/1664Apr. 13 Anne the doughter of Willam Pollard baptiz.
30/04/166430 Thomas the sonn of Thomas Daylton juner bapt.
04/05/1664May 4 day Elazabeth the doughter of John Cooke baptized
14/06/1664Jun. 14 day Jann the doughter of Christoffer Stuenson baptized
16/06/166416 day Francis the doughter of John Megson baptized
26/06/166426 day An the doughter of Fracis Smyth baptized
28/06/166428 day Jann the doughter of Willame Hunteer baptized
17/07/1664Jul. 17 day Jonathan the sonn of Thomas Cayrbee baptized
19/07/166419 day Willame the sonn of Willame Railay baptized
27/07/166427 day Elazbeth the doughter of Jaame Symson baptized
03/09/1664Sep. 3 day Elazabeth the doughter of Roger Ringrose baptized
14/09/166414 day John the sonn of John Mast baptized
08/10/1664Oct. 8 day John the sonn of Willam Moore baptized
09/10/16649 day Ann the doughter of Goorg Dounn baptized
08/11/1664Nov. 8 day Seuanea the doughter of Willame Fedderston baptized
13/11/166413 day Thomas the sonn of Marke Tourinton baptized
27/12/1664Dec. 27 day Thomas the sonn of Joif Sagg baptized
29/12/166429 day Elazabeth the doughter of Francis Cocke baptized
17/01/1664Jan. 17 day Sammeuell the sonne of Willame Reme baptized
21/01/166421 day Elazabeth the doughter of Wiliam Smyth baptized
13/02/1664Feb. 13 day Willame the sonne of Willame Shilles baptized
and alsoe Francis his doughter baptized
23/02/166423 day Elayzabeth the doughter of Willame Tomson baptized
28/02/166428 day Anne the doughter of John Watson baptized
05/03/1664Mar. 5 day Thomas the sonne of John Beuer baptized
06/04/1665Apr. 6 day Elazabeth the doughter of Sammeuell Proud baptized
06/04/16656 day Robarte the sounn of Mighell Patisson baptized
17/04/166517 day Catran the doughter of John Walkerr baptized
24/04/166524 day Jeremyea the sonne of Joife Pyckard baptized
27/04/166527 day John the sonne of Richard Gayrner baptized
25/06/1665Jun. 25 day Willame the soun of Robarte Broune baptized
29/06/166529 day Willame the sonne of Willame Hunter baptized
03/07/1665Jul. 3 day Edwarde the sune of Edwarde Webster baptized
05/07/16655 day Joife the sun of Thomas Hille baptized
13/07/166513 day Elayzbeth the doughter of John Endycke baptized
??/08/1665Aug. Janne the doughter of Ralph Hochan baptized
??/09/1665Sept. Robert the sun of Richarde Cocke baptized
07/10/1665Oct. 7 day Cattran the doughter of Willame Reayme baptized
18/10/166518 day Jann the daughter of Christoffer Gray baptized
24/10/166524 day Willame the sun of Willame Moore baptized
28/11/1665Nov. 28 day Marie the doughter of Willame Storree baptized
30/11/166530 day Ann the doughter of Davide Fristone baptized
19/12/1665Dec. 19 day Francis the sun of Willame Doune baptized
02/01/1665Jan. 2 day John the sun of Thomas Webster baptized
04/01/16654 day Willame the sun of Willame Federstone baptized
08/01/16658 day Mayree the doughter of Francis Smyth baptized
22/01/166522 day John the sun of Thomas Crawford baptized
22/01/166522 day Saray the doughter of John Dawson baptized
26/01/166526 day Richarde the sun of Jame Simson baptized
??/02/1665Feb. Joann the doughter of John Fisher baptized
??/03/1665Mar. Gylbarde the sonne of Willame Shieldes baptized
??/03/1665Mar. Ann the doughter of Ann Bawne basterd
02/04/1666Apr. 2 day Willame the sonne of Richard Shieldes baptized
03/04/16663 day Usileay the doughter of Francis Cocke baptized
12/04/166612 Ann the doughter of Thomas Dalton baptized
08/04/16668 Willame the sonne of Richard Hochan baptized
08/04/16668 Jane the doughter of John Wattson baptized
10/04/166610 Willame the sonne of Willame Hounter baptized
20/04/166620 Grace the doughter of Richard Harwood baptized
14/10/1666Oct. 14 day John the sonne of Richarde Stampe baptized
??/11/1666Nov. day John the sonne of John Benne baptized
??/11/1666Nov. day Ann the doughter of Willame Wellburn baptized
??/12/1666Dec. day James the sonne of John Endycke baptized
??/12/1666Dec. day Robart the sonne of John Shildes baptized
??/12/1666Dec. day John the sonne of Willame Reame juneer baptized
20/12/166620 Elazabeth the doughter of George Doun baptized
06/01/1666Jan. 6 day Willame the sun of Jame Symson baptized
17/01/166617 day Sammuell the sonne of Willam Tomson baptized
29/01/166629 day Margryte the doughter of Goorg Bilton baptized
??/03/1666Mar. day Richard the sonn of Seuanea Backas bastard baptized
??/03/1666Mar. day Matthew the sonn of Wiliam Hunter juneer baptized
??/03/1666Mar. day Elias the sonn of Willame Reame baptized
??/03/1666Mar. day Willame the sonne of Peter Gorbit baptized
06/04/1667Apr. 6 day Willame the sonn of Robarte Brounne baptized
??/04/1667Apr. Elazabeth the doughter of Thomas Bourton baptized
12/05/1667May 12 day John the sonn of Willam Rallay baptized
20/05/166720 day Miriam the doughter of Christoffer Graie baptized
21/05/166721 day Marmadeuke the sonn of David Fristone baptized
10/06/1667Jun. 10 day Diena the doughter of John Megson baptized
04/07/1667Jul. 4 day Ann the doughter of Francis Smyth baptized
05/07/16675 day Willame the sonne Of Thomas Barber baptized
22/07/166722 day John the son of John Gray baptized
12/08/1667Aug. 12 day Sammeuell the sonn of Francis Person baptized
26/08/166726 day Eaylse the doughter of Thomas Daylton baptized
10/09/1667Sep. 10 day Willame the sonn of Willame Shielles baptized
01/10/1667Oct. 1 day Marye the doughter of Marke Tourinton baptized
29/10/166729 day Elazabeth the doughter of Edwarde Dun (?) baptized
31/10/166731 day Seuanea the doughter of Wiliam Cook (?) baptized
24/11/1667Nov. 24 day Mary the doughter of Thomas Crawford baptized
28/11/1667Nov. 28 day Ann the doughter of Roger Ringrose baptized
01/12/1667Dec. 1 day Richard the sonn of Richard Shielse baptized
03/12/16673 day Ann the daughter of Richard Hochan baptized
12/12/166712 day Thomas the sonn of Edwayrde Webster baptized
01/01/1667Jan. 1 day Ann the doughter of Thomas Parkisson baptized
14/01/166714 day Jann the doughter of John Dawson baptized
16/01/166716 day Francis the daughter of Jame Dallton baptized
17/01/166717 day Saray the daughter of William Hunter baptized
11/02/1667Feb. 11 day Ann the doughter of Francis Cocke baptized
01/03/1667Mar. 1 day Margryt the doughter of Willam Federstone baptized
03/03/16673 day Sammeuell the sonne of Thomas Webster baptized
24/03/166724 day Jann the doughter of Jame Symson baptized
24/03/166724 day Elazbeth the doughter of Wiliam Smyth baptized
08/04/1668Apr. 8 day Edward sonne of Ralph Hochon baptized
??/04/1668Apr. Francise the daughter of Joif Sagg baptized
20/05/1668May 20 day Jann the doughter of Sammeuell Tomson baptized
06/06/1668Jun. 6 day Nahomy the doughter of Joife Pickard baptized
16/06/166816 day Jann the daughter of Christoffer Stevesone baptized
30/08/1668Aug. 30 day John the sonn of Peter Gorbut baptized
24/09/1668Sept. 24. day Thomas the sonn of Thomas Daylton baptized
??/09/1668Sept. (?) Willame the sunn of Robarte Broune baptized
04/10/1668Oct. 4. day Margryte the doughter of Robert Ralley baptized
07/10/16687 day Edwayrd the sonn of Jame Starke baptized
02/11/1668Nov. 2 day Margryte the daughter of Christoffer Gray baptized
05/11/16685 day Rebeckea the doughter of Willame Moore baptized
17/11/166817 day Willame the sonn of Willame Scrowstan baptized
19/11/166819 day Nathanill the sonn of Willame Sheiles baptized
05/01/1668Jan. 5 day Jame and Thomas the sonnes of Hennery Clapam bapt.
14/01/166814 day Thomas the sonn of Edwarde Webster baptized
30/03/1668Mar. 30 day Franceise the daughter of Thomas Frost baptized
01/04/1669Apr. 1 day Franceise the doughter of Goorge Bylton baptized
13/04/166913 day Matthias the sonne of John Hirrisson baptized
27/05/1669May 27 day Elazbeth the doughter of John Gray baptized
27/07/1669Jul. 27 day Isbell the doughter of Wiliam Cooke baptized
25/08/1669Aug. 25 day Thomas the sonn of Gorge Bylinnee baptized
31/08/166931 day Elazabeth the daughter of Richard Dalltonn baptized
07/09/1669Sep. 7 day Jame the sonn of Jame Symson baptized
18/09/166918 day Ann the doughter of Francis Reame baptized
03/10/1669Oct. 3 day Edwayrd the sonn of Edwayrd Adkisson baptized
07/10/16697 day Thomas the sonn of Jame Dallton baptized
07/11/1669Nov. 7 day Elazabeth the doughter of Goorg Dounn baptized
30/11/166930 day Willam the sonn of Willam Alliver baptized
10/01/1669Jan. 10 day Ann the doughter of Francis Gyelse baptized
10/01/166910 day Elazabeth the doughter of Edwarde Robisson baptized
10/02/1669Feb. 10 day John the sonn of Thomas Bourton baptized
27/02/166927 day Elazabeth the daughter of Richard Clapam baptized
10/03/1669Mar. 10 Elazabeth the doughter of Elazabeth Raper bastard bapt.
29/03/1670Mar. 29 day Ann the daughter of Willame Haunter baptized
04/04/1670Apr. 4 day Nathanill the sonn of Willam Shilles baptized
10/04/167010 day Ann the doughter of Richard Shilles baptized
21/04/167021 day Samuell the sonn of Samuell Tomson baptized
24/04/167024 day Thomas the sonn of Francis Stevenson
10/05/1670May 10 day Richard the sonn of Richard Eddom baptized
17/05/167017 day Elazabeth the doughter of Thomas Webster baptized
21/06/1670Jun. 21 day Marye the doughter of John Sauige baptized
04/07/1670Jul. 4 day Elazabeth doughter of Marke Tourinton baptized
24/09/1670Sept 24 day Ealse the dougter of Thomas Dallton baptised
13/10/1670Oct. 13 day John the son of Willame Dallton baptized
08/11/1670Nov. 8 day Seuanea the daughter of Willame Federston baptized
19/11/167019 day Willame the sonn of Willame Cooke baptized
20/11/167020 day Willame the sonn of Willame Reame juneer baptized
27/12/1670Dec. 27 day Jooif the sonn of Jooif Pickarde baptized
01/01/1670Jan. 1 day Jann the doughter of Edward Wayrde baptized
17/01/167017 day Mary the daughter of Richard Dallton baptized
29/01/167029 day Jann the doughter of Richard Hochan baptized
14/03/1670Mar. 14 day Rowbarte the sonn of Willame Bylton baptized
23/03/167023 day Thomas the sonn of Edwarde Robisson baptized
06/04/1670Apr. 6 day Willame the sonn of Thomas Smyth baptized
13/04/167013 day Grayse the doughter of Thomas Bourton baptized
19/05/1670May 19 day Willame the sonn of Willame Richardson baptized
29/05/167029 day Thomas ye sonn of Thomas Parkinson baptized
26/06/1670Jun. 26 day Elizabeth ye daughtr. of Willm Thompson baptized
09/07/1670Jul. 9 Mary the daughtr. of Francis Reame baptized
09/07/16709 Mary the daughtr. of Willm Scrowstan baptized
24/08/1670Aug. 24 Frances ye daughtr. of James Starke baptized
04/09/1670Sep. 4 John ye sonn of Edward Webster baptized
14/09/167014 Maream ye daughtr. of John Graye baptized
02/10/1670Oct. 2 Sarah ye daughtr. of William Reame baptized
19/10/167019 Thomas ye son of Francis Pearson baptised.
31/10/167031 Sarah ye daughtr. of John Westebee baptized
04/11/1670Nov. 4 Margarit ye daughtr. of Richard Shieldes baptized
19/11/167019 Frances ye daughtr. of Peter Gorbute baptized
19/12/1670Dec. 19 Elizabeth ye daughtr. of Christopher Gray baptized
21/12/167021 Thomas ye son of James Simpson baptized
28/12/167028 Frances ye daughtr. of William More baptized
15/02/1670Feb. 15 Frances ye daughtr. of Christopher Steveson baptized
14/03/1670Mar. 14 Catheraine ye daughtr. of Steven Blyth baptized
15/04/1672Apr. 15 John ye son of William Cooke baptized
21/04/167221 Samuell ye son of Sam Thompson baptized.
13/05/1672May 13 Elizabeth ye daughter of Willm Shieldes baptized
23/05/167223 Frances ye daughtr. Francis Smyth baptized
06/06/1672Jun. 6 Martha ye daughtr. of John Sauage baptized
??/06/1672Jun. ibidem Thomison the daughtr. of Jane Shaw illigitimate baptized
11/06/167211 Thomas ye son of George Bilton baptized
16/06/167216 Edward ye son of Edward Adam baptized
23/06/1672Jun. 23 Beniamine ye son of John Megson baptized June ye 23
01/07/1672Jul. 1 Margaret ye daughtr. of Nicholas Croose baptized
28/07/167228 Chatherine the daughtr. of Railfe Hodgson baptized
13/08/1672Aug. 13 George ye sone of George Dunn baptized
23/09/1672Sep. 23 John ye sone of Robert Vavisor baptized
24/09/167224 Isabell ye daughtr. of Thomas Webster baptized
13/10/1672Oct. 13 Willm the son of Henery Clapam baptized
18/10/167218 Edward the son of Francis Leafe baptized.
12/11/1672Nov. 12 Robert the sonn of Willm Reame baptized
02/12/1672Dec. 2 Thomas ye sonn of John Barton baptized
03/01/1672Jan. 3 Eliner the daughter of Edward Webster baptized
03/02/1672Feb. 3 Frances daughtr. of Cristo Stephenson baptized
11/02/167211 John ye son of Edward Peacocke baptized
16/02/167216 Frances ye daughtr. of Richard Garner baptized
01/04/1673Apr. 1 John ye son & Easter ye daughter of John Adam bapt.
09/04/16739 Thomas ye sonn of Thomas Frost baptized
10/04/167310 Robert ye son of Willm. Ellerbye illigit baptized
11/04/167311 Elizabeth ye daughtr of Willm. Fetherston baptized
13/04/167313 Edward the son of Edward Ward baptized
??/04/1673Apr. ibidem Edward ye son of Willm. Adkinson baptized
17/04/167317 Samuell ye sonn of Joseph Pickard baptized
30/04/167330 Elizabeth ye daughtr. of Willm. Railay baptized
03/05/1673May 3 Janne ye daughtr. of Francis Smyth baptized
10/07/1673Jul. 10 Richard ye sonn of James Simpson baptized
24/08/1673Aug. 24 Sarah ye daughtr. of Elias Whitelocke baptized
02/10/1673Oct. 2 Thomas ye sonn of Hugh Wright baptized
11/10/167311 William the son of William Dalton baptized
11/11/1673Nov. 11 Ann the daughtr. of Francis Reame baptized
??/11/1673Nov. ibid Dinah ye daughtr. of Richard Dalton baptized
18/11/167318 Elizabeth ye daughtr. of William 0lliver baptized
09/12/1673Dec. 9 William ye sonn of William Reame baptized
18/12/167318 Edward the son of William Adkinson baptized
21/01/1673Jan. 21 Jann ye daughtr. of Thomas Burton baptized
03/02/1673Feb. 3 William ye son of John Megson baptized
10/02/167310b John the son of Willm. Thompson baptized
19/02/167319 Elizabeth ye daughtr. of Willm. Shieldes baptized
03/03/1673Mar. 3 Ann ye daughtr. of Steaven Blyth baptized
08/03/16738 John ye sonn of Robert Vavisor baptized
11/03/167311 [blank] ye sonn of Railfe Hoghson baptized
14/03/167314 Frances ye daughtr. of Edward Webster baptized
23/03/167323 Elizabeth ye daughtr. of John Groves baptized
12/04/1674Apr. 12th Edward ye sonn of Edward Robinson baptized
16/06/1674Jun. 16 Maria fla Thomae Webster
14/07/1674Jul. 14 Rachel fla Thomae Moore
02/08/1674Aug. 2 Josephus fls Richardi Stamp
04/08/16744 Gulmus fls Roberti Cooke
19/09/1674Sep. 19 Ellinor fla Jacobi Symson
24/09/167424 Francisca fla Jacobi Symson
12/10/1674Oct. 12 Anna fla Thomae Frost
13/10/167413 Johnes fls Johnis Westabie
23/10/167423 Gulmus fls Gulmi Burton
26/10/167426 Hellenor fla Johnis Overton genrosi
01/11/1674Nov. 1 Gulmus fls Gulmi Cooke
02/11/16742 Johannes fls Johannis Barton
03/11/16743 Franciscus fls Georgii Dunn
25/11/167425 Gulmus fls Edvardi Shaw
15/12/1674Dec. 15 Xpherus fls Xpheri Stevenson
21/12/167421 Thomas fls Johnis Savage
22/12/167422 Thomas fls Gulmi Atkinson
03/01/1674Jan. 3 Anna fla Edvardi Medley
17/01/167417 Elizab. fla Johnis Addams
21/01/167421 Johnes fls Roberti Greenshaw
02/02/1674Feb. 2 Susanna fla Nicholai Cross
28/03/1675Mar. 28 Xpherus fls Richardi Hotchin
19/04/1675Apr. 19 Johnes fls Thomae Thompson
20/04/167520 Anna fla Francisci Pearson
22/04/167522 Rebecha fla Gulmi Thompson
10/05/1675May 10 Thomas fls Thomae Burton
12/07/1675Jul. 12 David & Ruth Gemelli Josephi Pickard
08/08/1675Aug. 8 Sarah fla Gulmi Shields
17/08/167517 Maria fla Elias Whitelock
03/09/1675Sep. 3 Wilphredus fls Wilphredi Cooke
14/09/167514 Stephanus fls Samuelis Spelsbie
19/09/167519 Franciscus fls Richardi Gardiner
24/09/167524 Eliz. & Francisca gem. Rich. Shields
04/11/1675Nov. 4 Susanna fla Gulmi Ellerbie
16/11/167516 Francisca fla Gulmi Cross
22/11/167522 Anna fla Gulmi Reame
30/11/167530 Margareta fla Francisci Leefe
28/12/1675Dec. 28 Thomas fls Edvardi Peacocke
30/12/167530 Thomas fls Gulmi Moore
04/01/1675Jan. 4 Franciscus fls Francisci Reame
07/02/1675Feb. 7 Susanna fla Gulmi Gardiner
08/02/16758 Thomas fls Thomae Ellarbie
23/02/167523 Margareta fla Anthonii Pickering
27/02/167527 Maria fla Christopheri Gray
12/03/1675Mar. 12 Gulmus fls Edvardi Reame
19/03/167519 Elizabeth fla Gulmi Scrowstan
23/03/167523 Richardus fls Richardi Addam
22/08/1676Aug. 22 Maria fla Stephani Blyth
30/08/167630 Samuel fls Gulmi Burton
16/09/1676Sep. 16 Hilarius Vavasor fil Robt Vav [asor]
04/10/1676Oct. 4 Ellinor fla Francisci Wallas
30/10/167630 Beatrice fla Georgii Bilton
01/11/1676Nov. 1 Thomas fls Henrici Shields
16/11/167616 Francisca fla Thomae
23/11/167623 Maria fla Johnis Say [acre]
18/01/1676Jan. 18 Thomas fls Samuelis Sp [elsbie]
11/02/1676Feb. 11 Thomas fls Anthonii Pickering
15/02/167615 Anna filia Gulmi Thompson
17/02/167617 Johnes et Catherina gemelli Johnis Walker
17/02/167617 Franciscus fls Jacobi Simson
27/02/167627 Edvardus fls Gulmi Gardiner
06/03/1676Mar. 6 Johnes fls Roberti Gillison clerici
09/03/16769 Johnes fls Johnis Largman
??/03/1676Martii medio Thomas the son of Thomas Savage
27/03/1677Mar. 27 Josephus fls Johnis Westabie
24/04/1677Apr. 24 Robtus. fls Roberti Greenshaw
30/04/167730 Elizabetha fla Gulmi Shieldes
17/05/1677May 17 Johnes fls Gulmi Mast
14/06/1677Jun. 14 Maria fla Gulmi Reame
02/07/1677Jul. 2 Francis ye son of Francis Smith
23/07/167723 Johnes fls Johnis Watson
26/07/167726 Josephus fls Stephani Ellis
29/07/167729 Margareta fla Rich. Hotchin
29/07/1677eodem die Petrus fls Edvardi Shaw
10/09/1677Sep. 10 Ellena fla Petri Gorbut
12/09/167712 Francisca fla Xpheri Dalton
23/09/167723 Thomas fls Gulmi Cooke
30/09/167730 Ellena fla Jacobi Starke
21/10/1677Oct. 21 Sarah fla Edvardi Webster
23/10/167723 Johnes fls Laurentii Harrison
22/11/1677Nov. 22 Saml. fls Johnis Overton genrosi.
11/12/1677Dec. 11 Hanah fla Josephi Pickard
20/01/1677Jan. 20 Maria fla Wilphredi Cooke
07/02/1677Feb. 7 Samuel fls Francisci Reame
05/03/1677Mar. 5 Maria fla Samuelis Spelsbie
09/04/1678Apr. 9 Maria fla Henrici Shepard
23/04/167823 Catherina fla Johnis Walker
02/05/1678May 2 Georgius fls Samuel Thompson
21/05/167821 Johnes fls Thomae Savage
28/05/167828 Anna fla Jacobi Simson
09/06/1678Jun. 9 Eliz. fla Roberti Dawson
11/06/167811 Stephanus fls Stephani Ellis
15/08/1678Aug. 15 Anna fla Richdi. Shieldes
18/08/167818 Sarah fla Edvardi Peacocke
22/08/167822 Gulmus fls Gulmi Oliver
10/09/1678Sep. 10 Georgius fls Johnis Megson
10/09/167810 Jana fla Laurentii Harrison
17/09/167817 Johnes fls Johnis Addam
17/09/1678Sep. 17 Joan fla Johnis Tate peregrini
19/11/1678Nov. 19 Johnes fls Thomae Bilton
21/11/167821 Sarah fla Gulmi Thompson
28/11/167828 Maria fla Gulmi Atkinson
01/11/16781 Samuell fls Edvardi Robinson
03/11/16783 Eliz. fla Johnis Watson
12/11/167812 Franciscus fls Thomae Howdell
27/03/1679Mar. 27 Robart the son of Robart Greenshaw bapt.
05/04/1679Apr. 5 Jane fla Johnis Grey
02/04/16792 Sarah fla Edvardi Webster
15/04/167915 Johnes fls Johnis Savage
20/04/167920 Jana fla Gulmi Mast
06/07/1679July 6 Anna fla Francisci Wallis
13/07/167913 Sarah fla Francisci Blyth
13/07/167913 Benjamin fls Benjamini Sagg
??/??/1680Eliz. fla Johnis Walker
??/??/1680fla Johnis Overton genrosi.
30/05/1680May 30 Anna fla Gulmi Clarke
03/06/1680Jun. 3 Naomi fla Josephi Pichard
22/06/168022 George fls Thomae Bilton
26/06/168026 Richardus fls Richardi Hotchin
10/07/1680Jul. 10 Dorothea fla Robti Vavisor
25/08/1680Aug. 25 Georgius fls Thomae Savage
05/09/1680Sep. 5 Parcibell fls Henrici Collins
07/10/1680Oct. 7 Johnes fls Benjamini Sagg
16/11/1680Nov. 16 Johnis fls Johnis Watson senr.
21/11/168021 Anna fla Laurentii Harrison
23/11/168023 Sarah fla Jacobi Simson
16/01/1680Jan 16 Saml. fls Samueli Spelsbie
06/02/1680Feb. 6 Johnes fls Edvardi Addam
22/02/168022 Gulmus fls Gulmi Scrowston
10/03/1680Mar. 10 Eliz. filia Johnis Watson junr.
28/04/1681Apr. 28 Anna fla Johnis Savage
23/05/1681May 23 Gulmus fls Francisci Reame
29/05/168129 Anna fla Georgii Bilton
21/06/1681Jun. 21 Thomas fls Gulmi Atkinson
26/06/168126 Gulmus fls Gulmi Thompson
10/07/1681Jul. 10 Jana fla Johannis Barton
18/07/168118 Henricus fls Roberti Raikes
01/08/1681Aug. 1 Gulmus fls Gulmi Gardiner
25/09/1681Sep. 25 Johnes fls Gulmi Kemp
11/10/1681Oct. 11 Franciscus fls Richdi Winshup
11/10/168111 Bathsheba fla Gulmi Oliver
13/11/1681Nov. 13 Johnes fls Johannis Walker
22/11/168122 Robertus fls Thomae Savage
13/12/1681Dec. 13 Gulmus fls Gulmi Cross
29/12/168129 Samuel fls Edwardi Peacock
03/01/1681Jan. 3 Francisca fla Laurentii Harrison
08/01/16818 Hellena fla Johnis Addam
08/01/16818 .... Thomas son of Thomas Dalton
15/01/168115 Georgius Crow fils naturalis Mariae Crow
17/01/168117 Robtus fls Xpheri Dalton
29/01/168129 Martha fla Richardi Shields
31/01/168131 Maria fla Maria Shaw
09/02/1681Feb. 9 Georgius fls Georgii Pattison
23/02/168123 Jana fla Thomae Rider
25/02/168125 Franciscus fls Francisci Thornley
06/05/1682May 6 Jana fla Francisci Pearson
08/06/1682Jun. 8 Gulmus fls Roberti Kemp
04/07/1682Jul. 4 Jana fla Georgii Bilton
08/07/16828 Margareta fla Johnis Watson
13/07/168213 Johnes fils Josephi Pickard
05/08/1682Aug. 5 Anna fla Saml. Spelsbie
08/08/16828 Oliver fls Thorax Bilton
15/08/168215 Johannes fls Roberti Greenshaw
07/10/1682Oct. 7 Gulmus fls Petri Gorbut
10/10/168210 Jana fla Henrici Shepard
23/11/1682Nov. 23 Johanes fls Thomae Burton
28/11/168228 Elizabetha fla Jacobi Simson
10/12/1682Dec. 10 Matthaeus fls Johnis Grey
12/12/168212 Samuel fls Johnis Megson
14/12/168214 Jana fla Gulmi Kemp
21/12/168221 Thomas fls Thomae Newton
29/01/1682Jan. 29 Johnes et Robtus gemelli Johnis Walker
30/01/168230 Eliz : fla Benjamine Sagg
10/04/1683Apr. 10 Anna fla Edvardi Addam
26/04/168326 Dinah fla Johnis Savage
16/05/1683May 16 Robertus fls Georgii Pattison
02/07/1683Jul. 2 Elizabetha fla Xpheri Hogg
05/08/1683Aug. 5 Elizabetha fla Gulmi Clarke
09/08/16839 Thomas fls Thoraae Rider
21/08/168321 Georgius fls Johnis Watson
11/09/1683Sep. 11 Gulmus fls Wilphridi Cooke
25/09/168325 Christopherus fls Christopheri Dalton
16/10/1683Oct. 16 Catherina fla Francisci Reame
18/11/1683Nov. 18 Robertus fls Samuelis Spielsbye
20/11/168320 Anna fla Gulmi Laughton
28/11/168328 Benjamin fls Johannis Watson
11/12/1683Dec. 11 Abraham fls Thomae Savage
20/12/168320 Margareta fla Georgii Bilton
03/01/1683Jan 3. Anna fla Roberti Kemp
05/01/16835 Anna fla Johannis Dawson
03/02/1683Feb. 3 Anna fla Gulmi Cooke
01/04/1684Apr. 1 Maria fla Johannis Linwood
15/04/168415 Josephus fls Benjamini Sagg
13/05/1684May 13 Anna et Johannes gemelli Thomae Walker
29/05/168429 Sarah fla Edvardi Peacock
25/05/168425 Margarita fla Johannis Challenor
03/06/1684Jun. 3 Samuel fls Laurentii Harrison
08/06/16848 Robertus fls Johannis Walker
29/06/168429 Gulmus fls Gulmi Dalton
27/07/1684Jul. 27 Magdalena fla Henrici Shephard
30/07/168430 Jana Mast fla Jacobi Mast
17/08/1684Aug. 17 Robertus filius Gulmi Mast
07/09/1684Sep. 7 Robertus fls Roberti Dawson
22/09/168422 Johannes Blenckarne fls Thomae Blenckharne
21/10/1684Oct. 21 Michael Pattison fls Georgii Pattison
29/01/1684Jan. 29 Elizabetha fla Richardi Addams
26/01/168426 Robertus Simson fls Jacobi Simson
10/02/1684Feb. 10 Richardus Adam fls Johannis Adam
13/02/168413 Margareta Langthorp fla Roberti Langthorp
18/02/168418 Michael Dalton fls Christopheri Dalton
26/02/168426 Prudentia Bilton fla Thomae Bilton
08/03/1684Mar. 8 Johannes Savage fls posthumus Johnis Savage
15/03/168415 Johannes Rainard fls Josiah Rainard
26/03/1685Mar 26 Thomas Greenshaw fls Roberti Greenshaw
02/04/1685Apr. 2 Edvardus Cross fls Gulmi Cross
03/07/1685Jul. 3 Sabtecha Stanfield Aetat
23/07/168523 Robertus Hodgson fls Richardi Hodgson
19/08/1685Aug. 19 Gulielmus Burton fls Thomae Burton
28/08/168528 Sarah et Alicia flae Thomae Jefferson
13/09/1685Sep. 13 Elizabetha Largman fla Johannis Largman
14/09/168514 Maria fla Israelis Smith
18/09/168518 Susanna fla Edvardi Saunder Rectoris Hujus Eccliae
06/02/1685Feb. 6 John ye son of George Lee
24/02/168524 Anna filia Jo. Watson
07/03/1685Mar. 7 Jana Bill on fla Georgii Bilton
13/03/168513 John Atkinson fls Thomae Atkinson
25/03/168525 Thomas fls Tho. Dalton senr.
12/04/1686Apr. 12 Jana filia Christopher Stephenson
21/04/168621 Anna filia Tho Sawage (Sauage)
22/04/168622 Richardus fils Tho Ryder
13/06/1686Jun. 13 John ye son of Robert Westaby
??/06/1686Jun. Margret ye daughter of John Adam (Eddam) jun.
22/06/1686Jun. 22 James ye son of Chr Hogg bapt.
05/07/1686Jul. 5 John the son of Hen Harrison bapt.
25/07/168625 Samuel ye son of John Walker bapt.
25/07/168625 Thomas ye son of Richard Shields bapt.
26/07/168626 Tomosin Hilyard (Thomasin Hildyard) baptized
05/09/1686Sep. 5 George ye son Robert Dawson baptized
16/09/168616 Thomas ye son of Thomas Blenchorne bapt.
20/09/168620 Benjamin filius Benjamini Sagge bapt.
03/10/1686Oct. 3 William fils Willmi Cooke bapt.
05/10/16865 John fils of (sic) John Meggson bapt.
06/10/16866 Gulmus fils Gulmi Cockerline baptized
12/10/168612 Gulmus fits Thomae Dalton junr. baptized
21/10/168621 Johannes fils Johnis Potter baptized
05/11/1686Nov. 5 Johannes fil Laurentii Harrison bapt.
18/11/168618 Anna fil Edvardi Peacock bapt.
01/01/1686Jan. 1 Grace et Repentance fil illegit. Katherinae Deane (Katherine Fenby) et Gulielmi Raven uti asseritur
13/01/168613 Anna fil Francisci Smith
03/02/1686Feb. 3 Carolus fil Xtophori Dalton
04/02/16864 Anna fil Mosis Nicholson
10/02/168610 Grace et Repentance filiae Katherinae Fenby
16/02/168616 Gullelmus fil Guilhelmi Lawes
03/03/1686Mar. 3 Francisca filia Georgii Dunne
08/03/16868 Guilhelmus fils Roberti Langthorp
03/05/1687May 3 Anna filia Thomae Jefferson
08/05/16878 Anna filia Wilfr. Cooke
08/05/16878 Jacobus fils Richardi Winshap
10/05/168710 Henricus fils Henrici Shepheard
29/05/168729 Hellena (Elgling) filia Johnis Sagg
29/05/168729 Hellena (Elgling) filia Johnis (Wm.) Mast
26/07/1687Jul. 26 Anna filia Thomae Bilton
02/08/1687Aug. 2 Rachell filia Georgii Pattison
08/08/16878 Gulmus filius Thomae Burton
06/09/1687Sep. 6 Francisca filia Thomae Wood
09/10/1687Oct. 9 Francisca filia Beniam Sagg
16/10/168716 Anna filia Xtopheri Stephenson
06/11/1687Nov. 6 Maria filia Johannis Largman
19/02/1687Feb. 19 Edw. filius Jois Walker
23/02/168723 Robertus fls Edw. Eddom
20/03/1687Mar. 20 Richardus fls Richardi Hodgson
29/03/1688Mar. 29 Samuell fils Thomae Dalton
03/04/1688Apr. 3 Edvardus fils Edvardi Dalton
17/04/1688Apr. 17 Anna ye daughter of Robert Walker
21/04/168821 John ye son of Willm. Cross
22/05/1688May 22 Thomas fls Gulmi Laughton
23/05/168823 Anna filia Georgii Dunn
28/05/168828 Thomas fils Xtopheri Hogg
02/08/1688Aug. 2 Gulielmus filius Francisci Atkinson
10/08/168810 Maria filia Johannis Dunn
04/09/16887bris 4 Elizabetha Gulmi Dalton
02/10/1688Oct. 2 John fls Jacobi Mast
15/11/1688Nov. 15 Sarah filia posthuma Tho Dalton de Thorpe
27/11/168827 Pattison filius Xtophori Dalton
04/01/1688Jan. 4 Robertus fls Roberti Westibie
15/01/168815 Maria filia Georgii Lee
24/01/168824 Georgius fils Georgii Bilton
03/02/1688Feb. 3 Elizabetha filia Henrici Shephard
03/02/16883 Maria filia Jois Sagg
21/02/168821 Anna filia Roberti Langthoorpe
21/02/168821 Maria filia Georgii Stephenson
02/03/1688Mar. 2 Prudentia filia Georgii Pattison
29/03/1689Mar. 29 Eliz. et Katherina gemellae Jois Walker
24/04/1689Apr. 24 Anna filia Robt. Dawson junr.
05/06/1689Jun. 5 John filius Marki Burdas
07/06/16897 Elizabetha filia Gllberti Shields
08/06/16898 Anna filia Jois Potter
19/06/168919 Edwardus fils Robti. Pattison
03/10/1689Oct. 3 Edwardus fils Hugonis Saill (Sayl)
10/10/168910 Johannes fils Gulmi Cross
18/10/168918 Gulmus fils Jois Walker (shoemaker)
22/10/168922 Richardus fils Gulmi Mercer
30/10/1689Oct ultimo Jacobus fils Georgii Dunn
18/11/1689Nov. 18 Josephus fils Jois Chanler
07/01/1689Jan. 7 Richardus fils Francisci Atkinson
20/01/168920 Gulmus fils Georgii Harrison
18/02/1689Feb. 18 Sammuel ye son of Ben. Sagg
03/03/1689Mar. 3 Joes et Maria gemelli Jois Largeman
09/03/16899 Joes fils Johannis Wood
15/04/1690Apr. 15 Hellena (Elling) filia Gulmi Ganton
15/04/169015 ibid Anne filia Jacobi Raspin (Rasping)
25/04/1690Apr. 25 Anna filia Xtophori Dalton
28/04/169028 William ye son of Jo. Lakes
28/04/169028 Jane ye daughter of Wm. Laughton
11/05/1690May 11 Joes fils illegittimus Francisca Scrowston et Jo. Bird uti asseritur
12/05/169012 Joes fils Gilberti Shields
16/05/169016 Wm. the son of Jo. Lakes
30/09/16907bris 30 Mary ye daughter of Wm. Cockerline
23/10/1690Oct. 23 Christopher ye son of Xtopher Stephenson
28/10/169028 George ye son of George Lee
30/10/169030 Mary ye daughter of Wm. Shields
23/12/169010bris 23 Margarett ye daughter of John Gorner (Garner)
30/12/169030 Mary ye daughter of Robt. Rank
31/12/169031 Frances ye daughter of George Dun
05/01/1690Jan. 5 Rachell ye daughter of Laurance Harrison
06/01/16906 Elizabeth ye daughter of Jeremiah Joy
20/01/169020 Robert ye son of Robt. Westiby
03/02/1690Feb. 3 Susanna ye daughter of Joseph Smith
06/03/1690Mar. 6 Margreet ye daughter of Robt. Kemp
17/03/169017 Edward son of Edward Peacock
18/03/169018 Ann the daughter of Edward Eddoms (Eddon)
23/04/1691Apr. 23 Ursala ye daughter of Henry Shephard
16/05/1691May 16 Mary ye daughter of Thomas Rider
06/07/1691Jul. 6 William son of Thomas Frybus
18/08/1691Aug. 18 Anne daur. of Willm. Cross
23/08/169123 Jane ye daur. of Nichollas Cross
22/09/1691Sep. 22 Ann ye daughter of George Pattison
23/09/169123 Richard ye son of James Raspin
13/10/1691Oct. 13 Jane ye daughter of Thomas Dalton
26/11/1691Nov. 26 Robart ye son of Robart Langthorp bap.
13/12/1691Dec. 13 John ye son of George Bilton bap.
31/12/169131 Mary ye daughter of Robart Dauson bap.
04/01/1691Jan. 4 Mary ye daughter of George Dun bapt.
05/01/16915 Margreat ye daur. of George Robeson
02/02/1691Feb. 2 Michaell ye son of Frances Atkeson (Atkinson)
02/02/16912 Ann ye daur. of George Hereson (Harrison)
11/02/169111 Elizabeth ye daur. of John Garner bap.
23/02/169123 John ye son of John Routton (Routon) bap.
25/02/169125 William ye son of William Shields bap.
03/03/1691Mar. 3 James son of Francis Smith bap.
03/04/1692Apr. 3 Mary ye daughter of William Laws
17/04/169217 Job ye son of Christopher Dalton
17/04/169217 Mary ye daughter of Wm. Laughton
25/04/169225 Robart ye son of William Elerby
01/05/1692May 1 Joan ye daur. of William Ganton bapt.
21/06/1692Jun. 21 Robart ye son of Robart Pattison bapt.
22/06/169222 Ann Dun ye daur. of John Dun bap.
03/06/1692Jun. 3r Ann ye daugr. of Margreat Shields young woman (entry
26/10/1692Oct. 26 Richard ye son of William Shields labourer bap.
06/11/1692Nov. 6 Jane ye daur. of George Stephenson bapt.
28/11/169228 Hugh ye son of Hugh Saill (Sail)
27/12/1692Dec. 27 Elizabeth the daur. of William Ranson bap.
24/01/1692Jan. 24 Margreat ye daur. of Robart Ranke bap.
03/02/1692Feb. 3 Willm. ye son of Richard Howldernes (Holdarnes) bap.
07/03/1692Mar. 7 George son of Geo. Dun baptized
24/05/1693May 24 Jane ye daur. of Joseph Smith baptized
31/05/169331 Mary ye daughter of Jeremiah Joy
01/06/1693Jun. 1 Jane daughter of George Harrison (Herrison) baptized
26/09/1693Sep. 26 James the son of Wm. Shields baptized
27/09/169327 Ann daur of Nicholas Cross baptized
11/10/1693Oct. 11 John ye son of James Raspin baptized
31/10/169331 Samwell son of Henry Motherbe (Motherby)
12/11/1693Nov. 12 Richard son of Grace Burton bap.
25/11/169325 Thomas ye son of Willm. Cokerlin bapt.
29/01/1693Jan. 29 Samwell the son of John Chanley
08/02/1693Feb. 8 John son of John Walker bapt.
02/03/1693Mar. 2 George son of George Patteson bap.
06/03/16936 Willm son of Willm Mast
14/03/169314 Mary daughter of George Lee bap.
17/03/169317 John son of Robert Westoby bap.
10/04/1694Apr. 10 George ye son of John Sagg bap.
14/05/1694May 14 George son of George Dun bap.
19/06/1694Jun. 19 Ann daur, of Thomas Dalton bap.
15/07/1694Jul. 15 Mary (Ann) daur. of John Laikes bap.
17/07/169417 Richard son of Richard Garnet bap.
25/08/1694Aug. 25 Rachel ye damn of Robert Patteson bap.
28/08/169428 Susanna ye daur. of John Garner bap.
04/10/1694Oct. 4 Thomas ye son of Henry Shipard bap.
06/10/16946 John ye son of Thos. Rider bap.
23/10/169423 Jane ye daur. of Robart Watson
04/11/1694Nov. 4 Elizabeth ye daughter of John Cookeman
12/11/169412 Elener ye daughter of Nicholas Cross
11/12/1694Dec. 11 John ye son of Robart Dalton (Dasson) bapt.
11/12/169411 Elizabeth daughter of George Robeson
19/12/169419 William ye son of John Wood baptized
19/12/169419 Ann ye daughter of Robart Langthorp
08/01/1694Jan. 8 Barbarah ye daughter of Thomas Rasping
20/02/1694Feb. 20 Thomas ye son of William Laffton bap.
27/02/169427 William son of William Burn bap.
05/03/1694Mar. 5 William ye son of William Shields bap.
10/03/169410 William ye son of Willm Shields the younger bap.
10/03/169410 Edward the son of Ann Mast bapt.
12/03/169412 Rachel ye daughter of Josiph Smith bapt.
07/04/1695Apr. 7 Franseas (Francais) the daur. of George Bilton bapt.
12/04/169512 Mary ye daughter of William Burton bapt.
06/05/1695May 6 Richard ye son of Edward Addam bapt.
08/05/16958 Elizabeth ye daur. of Joseph Longcaster
04/06/1695Jun. 4 Lorenc (Lowerenc) ye son of Willm Hereson
11/06/169511 Ann ye daur. of William Gauton bap.
25/06/169525 John ye son of John Dun bap.
23/07/1695Jul. 23 Margreet ye daughter of Cristopher Dalton bap.
14/08/1695Aug. 14 Hugh Saile son of Hugh Saile bap.
25/08/169525 George son of George Headlay bap.
25/09/1695Sep. 25 William son of Robart Bilton bap.
07/10/1695Oct. 7 Wm. son of Jeremiah Joy baptized
08/10/16958 Mary daughter of John Couper bapt.
29/10/169529 Mary daughter of Robart Gawturup
25/11/1695Nov. 25 Wm. son of Wm. Ranson
15/01/1695Jan. 15 Rachell ye daur. of George Pattison
04/02/1695Feb. 4th John ye son of John Burton
06/02/16956 Elizth. ye daur. of Wm. Cockerline
23/02/169523 John ye son of Thomas Gowland
24/02/169524. Frances daughter of Richard Garnit
22/03/1695Mar. 22 George ye son of George Harison
26/05/1696May 26 Ellener ye daur. of Thomas Howdell
23/06/1696Jun. 23 Jacob ye son of Isarall Johnson
24/06/169624 Christopher ye son of Wm. Laughton
16/07/1696Jul. 16 James and Frances son and daur. of George Dun
06/09/1696Sep. 6 Robt. ye son of Robt Chadwick
22/09/169622 Rebeccah ye daughter of Wm. Sherwood
27/09/169627 Wm. ye son of Mark Tarrington
17/11/1696Nov. 17 John son of Wm. Hancock
20/11/169620 Edward ye son of Robart Westoby
16/01/1696Jan. 16 Ann ye daughter of Margt. Adam
26/01/169626 John ye son of Robart Bilton
04/02/1696Feb. 4 John .ye son of Francis Smith
06/02/16966 Jaell ye daughter of Joseph Smith
14/02/169614 Jane ye daughter of Wm. Burn
22/02/169622 Robart ye son of Robt. Dawson
25/03/1697Mar. 25 George ye son George Lee
13/04/1697Apr. 13 Mary ye daughter of Thomas Rider
15/04/169715 Mary ye daughter of John Cookman
08/05/1697May 8 Wm. ye son of Ann Mast
18/05/169718 Robt. ye son of Robart Rank
09/06/1697Jun. 9 Margt. ye daughter of John Garner
13/07/1697Jul. 13 Frances ye daur. of Robart Chimley
03/09/1697Sep. 3 Wm. ye son of Wm. Shaw
20/09/169720 Robt. ye son of George Pattison
13/10/1697Oct. 13 Wm. ye son of John Sagg
19/10/169719 Ann ye daughter of Mark Burdas
23/10/169723 Catherine ye daughter of Barnerd Balk
02/11/1697Nov. 2 Margt. ye daughter of Robt. Langthorp
09/11/16979 Mary ye daughter of Robt. Gawthorp
13/01/1697Jan. 13th Mary ye daughter of John Dun
22/01/169722 Thomas ye son of Thomas Gowden
26/01/169726 Thomas ye son of Thomas Howdell
08/02/1697Feb. 8 Phillip ye son of Hugh Saill
22/02/169722 Hannah ye daughter of Thom. Dalton
01/03/1697Mar. 1 Wm. ye son of John Madock
05/03/16975 James ye son of James Clapham
10/03/169710 Susannah ye daughter of Susannah Wallis
13/03/169713 Wm. ye son of Wm. Ganton
22/03/169722 Ann ye daughter of Thomas Burton
17/04/1698Apr. 17 Elizth. ye daughter of Richd. Ward
26/04/169826 Jane ye daughter of Wm. Burn
13/05/1698May 13 Bartholomew son of Richd. Garnett
22/05/169822 Francis son of Wm. Cockerline
23/05/169823 Elizth. daughter of Edwd. Webster
05/07/1698Jul. 5 Dinah daughter of John Cook
05/07/16985 Elizth. and Joan daughters of John Enderson
12/07/169812 Wm. son of Wm. Lafton
19/09/1698Sep. 19 John son of George Robinson
21/09/169821 Edwd. son of Wm. Harrison
27/11/1698Nov. 27 Wm. son of George Bilton
12/02/1698Feb. 12 Robt. son of John Sagg
21/02/169821 Joan daughter of Frances Barker
13/04/1699Apr. 13 Katherine daughter of Joseph Smith
15/04/169915 Hannah daughter of George Dun
03/05/1699May 3 George son of George Stephenson
04/05/16994 Anne daughter of Thomas Rider
18/06/1699Jun. 18 Martha daughter of John Cowper
04/07/1699Jul. 4 Elizth. daughter of Edwd. Webster
18/07/169918 Thomas son of Robt. Dawson
13/08/1699Aug. 13 Jane daughter of Wm. Ganton
17/09/1699Sep. 17 Margarett daughter of George Pattison
10/10/1699Oct. 10 John son of Robt. Rank
11/10/169911 Wm. son of Richard Nelson
17/10/169917 Anne daughter of Thomas Howdell
14/11/1699Nov. 14 Elizabeth daughter of Barnard Balk
15/11/169915 Susannah daughter of Josiah Sparrow
04/12/1699Dec. 4 Thomas son of Robart Langthorp
01/02/1699Feb. 1 Martha daughter of Wm. Burn
14/02/169914 Thomas son of Matthew Ashley
05/03/1699Mar. 5 John son of John Enderson
07/03/1699Mar. 7 Anne daughter of George Lee
24/03/169924 Wm. son of Thomas Thew
07/04/1700Apr. 7th Mary daughter of Richd. Ward
14/04/170014th Saml son of Saml Cowper
15/04/170015 John son of Hugh Saill
15/04/170015 Mary daughter of Richd.
23/04/170023 John son of Hugh Sail
24/04/170024 Mary daughter of John Pearson
09/05/1700May 9 Mary daughter of Robert Chimney (Chimley)
26/07/1700Jul. 26 Jane daughter of John Garner
11/08/1700Aug. 11 Ellzabeth daughter of Robert Gowthorpe
25/08/170025 Thomas son of Wm. Shields
01/09/1700Sep. 1 Wm. son of Wm. Harrison (Herrison)
19/11/1700Nov. 19 Ann daughter of John Thompson
27/11/170027 James son of Thomas Bilton
29/11/170029 Frances daughter of Thomas Savadge
27/01/1700Jan. 27 Wilfred son of George Pattison
31/01/170031 Francis son of Thomas Howdell
04/02/1700Feb. 4 Hannah daughter of Joseph Smith
16/02/170016 Elenor daughter of Wm. Shaw
01/04/1701Apr. 1 Anne daughter of Richard Nelson
15/06/1701Jun. 15 Wm. son of Richard Gill
02/07/1701Jul. 2 Wm. son of Robart Rank
21/07/170121 George son of George Robinson
23/07/170123 Andrew son of Hugh Saill
28/07/170128 Marthah daughter of Wm. Burn
29/09/1701Sep. 29 Christopher son of John Enderson
20/01/1701Jan. 20 Elizabeth daughter of Robt. Dawson
29/01/170129 Martha daughter of Robt. Chimley
10/02/1701Feb. xo Francis son of John Pearson
13/02/170113 Ann daughter of Edward Webster
18/02/170118 Robt son of Robt. Westaby (Restaby)
25/02/170125 Thomas son of Wm. Dalton
05/05/1702May 5 Frances daughter of Ricd. Ward
07/05/17027 Thomas son of Thomas Howdell
12/05/170212 Thomas son of Thomas Thew
16/07/1702Jul. 16 Jane daughter of George Stephenson
23/08/1702Aug. 23 George son of Thomas Bilton
30/08/170230 John son of Nathaniell Simpson
01/10/1702Oct. 1 Richd. son of Richd. Gill
05/11/1702Nov. 5 Mary daughter of Wm. Ganton
07/11/17027 Mary daughter of Wm. Shields
22/11/170222 Anne daughter of Robt Greenshaw
13/12/1702Dec. 13 Wm. son of Saml. Cooper
13/12/170213 John son of Robt. Cunniston deceas'd
03/01/1702Jan. 3 John son of George Catlyn
03/02/1702Feb. 3 Hannah daughter of Roger Nairy
06/04/1703Apr. 6 Elizth. daughter of George Lee
08/04/17038 Henry son of James Clapham
08/04/17038 Elizabeth daughter of James Dibney
20/04/170320 James son of Handser Dalton
02/05/1703May 2 (26) Richard son of Wm Burn
27/05/170327 Ralph son of Robt. Rank
14/07/1703Jul. 14 Mary daughter of John Marwick
08/08/1703Aug. 8 Jane doughter of Robart Longthorp
11/09/1703Sep. 11 Mary daughter of Thomas Savage (blank, in transcript)
07/10/1703Oct. 7 Anne daughter of John Garner
12/10/170312 John son of John Thompson
11/11/1703Nov. 11 Jane daughter of Richd. Nelson
19/01/1703Jan. 19 John son of Hugh Saill
28/01/170328 Saml. son of Thomas Bilton
19/03/1703Mar. 19 Christopher son of Xtopher Langdale
26/04/1704Apr. 26 John son of John Couper
26/05/1704May 26 Mary daughter of Wm. Shields
15/06/1704Jun. 15 Robert son of Robert Greenshaw
12/07/1704Jul. 12 Robert son of Robt. Chimney (Chimley)
06/08/1704Aug. 6 Edwd. son of Wm. Harrison
03/10/1704Oct. 3 John son of Thomas Thew
31/10/170431 Ellenor daughter Edwd. Webster
13/11/1704Nov. 13 Gervase (George) son of Wm. Burn
03/12/1704Dec. 3 Jane daughter of Thomas Church (Kirk) bap. privately
28/12/170428 John son of James Boys (baptd privately)
16/01/1704Jan. 16 Anne daughter of John Jackson
22/02/1704Feb. 22 Anne daughter of Richd Ward
27/02/170427 John son of Wm. Ward
25/04/1705Apr. 25 Jaell daughter of Saml. Harrison
03/05/1705May 3 James son of James Dibney
17/05/170517 Robert son of Joseph Robinson
18/05/170518 ..... son of George Headley
01/07/1705Jul. 1 Wm. son of Jane Burton a bastard child
11/09/1705Sep. 11 Isabell daughter of Roger Nairy
22/09/170522 Thomas son of Daniell Hardy
24/09/170524 Robert son of Robert Chimley
16/10/1705Oct. 16 Nathaniell son of Nathaniell Simpson
23/10/170523 Alice daughter of Thomas Atkinson
16/12/1705Dec. 16 Thomas son of Wm. Shaw
21/03/1705Mar. 21 Laughton son of Robert Langthorp
27/03/1706Mar. 27 Mary daughter of Richd Nelson
01/04/1706Apr. 1 John son of Wm Cockerline
04/04/17064 Jonathan (John) son of Hanser Dalton
08/04/1706Apr. 8 Ann daughter of Robert Parnell
16/04/170616 Wm. son of John Thompson
28/04/170628 Isabell daughter of John Jackson deceased
30/05/1706May 30 Elizth daughter of Robt. Greenshaw
07/07/1706Jul. 7 George son of George Catlyn
25/08/1706Aug. 25 Jane daughter of Thomas Bilton
03/10/1706Oct. 3 Ann daughter of Tho: Thew
08/10/17068 John son of John Pearson
08/10/17068 Jane daughter of James Clapham
17/10/170617 Anne daur. of Jeremiah Matchan
18/10/170618 Thomas son of Thos. Atkinson
10/11/1706Nov. 10 Robart and Elizabeth the son and daughter of Wm. Burn
03/12/1706Dec. 3 Wm. son of Wm. Wilson
11/12/170611 Jonathan son of John Henderson
31/12/170631 Hannah daughter of Edward Webster
02/01/1706Jan. 2 Anne daughter of Samll. Harrison
28/01/170628 Thomas son of George Robinson
29/01/170629 Margarett daughter of Thomas Ellerbie
11/02/1706Feb. 11 John son of John Garner
16/03/1706Mar. 16 Dinah daughter of Wm. Ward
??/08/1706Mar. August Mary daughter of Tho. Savage Otteringham
02/04/1707Apr. 2 Roger son of Roger Nairy
19/04/170719 (blank) son and daughter of Tho. Kirk
24/04/170724 Dinah and Rebeccah daughters of Benjamin Watson
08/05/1707May 8 (blank) son of (blank) Nightingale
10/06/1707Jun. 10 (blank) daughter of Ricd. Ward
14/06/170714 Matthew son of James Dibney
19/07/1707Jul. 19 Jane daughter of Robt. Gawthorp
11/09/1707Sep. 11 Jane daughter of Thomas Savage
23/09/170723 Robt.son of Thomas Sawyer
16/10/1707Oct. 16 John son of George Watson
17/12/1707Dec. 17 Jane daughter of John Kemp
08/01/1707Jan. 8 Esther (Rebecca) daur. of John Thompson
18/01/170718 Esther daur. of Daniell Hardy (Herdy)
20/01/170720 Jane daur of Robt. Chimney
25/01/170725 John son of Wm Cross
08/02/1707Feb. 8 Gulmus et Anna gemelli Jois Marwick
09/02/17079 Elizabeth daughter of Robt. Greenshaw
16/02/170716 Margaret daughter of Tho. Appleby
08/04/1708Apr. 8 Mary and Margaret daurs. of John Sleeford
08/04/17088 Thomas son of Wm. Burrill
26/04/170826 Ann daughter of Thomas Ellerby
29/04/170829 Mary daughter of Wm Wilson
20/05/1708May 20 Mary daughter of James Cay
15/06/1708Jun. 15 John son of Ricd Nelson
06/07/1708Jul. 6 Wm. son of Jeremiah Matchan
17/08/1708Aug. 17 Benjamin son of Benjamin Watson
02/09/1708Sep. 2 Edwd. son John Dalton
21/12/1708Dec. 21 James son of Thomas Atkinson
23/12/170823 Thomas son of James Dibney
10/12/170810th Elizabeth daughter of Wm. Ellerbee
13/01/1708Jan. 13 Catharine daughter of Thomas Kirk
01/02/1708Feb. 1 Jane daughter of Saml Herrison
17/02/170817 Robert son of George Robinson
24/02/170824 Rachell and Sarah twins of Jno. Marwick
17/04/1709Apr. 17 Robart son of Thomas Tew (Thew)
17/04/170917 Robt. son of George Watson
01/05/1709May 1 Wm. son of Henry Frith
02/05/17092 Robert son of John Lakes
13/05/170913 Thomas son of Thomas Bilton
29/05/170929 John son of Wm. Ward
20/07/1709Jul. 20 Anne daughter of Thomas Sawyer
24/07/170924 Elizabeth daughter of Ricd. Marwick
24/07/170924 Robt. son of Joseph Sparrow (Sprraw)
17/08/1709Aug. 17 Richd son of Richd. Shields
18/08/170918 John son of Richd Rawling
21/08/170921 Matthew son of Joseph Keatley
25/08/170925 Wm. son of Wm. Wilson
29/08/170929 Hannah daughter of Roger Nairy
26/10/1709Oct. 26 Hannah daughter of Danl. Hardy
04/12/1709Dec. 4 (blank) of Richd. Ward
12/12/170912 John son of John Dalton
03/01/1709Jan. 3 John son of Robert Greenshaw
01/02/1709Feb. 1 Wm. son of John Thompson
26/06/1710Jun. 26 Mary daughter of John Garner
16/07/1710Jul. 16 Susannah daughter of John Webster
29/07/171029 Henry son of Richard Rawling
02/08/1710Aug. 2 George and Anne gemelli Robt. Chimney
18/08/171018 Elizabeth daughter of Stephen Robinson
07/09/1710Sep. 7 Anne daughter of John Pearson
07/09/17107 ..... of Thomas Sawyer
28/11/1710Nov. 28 Jane daughter of Ricd. White
13/01/1710Jan. 13 Robt. son of Thomas Scoffin
25/02/1710Feb. 25 Samuell son of Samuell Herrison
01/03/1710Mar. 1st Robert son of Tho. Thew
15/04/1711Apr. 15th Anne daughter of Thomas Taylor
29/04/171129 Thomas son of Thomas Rank
06/05/1711May 6th Isabell daughter of Hanser Dalton
07/05/17117th Laurence son of Thomas Atkinson
10/05/171110th Jane daughter of Thomas Appleby
24/05/171124th Robert son of Benjamin Watson
24/06/1711Jun. 24th Caleb Gerrad aetat
17/07/1711Jul. 17th Ann daughter of Henry Frith
12/08/1711Aug. 12 Francis son of James Dibney
11/09/1711Sep. 11 Ann daughter of Robe Nightingale
21/09/171121 Emanuell son of Wm. Bourn (Burn)
02/10/1711Oct. 2 John son of John Dalton
18/10/171118 Grace daughter of Jeremiah Matchan
23/10/171123 Jane daughter of Robt Greenshaw
12/12/1711Dec. 12 Same son of Thomas Bilton
04/03/1711Mar. 4 Elizabeth daughter of John Burdas
26/06/1712Jun. 26 Samuell ye son of Wm. Ward
06/07/1712Jul. 6 Wm. son of John Thompson
14/07/171214 Daniell Hardy
18/08/1712Aug. 18 Margaret daughter of Richd. Rawling
05/11/1712Nov. 5 Francis son of Benjamin Watson
05/11/17125 Elling daughter of Ricci. White
01/12/1712Dec. 1 Ann daughter of Josiah Ross junr.
21/12/171221 Jane daur. of Thomas Kirk
16/01/1712Jan. 16 Rachell daughter of Thomas Sawyer
02/02/1712Feb. 2 Mary daughter of Thomas Witt
10/03/1712Mar. 10 Roger son of Tho. Thew
24/03/171224 Elizabeth daughter of Wm. Langthorp
05/05/1713May 5 Esther daughter of Wm. Burn
31/05/171331 Elizabeth daughter of George Watson
19/07/1713Jul. 19 Anne daughter of James Dibney
28/07/171328 Anne daughter of James Cay
02/08/1713Aug. 2 Lidia daughter of Edwd. Webster
08/08/17138 Mary daughter of Robert Nightingale
20/08/171320 James son of Henry Frith
31/08/171331 Elizabeth daughter of Wm. Langthorp
21/10/1713Oct. 21 Anne (Eliz.) daughter of John Storr jun.
10/11/1713Nov. 10 John son of Saml. Herrison
18/11/171318 Joannah daughter of John Thompson
04/02/1713Feb. 4 Mark the son of John Burdas
03/03/1713Mar. 3 Susannah daughter of W Pearson
05/03/17135 Lettice Watson aetatis
05/03/17135 Sarah daughter of Jer. Matchan
09/03/17139 Hannah daughter of Caleb Gerrard (Garrard)
11/04/1714Apr. 11 Mary daughter of Tho. Scoffin labourer baptised
16/04/171416 Anne daughter of Stephen Robinson shoemaker baptised
20/04/171420h Thomas son of Thomas Tailor farmer bapt.
25/04/171425 Henry son of Henry Brown labourer bapt.
27/04/171427 Robt. son of Robt. Joy bricklayer baptised
27/05/1714May 27 Thomas son of John Blenk (Blenkhorn) Joyner bapt.
01/06/1714Jun. 1 Anne daughter of Thomas Greenshaw farmer bapt.
11/07/1714Jul. 11 Jane daughter of Thos. Bilton skinner baptised
20/07/171420 Mary daughter of Robt. Greenshaw yeaman
04/09/1714Sep. 4 John son of Thomas Appleby sheppard
16/09/171416 Alice daughter of Thomas Best (Ross) farmer baptised
29/09/171429 Anne daughter of John Storr yeom. baptised
21/10/1714Oct. 21 John son of Ricd. Baxter labourer bapt.
30/12/1714Dec. 30 Anne daughter of Wm. Langthorpe glasier
03/02/1714Feb. 3 Robert son of Robt. Langthorp butcher
03/02/17143 A bastard child Xned Elizabeth d. of Anna Nellson
08/03/1714Mar. 8 Thomas son of Nathtl. Symson milner
09/03/17149 Mary and Anne twin daughters of Tho. Ross farmer
17/03/171417 Francis Nicholson aetat
22/03/171422 Mary daughter of Wm. Kell shoemaker
07/04/1715Apr. 7 Elizabeth daughter of Hanser Dalton housewright
10/04/171510 Elizabeth daughter of Robt. Nightingale labourer
15/05/1715May 15 Wm. son of Mathew Walker labourer
16/06/1715Jun. 16 Wm. son of Wm. Burn farmer
02/08/1715Aug. 2 Richd. son of Wm. Garton shoemaker
30/08/171530 Anne daughter of Tho. Sawyer butcher
25/09/1715Sep. 25 Wm. son of Wm. Hochen farmer.
03/11/1715Nov. 3 Wm. son of Thomas Tailor
24/01/1715Jan. 24 Elizabeth daughter of Samuell Harison
26/01/171526 Margaret daughter of Marmaduke Gallaway
08/03/1715Mar. 8 Burton son of Wm. Ward
20/03/171520 John son of John Burton yeaman
23/03/171523 John son of Thomas Witt labourer
27/03/1716Mar. 27 Jeremiah son of Robt. Joy bricklayer
??/03/1716Mar. ..... of Tho. Rank
24/05/1716May 24 Anne daughter of Wm. Cockerline
07/06/1716Jun. 7 Mary daughter of Francis Nicholson
12/06/171612 Wm. son of Henry Brown labourer
16/06/171616 Mary daughter of Thomas Atkins (Atkinson) farmer
16/06/171616 Margaret daughter of Thomas Best proctor
16/09/1716Sep. 16 Edward son of Edw. Webster blacksmith
08/10/1716Oct. 8 Elizabeth daughter of Richard White labourer
26/10/171626 Elizabeth daughter of John Storr yeoman
08/12/1716Dec. 8 Thomas son of Thomas Greenshaw
13/12/171613 George son of Robt. Chimney
20/12/171620 William son of Richd. Nelson blacksmith
13/01/1716Jan. 13 Francis son of Caleb Gerrard joyner
10/03/1716Mar. 10 John son of John Tate labourer
12/05/1717May 12 Ricd. son of Ricd. Baxter lab.
07/06/1717Jun. 7 Susannah daughter of Wm. Kell labourer
22/06/171722 Francis son of Wm. Liversiege shomaker
08/09/1717Sep. 8 Mary daughter of Thos. Pattison farmer
17/10/1717Oct. 17 John son of Mary Witt & Robt. Greenshaw a bastard
27/10/171727 Margaret daughter of Robart Langthorp butcher
14/11/1717Nov. 14 Anne dau. of Marmaduke (Marma Duk) Gallaway farmer
30/11/171730 Thomas son of Thomas Ross, labourer
09/12/1717Dec. 9 Elizabeth daughter of Wm. Langthorp glasier
08/01/1717Jan. 8 Wm son of Thomas Sawyer butcher
16/01/171716 Mary daughter of John Burton yeom.
03/02/1717Feb. 3 Mary daughter of Wm. Twilton farmer
02/03/1717Mar. 2 Samuell son of Anthony Sympson weaver
10/03/171710 John son of Thomas Fox fanner
19/03/171719 Richard son of John Tate labourer
08/04/1718Apr. 8 Wm. son of Caleb Gerrard joyner
22/04/171822 Elizabeth daughter of Robt. Joy, bricklayer
24/04/171824 John son of George Watson tailor
27/04/171827 George son of George Grescroft lab.
04/05/1718May 4 Wm. son of Wm. Cockerline labourer
11/05/171811 Thomas son of Monk Deuenpart a stranger
15/06/1718Jun. 15 Robert son of Wm. Hotchan lab.
10/07/1718Jul. 10 Phillip son of Phillip Jackson farmer
25/07/171825 Robert son of Robert Scot farmer
03/08/1718Aug. 3 Thomas ye son of Thomas Appleby shepherd
14/08/171814. Wm. son of Wm. Garton shoemaker
26/08/171826 Barbara daughter of Richard Cookman farmer
29/08/171829 Anne daughter of Wm. Raven blacksmith
01/09/1718Sep. 1 Robert son of John Fussy farmer
01/10/1718Oct. 1 Thomas son of Thomas Rawson mariner
02/10/17182 Francis son of Francis Pinchbeck labourer
??/10/171820 Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Greenshaw, farmer
30/11/1718Nov. 30 Anne daughter of Joseph Ross, labourer
05/12/1718Dec. 5 Mary daughter of Wm. Langthorp cutler
08/01/1718Jan. 8 Anne daughter of Henry Browne labourer
16/01/171816 Elling daughter of Daniell Cook lab.
25/02/1718Feb. 25 Frances daughter of George Bilton labourer
27/02/171827 Thomas son of Thomas Best, procter
28/03/1719Mar. 28 Wm. ye son of Wm. Liversiege shoemaker
20/08/1719Aug. 20 Wm. ye son of Robt. Gray, weaver
28/08/171928 Wm. ye son of Thomas Pattison labourer
03/09/1719Sep. 3 Richard ye son of John Burton yeaman
08/09/17198 Wm. ye son of Thomas Witt labourer
13/09/171913 Rose ye daughter of John Blenckhorn joyner
28/09/171928 Sarah ye daughter of Francis Andrew, farmer
30/09/171930 Elizth. ye daughter of Jo. Tate labourer
06/10/1719Oct. 6 John ye son of Peter Langrick labourer
20/10/171920 Wm. ye son of Alexander Ireland butcher
19/11/1719Nov. 19 Ann ye dauter. of Robt. Joy bricklayer
23/11/1719Nov. 23 Ann ye dauter. of Thomas Rawson, marriner
26/11/171926 George ye son of George Dunn, marriner
20/12/1719Dec. 20 Prudence ye daughter of Thom. Sawyer butcher
17/01/1719Jan. 17 John ye son of Thomas Greenshaw yeaman
21/01/171921 Thomas ye son of Wm. Langthorp cutler
08/02/1719Feb. 8 Robt. ye son of Thomas Sauage miller
06/03/1719Mar. 6 Robt. ye son of Henry Baines, Wright
18/03/171918 Ann ye daughter of Richard Shields farmer
12/07/1720Jul. 12 Rachell daughter of John Pinchbeck farmer
03/11/1720Nov. 3 Anne daughter of Thomas Best procter
07/11/17207 Anne daughter of James Shields grocer
09/11/17209 Grace daughter of Caleb Gerrard joyner
26/11/172026 Wm. son of Wm. Raven blacksmith
23/01/1720Jan. 23 Abraham son of George Dunn baker
23/01/172023 George son of George Watson tailor
23/01/1720eodem die Alice daughter of Thomas Atkinson yeom.
13/02/1720Feb. 13 Elizabeth daughter of Wilim. Garton shoemaker
21/02/172021 Mary daughter of Wm. Langthorp cutler
21/03/1720Mar. 21 George son of George Bilton labourer
17/04/1721Apr. 17 Esther daughter of Wlllm Hotchan labourer
25/04/172125 Thomas son of Robt. Langthorp junr butcher
18/06/1721Jun. 18 John son of John Grascroft labourer
13/08/1721Aug. 13 Anne daughter of Wm. Liversiege shoemaker
18/08/172118 Isabell a bastard child of Isabell Todd servt. and Ralph Tenison her master
19/08/172119 Jeremiah son of Robt. Joy bricklayer
26/09/1721Sep. 26 Anne daughter of Alexr. Ireland butcher
03/10/1721Oct. 3 Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Watson farmer
09/11/1721Nov. 9 Rachell and Mary twin-daughters of Thomas Greenshaw yeom.
25/11/172125 Thomas a bastard child of Mary Shepherd servt. the father unknown
12/12/1721Dec. 12 Thomas son of Richd. Atkinson labr.
06/01/1721Jan. 6 William son of George Sagg farmer
14/01/172114 John son of Mr. Wm Burstall landrider
18/01/172118 Hugh son of Rich. Baxter labourer
12/02/1721Feb. 12 Rebekah daughter of Ashton Leak schoolmaster
12/02/172112 Mary daughter of John Tate labourer
15/02/172115 David & Susannah twins of David Thew taylor
23/02/172123 William son of Christopher Laughton yeom.
15/03/1721Mar. 15 John son of Anthony Sympson weaver
06/05/1722May 6 Elizabeth a bastard child of Henry Cook now of Hollim, farmer & Elizabeth Robinson of this parish deceased
27/06/1722Jun. 27 Mary the daughter of Thomas Savage miller
08/07/1722Jul. 8 Wm. son of Thomas Rank labourer
08/07/1722eod. die Wm. son of Thomas Tailor farmer
29/08/1722Aug. 29 Thomas son of Wm. Laughton butcher
18/09/1722Sep. 18 Sarah daughter of Wm. Langthorp cutler
15/10/1722Oct. 15 Rachell daughter of Thomas Sawyer butcher
15/10/172215 Anne daughter of Samuell Rawling inkeeper
05/11/1722Nov. 5 Jane daughter of Daniell Cook lab.
05/12/1722Dec. 5 Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Watson farmer
05/01/1722Jan. 5 Hannay daur. of Jo. Garner yeom.
26/12/1722Dec. 26 Wm. son of Richd. Atkinson labourer
04/01/1722Jan. 4 Mary daughter of George Sagg yeom
21/01/172221 Ann daughter of Thomas Ross farmer
22/01/172222 Ann daughter of Geo Dun mariner
04/02/1722Feb. 4 Jane daughter of Christopher Laughton yeom.
06/02/17226 Wm. son of Wm. Mast wright
13/04/1723Apr. 13 Edward son of Wm. Raven blacksmith
23/04/172323 James son of Richard Shields farmer
23/04/172323 Wm. son of Robt. Langthorp junr. glazier
24/04/172324 John son of Robt. Joy bricklayer
09/07/1723Jul. 9 Anne daughter of David Thew tailor
01/08/1723Aug. 1 Dorothy daughter of Matthew Mason labourer
16/09/1723Sep. 16 John son of John Featherstone malster
13/10/1723Oct. 13 Wm. son of Henry Toll labourer
12/11/1723Nov. 12 George son of John Grascroft labourer
16/11/172316 Thomas son o Thomas Fox farmer
31/12/1723Dec. 31 Mary daughter of Joseph Brown gardener
14/01/1723Jan. 14 Anne daughter of Richd. Cookman farmer
12/02/1723Feb. 12 Edward son of Hugh Saill junr. marriner
17/02/172317 John son of John Blenck joyner
28/02/172328 Thomas and Robert twin sons of Tho. Thew shepherd
31/03/1724Mar. 31 Richd. son of Richd. White bap.
20/04/1724Apr. 20 John son of Richd. Atkinson labourer
30/04/172430 William son of Ranson Billany lab.
04/05/1724May 4 James son of Thomas Whitacre excise officer
25/05/172425 Henry son of Wm. Mast wright
12/07/1724Jul. 12 Barbara daughter of Mr. Wm. Burstall landrider
22/09/1724Sep. 22 Wm. son of Thomas Atkinson yeom.
02/10/1724Oct. 2 Mary daughter of Thomas Sawyer butcher
17/11/1724Nov. 17 Mary daughter of Matthew Ashley inkeeper
27/11/172427 Mary daughter of John Mawson yeom.
23/11/172423 Rebekah daughter of Willm Langthorp cutler
07/01/1724Jan. 7 Thomas son of David Thew tailor
08/01/17248 Margaret daughter of Richard Shields farmer
12/01/172412 Mary daughter of George Dunn mariner
25/01/172425 Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Fox farmer
10/02/1724Feb. 10 Mary daughter of Caleb Gerrard joyner
21/02/172421 Christopher son of Xtopher Laughton yeom.
06/03/1724Mar. 6 Jane daughter of Thomas Thew grocer
16/03/1724Mar. 16 Joseph son of Thomas Ross farmer
24/03/172424 Elizabeth daughter of Hugh Saill junr. marriner
02/04/1725Apr. 2 Johanna a bastard child of John Baker junr. and Jane Jackson servt.
02/05/1725May 2 Jane daughter of George Pattison inholder
13/05/172513 Wm. son of Robert Joy bricklayer
29/05/172529 Jane daughter of Robt. Pattison yeom.
01/06/1725Jun. 1 Anne daughrer of William Hotchan labourer
11/07/1725Jul. 11 Mary daughter of John Featherstone malster
24/09/1725Sep. 24 Laurance son of Laurance Herrison farmer
30/10/1725Oct. 30 Ann daughter of Thos. Medcalf cobler
14/11/1725Nov. 14 Margaret daughter of Richd. Atkinson labourer
09/12/1725Dec. 9th Ann daughter of Robt. Langthorp plum [ber]
12/12/172512 Frances daughter of Richd Baxter labr.
14/12/172514 Joseph son of Joseph Brown gardener
14/12/172514 Eliz daughter of Win. Knowles wright
23/01/1725Jan. 23 Samll. son of Francis Nicholson farmer
04/03/1725Mar. 4 John ye son of John Walker cooper
10/04/1726Apr. 10 Thos. son of Thos. Whitaker excise man
16/04/172616 Thos. son of Richard White labr.
11/05/1726May 11 Ruth daughter of Mr John Simpson
15/05/172615 George son of George Stephenson
16/05/172616 Thomas son of Thomas Watson
25/05/172625 Margaret daughter of Thomas Sawyer
29/06/1726Jun. 29 Ann daughter of Robt. Wheldale
19/08/1726Aug. 19 Ann daughter of Thomas Thew
26/08/172626 Robt. son of Robt. Patinson
01/10/1726Oct. 1 Robt. son of Robt. Pickard
20/10/172620 Jane daur. of George Patinson
22/11/1726Nov. 22 Robert son of James Dibney
13/11/172613 William son of Saml. Cooper
13/11/172613 Richard son of Richd. Maddock
07/11/17267 William natral son of Mary Pearson
24/11/172624 John son of George Killingbeck
15/02/1726Feb. 15 Mary daur. of John Grascroft
21/02/172621 Richd. son of Richd. Atkinson
12/03/1726Mar. 12 William son of John Steward
01/03/17261 John son of David Thew
02/03/17262 Jane daur of David Thew
05/03/17265 John son of John Malton
25/04/1727Apr. 25 Thomas son of Christ: Laughton
07/05/1727May 7 Thomas son of Hanser Dalton
08/05/17278 Joseph son of Mr. Benjamin Gorwood
23/05/172723 Esther natural daughter of Ann Jackson
28/05/172728 Hugh son of Hugh Sail
06/07/1727Jul. 6 Martha daughtr. of John Featherstone
13/08/1727Aug. 13 James natural son of Dorcas Charlton
03/09/1727Sep. 3 Hannah daughter of Thomas Fox
05/09/17275 Elsabeth daughter of Matthew Ashley
17/09/172717 Mary daughter of Richd Shields
23/10/1727Oct. 23 Susanna daughter of Willm Pope
28/10/172728 John son of John Baron
31/10/172731 Francis daughter of Robt. Wadsforth
05/11/1727Nov. 5 Matthew son of Matthew Mason
05/11/17275 Susanna daughter of Matthew Mason
10/11/172710 Elizabeth natural daughtr. of Susan Sparrow
20/11/172720 Mary daughter of John Robinson
14/12/1727Dec. 14 John son of John Mawson
17/12/172717 John son of Thomas Whitaker
12/01/1727Jan. 12 Joel daughter of Laurence Harrison
14/01/172714 George son of George Pattinson
05/02/1727Feb. 5 Mary daughter of John Wade
29/02/172729 James son of James Shields
03/03/1727Mar. 3 Jane daughter of Robt. Buckles
04/03/17274 Watson son of Robt. Langthorp
20/05/1728May 20 Ann daughtr. of Francis Pinchbeck
26/05/172826 Ann daughtr. of Jno Holland of ye Sunk Island
27/05/172827 Elizabeth daughtr of Thos. Hutton
11/06/1728Jun. 11 William son of Thomas Thew
30/06/172830 Susanna daughter of Samuel Cowper
18/08/1728Aug. 18 Ruth daughter of Andrew Sayl
19/09/1728Sep. 19 John son of Robert Wheldale
25/09/172825 Elizabeth daughter of Xtopher Laughton
21/10/1728Oct. 21 William son of Thomas Mantle
04/11/1728Nov. 4 John son of William Tennison
18/11/172818 Xtopher son of George Stephenson
26/12/1728Dec. 26 Ann daughter of Robert Pattison
09/01/1728Jan. 9 Mary daughter of John Malton
25/02/1728Feb. 25 William & Richard twins, sons of Thos. Radcliffe
27/02/172827 John son of John Steward
21/03/1728Mar. 21 Elizabeth daughter of Jeremiah Johnson
09/04/1729Apr. 9 Frances daughter of Robt. Wadsforth
04/05/1729May 4 John son of John Simpson
10/05/172910 William natural son of Hannah Webster
13/06/1729Jun. 13 John son of Hugh Sayle
15/06/172915 William son of James Shields
30/06/172930 Prudence daughter of George Pattisson
02/08/1729Aug. 2 George son of John Baron
27/08/172927 James son of Uriah Blackborn
23/09/1729Sep. 23 Oliver son of John Featherstone
29/10/1729Oct. 29 Benjamin son of Benjamin Garwood
28/11/1729Nov. 28 Robert son of Robert Chadwick
24/12/1729Dec. 24 Elizabeth daughter of Robert Sawyer
08/01/1729Jan. 8 John son of Thomas Mantle
25/01/172925 Mary daughter of Thos Metcalfe
09/02/1729Feb. 9 Thomas natural son of Dorcas Charlton
28/03/1730Mar. 28 John son of Thos. Watson
30/03/173030 Thomas son of Thos. Hutton
05/04/1730Apr. 5 John son of Edward Gawthorpe
12/04/173012 John son of Matthew Mason
12/04/173012 Ann daughter of John Wade
19/04/173019 James son of James Dibney
26/04/173026 Andrew son of Andrew Sayle
26/04/173026 John son of Lawrence Harrison
11/05/1730May 11 Catherine daughter of Samuel Cowper
11/05/173011 Robert son of John Simpson
14/06/1730Jun. 14 Lydia daughter of Jeremiah Johnson
16/08/1730Aug. 16 Ellen daughter of Samuel Garland
01/09/1730Sep. 1 Ann daughter of Francis Pearson
06/10/1730Oct. 6 Elizabeth daughter of William Hutton
06/10/17306 William son of Ralf Tennyson
16/10/173016 Ann daughter of Uriah Blackburn
16/10/173016 Jane daughter of William Potchet
09/11/1730Nov. 9 Sarah daughter of Robt. Langthorp
17/11/173017 William son of Thomas Fribus
01/12/1730Dec. 1 Elizabeth daughtr. of John Robinson
13/12/173013 Richard natural son o Mary Drew
27/12/173027 Jane daughter of John Harrison
10/01/1730Jan. 10 John son of Thos. Burton
26/01/173026 James son of James Dalton
28/01/173028 Robert son of Robert Buckles
05/02/1730Feb. 5 Ann daughter of John Steward
31/03/1731Mar. 31 Watson natural son of Ann Hunter
31/03/173131 John son of James Acklem
22/04/1731Apr. 22 EIizabeth daughter of Jeremiah Smith
09/05/1731May 9 Elizabeth daughter of Francis Nicholson
09/05/17319 Mary natural daughter of Margaret Langthorp
24/05/173124 James son of Robt. Wheldale
06/06/1731Jun. 6 John son of John Mawson
12/06/173112 Mary daughtr. of Thos. Rawson
20/06/173120 John son of John Baron
20/06/173120 George son of William Lambert
04/07/1731Jul. 4 Prudence daughter of Robt. Sawyer
12/07/173112 Dorothy daughter of Mr. Thos. Mantle
31/07/173131 Elizabeth daughter of John Featherstone
15/08/1731Aug. 15 Ann daughter of William Flintoft
13/10/1731Oct. 13 Thomas son of William Harrison
29/10/173129 Thomas nat. son of Jane Leadham
18/11/1731Nov. 18 William son of Robt Wadforth
18/11/173118 Mary daughter of Mr. John Simpson
26/11/173126 John son of Henry Capstack
03/12/1731Dec. 3 John son of George Stephenson
07/12/17317 Mary daughtr. of Laurence Harrison
12/12/173112 Ellen daughtr. of Joseph Kennaly
16/12/173116 Robert son of George Pattison
23/01/1731Jan. 23 Henry son of Richard Atkinson
27/02/1731Feb. 27 Jane daughtr. of Thos. Metcalf
12/03/1731Mar. 12 Martha nat. daughtr. of Ann Nettleton

Data transcribed from
A publication by the Yorkshire Parish Register Society
published in the year 1900
Transcribed by Colin Hinson
This page © 2020