Patrington Registers - Burials 1570-1731.


Transcription of the Patrington Registers - Burials 1570-1731.

Please note I cannot guarantee that my software has always extracted the date in the date column correctly.
The dates are given in the order the appear in the register which is not necessarily numerical order.
Also note that the year commenced on the 25th March up to 1752.
but that the date column numbers the months in the modern method (English format)

DateName(s) and relationship
??/05/1570May Alice Parkinson filia Ambros Parkinson mortem obiit
20/05/1570May 20 Isabell Layes filia Robrti Layes mortem obiit
30/05/157030 Robert Fisher maried man mort. obiit
26/06/1570Jun. 26 Johan Gray filia Robti Gray mort. obiit
09/07/1570Jul. 9 John Thorget mynister mort. obiit
22/07/157022 Robert Thornley filius Ric Thornley mort. obiit
14/08/1570Aug. 14 George Dunstance maried man mort. obiit
07/09/1570Sep. 7 Isabell Crosse uxor Nicholas Cross mort. obiit
11/09/157011 Ric. Smyth filius Willm Smyth mort. obiit
20/09/157020 Johan Newton filia Wm. Newton mort. obiit
18/11/1570Nov. 18 John Care maryed man mort. obiit
30/11/157030 Elsabeth Wrangham vidua mort. obiit
19/12/1570Dec. 19 Wm. Parker filius illigetimus Leonard Parker mort. obiit
19/12/1570eodem die Robert Cooke filius Johais Cooke mort. obiit
21/12/157021 Thomas Byrde maryed man mort. obiit
26/12/157026 Wm Daltonn single man mort. obiit
30/12/157030 John Ryder filius Ric. Rider mort. obiit
02/01/1570Jan. 2 Edmund Stevenson maried man mort. obiit
06/01/15706 Willm. Wallas maried man mort. obiit
08/01/15708 Johan Manners filia Ric. Manners mart. obiit
09/01/15709 Bettris Clarke single woman mort. obiit
11/01/157011 Margret Fawkner single woman mart. obiit
20/01/157020 Johan Watson filia Petri Watson mart. obiit
25/01/157025 Margret Watson widow mart. obiit
29/01/157029 Margret Wyesteade uxor Johis mort. obiit
05/02/1570Feb. 5 Agnes Dodd uxor Johis Dodd mort. obiit
06/02/15706 Marie Udger single woman mort. obiit
13/02/157013 James Dodd filius Johis Dodd mort. obiit
16/02/157016 Wm. Reynolds maried man mort. obiit
27/02/157027 Robert Longe drowned mort. obiit
29/02/157029 Isabel Chappman widow mort. obiit
06/03/1570Mar. 6 Mathew Hodgson filius Georgi Hodgson mort. obiit
18/03/157018 Peter Blithe filius Johis Blith mort. obiit
21/03/157021 Mathew Giltencross mort. obiit
24/03/157024 John Cawmar maried man mart. obiit
07/04/1571Apr. 7 John Dalton filius Johis Dalton mart. obiit
09/04/15719 Alice Talor filia Roger Tailor mort. obiit
17/04/157117 Elsabeth Ward filia Stephani Warde mort. obiit
13/05/1571May 13 Thomas Stilton filius Johis Stilton mart. obiit
17/05/157117 Elsabeth Warner mart. obiit
13/06/1571Jun. 13 Will Blythe mort. obiit
18/06/157118 Agnes Giltingcross filia Mathew Giltecross mort. obiit
06/07/1571Jul. 6 Johan Graye uxor Robti Graye mort. obiit
09/07/15719 Richard Gray filius Robti Graye mort. obiit
19/07/157119 Alice Kynnye uxor Johis Kynnye mort. obiit
21/07/157121 Peter Bellet filius Petri Bellet mart. obiit
16/08/1571Aug. 16 Tho. Browne maried man mort. obiit
04/09/1571Sep. 4 Henrye Savage filius Raphe Savage mort. obiit
10/09/157110 Johan Wyestead filia Johis Wyestead mort. obiit
18/09/157118 Isabel Grenshaw filia Johis Grenshaw mart. obiit
18/09/157118 Michael Giltencross filius Mathew Giltencross mort. obiit
29/09/157129 Katherne Jackson uxor Thomae Jackson mort. obiit
28/10/1571Oct. 28 Annas Suresbie single woman mart. obiit
05/11/1571Nov. 5 Cuthbert Taylor maried man mart. obiit
22/11/157122 Amb10s Parkinson maried man mort. obiit
23/11/157123 Agnes Cockson uxor Rowland Cockson mort. obiit
01/12/1571Dec. primo die Thomas Fox maried man mort. obiit
24/01/1571Jan. 24. Agnes Fisher uxor Johis Fisher mart. obiit
28/01/157128 An Fisher uxor Robti Fisher mort. obiit
30/01/157130 Johan Strundall uxor Walter Strundall
03/02/1571Feb. 3 Elsabeth Blawer mort. obiit
10/02/157110 Isabel Tumholme filia Thomae Tumholme mort. obiit
26/02/157126 Margret Stilton filia Wm. Stilton mort. obiit
04/03/1571Mar. 4 Johan Bawde filia Wm. Bawde mort. obiit
13/03/1571Mar. 13 Rich Gresshopper maried man mort. obiit
18/03/157118 Margret Bellet filia Petri Bellet mart. obiit
18/04/1572Apr. 18 Elsabeth Darllnge filia Mich. Darlinge mort. obiit
22/04/157222 Alice Blawer illegitima filia Johis Blawer wort. obiit
26/05/1572May 26 Thomas Hutton slaine wt. a fall mort. obiit
05/06/1572Jun. 5 Johan Ostwick uxor Johis Oustwick mort. obiit
06/06/15726 Johan Whiteheade vidua mort. obiit
08/06/15728 Wm. Strundall mort. obiit
12/07/1572Jul. 12 James Reame filius Johis Reame mart. obiit
25/07/157225 Rich. Wilkinson single man mart. obiit
30/07/157230 John Raynald filius Wm. Rainold mort. obiit
02/08/1572Aug. 2 Elsabeth Nicholson uxor Wm. Nicholson mort. obiit
04/09/1572Sep. 4 Elsabeth Dodd uxor Johis Dodd mort. obiit
21/09/157221 Jeane Jackson mart. obiit
24/09/157224 John Gray filius illegitimus Rich. Gray mart. obiit
11/12/1572Dec. 11 John Ross mort. obiit
02/02/1572Feb. 2 Bettris Howberrie mort. obiit
07/04/1573Apr. 7 Raph Mason mort. obiit
16/04/157316 Richard Matchan mart. obiit
17/05/1573May 17 Thomas Stevenson filius Stephen Stevenson mart. obiit
17/05/157317 Willm. Melson filius Georgii Nelson (sic) mart. obiit
06/06/1573Jun. 6 Rowland Cocksonn mort. obiit
08/06/15738 Margret Isaac uxor Rich. Isaac mart. obiit
21/08/1573Aug. 21 Johan Cooke uxor Johis Cooke mort. obiit
23/08/157323 Mathew Wilkinson filius Wm. Wilkinson mort. obiit
27/08/157327 Elsabeth Thornlay uxor Rich. Thornlay mort. obiit
20/09/1573Sep. 20 John Newtonn mort. obiit
02/10/1573Oct. 2 John Dalton mort. obiit
24/11/1573Nov. 24 John Ellerbie filius Wm. Ellerbie rnort. obiit
06/12/1573Dec. 6 John Bancices mort. obiit
04/01/1573Jan. 4 Robert Foster mort. obiit
09/01/15739 Margret Gray uxor Rich Gray mort. obiit
07/09/1574Sept. 7 Bettris Clarke uxor Rich. Clarke mort. obiit
20/09/157420 Robert Lewes single man mort. obiit
21/09/157421 Xpistop Shipard filius Walter Shipard mort. obiit
19/11/1574Nov. 19 Rich. Sharp filius Xpistop Sharp mort. obiit
21/11/157421 John Jackson filius Johis Jackson mort. obiit
21/02/1574Feb. 21 Edmonde Walker filius Edward Walker mort. obiit
24/02/157424 Elsabeth Hodgson filia Johis Hodgson mort. obiit
24/02/1574eodem die Richard Wilkinson mort. obiit
04/03/1574Mar. 4 Richard Cooke filius Johis Cooke mort. obiit
08/07/1575Jul. 8 Elsabeth Bilton widowe mort. obiit
18/11/1575Nov. 18 Lawrentius Kirstie filing Bartlem Kirstie mort. obiit
24/11/157524 Amyell Cooke filius Lawrns Cooke wort. obiit
28/12/1575Dec. 28 Rich. Wilkinson filius of Rich. Wilkinson mort. obiit
08/05/1576May 8 John Walker filius Edwardi Walker mort. obiit
22/05/157622 Johan Weathrell widow mort. obiit
15/10/1576Oct. 15 Margret Byrde mort. obiit
01/11/1576Nov. primo die James Wilson mort. obiit
05/11/15765 James Sheilds filius Robti Sheilds snort. obiit
12/11/157612 Annas Barrow uxor Harbt Barrow snort. obiit
02/12/1576Dec. 2 Cicilie Manners uxor Henric Manners mort. obiit
06/12/15766 Willm. Warde mort. obiit
08/01/1576Jan. 8 Isabel Foster uxor Johis Foster mort. obiit
17/02/1576Feb. 17 Willm. Parker mort. obiit
10/03/1576Mar. 10 Wm. Langrige filius Rich. Langrige mort. obiit
18/03/157618 Jeane Bellet filia Petri Bellet mort. obiit
03/04/1577Apr. 3 Annas Cooke uxor Johis Cooke mort. obiit
03/04/15773 Dame Kirkbie uxor Robti Kirkbie mort. obiit
22/09/1577Sep. 22 Anthonye Atkinson filius Tho. Atkinson mort. obiit
04/01/1577Jan. 4 Wm. Forrest filius Michael Forrest mort. obiit
08/04/1578Apr. 8 Emmat Thompson widow mort. obiit
25/04/157825 Annas Tocke uxor Thomae Tocke mort. obiit
28/04/157828 John Campion filius Petri Campion mort. obiit
16/10/1578Oct. 16 John Rowthe filius Robti Rowthe mort. obiit
28/11/1578Nov. 28 Christopher Kirstie mort. obiit
30/12/1578Dec. 30 Elsabeth Chamer filia Johis Chamer mort. obiit
01/01/1578Jan. primo die Agnes Chamer uxor Johis Cawmer mort. obiit
02/01/1578Jan. 2 Ellin Graie uxor Wm. Graye mart. obiit
06/01/15786 Thomas Graie filius Wm. Graye mort. obiit
07/01/1578Jan. 7 Frances Smith filia Johis Smyth mort. obiit
06/02/1578Feb. 6 Agnes Graie filia Wm. Graie mort. obiit
08/02/15788 uxor Ryannie (?) mort. obiit
06/04/1579Apr. 6 John Ellerbie fillius Wm. Ellerbie mort. obiit
09/04/15799 Rich. Bellit filius Richard Bellet illegitimus mort. obiit
10/11/1579Nov. 10 George Kinnye mart. obiit
28/11/157928 Frances Newton uxor Wm. Newton mart. obiit
12/12/1579Dec. 12 Wm. Parker filius Leonard Parker mort. obiit
23/12/157923 Agnes Dixon uxor Wm. Dixon mart. obiit
14/01/1579Jan. 14 Elsabeth Walker filia Edward Walker mart. obiit
16/01/157916 John Langrige mort. obiit
19/01/157919 Katherine Langrige uxor Johis Langrige mart. obiit
10/02/1579Feb. 10 uxor Foster widow mort. obiit
25/02/157925 Peter Wainflit yong man mort. obiit
22/05/1580May 22 Frances Megson filia Johis Megson mort. obiit
08/06/1580Jun. 8 Frances Nelson uxor Georgii Nelson mart. obiit
09/06/15809 Robert Graie mort. obiit
12/06/158012 Margret Wilkinson uxor Ambross Wilkinson mort. obiit
13/06/158013 Margret Smyth uxor Johis Smyth mart. obiit
11/07/1580Jul. 11 John Hodghon mort. obiit
11/07/1580eodem die Wm Jarvice mart. obiit
11/07/158011 Johan Dowe uxor Thomae Dowe mart. obiit
10/11/1580Nov. 10 Philip Cooke filius Johis Cooke mort. obiit
17/11/158017 John Cooke mart. obiit
01/12/1580Dec. primo die John Stevenson mort. obiit
02/12/15802 Margret Blithe uxor Johis Blith mort. obiit
19/12/158019 Elsabeth Raynard uxor Wm. Ranard mart. obiit
15/02/1580Feb. 15 Kathern Watson uxor Johis Watson mart. obiit
16/02/158016 Margret Andrew filia Petri Andrew mart. obiit
06/04/1581Apr. 6 Wm. Penstropp young man mort. obiit
20/05/1581May 20 Henery Snype junior mart. obiit
14/07/1581Jul. 14 Gregorie Taylor mart. obiit
17/07/158117 [blank] Gildus filia Johis Gildus mart. obiit
22/08/1581Aug. 22 Thomas Maison filius Thomae Maison mart. obiit
06/09/1581Sep. 6 Wm. Oggram filius Robert Oggram mort. obiit
30/09/158130 Thomas Tock et Margret Tock mart. obierunt
05/09/15815 Robtus Bewes filius Wm. Bewes mart. obiit
10/09/158110 Elsabeth Tocke ux. Thomae mort. obiit
12/09/158112 John Steuenson filius Wm. Stevenson mart. obiit
16/09/158116 Thomas Stevenson mort. obiit
06/12/1581Dec. 6 Joh. Huggin filius Thomae Huggin mort. obiit
07/12/15817 Kathern Jefferson mort. obiit
09/12/1581Dec. 9 Wm Weathrill filius of Rich. Weathrill mort. obiit
12/12/158112 Alice Rowth filia Ric. Rowth junior mort. obiit
13/12/158113 Thomas Dixon mort. obiit
14/12/158114 John Lewe mart. obiit
10/01/1581Jan. 10 Margret Cocke filia Johis Cocke mart. obiit
01/02/1581Feb. 1 John Foster mort. obiit
08/02/15818 Alice Hardie mort. obiit
16/02/158116 George Lightfote mart. obiit
25/02/158125 Thomas Kockes mart. obiit
03/03/1581Mar. 3 Agnes Stevson mort. obiit
04/03/15814 Ric. Mannars mart. obiit
04/03/1581eodem die Robert Lucke mart. obiit
05/03/15815 Dorathae Knockes mart. obiit
19/03/158119 Robt. Newton mart. obiit
24/03/158124 Agnes Bell mort. obiit
24/03/1581eod. die Alice Warde mort. obiit
27/03/158127 Robt. Clark mart. obiit
01/04/1582Apr. primo die Edward Walker mart. obiit
06/04/15826 George Nelson mort. obiit
19/04/158219 Ric. Cooke mart. obiit
20/04/158220 Agnes Jefferson mart. obiit
22/04/1582Apr. 22 Ric. Rowth junior mart. obiit
02/06/1582Jun. 2 John Blythe mart. obiit
26/06/158226 Willm Wright mart. obiit
27/07/1582Jul. 27 Ellis Stilton mart. obiit
13/08/1582Aug. 13 John Burde mart. obiit
14/08/158214 Peter Watson mort. obiit
03/09/1582Sep. 3 James Parker mort. obiit
16/11/1582Nov. 16 Leonard Parker mart. obiit
25/11/158225 Willm Newton mart. obiit
22/12/1582Dec. 22 John Dunne filius Briane Dune mort. obiit
04/01/1582Jan. 4 Isabel uxor Wm. Readmar wort. obiit
15/01/158215 Jeane Newton widow mart. obiit
07/02/1582Feb. 7 John Readmar filius Wm. Readmar
11/02/158211 John Huggaine filius Thomae Huggin mort. obiit
13/02/158213 John Watson filius Johis Watson mart. obiit.
25/02/158225 John Wethell filius Ric Wetherll mart. obiit
25/02/158225 Jennet Watson servus (sic) Johis Blith mart. obiit
06/03/1582Mar. 6 Maryon Parker widow mort. obiit
08/03/15828 Elsabeth Wood uxor Thomae Wood mart. obiit
16/03/158216 Jennet Care widow mort. obiit
17/03/158217 Annes Graie widow mart. obiit
22/03/158222 Jennet Foxe widow mart. obiit
27/03/158227 Jennet Isaack mart. obiit
11/04/1583Apr. 11 John Graie filius Henric Graie mart. obiit
13/04/158313 Bettris Graie uxor Henric Graie mart. obiit
14/04/1583Apr. 14 Ric Broderick mort. obiit
29/04/158329 Jennet Symson uxor Thomm Symson mort. obiit
30/04/158330 Robt. Wower filius Johis Wower mort. obiit
03/05/1583May 3 Edward Manners filius Ric Manners mort. obiit
12/05/158312 Robt. Dyne filius Wm. Dyne mort. obiit
01/06/1583Jun. primo die Roger Taylor alias Cuthbart mort. obiit
11/06/158311 George Brothericke filius Georgi Brothericke
12/06/158312 Thomas Rawlinge mort. obiit
14/06/158314 Johan Blyth uxor Johis Blyth mort. obiit
28/07/1583Jul. 28 Katheron Stilton uxor Johis Stiltin mort. obiit
19/08/1583Aug. 19 Rainold Cawood mort obiit
22/08/158322 Stephen Cuppledicke mort. obiit
03/09/1583Sep. 3 Richard Isaacke mort. obiit
23/09/158323 John Smartfote filius Robte Smartfote mort. obiit
??/11/1583Nov. Marget Martin uxor Thomae Martin mort. obiit
03/11/1583Nov. 3 Oliver Dune filius Wm. Dune mort. obiit
04/12/1583Dec. 4 Jennet Snype uxor Henric Snype mort. obiit
09/01/1583Jan. 9 Robt. Suresbie mort. obiit
17/02/1583Feb. 17 Jeane Kynnye mort. obiit
17/02/1583eodem die Mathew Crawfoorth mort. obiit
20/02/158320 Alisson Jenkin mort. obiit
16/03/1583Mar. 16 Willm Coye mort. obiit
24/03/158324 Michaell Wilkinson mort. obiit
26/03/158326 Stephen Ingram mort. obiit
02/04/1584Apr. 2 Frances Matthan mort. obiit
01/05/1584May primo die Katheron Hall mort. obiit
04/05/15844 Agnes Wower mort. obiit
06/05/15846 Nicholas Lightfoote mort. obiit
10/09/1584Sep. 10 John Cooke filius Johis Cooke mort. obiit
18/09/158418 Martha Blenckherne filia Wm. Blenck mort. obiit.
19/09/158419 Thomas Wood mort. obiit
15/10/1584Oct. 15 Ric Brotherick filius George Brotherik mort obiit
16/10/158416 Ric Smartfotte filius Robti Smartfotte mort. obiit
12/11/1584Nov. 12 Frances Stilton mort. obiit
12/11/1584eodem die Katheron Mall mort. obiit
20/12/1584Dec. 20 Robert Maison mort. obiit
22/12/158422 Thomas Rawlinge filius Johis Rawinge mort obiit
25/12/158425 Elsabeth Audeladd filia Tho. Audlad mort. obiit
20/01/1584Jan. 20 Jennet Oustwick uxor Iohis Oustwick mort. obiit
24/01/158424 Rich Armstronge mort. obiit
25/01/158425 Xpistop Audley mort. obiit.
28/01/158428 Ric Rimer mort. obiit
30/01/158430 Elsabeth Rymer mort. obiit
30/01/1584eodem die uxor Robt. Frothingham
02/04/1585Apr. 2 Katherine Audley mort. obiit
03/04/15853 Marget Warde filius Robt. Warde mort. obiit
07/04/1585Apr. 7 Elling Darlinge uxor Michael Darlinge mort. obiit
12/04/158512 Jennet Holdfoorth uxor Robert Holdsforth mort. obiit
14/04/158514 Jeane Watson filia Johis Watson mort. obiit
02/05/1585May 2 Tho. Froddingham mort. obiit
07/05/15857 Johan Routhe filia Johis Routh mort. obiit
08/05/15858 Margret Megson uxor Johis Megson mort. obiit
19/05/158519 Bawde smyth mort. obiit
24/06/1585Jun. 24 Frances Watson uxor Johis Watson wort. obiit
??/06/1585Jun. Marget Watson uxor Johis Watson mort. obiit
27/06/158527 Michael Darnell mort. obiit
22/07/1585Jul. 22 Ellen Foxe filia Ric. Foxe mort. obiit
03/12/1585Dec. 3 Jennet Wysdaile widow mort. obiit
29/12/158529 Edward Caverlay filius Thomae Caverlay mort. obiit
25/01/1585Jan. 25 Evis Freeman vidua mort. obiit
09/02/1585Feb. 9 Annes Rawlinge uxor Johis Rawlinge mort. obiit
15/02/158515 Thomas Chapman mort. obiit
26/02/158526 Katherin Ward filia Johis Warde mort. obiit
27/02/158527 Jeane Ellerbie filia Thomae Ellerbie mort. obiit
??/02/1585Feb. Willm Stevenson 2 chilldren Henric Jefferson
??/02/1585Feb. Thomas Robinson one childe
??/02/1585Feb. uxor Matchan Jo. Rawlinge one childe
??/02/1585Feb. Thomas Watson mort. obiit
01/08/1586Aug. primo die Bartlm Chirstie mort. obiit
20/08/158620 John Browne mort. obiit
22/08/158622 Willm Isaac mort. obiit
14/10/1586Oct. 14 Maudlin Webster mort. obiit.
01/11/1586Nov. primo die Frances Walker filia Edwardi Walker mort. obiit
08/11/15868 Dame Christie uxor Wm. Christie mort. obiit
27/11/158627 Ellis Lightfoote mort. obiit
18/12/1586Dec. 18 Elsabeth Smyth uxor Smithe mort. obiit
02/02/1586Feb. 2 Wm. Stevenson mort. obiit
11/02/158611 Marye Stevenson filia Thomae Stevenson mort. obiit
11/02/1586eodem die Marie Megson mort. obiit
13/02/158613 Ellis Stevenson uxor Thomae Stevenson mort. obiit
17/02/158617 Annes Sheilds mort. obiit
03/03/1586Mar. 3 Willm Rosse filius Thomae Rosse mort. obiit
03/03/1586eodem die Jennet Cooke vidua mort. obiit
11/03/158611 Ric. Currie filius Edward Currie mort. obiit
21/03/158621 Thomas Stevenson mort. obiit
25/03/158625 Marget Oggram vidua mort. obiit
02/04/1587Apr. 2 Ellis Augram mort. obiit
02/04/1587eodem die Marget Frodingham mort. obiit
02/04/1587eodem die John Ward wort. obiit
04/04/15874 Ric. Iseland mort. obiit
14/04/158714 Elsabeth Jackson mort. obiit
15/04/158715 Marget Johnson mort. obiit
18/04/158718 Marget Holldanby mort. obiit
18/04/1587eodem die Elsabeth Ward filia Johis Ward mort. obiit
29/04/1587Apr. 29 Alice Isaack mort. obiit
03/05/1587May 3 John Jarvice mort. obiit
10/05/158710 John Knockes mort. obiit
13/05/158713 Annes Andrew uxor Petri Andrew mort. obiit
17/05/158717 Willm Andrew filius Petri Andrew mort. obiit
14/06/1587Jun. 14 Bettris Tocke mort. obiit
17/06/158717 John Dodd mort. obiit
19/07/1587Jul. 19 Henrye Snype filius Thomae Snype mort. obiit
19/07/1587eodem die Isabel Blyth uxor Robt. Blyth mort. obiit
05/08/1587Aug. 5 Annes Lamb vidua mort. obiit
20/03/1587Sep. 20 John Marche mort. obiit
21/03/158721 Thomas Wood filius Edward Woode mort. obiit
28/03/158728 Marget Smyth filia Robti Smyth mort. obiit
11/10/1587Oct. 11 Martha Caverlay filia Thomae Caverlay mort. obiit
12/10/158712 Annas Foxe filia Ric Foxe mort. obiit
04/11/1587Nov. 4 Emmat Ellerbie filia Tho. Ellerbie mort. obiit
08/11/15878 Annes Readmar filia Wm Readmar mort. obiit
09/11/15879 Elsabeth Rawlinge widow mort. obiit
13/11/158713 Wm. Applebie mort. obiit
25/11/158725 John Rawlinge mort. obiit
10/01/1587Jan. 10 Jelian Gressopper mort. obiit
18/01/158718 Annas Grassopper mort. obiit
18/01/158718 Elsabeth Bellet single woman mort. obiit
09/02/1587Feb. 9 Wm. Rannard thelder mort. obiit
10/02/158710 Symond Graie younge man mort. obiit
10/02/1587Feb. eodem die Annes Isaack widow mort. obiit
??/02/1587Feb. Elsabeth Ward widow mort. obiit
28/02/1587Feb. 28 Jeane Gildus child Wm. Gildus mort. obiit
07/03/1587Mar. 7 Robert Meysse mort. obiit
28/03/158728 Wm. Graie mort. obiit
28/03/1587eodem die Elsabeth Garton single woman mort. obiit
27/03/158727 Alice Hogg filia Robt. Hogg mort. obiit
27/03/1587The same day was buried a stranger
07/04/1588Apr. 7 Peter Mylns mort. obiit
13/04/158813 Jennet Smartfote uxor Robt. Smartfote mort. obiit
13/04/1588eodem die uxor Hilton mort. obiit
15/04/158815 Elsabeth Swanne uxor Robti. Swan mort. obiit
21/04/158821 uxor Ingram mort. obiit
24/04/158824 Jennet Suersbie mort. obiit
26/04/158826 Awmund Smyth mort. obiit
26/04/158826 Susanna Braidlay uxor Thomae Bradlay mort. obiit
03/05/1588May 3 Elsabeth Hauslay mort. obiit
27/05/158827 Alice Smyth uxor Robt. Smyth mort. obiit
20/06/1588Jun. 20 Bettris Langdaile uxor Johis Langdaile mort. obiit
23/06/158823 Robert Warde mort. obiit
27/06/1588Jun. 27 Oliver Ward filius Robt. Ward mort. obiit
28/06/158828 Thomas Ingram filius Thomae Ingram mort. obiit
30/06/158830 John Bellet filius Johis Bellet mort. obiit
07/07/1588Jul. 7 John Bellet senior mart. obiit
09/07/15889 Margret Gildus uxor Johis Gildus mort. obiit
10/07/158810 John Gildus filius Johis Gildus mort. obiit
11/07/158811 Isabell Bellet uxor Johis Bellet mart. obiit
14/07/158814 Rich Hargrave filius Johis Hargrave mart. obiit
15/07/158815 Raphe Savage filius Thomae Savage mart. obiit
03/08/1588Aug. 3 Katherin Gedney uxor Stephen Gedney mort. obiit
10/08/158810 Peter Campion mart. obiit
11/08/158811 uxor Watson mort. obiit
11/08/1588eodem die Thomas Symson child stillborne
11/08/158811 Margerye Watson uxor Jacobi Watson mort. obiit
22/08/158822 Bartle Kynnye mort. obiit
04/09/1588Sep. 4 Elsabeth Bewes filia Wm. Bewes mort. obiit
05/09/15885 Xpopher Wower mort. obiit
07/09/15887 Thomas Snype mort. obiit
28/09/158828 Robt. Isaack mort. obiit
21/09/158821 Ursulay Parkin filia Kirchean Parkin mort. obiit
08/10/1588Oct. 8 Tho. Isaack filius Rich. Isaack mort. obiit
21/10/158821 uxor Preston mort. obiit
22/10/158822 Mawde Isaack widow mort. obiit
19/12/1588Dec. 19 uxor Baker mort. obiit
09/01/1588Jan. 9 Jeane Garner filia Ric. Garner mort. obiit
11/01/158811 Richarde Foxe wort. obiit
04/02/1588Feb. 4 Ambros Wilkinson mart. obiit
31/03/1589Mar. 31 Katheran Moore uxor Xpistop Moore mort. obiit
08/04/1589Apr. 8 Annes Taylor wydow mart. obiit
20/04/158920 Wm. Cuppledick mort. obiit
24/04/158924 uxor Cuppledick mart. obiit
27/04/158927 Wm. Cuppledick illegitimus Cuthbert Cuppledick mort. obiit
05/06/1589Jun. 5 Elsabeth Ward filia Tho. Ward mort. obiit
06/06/15896 Anne Fuller filia Edwardi Fuller mort. obiit
27/06/158927 Ellis Shipard filia Wm. Shipard mart. obiit
15/08/1589Aug. 15 uxor Englishe mart. obiit
20/09/1589Sep. 20 Willm. Dixon mart. obiit
19/12/1589Dec. 19 Agnes Dune mort. obiit
28/12/158928 Wm. Andrew sonne of Petri Androw mort. obiit
14/01/1589Jan. 14 Johan Symson illegitima filia Elsabeth Symson obiit
17/01/158917 Wm Gedney filius Stephen Gedney mort. obiit
20/01/158920 Edward Gildus filius Wm. Gildus mort. obiit
28/01/158928 wydow Fribus mart. obiit
04/02/1589Feb. 4 Annes Rowthe uxor Robt. Routh mart. obiit
07/02/15897 Thomas Caverley mort. obiit
02/03/1589Mar. 2 Xpistop Wouer filius Marget Wouer mart. obiit
07/03/15897 John Suresbie filius Robti, Suersbie mart. obiit
21/03/158921 Jeane Foster uxor Ric. Foster mort. obiit
14/04/1590Apr. 14 Robert Caverlay filius Elliss Caverlay widow mort. obiit
15/04/159015 Gilian Sunter mort. obiit
29/04/159029 Robert Frodingham mort. obiit
08/05/1590May 8 Annas Moore filia Xpistop Moore mort. obiit
22/05/159022 Elsabeth Grenshaw uxor Johis Grenshaw obiit
29/05/159029 Marye Fussie filia Cuthbert Fussie obiit
29/07/1590Jul. 29 die Elsabeth Fussie filia Edwardi Fussie obiit
12/08/1590Aug. 12 die Elsabeth Kirstie uxor Robti. Kirstie mort. obiit
15/08/159015 die Annas Crawfoorth filia Henric Crawfoorth obiit
15/08/1590eod. die Jeane Crawforth filia Henric Crawfoorth obiit
23/08/159023 die John Shipard filius Wm. Shipard mort. obiit
23/08/159023 die John Wood filius Edward mort. obiit
02/09/1590Sep. 2 die Elsabeth Mason filia Xpistop Mason mort. obiit
08/09/15908 die Marget Audley filia Thomae Audley mort. obiit
10/09/159010 die James Crawfoorth wort. obiit
13/09/159013 die Agnes Burd filia Edwardi Burde mort. obiit
20/09/159020 die Thomas Ward mort. obiit
27/09/159027 die Jeane Watson filia Francis Watson mort. obiit
05/10/1590Oct. 5 die Alison Bell mort. obiit
05/10/15905 die Willm. Watson filius Thomae Watson mort. obiit
05/10/1590eod. die Henrye Kirstie filius Wm. Kirste mort. obiit
22/10/159022 die Xpistop Potts single man mort. obiit
03/11/1590Nov. 3 die Edwarde Headon filius Xpistopr. Headon mort. obiit
29/11/159029 die Emmat Robinson filia Thom e Robinson mort obiit
17/12/1590Dec. xvii. die uxor Armstrong mort. obiit
11/12/159011 die Magdalen Waynflete mort. obiit
17/12/159017 die Richard Taylor filius Gregory Talor mort. obiit
20/12/159020 die Robert Mason filius Xpistopr. Mason mort. obiit
21/12/159021 die Willm. Vicarige mort. obiit
23/12/159023 die Rich. Smyth filius Wm. Smyth mort. obiit
01/01/1590Jan. 1 die John Hargrave mort. obiit
03/01/15903 die John Routh single man mort. obiit
04/01/15904 die John Gedney filius Stephen Gedney mort. obiit
05/01/15905 die Jennet Marshall single woman mort. obiit
09/01/15909 die Thomas Matchan mort. obiit
11/01/159011 die Richard LItster single man mort. obiit
17/01/159017 die Jeane Ward filia Johis Ward mort. obiit
18/01/159018 die Katheron Watson vidua mort. obiit
21/01/159021 die Katheron Cunstable filia Xpopher Constable mort. obiit
23/01/159023 die Frances Garner mort. obiit
18/02/1590Feb. 18 die Edward Headon filius Edward Headon mort. obiit
20/02/159020 die uxor Galle mort. obiit
24/02/159024 die Elsabeth Kiplinge single woman mort. obiit
24/02/159024 die Henrye Foster filius Ric. Foster mort. obiit
27/02/159027 die Henrye Graie mort. obiit
04/03/1590Mar. 4 die Thomas Sancton mort. obiit
04/03/15904 die Jennet Graie vidua mort. obiit
05/03/1590Mar. 5 die Elsabeth Sancton mart. obiit
06/03/15906 die Frances Mason filia Johis Mason mort. obiit
07/03/15907 die Marget Pollard uxor Wm. Pollard junior mart. obiit
08/03/15908 die Katheron Mason uxor Johis Mason mart. obiit
12/03/159012 die Marie Pollard filia Vim. Pollard junior mort. obiit
23/03/159023 die Ursulay Routhe vidua mort. obiit excommunicat
23/03/159023 die Theophilus Harcles filius Johis Harcles mort. obiit
25/03/159025 die Johan Gray uxor Robti Gray mart. obiit
28/03/159028 die Xpistop. Sharpe mort. obiit
01/04/1591Apr. primo die Thomas Audlay mort. obiit
03/04/15913 die Hellen Bawde vidua mort. obiit
06/04/15916 die Agnes Bawde vidua mort. obiit
07/04/15917 die Rich. Trusley senior senior mort. obiit
10/04/159110 die Agnes Burnet uxor Wm. Burnet mort. obiit
12/04/159112 die Agnes Kirstie uxor Wm. Kirstie mart. obiit
15/04/159115 die Margret Wood uxor Edward Wood mort. obiit
19/04/159119 die Stephen Gedney senior mort. obiit
20/04/159120 die Dynes Appelbie uxor Johis Applebie mort. obiit
24/04/159124 die Richard Thornley senior mart. obiit
26/04/159126 die Francis Watson labourer mart. obiit
30/04/159130 die Robt. Gray mart. obiit
30/04/159130 die Johan Burde mart. obiit
06/05/1591May 6 die John Haldanbie gentleman mart. obiit
07/05/15917 die Agnes Hewyt uxor Ric. Hewyt mart. obiit
10/05/159110 die Elsabeth Sancton widow mort. obiit
11/05/159111 die Katherine Tivie vidua excommunicata mort. obiit
17/05/159117 die Isabel Tocke single woman mart. obiit
18/05/159118 die Margret Graye uxor Johis Gray mart. obiit
30/05/159130 die Richard Hewyt cordiner mart. obiit
01/06/1591Jun. primo die Barbarai Kirstie filia Wm. Kirstie mort. obiit
02/06/15912 Agnes Lacie uxor Ric. Lacie mart. obiit
07/06/15917 die Peter Chambers filius Thomm Chambers mart. obiit
03/07/1591Jul. 3 die John Jackson tanner mort. obiit
27/07/1591Jul. 27 die Agnes Andrew vidua mort. obiit
15/09/1591Sep. 15 die Alice Watson single woman mort. obiit
25/09/159125 die Barbara Spilsbie filia Nicholas Spilsbie mart. obiit
06/10/1591Oct. 6 die Robt. Swanne mart. obiit
13/10/159113 die Johan Thornley husbandman mart. obiit
28/10/159128 die Alice Mason ux. Johis Mason mort. obiit
21/11/1591Nov. 21 die John Routhe capper mort. obiit
03/12/1591Dec. 3 die Agnes Stevenson filia Jacobi Stevenson mort. obiit
17/12/159117 die Peter Crosse mart. obiit
18/12/159118 die Wm. Cullingwoorth mart. obiit
29/12/159129 die Margret MuIleland mort. obiit
23/01/1591Jan. 23 Thomas Foster filius Ric. Foster mart. obiit
06/02/1591Feb. 6 die Thomas Megson filius Johis Megson mort. obiit
21/02/159121 die Thomas Savage filius Thomae Savage mart. obiit
05/03/1591Mar. 5 die Xpistop. Headon filius Xpist. Headon mort. obiit
08/03/15918 die Jennet Lightfoote single woman mart. obiit
10/03/159110 die Annes Wright filius (sic) Robt. Wright mart. obiit
15/03/159115 die Susanna Smyth uxor Georgi Smith mort. obiit
02/04/1592Apr. 2 die Margret Mauls uxor Gabriel Mauls mort. obiit
02/04/15922 die Johan Stevenson vidua mort. obiit
21/05/1592May 21 die Annes Jackson filia Marget Jackson vidua mart. obiit
22/05/159222 die Dorathae Symson uxor Wm. Simson mort. obiit
28/05/159228 die John Cooke mort. obiit
05/06/1592Jun. 5 die Elsabeth Graie filia Johis Graie mort. obiit
14/06/159214 die Annes Maison filia Xpistop. Mason mort. obiit
19/06/159219 die Isabel lsaack single woman mort. obiit
20/06/159220 die Agnes Raila filia Briani Railai mort. obiit
17/08/1592Aug. 17 die Elsabeth Daine uxr. Wm. Daine mort. obiit
16/08/159216 die Wilfride Kendall glover wort. obiit
04/11/1592Nov. 4 die Allison Crawforth vidua mart. obiit
24/11/159224 die John Hartcles labourer mort. obiit
30/11/159230 die Alice Hodghon uxr. Rophe Hodghon mart. obiit
26/12/1592Dec. 26 die John Stevenson filius Jacobi Stevenson mort obiit
20/01/1592Jan. 20 die Marget Routhe vidua mort. obiit
26/01/159226 die Stephen Gedney filius Stephen Gedney obit
28/01/159228 die James Law filius Wm. Law mort. obiit
11/02/1592Feb. 11 die Wm. Hubbleday filius Edward Hubbleday obiit
22/02/159222 die Jeane Jackson filia Thom ae Jackson obiit
24/02/159224 die Ellen Hartcles fil. Johes Hartcles obiit
20/02/159220 die Thomas Watson filius Briani Watson mort. obiit
08/03/1592Mar. 8 die Jennet Stevenson single woman mort. obiit
12/03/159212 die Robt. Trusley mart. obiit
18/03/159218 die Wm. Dyne labourer mart. obiit
05/04/1593Apr. 5 die Allison Jackson widow mort. obiit
12/04/159312 die Elsabth Armstronge mort. obiit
18/04/159318 die uxor. Thornley mort. obiit
24/04/159324 die Edward Hubledaile mort. obiit
02/05/1593May 2 die uxor. Knox mort. obiit
04/05/15934 die John Dalton filius Johis Dalton mart. obiit
06/05/15936 die Annes Oggram filia Thom ae Oggram mort. obiit
07/05/15937 die John Reame labourer mort. obiit
20/05/159320 die John Greneshaw labourer mort. obiit
21/05/159321 die Frances Hogg uxor Robt. Hogg mort. obiit
27/05/159327 die Marget Blenck uxor W Blenck mort. obiit
27/05/159327 die Margret Harrison widow mort. obiit
27/05/159327 die Rich. Thornley husbandman mart. obiit
04/06/1593Jun 4 die Xpistop. Maison filius Xpistop Mason mort. obiit
29/06/159329 die Willm. Mallerie filius Wm Mallerie mort. obiit
03/07/1593Jul. 3 die Peter Costan filius Pet. Costan mort. obiit
16/07/159316 die Thomas Care labourer mart. obiit
30/07/1593Jul. 30 die uxor Gibson mort. obiit
30/08/1593Aug. 30 die Wm. Crawforth filius Petri Crawf. obiit
13/09/1593Sep. 13 die John Rey single man mart. obiit
03/11/1593Nov. 3 die Elsabeth Beck filia Robt. Beck mort. obiit
05/11/15935 die George Shipard filius Robt. Shipard mart. obiit
09/10/1593Oct. 9 die Margret Walter single woman mort. obiit
10/10/159310 die John Readmar filius Wm. Readmar mort. obiit
15/10/159315 die Frances Burd filia Edward Burd mort. obiit
16/01/1593Jan. 16 die Jeane Lillie filia illegitima mort. obiit
17/01/159317 die Wm. Southwick filius Johis Southwick mort. obiit
08/02/1593Feb. 8 die Elsabeth Ward filia Henric Ward mort. obiit
23/04/1594Apr. 23 die Anthonye Featherstone single man mart. obiit
23/04/159423 die Agnes Lambe single woman mort. obiit
07/06/1594Jun. 7 die Robert Chadwicke filius Jacobi Chadwick mort. obiit
27/06/159427 die Elsabeth White filia Laurance White mort. obiit
13/07/1594Jul. 13 die Willm. Bewes filius Wm Bewes mort. obiit
28/08/1594Aug. 28 die George Hodghon labourer mort. obiit
20/09/1594Sep. 20 die Jeane Higgins filia Miles Higgins mort. obiit
06/10/1594Oct. 6 die Margret Antherdaile mort. obiit
11/10/159411 die Marie Distanc filia Johis Distanc mort. obiit
15/10/159415 die Henrye Wyesteade obiit mortem
19/10/159419 die Robert Tumholme filius Francis Tumholme obiit
23/10/159423 die Francis Currie filius Edward Currie obiit
25/10/159425 die Robert Lullie clericus mort. obiit
14/11/1594Nov. 14 die Walter Ransonn filius Pet. Ransonn mort. obiit
11/01/1594Jan. 11 die Rich. Moore filius Xpistopr. Moore mort. obiit
06/02/1594Feb. 6 die vidua Dyne mort. obiit
12/05/1595May 12 die Bettris Blenck ux. Thomae Blenck mart. obiit
07/06/1595Jun. 7 die Jennet Vicaridge widow wort. obiit
01/07/1595Jul. primo die Margret Holme mart. obiit
07/07/15957 die Thomas Friston filius Robt. Friston mart. obiit
18/07/159518 dines Wood ux. Edward Woode mart. obiit
17/10/1595Oct. 17 die Jennet Taylor ux. Johis Tailor mart. obiit
28/11/1595Nov. 28 die George Smythe mart. obiit
24/12/1595Dec. 24 die Willm. Wilkinson mort. obiit
21/02/1595Feb. 21 die Jeane Cock filia Antho. Cock mart. obiit
23/04/1596Apr. 23 die Agnes Wood ux. Johis Wood mart. obiit
30/04/159630 die Anne Kirstie filia Kirste mort. obiit
28/06/1596Jun. 28 die Robert Truslay filius Ric. Trust. mart. obiit
10/08/1596Aug. 10 die Elsabeth Clappam filia Robt. Clappam obiit
03/11/1596Nov. 3 die Margret Blenck filia Thomae Blenck obiit
07/12/1596Dec. 7 die Thomas Jacksonn mart. obiit
07/01/1596Jan. 7 die Jennet Audlad vidua mart. obiit
05/02/1596Feb. 5 die Francis Andrew filius Pet. Andrew mart. obiit
22/02/159622 die Isabel Browne ux. Wm. Browne mort. obiit
11/03/1596Mar. 11 die Anne Knockes single woman mort. obiit
11/03/1596eod. die Tho. Coston filius Pet. Coston mort. obiit
15/04/1597Apr. 15 die Wm Raynold filius Wm. Raynard mort. obiit
15/04/1597eod. die Anne Robinson filia Thomae Robinson obiit
19/05/1597May 19 die Raph Ward filius Raphe Ward mort. obiit
25/05/159725 die Ellis Tunye filius Jacobi Tunie mort. obiit
09/06/1597Jun. 9 die Tho. Shipard filius Wm. Shipard mort. obiit
19/06/159719 die Katherine Distanc filia Johis Distance moritur
05/07/1597Jul. 5 die Marget Law filia Wm. Law mort. obiit
09/07/15979 die die Anne Watson filia Johis Watson mort. obiit
16/07/159716 die Willm. Dune blacksmith mort. obiit
01/08/1597Aug. primo die Frances Burde filia Edward Burd mort. obiit
14/08/159714 die Wm. Ellerbie blacksmith mort. obiit
01/09/1597Sep. primo die Wm. Law filius Wm. Law mort. obiit
02/10/1597Oct. 2 die Wm. Shipard filius Robt. Shipard mort. obiit
14/10/159714 die Richard Lacie husbandman mort. obiit
28/10/159728 die Ric. Clappam filius Robt. Clappam mort. obiit
13/11/1597Nov. 13 die Cicilie Artcles widow mort. obiit
29/11/159729 die Margret Watson ux. Bryan Wats. mort. obiit
07/12/1597Dec. 7 die Cicilie Gildus single woman mort. obiit
09/12/15979 die Alison Jenkin single woman mort. obiit
09/12/1597eod. die Elsabeth Jackson filia Tho. Jackson mort. obiit
12/12/159712 die Humfray Tumholme filius Wm. Tumholme mort. obiit
14/12/159714 die Elsabeth Uurr ux. Gabriel Crr mort. obiit
17/12/159717 die Anne Jackson widow mort. obiit
18/12/159718 die Stephen Curtiss fil. Grace Curtice moritur
20/12/159720 die Edward Wood labourer mort. obiit
22/12/159722 die Robert Sheildes mort. obiit
23/12/159723 die Katherne Walker single woman mort. obiit
24/12/159724 die George Dixon mort. obiit
25/12/159725 die Elsabeth Headon vidua mort. obiit
26/12/159726 die Henrie Applebie filius Johis Applebie mort. obiit
26/12/1597Dec. 26 die Jeane Care filia viduae Care mort. obiit
28/12/159728 die John Graie talor mort. obiit
30/12/159730 die Widow Cawood mort. obiit
31/12/159731 die Bele Browne single woman mort. obiit
31/12/1597eod. die Isabel Boanes ux. Johis Boanes mort. obiit
01/01/1597Jan. primo die Margret Kirbie uxor Robt. Kirbie mort. obiit
04/01/15974 die Elsabeth Pullie alias Routhe mort. obiit
06/01/15976 die John Wawkins single man mort. obiit
10/01/159710 die Jeane Blith filia Johis Blith mort. obiit
11/01/159711 die John Applebie cordiner mort. obiit
26/01/159726 die Wm. Knockes carpenter mort. obiit
28/01/159728 die Jennet Parkinson widow mort. obiit
28/01/1597eod. die Ursula Chadwick filia Jacobi Chadw. mort. obiit
29/01/1597Jan. 29 die vidua Dixon mort. obiit
12/02/1597Feb. 12 die Annes Broderick ux. Georgii Broderic mort. obiit
13/02/159713 die John Atkinson filius Wm. Atkinson mort. obiit
18/02/159718 die Katheron Bucke ux. Georgi Bucke mart. obiit
20/02/159720 die Isabel Spark filia Robt. Spark mart. obiit
24/02/159724 die Robt. Briggham servus Edward Burd mort. obiit
25/02/159725 die Johan Clappam ux. Robt. Clappam mart. obiit
07/03/1597Mar. 7 die Anne Browne vidua mort. obiit
14/03/159714 die Robert Spark mart. obiit
20/03/159720 die Ric. Rawson filius Jacobi Rawson mort. obiit
22/03/159722 die Elsabeth Railai filia Brian Raylay mort. obiit
08/04/1598Apr. 8 die Elsabeth Tumholme ux. Tho. Tumholm mart. obiit
09/04/15989 die Alic Chadwick ux. Jacobi Cadwic mort. obiit
09/04/1598eod. die Margret Dune filia Johis Dune mort. obiit
14/04/159814 die Thomas Tumholme tanner mart. obiit
07/05/1598May 7 die Willm. Blithe younge man slaine wt. a fall
29/06/1598Jun. 29 die Xpistop. Cowper filius Mathew Cowper mart. obiit
16/07/1598Jul. 16 die Barbara Southwic fillia Johis Southwic mart. obiit
25/07/159825 die Jeane Oggram filia Thom. Oggram mart. obiit
29/08/1598Aug. 29 die Barbara Gildus filia Wm. Gildus mort. obiit
03/10/1598Oct. 3 die Jeane Masonn uxor Xpistop. Mason mort. obiit
09/10/15989 die Barbarai Moore filia Xpistop. Moore mart. obiit
11/11/1598Nov. 11 die Anne Lacke filia Leonardi Lacke mart. obiit
17/12/1598Dec. 17 die Margret Robinson uxor Thomae Robinson mart. obiit
25/12/159825 die Elsabeth Sheildes uxor Wm. Sheldes senior mart. obiit
02/01/1598Jan. 2 die Bettric Crawfoorth single woman mart. obiit
24/02/1598Feb. 24. die Annas Awgram filia Thomae Awgram mart. obiit et sepulta est
09/03/1598Mar. 9 die Jacobus Tuni filius Jacobi Tunie mort. obiit et sepultus est
14/03/159814 die Willm. Watson filius Johannis Watson sepultus est
21/03/159821 Steven Gedney sepultus est
21/03/159821 Willm. Mylles sepultus est
22/03/159822 die Elsabeth Tunie vidua mortua et sepulta est
29/03/1599Mar. 29 die Steven Atkinson filius Wm Atkinson inortuus et sepultus est
01/04/1599Apr. 1 die Jane Higgin filia Myles Higgin mortua et sepulta est
22/04/159922 die Lettise Shepheard filia Robt. Shepheard mortua et sepulta est
01/06/1599Jun. 1 die Francis Headone sone of Christopher Headon obiit
05/06/15995 die Elsabeth Barthe filia vidua Ubbleday mortem obiit
22/07/1599Jul. 22 die Ellin Pinckney vidua mortua et sepulta est
12/08/1599Aug. 12 die Custance Gildus filia Johannis Gildus mortem obiit
24/08/159924 die Marye Mynnes filia Johannis Mynnes mart. obiit
11/09/1599Sep. 11 die Catheran Wilkingsonn vidua mortua et sepulta est
19/09/159919 die Humfridus Toumholme filius Wm. Toumholme mortuus et sepultus est
20/09/1599Sep. 20 die Elsabeth Sheildes filia Wm. Sheildes mortua et sepulta est
05/01/1599Jan. 5 die Henrye Snyppe mortuus et sepultus est
16/01/159916 die Marye Daine vidua mortua et sepulta est
25/01/159925 die Jane Westerdaile filia Johannis Westerdaill mortua et sepultua est
07/02/1599Feb. 7 die Thomas Ogram filius Thomae Ogram mortuus
13/02/159913 die Jennet Dune vidua mort. obiit
28/02/1599Feb. 28 die Elsabeth Jackson uxor Johannis Jackson mortua et sepulta est
12/03/1599Mar. 12 die Anne Gildus uxor Johannis Gildus mortua est
27/03/1600Mar. 27 die Barbara Bilton filia Gregorii Bilton mortua est
07/04/1600Apr. 7 die Jacobus Rawson filius Jacobi Rawson mortuus est
21/05/1600May 21 die Nathaniell Buck filius Edwardi Buck mortuus
21/05/1600eodem die Richardus Shepheard filius Wm. Shepherd mortuus
23/08/1600Aug. 23 die John Westerdaille mortuus et sepultus est
28/09/1600Sep. 28 die Willm. Gildus mortuus et sepultus est
04/10/1600Oct.. 4 die Anna Clappam filius (sic) Roberti Clappam mortuus
08/12/1600Dec. 8 die Willm. Truslay mortuus et sepultus est
21/12/160021 die Elsabeth Hubleday vidua mortua et sepulta est
26/01/1600Jan. 26 die Ellin Truslai mortua et sepulta est
28/01/160028 die Robert Wright mortuus et sepultus est
30/01/160030 die Lettis Burrell uxor Thomae Burrell mort.
06/02/1600Feb. 6 die Thomas Truslay sonne of Richard Truslay
21/02/160021 die Jennet Kinye widdowe was buried
21/02/160021 die Robert Rider laborer was buried
23/02/160023 die Robert Kyrkbye laborer was buried
17/03/1600Mar. 17 die Bartilmewe Christie the son of Bartilmew Christie buried
18/04/1601Apr. 18 die Ellis Younge single woman was buried
11/05/1601May 11 die uxor Tayler was buried
12/05/160112 die Bridgit Graye the daughter of Ric. Graye burd.
17/05/160117 die Elsabeth Parker the wife of John Parker buried
02/07/1601Jul. 2 die Margrett Wilkinson ye daughter of Persabell Wilkinson
03/07/16013 die Agnes Scott single woman was buried
06/08/1601Aug. 6 die Agnes Bewe daughter of Wm. Bewe buried
25/08/160125 die Margret Bewe the wife of Wm. Bewe buried
18/09/1601Sep. 18 die Barbara Truslay daughter of Edward Truslay
15/10/1601Oct. 15 die Margret Clarke widdowe was buried
22/10/160122 die Agnes Robinson ye wife of Alexsaunder Robinson
23/10/160123 die John Tewny sonne of James Tewnie bur.
29/10/160129 die Jane Browne daughter of Laurence Brown
24/11/1601Nov. 24 die Katherin Giltencrosse wife of Wm. Giltencrosse
11/12/1601Dec. 11 die Jane Tailer daughter of Gregori Tailer
16/01/1601Jan. 16 die Jane Mowbray daughter of George Mowbray.
28/02/1601Feb. 28 die Peter Fussye son of Edward Fussye bur.
02/03/1601Mar. 2 die Agnes Deaine daughter of Wm. Deaine buried
07/03/16017 die Barbara Hutonn daughter of Margret Huton
11/03/160111 die Elsabeth Vicaridge wife of Henry Vicaridge
17/03/160117 die Katherin Daine daughter of Wm. Daine
19/03/160119 die Roberte Smyth was buried
31/03/1602Mar. 31 die Thomas Shepherd single man was buried
03/04/1602Apr. 3 die Agnnas Sharpe single woman was buried
06/04/16026 die Jone Sharpe single woman was buried
23/04/160223 die Bettrice Cooper wife of Mathew Coopper
24/04/160224 die Jane Garner wife of Richard Garner
24/04/160224 Willm. Stilton laborer
07/05/1602May 7 die Katherin Simpson the wife of Thomas Simpson
10/05/160210 die uxor Wright was buried
25/05/160225 die Jone Routh daughter of Wm. Routh buried
15/06/1602Jun. 15 die Margrete Dunne daughter of Henry Dunne bur.
19/08/1602Aug. 19 die Barbara Stewart widdowe buried
27/08/160227 die Mary Distance daughter of John Distance buried
11/09/1602Sep. 11 die Jane Ellerbie daughter of Robert Ellerbie buried
03/11/1602Nov. 3 Elsabeth Atkinson wife of Wm. Atkinson buried
04/11/16024 Willm Simpson was buried
16/11/160216 Jane Simpson widdowe was buried
16/11/1602eod. die Barbara Pearson daughter of Roger Pearson buried
28/11/160228 Elliner Christie widdowe was buried
25/01/1602Jan. 25 Willm Christie was buried
26/01/160226 Isabell Shepherd the wife of Henry Shepherd
28/03/1603Mar. 28 Mathew Atkinson sonn of Wm. Atkinson
23/04/1603Apr. 23 Elsabeth Mowbray daughter of George Mowbray buried
18/05/1603May 18 Francis Cowtard the daughter of Francis Cowtard
10/07/1603Jul. 10 Agnnas Sagge daughter of Richard Sagge buried
24/07/160324 Frances Dalton the wife of John Dalton buried
03/08/1603Aug. 3 Jane Michaell the wife of Wm. Michaell
05/08/16035 Willm Cooke sineor husbandman buried
13/08/160313 Jane Michaell daughter of Willm Michaell
14/08/160314 Agnnes Cooke daughter of Willm Cooke buried
30/08/160330 Willm Pollard sonne of Willm Pollard buried
30/09/1603Sep. 30 Christofer Headon was buried
09/11/1603Nov. 9 Doritie Graye single woman buried
25/11/160325 Richard Truslay son of Richard Truslay bu.
31/01/1603Jan. 31 Humfray Mowbray son of George Mowbray
28/05/1604May 28 Edward Fussie husbandman buried
03/06/1604June 3 Willm Fussie sonne of Edward Fussie bu.
10/06/160410 Willm Daine was buried
29/06/160429 Elsabeth Tomholme wife of Wm. Tomholme bu.
05/11/1604Nov. 5 Peter Ranson yeoman buried
12/12/1604Dec. 12 Francis Manners buried
20/01/1604Jan. 20 Elsabeth Nicholson wife of Robert Nicholson buried
28/01/160428 Richard Chapman buried
05/02/1604Feb. 5 George Tomholme son of Willm Tomholme buried
13/02/160413 Edward Birde buried
14/02/160414 Christofer Staringe son of Edward Staringe bu.
26/02/160426 Agnne Ellerbie daughter of Robert Ellerbie
19/04/1605Apr. 19 Jennet Dodde widdowe buried
13/05/1605May 13 Willm Blenckarne sonne of Thomas Blenckarne bu.
24/05/160524 Elsabeth Parkinson single woman was buried
20/06/1605Jun. 20 Elsabeth Huton daughter of Margret Huton buried
07/08/1605Aug. 7 Thomas Caverlay sonne of Wm. Caverlay bu.
09/08/16059 Willm Routh sonne of Willm Routh buried
15/08/160515 John Reame sonne of John Reame buried
02/09/1605Sep. 2 Margret Giles widdowe buried
22/09/160522 Peter Chadweke son of James Chadweke buried
10/11/1605Nov. 10 Jane Ridin daughter of Oswald Ridin buried
14/12/1605Dec. 14 Jane Smith widdowe buried
16/12/160516 Margrete Weare single woman was buried
27/12/160527 Jane Atkinson wife of Willm Atkinson buried
11/01/1605Jan. 11 Thomas Tailer sonne of Gregory Tailor bu.
25/01/160525 Willm Burrell son of Willm Burrell buried
24/02/1605Feb. 24 Edward Skeflinge sonne of Edward Skeflinge bu.
04/03/1605Mar. 4 William Dune was buried
09/03/16059 Miles Rawson sonne of James Rawson buried
11/03/160511 Ellis Hodgson wife of Ralph Hodgson bu.
21/03/160521 Isabell Cooke single woman buried
22/03/160522 Isabell Rawson wife of James Rawson bu.
31/03/1606Mar. 31 Richard Sagge husbandman buried
06/04/1606Apr. 6 Jennet Care widdowe was buried
11/04/160611 Margrete Nicholson wife of Robt. Nicholson
11/04/1606eod. die Stephen Bewe son of Willm Bewe bu.
12/04/160612 Elsabeth Lillye was buried
24/04/160624 Margrete Shepherd daughter of Wm Shepherd
25/04/160625 Willm Shieldes elder was buried
26/04/160626 Peter Stutte carpenter was buried
07/05/1606May 7 Jane Staringe daughter of Edward Staringe
08/05/16068 Elsabeth Potter widdow buried
12/05/160612 Willm Audlay was buried
17/05/160617 Willm Atkinson was buried
17/05/160617 Jane Ingram wife of Thomas Ingram bu.
19/05/160619 Thomas Mowbray sonne of George Mowbray bu.
22/05/160622 Jane Dowe wife of Thomas Dowe buried
22/05/160622 Agnnas Dickson single woman was buried
03/06/1606Jun. 3 William Fetherstone sonne of Willm Fetherstone bu.
17/06/160617 Margaret Graye daughter of John Graye buried
21/06/1606Jun. 21 Margaret Becke wife of Gilbert Becke buried
22/06/160622 Willm Lacie was buried
02/07/1606Jul. 2 Edward Truslove laborer was buried
15/07/160615 Joahnie Hill single woman was buried
17/07/160617 Nicholas Isacke was buried
25/09/1606Sep. 25 Agnne Cooke daughter of Willm Cooke buried
08/10/1606Oct. 8 Katherin Truslowe daughter of Richard Truslowe
25/10/160625 Custance Hodgson daughter of Ralphe Hodgson
30/10/160630 Willm Audlay sonne of Wm. Audlay
08/11/1606Nov. 8 Richard Fetherston sonne of James Fetherstone bur.
08/12/1606Dec. 8 Wilfray Patteson sonne of Francis Pattesone
24/12/160624 Margrete Thornley single woman
03/02/1606Feb. 3 Jennet Clarcksonne single woman buried
??/03/1606Mar. Willm Smithe was buried
24/03/160624 Francis Vickaridge daughter of Henry Vickaridge
28/03/1607Mar. 28 Robert Sansbie glover was buried
03/03/16073r Ellin Southwicke wife of John Southwicke
04/04/1607Apr. 4 Katherin Sharpe widdowe buried
07/05/1607May 7 James Fetherstone sonne of James Fetherstone
05/08/1607Aug. 5 Jane Foster daughter of Margrete Foster bu.
24/08/160724 John Blith single man was buried
22/09/1607Sep. 22 Robert Smith sonne of John Smith
13/11/1607Nov. 13 Peter Crawforde husbandman buried
30/11/160730 John Huggan single man buried
30/12/1607Dec. 30 Elsabeth Matchan wife of Stephen Matchan
19/01/1607Jan. 19 Jennet Dixon single woman
20/01/160720 John Staringe sonne of Edward Staringe
31/01/160731 Willm Burrell sonne of Thomas Burrell
07/03/1607Mar. 7 Peter Chambers sonne of John Chambers
04/04/1608Apr. 4 Cissilye Bennett widdow was buried
07/04/16087 Francis Shieldes widdow was buried
15/05/1608May 15 Maud Ridin wife of Oswold Riding buried
18/05/160818 Agnnas Pollard wife of Willm Pollard
19/07/1608Jul. 19 Isabell Robinson wife of Thomas Robinson
08/09/1608Sep. 8 Anne Mowbraye daughter of George Mowbraye
25/12/1608Dec. 25 John Daltonne husbandman
11/02/1608Feb. 11 Widdowe Hodgson was buried
16/02/160816 Annas Isacke widdow
24/02/160824 Margrete Greene daughter of Ralph Greene
28/02/160828 John Watson sonne of John Watson junr.
01/03/1608Mar. 1 Willm Bewe laborer was buried
24/03/160824 Robert Graye sonne of John Graye
25/03/160925 Margrete Harris daughter of Edmonnd Harris
05/05/1609May 5 Annas Tewnye wife of Robert Tewyne
12/06/1609Jun. 12 Margrete Lake wife of Lenard Lake
14/07/1609Jul. 14 John Fussye single man was buried
24/07/1609Jul. 24 Thomas Dowe was buried
04/08/1609Aug. 4 Mathewe Pollard sonne of Willm Pollard
27/08/160927 Katherin Hewit wife of Gilbert Hewit
27/08/160927 Ellin Applebie widdowe buried
28/09/1609Sep. 28 Annas Reame widdowe buried
14/10/1609Oct. 14 Thomas Patteson sonne of Francis Patteson
19/10/160919 Robert Tewnye was buried
28/10/160928 John Harris sonne of Edmond Harris
30/10/160930 Mathew Routhe taler was buried
30/10/160930 Willm Caverlay son of Willm Caverlay
17/11/1609Nov. 17 Robert Tewnye son of James Tewnye
10/12/1609Dec. 10 Alce Drewe daughter of John Drewe
14/12/160914 Thomas Shieldes son of Walter Shieldes
16/12/160916 Lenard Harrison sonne of Robert Harrison
09/01/1609Jan. 9 William Burrell boatman was buried
09/01/16099 Elsabeth Ellerbecke wife of Willm Ellerbecke
30/01/160930 Ralphe Greene husbandman buried
04/02/1609Feb. 4 uxor Stilton was buried
24/02/160924 Christopher Dickson was buried
03/03/1609Mar. 3 Elsabeth Tailler daughter of Margrete Tailler base
05/03/16095 Margrete Greene wife of Robert Greene
07/03/16097 Annas Shepherd wife of Willm Shepherd
09/03/16099 Jane Watson daughter of John Watson junior
24/03/160924 Elsabeth Browne wife of Willm Browne
27/04/1610Apr. 27 Christopher Rud was buried
29/04/161029 Margrete Litster widdowe buried
15/05/1610May 15 Henry Crawford Webster buried
22/05/161022 Margrete Birde wife of Willm Birde
31/05/161031 John Cocke sonne of John Cocke buried
18/06/1610Jun. 18 Willm Routhe sonne of Willm Routhe
14/07/1610Jul. 14. Doritye Browne wife of John Browne
17/08/1610Aug. 17 Margrete Cocke wife of Anthony Cocke buried
01/09/1610Sep. 1 Elsabeth Tocke daughter of Robert Tocke
18/09/161018 Margret Tewnye daughter of James Tewnye
02/11/1610Nov, 2 Ellin Woode wife of Lenard Woode
04/11/16104 Jane Patteson daughter of Francis Patteson
07/11/16107 Stephen Shepherd sonne of Henrie Shepherd
08/11/16108 Gilberte Becke was buried
01/12/1610Dec. 1 Ralphe Wilkinson laborer was buried
15/12/161015 Ellis Hogge wife of Roberte Hogge
15/12/161015 Jane Tewnye daughter of James Tewnye
16/12/161016 Lenarde Tumholme was buried
16/12/161016 Francis Maison carpenter was buried
17/12/161017 Richard Gaile single man was buried
18/12/161018 Isabell Giles wife of John Giles buried
18/12/161018 Elsabeth Routh wife of Willm Routh
18/12/161018 Margrete Snarte single woman
18/12/161018 John Isacke son of Richard Isacke
18/12/161018 Thomas Darnill single man
24/12/1610Dec. 24 Roberte Birde als Johnson basegotten
18/01/1610Jan. 18 Parsabell Wilkinson laborer
08/02/1610Feb. 8 Margrete Pearson daughter of Roger Pearson
20/02/161020 Dina Keirbye daughter of Willm Keirbye
18/03/1610Mar. 18 Thomas Burrell waterman buried
26/05/1611May 26 Custance Chadwicke daughter of James Chadwick
30/06/1611Jun. 30 Custance Ranson wife of Michaell Ranson
18/07/1611Jul. 18 Susana Mowbray wife of George Mowbray
30/08/1611Aug. 30 Barbara Caverlay daughter of Wm. Caverlay
03/10/1611Oct. 3 Bettrice Fussye single woman buried
12/12/1611Dec. 12 Allinson Graye widdowe buried
26/01/1611Jan. 26 Willm Pollarde senior buried
01/02/1611Feb. 1 Willm Whelpdaile sonne of Marmaduke Whelpdaile
04/02/16114 Jane Santon single woman buried
06/02/16116 James Carter laborer was buried
17/02/161117 Jane Blawer single woman buried
25/02/161125 Anne Blashell wife of Stephen Blashell
04/03/1611Mar. 4 Anne Shieldes daughter of Walter Sheldes
04/04/1612Apr. 4 Michaell Parkinson sonne of Richard Parkinson
06/04/16126 James Chadwicke sonne of James Chadwicke
20/04/161220 Christopher Moore sonne of Christopher Moore
20/04/161220 Francis Blashell daughter of Stephen Blashell
28/04/161228 Robert Greene husbandman buried
04/05/1612May 4 Annas Andrewe wife of Peter Andrew
07/05/16127 Annas Savige wife of Thomas Savige
29/06/1612Jun. 29 Edmond Harris tailer was buried
22/07/1612Jul. 22 Barbara Gedney daughter of Robert Gedney junr.
27/07/161227 Ellin Tomlinson widdow was buried
27/07/161227 Jane Pearson daughter of Roger Pearson
06/08/1612Aug. 6 Richard Parkinson laborer was buried
13/09/1612Sep. 13 George Hewton sonne of Margarete Hewton basgot
20/09/161220 John Staringe sonne of Edward Staringe buried
02/10/1612Oct. 2 Richard Pottes laborer was buried
07/10/16127 Elsabeth Swaine daughter of James Swaine
20/10/161220 Peter Meadlay single man buried
22/10/161222 John Pearson carpenter
23/10/161223 Annas Browne wife of Roger Browne
01/11/1612Nov. 1 Elsabeth Cocke daughter of Thomas Cocke
28/11/161228 Lettice Patteson daughter of Francis Patteson
06/12/1612Dec. 6 Richard Graye laborer
17/12/1612Dec. 17 Doritie Simpson daughter of George Simpson
21/12/161221 George Bucke was buried
09/01/1612Jan. 9 Francis Browne daughter of Laurence Brown
25/01/161225 John Gildus laborer
15/02/1612Feb. 15 Ralphe Warde was buried
18/02/161218 Thomas Burrell sonne of Thomas Burrell
18/02/161218 Francis Skeflinge wife of Edward Skefling
25/02/161225 Lawrence Browne laborer buried
03/03/1612Mar. 3 Richarde Hompton single man
16/03/161216 John Dunne sonne of Willm. Dunne
23/03/161223 Marye Maison widdowe was buried
28/03/1613Mar. 28 Sara Blyth daughter of John Blyth was buried
30/03/161330 Isabell Robinson single woman was buried
07/04/1613Apr. 7 Jonye Tocke wife of Robert Tocke
12/04/161312 John Graye cordwiner was buried
20/04/161320 Thomas Robinson butcher
02/05/1613May 2 Jane Tomholme widdowe was buried
23/05/161323 John Thornlay husbandman was buried
26/05/161326 John Jefferson sonne of Richard Jefferson
07/06/1613Jun. 7 William Redmar butcher was buried
11/06/161311 Annas Wilkinson widdowe was buried
15/06/161315 James Shepherde tanner was buried
15/06/161315 Elsabeth Graye daughter of widdowe Graye
16/06/161316 Roberte Gedney younger carpenter
22/06/161322 Margarite Jackson widdowe
27/06/161327 Willm. Shieldes sonne of Willm. Shieldes
08/07/1613Jul. 8 Alce Shepherd daughter of Henrie Shepherd
24/07/161324 Elsabeth Lawe widdowe buried
05/08/1613Aug. 5 Roger Browne husbandman
07/08/16137 Willm. Wilson was buried
11/08/1613Aug. 11 John Watson elder husbandman
12/09/1613Sep. 12 Margarite Pollard daughter of Willm. Pollarde
15/09/161315 Elizabeth Mowbray daughter of George Mowbraye
18/09/161318 Margarite Swanne wife of Willm. Swanne
24/10/1613Oct. 24 Isabell Simpson wife of Thomas Simpson
03/11/1613Nov. 3 William Kirbie laborer was buried
07/11/16137 Willm. Johnson sonne of Willm. Johnson
03/12/1613Dec. 3 Nicholas Keirbie sonne of Willm. Keirbie
16/12/161316 Margarit Cocke daughter of John Cocke
26/01/1613Jan. 26 Annas Cocke wife of Thomas Cocke
27/01/161327 Isabell Burrell single woman was buried
13/02/1613Feb. 13 John Smith sonne of John Smith buried
14/02/161314 Roberte Gednay sonne of Robert Gedney youngr.
17/02/161317 John Browne cordwiner was buried
17/02/1613Feb. 17 Robert Gibson single man was buried
23/02/161323 Lenard Woode laborer was buried
26/02/161326 Christopher Kirkbie single man
03/03/1613Mar. 3 Isabell Jackson single woman
08/03/16138 J ohn Megson laborer was buried
09/03/16139 Alce Huggan widdow was buried
14/03/161314 Margarite Patteson wife of Francis Patteson
16/03/161316 Willm. Giltencros sonne of Pattrick Giltencros
19/03/161319 Stephen Matchan laborer was buried
25/03/1614Mar. 25 Gregorye Tailler waterman was buried
26/03/161426 Johane Birde daughter of Willm Birde
27/03/161427 Evis Giltencros wife of Pattrick Giltencros
27/03/161427 John Yoward sonne of Anne Yoward basego.
28/03/161428 Cissilye Routhe single woman
29/03/161429 John Chambers sonne of John Chambers
30/03/161430 George Mowbray laborer was buried
30/03/161430 Katherin Daltonn single woman
31/03/161431 Willm. Caverlay tanner was buried
31/03/161431 Katherin Dicksonn single woman
02/04/1614Apr. 2 Thomas Stephensonn single man
06/04/16146 Jane Birde widdow was buried
08/04/16148 Jane Redmar widdow was buried
12/04/161412 Alce Graye wife of Edward Graye
13/04/161413 Margarite Truslove widdowe was buried
28/04/161428 Willm. Robinson butcher was buried
01/05/1614May 1 Richard Dalton sonne of Christopher Dalton
02/05/16142 John Woode tailler was buried
09/05/16149 Robert Graye sonne of Grace Gray widdowe
12/05/161412 Barbara Hogge daughter of Robert Hogge
20/05/161420 Elsabeth Truslove daughter of Margart Truslove decesed
24/06/1614Jun. 24 Roberte Becke was buried
09/07/1614Jul. 9 Mary Shiplay daughter of Francis Shiplay base
24/07/161424 Ellin Wilkinson single woman buried
12/09/1614Sep. 12 George Borfoote laborer was buried
14/09/161414 Roger Pearson laborer was buried
14/09/161414 Barbara Johnson wife of Willm. Johnson
28/09/161428 Annas Simpson wife of George Simpson
11/11/1614Nov. 11 Jaine Distance daughter of John Distaunce buried
11/11/161411 Robert Clarke sonne of Frauncis Clarke buried
12/11/161412 William Johnsonn sonne of William Johnson buried
22/11/161422 James Ransonn weiver was buried the day abovesaid
26/11/161426 Alice Costonn wife of Peter Costonn was buried
14/12/1614Dec. 14 Ellen Pollard wife of Thomas Pollard was buried
20/12/161420 Issabell Owstwicke wife of Jo. Owstewicke was buried
07/02/1614Feb. 7 Robert Farrey waterman was buried the day abovesaid
23/02/161423 Parcivall als Thomas Watson a stranger was buried
15/03/1614Mar. 15 Margaret Sharpe wife of Peter Sharpe was buried
23/03/161423 Ellis Frystonn wife of Robt. Frystonn was buried
28/03/1615Mar. 28 Thomas Gray sonne of Edward Gray was buried
02/04/1615Apr. 2 Robert Ward laborer was buried the day abovesaid
14/05/1615May 14 John Linsley laborer was buried the daie abovesaid
22/08/1615Aug. 22 Robert Simpsonn sonne of George Simpson buried die predicto
18/09/1615Sep. 18 Ann Gildas daughter of John Gildas was buried
25/10/1615Oct. 25 Janie Bradley spinster was buried ye day abovesd
30/11/1615Nov. 30 Ellen Smith daughter of John Smith buried
06/12/1615Dec. 6 Alice Hodgson daughter of Raph Hodgsonn was buried
12/12/161512 Margaret Cocke daughtr. of Anthony Cocke
15/12/161515 Johan Scott daughter of Huigh Scotte
01/01/1615Jan. 1 Roberte Gedney carpenter was buried
08/01/16158 George Browne glover was buried
08/01/16158 Peter Coston laborer was buried
10/02/1615Feb. 10 Elizabeth Tocke daughter of Robert Tocke
14/03/1615Mar. 14 Margaret Greneshawe wife of Robert Greneshawe buried
03/04/1616Apr. 3 William Pollard sonne of Thomas Pollard buried
16/04/161616 Gabriell Urle webster was buried die annoque predicto
26/04/161626 Ellen Sheildes daughter of Walter Sheildes buried
09/06/1616Jun. 9 Margaret Graye widdow was buried
23/06/161623 Jane Clarke daughter of Francis Clarke
07/09/1616Sep. 7 Alice Chambers daughter of John Chambers
16/09/161616 Anne Browne daughter of Robert Browne
11/10/1616Oct. 11 Anne Watson daughter of Willm Watson
08/12/1616Dec. 8 Emme Hutchan wife of Wm. Hutchan
02/02/1616Feb. 2 Christian Watson wife of James Watson
14/02/161614. Steven Blith sonne of Robert Blith
14/03/1616Mar. 14 Barbara Hogge daughter of Robt. Hogge
20/03/161620 Anne Gildus daughter of John Gildus buried
26/03/1617Mar. 26 Anne Sewersbie single woman was buried
11/04/1617Apr. 11 James Chadwicke webster was buried
01/05/1617May 1 Thomas Savage milner was buried
08/05/16178 Jane Gisbrough wife of Charles Gisbrough
10/05/161710 Anne Sansbie daughter of Wm. Sansbie
12/05/161712 Elsabeth Martin widdowe was buried
05/06/1617Jun. 5 Margarit Stutte daughter of Annas Stutt
10/06/161710 Willm Stevenson slayne and buried
03/07/1617Jul. 3 Thomas Watson tailler was buried
07/07/16177 James Watson coopper was buried
18/07/161718 Anthony Watson a stranger buried
29/07/161729 Miles Shieldes sonne of Wm. Shieldes deceased
03/08/1617Aug. 3 Mauld Gedney widdow was buried
12/09/1617Sep. 12 Thomas Marmaduke a sailer buried
26/09/161726 Isabell Railay wife of Brian Railay deceased
30/09/1617Sep. 30 Edward Truslove sonne of Edward Truslove
29/10/1617Oct. 29 Margaret Tibthorpp wife of Francis Tibthorpe
17/11/1617Nov. 17 Alice Walker daughter of Mathew Walker
28/11/161728 Margaret Nailler wife of Peter Nailler
04/12/1617Dec. 4 Willm Pollard sonne of Thomas Pollard
07/12/16177 John Birde sonne of Willm Birde
12/12/161712 Jane Stutte single woman was buried
15/12/161715 Anne Stutte widdow was buried
27/12/161727 Elsabeth Ward daughter of Ralph Ward
28/12/161728 Willm Johnsonn carpenter was buried
30/12/161730 Jane Shieldes daughter of Walter Shieldes
04/01/1617Jan 4 Anne Shieldes wife of Walter Shieldes
05/01/16175 Margaret Blenckarn daughter of Thomas Blenckarne
19/01/161719 Anne Wilsonn daughter of Robert Wilsonn
25/01/161725 Elsabeth Nawton daughter of Ric. Nawton
26/01/161726 Robert Tocke sonne of Robert Tocke buried
28/01/161728 Robert Parkinson sonne of Ric. Parkinson
04/02/1617Feb. 4 John Tailler sonne of Gregorye Tailler
04/03/1617Mar. 4 Jane Hutchan wife of Wm. Hutchan
15/03/161715 Thomas Johnson sonne of John Johnson buried
22/03/161722 Thomas Blenckarne coverlett-wever
28/03/1618Mar. 28 Francis Birde daughter of Thomas Bird
30/03/161830 John Banckes sonne of John Banckes
01/04/1618Apr. 1 Alice Greene wife of Thomas Greene
05/04/16185 Bettrice Audlay single woman was buried
06/04/16186 Charles Gisbrough laborer was buried
19/04/161819 Jane Blithe wife of Robert Blithe
22/04/161822 Robert Browne master warriner buried
02/05/1618May 2 Francis Routh single woman was buried
09/05/16189 Marye Megson widdowe was buried
30/05/161830 Thomas Watson sonne of John Watson buried
10/06/1618Jun. 10 Richard Tewnye sonne of James Tewnye buried
01/07/1618Jul. 1 Barbara Stevenson daughter of Thomas Stevenson
02/07/16182 Margery Selsby vid. was buried
21/07/161821 Francis Tailler daughter of Gregorie Tailler
27/09/1618Sep. 27 John Wilson sonne of Robert Wilson
04/10/1618Oct. 4 Robert Shipwright laborer was buried
30/11/1618Nov. 30 Miles Higgon fisherman was buryed
05/12/1618Dec. 5 Elizabeth Beastow wief of Richard Beastow bur.
29/01/1618Jan. 29 Elzabeth Costan single woman was buryd.
09/02/1618Feb. 9 John Wood son of Gabryell Wood was bur.
19/02/161819 Johanna the wife of Xpopher Audley buryed
22/02/161822 John Oustwick laborer was buryd.
29/02/161829 Elizabeth the daughter of Thomas Ward buryed
24/03/1618Mar. 24 Willm. son of Willm. Ellerbeck buryed
23/04/1619Apr. 23 Miles Higgon single man was buryd.
01/05/1619May 1 Willian Hause ye servant of James Stephenson buryd.
25/07/1619Jul. 25 Gennett the wief of Robart Harper was buryed
31/07/161931 John Distanc was buryd.
05/08/1619Aug. 5 Kattharen the doughter of Edward Buck was buried
18/08/161918 John Smith laborer was buryed the day and yeare above said
20/09/1619Sep. 20 Raiph the son of Richard Jefferson was buryed
21/09/161921 Mary wief of Oliver Fryeston was buryed
22/10/1619Oct. 22 Willm. Waddworth single man was buryed
18/12/1619Dec. 18 Richard son of Thomas Burd was buryed
31/12/161931 Raiph Hodgson webster was buryed
13/01/1619Jan. 13 Ann Urre the daughter of widdow Urre buryed
18/01/161918 Jane daughter of Willm. Ellerbecke was buryed
29/03/1620Mar. 29 Henry Vicaridg a poore man was buryed
02/04/1620Apr. 2 Thomas Oggram webster was buryed
05/04/16205 Thomas Stoaker labourer was buryed
30/04/162030 Issabell doughter of Xpopher Bartchard buryed
10/05/1620May 10 Bridgett the wief of John Blithe buryed
21/05/162021 Xpopher Gaule taylor was buryed
21/05/162021 Emmott Stephenson single woman buryed
22/06/1620Jun. 22 Raph Hodgson was buryed
20/07/1620Jul. 20 Emot the doughter of Margarett Gedney buryed
03/08/1620Aug. 3 Anthony Cock laborer was buryed
16/10/1620Oct. 16 Bryan Railay senior was buryed
21/10/162021 Margery the wief of Willm. Shepherd buried
10/11/1620Nov. 10 Thomas the sonn of Thomas Stoaker bur.
18/11/162018 Xpopher the sonn of Kichard Moore bur.
26/11/162026 Ann the wief of Henry Higgon bur.
28/11/162028 Richard the son of Brian Railay bur.
02/12/1620Dec. 2 Xpopher Peacock single man was buryed
26/12/162026 John Lam labourer was bur.
28/12/162028 John Chambers musitian was bur.
30/12/162030 William Browne labourer was bur.
17/01/1620Jan. 17 Richard Garnar taylor was buried
05/02/1620Feb. 5 John Guildhouse labourer buried
23/03/1620Mar. 23 Robert Frieston tanner buryed
25/03/162025 Willm Burd milner was buryed
13/04/1621Apr. 13 Joanna the wief of Willm. Cook buryed
30/04/162130 Jane Farray a poore widdow was buryed
05/05/1621May 5 Ann the doughter of Richard Truslove buryed
19/05/162119 Robert the son of Robart Harper was buryed
21/05/1621May 21 Eliz. Garton a poore widdow was buryed
24/05/162124 Richard Wadworth a yong man was buryed
30/05/162130 Thomas the son of Frauncis Pattenson burd.
05/06/1621Jun. 5 Thomas Pettie labourer was bur.
23/06/162123 John Wattson husbandman was bur.
28/06/162128 Eliz. Pottes widdow was buryed
02/09/1621Sep. 2 Willm. Hutchan labourer was bur.
07/10/1621Oct. 7 John the son of Robert Sheepherd
17/11/1621Nov. 17 Willian} Sagg butcher was buryed
23/11/162123 Elizabeth the wief of John Willson thelder was buried
27/11/162127 Ann the wief of Willm. Burd buryed
28/11/162128 Robert Xptie (Christie) labourer was buryed
11/12/1621Dec. 11 Margarett the wief of John Duncalf gent. bur.
12/12/162112 Richard Maison single man buryed
18/12/162118 Johan doughter of Thomas Galland clark bur.
09/02/1621Feb. 9 Thomas sonne of William Watson bur.
07/03/1621Mar. 7 Richard Truslove sone of Robert Truslove bur.
11/03/162111 Willm. Ward sone of Thomas Ward bur.
20/03/162120 Hugh Scott sonne of Hugh Scot buried
23/03/162123 Thomas Stevenson gentleman buried
30/03/162130 Francis Clarke laborer was buried
11/04/1622Apr. 11 Thomas Jefferson the sone of Robt. Jefferson buried
12/04/162212 Uriah Duncalfe sone of John Duncalfe buried
19/04/162219 Maudland Cock daughter of Anthonie Cocke was buried
26/05/1622May 26 Johan Hutchan widdow was buried
13/06/1622Jun. 13 Isabell Gildhouse doughter of John Gildhouse buried
14/07/1622Jul. 14 John Watson sone of John Watson was buried
28/07/162228 Elsabeth Simpson doughter of George Simpson buried
23/09/1622Sep. 23 Willm. Watson sonne of John Watson buried
12/10/1622Oct. 12 John Isacke sonne of Willm. Isacke buried
07/11/1622Nov. 7 Thomas Audley sone of Christopher Audley buried
08/11/16228 Lowerance Duncalfe laborer was buried
27/11/162227 Richard Moore sonne of Henrye Moore buried
04/12/1622Dec. 4 Urselay Wharaham single woman buried
16/12/162216 Francis Tibthorpe daughter of Francis Tibthorpe
10/01/1622Jan. 10 Barbaray Dalton daughter of Christopher Dalton
20/01/162220 Marie Dalton daughter of Christopher Dalton
26/01/162226 Elsabeth Dalton daughter of Christopher Dalton
29/01/162229 Jacob Knox sone of Willm. Knox was buried
30/01/162230 Annas Shepherd wife of Robert Shepherd elder
04/02/1622Feb. 4 Ailse Dun daughter of Henry Dun younger buried
13/02/162213 Grace Gray widdowe was buried
09/03/1622Mar. ix Francis Parker daughter of John Parker
12/03/1622Mar. xij Ailse Dun daughter of Willm. Dun
03/04/1623Apr. 3 Willm. Dun sonne of Henrie Dun younger bur.
13/04/1623Apr. xiij Issabell Tewnye wife of James Tewnye
18/04/162318 Jane Duncalfe daughter of Lowerance Duncalfe bur.
19/04/1623Apr. 19 Jane Jefferson daaughter of Robert Jefferson buried
25/05/1623May 25 Ailse Sewersbye widdow was buried
30/05/162330 Agnus Rawson widdow was buried
30/06/1623Jun. 30 John Megson Webster was buried
01/07/1623Jul. 1 Christopher Dalton bayliffe was buried
26/07/162326 Richard Moore sone of Henrie Moore buried
21/08/1623Aug. 21 Agnus Skefling wife of Edward Skefling buried
04/09/1623Sep. 4 Thomas Duncalfe sonne of Lowerance Duncalfe
07/09/1623Sep. 7 Robert Blith glover was buried
14/09/162314 Willm. Rawson single man was buried
22/09/162322 Edward Hunter single man buried
28/09/162328 Raphe Hodgson single man buried
03/11/1623Nov. 3 Emme Sansbye wife of Willm. Sansbye
08/11/16238 Ellin Railay daughter of Brian Railay buried
13/11/162313 John Shor sonne of Jane Shor base gotten buried
02/12/1623Dec. 2 Annas Bilet widdow was buried
14/01/1623Jan. 14 Brian Watson laborer was buried
27/01/162327 John Clarke sone of Francis Clarke buried
18/02/1623Feb. 18 Annas Browne widdow was buried
22/02/162322 Annas Bew widdow was buried
27/02/162327 Jane Megson single woman buried
05/03/1623Mar. 5 Elsabeth Endicke wife of Richard Endicke buried
14/03/162314 John Southweeke laborer was buried
24/03/162324 Thomas Friston sone of Oliver Friston buried
30/03/1624Mar. 30 Thomas Thornlay sone of Thomas Thornlay bur.
02/04/1624Apr. 2 Willm. Shipwright single man was buried
08/04/16248 Willm. Kierbie single man was buried
03/05/1624May 3 Willm. Browne cordiner was buried
13/05/162413 Issabell Cocke widdow was buried
13/06/1624Jun. 13 Marie Pollerd wife of Thomas Pollerd bur.
24/07/1624Jul. 24 Leonard Bilton laborer was buried
25/07/162425 John Steavenson sonne of James Steavenson buried
15/08/1624Aug. 15 Thomas Jefferson son of Robert Jefferson buried
17/08/162417 Willm. Smith husbandman buried
22/08/162422 James Tewnie sonne of James Tewnie buried
24/09/1624Sep. 24 Willm. Sheildes son of Robert Sheildes buried
01/11/1624Nov. 1 Katheran Watson daughter of William Watson bur.
02/12/1624Dec. 2 Matthew Burrell single man buried
28/12/162428 Jane Stephenson wife of James Stephenson buried
02/01/1624Jan. 2 Elsabeth Stawker daughter of Thomas Stawker bur.
16/01/162416 Elsabeth Crawforth widdow buried
19/01/162419 Ann Railay daughter of Brian Railay buried
26/01/162426 Francis Bartchard wife of Thomas Bartchard bur.
28/01/162428 Leonard Tumholme sone of George Tumholme bur.
20/01/162420 Elizabeth Browne single woman buried
22/02/1624Feb. 22 Thomas Bennit cordiner buried
01/03/1624Mar. 1 Margrete Hobson wife of Peter Hobson buried
01/03/16241 Stephen Parker laborer a stranger buried
05/03/16245 Peter Hobson laborer was buried
10/03/162410 Christopher Moore laborer buried
12/03/162412 Peter Andrew Webster buried
12/03/162412 Elsabeth Andrew wife of Peter Andrew buried
22/03/162422 Annas Blenckarne widdow buried
02/04/1625Apr. 2 Tobias Bucke sone of Edward Bucke buried
09/04/16259 Phillip Cooke sone of Willm Cooke buried
28/04/162528 Sissilay Snipe widdow was buried
15/05/1625May 15 Robert Shepperd oldr. laborer was buried
02/06/1625Jun. 2 Johan Stephenson widdow was buried
18/06/162518 Henry Dun blacksmith was buried
14/07/1625Jul. 14 Ann Ellerbeck daughter of Willm Ellerbeck buried
19/07/162519 John North single man was buried
28/07/162528 Margret Shepherd wife of Robert Shepherde buried
17/08/1625Aug. 17 Elsabeth Warde daughter of Thomas Warde senr. buried
20/09/1625Sep. 20 Annas Watson widdow was buried
06/10/1625Oct. 6 Francis Bilton daughter of Willm Bilton buried
24/10/162524 Margret Harper daughter of Robert Harper bur.
09/11/1625Nov. 9 John Gildus sone of John Gildus buried
12/11/162512 Willm Conset shepeherder buried
14/11/162514 Jane Megson daughter of Henrye Megson buried
12/12/1625Dec. 12 Peter Sharpe laborer buried
17/12/162517 Leonard Lakes laborer buried
27/12/162527 Henrye Chambers sone of John Chambers
30/12/162530 Willm Simpson son of Ann Simpson basegotten buried
02/01/1625Jan. 2 James Hobson sone of Peter Hobson buried
02/01/16252 Katheran Higgan widdow buried
12/01/162512 John Ellerbeck sone of WilIm Ellerbecke bur.
17/01/162517 Raphe Warriner sone of John Warriner bur.
21/01/162521 Ann Atsee daughter of John Atsee buried
25/01/162525 Richard Bestow carpenter buried
28/02/1625Feb. 28 Issabell Pearson widdow buried
30/04/1626Apr. 30 Richard Bestow sone of Richard Bestow buried
10/05/1626May 10 Jane Hobson daughter of Peter Hobson buried
21/05/162621 Johane Bucke daughter of Edward Bucke buried
27/06/1626Jun. 27 Jenet Pollard wife of Willm Pollard buried
05/07/1626Jul. 5 Willm Pollard laborer buried
27/07/162627 Margret Pattison wife of Francis Pattison buried
12/08/1626Aug. 12 James Pattison sone of Francis Pattison
17/08/162617 Robert Hogge milner was buried
26/08/162626 Stephen Arnell laborer buried
20/10/1626Oct. 20 Christopher Maison yeoman buried
20/10/162620 Jhonie Bilton wife of Gregorie Bilton
13/11/1626Nov. 13 Martha Routh wife of Willm Routh buried
12/12/1626Dec. 12 Jane Watson single woman buried
15/01/1626Jan. 15 Humphray Hall clarke parson of Pattrington of the age of seaventie and five yeares and Rector there fortie and five yeares buried
05/02/1626Feb. 5 Richard Smith cordiner buried
16/02/162616 Thomas Wilson cordiner buried
27/02/162627 Hugh Scot laborer buried
12/03/1626Mar. 12 Emm. Sansby daughter of Willm Sansbie buried
13/03/162613 Thomas Hardie laborer buried
15/03/162615 Elsabeth Sutton single woman buried
17/03/162617 Annas Urr widdow buried
19/03/162619 Sisselay Vickeridge widdow buried
20/03/162620 Jane Gorbut widdow buried
20/03/162620 Katheran Pollard wife of John Pollard buried
20/03/162620 Constance Lambe widdow
21/03/162621 Ann Bellat single woman buried
27/03/1627Mar. 27 Francis Moore wife of Henrie Moore buried
30/03/162730 Christibell Gray single woman buried
01/04/1627Apr. 1 Willm Young sone of Henrye Young buried
01/04/16271 Jonah Fisher sone George Fisher buried
21/04/162721 Ann Hogg daughter of Robert Hogg buried
24/04/162724 Jaine Newton wife of John Newton buried
27/06/1627Jun. 27 John Savag miller buried
27/08/1627Aug. 27 Joan Walker wife of Mathew Walker buried
27/08/162727 Michaell Ward the son of Raphe Ward buried eodem die
19/09/1627Sep. 19 Katheran Isaac single woman bried (sic)
19/09/162719 Elizabeth Simpson daughter of George Simpson
07/10/1627Oct. 7 Barbara Hall wife of Humphray Hall buried
13/10/162713 Francis Pattison laborer buried
20/10/162720 Ann Sansbye daughter of Thomas Sansbye bur.
14/11/1627Nov. 14 Gregorie Bilton yeoman buried
08/12/1627Dec. 8 Ann Atsee daughter of John Atsee buried
30/12/162730 Peter Walker miller buried
04/03/1627Mar. 4 John Warriner sone of John Warriner buried
05/04/1628Apr. 5 Ann Toynton single woman
28/04/162828 Ailse Dun daughter of Willm Dun buried
28/04/162828 Abigaile Bartchard daughter of Christopher Bartchard
21/05/1628May 21 Margret Jefferson daughter of Robert Jefferson buried
29/05/162829 John Polard butcher buried
24/06/1628Jun. 24 Elizabeth Watson widdow buried
01/08/1628Aug. 1 Ralphe Ward glasier buried
07/09/1628Sep. 7 Marie Hodgson daughter of Christopher Hodgson
13/09/162813 John Lambe sonne of John Lambe buried
17/09/1628Sep. 17 Margret Atsee daughter of John Atsee buried
07/10/1628Oct. 7 Barbara Atsee wife of John Atsee buried
28/01/1628Jan. 28 John Wilson the oldr. cordiner buried
05/02/1628Feb. 5 Samuell Skidmore son of John Skidmore gent. buried
21/02/162821 Annas Harper wife of Robert Harper buried
10/03/1628Mar. 10 Robert Westerdaile sonne of Robert Westerdaile buried
24/03/162824 Willm. Watson laborer buried
04/04/1629Apr. 4 Susanna Wilkinson widdow buried
13/04/162913 Jane Stevenson daughter of George Stevenson buried
24/05/1629May 24 Ailse Watson daughter of Willm. Watson buried
23/07/1629Jul. 23 Elias Nailler sonne of Peter Nailler buried
06/08/1629Aug. 6 Thomas Railay sonne of Brian Railay buried
24/08/162924 Marye Dawson daughter of John Dawson buried
07/10/1629Oct. 7 Christopher Sagg sonne of Christopher Sagg bur.
07/11/1629Nov. 7 Issabell Oggram widdow buried
04/12/1629Dec. 4 Ellin Thornton single woman buried
03/01/1629Jan. 3 Isabell Webster wife of John Webster buried
04/01/16294 Katheran Morris wife of Thomas Morris buried
07/01/16297 Ann Pruston daughter of John Pruston buried
10/01/162910 Thomas Dun sonne of Henrie Dun buried
25/02/1629Feb. 25 Allexsaunder Robinson buried
24/03/1629Mar. 24 Ann Burton daughter of Peter Burton buried
28/03/1630Mar. 28 Francis Maison sonne of Christopher Maison
21/04/1630Apr. 21 Ann Bilton wife of Willm. Bilton senr.
02/05/1630May 2 Katherin Maison single woman buried
13/05/163013 James Newwarke buried
29/06/1630Jun. 29 Willm. Mallerie sonne of Willm. Mallerie buried
08/07/1630Jul. 8 Easter Simpson daughter of George Simpson buried
08/07/16308 Ailse Bestow daughter of Richard Bestow buried
20/07/163020 Elizabeth Watson daughter of Richd. Watson buried
25/07/163025 Francis Giles daughter of Richard Glles buried
02/08/1630Aug. 2 Thomas Browne sonne of John Browne buried
03/09/1630Sep. 3 Robert Barber sonne of Robert Barber buried
06/09/16306 Robert Shepherd sonne of Robert Shepherd buried
07/09/16307 Sissilay Walker wife of Robert Walker buried
02/10/1630Oct. 2 Ann Ellerbeck daughter of Willm. Ellerbeck buried
27/10/163027 Roger Barne buried
01/11/1630Nov. 1 Henrye Smith sonne of Francis Smith buried
03/12/1630Dec. 3 Susana Campion daughter of Peter Campion bur.
13/12/163013 Ailse Dalton wife of John Dalton buried
23/01/1630Jan. 23 Elizabeth Gray wife of Edward Gray buried
08/02/1630Feb. 8 Henry Young husbandman buried
15/02/163015 Ailse Sansbye daughter of Willm. Sansbye
21/02/1630Feb. 21 Gallian Gaull widdow buried
22/02/163022 Willm. Atsee sonne of John Atsee buried
23/03/1630Mar. 23 Ann Webster daughter of Mathew Webster buried
14/04/1631Apr. 14 Nicholas Cooke sonne of James Cooke buried
30/04/163130 Mathew Truslove sonne of Robert Truslove buried
06/05/1631May 6 John Flinton laborer buried
08/06/1631Jun. 8 Willm. Sheildes sonne of Nicholas Sheildes buried
16/07/1631Jul. 16 Jane Scot widdow buried
18/07/163118 Elizabeth Thornlay daughter of Thomas Thornlay
31/07/163131 William Knox laborer buried
10/08/1631Aug. 10 Ann Burton daughter of Peter Burton buried
15/09/1631Sep. 15 James Dun sonne of Henrye Dun buried
17/09/163117 Robert Smith son of Francis Smith buried
23/09/163123 Robert Allinton buried
30/09/163130 Leonard Garton sonne of John Garton buried
06/10/1631Oct. 6 Katheran Sansbye wife of Thomas Sansbye
08/10/16318 Margere Railay widdow buried
09/10/16319 Katheran Caiwood wife of Thomas Caiwood buried
17/10/163117 Iphas Parkinson daughter of Thomas Parkinson buried
18/10/163118 Elizabeth Pruston daughter of John Pruston buried
19/10/163119 Elisabeth Pruston wife of John Pruston buried
23/10/163123 Thomas Caiwood tinker buried
25/10/163125 Willm. Shipwright sonne of Richard Shipwright
28/10/163128 Katherin Shipwright daughter of Richard Shipwright
10/11/1631Nov. 10 Willm. Gray single man buried
12/11/163112 Dinis Parkinson widdow buried
13/11/163113 Thomas Cock yeoman buried
02/12/1631Dec. 2 Elizabeth Jegger widdow buried
25/12/163125 Prudence Johnson daughter of Willm. Johnson buried
05/01/1631Jan. 5 Katherin Cooke wife of John Cooke buried
13/01/163113 Anna Hide wife of Saunder Hide buried
27/01/163127 Annas Buck widdow buried
03/02/1631Feb. 3 Robert Westerdaile sonne of Robert Westerdayle buried
06/02/16316 Francis Smith sonne of Francis Smith buried
16/02/163116 John Stone eldr. blacksmith buried
17/02/163117 Steven Megson sonne of Henry Megson buried
23/03/1631Mar. 23 Christopher Moore sonn of Rechard Moore buried
14/04/1632Apr. 14 Elizabeth Crawforth single woman buried
22/06/1632Jun. 22 Elizabeth Parkinson daughter of Thomas Parkinson buried
01/09/1632Sep. 1 Ellis Sagg daughter of Christopher Sagg buried
02/09/16322 John Pruston laborer buried
03/11/1632Nov. 3 Thomas Simpson the elder buried
20/11/163220 Ann Hide daughter of Allexsaunder Hide buried
27/11/163227 Ailse Isacke widdow buried
30/11/163230 Marye Mallorye daughter of Willm. Mallerye
16/02/1632Feb. 16 Issabell Sansbye widdow buried
23/02/163223 Ann Sansbye wife of Willm Sansbye buried
27/02/163227 Jane Johnson buried
12/03/1632Mar. 12 Marye Megson daughter of Henrye Megson buried
17/03/1632Mar. 17 Elizabeth Tumholme wife of Thomas Tumholme buried
21/03/163221 Elizabeth Cooke daughter of James Cooke buried
31/03/1633Mar. 31 Francis Pentith cordiner buried
17/04/1633Apr. 17 Margret Ward wife of Thomas Ward buried
21/04/163321 Ann Wood single woman buried
29/04/163329 George Leng laborer buried
01/05/1633May 1 Bartholamew Christie yeoman buried
09/05/16339 Richard Endick laborer buried
21/05/163321 Henrye Horslay sonne of George Horslay buried
28/06/1633Jun. 28 Elizabetha filia Radulphi Crawforth sepulta
04/07/1633Jul. 4 Dinah uxor Thomae Dalton sepulta
28/07/163328 Robertus Harper sepultus
05/08/1633Augusti quinto Isabella filia Henrici Sheephearde filia Guilielmi Reame junioris
in ipso hujus lucis limine expirans in eodem sepulcho epultae
16/08/163316 Margareta filia Gulielmi Cumyn et Janae Andrew sepulta
10/09/1633Sep. 10 Helena filia Henrici Sheepheard sepulta
16/09/163316 Christopherus filius Christopheri Sagg sepultus
27/09/163327 filius spurius Davidis Distance et Annae Younge ante lavacrum sanctum emortuus et sepultus
03/10/16338bris 3 Martha filia Edvardi Turrington sepulta
13/12/163310bris 13 Franciscus filius Roberti Gaule sepultus
22/12/163322 Margeria Watson innupta sepulta
21/01/1633Jan. 21 Thomas Dalton senior sepultus
30/01/163330 Margareta uxor Jacobi Gray sepulta
23/02/1633Feb. 23 Jana uxor Stephani Blith sepulta
23/02/163323 Katharina Petty vidua sepulta
22/06/1634Jun. 22 Maria filia Johanis Dawson sepulta
04/07/1634Jul. 4 filia abortiva Guilielmi Cocke sepulta
16/08/1634Aug. 16 Johannes Dauson servus Brian Rayley sepultus
22/10/1634Oct. 22 Franciscus Tibthorpe operarius sepultus
12/11/16349bris 12 Margareta uxor Richardi Jefferson sepulta
02/01/1634Jan. 2 Jacobus Tewny senex sepultus
08/01/16348 Johannes filius Roberti Westerdale
13/01/163413 Robertus Westerdale et Francisca uxor dicti Roberti eodem tumulo sepulti Ex peste ut opinor
14/01/163414 filius Gulielmi Reame junioris ante aquam Baptismi mortuus
18/01/163418 Robertus Jefferson sepultus
25/01/163425 Anna uxor Richardi Truslove sepulta
28/01/163428 Christopherus filius infans Johannis Maste
29/01/163429 Jana Petty innupta sepulta
05/02/1634Feb. 5 Anna Wilkinson senex innupta sepulta
01/03/1634Mar. 1 David filius Thomae Simpson sepultus
24/03/163424 Johannes Lockinge domesticus Johannis Duncalfe sepult.
02/04/1635Apr. 2 Robertus Watson juvenis sepulti
02/04/16352 Maria filia Johannis Bancks sepulti.
04/04/1635Apr. 4 Petrus Marshall operarius sepultus
12/04/163512 Jana Moore vidua sepulta
16/04/163516 Richardus Sagge juvenis sepultus
07/05/1635May 7 Jana uxor Edouardi Turrington in ipso puerperio mortua et sep:
09/05/16359 Francisca Christie vidua sepulta
11/07/1635Jul. 11 Gulielmus Routh senex sepultus
16/08/1635Aug. 16 Francisca filia Johannis Blithe sepulta
18/08/163518 Gulielmus filius Thomae Carleille sepultus
22/08/163522 Gulielmus Ellerbecke sepultus
17/08/163517 Isabella Westerdale infans parentibus orba sepulta
01/11/1635Nov. 1 Rebecka filia Thomae Tocke sepulta
15/11/163515 Fidelia vulgo Faith filia Francisci Smith et Annae uxoris ejus
15/11/163515 Franciscus Simpson senex sepultus
17/11/163517 filius Gulielmi Cocke ante Lavacrum sanctum mortuus et sep.
14/12/1635Dec. 14 Anna uxor Roberti Tocke sepulta
18/01/1635Jan. 18 Anna uxor Thom e Fetherstone sepulta
07/02/1635Feb. 7 filius Richardi Jefferson in partu mortuus sep.
24/02/163524 Joanna Browne vidua sepulta
01/03/1635Mar. 1 Jana uxor Johannis Gray sepulta
24/03/163524 Stephanus Blyth senex sepultus
06/04/1636Apr. 6 Maria filia Gulielmi Johnson sepulta
10/04/163610 Georgius Horsley crepidarius sepulti
10/04/163610 Jana filia innupta Johannis Blith sepulti
18/04/163618 Johannes Addison sepultus
21/04/163621 Maria filia Edouardi Turrington sepulta
24/04/163624 Anna filia Gullelmi Mallory sepulta
26/04/163626 Johannes Bancks coquus sepultus
23/05/1636May 23 Thomas Birde sepultus
20/06/1636Jun. 20 Susanna filia Gabrielis Wood sepulta
21/06/163621 Gulielmus filius Thomae Parkinson sepultus
27/06/163627 Emotta filia Jacobi Gray sepulta
24/07/1636Jul. 24 Maria filia Christopheri Hodgson sepulta
27/07/163627 Anna filia Thomae Greenshawe sepulta
30/07/163630 Joanna filia Matthiae Caverlay sepulta
18/08/1636Aug. 18 Thomas filius Richardi Watson sepultus
06/09/1636Sep. 6 Radulphus filius Henrici Ward sepultus
28/09/163628 Ursula filia Thomae Blenkehorne sepulta
19/10/1636Oct. 19 Johannes Webstar sepultus
23/10/163623 Barbara filia Christopheri Crawforth sepulta
08/11/1636Nov. 8 Leonardus filius Johannis Barchard sepultus
26/11/163626 Jana uxor Georgii Blythe gravida sepulta
07/12/1636Dec. 7 Johannes Garton faber lignarius sepultus
16/12/163616 filius abortivus Richardi Jefferson sepultus
18/12/163618 filius in partu mortuus Annae Pattison et populi
09/01/1636Jan. 9 Gulielmus Scott juvenis sepultus
15/01/163615 infans Thomae Shaw non baptiz: sepultus
29/01/163629 infans Roberti Barber non baptiz: sepultus
12/02/1636Feb. 12 Johannes filius Johannis Rawlinge sepult.
25/02/1636Feb. 25 Robertus Walker faber lignarius sepultus
11/03/1636Mar. 11 Johannes filius Johannis Gray sepultus
01/04/1637Apr. 1 Radulphus filius Johannis Dalton sepultus
09/04/16379 filia Matthaei Walker sepulta
10/04/163710 Elizabetha Blythe vidua sepulta
27/04/163727 Johannes Rawlinge agricola sepultus
28/05/1637May 28 Franciscus filius Thomae Tumholme sepultus
02/07/1637Jul. 2 Dorcas filia Matthaei Bullocke sepulta
08/08/1637Aug. 8 Susanna filia Richardi Warde de Skefflinge sep.
11/08/163711 Johannes filia Johannis Maste sepultus
14/08/163714 Jacobus filius Francisci Smith sepultus
20/08/163720 Francisca filia Thomae Parkinson sepultus
28/08/163728 Matthaeus Bullocke sepultus
30/08/163730 Thomas filius Jacobi Wintringham
19/09/1637Sep. 19 Gulielmus Ellerbecke impuber sepult.
23/09/163723 Robertus Younge hoc anno aedituus eccliae sepultus
28/09/163728 Elizabetha filia infans Baltesaris Settle de Beverley sepulta
28/09/163728 Thomas Blenkhorne textor sepultus
01/10/1637Oct. 1 Gulielmus Johnson sepultus
02/10/16372 filius Gulielmi Crosse ante baptismum
02/10/1637eodem die Francisca Stringer sepulta
07/10/16377 Johannes Younge juvenis sepultus
07/10/1637eodem die Elizabetha uxor Thomae Warde
09/10/16379 Anna filia Annae Blenckhorne viduae
10/10/163710 Anna uxor Christophori Mason
12/10/163712 Anna Rawlinge vidua sepulta
16/10/163716 filia infans Johannis Maste sepulta
22/10/163722 Johannes Duncalfe senior generosus sepulti
22/10/163722 Gulielmus filius Thomae Warde sepulti
24/10/163724 Johannes filius infans Thomae Tewny sepultus
28/10/163728 Anna Beane filia uxoris Richardi Watson sepulta
30/10/163730 Jana Mowbray vidua sepulta
03/11/1637Nov. 3 Jacobus filius Annae Tibthorpe viduae sepulta
02/12/1637Dec. 2 Maria Beane filia uxoris Richardi Watson sepulta
17/12/163717 Robertus Truslove operarius sepultus
20/12/163720 filia Richardi Watson inbaptizata sepulta
22/12/163722 Jana uxor Richardi Watson sepulta
23/12/163723 Radulphus filius Henrici Shepherd agricola sepultus
31/12/163731 filia recens nata Richardi Jefferson sepulta
18/01/1637Jan. 18 Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Oliver sepultus
09/03/1637Mar. 9 Isabella Shipwright vidua sepulta
38 sepulti inter quos e peste aut suspecti ita 21
[21 out of the 38 buried are suspected of the pestilence]
07/04/1638Apr. 7 Katharina Smith vidua sepulta
18/04/163818 Johannes Blythe senior sepultus
02/06/1638Jun. 2 Thomas Greeneshaw agricola sepultus
05/06/16385 Eduardus Gray operarius sepultus
08/08/1638Aug. 8 Jana uxor Jacobi Fetherstone sepulta
20/08/1638Aug. 20 Anna filia Thomae Carleile sepult.
23/08/163823 Johannes Newton geners sepultus
19/09/1638Sep. 19 Margareta Simpson vidua, domestica Johannis Duncalfe sepulta
19/09/163819 Anna filia infans Johannis Dalton sepulta
21/09/163821 Robertus filius infans Roberti Sheepheard sepultus
16/10/1638Oct. 16 Helena uxor Thomae Younge sepulta
25/10/163825 Francisca filia Thomae Carleile sepulta
23/11/1638Nov. 23 Richardus Watson agricola sepultus
02/01/1638Jan. 2 Bartholomaeus filius Johannis Dawson sepult.
10/01/163810 Beatrix vulgo Bettrice uxor Thomae Manby sepulta
22/01/163822 Jacobus Stephenson auceps sepultus
03/02/1638Feb. 3 Maria filia Henrici Megson sepulta
19/02/163819 Thomas filius Thomae Shaw sepultus
05/03/1638Mar. 5 Anna Headon vidua sepulta
08/03/16388 Margareta Wilson senex innupta sepulta
11/03/163811 Douglasse filia infans Thomae Tocke sepult.
14/03/163814 Johanna uxor Petri Hompton sepulta
25/03/1639Mar. 25 Jana filia gemella Annae Dunne et populi sepult.
29/03/163929 Katharina altera gemella Arniae Dunne et populi sepulta
16/04/1639Apr. 16 Anna filia Elizabethae Browne et populi sepulta
18/06/1639Jun. 18 Gulielmus Bilton senex sepultus
22/07/1639Jul. 22 filia recens nata Richardi Jefferson sepulta
29/07/163929 Gulielmus filius infans Francisci Corbett rectoris eccliae et Annae uxoris sepultus
11/08/1639Aug. 11 Matthaeus Barugh senex sepultus
16/08/163916 Elizabetha uxor Thomae Carlile sepulta
02/09/1639Sep. 2 Susanna filia Thomae Simpson sepulta
21/09/163921 Richardus filius Johannis Dalton sepultus
07/11/1639Nov. 7 Epham Hutchin vidua sepulta
14/11/163914 Maria filia Edouardi Gardiner sepulta
17/11/163917 Emmota uxor Thomae Sagge sepulta
27/12/1639Dec. 27 Johannes filius Thomae Marshall sep.
05/02/1639Feb. 5 Agnes Harper vidua sepulta
15/03/1639Mar. 15 filius infans in ipso partu mortuus Gulielmi Bucke
25/03/1640Mar. 25 Isabella filia infans Johannis Cooke sepult.
25/04/1640Apr. 25 Elizabetha uxor Thomae Shaw sepulta
24/07/1640Jul. 24 Jana filia Marmaduci Fryston sepulta
27/07/164027 Johannes Smith textor sepultus
09/08/1640Aug. 9 Jana uxor Thome Tocke sepulta
20/09/1640Sep. 20 Elizabetha filia Gulielmi Crosse sepulta
21/10/1640Oct. 21 Nicholaus filius Nicholai Sheilds sepultus
22/10/164022 Johannes Reame senex sepultus
03/11/1640Nov. 3 Anna filia Thomas_ Younge sepulta
02/11/16402 Gualtherus Sheilds senex sepultus
06/01/1640Jan. 6 Georgius Steuenson sepultus
13/01/1640Jan. 13 Alicia uxor Thomae Parkinson sepult.
08/02/1640Feb. 8 Thomas Manbye rotifex sepult.
10/02/164010 Robertus filius Christophori Headon sepult.
21/02/164021 Helena uxor Roberti Harrison sepult.
02/03/1640Mar. 2 Anna uxor Thomae Simpson lanionis sepulta
17/03/164017 Jacobus Gray pauper sepultus
20/03/164020 Gulielmus Mallorie generosus sepultus
30/05/1641May 30 Elizabetha uxor Roberti Thompson sepulta
20/07/1641Jul. 20 Margareta uxor Gulielmi Ellerbie sepulta
05/08/1641Aug. 5 Robertus filius Gulielmi Ellerbie sepultus
14/09/1641Sep. 14 Anna Briggham vidua pauperrima sepulta
26/09/164126 Anna uxor puerpera Gullelmi Marshall consepultae
26/09/164126 filia dicti Gulielmi et Annae Marshall consepultae
30/09/164130 Francisca Reame vidua sepulta
02/10/1641Oct. 2 Margareta Reynard domestica Richardi Bilton sepulta
10/10/164110 Sythe Johnson domestica Francisci Smith sepulta
17/10/164117 Emmota filia Thomae Simpson sepulta
18/10/164118 Alicia Lenge nuper de Beverley sepulta
21/10/164121 Maria filia Katharinae Leeds et populi sepulta
30/10/164130 Maria filia Roberti Sheepheard sepulta
18/11/1641Nov. 18 Jana uxor Michaelis Ranson sepulta
30/11/164130 Elizabetha Strother domestica Chr. Mason sepulta
19/01/1641Jan. 19 Robertus filius Franciscae Routh et populi sepultus
06/03/1641Mar. 6 Stephanus filius Roberti Thompson sepult.
14/04/1642Apr. 14 Richardus filius Thomae Parkinson sepultus
04/05/1642May 4 Elizabetha filia Thomae Parkinson sepulta
17/05/164217 Elizabetha filia Richardi Truslove sepulta
01/06/1642Jun. 1 Margarta Garner vidua sepulta
04/06/16424 Elizabetha uxor Johannis Wilkinson sepulta
07/06/16427 Jana uxor Thomae Ward vietoris sepult.
18/08/1642Aug. 18 Alicia uxor Thomae Pollard lanionis sepult.
11/10/1642Oct. 11 filius abortivus Thomae Dunne sepult.
28/11/1642Nov. 28 Christophorus Omler sepultus
04/12/1642Dec. 4 Jana uxor Bartholomaei Thwaites sepulta
25/01/1642Jan. 25 Matthaeus Rotsee afinis Christ: Mason sepultus
08/02/1642Feb. 8 filia recens nata Jana Hunter et populi sep.
13/02/164213 Gulielmus filius Roberti Gaule sepult.
13/02/164213 Anna filia Christopheri Mason sepult.
28/02/164228 Elizabetha filia Nicholai Sheilds sepult.
03/03/1642Mar. 3 Robertus Tocke senex sepultus
17/03/164217 Oliverus filius Marmaduci Friston sepult.
18/03/164218 Elizabetha filia Jacobi Wintringham sepulta
23/03/164223 Jocasta vulgo Joice uxor Johannis Dalton sepulta
24/03/164224 Jedidiah Wright
25/03/1643Mar. 25 Richardus filius Davidis Distance sepultus
27/03/164327 Georgius filius Davidis Distance sepultus
16/04/1643Apr. 16 Georgius junior gemellorum Francisci Ward sep.
18/04/164318 Radulphus senior gemellorum Francisci Ward sep.
18/04/164318 Francisca filia Petri Ranson
24/04/164324 Maria filia Roberti Richardson sepult.
11/05/1643May 11 Jana uxor Petri Ranson sepulta
05/06/1643Jun. 5 Helena Barchard vidua sepulta
12/06/164312 filius Thomae Manninge ab utero matris mortuus sepultus
20/07/1643Jul. 20 Elizabetha filia Davidis Distance sepulta
08/08/1643Aug. 8 Thomas filius Josephi Sagge sepultus
09/09/1643Sep. 9 Elizabetha filia Petri Ranson sepulta
15/09/164315 Helena filia Marmaduci Cooke sepulta
18/10/1643Oct. 18 Anna filia Briani Rayley junioris sepulta
01/11/1643Nov. 1 Isabella filia Johannis Wilkinson sepulta
17/11/164317 filius inter pariendum mortuus Johannis Lakes
30/11/164330 Johannes filius Gulielmi Marshall sepult.
30/11/164330 Francisca filia Johannis Lakes sepult.
08/12/1643Dec. 8 Elizabetha uxor Gulielmi Sheilds senioris sepult.
24/12/164324 Martinus Bucke agricola sepult.
28/02/1643Feb. 28 Joanna Lakes vidua sepulta
05/03/1643Mar. 5 Gulielmus Barren agricola sepult.
18/04/1644Apr. 18 filia Mariae Tumholme et populi sepult.
25/04/164425 Johannes Cooke agricola sepult.
01/05/1644May 1 Francisca filia Gulielmi Crosse sepult.
05/05/16445 Johannes filius Henrici Sheepheard sepult.
05/05/16445 Richardus filius infans Roberti Thompson sepult.
09/05/16449 filia infans Thomae Addison sepult.
15/05/164415 Thomas filius Marmaduci Friston sepult.
20/05/164420 Avis uxor Thomae Tewny sepult.
24/05/164424 Barbara filia Christopheri Crawforth sepult.
26/08/1644Aug. 26 Francisca Knox vidua sepulta
01/09/1644Sep. 1 Elizabetha Turrington domestica Mariae Cooke viduae sepult.
02/09/16442 filia Roberti Pearson sepult.
10/09/164410 Anna filia Gregorii Bilton sepult.
19/09/164419 Jana uxor Roberti Pearson sepult.
23/09/164423 Francisca filia Elizabethae Barren et populi sep.
26/09/164426 Gregorius filius Gregorii Bilton sepultus
01/11/1644Nov. 1 Jana filia Thomae Marshall sepulta
09/11/16449 Elizabetha Smith vidua sepulta
14/11/164414 Elizabetha uxor Bryani Rayley senioris sepult.
27/11/164427 Richardus Truslove senex sepultus
01/12/1644Dec. 1 Johannes Cheeseman senex sepultus
22/12/164422 filiia Francisci Smyth in ipso lucis limine mortua et sepult.
26/12/164426 Anna filia Georgii Bucke sepulta
30/12/164430 Anna filia Johannis Dunne sepulta
10/01/1644Jan. 10 Katharina Sharpe vidua sepulta
22/01/164422 infans Jana Sheepheard et populi sepult.
20/02/1644Feb. 20 Margareta uxor Matthaei Webstar sepult.
27/02/164427 Robertus filius Abrahami Chadwinne sepult.
01/03/1644Mar. 1 Gulielmus Cooke senior sepultus
07/03/16447 Alicia uxor Thomae Manninge sepult.
28/03/1645Mar. 28 Maria uxor Roberti Sheepheard sepult.
04/04/1645Apr. 4 Anna uxor Oliveri Blacke sepulta
06/04/16456 Isabella uxor Francisci Readmarre sepult.
13/04/164513 Elizabetha Wylson senex innupta sepulta
21/04/164521 EIizabetha uxor Gulielmi Coulson sepulta
29/05/1645May 29 Thomas filius Johannis Barchard sepult.
30/08/1645Aug. ultimo Anna filia Thomae Tewnye sepult.
14/09/1645Sep. 14 Elizabetha filia Patricii Gibson sepult.
15/09/164515 infans non baptiz. Thomae Addison sepult.
24/09/164524 Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Barcharde sepult.
09/12/1645Dec. 9 Francisca filia Johannis Maste sepult.
26/12/164526 infans abortivus Margareta Andrew et populi
28/12/164528 filia non baptiz. Marmaduci Fryston sepulta
28/12/164528 Margareta Andrewe sepulta
12/02/1645Feb. 12 Francisca Dunne vidua sepulta
15/02/164515 Anna Watson vidua annosa sepulta
15/02/164515 Elizabetha filia Johannis Tumholme sepulta
12/03/1645Mar. 12 Michael filius Petri Ranson sepult.
22/03/164522 Gullelmus Coulson navigator sepultus
24/03/164524 Robertus Symson lanio sepultus
27/03/1646Mar. 27 Elizabetha filia Thome Tewny sepulta
28/05/1646May 28 Sillina uxor Henrici Dunne sepulta
24/06/1646Jun. 24 Damaris uxor Davidis Distance sepulta
18/07/1646Jul. 18 Thomas filius Thomae Sauage sepultus
26/07/164626 Margareta filia Thome Warde sepulta
18/08/1646Aug. 18 Patricius Giltencrosse alias Pollard sepultus
07/09/16467bris 7 Anna Tibthorpe vidua sepulta
03/11/16469bris 3 Jana uxor Thomae Sharpe sepulta
20/11/164620 Richardus filius Edouardi Turrington sepult.
05/01/1646Jan. 5 Elizabetha Drew innupta sepulta
14/01/164614 Anna filia Thomae Marshall sepulta
21/01/164621 Ellis Gibson vidua nuper de Welwicke sepulta
30/03/1647Mar. 30 Jana filia Thomie Pollarde sepulta
31/03/164731 Bryanus Rayley famulus sacrorum in ecclia sepult.
02/04/1647Apr. 2 Francisca filia Roberti Gaule sepult.
14/04/164714 Elizabetha filia Avis Lighton et populi sep.
20/04/164720 Matthaeus filius Edouardi Terrington
05/05/1647May 5 Helena uxor Johannis Dalton mart. et sepult.
18/05/164718 Richardus filius Edouardi Taylor
14/06/1647Jun. 14 Anna Osman vidua et obstetrix sepulta
22/07/1647Jul. 22 Francisca filia Christopher Dalton sepulta
30/07/164730 Henricus Sheepheard agricola senex sepulti
30/07/164730 Petrus Jefferson juvenis sepulti
02/09/1647Sep. 2 Helena uxor Richardi Bilton sepulta
09/11/1647Nov. 9 Oliverus filius Marmaduci Friston sepult.
12/11/164712 Franciscus filius Roberti Gaule sepult.
23/11/164723 Robertus Sheepheard agricola sepultus
25/11/164725 Barbara uxor Marmaduci Whelpdale
16/12/1647Dec. 16 Jana filia Georgii Bawne sepulta
21/12/164721 Jana uxor Gulielmi Crosse sepulta
27/12/164727 Jana filia Gulieimi Crosse sepulta
10/01/1647Jan. 10 Emota uxor Laurentii Simpson sepult.
20/01/164720 Elizabetha uxor Gulielmi Marshall sepult.
24/01/164724 Petrus filius Petri Ranson sepult.
29/01/164729 Maria Flinton vidua sepulta
02/02/1647Feb. 2 Thomas Marshall agricola sepultus
14/02/164714 Margareta filia Ruth Woodwort de Thorneholme in parochia Agneis Burton vidua sepulta
17/02/164717 Ellis Lenge domestica Christophori Mason sepult.
20/02/164720 Katharina Hide vidua sepulta
27/02/164727 Isabella filia Gulielmi Cocke de Kaingham sepulta
07/03/1647Mar. 7 Robertus Ellerbie faber ferrarius sepult.
13/03/164713 filius abortus Roberti Pearson sepult.
14/03/164714 Margareta uxor puerpera Simonis Catherwood
03/04/1648Apr. 3 Johannes Wilson seuex agricola sepult.
26/04/164826 filius abortus Thomae More sepult.
10/05/1648May 10 Barbara filia Davidis Distance sepult.
20/05/164820 Brianus filius infans Briani Rayley sepult.
23/05/164823 Elizabetha filia infans Jacobi Wintringhanl sepult.
10/06/1648Jun. 10 Anna filia infans Edouardi Turrington sepult.
16/06/164816 Elizabetha uxor Gulielmi Sheepheard sepult.
18/10/16488bris 18 Franciscus Redmarre chirothecarius sepult.
28/10/164828 Jacobus Sheepheard agricola sepult.
01/11/1648Nov. 1 David Distaince chirothecarius sepult.
02/11/16482 Maria filia Christopheri Crawforth
04/11/16484 Robertus Harrison senex prosecutricus ? sepult.
07/11/16487 Margareta filia Simonis Catherwood sepulta
30/11/164830 filia Pattricii Gibson aetatis nouemdecem mensium nec tamen baptizata (per negligentiam patris) sepulta
03/12/1648Dec. 3 Thomas filius Thomae Webstar sepult.
06/12/16486 Matthaeus Shipwright agricola sepult.
06/02/1648Feb. 6 Oliverus Friston pictor sepult.
11/03/1648Mar. 11 Elizabetha Baugh vidua sepulta
??/04/1649Apr. Georgius Simpson lanio sepultus
20/05/1649May 20 Margareta uxor Thomae Grey sepulta
03/06/1649Jun. 3 Richardus Jefferson agricola sepult.
05/06/16495 Isabella filia Abrahami Chadwinne sepulta
07/07/1649Jul. 7 Thomas Tumholme molendinator sepult.
25/07/164925 Christopher Hodgson textor sepult.
01/08/1649Aug. 1 Gulielmus filius Matthai Caverley sepult.
20/08/164920 Gulielmus Oliver agricola sepult.
23/08/1649Aug. 23 Robertus filius Gulielmi Ellerbie sepult.
04/09/1649Sep. 4 Alicia filia Rob. Hunter sepulta
04/10/1649Oct. 4 Anna Stephenson vidua sepulta
06/11/1649Nov. 6 Anna uxor fidissima Francisci Corbett rectoris eccliae sepulta
21/02/1649Feb. 21 Anna uxor Johannis Dunsh sepulta
22/02/164922 Gulielmus Reame senior sepult. sepult. 14.
03/04/1650Apr. 3 Johannes filius Georgii Bawne sepult.
21/04/165021 Edouardus Clytheroe yeoman sepult.
07/06/1650Jun. 7 filius recens natus Thomae Sheepheard sepult.
08/06/16508 Isabella filia Thomae Jobson sep.
20/06/165020 Gulielmus Pollard lanio sepult.
23/06/165023 Gulielmus Hardy operarius sepult.
21/07/1650Jul. 21 Jacobus filius Jacobi Wintringham sepult.
06/09/1650Sep. 6 Sarah filia Thomae Webstar sepult.
26/10/1650Oct. 26 Anna filia Roberti Gaule sepulta
10/11/1650Nov. 10 filia Gulielmi Sanseby nata mortua et sepulta
24/11/165024 Michaell Ranson agricola sepultus
26/11/165026 Richardus Cressey nauta sepultus
26/12/1650Dec. 26 Elizabetha filia Christophori Sagge sepulta
27/12/165027 Margareta uxor Jacobi Wilkinson sepult.
05/01/1650Jan. 5 Elizabetha uxor Christopher Sagge sepulta
13/01/165013 Jana filia Thomae Pauson sepulta
17/01/165017 Joanna filia Gulielmi Cooke sepulti
17/01/165017 Robertus filius Roberti Pearson sepulti
20/01/165020 Barbara Jefferson vidua sepulti
03/02/1650Feb. 3 Johannes Stanfeilde clericus sepult.
04/03/1650Mar 4 Thomas Simpson lanio sepultus
15/03/165015 Margareta uxor Roberti Smith sepulta
07/04/1651Apr. 7 Hester filia Valentini Brough sepulta
23/04/165123 Alicia Ranson vidua sepulta
03/05/1651May 3 Elizabetha uxor Valentini Brough sepulta
10/05/165110 Johannes Bilton agricola sepult.
16/05/165116 Mattheus Webstar operarius sepult.
21/05/165121 Gulielmus Cooke faber intestine operis sepult.
28/05/165128 Alicia Ellerbie vidua sepulta
30/05/165130 Ricardus Bilton agricola sepultus
16/06/1651Jun. 16 Dinah filia Thomae Savidge sepulta
17/08/1651Aug. 17 Mallery filius Georgii Blacker sepultus
23/08/165123 Johannes filius Johannis Barchard sepult.
28/09/1651Sep. 28 Marmaduke Ellis yeoman sepult.
18/10/1651Oct. 18 Edouardus the sonne of Ellis Hodgson widdow bur.
19/10/165119 John the sonne of John Lambert buried
21/10/165121 Francis the sonne of John Maste buried
09/12/1651Dec. 9 Jana uxor Jacobi Fetherstone sepult.
14/12/165114 Francis Younge widdow buried
26/12/165126 Anne the daughter of Peter Ranson buried
26/12/165126 Richard the sonne of Francis Corbett clerke
27/12/165127 Isaacke the sonne of Mary the widdow of Willm. Cooke
09/01/1651Jan. 9 Frances the daughter of Michaell Pattison buried
19/01/165119 Robert the sonne of Willm. Ellerbie buried
11/02/1651Feb. 11 Dinah the daughter of Thomas Savidge buried
26/02/165126 Robert the sonne of Bartholomew Gray buried
09/03/1651Mar. 9 Thomas Warde fisherman buried
12/03/165112 Frances the daughter of George Blacker
12/03/165112 Anne the daughter of Willm. Welburne
27/03/1652Mar. 27 Mary the wife of Robert Wilson the elder buried
05/05/1652May 5 John Wilson labourer was buried
30/05/165230 [blank] Smyth widdow buried
01/05/16521 Elizabeth Gibson wife of Pattrick Gibson buried
04/05/16524 Edward Distance yeamon buried
05/05/16525 [blank] son of Christopher Crawforth buried
27/04/1654Apr. 27 Jone wife of Edmon Rawling was buried
22/05/1654May 22 day Margret Stevenson widdow was buried
01/07/1654Jul. 1 day Anne Vickrige singell womon was buried
08/07/16548 day Alce Cock widdow was buried
09/08/1654Aug. 9 day Lettice Cock singell womon was buried
11/09/1654Sep. 11 day Christopher Maison whright was buried
10/10/1654Oct. 10 day Isabell Greanshaw widdow was buried
21/10/165421 day Elizabeth wife of Thomas Thornlay was buried
23/10/165423 day Anne the wife of Marmaduck Fristone was buried
09/11/1654Nov. 9 day [blank] daughter of Brian Railay was buried
10/12/1654Dec. 10 day Jane daughter of Willm. Railay was buried
05/01/1654Jan. 5 day Roger Gaule boateman was buried
28/01/165428 day Sarah Brought infant was buried
29/01/165429 day Thomas Jobson laboureing man was buried
02/02/1654Feb. 2 day Willm. Cossen son of Francis Cossen was buried
14/02/165414 day Elizabeth Horslay widdow was buried
24/03/1654Mar. 24 day Gabrill Wood talior was buried
26/03/1655Mar. 26 day Anne the wife of Francis Smith was buried
03/04/1655Apr. 3 day Barbra the wife of Marmaduck Wheldaile bur.
03/05/1655May 3 day Thomas Thornlay yemon was buried
01/06/1655Jun. 1 day Anne Bonnite widdow was buried
11/06/165511 day Susan Gaule widdow was buried
02/08/1655Aug. 2 day [blank] daughter of Willm. Cockerline was buried
03/08/16553 day Michell son the Michell Pattison buried
19/08/165519 day Simon son of Robert Pearson was buried
01/12/1655Dec. first day [blank] son of James Bilton was buried
24/12/165524 day Merilay Gray widdow was buried
25/12/165525 day John Blithe yeamon was buried
15/01/1655Jan. 15 day Helin Shipard widdow was buried
24/01/165524 day [blank] daughter of Willm. Welburne was buried
27/01/165527 day [blank] daughter of Willm. Deane was buried
01/02/1655Feb. 1.. day Robert Wilson shumaker was buried
18/02/165518 day [blank] son of Willm. Cockerline was buried
20/02/165520 day [blank] daughter of Thomas Polard was buried
20/02/165520 day [blank] daughter of Peter Ranson was buried
??/03/1655Mar. day Marmaduck Wheldaile labourer buried
23/03/1655Mar. 23 day [blank] daughter of James Bilton was buried
15/04/1656Apr. 15 day [blank] son of Michell Pattinson was buried
29/04/1656Apr. 29 day [blank] daughter of George Blith was buried
04/05/1656May 4 day [blank] daughter of Willm. Hall was buried
09/06/1656Jun. 9 day Peter Giltincross labouring man was buried
30/06/165630 day [blank] daughter of John Rennard was buried
09/09/1656Sep. 9 day Francis wife of George Bilton skinner was buried
17/09/165617 day Elizabeth daughter of Marmaduck Paler was buried
18/09/165618 day Marie daughter of Robert Pearson was buried
18/09/165618 day Richard Leafe labouring man was buried
01/10/1656Oct. first day Bridget wife of Willm. Shipard was buried
29/10/165629 day Margarett Bilton widdow was buried
30/10/165630 day Elizabeth Marshall singill woman buried
03/11/1656Nov. 3 day George Bilton skinner was buried
24/11/165624 day Willm. Bilton skinner was buried
30/11/165630 day Edie Bilton widdow was buried
08/12/1656Dec. 8 day Heline the wife of John Dun was buried
24/12/165624 day John son of Robert Hunter was buried
28/12/165628 day John Headon junior husbandman was buried
30/12/165630 day Henerie Megson wever was buried
03/01/1656Jan. 3 day Thomas Simpson young man was buried
06/01/16566 day Bartholomew Gray labouring man was buried
08/01/16568 day Elizabeth Wood singill women (sic) was buried
11/01/165611 day Willm. the son of Robert Jefferson was buried
16/01/165616 day Mathew the son of John Walker buried
18/01/165618 day Anne daughter of Marmaduck Fristone buried
16/02/1656Feb. 16 day James Wilkinson husbandman was buried
23/02/165623 day Willm. Cock theaker was buried
24/02/165624 day Margarett daughter of Thomas Webster buried
28/02/165628 day Thomas Sagg labouring man buried
01/03/1656Mar. first day Thomas Mease milner was buried
03/03/16563 day Jane the wife of Willm. Storie buried
08/03/16568 day Marie the wife of Leonard Hochson buried
14/03/165614 day Francis Milner singill women buried
16/03/165616 day Isabell the daughter of Richard Garner buried
14/04/1657Apr. 14 day John Bilton singill man buried
18/04/165718 day [blank] daughter of Thomas Sauaige buried
11/05/1657May. 11 day Willm. ye son of Willm. Bilton buried
15/05/165715 day Marmaduck ye son of George Bilton buried
15/06/1657Jun. 15 day Dinis ye wife of Francis Jobson buried
07/08/1657Aug. 7 day John Polard burcher was buried
16/08/165716 day Isabell Raven singill women buried
16/08/165716 day Marie the wife of Robertt Jefferson buried
18/08/165718 day Anne wife of John Warriner
30/08/165730 day John Shieldes ioyner was buried
01/10/1657Oct. 1 day John Tumholme cooper was buried
06/09/1657Sep. 6 day William Marshall carpinter was hurried
10/09/165710 day Anne Wallas ye wife of Robart was buried
20/09/165720 day Anne Distance singlewoman was hurried
20/09/165720 day Cornelious Smyth son of Samuel Smyth buried
20/09/165722 Georg Tumholme was buried and Ane Cocke ye same day
03/10/1657Oct. 3 day Elizabeth Marshall the wife of ye said Willm. Marshall was buried
09/10/16579 day Elizabeth ye wife of Bryan Raylay was buried
11/10/165711 day Katheren ye wife of John Walker was buried
30/10/165730 day Anne ye wife of Willm. Welburn was buried
07/11/1657Nov. 7 day Willm. son of Willm. Storey was buried
17/11/165717 day Francis Bucke the sonn of Edward Bucke buried
05/12/1657Dec. 5 day Thomas Dandye was buried
08/12/16578 day Jane Ellis was buried
08/12/16578 day Simon Cautherwood buried
10/12/165710 day William Mimpriuse buried
11/12/165711 day Francis Simson wiodow buried
12/12/165712 day Thomas the son of William Hall buried
13/12/165713 day John Ranch was buried
14/12/165714 day Thomas Poulard was buried
14/12/1657the same day Margrit the wife of Thomas Tocke buried
15/12/165715 day William Shipard was buried
16/12/165716 day John Largman laborar was buried
10/12/165710 day of Jaunery Elizabeth Johnson was buried
12/12/165712 day of Jaunery Ayes the doughter of Ayes Jobson
13/12/165713 day of Jaunery Jane the doughter of John Megson buried
15/12/165715 day of Jaunery Jane the doughter of John Wilkinson buried
16/12/165716 day of Jaunery Francis Shields was buried
19/12/165719 day of Jaunery William Bilton was buried
02/12/16572 day of Feabury Jane the wife of William Graye baried
19/12/165719 day of Feabary Jane the wife of John Grenshawe burl.
07/03/1657Mar. 7 day Jane the wife of William Cockaline buried
08/03/16578 day John Wilkinson was buried
08/03/1657the same day An the doughter of Robert Smith buried
12/03/165712 day Thomas Tuney was buried
12/03/1657the same day Robart Barchare was buried
14/03/165714 day Francis Ward was buried
14/03/1657the same day Ralph Hall was buried
19/03/165719 day Anna the doughter of Samuel Smith buried
21/03/165721 day John Hochan labouring man was buried
06/04/1658Apr. 6 day John Tomlinson saurvant to Francis Smith buried
10/04/165810 day Peter Ranson was buried
12/04/165812 day Beattris the doughter of An Smith buried
15/04/1658Apr. 15 day John Daueson was buried
15/04/1658the same day Greagry Bilton wis buried
21/04/165821 day John Mast was buried
23/04/165823 day Francis Routh was buried
25/04/165825 day Richard Shipwrite was buried
29/04/165829 day Robart the son of Robert Jefferson buried
30/04/165830 day Esabell Ward woodow was buried
02/05/1658May 2 day Robert Pearson labourer was buried
02/05/1658same day Richard the soun of Robart Hunter buried
07/05/16587 day Abram the soun of Abram Chad win was buried
08/05/16588 day Gregory the soun of Gregory Bilton buried
18/05/165818 day William the soune of An Harde buir.
25/05/165825 day Thomlisine the wife of John Meginson burd.
27/05/165827 day Saray the doughter of George Blith burd.
09/06/1658Jun. 9 day An Poulard widdow was buride
17/06/165817 day Elisabeth Dauson widdow was buride
24/06/165824 day Elisabeth Shields doughter of Jame Shields burid
11/09/1658Sep. 11 day Francis Bilton sister to James Bilton buried
12/09/165812 day Richard Clarck servant to Richard Clapam
14/09/165814 day Elisabeth Grenshaw doughter to John Grenshaw
30/09/165830 day Dorathy doughter to Richard Stampe buried
01/10/1658Oct. 1 day Grace the wife of Gorge Blacker buried
07/10/16587 day Elizabeth Porter widdow buried
26/10/165826 day Margrit doughter of Marmaytuyke Pallar buried
22/12/1658Dec. 22 day Chathren the doughter of Thomas Shipard buried
23/12/165823 day Edward the soun of Ellis Gray waddow buried
29/12/165829 day Jone Bucke waddow buried
02/01/1658Jan. 2 day An the doughter of Thomas Puston buried
02/02/1658Feb. 2 day Elisbeth Ward weddow was buried
08/02/16588 day An the daughter of John Jefferson buried
15/02/165815 day Dorkas the daughter of Marey Friston buried
15/02/165815 day Expofer Benington basegotten buried
28/02/165828 day Ralph the soun of Thomas Hall buried [original says 30th February]
01/03/1658Mar. 1 day Thomas the soun of Elisabeth Largeman buried
04/03/16584 day Jane Richinson widdow buried
06/03/16586 day Robart the soun of Mary Pearson buried
12/03/165812 day Margrit the wife of Thomas Webster buried
15/03/165815 day William the soun of Elin .Poulard buried
25/03/1659Mar. 25 day William Cockaline buried
28/03/165928 day Jane Oumlar doughter to John Lambard buried
29/03/165929 day Thomas Higon showmakar buried
04/04/1659Apr. 4 day Michael the soun of John Waraner buried
12/04/165912 day Thomas Hall husbanman buried
13/04/165913 day Edward Gardinar husbanman buried
21/04/165921 day Elisabeth Adinson woodow buried
23/04/165923 day James Wintringam laborar buried
29/04/165929 (?) day James the doughter of William Wellburn buried
07/05/1659May 7 day John the soun of William Laughton buried
10/05/165910 day Emat the wife of John Lakes buried
19/05/1659May 19 day Margret Bilton singelwoman was buried
22/05/165922 day Elisabeth base gotten of Robert Sheilds and Dinas Dauson buried
??/06/1659Jun. ? day Elisabeth Sagg woodiw buried
11/06/1659Jun. 11 day An the doughter of William Deane buried
30/06/165930 day Francis the wife of Robart Simson buried
30/06/165930 day Ellsabeth the doughter of John Lakes buried
22/07/1659Jul. 22 day Jane the doughter cf Elisabeth Wintringame buried
31/08/1659Aug. 31 A childe stil borne of Thomas Sauiges buried
19/10/1659Oct. 19 Francis the doughter of Expofer Crafourth buried
27/11/1659Nov. 27 day An the wife of John Meginson buried
04/12/1659Dec. 4 day William the soun of John Meginson buried
09/12/16599 day Mary the wife of Thomas Adinson buried
12/01/1659Jan. 12 day Phelip the soun of Phelip Hedon of Elsternweke buried
23/02/1659Feb. 23 day Samuel Norton buried
29/02/165929 day Thomas the soun of Richard Cocke buried
01/03/1659Mar. 1 day Dina Meginson widdow buried
19/03/165919 day Anna the doughter of Gearge Fishar buried
22/03/165922 day George Blackare incepare buried
22/03/1659the same day George Fichar buried
23/03/165923 Johan Fishar widdow buried
12/04/1660Apr. 12 John Warraner the elder buryed
29/06/1660Jun. 29 Rachel uxor Matthei Coverlad sepulta
16/09/1660Sep. 16 Michael filius Michaelis Pattison sepultus
19/11/1660Nov. 19 Phebe Ward sepulta
20/11/166020 Thomas Shaw sepultus
22/11/166022 Gulielmus filius Josephi Sag sepultus
23/11/166023 Bridgit filia Georgii Blyth sepulta
04/12/1660Dec. 4 infanta Petri Rawlin sepult.
15/12/166015 Thomas filius Edvardi Gardner sepultus
01/01/1660Jan. 1 Francisca filia Petri Ransom sepulta
15/02/1660Feb. 15 Maria filia Johannis Lakes sepulta
24/02/166024 Franciscus filius Gulielmi Cockerline sepultus
02/03/1660Mar. 2 Jana Mason vidua sepulta
11/03/166011 Gulielmus filius Roberti Wallas sepultus
01/04/1661Apr. 1 Francisca uxor Roberti Wallas sepulta
08/05/1661May 8 Thomas filius Thomae Moour sepultus
07/06/1661Jun. 7 Eliz: ye daughter of Richard Cocke buried
30/06/166130 Francis Ayre buried
25/07/1661Jul. 25 Mary ye wife of Francis Smyth buried
07/08/1661Aug. 7 Willm ye sone of Willm Bilton buried
09/08/16619 Katherine ye daughter of John Walker buried
11/08/166111 Willm ye sone of Willm Marshall buried
16/08/166116 Katherine ye wife of Thomas Maules of Hollim buried here
10/09/1661Sep. 10 Dorothy daughter of Sam. Proud buried
13/09/166113 Willm. ye sone of Willm. Featherston buried
06/10/1661Oct. 6 John son of Richard Stampe buried
15/10/1661Oct. 15 Thomas ye sone of Symon Cautherwood buried
17/10/166117 Francis ye daughter of Willm. Dun buried
03/01/1661Jan. 3 Jane ye daughter of Willm. Smyth buried
21/01/166121 Eliz. ye wife of John Megson buried
03/02/1661Feb. 3 Ann ye wife of Edward Turrington buried
03/02/16613 Emott Ranson buried
05/02/16615 Ann ye wife of George Bawne buried
14/02/166114 Ann ye daughter of Tho: Cutsworth buried
23/03/1661Mar. 23 Mathias Browne buried
25/03/166125 Jane Walker buried
29/03/1662Mar. 29 Will. Dun of Easington buried
06/04/1662Apr. 6 John ye son of Tho: Kirby buried
07/04/16627 Christo: ye son of Richard Hodgson buried
10/04/166210 Susana ye daughter of Tho. Kirby buried
19/04/166219 Mary Readhead buried
04/06/1662Jun. 4 Roger Rayley ye son of Willm. Rayley buried
01/07/1662Jul. 1 Ellis ye daughter of Nich: Shieldes buried
16/08/1662Aug. 16 Henery ye sone of Christo: Dalton buried
01/10/1662Oct. 1 Jane ye daughter of Sam. Smyth: buried
14/11/1662Nov. 14 Ann ye wife of Nathaniell Norris buried
06/01/1662Jan. 6 Nicholas Shieldes buried
16/01/166216 John ye sone of John Maske buried
20/02/1662Feb. 20 Willm. ye sone of Willm. Shippard buried
28/02/166228 Joan ye daughter of Thomas Tocke buried
02/03/1662Mar. 2 Edam Rawling buried
03/03/16623 Jane ye daughter of Tho: Barchard buried
08/03/16628 Thomas Dalton infant buried
18/04/1663Apr. 18 day An the doughter of John Dawson beuried
24/04/166324 Thorns the sonne of Richard Gayrner beuried
04/05/1663May 4. day Seuanea the doughter John Megson beuried
05/05/16635 Iszabel the wife of John Gefferson beuried
11/05/166311 day Isbell the wife of Heneri Wayrde beuried
14/06/1663Jun. 14 Elazbeth the doughter of Edwayrd Smyth beuried
24/06/166324 Catran Gyltincros widdow beuried
18/07/1663Jul. 18 day John Daylton the sonne of Thomas Daylton beuried
01/08/1663Aug. 1 day Ellinge Wilson widdow beuried
18/09/1663Sep. 18 day Margryte the doughter of Richard Cock beur.
22/09/166322 Jane the doughter of Thomas Parkisson beuried
20/10/1663Oct. 20 Richarde the sonne of Jooif Sagge beuried
23/11/1663Nov. 23 Chareles the sonne of Willame Hunter beuried
24/11/166324 Richard the sonne of Willame Moore beuried
04/12/1663Dec. 4 day Elazabeth the doughter of Jame Simson bent.
22/12/166322 day Christoffer Daylton seneere beuried
29/12/166329 day Willame Reame infante beuried
07/01/1663Jan. 7 day Ralphe the sonne of Thomas Sawaige beur.
14/01/166314 day Robarte Wallas laborer was beuried
12/02/1663Feb. 12 day An Dounch widdow was beuried
21/02/166321 Jan Clemit singile woman banded
26/04/1664Apr. 26 Magdayling Cocke widdowe was beuried
03/05/1664May 3 day Thomas Daylton infant beuried
03/05/16643 day John the sonn of John Watson beuried
07/05/16647 day Willame Smyth laborer beuried
08/05/16648 day Thomas Barchard pynder beuried
22/06/1664Jun. 22 day Willame the sonn of Rogare Barne beuried
28/07/1664Jul. 28 day William Fouller beuried
07/08/1664Aug. 7 day John Walker sonn of Matthias Walker beuried
22/09/1664Sep. 22 day Goorge Bawnne juneer beuried
05/10/1664Oct. 5 day John the sonn of John Mast beuried
15/10/166415 day John the sonn of Willame Moor beur.
27/11/1664Nov. 27 day Jan the wife of John Lamber beuried
03/12/1664Dec. 3 day Heewe Donne the sonn of John Dounn beuried
03/12/16643 day Marmadeuke Friston was beuried
11/12/166411 day Elazbeth Reayme widdow beuried
25/12/166425 day Mary the wife of Goorg Baune beur.
19/01/1664Jan. 19 day Seuanea the doughter of Willam Federston beuried
23/01/166423 day Elazbeth the doughter of Willam Smyth beuried
06/02/1664Feb. 6 day Francis the sonne of Francis Eayr beuried
18/02/166418 day Willame the sonne of Willame Shines beuried
21/02/166421 day Francis the daughter of Willame Shilles beuried
23/02/166423 day Thomas Doone the soonne of Thomas Donn beuried
06/03/1664Mar. 6 day Ann the doughter of John Watson beuried
23/03/166423 day Mayree the daughter of Peeter Ralling beuried
25/03/1665Mar. 25 day Willame Sansbee gloueer was beuried
31/03/166531 day Jame Moretann batman was beuried
18/05/1665May 18 day Elayzabeth the daughter of John Fisher beuried
21/05/166521 day Wilame Byltone infante beuried
28/05/166528 day John Walkerr wrytee beuried
21/06/1665Jun. 21 day Elayzabeth the wife of Thomas Blenckhorne beuried
11/07/1665Jul. 11 day Thomas Parkeison seneer beuried
17/07/166517 day Willame Poullard buchare beuried
20/09/1665Sep. 20 day Jann the wife of Jame Daylton beu1.
03/12/1665Dec. 3 day Thomas the sun of Thomas Dayton beuricd
23/12/166523 day Joife Sagg seneer beuried
23/01/1665Jan. 23 day John the sun of Thomas Crawforth beur.
23/01/166523 day Caytran the daughter of Willame Reame beur.
23/01/166523 day Richarde the sun of Jame Simson beuried
03/02/1665Feb. 3 day Ann the doughter of Davide Freistone beur.
09/02/16659 day Elazabeth the wife of Thomas Dallton beuried
17/02/166517 day Dynas Dawson was beuried
19/02/166519 day Marmadeucke Paylay was beuried
01/03/1665Mar. 1 day Elazabeth the doughter of John Endicke beuried
15/03/166515 day Willame the sonne of John Frady, travller beurd.
01/04/1666Apr. 1 day Jann the doughter of Christoffer Hedon beur.
08/04/16668 day Gorge the sonne of Bartholomew Gray beuried
11/04/166611 day Saray the doughter of John Dawson beuried
02/05/1666May 2 day Eaylse Grymilbee widdow beuried
25/05/166625 day Samwell the sonne of Willame Reame beuried
10/06/1666Jun. 10 day John Cooke couper was beuried
18/06/166618 day Villain the sun of Richarde Hochon beuried
17/07/1666Jul. 17 Edwayrde Weebster infante beuried
12/08/1666Aug. 12 day An the doughter of Thomas Dallton
25/08/166625 day Maree the doughter of Francis Smyth beuried
28/08/166628 day Ann Wallas widdow beuried
06/09/1666Sep. 6 day Willame Bilton infante beuried
09/09/16669 day Jeremieay the sun of Joif Pickard beuried
13/09/166613 day farm the doughter of Thomas Barchard beuried
21/09/166621 day Grayse Webster widdow beuried
22/09/166622 day Catran the doughter of John Walker beuried
27/09/166627 day Gorge Watson glaer was beuried
12/11/1666Nov. 12 day John the sun of John Benne beuried
13/11/166613 day Janne the doughter of Ralphe Hochan beuried
21/11/166621 day Ann Harddee widdow beuried
23/11/166623 day Ann the doughter of Francis Smyth beuried
23/11/166623 day Isbell the wife of John Benne beuried
10/12/1666Dec. 10 day Richarde Whytbee was beuried
06/01/1666Jan. 6 day Elazabeth the doughter of Rogar Ringrose beuried
08/01/16668 day Willame the sun of Jame Symson beuried
09/01/16669 day John Dyston youn man beuried
12/01/166612 day Joif Sagg infant beuried
17/01/166617 day Sammeuell the sun of Willm. Tomson beuried
18/01/166618 day Willame Storye infante beuried
05/02/1666Feb. 5 day John the soun of John Warinear beuried
07/02/16667 day John Endick laborer was beuried
23/02/166623 day Willame the sonn of Willame Hounter beuried
25/02/166625 day Filaphamne (?) Reder of Skitling beuried heare
27/02/166627 day Robarte Rallinge infant beuried
03/03/1666Mar. 3 day Peter Burton couper was beuried
15/03/166615 day Christoffer Crawford laborer was beuried
15/03/166615 day Richarde the sonn of Seuanea Backas bastard
22/03/166622 day Elazabeth Wintringgame widdow beuried
30/03/1667Mar. 30 day Ann BIyth widdowe beuried
02/04/1667Apr. 2 day Elayzabeth Barcharde
03/04/16673 day Jann Burton widdow was beuried
17/04/166717 day Robarte Dagilas white smyth was beuried
07/05/1667May 7 day Elazabeth the doughter of Willain Tomson beuried
13/05/166713 day John the sonn of Willain Railay beuried
02/06/1667Jun. 2 day Willain Welburnne wever beuried
09/06/16679 day Sisilea the wife of Thomas Federstone
15/06/166715 day Christoffer the sonn of Christoffer Stuenson beuried
06/07/1667Jul. 6 day Jonathan the soun of Thomas Cayrbee beuried
14/07/166714 day Willame Reame seneer beuried
13/08/1667Aug. 13 day Willame the sonn of Robarte Broune beuried
16/08/166716 day Emat the wife of Robarte Mast beuried
20/08/166720 day Ann the doughter of Willain Welb [urj ue beuried
24/08/1667Aug. 24 day Elazabeth the doughter of George Dounne beu.
26/08/166726 day Thomas Dallton infante beuried
27/08/166727 day Eaylse the doughter of Thomas Dallton
29/08/166729 day Matthewe the sonn of Willame Hu [n] ter beuried
29/08/166729 day Meriam the doughter of Christoffer Gray beur.
06/09/1667Sep. 6 day Willame the sonn of Peter Gorbut beuried
07/09/16677 day Mistris Eaylse Wintringame beuried
11/09/166711 day Jame the sonn of Edwayrde Tourinton beur.
21/09/166721 day Ann the doughter of John Crawford beu.
28/09/166728 day Robarte Richisson was beuried
02/10/1667Oct. 2 day Willame the sonn of Willame Federsteon
14/10/166714 day Dinas Shipwrete widdow beuried
27/10/166727 day Eabraham Chaywicke beuried
28/10/166728 day Willam the sonn of Willam Shielles
07/11/1667Nov. 7 day Elazabeth the doughter of Edwarde Tourinton
12/11/166712 day Ann the wife of John Lambard beuried
30/11/166730 day Jann the doughter of Christoffer Stuenson
01/12/1667Dec. 1 day Doratte the wife of Edward Tourinton beuricd
10/12/166710 day Jame Cooke tayleer was beuried
13/12/166713 day Christoffer Hedon was beuried
01/01/1667Jan. 1 day Thomas the sonn of Edward Webster beur.
23/01/166723 day Willame Hunter laborer beuried
01/02/1667Feb. 1 day Mary the doughter of Willam Smyth beuried
03/02/16673 day Willame the sonne of Willame Hunter beu.
15/02/166715 day John Allan was beuried
16/02/166716 day Jann the wife of Thomas Barton beur.
16/02/166716 day Jame the sonn of John Endicke beuried
17/02/166717 day Dina the wife of Richard Neuseam beuried
21/02/166721 day Richard Clapam blackesmyth beuried
25/02/166725 day Letis Lawe the wife of Willame Lawe
17/03/1667Mar. 17 day Thomas Sawaige seneer was beuried
02/05/1668May 2 day Mighill Patisson watterman beuried
12/05/166812 day Thomas Daylton sener beuried
01/08/1668Aug. 1 day John Hedon seneer was beuried
15/08/166815 day Rogare Ringrose was beuried
18/08/166818 day Elazabeth the doughter of Jame Symson bear.
05/09/1668Sep. 5 day Francese the doughter of Jame Daylton beuried
04/10/1668Oct. 4. day Elazabeth Gayrdiner was beuried
25/10/166825 day Elazabeth the doughter of Thomas Bourton
29/10/166829 day Elling the wife of Thomas Cayrbee beur.
02/12/1668Dec. 2 day Nathanille the sonn Willame Sheilles
05/12/16685 day Willame the sonn of Thomas Cayrbee bear.
18/01/1668Jan. 18 day Thomas the sonn of Hennery Clapam beuried
21/01/166821 day Richarde Clapam infant beuried
05/02/1668Feb. 5 day Peter Burton young man beuried
06/02/16686 day Willame Parkisson young man beuried
09/02/16689 day Thomas Gynis wase beuried
07/03/1668Mar. 7 day Myghill Blyth younge man beuried
20/03/166820 day Matthias Cayverlay blackesmyth beu.
04/04/1669Apr. 4 day Eliass the sounn of Willame Reame beur.
08/04/16698 day Elazabeth the doughter of Thomas Webster beur.
09/04/16699 day Isbell the wife of John Perkeisson beuried
14/04/166914 day Edwayrde Cr [a] wforde mylneer beur.
16/05/1669May 16 day John Walkeer infante beuried
16/05/166916 day Jann the wife of James Bylton beuried
17/05/166917 day Joonathan Norris youn may (sic) beuried
20/05/166920 day Ann the wife of Willame Reame beur.
27/05/166927 day Edward the sonn of Ralph Hochon beuried
02/06/1669Jun. 2 day Thomas Webster seneer was beuried
10/06/166910 day Francies the doughter of Thomas More beur.
18/06/166918 day Willame Campeon was beuried
10/07/1669Jul. 10 day John the sonne of Peter Gorbut beuried
16/07/166916 day Willam the sonn of Thomas Webster beuried
14/08/1669Aug. 14 day Elazabeth the doughter of Samuil Proud beuried
20/08/166920 day Willam the sonn of Willam Railay beuried
11/09/1669Sep. 11 day Willam Esh young man beuried
04/10/1669Oct. 4 day John Perkisson seneer beuried
26/10/166926 day Ann the doughter of Roger RingeRoes beuried
12/11/1669Nov. 12 day Jame Bylton mellster was beuried
12/11/166912 day Elazabeth the doughter of Richard Dallton beur.
17/12/1669Dec. 17 day Willame Reatne seneer infante beuried
23/12/166923 day Marye Mempryse widdow beuried
03/01/1669Jan. 3 day Isbell the doughter of Willam Cooke beuried
06/01/16696 day Richarde Stampe infant beuried
13/01/166913 day Elazabeth the doughter of Edwarde Robisson beu.
15/01/166915 day Ann the doughter of Willame Smyth beuried
25/01/166925 day Willam the sonn of Jame Dallton heuried
29/01/166929 day Robarte the sonn of John Walker beuried
02/02/1669Feb. 2 day Seuanea Gardiner widdow was beuried
03/02/16693 day Richarde the sonn of Thomas Moore heuried
08/02/16698 day Usilea the doughter of Francis Coke beuried
20/02/166920 day Francis Cocke was beuried
02/03/1669Mar. 2 day Ann Dandee widdow beuried
08/03/16698 day Barberra Welbourn widdow beuried
17/03/166917 day Elazbeth the doughter of Elazabeth Raper beuried
29/03/1670Mar. 29 day Francise the wife of Jooife Sagg beuried
29/03/167029 day John the sonn of Thomas Bourton beuried
14/04/1670Apr. 14 day John the sonn of Willame Storree buried
20/04/167020 day Ann Robisson singill wooman wase beuried
30/04/167030 day Thomas Banton husban man was beuried
04/05/1670May 4 day Francise Starke widdow was beuried
20/05/167020 day Ann the doughter of Richarde Shilse beuried
23/05/167023 day Richarde Clapam juneer was beuried
24/05/167024 day Edwarde the sonn of James Starke beuried
25/05/167025 day Elazabethe wife of John Megson
25/05/1670May 25 day Usilleay the daughter of Francis Cock
27/05/167027 day John Dawson wase beuried
03/06/1670Jun. 3 day Ralph the sonn of Ralph Hochan beur.
10/07/1670Jul. 10 day Jame Addam wrete beuried
12/08/1670Aug. 12 day Ann the doughter of Francis Smyth beuried
21/08/167021 day Samwell the sonn of Samwell Tomson beuried
30/08/167030 day Mary Geedna singill woman beuried
01/09/1670Sep. 1 day Thomas the sonn of Edwarde Webster beur.
13/09/167013 day Willame Railay infante beuried
15/09/167015 day Jann the wife of Thomas Moore beur.
20/09/167020 day John the sonn of Christoffer Stuenson beur.
28/09/167028 day Robarte Tomson young man beuried
23/09/167023 day Ann the doughter of Francis Reame beur.
05/10/1670Oct. 5 day Ann the wife of William Railay beuried.
07/10/16707 day Bershebay Alliuer widdow beuried
07/10/16707 day Thomas the sonn of Francis Pereson beur.
16/10/167016 day Matthias the sonn of John Herrison beur.
30/10/167030 day Catran Pearkisson widdow beuried
05/11/1670Nov. 5 day Marye the wife of Thomas Shipard beur.
16/11/167016 day John Herrison watter man beuried
15/12/1670Dec. 15 day Joan the doughter of Willam Denne beu.
16/12/167016 day Elazabeth the doughter of Richard Hochan beuried
19/12/167019 day Willame the sonn of Willame Cooke heuried
29/12/167029 day Elazabeth the doughter of Goorge Donn beuried
02/01/1670Jan. 2 day Dianea the doughter of Jame Dallton beur.
04/01/16704 day Jann Shiles widdow beuried
05/02/1670Feb. 5 day Jann the doughter of Richard Hochan beur.
17/02/167017 day Marie the wife of Richard Hochan beur.
26/02/167026 day Ealise Gray widdow beuried
10/03/1670Mar. 10 day Jann Barberra beuried
16/03/167016 day Elazbeth Moosse beuried
25/03/1671Mar. 25 day Francies the doughter of Jooif Sagg beuried
30/03/1671Mar. 30 day John Mast beuried
02/04/1671Apr. 2 day Ann the wife of Willame Bylton beuried
04/04/16714 day Elazabeth the doughter of Marke Tourinton beu1.
09/04/16719 day Willam the sonn of Willam Scrowstan beur.
11/04/167111 day Jann the doughter of Thomas Barton heuried
15/04/167115 day Jann Campeion younge woman beuried
15/04/167115 day Elazabethe the doughter of Richard Clapam beuried
23/04/167123 day Elazbeth the wife of Willam Welbourn beuried
29/04/167129 day Bettris Ranson youn woman beuried
19/05/1671May 19 day Wilam the sonn of Willame Richisson beuried
23/05/167123 day Jann Hedon widdow beuried
12/06/1671Jun. 12 Francies ye daughter of George Bylton burned
13/06/167113 Jane ye daughter of Christopher Stevenson bur.
16/06/167116 William Hunter was buried
13/07/1671Jul. 13 Richard ye son of Edward Edam buried
01/08/1671Aug. 1 Susana ye wife of William Thompson buried
03/08/16713 Mary the wife of Hugh Wright was buried
14/08/167114 Jane ye daughter of Willm Featherstone buried
19/08/167119 Margarite ye daughter of Robert Railing buried
03/09/1671Sep. 3 Elizabeth ye daughter of John Graye buried
04/09/16714 Thomas Jobson ye young man buried
09/09/16719 Frances ye wife of Richard More buried
15/10/1671Oct. 15 Edward Gardinar young man buried
23/10/167123 Nathaniell Norris was buried
07/12/1671Dec. 7 Edward ye son of Edward Atkinson buried
14/12/167114 Elizabeth Smyth buried
21/12/167121 Frances Ward young woman buried
22/12/167122 Naomy ye daughter of Joseph Pickhard buried
28/12/167128 Samuell Smyth buried
04/01/1671Jan. 4 William Deann buried
07/01/16717 Matthias Mayson buried
22/01/167122 Ann ye daughter of George Dune buried
17/02/1671Feb. 17 Elizabeth Blyth buried
18/02/167118 Samuell ye sonn of Thomas Webster buried
10/03/1671Mar. 10 Frances Deann widow buried
04/04/1672Apr. 4 Ann ye wife of Edward Jonson buried
06/04/16726 Richard Cocke buried
20/04/167220 Ann ye daughter of Thomas Parkinson bur.
29/04/167229 John ye son of Edward Webstr buried
06/05/1672May 6 Willm Cross ye elder buried
13/05/167213 Willm Ellerbe ye elder buried
15/05/167215 Margere ye wife of Willm Smyth buried
16/05/167216 Elizabeth ye daughter of Willm Shieldes buried
30/05/167230 Thomas Parkinson buried
08/06/1672Jun. 8 Ann Bilton was buried
09/06/16729 Frances Smyth ye daughter of Francis Smyth buried
14/06/167214 John ye sone of Christopher Headon buried
28/06/167228 Maraie ye wife of Thomas Cyrbee buried
05/07/1672Jul. 5 Ann Backe younge woeman buried
19/07/167219 Peter ye son of Nicholas Crooss buried
27/07/167227 John Beene buried
31/07/167231 John ye son of John Been lait deceased buried
10/08/1672Aug. 10 Thomas ye son of Thomas Dalton senior buried
19/08/167219 Joyce Dande younge woeman buried
03/11/1672Nov. 3 Ann Bawne ye daughter of George Bawne buried
05/11/16725 Willm ye sone of Willm Oliver buried
28/11/167228 Sarah ye daughter of Willm Reame buried
29/11/167229 William Reame bricklayer buried
14/12/1672Dec. 14 Ellis ye daughter of John Megson buried
21/01/1672Jan. 21 Catherine ye daughter of Railfe Hodson buried
30/01/167230 Thomas ye son of John Burton buried
06/02/1672Feb. 6 Frances ye wife of Bryan Railay buried
03/03/1672Mar. 3 Ellizabeth Shields wid. buried
14/03/167214 Thomas ye son Hugh Wright buried
10/04/1673Apr. 10 John ye son of John Adams buried
14/04/167314 Robert ye son of Susana Smyth illigitimat buried
10/01/1673Jan. 10 Thomas ye son of Elizabeth Cocke wid. hurried
16/01/1673Jan. 16 Richard ye son of James Simpson burried
19/01/167319 Thomas Smyth sonn infant hurried
07/08/1673Aug. 7 Thomas Tocke labourer burried
08/09/1673Sep. 8 Mary ye daughtr. of John Sauage buried
17/09/167317 John Harrison batchellor buried
23/09/167323 Edward Turington hurried
27/09/167327 Elizabeth ye daughter of Willm. Railay burr.
29/09/167329 Beniamine ye son of John Megson burr.
09/11/1673Nov. 9 James Saur gent burried
03/12/1673Dec. 3 Edward the sonn of Edward Shawe bur.
05/12/16735 Rebekah ye daughter of Willm. Moore burr.
22/12/167322 Richard Moore hurried
08/02/1673Feb. 8 Willm. ye son of Willm. Reame hurried
12/02/167312 Francis Burton burried
23/02/167323 Elizabeth ye daughter of Willm. Shieldes bur.
13/09/1673Sep. 13 Ann ye daughter of Willm. Hunter burried
21/09/167321 Francis Thorginson batc. burried
23/09/167323 Jonathan ye son of Ann Matocke hurried
24/09/167324 Francis ye daughter of James Starke hurried
30/09/167330 William the son of Marke Turrington buried
01/10/1673Oct. 1 Edward ye son of Francis Harrison burr.
02/10/16732 Willm. ye son of Willm. Dalton burried
11/10/167311 Elizabeth ye wife of Willm. Dalton burr.
12/10/167312 Thomas ye son of Thomas Burton hurried.
13/10/167313 Zacherias Barton batchelr hurried
14/10/167314 Thomas ye son of James Simpson burr.
03/03/1673Mar. 3 Edward ye son of Francis Leafe burr.
26/03/1674Mar. 26 James Matocke burried
04/07/1674Jul. 4 Mark the sonne of John Warraner buried
09/07/16749 Thomas Bradley of the parish of Cottingham buried
17/08/1674Aug. 17 Mary Savage widdow buried
13/09/1674Sep. 13 Dinah the daughter of Thomas Savage buried
20/09/167420 Ellin the wife of James Simpson buried
14/10/1674Oct. 14 infant of Francis Blyth buried
17/10/167417 Mary the daughter of Thomas Webster buried
23/10/167423 Thomas Fetherston shooemaker buried
03/11/1674Nov. 3 Dorothy Sawer widdow buried
28/12/1674Dec. 28 Anne the daughter of Thomas Frost buried
30/12/167430 Edward the sonne of Marmaduke Coulson buried
03/01/1674Jan. 3 Anne the daughter of Edward Medley buried
07/01/16747 John the sonne of Robert Vavasor buried
12/02/1674Feb. 12 Thomas Addison skinner buried
14/02/167414 Elizabeth the daughter of William Scrowston buried
20/02/167420 Frances the daughter of William Moore buried
02/03/1674Mar. 2 infant of Nicholas Cross buried
04/03/16744 Robert Smith labourer buried
09/03/16749 Susannah the daughter of Nicholas Cross buried
21/03/167421 George the sonne of George Dunn buried
24/03/167424 Allice the wife of Edward Medley buried
13/04/1675Apr. 13 Mary the wife of George Pattison buried
24/04/167524 Frances the daughter of Edward Webster buried
08/05/1675May 8 John Wilkinson of Frothingham buried
30/05/167530 Robert Anwick shooemaker buried
13/06/1675Jun. 13 Edward Atkinson labourer buried
15/06/167515 Richard Barber labourer buried
21/07/1675Jul. 21 John Sailsberry apprentice buried
01/08/1675Aug. 1 Robert Gaul labourer buried
26/10/1675Oct. 26 Elizabeth the daughter of Thomas Webster buried
13/11/1675Nov. 13 William the sonne of William Burton buried
15/11/167515 Stephen the sonne of Samuel Spilsby buried
26/11/167526 Joan Addison widdow buried
02/12/1675Dec. 2 Frances the wife of William Ream buried
04/01/1675Jan. 4 William the sonne of William Dunn buried
05/01/16755 Thomas the sonne of John Savage buried
23/02/1675Feb. 23 Margaret the daughter of Ellin Maddock buried
26/02/167526 Margaret the daughter of Anthony Pickering buried
11/03/1675Mar. 11 Ellin the wife of John Watson buried
04/04/1676Apr. 4 infant of Richard Dalton buried
06/04/16766 John Lambert labourer buried
07/04/16767 Samuel the sonne of Niholas Cross (sic) buried
08/04/16768 William Richardson butcher buried
19/04/167619 Susannah the wife of Niholas Cross buried
04/05/1676May 4 Mary the daughter of Dorothy Trip buried
14/05/167614 William the sonne of William Cooke buried
13/07/1676Jul. 13 Robert the sonne of Edward Johnson buried
22/07/167622 William Shields shooemaker buried
There is a greate neglect in the Register from the yeare 1676 to the
yeare 1683 caused through the carlessness of the Incumbent and his Curats
05/04/1677Apr. 5 Gulmus fls. Thomae Smith
06/04/16776 Josephus fls. Johnis Westabie
18/04/167718 Sarah uxr. Eliae Whitelock
03/05/1677May 3 Anthony Pickering
11/05/167711 Edvardus fls. Gulmi Gardiner
13/05/167713 Gulmus Moore
22/05/167722 Jana Cooke
17/06/1677Jun. 17 Anna fla. Francisci Leafe
20/06/167720 Thomas fls. Gulmi Atkinson
06/07/1677Jul. 6 Jana fla. Richardi Stamp
08/07/16778 Eliz. uxr. Roberti Simson
18/07/167718 Barbara fla. Leonardi Hyldyard gens
24/07/167724 Johnes fls. Johannis Watson
26/07/167726 Josuah fls. Stephani Ellis
08/09/1677Sep. 8 Johnes 11s. Edvardi Peacocke
18/09/167718 Petrus Rawlin
23/09/167723 Anna Xpheri Gray
08/10/1677Oct. 8 Maria fla. Xpheri Gray
13/10/167713 Jacobus fls. Jacobi Simson
07/11/1677Nov. 7 Brianus Rayley clericus parochialis
27/11/167727 Elizabetha Bilton
17/12/1677Dec. 17 Nathaniel fls. Gulmi Shieldes
28/12/167728 Elizabetha fla. Gulmi Shieldes
31/03/1678Mar. 31 Francisca fla. Xpheri Dalton
12/04/1678Apr. 12 Dinah Dalton
20/04/167820 Maria fla. Henrici Shepard
08/05/1678May 8 Anna fla. Jacobi Starke
30/05/167830 Bridget Rawlin
12/06/1678Jun. 12 Stephanus fls. Stephani Ellis
29/06/167829 Georgius fls. Roberti Simson
06/09/1678Sep. 6 Eliz: fla. Xpheri Gray
21/09/167821 Anna fla. Jacobi Simson
05/10/1678Oct. 5 Petrus fls. Johnis Barton
29/10/167829 Gulmus fls. Gulmi Oliver
06/12/1678Dec. 6 Anna Gaul
26/12/167826 Issabell uxr. Thoms: Webster
13/01/1678Jan. 13 Sarah fla. Edvardi Webster
17/01/167817 Franciscus fls. Thomae Howdell
23/01/167823 Gulmus Mast
24/01/167824 Sarah [blank]
10/02/1678Feb. 10 Sarah fla. Edvardi Peacock
17/02/167817 John Chadwicke
18/02/167818 Georgius fls. Johnis Megson
25/02/167825 Margareta fla. Richardi Hotchin
03/03/1678Mar. 3 Johnes fls. Johannis Savage
15/03/167815 Francisca fla. Johannis Overton
19/03/167819 Gulmus Dunn
24/03/167824 Johnes fls. Laurentii Harrison
27/03/1680Mar. 27 Johnes fls. Roberti Greenshaw
06/04/1680Apr. 6 Gulmus fls. Johannis Megson
24/04/168024 Joan Pickering vid.
24/04/168024 Maria fla. Gulmi Atkinson
28/04/168028 Franciscus fls. Georgii Dunn
29/04/168029 Johnes Dalton
06/05/1680May 6 Ruith fla. Josephi Pickard
14/05/168014 Thomas fls. Thomae Webster
22/05/168022 Thomas Ward
03/06/1680Jun. 3 Anna fla. Gulini Clarke
18/06/168018 Easter Burton
03/07/1680Jul. 3 Richdus fls. Richdi Hotchin
12/08/1680Aug. 12 Johannes fls. Johannis Savage
22/08/168022 Ellis Stephenson
12/09/1680Sep. 12 Johnes fls. Xpheri Stephenson
18/09/168018 Francisca Mason
25/09/1680Sep. 25 Anna fla. Thomae Moore
07/10/1680Oct. 7 Dorothea fla. Roberti Vavasor
17/10/168017 Deborah Beane
27/10/168027 Gulmus fls. Francisci Pearson
03/11/1680Nov. 3 Sarah fla. Gulmi Shieldes
10/11/168010 Jana Smith
17/11/168017 Martha Hotchin
19/11/168019 Edvardus Robinson
21/11/168021 Maria fla. Wilfredi Cooke
22/11/168022 Anna fla. Laurentii Harryson
20/12/1680Dec. 20 Gulmus fls. Edvardi Peacock
29/12/168029 Richardus fls. Edvardi Addam
05/01/1680Jan. 5 Maria Addam
18/01/168018 Samuel fls. Samuelis Spelsbie
18/01/168018 Eliz: fla. Roberti Dawson
05/02/1680Feb. 5 Thomas Webster senr.
10/02/168010 Anna fla. Francisci Reame
19/02/168019 Beatrice Ellerbie
23/02/168023 Laurentius Crump peregrinus
08/03/1680Mar. 8 Georgius Dunn
15/03/168015 Dorothea Bilton vidua
24/04/1681Apr. 24 Gulmus Featherston
29/04/168129 Jana uxr. Johnis Simson
03/05/1681May 3 Gulmus Walker
04/06/1681Jun. 4 Beatrice uxr. Georgii Bilton
06/06/16816 Anna uxr. Marmaduci Coulson
29/06/168129 Johnes fis. Roberti Vavasor
10/07/1681Jul. 10 Ellin Maddock
02/08/1681Aug. 2 Anna fla. Johannis Megson
06/08/16816 Edvardus Shaw
22/08/168122 Franciscus fls. Richardi Garner
04/09/1681Sep. 4 Elizabetha Crawforth
17/09/168117 Susanna fla. Gulmi Ellerbie
26/09/168126 Jana fla. Mariae Mast
04/10/1681Oct. 4 Gulmus fls. Gulmi Thompson
11/10/168111 Anna fla. Georgii Bilton
13/10/168113 Thomas Cooke
18/10/168118 Isabella uxr. Gulmi Cooke
16/11/1681Nov. 16 Henricus fls. Roberti Raikes genrosi
26/11/168126 Thomas fls. Henrici Shepard
09/12/1681Dec. 9 Sarah fla. Hugonis Wright
02/02/1681Feb. 2 Johnes fls. Johannis Watson senr
09/02/16819 Anna Moore
17/02/168117 Gulmus Thompson
07/03/1681Mar. 7 Franciscus fls. Francisci Thornley
26/03/1682Mar. 26 Johannes fls. Benjamini Sagg
13/04/1682Apr. 13 Margareta fla. Francisci Leafe
19/05/1682May 19 Eliz: Hunter
03/06/1682Jun. 3 Jana fla. Thomae Rider
28/06/168228 Gulmus Gardiner
08/07/1682Jul. 8 Elizabetha Cooke
12/07/168212 Jana fla. Georgii Bilton
13/07/168213 Xpherus fla. Xpheri Dalton
15/07/168215 Samuel fls. Edvardi Robinson
03/07/1682Ang. 3 Naomi fla. Robti Dawson
07/07/16827 Anna fla. Samuel Spelsbie
12/07/168212 Johannes fls. Johnis Walker
25/07/168225 Maria uxr. Thomae Pauston
29/07/168229 Johnes fls. Johnis Dalton
30/07/168230 Anna fla. Richardi Shieldes
04/12/1682Dec. 4 Martha uxr. Richardi Hotchin
01/12/16821 Thomas Ringrose
31/12/168231 Johnes Westabie
20/01/1682Jan. 20 Robertus Chimley senr.
21/01/168221 Jana fla. Francisci Pearson
26/01/168226 Georgius Wilkinson
31/01/168231 Robertus fls. Johnis Walker
03/02/1682Feb. 3 Johnes Frow peregrinus
08/02/16828 Johnes fls. Johannis Walker
23/02/168223 Thomas Parkinson
23/02/168223 Eliz: fla. Richardi Shieldes
08/03/1682Mar. 8 Laurentius fls. Hugonis Wright
23/03/168223 Oliver fls. Thomae Bilton
01/04/1683Apr. 1 Thomas Pickering
25/04/168325 Timotheus Mast
26/05/1683May 26 Eliz: fla. Benjamini Sagg
20/06/1683Jun. 20 Robertus fls. Georgii Pattison
14/07/1683Jul. 14 Eliz: uxr. Stephani Ellis
06/08/1683Aug. 6 Gulmus Pauston mortuar : 6s. 8d. recd.
10/09/1683Sep. 1 x Anna fla. Edvardi Addam
18/09/168318 Franciscus fls. Richardi Winshup
20/09/168320 Do10thea uxr. Thomae Dalton senr.
20/09/168320 Jana fla. Thomae Moore
15/10/1683Oct. 15 Jana Mast vidua
18/10/168318 Maria Mast vidua oratio Funebris mortuar : 10s
08/12/1683Dec. 8 Elizabeth Cock vid.
22/12/168322 Richardus fls. Richardi Stamp
24/12/168324 Johannes Renolds senex
27/12/168327 Richardus Stamp senr.
06/01/1683Jan. 6 Gulielmus Heron
05/01/16835 Francisca Sagg vid.
26/01/168326 Rudulphus Tennison sepultus
09/02/1683Feb. 9 Margaret Richardson
03/02/1682Johannis Frow sepultus februa : 3. 1682
07/03/1682Mar. 7 Thomas Kirby senex
19/03/168219 Margareta fla. Gulmi. Featherstone
22/03/168222 Maria fla. Edvardi Shaw
29/03/168229 Thomas Fenby fils. Richardi Fenby
30/03/1684Mar. 30 Robertus fls. Thomae Savage
28/04/1684Apr. 28 Isabella uxr. Johnis Largman
20/05/1684May 20 Jacobus Matock mortuar : 3s. 4d. pd.
24/05/168424 Richardus Garner fls. Richardi Garner
02/06/1684Jun. 2 Catherina fla. Johannes (sic) Walker
01/06/16841 Franciscus Blyth
10/06/168410 Anna fls. Thomae Walker
??/06/1684Jun. Johannes fls. Thomae Walker
22/06/1684Jun. 22 Francisca Walker uxor Thomae Walker
02/07/1684Jul. 2 Maria Smith uxr. Francisci Smith
04/07/16844 Johnes fils. Edvardi Addam
10/07/168410 Maria uxor Johannis Sagg de Welwick-Thorp
14/07/168414 Francisca Harrison vidua mortuar : 3s. 4d. pd.
14/07/168414 Bathsheba fla. Gulmi. Oliver
25/07/168425 Johannes Matocke mortuar : 10s. pd.
25/07/168425 Christopherus Groues
29/07/168429 Thomas Hodgson fls. Radulphi Hodgson
03/08/1684Aug. 3 Thomas Bushby molendine occisus
25/08/168425 Francisca Clarke uxr. Gulmi. Clarke
16/09/1684Sep. 16 Susanna Gardiner fla. Gulmi. Gardiner
21/09/168421 Elizabetha Largman uxr. Johnis Largman
04/10/1684Oct. 4 Gulmus. Clarke
19/10/168419 Margareta Gaule uxr. Richardi Gaule
21/10/168421 Thomas Pauston senex
23/10/168423 Johannes Savage
02/11/1684Nov. 2 Robertus fls. Gulmi. Mast
??/10/1684Elizabetha Vavasor uxr. Roberti Vavasor [date erased]
06/02/1684Feb. 6 Robertus Simson fls. Jacobi Simson lanionis
11/02/168411 Elizabetha Adam uxor Johannis Adam
15/02/168415 Tabatha Simson uxr. Jacobi Simson
16/02/168416 Jana Stevenson uxr. Xpheri Stevenson
16/02/168416 Maria Rainard vidua
27/02/168427 Thomas Gibson fls. Thomae Gibson
23/03/1684Mar. 23 Johannes Dawson
02/04/1685Apr. 2 Franciscus Grime
07/04/16857 Elizabetha Dunn vidua
07/04/16857 Franciscus Dunn
26/05/1685May 26 Johannes fls. Thomae Bilton
21/06/1685Jun. 21 Helena uxor Edvardi Webster
02/07/1685Jul. 2 Maria Kemp
10/08/1685Aug. 10 William Nettleton
19/08/168519 Anna Maddack vid.
03/09/1685Sep. 3 Gulmus Bilton fls. Gulmi Bilton
06/09/16856 Sarah Jefferson fla. Thomae Jefferson
13/10/1685Oct. 13 Susanna Saunder fla. Edvardi Saunder Rectoris
30/11/1685Nov. 30 Edvardus Saunder fidelis hujus ecclesiae pastor
12/12/1685Dec. 12 Johannes Savage fls. Johanis Savage
21/01/1685Jan. 21 Samuell Thompson buryed
23/02/1685Feb. 23 George son of George Pattison
01/03/1685Mar. 1 Thomas Blenckorn
19/03/168519 Alice Atkinson
14/04/1686Apr. 14 Michaell son of Christopher Dalton
22/04/168622 Elizabeth wife of John Chanler
25/04/168625 George Bawn
11/05/1686May 11 Dinah wife of Francis Leaff
18/06/1686Jun. 18 Jane daughter of John Grey (Geey)
10/06/168610 Thomas Ream
12/06/168612 Edward son of Mr. Edward Webster
14/06/168614 Jane wife of Thomas Ream
15/06/168615 Thomas son of Wm. Cook
16/06/168616 John son of Robert Westaby (Westerby)
05/07/1686Jul. 5 Mary daughter of Henry Shephard
05/07/16865 John son of Robert Hunter
07/07/16867 Benjamin son of John Megson
08/07/16868 Sarah Blyth
10/07/168610 William Loncaster
13/07/168613 Anne daughter of Christopher Dalton
15/07/168615 John Stark (Sark)
20/07/168620 Samuell son of Edward Peacock
26/07/168626 Israell Smith
27/07/168627 William son of William Cockerline
28/07/168628 Elliner daughter of James Simpson
28/07/168628 John son of Joshua (Josuha) Rainard
01/08/1686Aug. 1 Wm. son of Thomas Burton
02/08/16862 Robert Greenshaw
03/08/16863 Wm. Ream
07/08/16867 Samuell son of Francis Ream
11/08/168611 Jane daughter of Christopher Stephenson
13/08/168613 Mary Ream
21/08/168621 John son of John Barton
26/08/1686Aug. 26 Mary Harrison
05/09/1686Sep. 5 Robert son of Ricd. Hodgson
08/09/16868 John Addam
23/09/168623 Benjamin son of Benjamin Sagg
08/11/1686Nov. 8 Robt. son of John Walker
11/12/1686Dec. 11 Thomas Savage
16/12/168616 Jane Stamp vid
24/01/1686Jan. 24 Thomas Robinson
23/02/1686Feb. 23 Grace and Repentance daughters of Kat. Fenby
03/03/1686Mar. 3 Elizabeth Ream
06/03/16866 Eve Tock
11/04/1687Apr. 11 Edmond Johnson
11/04/168711 Mary Cross
05/05/1687May 5 Anne daughter of Thomas Jefferson
05/04/1687eodem die Anne wife of Wilfred Cook
05/04/1687eodem die Anne daughter of Wilfred Cook
21/05/1687May 21 Margarett daughter of Christopher Stephenson
12/07/1687Jul. 12 Thomas son of Thomas Blenckorn
25/07/168725 John son of John Sagg
26/07/168726 Anne wife of John Barton
21/08/1687Aug. 21 Henry son of Henry Shepheard
12/12/1687Dec. 12 John Dalton
08/02/1687Feb. 8 Henry Smith
08/02/1687eod. die Widdow Dalton
04/03/1687Mar. 4 Wm. son of Wlllm. Cook
10/03/168710 Mary Cook
28/03/168728 Thomas Newton
23/04/1688Apr. 23 Thomas Dalton
25/04/168825 Thomas son of Mark Burdas
29/04/168829 John son of Wm. Cross
15/06/1688Jun. 15 Thomas son of Mr. Robt. Rakes
18/08/1688Aug. 18 George Billany
22/08/168822 Wm. Cook
02/09/1688Sep. 2 Mary Dalton
18/09/168818 John son of John Walker
22/11/1688Nov. 22 Elizabeth wife of Wm. Shields
30/11/168830 Gabriell Lathley
05/12/1688Dec. 5 Margaret wife of John Garner
23/01/1688Jan. 23 Thomas Shepherd
25/01/168825 Ester wife of John Burton
24/04/1689Apr. 24 Wm. Ream
16/05/1689May 16 Mary daughter of John Largeman
18/05/168918 Mark Torrington (Terrington) junr.
08/06/1689Jun. 8 Elizabeth daughter of Gilbert Shields
09/06/16899 Henry son of Wm. Cross
13/06/168913 Anne daughter of John Potter
12/11/1689Nov. 12 Elizabeth wife of Richard Garner
16/11/1689Nov. 16 Mary daughter of George Lee
19/11/168919 Elizabeth wife of John Walker
29/11/168929 James Mast
30/11/168930 James son of Ricci Winshep
06/12/1689Dec. 6 James son of George Dunn
09/01/1689Jan. 9 John Walker (omitted in transcr.)
01/02/1689Feb. 1 Robert son of Robt. Westaby
07/02/16897 Thomas son of Christopher Hogg
15/02/168915 Elizabeth daughter of John Walker
20/02/168920 Frances wife of Wm. Bilton
04/03/1689Mar. 4 Anne wife of John Warrener
09/03/16899 John and Mary Gemelli Jois Largeman
30/03/1690Mar. 30 Jane wife of Moses Nicholson
02/04/1690Apr. 2 Joseph son of John Chanler
02/04/16902 Elline daughter of Wm. Dalton
06/06/1690Jun. 6 Frances daughter of Ben. Sagg
06/06/1690eodem die Rachell daughter of George Pattison
06/06/1690eodem die John Whiting
25/09/1690Sep. 25 Edward son of Robt. (Richd.) Pattison
12/10/1690Oct. 12 Elizabeth wife Henry Harrison
20/11/1690Nov. 20 John Walker
29/11/169029 Thomas Bilton
22/12/1690Dec. 22 Jane Nettleton
31/12/169031 Margarett daughter of John Garner
06/01/1690Jan. 6 Edwd. Dalton
15/02/1690Feb. 15 Anne daughter of Edw Eddom
15/01/1690eod. die John Warrener
02/04/1691Apr. 2 Charles son of Christopher Dalton
02/04/1691eod. die John Booth
18/08/1691Aug. 18 Frances wife of Wm. Cross
06/09/1691Sep. 6 Anne wife of Francis Thornley
22/09/169122 Mary Grey
26/09/169126 Mary Grey
26/09/169126 Elizabeth Smith
13/10/1691Oct. 13 Elizabeth wife of Thomas Moor
15/10/169115 Robert Dawson
17/12/1691Dec. 17 Ellener daughter of Wm. Ranson
18/12/169118 Ellener wife of Samll. Pickard
19/12/169119 Wm. son of Thomas Frybus
22/12/169122 Palgrave son of Wm. Winspear
15/01/1691Jan. 15 Anne daughter of Robt. Langthorp
23/01/169123 Emmat Blyth
05/02/1691Feb. 5 Richard Gall
09/02/16919 Benjamin Sagg
20/02/169120 Mary daughter of Thomas Rider
04/04/1692Apr. 4 Mary daughter of Wm. Laws
20/04/169220 Margarett Hoghchan
17/05/1692May 17 Francis Leaf
17/05/1692eod. die Alice Saill
02/06/1692Jun. 2 Anne Alnwick vidua (Anne omitted in transcr.)
03/06/1692Jun. 3 Robert son of Robt. Westaby
15/06/169215 Frances daughter of George Dunn
19/06/169219 Elizabeth wife of George Harrison
05/08/1692Aug. 5 John Megson
10/08/169210 Anne wife of Thomas Fribes
08/09/1692Sep. 8 Samuell son of Thomas Dalton
09/09/16929 Ursala daughter of Henry Shepherd
28/09/169228 Christopher son of Wm. Laws
23/10/1692Oct 23 Mary daughter of Wm. Cockerline
23/08/1692eod. die George son of George Lee
04/11/1692Nov. 4 Mary daughter of Robt. Dawson
18/11/169218 John son of John Wood
17/12/1692Dec. 17 Edwd. son of Edwd. Peacock
24/12/169224 Elizabeth Sagg wid.
22/02/1692Feb. 22 Wm. Bilton
12/03/1692Mar. 12 George son of George Dunn
27/03/1693Mar. 27 Job son of Christopher Dalton
13/04/1693Apr. 13 Richard Hodgson
18/04/169318 Wm. son of Wm. Shields
18/04/1693eod. die Elizabeth Addam
21/05/1693May 21 Mary wife of Robt. Watson
17/06/1693Jun. 17 John son of John Walker
19/06/169319 Elizabeth wife of John Milley
22/06/169322 Ester daughter of George Harrison (Herrison)
25/09/1693Sep. 25 Anne wife of Wm. Cockerline
27/10/1693Oct. 27 Anne daughter of Nicholas Cross
13/12/1693Dec. 13 Elizabeth Hodgson
14/12/169314 Anne Laughton
09/01/1693Jan. 9 John son of James Raspin
10/01/169310 Jane wife of Richard Fenby
12/01/169312 Richard Fenby
21/01/169321 Thomas Frybus
25/02/1693Feb. 25 Anne wife of Thomas Crawford (Crawfeed)
04/04/1693Apr. 4 Mary wife of Wm. Oliver 694
08/04/16938 John Wilson
09/04/16939 Dorothy Trip
05/05/1693May 5 Samll. son of Ben. Sagg
07/05/16937 Elizabeth wife of Wm. Mast
16/05/169316 Christopher Crawford
31/05/169331 Thomas son of Wm. Laughton
27/06/1693Jun. 27 Robert son of Christopher Dalton
16/08/1693Aug. 16 Francis Stephenson
17/08/169317 Wilfrid Cook
28/08/169328 Anne daughter of Xtopher Dalton
28/08/1693eod. die Pattison son of Xtopher Dalton
28/08/1693eod. die Mary daughter of Wm. Laffton (Laughton)
16/09/1693Sep. 16 Richard Allen
17/09/169317 Mary daughter of Edwd. Peacock
27/09/169327 Rachell Pattison
10/10/1693Oct. 10 Hugh son of Hugh Saill
08/11/1693Nov. 8 Wm. son of Wm. Mast
31/12/1693Dec. 31 Rachill wife of Henry Motherby
22/09/1693Man. 22 Edwd. Johnson
03/09/1693ar. 3 Thomas son of Wm. Lafton (Laughton)
08/09/16938 Thomas son of Henry Shepherd
04/04/1695Apr. 4 John Ward
21/06/1695Jun. 21 Xtopher son of Xtopher Dalton
23/06/169523 Rachill wife of Wm. Burn
09/07/1695Jul. 9 Thomas son of Thomas Dalton
20/07/169520 Lawrance son of Wm. Harrison
23/07/169523 Christopher Dalton
22/08/1695Aug. 22 Jane daughter of George Stephenson
13/09/1695Sep. 13 Elizabeth wife of George Robinson
27/09/169527 John Walker labourer
11/10/1695Oct. 11 Wm. son of Jeremiah Joy
11/01/1695Jan. 11 Jane Smith
05/01/16955 Sarah daughter of Henry Harrison
07/01/16957 Mr. Edwd. Webster
20/01/169520 Frances Heddon
22/01/169522 Thomas son of Wm. Cockerline
30/03/1696Mar. 30 Anne wife of Edwd. Peacock
05/04/1696Apr. 5 George son of George Harrison
14/04/169614 Edwd. Peacock
05/08/1696Aug. 5 John son of. John Dunn.
06/08/16966 Elizabeth daughter of Joseph Lancaster
20/08/169620 Mrs. Webster
22/08/169622 Anne wife of Robert Barker
27/08/169627 John son of William Cross
19/10/1696Oct. 19 Oliver son of Oliver Featherston
27/10/169627 Rachell daughter of George Pattison
01/11/1696Nov. 1 Mary daughter of Robt. Rank
09/11/16969 Jane daughter of Wm. Laughton
19/11/169619 Anne daughter of Margery Bilton
24/11/169624 Wm. son of Wm. Laffton (Laughton)
26/11/169626 Hugh son of John Cookman
08/12/1696Dec. 8 Mary wife of Wm. Dalton
11/12/169611 Margaret daughter of Robt. Langthorp
23/12/169623 Anne wife of John Anderson
26/12/169626 John Burton
29/12/169629 Robert Hind young man
04/02/1696 Feb. 4 Anne wife of Francis Smith
18/03/1696Mar. 18 Jane daughter of Wm. Burn
05/04/1697Apr. 5 Wm Atkinson
22/04/169722 Richard Madock (Marwick) of Paull
21/02/1697Feb. 21 Anne Newton
21/02/169721 Do10thy wife of John Lakes
05/03/1697Mar. 5 Margaret daughter of Xtopher Dalton
13/05/1698May 13 Sarah wife of Richd. Garnett
23/05/169823 Elizabeth daughter of Edwd. Webster
07/06/1698Jun. 7 John son of Francis Smith
28/07/1698Jul. 28 Thomas Goulden
29/11/1698Nov. 29 Thomas Barton (Burton) junr.
06/12/1698Dec. 6 John Harrison of Paull
11/01/1698Jan. 11 Wm. son of Wm. Ellerby
06/02/1698Feb. 6 Aquila Dine
10/02/169810 George Billany
21/02/169821 Anne wife of Thomas Bilton
12/03/1698Mar. 12 John Pinder
16/03/169816 Elizabeth Booth (Boath)
23/03/169823 Rachill daughter of Robt. Pattison
29/03/1699Mar. 29 Thomas Billany junr.
30/03/169930 John Barton
04/04/1699Apr. 4 John Linwood (Linweed)
18/04/169918 Hannah daughter of George Dunn
21/04/169921 Edwd. son of Wm Harison (Harrison)
03/05/1699May 3 Thomas son of Thomas Howdell
15/05/169915 John son of John Cook
16/05/169916 Anne daughter of John Cooper
01/06/1699Jun. 1 Jane daughter of Wm. Burn
25/06/169925 John Watson
16/08/1699Aug. 16 Christopher Stephenson
23/09/1699Sep. 23 Margarett daughter of George Pattison
27/10/1699Oct. 27 Wm. son of Richard Nelson
29/11/1699Nov. 29 Michaell son of Francis Atkinson
01/01/1699Jan. 1 James Bird
29/02/1699Feb. 29 Thomas son of Matthew Ashley
06/03/1699Mar. 6 Edwd. son of Wm. Shaw
16/05/1700May 16 Sarah daughter of Thomas Dalton
18/06/1700Jun. 18 Mary daughter of Robt. Chimney
18/06/170018 John son of Hugh Saill
21/06/170021 Elizabeth wife of Thomas Crawford
13/07/1700Jul. 13 Catharine wife of Ralph Hodgson
04/08/1700Aug. 4 Ellener wife of Robert Vavaser
01/09/1700Sep. 1 Barbara wife of James Raspin
20/01/1700Jan. 20 Robert Stock
05/02/1700Feb. 5 Francis son of Thomas Howdell
23/02/170023 Thomas Fox
07/03/1700Mar. 7 Catharine Stark
28/04/1701Apr. 28 George Bilton
08/05/1701May 8 Frances Thompson
28/05/170128 Anne wife of George Dun (Dunn)
19/07/1701Jul. 19 Sam Thompson
27/07/170127 Anne Mawburn
28/07/170128 Elizabeth Billany
23/10/1701Oct. 23 Mary wife of Henry Higgins
29/01/1701Jan. 29 Wilferd son of George Pattison
31/01/170131 Thomas Howdell
03/02/1701Feb. 3 Margaret wife of Francis Atkinson
09/03/1701Mar. 9 John Largeman
04/05/1702May 4 Francis Pearson
05/06/1702Jun. 5 Wm. Moor
10/06/170210 Nicholas Harris soldier
25/08/1702Aug. 25 George son of Thomas Bilton
27/10/1702Oct. 27 Wm. son of John Wood
06/11/1702Nov. 6 Mary the daughter of Wm. Ganton
12/11/170212 Mary daughter of Wm. Shields
27/12/1702Dec. 27 a still born child of Thos. Ellerbee
03/01/1702Jan. 3 John son of Mr. George Catlyn omitted in transcript
03/02/1702Feb. 3 Hannah daughter of Roger Airy
19/01/1702Jan. 19 Elizabeth wife of Tohn Wood
22/03/1702Mar. 22 Joseph Smith
29/03/1703Mar. 29 John Howdell
22/09/1703Sep. 22 Dinah Savidge
01/10/1703Oct. 1 Ellenor wife of Robt. Westiby
28/10/170328 Francis Thornley (Thounley)
15/11/1703Nov. 15 Anne wife of Thomas Burton
12/11/170312 Ralph Hodgson buried
24/12/1703Dec. 24 John son of Mathew Ashley
24/12/170324 Thomas Crawford
17/01/1703Jan. 17 John Wood
15/02/1703Feb. 15 Wilfred Cook
08/03/1703Mar. 8 Jane Bailly
12/03/170312 Wm. Laughton
13/03/170313 Robt.. Dawson
18/03/170318 Ruth wife of Hugh Saill
24/03/170324 Samuell son of Thomas Bilton
20/04/1704Apr. 20 Mary wife of Wm. Laws
25/04/170425 George Stephenson Patrington Parish Clerk
13/05/1704May 13 Thomas the son of Wm. Shields
15/05/170415 Elizabeth wife of Bernard Balk
19/06/1704Jun. 19 Thomas son of Thomas Rider
29/06/170429 Samll. Cooper
03/07/1704Jul. 3 Catherine the daughter of Joseph Smith
31/08/1704Aug. 31 Robert son of Robt. Chimney
05/09/1704Sep. 5 Wm. son of John Maddock (Madwick)
20/09/170420 Mrs. (Mr.) Bentham a stranger
22/09/170422 Alice Francis
07/10/1704Oct. 7 Jane daughter of Henry Shepheard
09/10/17049 Francis Johnson
09/10/17049 Daniell son of Daniell Hardy (Herdy)
06/11/1704Nov. 6 Stephen Ellis junr.
23/12/1704Dec. 23 Elizabeth daughter of Robert Gawthorpe
25/12/170425 Ralph son of Robert Rank
03/01/1704Jan. 3 John Shirt labourer
03/01/17043 Henry Harrison son of Henry Harrison of Garton (Ganton)
09/02/1704Feb. 9 Edward Adams (Addam)
10/02/170410 Richard son of Wm Burn
11/02/170411 Henry Matthews
25/02/170425 Frances Chimney (Chimney)
04/03/1704Mar. 4 Rebekah Thompson
05/03/17045 Jane daughter of Wm. Gantin
06/03/17046 Anne wife of James Simson (Semson)
13/03/170413 Thomas Burton
21/03/1704Mar. 21 Christopher Langley
27/03/1705Mar. 27 Jane wife of Wm. Ganton
28/03/170528 Thomas Smith
04/06/1705Jun. 4 Edward son of Wm. Shaw
13/07/1705Jul. 13 Barbara wife of John Potter
19/09/1705Sep. 19 Gervase son of Wm. Burn
22/10/1705Oct. 22 Jane daughter of Thomas Kirk
25/10/170525 Nathaniell son of Nathaniell Simpson
17/11/1705Nov. 17 John Walker
27/12/1705Dec. 27 Alis (Alice) daughter of Thomas Atkinson
30/01/1705Jan. 30 William Speck laborer
13/04/1706Apr. 13 John Jackson (Backson)
03/07/1706Jul. 3 Henry son of James Clapham
18/07/170618 Thomasin daughter of Tho. Harland deceas'd
21/07/170621 Edward son of Wm. Harrison
24/07/170624 Wm. Burton son of Jane Burton
28/07/170628 Anne daughter of Edwd. Webster
29/07/170629 Matthew son of Bartholomew Tailor
??/04/1706Thomas son of Roger Norry jun.
01/08/1706Aug. 1 Mark Burdas
03/08/17063 Jonathan son of John Anderson
05/08/17065 Benjamen Wily
12/08/170612 Frances daughter of Tho. Savage att Welwick
14/08/170614 Robert of John Jackson deceas'd
18/08/170618 Francis son of Jo. Pearson uti asseritur
19/08/170619 Jane daughter of George Stephenson deceas'd
20/08/170620 Hannah daughter of Roger Nairy (Narry)
05/09/1706Sep. 5 Isabell daughter of Roger Nairy (Narry)
17/09/170617 Robert son of George Robinson
19/09/170619 John son of Wm. Cockerline
11/11/1706Nov. 11 Phillis Simpson
20/11/170620 Margarett Bilton
11/12/1706Dec. 11 Jonathan son of (Jo.) Henderson
26/12/170626 Thomas Dalton
28/12/170628 Margaret wife of Thompson
30/12/170630 Martha wife of Wm. Burn
24/01/1706Jan. 24 George son of George Catlyn
04/02/1706Feb. 4 George Dunn
04/02/17064 Jane daughter of John Jackson deceas'd
??/02/1706son of Wm. Shaw
15/02/170615 Susannah Thurgill (Thorgill)
28/02/170628 Margaret daughter of Thomas Ellerbie
03/03/1706Mar 3 Tabitha Marwick
20/04/1707Apr. 20 Elizabeth wife of Mark Turrington
23/04/170723 (blank) son of Thomas Kirk
26/04/170726 (blank) daughther of Tho. Kirk
27/04/170727 Dinah daughter of Benjamin Watson
30/04/170730 Margaret Shiellds
02/05/1707May 2 Mary daughter of Richd. Nelson
26/05/170726 Elizabeth daughter of Robt. Greenshaw
12/09/1707Sep. 12 Jane daughter of Thomas Savage
??/09/1707Sep. one Watson buried.
14/09/1707Sep. 14 George Headley
17/09/170717 Matthew son of James Dibney
17/09/170717 Francis son of Wm. Cockerline
22/09/170722 Wm. son of Wm. Ganton
28/09/170728 John Anderson
30/09/170730 Wm. son of Wm. Harrison (Herrison)
01/10/1707Oct. 1 Jane wife of Thomas Savage
09/10/17079 William son of Wm. Wilson
16/10/170716 Edward son of Hugh Saill
31/10/170731 Robert Vavasor
04/11/1707Nov. 4 Rachell daughter of Wm. Born
06/11/17076 Elizabeth daughter of James Dibney
11/11/170711 Christopher son of John Anderson deceas'd
14/01/1707Jan. 14 Jane daughter of Robt. Gawthorp
13/02/1707Feb. 13 Anne daughter of John Marwick
19/02/170719 Wm. son of John Marwick
19/02/170719 Margaret daughter of Thom Appleby
22/03/1707Mar. 22 Jane Linwood
08/04/1708Apr. 8 Jane Maddock
02/07/1708Jul. 2 Esther Johnson
01/09/1708Sep. 1 Esther Harrison
24/11/1708Nov. 24 Robt. Watson
20/12/1708Dec. 20 Wm. Shaw
16/01/1708Jan. 16 Elizabeth daughter of Wm. Burn
31/01/170831 Margarett Galloway
10/03/1708Mar. 10 Mary daughter of Wm. Watson (Wilson)
15/03/170815 Rebekah daughter of John Thompson
19/03/170819 Wm. son of Wm. Bourn (Burn)
20/03/170820 Wm. son of Wm. Harrison
23/03/170823 William Ellerbee
07/04/1709Apr. 7 Anne Stephenson
18/04/170918 Anne Cook
21/04/170921 Robert son of Thomas Thew
04/05/1709May 4 Robert son of John Lakes
04/05/17094 Sarah Winchop
14/07/1709Jul. 14 Deborah Thompson
13/08/1709Aug. 13 John Chandler (Chandley)
19/08/170919 John son of Rich. Rawling
05/09/1709Sep. 5 Richd. Winchup
10/11/1709Nov. 10 Anne daughter of Tho. Sawyer (savage)
04/12/1709Dec. 4 John Scott
12/12/170912 Mr. Robert Raikes
16/01/1709Jan. 16 Mary Reame
26/01/170926 Anne daughter of John Jackson
30/01/170930 Francis Atkinson
02/02/1709Feb. 2 Anne Kemp
06/02/17096 Mary Johnson
09/02/17099 Mark Turrington
13/02/170913 Robert son of Joseph Sparrow
27/02/170927 Peter Gorbut (Gorbort)
15/03/1709Mar. 15 Anne Kemp
28/03/1710Mar. 28 John Burton
26/04/1710Apr. 26 Mary Leaf
12/05/1710May 12 George Lee
25/08/1710Aug. 25 George son of Robt. Chimney
16/10/1710Oct. 16 Mrs. Mary Diggins (Diggings)
23/11/1710Nov. 23 Thomas Burton
08/12/1710Dec. 8 Margarett Dawson
28/12/171028 Hannah Megson
25/03/1710Mar. 25 John Crawford
16/04/1711Apr. 16 Lawrance Harrison
18/04/171118 Thomas Dalton
23/04/171123 Anne daughter of Thomas Tailor (Taylor)
19/05/1711May 19 Robert son of Thomas Thew
26/06/1711Jun. 26 Wm. Burrill (Burrell)
02/07/1711Jul. 2 Wm. son of John Thompson
09/07/17119 Anne Kell
12/07/171112 Wm. son of James Dibney
25/10/1711Oct. 25 James Simpson
07/11/1711Nov. 7 Nathaniell son of Isaac Johnson Affid.
26/03/1712Mar. 26 Anne Sagg
31/03/171231 Anne daughter of Henry Frith
01/04/1712Apr. 1 Robert son of Wm. Burn
05/04/17125 Anne Chandler (Chanley)
08/04/17128 Anne daughter of John Whiting
11/04/171211 Emanuel son of Wm. Born (Burn)
28/07/1712Jul. 28 Laughton son of Robt. Langthorp
25/08/1712Aug. 25 Anne wife of Richd. Wharton
13/09/1712Sep. 13 Thomas son of Thomas Rank
22/09/171222 Mary the wife of Ricd. Marwick (John Madwick)
05/10/1712Oct. 5 Elizabeth Shields
30/11/1712Nov. 30 Margarett Ward
04/12/1712Dec. 4 Anna daughter of Josias (Josiah) Ross
11/12/171211 Robert Scott of Kingston upon Hull
04/01/1712Jan. 4 Wm. son of John Thompson
04/01/17124 Francis Sherrat (Sherrah)
05/01/17125 Richard Ward
25/01/171225 Elling (Ellen) Cross
26/02/1712Feb. 26 Wm. Cross
29/04/1713Apr. 29 John Sagg
11/05/1713May 11 Joseph Sparrow
03/06/1713Jun. 3 Elizabeth Smith
30/06/171330 Wm. Ganton
06/08/1713Aug. 6 Frances wife of Wm. Dalton
20/09/1713Sep. 20 Elizth. daughter of W m. Langthorp
23/12/1713Dec. 23 Elizabeth Watson
27/12/171327 Robt. Chadwick mortuary
19/01/1713Jan. 19 Elizabeth Aire
05/02/1713Feb. 5 Elizabeth wife of Wm. Cockerline
15/02/171315 Mary daughter of Robt. Nightingale
05/03/1713Mar. 5 Jane Langthorp
13/03/171313 Sarah (Jane) daughter of Jeremiah Matchan (Matchson)
31/03/1714Mar. 31 James Clapham tailor
05/04/1714Apr. 5 Hannah Burdas wife of John Burdas bricklayer
05/04/17145 Mark son of John Burdas bricklayer
06/05/1714May 21 John Lakes sexton
04/09/1714Sep. 4 Mrs. Catlyn
17/11/1714Nov. 17 Grace Matchan
30/11/171430 Wm. Shields grocer
15/12/1714Dec. 15 Thomas son of Thomas Tailor (Taylor) farmer
15/01/1714Jan. 15 Jonathan son of Hanser Dalton wright (writ)
26/01/171426 Martha daughter of Wm. Burn farmer
14/02/1714Feb. 14 Thomas Golden
24/02/171424 Anne Newton (widdow)
14/03/1714Mar. 14 Esther (Easter) daughter of Wm. Burn farmer
16/03/171416 Wm. son of Wm. Wharton (Warton) labourer
18/03/171418 Mary and Anne twin daughters of Tho. Ross
07/04/1715Apr. 7 Wm. Cockerllne house-wright
13/05/1715May 13 (17) Nicholas Cross labourer
17/07/1715Jul. 17 Elizabeth wife of Wm. Langthorp cutler
27/08/1715Aug. 27 John Dalton lame soldier
01/09/1715Sep. 1 Mr. John Storr seneor gent. (yeaman)
24/09/171524 Mary the daughter of Richd. Nelson affid. made
17/10/1715Oct. 17 Isabell daughter of James Gardum (Gardome)
20/10/171520 Frances daughter of George Bilton
16/01/1715Jan. 16 Anne wife of Robt. Westaby (Westerby) bailif
04/03/1715Mar. 4 Robt. Nightingale labourer
14/04/1716Apr. 14 Frances wife of Thomas Kirk (Kirck) labourer
17/04/171617 Matthew Walker labourer
06/05/1716May 6 Abigaill Sherwood wife (of) Wm. Sherwood labourer
15/05/171615 Wm. Dalton labourer
27/05/171627 John Burdas bricklayer
11/06/1716Jun. 11 Mary Clapham (Claphaen) widow
19/06/171619 John Cooper labr.
13/07/1716Jul. 13 George Pattison (grocer)
31/07/171631 Elizabeth daughter of Samuell Harrison
14/09/1716Sep. 14 Wm. Burn farmer
01/10/1716Oct. 1 Anne daughter of Thomas Kirk labr.
07/10/17167 Jane (Ann) daughter of Richd. Baxter labr.
08/10/17168 Anne Owbridg spinster
21/10/171621 Thomas son of Tho. Appleby (Apleby) labr.
29/10/171629 John son of George Watson tailor
03/11/1716Nov. 3 George son of George Watson tailor
06/11/17166 George Grascroft
01/12/1716Dec. 1 Thomas son of James Dibney labr.
05/12/17165 John Fox servant
06/12/17166 Thomas Cockerline a child
14/12/171614 Jane wife of Robt. Greenshaw yeoman
18/12/171618 Mary wife of Stephen Ellis wever
16/01/1716Jan. 16 Francis son of Caleb Gerrard (Calleb Garrot joyner)
18/01/171618 John Storr yeom.
10/02/1716Feb. 10 Elizabeth daughter of John Storr deceased
16/02/171616 Mrs. Sarah Briercliff of Darington near Ferribridge spinster a young gentlewoman
31/03/1717Mar. 31 Thomas Kirk labourer
13/04/1717Apr. 13 Margery Bilton wid.
22/04/1717Apr. 22 Thomas son of Wm. Dalton of Skefling
21/05/1717May 21 Mathew Walker farmer
03/06/1717Jun. 3 Francis Smith shopkeeper
23/06/171723 Bernard Balk cooper
10/10/1717Oct. 10 Mary wife of Wm. Pearson labr.
20/10/171720 Susannah wife of John Garner yeoman
05/11/1717Nov. 5 Jeremiah son of Robt. Joy bricklayer
16/11/171716 Elizabeth wife of Mr. John Sissons gent.
14/12/1717Dec. 14 Thomas son of Thomas Ross lab.
19/01/1717Jan. 19 Burton son of Wm. Ward mariner
28/02/1717Feb. 28 Robt. Chimney yeoman
19/03/1717Mar. 19 Wm. Ward marriner
07/04/1718Apr. 7 Margarett Ellerbee wid.
03/05/1718May 3 John Gray an old poor man
06/05/17186 Hannah wife of John Marwick mariner
28/05/171828 Anne Charleton young woman
29/05/171829 Hannah wife of Edwd Webster blacksmith (backer)
02/07/1718Jul. 2 John son of Georg Watson tailor
08/09/1718Sep. 8 Francis Bird servant (killed with a horse)
03/10/1718Oct. 3 Thomas son of Thomas Rawson mariner
16/11/1718Nov. 16 John Sissons Gentleman
18/11/171818 Anne the wife of John Gray labourer
11/12/1718Dec. 11 Mary daughter of Wm. Langthorp cutler
31/12/171831 Ursala (Ursalley) wife of Henry Shepherd (Shiphard) pinder
28/01/1718Jan. 28 Roger Nairy barber chirurgeon (Mairy barber)
06/02/1718Feb. 6 Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Greenshaw farmer
26/02/171826 Anne wife of Robert Langthorp Parish Clerk
12/04/1719Apr. 12 Wm. Ccok labourer
03/05/1719May 3 James Frith brickmaker of Hull
26/08/1719Aug. 26 Margaret wife of Wm. Harrison
07/09/1719Sep. 7 Katharine Dalton widdow
11/09/171911 Elling Shaw widdow
17/09/171917 John Anderson kild wth a waine
28/09/171928 Edwd. Langthorp labourer
13/10/1719Oct. 13 Wm. son of Thomas Pattison
15/11/1719Nov. 15 Wm. Cooper son of Saml. Cooper lab.
24/11/171924 Jo. son of Peter Langrick lab.
28/11/171928 Ann daughter of Robt. Joy bricklayer
04/12/1719Dec. 4 Jane wife of Saml. Pawling in holder
04/12/17194 Elizth. wife of Robt. Scott
08/12/17198 Josiah Ross senior farmer
10/12/171910 Elizth. daughter of Hanser Dalton wright
22/12/171922 Elizth. wife of Peter Langreg
22/12/171922 Elizth. daughter of John Tate labr.
30/12/171930 Robt. son of Robt. Scot widdow (sic)
13/01/1719Jan. 13 Wm son of Wm Burn deceased
17/01/171917 Thom son of Thomas Aplebee shipard
23/01/171923 John son of Thomas Greenshaw yea.
26/01/171926 Ann Burdas widdow
01/02/1719Feb. 1 Mary daughter of Thomas Pattison lab.
09/02/17199 Thomas son of Wm. Langthorp cutler
13/02/171913 Wm. Kell cobler
10/03/1719Mar. 10 Robt. Stot housekeeper
28/03/1720Mar. 28 Samll. son of Anthony Simpson weaver
01/04/1720Apr. 1 John Wilson farmer
11/04/172011 Elizth. Brownby single woman
10/05/1720May 10 Ann daughter of Josiah Ross labr. t
08/06/1720June 8 Katharine Snow servt.
09/06/17209 Jane Johnson wid. a stranger
15/06/172015 Judith wife of Thomas Patison labourer
19/06/172019 Thomas Pattison houskeeper widdouer
03/06/1720Jun. 3 Henry Shepherd pinder
30/06/172030 Mary Laws wid.
12/07/1720Jul. 12 George son of John Grascroft labourer
27/07/172027 Margarett Cooper widdow
21/08/1720Aug. 21 Richard son of John Tate labourer
25/08/172025 Wm. son of Thomas Tailor farmer
04/09/1720Sep. 4 Elizth. daughter of Robt. Joy bricklayer
09/09/17209 Richard Shields senr. labourer
09/09/17209 William son of Wm. Liversiege shomaker
09/09/17209 John son of John Kemp labourer
30/09/172030 Susannah Keel widdow
13/10/1720Oct. 13 Esther Robinson widd.
19/10/172019 Elling wife of Richard Atkinson shepherd
11/11/1720Nov. 11 Mary wife of James Shields grocer
24/11/172024 Thomas Benington servt.
29/11/172029 Margaret Shields widdow
18/12/1720Dec. 18 Francis Andrew labourer
01/01/1720Jan. 1 Jane wife of Joseph Keatley miller
16/01/172016 Jane wife o Christopher Bowman physition
06/02/1720Feb. 6 Anne wife of Jeremiah Matchan of Owthorne yeo.
01/02/17201 o Robert son of Robt. Greenshaw yeom. slain by a fatall casualty
12/02/172012 Joseph son of Thomas Galloway servt.
21/02/172021 Gertrude Smith widdow
23/02/172023 Elizabeth daughter of Josiah Ross labourer
07/03/1720Mar. 7 Samuell Motherby servt.
13/03/172013 Thomas son of Tho. Sagg cobler
17/03/172017 Richard Capes of Hollim servt.
21/03/172021 Mary daughter of George Robinson inholder
22/03/172022 Jane daughter of Rich. Baxter labor.
28/03/1721Mar. 28 Rebecca wife of Francis Pinchbeck labourer
07/04/1721Apr. 7 Robert son of Thos. Savage miller
22/04/172122 Thomas Langthorp batchelor
05/06/1721Jun. 5 Mary Binkes widdow
05/06/17215 Susannah Kell a poor child
17/06/172117 John Owbridge servt.
25/06/172125 Thomas Wright infant
02/07/1721Jul. 2 Anne Pinchbeck a child
07/08/1721Aug. 7 Mary Pearson wid.
17/08/172117 William Webster batchelor
29/08/172129 Mary daughter of Wm. Langthrop cutler
05/10/1721Oct. 5 Abraham son of Georg Dun marriner
06/10/17216 Elizabeth daughter of Tho. Watson farmer
26/10/172126 George son of George Bilton labourer
19/11/1721Nov. 19 Rachel & Mary twin daughters of Thomas Greenshaw yeom.
02/12/1721Dec. 2 John Cross a joyner
06/12/17216 Anne wife of Thomas Robinson of Welwick
08/12/17218 Anne Stephenson spinster
04/01/1721Jan. 4 Susanah Ellerbee widdcw
12/01/172112 Wm. son of George Sagg labourer
14/01/172114 John son of Mr. Burstall land rider
20/02/1721Feb. 20 David son of David Thew tailor
22/02/172122 Robt. Dawson labcurer
06/02/172127 Robert Rawling sexton
06/03/1721Mar. 6 Jane wife of John Woodmansey farmer
15/03/172115 Francis Ream bricklayer
20/03/172120 Mary Marwick spinster
12/04/1722Apr. 12 Elizabeth daughter of George Robinson weaver
22/04/172222 Anne wife of Edward Saill yeoman
01/05/1722May 1 Thomas a bastard child of Mary Shepherd the father not known
05/05/17225 Eliz. Robinson spinster
23/05/172223 Anne daughter of Thomas Greenshaw yeom.
28/05/172228 Susannah daughter of David Thew taylor
30/05/172230 Peter Barker servt.
28/06/1722Jun. 28 Phillip son of Phillip Jackson labourer
17/07/1722Jul. 17 George Bilton labourer
03/08/1722Aug. 3 Thomas and William sons of Thomas Rank labourer
07/08/17227 Mary daughter of Thomas Witt labourer
09/08/17229 Jane wife of Hugh Saill yeom.
21/08/172221 Rachell danghter of Thomas Sawyer butcher
12/09/1722Sep. 12 Sarah wife of Thomas Spilsby of Welwick boatman
12/09/172212 Thomas son of Wm. Laughton butcher
04/10/1722Oct. 4 John Tate labourer
15/10/172215 Isabell Todd servt.
28/10/172228 Sarah Frith widdow
02/11/1722Nov. 2 John Cookman hous-wright
17/11/172217 Jane wife of Daniell Cook labourer
18/11/1722Nov. 18 Hannah daughter of Caleb Gerrard joyner
27/11/172227 James Holyday young man
28/11/172228 Jane daughter of Daniell Cook labourer
02/12/1722Dec. 2 Thomas Savage miller
03/12/17223 Grace wife of Mathew Ashley tailor
09/12/17229 Elizabeth wife of Wm. Williamson labr.
10/12/172210 Wm. son of William Hotchan labourer
19/12/172219 John Pilkinton farmer
10/01/1722Jan. 10 Mary daughter of George Sagg yeom.
12/01/172212 Elizabeth wife of Jeremiah Joy yeom.
14/01/172214 Mary Cookman widdow
18/01/172218 Wm. Williamson labourer
19/01/172219 Wm. Laughton butcher
25/01/172225 Jane wife of Thomas Coy labourer
07/02/1722Feb. 7 Anne Wright of Tonstall servt.
21/02/172221 James Dalton servt.
25/02/172225 Thomas Thew taylor
01/04/1723Apr. 1 Jane wife of Laurence Cockerill of Esington yeom.
01/05/1723May 1 Phillip Jackson labourer
03/05/17233 Richard Wharton labourer
13/05/172313 Rachell daughter of Thomas Sawyer butcher
06/06/1723Jun. 6 Frances Ross widdow
12/06/172312 Margaret wife of Thomas Best farmer of Tythe
29/06/172329 Samuell Fox servt.
13/07/1723Jul. 13 Thomas Taylor farmer
14/07/172314 John Burton yeoman
11/08/1723Aug. 11 Thomas Sagg shoemaker
04/09/1723Sep. 4 Wm. Sherewood labourer
13/09/172313 Sarah Sympson spinster
27/09/1723Sep. 27 Anne daughter of David Thew taylor
17/10/1723Oct. 17 John son of John Featherstone malster
13/12/1723Dec. 13 Thomas son of Thomas Fox farmer
17/12/172317 Ann wife of John Pearson yeom.
26/12/172326 Josiah Ross labourer
01/01/1723Jan. first William son of Henry Toll labourer
19/01/172319 Elling daughter of Edwd. Webster blacksmith
23/01/172323 Mary Blenck widdow
04/02/1723Feb. 4 Henry Toll labourer
24/02/172324 Joannah daughter of John Thew a young shoemaker
06/03/1723Mar. 6 Isabel wife of John Kemp labourer
15/03/172315 Robert son of Thomas Thew
20/03/172320 Thomas son of Tho. Thew
20/03/172320 Lidia daughter of Edw. Webster blacksmith
02/04/1724Apr. 2 George son of John Grascroft labourer
08/04/17248 Isabell wife of John Grascroft
18/05/1724May 18 John son of Thomas Thew labr.
02/06/1724Jun. 2 Robert son of Georg Watson tailor
05/08/1724Aug. 5 Wm. Ross batchelour
10/10/1724Oct. 10 Mr. William Burstall Alderman of Heddon
05/03/1724Mar. 5 Mary wife of John Killingbeck weaver
23/03/172423 Jane daughter of Thomas Thew grocer
14/05/1725May 14 Thomas Coy labourer
18/05/1725Juu. 18 Jane daughter of Robt. Pattison yeoman
08/08/1725Aug. ye 8 1725 The Rev Mr. John Pighills Rector
06/10/1725Oct. 6 Hugh Sail yeoman
11/11/1725Nov. 11 Ann Greenup a stranger
27/11/172527 Thos. Appleby Shephrd (sic)
30/11/172530 Eliz. Baulk widow
08/01/1725Jan. 8 Eliz. Walker widow
15/02/1725Feb. 15 Wm. son of Richd. Atkinson
06/03/1725Mar. 6 Jane White widow
03/04/1726Apr. 3 Katherine Rank wife of Thos. labr.
15/04/172615 Ann daughter of Richard Cookman labr.
25/05/1726May 25 Jane daughter of George Patinson
12/07/1726Jul. 12 Ruth daughter of Mr. John Simpson
14/08/1726Aug. 14 Ann daughter of Thomas Thew
25/10/1726Oct. 25 Jane Clapham single woman
10/12/1726Dec. 10 Eliz. Sparrow widow
13/01/1726Jan. 13 Francis Jackson labourer
24/02/1726Feb. 24 Ellz. daughter of Thos. Watson
10/03/1726Mar. 10 Mary ye wife of Anthony Simpson
24/03/172624 John ye son of David Thew
18/04/1727Apr. 18 Elizabeth Key
20/04/172720 Ann Reame
01/05/1727May 1 William Cook
01/05/17271 Robert Todd
16/05/172716 Margaret Sawyer
18/06/1727Jun. 18 Thomas son of James Shields
06/08/1727Aug. 6 Hugh son of Hugh Sail
07/08/17277 Thomas son of Xtopher Laughton
29/08/172729 Ann Temperton from ye Sunck Island
05/09/1727Sep. 5 Frances daughter of Richd. Baxter
08/09/17278 Ester daughter natural of Ann Jackson
20/09/172720 John Gray
22/09/172722 Ann daughter of Robt. Welsdale
13/10/1727Oct. 13 Mary daughter of Richd. Shields
22/10/172722 Eleanor or Ellin daughter of Wm. Harison of the Sunck Island
28/10/172728 William Eels
05/11/1727Nov. 5 Frances daughter of Robt. Wadsforth
20/11/172720 Sarah wife of Willm. Coningston
21/11/172721 Jane daughter of George Patinson
23/11/172723 Margaret Baker of ye Parish of Outhorn
27/11/1727Nov. 27 Ann wife of William Pope
29/11/172729 Thomas Ross
30/11/172730 Susanna daughter of Willits. Pope
03/12/1727Dec. 3 John son of John Baron
04/12/17274 Elizabeth natural daughter of Susan Sparrow
08/12/17278 Sarah Wainhouse daughter-in-law to Jno. Simpson
18/12/172718 John son of John Mawson
03/01/1727Jan. 3 Mary Shields
28/01/172728 Edward Webster
28/01/172728 Elizabeth natural daughter of Elizabeth Key
04/02/1727Feb. 4 Sarah Watson
05/02/17275 Jane daughter of John Wright
01/03/1727Mar. 1 Cicely Wilson
03/03/17273 Elizabeth Hudson from Hull
08/03/17278 Samuel Pawling
19/03/172719 Ann Reame
19/03/172719 Thomas Bilton
21/03/172721 Ann daughter of Robt. Langthorp
05/04/1728Apr. 5 William son of Jno. Steward
06/04/17286 Richard Baxter
02/05/1728May 2 Robert Joy
05/05/17285 Isabell Lambert
30/05/172830 Dinah wife of Richard Maddock
08/06/1728Jun. 8 Joseph son of Thomas Ross
24/08/1728Aug. 24 William Hotchin
05/02/1728Feb. 5 Robert Westaby
17/02/172817 John Tompson
15/10/1728Oct. 15 Eleanor or Ellen wife of Richard Pearson
16/10/172816 Elizabeth Brainbridge
30/10/172830 Richard White
05/11/1728Nov. 5 Mary wife of William Rawling
09/11/17289 John son of John Blenk
23/11/172823 James Dibney
28/11/172828 William Shields
28/11/172828 Mary daughter of Matthew Asley
27/12/1728Dec. 27 William son of Mr. Thomas Mantle
28/12/172828 Frances wife of Wm. Cockerline
29/12/172829 Ann Webster
03/02/1728Feb. 3 William son of Thos. Thew
14/02/172814 James son natural of Dorcas Charlton
14/02/172814 Joseph Keetley
25/02/172825 Ann wife of Richard Atkinson
26/02/172826 Margaret wife of William Liversedge
27/02/172827 Thomas son of Thomas Watson
03/03/1728Mar. 3 Prudence wife of Thomas Sawyer
06/03/17286 Richard Williamson
11/03/172811 Susannah wife of Richd Rich
21/03/172821 Richard Rich
06/04/1729Apr. 6 Ann daughter of Widow Hotchin
11/04/172911 John Pinchbeck
16/04/172916 Jane wife of Anthony Simpson
29/04/172929 Jane Bilton widow
30/04/172930 Alice Cowper
01/05/1729May 1 Frances wife of Edward Robinson
06/05/17296 Hannah daughter of Francis Tompson
10/05/172910 Elizabeth Tate widow
27/05/172927 Edward Sail
27/05/172927 Elizabeth Smith
21/06/1729Jun. 21 William natural son of Hannah Webster
01/09/1729Sep. 1 James son of Uriah Blackborn
03/09/17293 Ellen Shaw
03/09/17293 Ann daughter of John Weddell
08/09/17298 Susanna Ross wife of Humphrey
28/09/172928 Thomas son of Thomas Rawson
20/11/1729Nov. 20 John Malton
25/11/172925 Hanser Dalton
03/12/1729Dec. 3 Robert son of Robt Chadwick
07/12/17297 Mary daughter of William Lambert
11/12/172911 Matthew Ashley
23/12/172923 Elizabeth daughter of Xtopher Laughton
23/01/1729Jan. 23 Mary Eels
13/02/1729Feb. 13 Ruth daughter of Andrew Sayle
19/02/172919 Thomas natural son of Dorcas Charlton
24/02/172924 Richard son of Richard Atkisson
13/03/1729Mar. 13 John son of John Steward
13/04/1730Apr. 13 Mary daughter of Thoms. Sawyer
18/04/173018 Susanna Robinson
15/05/1730May 15 Anthony Simson
05/06/1730Jun. 5 William son of Ann Joy widow
11/07/1730Jul. 11 Hannah wife of Thomas Fox
22/09/1730Sep. 22 Eldress Brand from London mariner
30/09/173030 Alice Johnson
30/09/173030 Ellen daughter of Samuel Garland
11/10/1730Oct. 11 Sarah daughter of William Langthorp
15/10/173015 Elizabeth daughter of William Langthorp
15/10/173015 James son of James Shields
18/10/173018 John Saunders
21/10/173021 Richard son of Richd. Marwick
22/10/173022 William son of James Shields
25/10/173025 Thomas son of Henry Capstack
26/10/173026 Ann daughter of Uriah Blackburn
27/10/173027 Ann wife of William Potchet
30/10/173030 William Tennison
01/11/1730Nov. 1 Ann Ross
01/11/17301 Susanna daughter of Matthew Mason
05/11/17305 John Potter
09/11/1730Nov. 9 Robert Buckles
05/12/1730Dec. 5 Ann daughter of George Dunn
06/12/17306 Ann Mawson
12/12/173012 Edward Thorpe
30/12/173030 Jane wife of John Harrison
06/01/1730Jan. 6 Ann daughter of Thomas Ellerby
17/01/173017 Elizabeth Andrew
05/02/1730Feb. 5 Ann wife of John Steward
10/02/173010 Elizabeth wife of Henry Brown
16/02/173016 Frances wife of Robt. Gawthorp
28/02/173028 Robert Ellerby
16/04/1731Apr. 16 Ann Saunders
06/06/1731Jun. 6 Watson natural son of Ann Hunter
06/07/1731Jul. 6 Ann wife of Richard Pearson
12/07/173112 Edward Ward
21/08/1731Aug. 21 Richard Nelson
24/08/173124 Ann daughter of Richd. Flintoft
01/09/1731Sep. 1 Thomas son of Thomas Greenshaw
04/09/17314 Elizabeth daughter of John Featherston
13/10/1731Oct. 13 Hannah daughter of John Garner
13/10/173113 John Mawson
11/11/1731Nov. 11 Thomas natural son of Jane Leadham
17/11/173117 Ann Ullison
26/11/173126 William Airs from Sunk Island
30/11/173130 Ann daughter of John Steward
04/12/1731Dec. 4 Benjamin son of Benjamin Gorwood
10/12/173110 Mary Cross widow
16/12/173116 Mary daughter of Elizabeth Mawson widow
19/12/173119 Robert son of George Pattinson
22/01/1731Jan. 22 Thomas Chapman
29/01/173129 Elizabeth Smith
14/03/1731Mar. 14 John Thompson
16/03/173116 Ann daughter of James Shields

Data transcribed from
A publication by the Yorkshire Parish Register Society
published in the year 1900
Transcribed by Colin Hinson
This page © 2020