1834 Electoral Roll for the parish of


1834 Electoral Roll for the parish of Pocklington


The Names of the Persons entitled to vote in the Election of Knights of the Shire for the East-Riding of the County of York, and the Town and County of the Town of Kingston-upon-Hull, with a Description of their Qualifications.

  • The numbers given are those in the original book.
  • The Description of the Property is by name, or by the name of the Tenant, or by the Street in the Parish where situate.
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and Surname
Place of AbodeNature of QualificationDescription of property
4987Abel, RobertPocklingtonFreehold house and landChapmangate
4988Addinall, JamesYorkFreehold house and landOccupied by Ann Wrightson and others
4989Bagley, GeorgePocklingtonFreehold house and landChapmangate
4990Barnby, RichardPocklingtonFreehold houseMarket Place
4991Beal, JamesPocklingtonOccupier, at rent of £50Clay Field
4992Bell, JohnPocklingtonFreehold house and gardenMarket Place
4993Benson, GeorgeEgglestoneFreehold housesChapmangate
4994Brown, Thomas, Rev.PocklingtonFreehold landOccupied by Robert Hodgson
4995Burnell, JohnPocklingtonFreehold house and landChaprnangate
4996Bulmer, JohnPocklingtonFreehold houseMarket Place
4997Catton, ThomasPocklingtonFreehold houseHungate
4998Clark, ThomasPocklingtonFreehold house and landChapmangate
4999Collinson, ElishaPocklington Canal HeadFreehold house and landTute Hill
5000Cross, JohnBarmby MoorFreehold housesOccupied by John Loftus and others
5001Cockburn, William, D.D.York Deanery HouseRectory of PocklingtonPocklington
5002Curtis, RichardPocklingtonFreehold houseTenant to R. Denison, Esq.
5003Cook, WilliamPocklingtonFreehold houses and landWest Green
5004Cross, JohnFlaxton Red HouseFreehold landPocklington
5005Donn, RichardPocklingtonFreehold house and landSt. Helen Gate
5006English, RichardPocklingtonFreehold houseBrass Castle Hill
5007Elliot, SamuelPocklingtonFreehold house and landBrass Castle Hill
5008Fallowfield, FrancisPocklingtonFreehold house and landMarket Place
5009Fife, ThomasPocklingtonFreehold house and landMarket Place
5010Gray, MichaelPocklington Canal HeadHouse and land, as occupier, at rent of £50Tenant to Mrs. Dewsberry
5011Grant, ThomasPocklingtonFreehold housesOccupied by Mary Giles and others
5012Hawkins, Charles, RevYorkFreehold beneficePocklington
5013Harrison, JonathanPocklingtonFreehold house and landChapmangate
5014Holmes, NathanielPocklingtonFreehold house and landChapmangate
5015Hodgson, HenryPocklingtonFreehold landMarket Place
5016Hodgson, RobertBarrack Flat LaneFreehold house and landBarrack Flat Lane
5017Hornby, ThomasBarmby MoorFreehold houseMarket Place
5018Hotham, JohnYorkFreehold houseOccupied by Wm. James and others
5019Harrison, JohnPocklingtonFreehold houseChapmangate
5020Hall, RichardPocklingtonFreehold houseSouth End
5021Harland, ThomasPocklingtonFreehold house and landChapmangate
5022Hall, WilliamPocklingtonCopyhold landSouth Moor
5023James, WilliamPocklingtonHouse and land, as occupier, at £50 a-yearRegent Street
5024Ibbetson, HughPocklingtonFreehold landNorth Field
5025Jessop, RichardPocklingtonA freehold in Ebenezer ChapelChapmangate
5026Johnson, ThomasPocklingtonFreehold houses and landGreat George Street
5027Johnson, RalphPocklingtonFreehold housesGeorge Lacelles, tenant
5028Johnson, WilliamPocklingtonFreehold houses and landMarket Place
5029Judson, RobertPocklingtonFreehold houses and landRegent Street
5030Jackson, MatthewPocklingtonFreehold houses and landNew Pavement
5031Linwood, JohnPocklingtonFreehold houses and landMarket Place
5032Loftus, JohnPocklingtonFreehold landSherbut Gate, Pocklington
5033Loftus, GeorgePocklingtonFreehold land and houseGreat George Street
5034Lund, JohnAllerthorpeFreehold housesWilliam Ware and others, tenants
5035Linwood, WilliamPocklingtonFreehold housesGreat George Street
5036Linwood, ThomasPocklingtonFreehold landSouth Moor
5037Moor, JohnPocklingtonFreehold landCarr Lane
5038Myers, EmanuelPocklingtonFreehold houseGreat George Street
5039Manners, RobertPocklingtonFreehold housesGrape Lane
5040Nicholson, ThomasPocklingtonFreehold houseSwine Market
5041Overend, George TimothyPocklington New InnFreehold house and landPocklington
5042Parrin, WilliamAllerton MaulevarorFreehold houseChapmangate
5043Powell, JamesPocklingtonFreehold house and landRegent Street
5044Powell, WilliamPocklingtonFreehold house and landMarket Place
5045Richardson, ThomasPocklingtonFreehold houseChapmangate
5046Richardson, JohnPocklingtonFreehold housesChapmangate
5047Richardson, WilliamPocklingtonFreehold housesChapmangate
5048Rispin, JohnPocklingtonFreehold housesSwine Market
5049Rispin, JamesPocklingtonFreehold housesMarket Place
5050Rex, WilliamYorkFreehold housesNew Pavement
5051Swann, CliffordPocklingtonFreehold housesNew Pavement
5052Spencer, IsaacAcomb Plantation, YorkFreehold housesMarket Place; occupied by C. Hudson and others
5053Smith, Thomas, Esq.HuntingtonFreehold landNorth Field
5054Silburn, JohnPocklingtonFreehold houses and landSwine Market
5055Smith, JohnPocklingtonFreehold land, as occupierMill Hill
5056Shield, Thomas, RevPocklingtonFreehold house and landWest Green
5057Scaife, ThomasPocklingtonFreehold house and landGreat George Street
5058Staveley, ThomasPocklingtonFreehold house and landBrass Castle Hill
5059Stockton, RobertPocklingtonFreehold landSouth Moor
5060Tindall, JamesPocklingtonFreehold housesMarket Place
5061Todd, MatthewYorkFreehold housesGreat George Street
5062Todd, JohnPocklingtonFreehold house and landGreat George Street
5063Ward, StephenPocklingtonFreehold houseMarket Place
5064Wallis, JamesPocklingtonFreehold houseSwine Market
5065Weddall, CharlesPocklingtonFreehold landBack Lane
5066Wright, ThomasPocklingtonFreehold housesSwine Market
5067Wilson, ThomasPocklingtonFreehold house and land, as occupierTenant to Elisha Collinson and John Burnell
5068Wright, WilliamPocklingtonFreehold houseMarket Place
5069Walker, JohnPocklingtonCopyhold house and gardenGreat George Street
5070Walker, WilliamPocklingtonFreehold housesUnion Street
5071Weddall, ThomasPocklingtonFreehold housesSt. Helen Gate

and Surname
Place of AbodeNature of QualificationDescription of property
4952Cross, ThomasMeltonbyOccupier of land, of £50 annual valueat Meltonby
4953Green, JamesMeltonbyFreehold landat Meltonby
4954Hudson, JohnMeltonbyAnnuity, in right of his wife, paid out of freehold propertyat Meltonby
4955Wormald, SmithTadcasterFreehold landsat Meltonby
4956Horsley, MichaelYaphamOccupier of lands of upwards of £50 annual rentat Yapham
4957Kirby, NathanielYaphamOccupier of lands of upwards of £50 annual rentat Yapham
4958Whipp, RogerYaphamFreehold landsat Yapham

and Surname
Place of AbodeNature of QualificationDescription of property
4986Kilby, JohnOwsthorpe150 acres of land, as occupier, annual rent £50 and upwardsOwsthorpe

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The Electoral Rolls of the East Riding of Yorkshire, 1834
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