Pocklington Directory of Trades and Professions for 1829


Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for POCKLINGTON in Pigot's Directory of 1829.

Post Office,
  • New Pavement, Matthew Jackson, Post Muster.
  • Letters for London and the North are despatched every afternoon at three and six, and arrive at nine at night.
  • Letters for Beverley, Hull and Market-Weighton are despatched at eight in the morning and six in the afternoon, and. arrive at twenty minutes before four in the afternoon and nine at night.
  • Letters for Edinburgh and all parts North of York are despatched at three in the afternoon.
  • Letters for York are despatched at three and six in the afternoon, and arrive at twenty minutes before nine in the morning and nine at night.
Nobility Gentry and Clergy,
  • Abel John, gent. Chapel street
  • Brown Rev. Thomas, Chapel street
  • Catton Mrs. E. New Pavement
  • Clarkson George, gent. Chapel street
  • Cook William, gent. West green
  • Dennison Robert, esq. Elvington hall
  • Dennison Robert, esq. Kilnwick Percy
  • Dewsbury Mrs. Mary, Union street
  • Elliot Samuel, gent. Silver street
  • Harrison Jonathan, gent. Chapel street
  • Hebeson Hugh, gent. Chapel street
  • Hesser Thomas. gent. West green
  • Hudson Mrs. Ann, near Great George street
  • Johnson Thomas, gent. Great George street
  • Jones Rev. David, Teresa lodge
  • Linton Thomas, gent. Great George street
  • Loftus ---, gent. Chapel street
  • Loftus George, gent. Great George street
  • Loftus John, gent. Great George street
  • Loftus Thomas, gent. Great George street
  • Maxwell William Constable, esq. Everingham hall
  • Overend Major Chumley, Fangfoss hall
  • Ridley Rev.-, Kirby-under-Dale
  • Seymour Capt. William, Yellow house
  • Shield Rev. Thomas, West green
  • Singleton John, esq. Givendale
  • Stalliard John, gent. Chapel street
  • Vavisor Sir Henry, Melbourn hall
  • Ward John, gent. Great George street
  • Weddall Mrs. Union street
  • Wharton Gen. James, Rose-moor lodge
  • Wilkinson Mrs. Ruth, Silver street
  • Wood Sir Francis L. Garraby
Academies and Schools,
  • Free Grammar School, West green-Rev. Thomas Shield, master
  • Hudson John (day) Chapel street
  • Jones Rev. David (boarding and day) Teresa lodge
  • La Plain John (day) Chapel street
  • Macalpine Elizabeth (dancing) New Pavement
  • Macalpine John (day), New Pavement
  • National School, West green- John Banks, master; Sarah Banks, mistress
  • Wright Ann (boarding & day) Garden house
  • Wrightson Ann (boarding and day) Yellow house
  • Holmes Nathaniel, Chapel street
  • Powell James & Henry, Regent street
  • Lowe John Nathan, Regent street
  • Scaife Thomas, Great George street
  • Easton John, Church lane
  • James William, Back lane
  • Myers Emanuel, Great George street
  • Richardson John, Back lane
  • Stathers William, Dean's lane
  • Abbey Thomas, Market place
  • Easton John (& printer) Market place
  • Jackson Robert, Broad street
Boot & Shoe Makers,
  • Dunan Robert, Swine market
  • Easton John, Union street
  • Marshall Thomas, Market place
  • Martindale John, New Pavement
  • Moody Henry, Marshall's buildings
  • Pexton George, New Pavement
  • Richardson John, Union street
  • Richardson Robert, Brass Castle hill
  • Rispin George, Regent street
  • Rispin John, jun. Swine market
  • Thompson Joan, New Pavement
  • Todd Robert, Chapel street
  • Wright William, Broad street
Braziers & Tin-Plate Workers,
  • Barnby Richard, Broad street
  • Graves Thomas, Market place
  • Grant Thomas, Swine market
  • Hibbotson John, Grape lane
  • Richardson William, Chapel street
  • Ward Stephen, Broad street
  • Harland Thomas, Chapel street
  • Jackson John, Market place and Shipton
  • Jackson Thomas, Market place and Shipton
  • Randerson Samuel, New Pavement
  • Silburn John, Swine market
  • Staveley Thomas, Brass Castle island
  • Stilburn John, Market place and Bishop Wilton
  • Thomas John, Church lane
  • Todd John, church lane
  • Walker George, Waterloo lane
Cabinet Makers & Joiners,
Marked thus * are Joiners only,
  • *Collinson David, Great George street
  • *Hall Richard, Black Swan lane
  • Hardy David, Silver street
  • Judson Robert, Regent street
  • Ward John (& chair) Chapel street
Chymists and Druggists,
  • Bell Richard, Church lane
  • Botterill William, Broad street
  • Bulmer John, Market place
  • Hornby Thomas, Church lane
  • Nicholson Jonathan, (& chair mkr) Silver street
  • Stockton Robert, Broad street
  • Tindale James, Broad street
  • Tindale William, Back lane
Corn Millers,
  • Dunn Richard, London street
  • English Richard, Marker place
  • Hodge Thomas, Ousethorp
  • Marshall William, Grimthorpe
  • Overend Tim. Devonshire Mill
  • Peart James, West green
  • Picketing Harry, Yapham
  • Scaife John, Clock Mills
Curriers and Leather Cutters,
  • Hudson John, Union street, Broad street
  • Snowdon Chr, (leather, cutter only)
  • Wright Thomas, Union street
  • Thomas Robert, Silver street
  • Thompson John, New Pavement
Flour Dealers,
  • Fife Thomas, Broad street
  • Pickering Harry, Chapel street
  • Smith George, Broad street
Gardeners & Seedsmen,
  • Foster John, Union street
  • Murgatroyd John, Union street
  • Rumley William, Chapel street
  • Hall John, Broad street
  • Hall William, Broad street
Grocers & Drapers,
  • Catton John,- Broad street
  • Hagyard Thomas, Market place
  • Powell William, Broad street
  • Richardson Ann, Broad street
  • Stocks Charles, Marketplace
  • Wright Thomas; Swine market
Hair Dressers,
  • Dales Christopher, Broad street
  • Hodgson Henry Swine market
  • Rispin James, Broad street
Inns, Taverns & Public Houses,
  • Bay Horse, William Leuty, Peter's court
  • Black Bull, William Johnson, Broad street
  • Black Swan, Robert Hyde, Broad street
  • Buck, Ralph Johnson, Broad street
  • Cross Keys, Thomas Grant, Swine market
  • Dog & Duck, George Pexton, New pavement
  • Feathers Inn (posting & commercial & excise-office) Francis Fallowfield, Market place
  • Grapes Inn (& posting) George Hall, Barmby moor
  • New Inn (& posting) Tim. Overend, near Canal head
  • Red Lion, Thomas Staveley, Regent street
  • Royal Oak, Thomas Swainston, Great George street
  • Star, John Thompson, Market place
  • Three Horse Shoes, Thomas Wilson, Swine market
  • Tiger, Thomas Jennings, Chapel street
  • White Swan, Gregory Benson, West green
  • Abbey Thomas, Market place
  • Barnby Richard, (& hatter) Broad street
  • Jackson Robert, (& hatter) Broad street
  • Holtby David, Chapel street
  • Stables Seth, Chapel street
Plumbers & Glaziers,
  • Johnson John, Broad street
  • Scaife Thomas, Great George street
  • Scaife William, (painter) Church lane
  • Gilbertson Thomas, Broad street
  • Linwood John, Market place
Shopkeepers & Dealers in Sundries,
  • Bellerby William, Great George street
  • Briggs Mary, Market place
  • Dales George, Cotton hill
  • Galtry Thomas, Swine market
  • Loftus John, Broad street
  • Nichols William, (and china, glass and earthenware) Broad street
  • Rispin James, Broad street
  • Smith Daniel, Bishop hill
  • Stadders James, Chapel street
  • Stathers James, Market place
  • Telford Elizabeth, Swine market
  • Telford James, Market place
  • Thomas Robert, Silver street
  • Thompson William, Broad street
Spirit Merchants,
Marked thus * are also Seedsmen.
  • English Richard, Brass Castle island
  • *Gardam John, Peter's court
  • *Gardam William, Union street
  • Johnson Ralph, Broad street
  • Bell John, Broad street
  • Bell Richard, Chapel street
  • Danson Edward, Chapel street
  • Hornby Thomas, Church Isle
  • Lawson ---, London street
  • Marshall William, Marshall's buildings
  • Bowes John (and draper) Union street
  • Craggs Thomas, Cotton hill
  • Powell William, Broad street
  • Scaife James (and woollen draper, fire office agent and sub-distributer of stamps) Broad street
  • Shaw John, West green
  • Stubbs William, Market place
  • Ward Robert, Union street
  • Wright Thomas, Market place
  • Wilson Thomas K. Union street
Watch & Clock Makers,
  • Fryer John (& jeweller) Waterloo buildings
  • Hunter Richard, New pavement
  • Milner Reuben, Broad street
  • Bradley Francis, (& gig mkr) Deans lane
  • Robinson Richard, Deans' lane
  • Stubbs Henry, Chapel street
  • Stubbs Richard, Chapel street
  • Winter William, Great George street
  • Askham James, woolstapler, chapel street
  • Bagley George, chief constable, Chapel street
  • Blanchard Thomas, fellmonger, leather dresser and glover, Chapel Area
  • Collinson Elisha, brewer & maltster. Gt George street
  • Cook James, straw hat and patten maker, Waterloo buildings
  • Gardam Mary, rope & twine maker, Union street
  • Gilbertson Thomas, eating house, Marshalls buildings
  • Hudson Henry; tea dealer, Market place
  • Jackson Matthew, tallow chandler, New pavement
  • Judson Mary, milliner and dress maker, Regent street
  • Marshall John, confectioner, Broad street
  • Noble James, portrait painter, Market place
  • Pape Henry, corn factor, cheesemonger and seedsman, Swine market
  • Richardson William, stone mason, Regent street
  • Tindall Hannah straw hat maker, Broad street
  • Whitfield Ann, baker, Broad street
  • To Hull, the Union (from York) calls at the Black Bull, every afternoon (Sundays excepted) at half-past four goes through Market Weighton
  • To York the Union (from Hull) calls at the Black Ball, every morning (Sundays excepted) at ten.
  • To Bishop Wilton. Ralph Kirby, from the Three Horse Shoes, every Wednesday & Saturday -and John Shields, from the Star, every Saturday morning.
  • To Bridlington, Woodhouse & Ca from the Black Swan, every Saturday morning; goes through Driffield.
  • To Fangfoss, Robert Gray, from the Three Horse Shoes every Saturday.
  • To Hugget, John Ward & John Dickinson, from the Three Horse Shoes, every Saturday.
  • To Hull, Robert Manners, from his house, every Monday and Thursday.
  • To Market Weighton, John Cockburn & Robert Holmes, from the Buck, every Saturday.
  • To Melburn, James Thompson, from the Cross Keys every Saturday
  • To Millington, William Purden, from the Black Bull, every Saturday.
  • To Seaton, George Rook, from the Black Bull, every Saturday.
  • To York, Woodhouse & Co., from the Black Swan, every Thursday-Mary Giles, (from West green every Wednesday & Saturday. Robert Manners from his house, every Saturday, and James Thompson from George street every Thursday, and Saturday nights.
Conveyance By Water,
  • To Hull, the Union Packet, from River head, sails occasionally.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003