Pocklington Directory of Trades and Professions for 1834


Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for POCKLINGTON in Pigot's Directory of 1834.

Miscellany of trades
  • Post Office, Market place, James Scaife, Post master
Nobility, Gentry, & Clergy,
  • Alderson Rev. William, Everingham
  • Brown Rev. Thomas, Chapman gate
  • Burnell John, esq. Theresa lodge
  • Carr Rev. Charles, Burnby
  • Cautley Mrs. Elizabeth, Bishop Wilton
  • Clark Mr. Thomas, Chapman gate
  • Cockburn Rev. G, Allerthorpe
  • Crain Mrs. Ann, Chapman gate
  • Denison Robert, esq. (magistrate) Kilnwick Percy
  • Dewsberry Mrs. Mary, Union st
  • Elliott Mr. Samuel, Brass cattle hill
  • Fendal Rev. Henry, Nunburnholme
  • Graham Rev. Charles Rees, Hayton
  • Griesbach Rev. W.R. (vicar of Fridaythorpe) White house
  • Harrison John, esq. Chapman gate
  • Hudson William, esq. Grimthorpe
  • Jessop Rev. ---, Chapman gate
  • Johnson Mr. Thomas, Great George's st
  • Linton Mr. Thomas, Great George's st
  • Loftus Mr. George, Great George's st
  • Loftus Mr. John, Great George's st
  • Lonsdale Rev. William, New pavement
  • Lythe Rev. Richard, Bishop Wilton
  • Maxwell William C. esq. (magistrate) Everingham hall
  • Metcalfe Mrs. ---, Bishop Wilton
  • Muncaster the Right Hon. Lord, Warter priory
  • North John, esq. Myrtle grove
  • Richardson Captain Charles, Painsthorpe
  • Shield Rev. Thomas, B.D. West green
  • Shooter Rev. Joseph, vicar of Bishop Wilton
  • Silburn Mrs. Swine market
  • Singleton John, esq. Givendale
  • Stables Mrs. Mary, Chapman gate
  • Swiney William S. esq. Allerthorpe
  • Vavasour Sir Henry M. bart. Melburne hall
  • Weddall Mrs. Ann, Union st
  • Wharton General (magistrate) Rose Moore lodge
  • Whitelock Rev. William S. Kirby Underdale
  • Wilkinson Mrs. Mary, Swine market
  • Wilson Thomas Knowlton, Bank side
  • Wollams Mrs. Hannah, Smithey hill
  • Wood Sir Francis, bart. Garraby hall
Academies & Schools,
Not otherwise stated are Day Schools
  • Free Grammar School, West Green --- Rev. Thomas Shield, B.D. Master Hudson Charles, Market place
  • La Plain John, Chapman gate
  • National School, West Green --- John Banks, master; Sarah Banks, mistress Wrightson Ann (day & boarding) Yellow house
  • Holmes & Son, Chapman gate
  • Powell & Son, Regent st
  • Lowe John Nathan, Regent st
  • Scaife Thomas, Great George's st
Bakers & Flour Dealers,
  • Fife Thomas, Market place
  • Hagyard William, Chapman gate
  • Whitwell Ann, Market place
  • York Union Banking Co. Waterloo buildings -- (draw on Williams, Deacon & Co. London) -- attendance on market & fair days
  • Easton John, Horse Shoes yard
  • Gowland George, Bishop Wilton
  • James William, Regent st
  • Jebson James, Bishop Wilton
  • Myers Emanuel, Great George's st
  • Richardson Thomas, Market place
  • Walker William, Hayton
  • Abbey Thomas, Market place
  • Easton John (& printer) Market place
Boot & Shoe Makers,
  • Brown Edward, Bishop Wilton
  • Donn Robert, Smithey hall
  • Duggleby William, Bishop Wilton
  • Glaizer Thomas, Hayton
  • Horsley John, Swine market
  • Larkin John, Waterloo buildings
  • Marshall Thomas, Market place
  • Martindale John, New pavement
  • Richardson Robert, Smithey hill
  • Rispin George, Regent st
  • Rispin John, Swine market
  • Thackrey James, Union st
  • Todd Robert, Chapman gate
  • Wright William, Market place
Braziers & Tin Plate Workers,
  • Barnby Richard, Market place
  • Graves Thomas, Market place
Brewers & Maltsters,
  • Collinson Elisha, New pavement
  • Stables Mary (maltster) Chapman gate
  • Walker Robert, Chapman gate
  • Grant Thomas, Swine market
  • Ireland John, Regent st
  • Richardson Robert, Chapman gate
  • Richardson William, Chapman gate
  • Richardson William, jun. Market place
  • Ward Stephen, Market place
  • Wilson Moses, Bishop Wilton
  • Armitage William, Chapman gate
  • Briggs Robert, Market place
  • Dales John, Great George's st
  • Harland Thomas, Chapman gate
  • Hodgson William, Market place
  • Randerson Samuel, New pavement
  • Rhodes Thomas, Chapman gate
  • Staveley Thomas, Brass castle hill
  • Stilburn John, Bishop Wilton
  • Stilburn John, Swine market
  • Thomas John, Smithey hill
  • Thomas Robert, Union st
  • Todd George, Church lane
  • Todd John, Great George's st
Cabinet Makers & Joiners,
  • Collinson David, Great George's st
  • Hall Richard (joiner) High st
  • Hardy David, Waterloo buildings
  • Harrison John (joiner) Chapman gate
  • Judson Robert, Regent st
  • Nicholson Thomas, Waterloo buildings
  • Robinson William, Market place
  • Ward John, Market place
  • Wilson Joseph (joiner) Hayton
China, Glass, & Earthenware Dealers,
  • Gray George, Waterloo buildings
  • Nichols William, Market place
Chymists & Druggists,
  • Botterill William, Market place
  • Bulmer John, Market place
  • Curtis Richard, Market place
Coal Merchants,
  • Ellis William, Canal head
  • Gray & Co. (& lime) Canal head
  • Hodgson Robert, Canal head
  • Peart James & Sons, Canal head
  • Nicholson Thomas, Waterloo buildings
  • Stockton Robert, Market place
  • Tindall James, Market place
  • Blanshard Thomas, Smithey hill
  • Bradley Daniel, Chapman gate
Gardeners & Seedsmen,
  • Forster John, London st
  • Rumley William, Chapman gate
Grocers & Drapers,
(See also Shopkeepers, &c.)
  • Coverdil Ann, Market place
  • Duggleby William, Bishop Wilton
  • Hagyard John, Market place
  • Hagyard Robert, Market place
  • Powell William, Market place
  • Robson William, Market place
  • Scaife Charles, Market place
  • Wright Thomas, Swine market
Hair Dressers,
  • Dale Christopher, Market place
  • Hodgson Henry, Market place
  • Rispin James, Market place
  • Barnby Richard, Market place
  • Jackson Robert, Market place
  • Wright Thomas, Swine market
  • Feathers Inn, Francis Fallowfield, Market place
  • Field's Arms, George Hall, Barmby moor
  • New Inn, John Kirby, Garraby
  • Pocklington New inn, Timothy Overend, New Inn
  • Abbey Thomas, Market place
  • Barnby Richard, Market place
  • Jackson Robert, Market place
  • Donn Richard, St. Helen's gate
  • English Richard, Brass castle hill
  • Hodge Thomas, Ousthorpe
  • Overend Timothy, Devonshire mill
  • Peart James & Sons (& corn merchants) Pocklington, and at York
  • Pickering John, Yapham
  • Rowntree Thomas, Hayton
  • Scaife John, Clock mill
Milliners & Dress Makers,
  • Hagyard Ann, Market place
  • Judson Mary, Regent st
  • Johnson Isaac, Chapman gate
  • Judson Robert, Cherry villa
  • Scaife Robert, Market place
Plumbers & Glaziers,
  • Johnson John, Market place
  • Judson Robert, Cherry villa
  • Scaife Thomas, jun. New pavement
Rope Makers,
  • Biass & Co. Market place
  • Johnson Francis, High st
  • Stocks Charles, High st
  • Gilbertson Thomas, Market place
  • Linwood John, Market place
Shopkeepers & Dealers in Groceries & Sundries,
  • Bellerby William, Great George's st
  • Brown Edward, Bishop Wilton
  • Butterfield John, Market place
  • Dales George, Smithy hill
  • Lawrence William, Chapman gate
  • Loftus John, Market place
  • Richardson William, jun. Market place
  • Rispin James, Market place
  • Siddell Mary, Market place
  • Slaters William, Swine market
  • Smith George, Market place
  • Stathers James, Union st
  • Thompson William, Market place
  • Wallis James, Swine market
Straw Hat Makers,
  • Cook Mary, Swine market
  • Hudson Mary, Market place
  • Rispin Mary, Market place
  • Tindale Hannah, Market place
  • Bell John, Market place
  • Bell John, jun. Chapman gate
  • Clement Joseph, Chapman gate
  • Danson Edward, Chapman gate
  • Hornby Thomas, Church lane
  • Magginson Robert, Bishop Wilton
  • Seymour Francis, Bishop Wilton
  • Watmough Isaac, M.D. Market place
  • Wilkin Thomas, Regent st
  • Bowes John (& draper) Waterloo buildings
  • Craggs Thomas, Smithey hill
  • Cross William, Bishop Wilton
  • Duckworth James, Bishop Wilton
  • Martindale Thomas, New pavement
  • Pattinson Robert, Regent st
  • Shaw John, Market place
  • Stubbs William, Market place
  • Ward Robert, Union st
  • Wright Thomas, Swine market
Tallow Chandlers,
  • Jackson Robert, Regent st
  • Jackson Matthew, New pavement
Taverns & Public Houses,
  • Bay Horse, Thomas Richardson, Market place
  • Black Bull, William Johnson, Market place
  • Black Swan, George Dickinson, Market place
  • Blacksmiths' Arms, William Walker, Hayton
  • Board, Richard English, Brass castle hill
  • Buck, Ralph Johnson, Market place
  • Canal Inn, David Cobb, Canal head
  • Cross Keys, Thomas Grant, Swine market
  • Cross Keys, James Jebson, Bishop Wilton
  • Earl Grey, Roger Taylor, Canal head
  • Fleece, Robert Seamour, Bishop Wilton
  • Old Red Lion, William James, Regent st
  • Plough, Joseph Wilson, Hayton
  • Red Lion, Thomas Scaife, New pavement
  • Royal Oak, John Thompson, Great George's st
  • Star, John Thompson, Market place
  • Three Horse Shoes, Thomas Wilson Swine market
  • Tiger, Sarah Briggs, Chapman gate
  • Waterloo, John Bowes, Waterloo buildings
  • White Swan, William Hodskinson, West green
Watch & Clock Makers,
  • Fryer Maria, Waterloo buildings
  • Jefferson John, Market place
  • Milner Reuben, Regent st
  • Burdon John, Canal head
  • Holderness Francis, Bishop Wilton
  • Robinson Richard, Back lane
  • Scruton Christopher, Chapman gate
  • Stubbs Henry, Chapman gate
  • Stubbs Henry, jun. High st
  • Stubbs Richard, Chapman gate
  • Tennison John, Bishop Wilton
  • Winter William, Great George's st
Wine & Spirit Merchants,
  • Bowes John, Waterloo buildings
  • Skelton jane, Union st
  • Anderson Ellis Ann, stay maker, Union st
  • Askam James, woolstapler, Canal head
  • Bagley George, chief constable for Wilton Beacon, Chapman gate
  • Bowes William, commercial traveller, Brass castle hill
  • Cook James, clog & patten maker, Swine market
  • Daniel William, millwright, New pavement
  • Hall William, glover, Market place
  • Lascelles George, retailer of beer, London st
  • Richardson William, stone mason, Regent st
  • Rispin William, currier, Union st
  • Robinson John, basket maker, Brass castle hill
  • Scaife James, stamp distributer, and agent to the Yorkshire fire office, Market place
  • Stathers James, perpetual overseer, Union st
  • Waird William, retailer of beer, London st
  • Walkington George, fishmonger, Market place
  • To Bridlington, George Walkington, every Monday
  • To Flamborough, Bays & Pockley, from the Black Swan, every Saturday
  • To Hull, Robert Manners, every Monday & Thursday
  • To Market Weighton, Melior Gardam, from the Black Swan, and Robert Holmes, from the Buck, every Weds. & Sat. and Daniel Bradley, every Wednesday
  • To York, John Thompson and Robert Manners, every Thurs. & Sat. -- Mary Giles, every Weds. & Sat. -- and Bays & Pockley, from the Black Swan, every Friday
Conveyance by Water,
  • From Pocklington Canal Head,
  • To Hull, Vessels, every ten days
  • To Leeds & Wakefield, Vessels every three or four days, Mark Swann, agent, Lock house

Transcribed by Steve Garton. ©2000