Pocklington Parish, Directory of Trades and Professions for 1892


Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades
for POCKLINGTON in Bulmer's Directory of 1892.


  • Calverley-Rudston Trevor Wheler, Esq., Allerthorpe hall, chairman Bardwell Thos. Newman Fred., Esq., Bolton hall Darley William, Esq., Lingfield, Surrey Duncombe Col. Chas. Wilmer, Kilnwick Percy Duncombe Arthur, Esq., M.P.,Sutton-on-the-Forrest Morris Rev. Fras. Orpen, M.A., Nurburnholme Wilson Charles Hy., Esq., M.P., Warter priory Wright Fredk., Esq., Derwent hill, Stamford bridge
  • Clerk to the Magistrates - Thos. Robson, solr.,Waterloo buildings

    Petty Sessions are held at the Magistrates' Room, Great George street, on the first Saturday in each month. The following places are included in the Petty Sessional Division :- Allerthorpe, Barnby-on-the-Moor, Bielby, Bishop Wilton, Belthorpe, Bolton, Bugthorpe, Burnby, High and Low Catton, Fangfoss, Full Sutton, Garrowby, Great and Little Givendale, Grimthorpe, Hayton, Huggate, Kilnwick-Percy, Kirby-Underdale, Melbourne, Millington, Newton-upon-Derwent, Nunburnholme, Ousthorpe, Pocklington, Skirpenbeck, Stamford Bridge East, Storwood, Sutton-upon-Derwent, Thixendale, Thornton, Waplington, Warter, Wilberfoss, Yapham-cum-Meltonby, Youlthorpe

  • Chairman - Trevor Wheler Calverley-Rudston, Esq., J.P., Allerthorpe hall
  • Vice-Chairman - Israel Kelsey, Market Weighton
  • Clerk to the Guardians - Thomas Robson, solr., Waterloo buildings
  • Medical Officer of Health and House Surgeon to Workhouse - A. F. A. Fairweather, M.A., M.D.; for Market Weighton District, A. G. R. Harris
  • Public Vaccinators - No. 1 District, A. F. A. Fairweather; No. 2 District, W. 0. Trotter, M.R.C.S. (Eng.), L.R.C.P. (Edin.); Sutton-on-Derwent District, W. T. H. Von Beverhoudt; Bishop Wilton District, F. Wright, J.P.; No. 1 Market Weighton District, J. Jefferson; No. 2 Market Weighton District, A. G. H. Harris
  • Vaccination Officer - Mark Fowler, Chapmangate
  • Superintendent Registrar - Jon. Chapman Lee, Great George street
  • Registrar of Births and Deaths, No. 2 District - Mark Fowler, Chapmangate
  • Registrar of Marriages - John Ashby, Post office
  • Rate Collector and Relieving Officer - Mark Fowler, Chapmangate
  • Workhouse Master - Edward Mann; Matron, Mrs. Grace Mann Board day every alternate Saturday, at the Workhouse

  • Clerk - Thomas Robson, Waterloo builings
  • Treasurer - Saml. Snowden, York Union Bank, Pocklington
  • Medical Officers of Health - Pocklington Division, A. F. A. Fairweather, M.A., M.D.; Market Weighton Division, A. G. H. Harris

  • Clerk - John Thos. Sargent, solr., Railway st

  • Judge - His Honour F. A. Bedwell
  • Registrar - John Thos. Sargent, solr., Railway st
  • High Bailiff - John Ashby, Dean's lane The Court is held six times a year at the Magistrates' room, Great George street. The following places are within its jurisdiction:- Allerthorpe, Barmby Moor, Bielby, Bishop Wilton-with-Belthorpe, Bolton, Bugthorpe, Burnby, Catton High, Catton Low, Cliff North, Cliff South, CottingwithEast, Everingham, Fangfoss, Fridaythorpe, Full Sutton, Givendale Great-with-Grimthorpe, Givendale Little, Goodmanham, Gowthorpe, Harswell, Hayton, Huggate, Kilnwick Percy, Kirby Underdale-with-Garrowby, Londesborough-with-Easthorpe, Market Weighton, Melbourne, Meltonby, Millington, Newton-on-Derwent, Nunburnholme, Ousthorpe, Sancton, Scrayingham, Seaton Ross, Shipton, Skirpenbeck, Spittal, Stamford Bridge, Storwood, Sutton-on-Derwent, Thixendale, Thornton, Thorpe, Uncleby, Waplington, Warter, Wilberfoss, Yapham, Youlthorpe.

  • Clerk to the Magistrates of Holme Beacon Division - Thos. Robson, soir., Waterloo buildings
  • Steward of the Manor of Pocklington - Thomas Robson, solicitor
  • Clerk to the Lighting Inspectors - John Thos. Sargent, Railway street
  • Inspector of Weights and Measures - Supt. John Farrah
  • Inspector of Lodging Houses and Inspector under the Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act and Food and Drugs Act - Supt. John Farrah
  • Inland Revenue Officer - Robt. Edward Triffitt, 2 Bank house
  • Stamp Distributor - John Ashby, Post office
  • Asst. Overseer - Geo. Hy. Gibson, Bloomsbury

  • Cemetery - Thomas Flint, caretaker and sexton
  • County Police Office, Great George street - Jno. Farrah, supt.; John Jackson, sergeant
  • East Yorkshire Regt. (2nd Vol. Batt., F Company) - Head-quarters, Jubilee rooms, Chapmangate; Sergt. Geo. Bleasdale, drill-instr.
  • Friendly Benefit Society, Star Inn - John Robson, secretary
  • Gas Co., Limited (Pocklington New) - Hy. S. Powell, solicitor and secretary; John M. Wheldon, manager, Gasworks
  • Literary and Philosophical Society, Oddfellows' hall - W. 0. Trotter, secretary
  • Oddfellows (MU.) (Royal Percy Lodge), Black Bull - J. E. Brook, secretary
  • Oddfellows (Royal Baron Lodge), Oddfellows' hall - J. Richardson, secretary
  • Water Co., Ltd - H. B. Broomhead, solicitor and secretary, Beverley
  • Wilson Memorial Reference Library - W. 0. Trotter, secretary

  • Church of England (All Saints') - Rev. John Henry Wicksteed, M.A., vicar; Rev. William Haig Griffiths, B.A. curate
  • Catholic Chapel (SS. Mary and Joseph) - Rev. Edmond James Hickey, priest.
  • Congregational Chapel, Chapmangate - Rev. Alexander Farries, minister
  • Primitive Methodist Chapel, Union Street - Rev. John Wilson, Rev. T. H. Hoitby, Rev. Robert Watson Monkman, ministers
  • Wesleyan Chapel, Chapmangate - Rev. Michael Thompson (superintendent), Rev. J. Havelock Thompson, & Rev. Eneas Mosscrop, ministers

  • Bishop Wilton (Sat.) - Rt. Cullum, from Three Horse Shoes; George Hardwick, from Cross Keys; J. B. Richmond, from Feathers Hotel Everingham (Sat.) - Rd. Nicholson, from Buck Full Sutton (Sat.) - Seth Johnson, from Waterloo Hotel Huggate (Sat.) - James Broadley, from Oddfellows' Arms; George Dawson, from Oddfellows' Arms Kirby Underdale (Sat.) - Wm. Thos. Mitchell, from Three Horse Shoes Market Weighton and Goodmanham (Sat.) - Clark, from Buck Melbourne (Sat.) - Thos. Kidd, from New Red Lion; B. Simpson, from Feathers Millington (Sat.) - Geo. Johnson, from Black Swan ;.William Thompson, from Three Horse Shoes Nunburnholme (Sat.) - Wm. Brown, from Black Bull; Thos. Frear, Oddfellows' Arms; David Harrison, Feathers Hotel Seaton Ross (Sat.) - William Chapman, from Black Bull Thornton (Sat.) - William Hesslewood, from New Red Lion Warter (Sat.) - Saml. Holmes, from Black Bull; Francis Puckering, from Black Swan; Wm. Slater, from Black Bull; Oliver Stephenson York (Sat.) - John Addison, to Lord Nelson, Walmgate; Thomas Lister, to Lord Nelson, Walmgate
  • Post, Parcels, Money Order and Telegraph Office, Savings Bank, Assurance and Annuity Office, Dean's Lane; John Ashby, postmaster. Letters, via York, arrive at 7-13 am., by mail cart, and 5-22 p.m. by rail. Despatches at 10-40 a.m. and 8-20 p.m. by rail, and 6-18 p.m. by mail cart. Sunday delivery at 8-0 am., and despatch at 6-18 p.m.
Miscellany of trades
  • Addison John, carrier to York (Lord Nelson, Walmgate, Sat.), St. Helen's gate
  • Angus Mrs. Mary A., lodgings, Regent street
  • Ashby Jno., postmaster, registrar of marriages, ale and porter merchant, and high bailiff
  • (county court), Dean's lane
  • Askham Mr. William, 6 York terrace
  • Baylis Mrs., Percy road
  • Beal Miss Elizabeth, Market street
  • Bedford Anthony, pig dealer, London street
  • Bell William, foreman, London street
  • Berriman Anthony, farmer and cattle dealer, Percy house
  • Bleasdale Geo., sergeant drill instructor, St. George street
  • Bloomer Boaz, commission agent, Union st
  • Booth Sam, solicitor, New street
  • Botham Mrs. Mary, Union street
  • Boulton Rt., horse dealer and breaker, New st
  • Bowman John Neesan, stationmaster
  • Bown Jno. Lambert, asst. master, Grammar sch
  • Brown Mrs. Elizabeth, Dixon hs, St. George st
  • Burniston William, gravel pit proprietor, 8 South parade
  • Caris Miss Marianne, Chapmangate
  • Cattle Henry Ward (R. Cattle & Co.); h Chapmangate
  • Cattle James (R. Cattle & Co.), h West green
  • Conyers Harry, gunsmith, Market street
  • Coverdale Mr. John, Wilberforce house
  • Critchley Mrs. Esther Sophia, The Elms
  • Curtis Mrs. Annie, Sherbutt house
  • Dunn Robert Suddaby, foreman, Kirkland st
  • Edwards Mrs. Ann, The Grove
  • English Miss Jane B., wine and spirit merchant, Brass Castle hill
  • Everingham Mr. John, Union street
  • Fairweather Alex. Ferrier Angus, M.A., M.D., M.C., Faircote house
  • Fairweather Mr. Robert, M.A., Faircote house
  • Farries Rev. Alex. (Congregtnl.), Chapmangate
  • Forth Chas., printer, etc. (W. & C. Forth); h St. Helen's gate
  • Foster Mrs. Mary Ann, Union terrace
  • Fourby Mr. John, The Grove
  • Fowler Mark, registrar of births and deaths (No. 2 district), relieving, vaccination, and school attendance officer, and collector to the Guardians, Chapmangate
  • Fowler Mrs. Mary, lodgings, New street
  • Fowler Thomas, draper and silk mercer, Market place; h Percy road
  • Gibson Geo. Hy., assist, overseer, Bloomsbury
  • Giles Hy., furniture broker and general dealer, Railway street
  • Gilyead James Wm., clerk, Great George street
  • Goodyear Miss Annie, Chapmangate
  • Grant Thos., builder, joiner, glass, etc., dealer, Union street and Waterloo buildings
  • Green Miss Anne, 8 York ter, Gt. George st
  • Griffiths Rev. Wm. Haig, B.A., curate, New st
  • Hagyard Mr. Thomas, Railway crescent
  • Halesworth Thomas, commis. agent, Regent st
  • Harland Mrs. Mary, St. John's lodge
  • Harrison Mrs. Charlotte, Great George street
  • Harvey John, carter, Great George street
  • Hatfield Mrs. Elizabeth, Wesley place
  • Hickey Rev. Edmund James (Catholic), The Presbytery
  • Holmes Jas., carting agent, N.E.R., 5 Union st
  • Holtby Rev. T. R. (Wesleyan), Percy road
  • Hornby George, M.D., 2 Kirkland street
  • Horsley Miss Mary Elizabeth, Market street
  • Howbrigg Mrs. Julia, New street
  • Hutton Rev. Chas. F., M.A., headmaster, Free Grammar school
  • Jackson Mrs. Eliza, The Grove
  • Jackson Mrs. Elizth., Ebenezer hs, Regent st
  • Johnson Ada (Miss), carter, Waterloo buildings
  • Johnson Charles, lodgings, London street
  • Judson Mrs. Robson, Bloomsbury house
  • Kelsey Miss Annie, Great George street
  • Laister James Wm. (Joseph Laister & Son); h Market place
  • Laister Jos. (Joseph Laister & Son); h New st
  • Lamb John T., music master (Cert., Oxon.), 3 Dolman terrace, Railway street
  • Lazenby Miss, Chapmangate
  • Lee Miss Elizabeth, Great George street
  • Lockwood Benjamin, chimney sweeper, Black Swan yard
  • Magee John, fishmonger, Church lane
  • Marony Edwd., model lodging-house proprietor, Union street
  • Martin George, coal dealer, Market street
  • Matthews John, mat dyer, Chapmangate
  • McLaren Miss R., 4 West green
  • Monkman Rev. Robert Watson (Prim. Meth.), Chapmangate
  • Morgantroy Mr. William, Brass Castle hill
  • Mosscrop Rev. Eneas (Wesleyan), Prospect pl
  • Norris Mrs., Oakland house
  • Padgett & Road, nurserymen, etc., Gt. George st
  • Powell Henry Sydney, solicitor, and solicitor and secretary to Pocklington New Gas Co., Ltd.; hon. secretary to Wilton Beacon Habitation Primrose League (Howdenshire, No. 1,022); agent for London Assurance Corporation and Mercantile Accident and Guarantee Insurance Co., Regent street and at Market Weighton
  • Powell Mrs., Regent street
  • Richardson Mrs. D., Chapmangate
  • Richardson Daniel, Albion foundry
  • Richardson Jane (Miss), New street
  • Richardson Mrs. Mary, Chapmangate
  • Robson Thos., solicitor, clerk to the Guardians (Pocklington Union), to Rural Sanitary Authority, to Assessment and School Attendance Committees; clerk to the Magistrates for Wilton Beacon and Holme Beacon divisions of the East Riding; steward of the manors of Pocklington, Allerthorpe-with-Waplington, and Barmby-upon-the-Moor; clerk to the Governors of the Pocklington Grammar School; Conservative agent for Howdenshire, com. for oaths, perpetual com., and insurance agent, Waterloo buildings; h Pembroke lodge, Chapmangate
  • Robson Wm. Jackson, Prospect hs, Chapmangate
  • Robson Mrs., milliner, Market place
  • Rowley Mrs. Sarah, 7 York ter, Gt. George st
  • Russell Richard, wood turner, Great George st
  • Sanderson Mr. Robert, Percy road
  • Sargent John Thomas, solicitor, c. for o. and per. com., registrar of County Court, clerk and registrar of Burial Board, clerk to Lighting Inspectors, deputy steward of the manor of Millington-with-Little Givendale, and assurance agt., Railway st; h Percy road
  • Scaife Miss Betsy Hannah, Chapmangate
  • Scott James, farmer, Clay field
  • Seller Mrs. Jane, Bank house
  • Shaw Mrs. Rebecca, Great George street
  • Shooter Miss Lavinia, Great George street
  • Singleton Mrs. Hannah, Teresa cottage
  • Singleton Richard, cake, seed, and corn merchant; h Brass Castle hill
  • Skinn Henry, farmer, timber mcht., & threshing-mach. propr., Chapmangate; sawmills, Larch lea
  • Sleigh John, Percy road
  • Smith Mrs. Abigail, Chapmangate
  • Smith Mrs. Ann Elizabeth (Timothy Smith, plumber), Great George street
  • Smith Daniel, cattle dealer, River head
  • Smithson Mr. Francis, Dolman house
  • Snowden Samuel, manager, York Union Bank, Market place
  • Stancer & Co., sack contractors, Waterloo bldgs
  • Staveley George Robert, agent Singer's Manufacturing Co., Regent street
  • Steel Joseph, poultry and pig dealer, Great George street
  • Steels George, taxidermist, wood carver, &c., London street
  • Steels Wm., tanner and currier, Chapmangate
  • Stephenson Mrs. Margaret, Pavement house
  • Stephenson Mrs. Mary Ann, Chapmangate ter
  • Stephenson Thos. N., grocer and rubber depqft,. Market street
  • Stewart Mrs. Hannah, Percy road
  • Sugden Mrs. Maria, Kirkland street
  • Summerson Alf., solr., Railway st; h New st
  • Summerson Mr. Dawson, Oakdene hs, New st
  • Tayleure Michael, photographer, Railway st
  • Theakstone Mr. Robert, Chapmangate
  • Thirsk James & Son, millers, Anglo-Hungarian Roller mills
  • Thirsk Thos. (James Thirsk & Son), The Mill
  • Thomas Mrs. Louie, Union terrace
  • Thompson Benj., grocer & baker, Chapmangate
  • Thompson Rev. J. Havelock (Wes.), Wesley pl
  • Thompson John, Esq., The Grove
  • Thompson Rev. Michael, superintendent Wesleyan minister, Wesley place
  • Thorp Mrs. Ann, Regent street
  • Tinson Mrs. Eleanor, Chapmangate
  • Tinson Mrs. Eliza, Chapmangate terrace
  • Todd Mrs. Elizabeth, Union street
  • Triffitt Robert Edward, inland revenue officer, Market place
  • Trotter Walter Octavius, M.R.C.S. (Eng.), L.R.C.P. (Edin.), Oak house, Market place
  • Waite Zachariah, coal agent, N.E.R. depqft
  • Wheldon John M., gas mngr., New Gas works
  • Wicksteed Rev. John Hy., M.A., The Vicarage
  • Wilberfoss George B., bank manager, York and East Riding Bank, Market place
  • Wilkinson John, lock keeper, River head
  • Wilkinson Miss Mary, Great George street
  • Wilson Rev. John (Prim. Meth.), Percy road
  • Witty Hy., thrashing machine proprietor, Gt. George street
  • Wray Mrs. Charity, Great George street
  • Young & Co., brewers, Chapmangate
  • Young Col. Thos., senr., brewer (Young & Co.); h Londesborough
  • Young Thomas, junr., brewer (Young & Co.),. Chapmangate


Academies and Schools.
  • Bloomer The Misses M. & K., Dewsbury house
  • Catholic (mixed), Union st; Miss Mary J. Hunt, mistress
  • National (mixed); Atkinson Skinner, hd. mstr.; infants', Miss Emily M. Tinson
  • Nicholls Chas. (boarding and day), Sherbutt house
  • Pocklington Free Grammar; Rev. Chas. F. Hutton, M.A.,head master; M. J. Berry, mathematical master; Wm. Bull, science master; J. Lambert Bown, master of the modern side; J. T. Lamb, music master; with asstnts.Stephenson Miss Sarah, Regent street
  • Wesleyan (mixed), Chapmangate; Wm. Lamb, master

Aerated Water Mnfrs.
  • Cundall Rt. & Co., Market st
  • Scaife George, New pavement

Agricultural Implement Makers.
  • Foster Mrs., Great George st
  • Moor Joseph, Dean's lane
  • Richardson Daniel, Albion foundry

  • Cundall Robert, Market street
  • English Rd. Massey, Percy rd
  • Scaife Ralph Johnson, Chapmangate

Bakers & Flour Dirs.
  • Cook William, Regent street
  • Thompson Benj., Chapmangate

  • York & East Riding; Beckett & Co., Market pl; George B. Wilberfoss, manager
  • York Union Banking Co., Ltd., Market pl; Saml. Snowden, manager
  • Yorkshire Penny Bank, New street; Rev. J. H. Wicksteed

  • Easton James, Church lane
  • Moor Joseph, Dean's lane
  • Richardson Daniel, Albion foundry, Regent street
  • Todd Henry, London street

Booksellers, Stationers and Printers.
  • Forth Wm. & Chas. (& fancy goods), Market place
  • Stancer Geo., Waterloo bldgs

Boot and Shoe Makers and Dealers.
  • Bateson George, Kirkland st
  • Braithwaite William, New st
  • Foster John Allen, Market pl
  • Giles Henry, Railway street
  • Higlett John W., Market pl
  • Hotham Edward, Market pl
  • Johnson John, Chapmangate
  • Lumb John, Church lane
  • Nelson John Geo., Market pl
  • Richardson John, Union st
  • Stead & Simpson, Ltd., Market st; Harry Bairstow, mngr.
  • Wilkinson Thos., London st

  • Cattle R. & Co., Chapmangate
  • Scaife Geo. (and aerated water manufacr.), New pavement
  • Young & Co., Chapmangate

Brick and Tile Maker.
  • Walker Clare, Burnby lane; h York

  • Grant Thomas, Union street
  • Ogram John, Great George st
  • Tinson Robert Richardson, Great George street
  • Tinson Wm., St. Helen's gate

  • Beal Richard, Peter square
  • Binnington - Union street
  • Buttle Charles, Union street
  • Coulson Hall, New street
  • Darbyshire Jas.(pork), Peter sq
  • Jarvis John, Market place
  • Silburn Henry, Market street
  • Smith Fred., Great George st
  • Steels Fred., Market place
  • Thomas Rt., Waterloo bldngs
  • Wilson Jph., New pavement
  • Wreggitt Wm.,Great George st

Cab Proprietors.
  • House Arth. Withers, Feathers Hotel
  • Lister John, Chapmangate
  • Lister Joseph, Gt. George st
  • Lister Thomas (and carrier to York), Chapmangate

Cattle Dealers.
  • Berriman Anthy., Percy house, St. Helen's gate
  • Thomas Henry, Eden place, Great George street

Chemists & Druggists
  • Barlow George Edwd., Market place; h Chapmangate
  • Boyden John Augustus Chas., Market place; h Percy road
  • Brigham George, Market place
  • Cundall Robt. & Co., Market st

China, Glass, and Earthenware Dealers.
  • Browne Thos., Market place
  • Grant Thomas, Union street
  • Lee Jon. Chapman, Market pl

  • Giles Henry, Railway street
  • Hagyard John Thos., Market pl
  • Higlett John Wm., Market pl
  • Russell John, Gt. George st

Corn Merchants.
  • English Rd. Massey, Percy rd
  • Fawcett Thos., Market street; h Union terrace
  • Singleton Rd.; h Brass Castle hill

Dairymen & Cowkprs.
  • Foster John, Balk cottage
  • Lister Thomas, Chapmangate
  • Simpson Tom W., Union st
  • Smith George, Tute hill
  • Watson Joseph, Chapmangate

  • Fowler Thos. (& shipping agt.), Market place; h Percy road
  • Hagyard John Thos., Market pl
  • Richardson G. F., Market pl
  • Robson William Jackson, Market place
  • Smith Wm., Market place; h Red house
  • Todd George, Union street

  • Davey Miss Eliza, Regent st
  • Dunn Mrs. Eliza, Kirkland st
  • Rowley Miss Martha, 7 York terrace
  • Turner Miss Alicce, Gt. George street
  • Wilson Miss Ann, Union at

  • Berriman Anthony, Percy hs
  • Curtis Mrs. Annie, Sherbutt hs
  • Dixon John, Brunswick house
  • Dresser Frederick, River head
  • English Rd. Massey, Percy rd
  • Hardy Rt., Pocklington grange
  • Johnson Geo.,Woodhouse farm
  • Moor Robert, Carr farm
  • Nicholson John, North field
  • Scott James, Clay field
  • Siddill Edward, Chapmangate
  • Smith Fredk., Gt. George st
  • Stewart Geo., South Moor hs
  • Thirsk Jas. & Son (and millers)
  • Thomas Hy., Eden place, Gt. George street
  • Todd Robert, Gt. George st
  • Turner John White, Mile farm
  • Vincent John, Tuft house

Grocers & Tea Dealers,
  • Browne Thos., Market place
  • Cundall Robt. & Co., Market at
  • Hagyard John Thus., Market pl
  • I'Anson & Co., Market place
  • Lee Jonathan Chapman (and hatter), Market place
  • Morris Henry, Chapmangate
  • Procter Christopher, Market pl
  • Read Mrs. Jane, Market place
  • Robson Wm. Jackson, Market place
  • Steels Charles, Market place
  • Stephenson Thos. N., Market street
  • Thompson Ben., Chapmangate

  • Dinsdale Thomas, Market pl
  • Lister Robert, Tute hill
  • Thompson Wm. (andtobacconist), Market place

Hotels, Inns, and Taverns.
  • Black Bull, Market pl.; Arthur Tayleure
  • Black Swan, Market place; Francis Johnson
  • Brick Hotel, Market place; J. H. Cook
  • Cross Keys, Market street; John Glaisby
  • Feathers Hotel, Market place; Arthur Withers House
  • New Red Lion, New pavement; Alfred Simpson
  • Oddfellows' Arms, Union st; John Jarvis
  • Old Red Lion, Regent street; John Edward Bentley, (and fellmonger)
  • Railway Inn, Railway street; Mrs. Ann Johnson
  • Royal Oak, Great George st; William Wreggitt
  • Star Inn, Market place; John Kendall
  • Three Horse Shoes, Market street; William Dunning
  • Waterloo Hotel, Waterloo buildings; George Crofton
  • Wellington Oak Inn, River head; Thomas Walker

Insurance Agents.
  • Alliance Fire and Life; H. C. Gibson, Regent street
  • British Workman's Assurance Company; Jon. Newsham, Beckside
  • Crown Accident; Thos. Bowser Cundall, Market street
  • London Assur. Corporation; Henry Powell, Regent street
  • Mercantile Accdt. & Guarantee; Henry Powell, Regent street
  • North British and Mercantile H. Cundall, Market street
  • Norwich Union (Fire); A.Summerson, Railway street
  • Prudential; Mark Wilson, Chapmangate
  • Refuge; John Holmes, Union street
  • Royal Liver Friendly Society; George Thorpe, Regent st
  • Standard (Life); A.Summerson, Railway street
  • Sun Fire and Life; Thomas Robson, Waterloo buildings
  • Yorkshire Fire and Life; J. C. Lee, Market place, and G. B. Wilberfoss, East Riding Bank

  • Gibson Hy. Clarke, Regent st
  • Giles Henry, Railway street
  • Spink Thomas Graves, junr., Market place
  • Spink Thos. Graves, Market pl

Market Gardeners.
  • Padgett & Read (nurserymen), Great George street
  • Rhodes Mrs. Eliza, New street
  • Rhodes Rd., North Field hs
  • Smith William, Tute hill
  • Welldon Geo., Chapmangate

  • Cain Parkin, Devonshire mill
  • English Rd. Massey, Percy rd
  • Thirsk James & Son., Anglo-Hungarian Roller mills

Joiners and Cabinet Makers.
  • Fielder John, New street
  • Grant Thomas,Waterloo bldgs
  • Judson Wm. Henry. Union st
  • Kendall Harry, Union street; h Brass Castle hill
  • Robson John (& coachbuilder), Union street
  • Sellers Thomas, London street
  • Stubbs John, New street
  • Waite John, Regent street

  • Howdenshire Chronicle, Pocklington Weekly News, and Market Weighton Advertiser (Sat.); Geo. Stancer, propr. & publisher, Waterloo bldgs.
Miscellany of trades
Plumbers and Glaziers Marked * are Painters.
  • Faulkner Geo., Gt. George st
  • *Lamb James William
  • *Lamb John & Son, Railway st
  • Noble George, Market street
  • Scaife Francis, Church lane
  • *Smith Mrs. Tim., Gt. George st
  • Spink Thomas Graves, Market place (gasfitter)

Printers, (See Booksellers.)

Rope & Twine Makers.
  • Johnson Francis, Market pl
  • Laister Joseph & Son, New street and Market place

Saddlers and Harness Makers,
  • Boulton Isaac, Market place
  • Easton John, Market place
  • Gray Richard, St. Peter's sq
  • Manners Wm. Robert (and wholesale collar maker), New pavement

Sheep Dipper.
  • Wreggitt Charles, Railway at

  • Bradley Joseph, London street
  • Buttle Charles, Union street
  • Hatfield Jas., New pavement
  • Shaw Henry, New street
  • Sowersby Mrs. Rachel, Chapmangate
  • Steel Joseph (and poulterer), Great George street

  • Powell Henry Sydney, and solicitor and secretary to Pocklington New Gas Co., Ltd.; hon. secretary to Wilton Beacon Habitation Primrose League (Howdenshire, No. 1,022); agent for London Assurance Corporation and Mercantile Accident and Guarantee Insurance Co.; Regent street and at Market Weighton
  • Robson Thomas, and clerk to the Guardians of thePocklington Union; to the Rural Sanitary Authority; to Assessment Committee ; to the Magistrates for Wilton Beacon and Holme Beacon Divisions of the East Riding; steward of the Manors of Pocklington, Allerthorpe-with-Waplington & Barmby-upon-the-Moor; clerk to the Governors of the Pocklington Grammar School; Conservative agent for Howdenshire; commissioner to administer oaths; perpetual commissioner, and agent to the Sun Fire and Life offices, Waterloo buildings; h Pembroke lodge, Chapmangate
  • Sargent John Thomas, commissioner for oaths, and perpetual commissioner registrar of County Court, etc.; Railway street
  • Summerson Alfred (and commissioner for oaths), Railway street; h New street

Stone Masons.
  • Richardson Mrs. Jane, New st
  • Sowerby James, Regent street

  • Fairweather Alex.
  • Ferrier Angus, M.A., M.D., and M.C., Faircote house
  • Trotter Walter Octavius, M.R.C.S., Eng., L.R.C.P., Ed., Oak house, Market pl

Tailors, &c.
  • Everingham John Thomas, Railway street
  • Foster William (and hatter),Market place
  • Gray William, Railway street
  • Jameson William, Market st
  • Kent Charlton, Market street
  • Wilson James, New pavement

Watchmakers and Jewellers.
  • Cotton Richard, Market place
  • Gilson Thomas, Market place
  • Lundy Mrs., Railway street

Wine and Spirit Merchants.
  • Boyden John A. C., Market pl
  • Brigham George, Market place
  • Browns Thomas, Market place
  • Cundall Robt. & Co., Market st
  • English Mias J. B., Brass Castle hill


  • Letters via Pocklington.

  • English Thos. (and seed merchant), Meltonby hs
  • Hickes Jonathan, White house
  • Houfe Robert, Meltonby grange
  • Housley John, High Catton
  • Mitchell William
  • Pearson Charles
  • Robinson William, Skelton
  • Robson Robert, hind, High Catton
  • Todd Robert

  • Letters via Pockington, arrive at 11 a.m., and are despatched at 3 p.m. No Post Office. Nearest Money Order and Telegraph Office, Pocklington (two miles).
Miscellany of trades
  • Campling Samuel, carrier to King's Arms, York, Saturday
  • Fountain Miss Mary, schoolmistress
  • Jebson James, M.R.C.Y.S., Yapham grange

  • Bean John, Manor house
  • Clarkson John (and miller), Yapham mills
  • Crow David
  • Fountain Simon
  • Harrison Thos., and hon. sec. for the Church, School, and Poor Charity, Rowland hill
  • Houlden Thistlethwaite
  • Johnson Robert
  • Pegg Thomas, hind, Smylett hall
  • Petch William Dixon, Smylett hall
  • Stewart John (and horse dealer), Yapham hall

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