Preston Parish, Directory of Trades and Professions for 1892


Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades
for PRESTON in Bulmer's Directory of 1892.

  • Post, Money Order Office, and Savings Bank; David Sharp, postmaster. Letters arrive via Hull at 7-25 am. (delivery commences 7-45), and are despatched at 5-40 p.m. No Sunday business. Nearest Telegraph Office is at Hedon.

  • Rev. E. Evers, M.A., chairman; Henry Carr, vice-chairman; John Wilkinson, W. H. Todd, Thomas Wood; James Watson, solicitor, clerk to the Board, Hedon
Miscellany of trades
  • Baumber Wm. Carrott, carter and cowkeeper
  • Bell Edwd., shopkeeper, solicitor's clerk, chairman of Trustees of Preston Charities, agent North British and Mercantile Insurance Co., collector to Patrington Gas Co.
  • Biglin Mrs. Mary, shopkeeper
  • Bird Frederick, cattle dealer
  • Board School; Arth. John Watkinson, master; Mrs. E. Watkinson, mistress; Miss M. A. Dunlop, assistant
  • Brocklebank George, tailor and grocer
  • Brown Wm. Kirk, wine and spirit merchant (at Hull), Preston cottage
  • Burnham Mr. Henry
  • Camplin Wm., wheelwright & house carpenter
  • Carr Henry, saddler (and Hull)
  • Carrick Alfred Robt., bootmaker and cowkeeper
  • Carrick Peter William, tailor
  • Clark George, market gardener
  • Clark Thomas, vict. and joiner, Nag's Head
  • Close William, cattle dealer
  • Crawforth David, sexton
  • Dale John Henry, market gardener
  • Dalton John, market gardener and cowkeeper, East lane house
  • Dobson William, market gardener
  • Drewery John, hay and straw dealer, Salt end
  • Emerson John, C.C., land agent, Twyer's wood
  • Evers Rev. Edwin, M.A., The Rectory
  • Evington Mr. John
  • Fawcett Mr. John
  • Fenwick John, market gardener, joiner, and wheelwright, West end
  • Fewster John, blacksmith, wheelwright, joiner, and builder
  • Fincham Humphrey, milk dealer
  • Flatley Patrick, cowkeeper, Salt end
  • Freeman Hudson Thomas, dairyman
  • Garbutt Robt. Parkinson, clerk, Hedon road
  • Green Wallis, market gardener and foreman cartman for Hull Corporation, North road
  • Hall Thomas, cowkeeper, Salt end
  • Heelas Edward, wheelwright, joiner, &c.
  • Howell John Hy., market gardener, North lane
  • Hunter James, pork butcher
  • Hunter Thomas, cowkeeper
  • Hutchinson Fredk. Arth., gent., Oak Tree house
  • Jackson Mrs. Eliza, shopkeeper
  • Jefferson Thos., shepherd and horse keeper to the N.E.Ry. Co.. Inman's farm
  • Kemp Robert, junr., painter and shopkeeper, and secretary to the T. W. Flint Lodge of the United Ancient Order of Druids
  • Kemp Mr. Robert, senr.
  • Kennington William Edward, saddler
  • Kirk Miss Catherine, Abbey house
  • Lear Samuel, cattle dealer, West end
  • Leonard Henry, seed merchant and assistant overseer, Ivy house
  • Meakin Joseph, cowkeeper
  • Medforth George, cowkeeper and dairyman, Salt end
  • Ness Wm., auctioneer and dairyman, Salt end
  • Newlove Mrs. C., cowkeeper and dairy, West end
  • Nicholson Samuel, vict., Blacksmiths' Arms
  • Parker George Steven, coal dealer, Salt end
  • Pearson Thomas, vict., Bell Inn
  • Pearson Thompson, bricklayer, and carrier to Hull, Tuesday and Friday
  • Rawson Frank, blacksmith
  • Richardson Samuel, market gardener
  • Rosling Thomas, cowkeeper, West end
  • Sharp David, blacksmith, grocer, and postmstr.
  • Smith Bros. (Wm. & Robt. Fewson), joiners and wheelwrights
  • Smith Jonathan, 'bus proprietor
  • Smith Mrs. Thomas James, The Limes
  • Sproxton Arthur, cowkeeper and dairyman, Salt end
  • Stephenson Jon., carrier to Hull, Tuesday and Friday
  • Straker Richard, cattle dealer
  • Thompson David, market gardener
  • Thompson Frank Carr, cattle dealer, Church ln
  • Thompson Gilbert, dairyman, Salt End house
  • Tipple -, poultry dealer
  • Todd Wm. Hy., land agent and civil engineer, (at Hull) Birkholme
  • Trowill Hy., cowkeeper and dairyman, Salt end
  • Trowill Jno., cowkeeper and dairyman, Salt end
  • Tuck Frederick, milk dealer, Salt end
  • Walker William Havercroft, market gardener
  • Ward Henry, market gardener, West end
  • Wilbert Robert & William, market gardeners
  • Wilkinson John, market gardener and cowkeeper, Church lane
  • Wilson Miss Mary, Magdalen house
  • Winter Francis, cowkeeper, Providence cottage
  • Wood Thomas, blacksmith
  • Woodhouse Wm., grocer, deputy parish clerk, highway rate, tithe, and copyhold rent collctr.

  • Adamson Thomas, West end
  • Brocklebank Henry, West end
  • Bucknall Marshall, East end
  • Cautley Edmund Geo. (yeo.), Wood House farm
  • Denton Thomas Thornton (dairyman)
  • Dixon Rt. Stubbing, Manor farm; h Coniston
  • Galloway John E. and Joseph; h Southcoates, Hull
  • Garbutt David Parkinson (yeo.)
  • Garton William (dairyman), Pollard cottage
  • Hunter Robert, Preston mill
  • James John, Weighill
  • Langley William, West Field farm
  • Lear Valentine; h Hull
  • Leonard Robt. Ramsey (and auctioneer), Field House farm
  • Marshall John Thomas, Longsight
  • Pexton David Lowell (and butcher, in Hull), Primrose hill
  • Robinson Nicholas, East end h Nuthill, Burstwick
  • Robinson Thos. Frod, Magdalen house farm
  • Sergeant George, Somerdon house
  • Sergeant Parnell
  • Shilito William (yeo), Preston field
  • Stephenson John (yeo.), West End house
  • Stephenson William Dawson (and dairyman), Primrose house
  • Swales Wm. (and dairyman), Pollard farm
  • Thompson George, Abbey farm
  • Tomlinson Thos. (yeo. and butcher), Weighill, West end, &c.
  • Trowill Henry, Stud farm
  • Wright James, Weighill

Miscellany of trades
  • Bailey George, joiner and wheelwright
  • Bland George, blacksmith
  • Bowman Charles, steam thrashing machine proprietor
  • Bowman Isaac, vict. and steam thrashing machine proprietor, Stag Head
  • Coates Mrs. Elizabeth, corn miller
  • Lamb Mark, cowkeeper
  • Robinson Thomas, cowkeeper

  • Fairbank William
  • Hutchinson Samuel (yeo), Daisy hill, via Burstwick
  • Sargent Suddaby
  • Soutter James Stewart
  • Thompson Jph, (yeo.), Lelley dyke; h Turmer hall, Ganstead

Scan, OCR and html by Colin Hinson. Checking and correction by Peter Nelson.