Preston, Memorial transcription


Preston parish:


Preston, Memorial transcription:

The World War I War Memorial and Roll of Honour at All Saints, Preston

The left hand plaque

Roll Of Honour

W. Bell  F.A. Dimler
F. Bentley C. Dickinson
W. Biglin E. Dickinson
F. Billany H. Dickinson
G. Billany J. Dickinson
L. Billany S. Dickinson
M.R. Billany W. Dickinson
T.J. Billany A. Dixon
C.E. Blenkinsop W. Dixon
J.N. Blenkinsop H. Dobson
J.W. Blenkinsop C. Ellis
M. Blenkinsop F.L. Ellis
G. Bond W. Elvidge
I. Bond G.A. Fenwick
M. Boast H. Fenwick
R.E. Boast H. Fenwick
A. Brocklebank W. Fenwick
J.F. Brocklebank A.W. Fewster
G. Busby H. Fish
H. Busby J. Ford
W. Busby A. Foster
E. Kirk-Brown W.A. Foster
A. Clark R.P. Fussey
T. Clark J. Gant
C. Clarkson J. Gant
G. Clarkson H. Gill
J.G. Coates W. Goddard
H.E.S. Coates M. Goundrill
W. Coates T.F. Hall
F. Cook J. Harness
H. Cook W. Harper
A. Courtney J. Hart
E. Courtney T.W. Hinch
F. Courtney B. Hoff
W.H. Cross A.C. Hopkins
J.W. Curtis W.P. Hopper
W. Curtis F.P. Hunter
G.H. Dale T. Hunter
F. Dalton C. Hutchinson
F. Dean H.H. I'Anson
F. Densley  
The centre plaque
This Tablet
Was Erected In Honour
Of The Men Of This
Who Served In
His Majesty's Forces
During The Great War
1914 - 1918

The Names Of Those Who
Died For Their Country
Are Inscribed Below.

C.H. Archer
H. Billany
C.W. Bishop
W. Brocklebank
A. Clarkson
J. Courtney
A. Claridge
W. Cross
F. Drury
W. Fish
H. Foster
W. Lee
W.B. Little
A. Mc Donald
S.E. Smith
C. Sproxton
A. Walsh
F. Whatling
F.W. Winter
The Right hand plaque
This Is The Memorial
To **** Honour, And Of
Roll Of Honour

B. Jackson  J.M. Stephenson
J. James W.H. Stephenson
J. Johnson G. Swales
T. Johnson H. Swales
J.W. Jubb F. Tagg
W. Judson A. Tennison
A.J. Kincham J.D. Tennison
E. Knaggs G. Thornton
E. Lane W. Thornton
J. Lane F. Thornton
R. Little E.W. Todd
C. Marshall C.W.A. Todd
F. Mottram I. Tomlinson
J.W. Mottram E. Turner
W. Oliver J.S. Turner
E. Pearson R. Turner
W. Pearson W.Y. Turner
F.A. Porter W. Underwood
J.H. Rhodes H. Waddingham
J.E. Rhodes T.B. Walker
W.A. Rhodes C. Ward
T.C. Richardson E.A. Ward
A. Rippon F. Ward
G.W. Robinson T.H. Ward
R. Robinson C.H. Watson
J.W. Russell W.R. Watkinson
H. Scott T.S. Webster
A. Smith E. Wells
E. Smith J. Wells
E. Smith H. Whatling
E.J. Smith G.R. Whiting
E.L. Smith A.H. Wilkinson
H. Smith G.E. Wilkinson
H.R. Smith H. Wilkinson
H.W. Smith J. Windley
S. Smith J. Wilson
W. Smith E. Woodhouse
A. Sproxton C.O. Woodhouse
H. Stephenson S. Woodhouse
C. Skeggs  

In Memory Of Those
Who Served In The Second World War And Subsequent Conflicts.

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson