REIGHTON: List of Cottagers at Reighton, September 1839


NameOccupationSize of CottageQuantity of meadow land to each and number of fields.Size of Garden, Rent of cottage, gardens, garth, or garthsIf a piece of tillage on the common. Rent/size.Cow gaits*1Observations whether whether young or old and with or without children - if any part of cottage underlet to whom - if belonging to the parish.
Appleby, AnnWidowLarge1 acre£5/15/01 acre, rent £1One, £2/12/6An old woman, family grown up, not known to what place she belongs.
Austin, RichardLabourerLarge1 rood£51 acre, rent £1One, £2/12/6Not old people. Has children but not belonging to the parish.
Cooke, ElizaWidowLarge2 acres in two fields£4 One, £2/12/6An old woman, family grown up. Belongs to parish.
Furdon, John*2LabourerLarge1 ½ acres£6/5/01 acre, rent £1One, £2/12/6Not old people, with own children. Belongs to Parish.
Jennings, IsaacLabourerLarge3 acres£31 acre, rent £1 Young people, with family and belonging to the parish.
Hoggard, WilliamLabourerLarge1 ¼ acres£6/10/0  Young people, with family and belonging to the parish.
Holtby, RichardWrightLarge1 ¼ acres£6/15/04 ¼ acres, rent £4/5/0 Old people, family grown up and belongs to the parish.
Mayman, ThomasLabourerLarge1 rood and 13 perches£4/10/0  Old people, family grown up - underlets part of his cottage to Robert Waites, his son in law. Belongs to Speeton.
Noble, RobertCarrier Has a cottage under the Reverend Nathaniel C Strickland 2 acres, rent £2  
Scrivener, JohnLabourerLarge¼ acre£4/4/0  Not very old people but family grown up and belongs to parish.
Stavler, Thomas*3LabourerLarge20 perches£3  Young people, small family and belongs to parish.
Stubbs, ThorpeShoemakerLarge30 perches£3/10/0  Young people, small family not known if he belongs to Reighton or not.
Taylor, DavidLabourerLarge1 rood£4  Young people, small family belongs to parish.
Wilson, JohnWrightLargeNone£1/5/0  Not old people, has a family and belongs to parish.
Wilson, ThomasLabourerLarge½ rood£2/18/0  Not old people, has a family and belongs to Argam
Willis, ThomasBlacksmithLarge2 acres£7/5/04 ¾ acres, rent £4/15/0One, £2/12/6Young people with children and is said to belong to the parish.
Welburn, ThomasLabourerLarge1 acre belonging to his cottage and 8 acres belonging to the Hall£20 and has also paid £2 a year for gardens belonging to the Hall  Not very old people but family grown up.
Woodford, MrsWidowSmall¼ acre when it is enclosed   Old woman belongs to the parish.

John Myers


*1 The right of access to graze an animal rather than an actual opening in a field boundary.
*2 Should be Fordon
*3 Should be Staveley

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