REIGHTON: Reighton Land Tax 1791-1793


Land values and tax values are given in £-s-d.
The first line of each pair gives the Owner and property details
The second line gives the occupier of the property.

Owner1791 (23 June)  1792 (13 June) 1793 (17 June) 
OccupierLand Value Tax PayableLand Value Tax PayableLand Value Tax Payable
Sir George Strickland49-15-010-16-4¼As before9-19-0As before 
Matthew Wood and Others      
Sir Michael Warton3-0-00-13-0¾As before0-12-0Michael Newton - As before 
John Kirby      
Humphrey Osbaldestone12-10-02-14-5)    
Christopher Sawdon )22-10-04-10-0As before 
Humphrey Osbaldestone11-15-02-11-1¾ )    
Christopher Sawdon      
Mrs Johnson11-15-02-11-1¾As before2-7-0As before 
Christopher Johnson      
Mrs Beswick1-0-00-4-4¼2-15-00-11-0As before 
Thomas Atkinson, Vicar10-10-02-5-8½As before2-2-0As before 
Matthew Wood & Wardill      
Sir George Strickland8-0-01-14-10As before1-12-07-12-61-0-6
Matthew Wood      
Mr Sheffield1-10-00-6-6¼As before0-6-0As before 
Richard Cowton      
Sir George Strickland4-10-00-19-7As before0-18-0As before 
Francis Wardill      
Sir George Strickland2-0-00-8-8½As before0-8-0As before 
Francis Wardill      
Mr Hodgson1-10-00-6-6¼As before0-6-0As before 
Mrs Beswick    Thomas Speck 
Sir George Strickland6-15-01-9-4½As before1-7-0As before 
Matthew Wood      
Cowton & Cockerill3-0-00-13-0¾2-5-00-9-0As before 
William Cowton      
John Craven2-0-00-8-8½3-0-00-12-03-5-02-10-0
Richard Edmond  Robert Watson   
Samuel Jordan6-10-01-8-3½As before1-6-0As before 
William Jordan      
James Jordan & Heirs3-0-00-13-0¾As before0-12-0As before 
Francis Wardill      
Robert Watson2-0-00-8-8½John Craven0-5-03-5-00-13-0
Himself  Robert Watson0-1-0  
Sir George Strickland1-0-00-4-4¼1-10-00-6-02-10-00-10-0
Himself and
George Clifford
Mr Woodill Salary12-10-02-10-0As beforeAs before 
Sir George Strickland1-0-00-4-0As beforeAs before 
Robert Watson     
Francis Wardill     
Thomas SpeckTOTAL30-17-4   
Ralph CreykRichard Tindale0-7-60-1-6  
Wm HebblethwaiteHimself    
F Lundy     
Matthew WoodTOTAL30-17-4   
Francis WardillChristopher Sawdon    
(Assessors)Richard Cowton    
Ralph Creyk(Assessors)    
William HebblethwaiteRalph Creyk    
Francis LundyWilliam Hebblethwaite    
Francis Lundy     

Transcribed by
Lisa Blosfelds ©2014