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REIGHTON: Reighton Marriages, 1813-1849

Reighton Marriages, 1813-1849

Marriages at St. Peter's Church, Reighton 1813-1849.

January 9George Hoggard otp, husbandman and Emma Cowton otp, minor. L
Wits: Francis Wood, George Nightingale, John Scrivener
January 18Robert Waterson, otp, labourer, minor (X) and Jane Brambles otp, spinster (X) B
Wits: Francis Wood, John Scrivener

February 8David Smith otp and Jane Stephenson otp. B
Wits: Francis Wood, John Scrivener
August 29Robert Witty, of Hunmanby, farmer and widower (X) and Hannah Massender otp, spinster (X). L
Wits: Francis Wood, John Scrivener, Sarah Bateson (X)
December 9Thomas Oman otp and Eleanor Smith otp. B
Wits: Francis Wood, John Scrivener

March 29William Ringrose of Bridlington and Hannah Walker otp (X). B
Wits: John Olman, Hannah Pluwes, John Scrivener, John Taylor

October 15Charles Wilson otp (X) and Elizabeth Medlock otp (X). B
Wits: John Taylor, John Scrivener
December 28George Robinson otp and Charlotte Banks otp. L
Wits: Benjamin Sowerby, Robert Myers

April 5William Kirby otp and Mary Himsworth otp. B
Wits: Thomas Kirby, John Scrivener

July 28Robert Glenton otp (X) and Maria Massender otp (X). B
Wits: John Scrivener, Robert Foster, Hannah Emmerson (X)
August 6Walton Alcock of Stockton on Tees, surgeon and Mary Smith otp. L
Wits Jane Harrison, Thomas Oman
His age 40, her age 24. See licence at back of register.

January 18Robert Moody of Rudston and Ann Glenton otp (X). B
Wits: John Tyson, John Scrivener
Banns also read at Rudston

April 24Richard Austin otp (X) and Emma Massender otp (X). B
Wits: James Turner, John Scrivener

May 29John Bower of Rudston and Mary Dalby otp. B
Wits: James Lucas, Michael Hardy, Jane Clayton, Jane Sellar

September 9George Ezard otp and Jane Hardy otp (X). B
Wits: James Duffing, James Watson

June 28Thomas Mayman of Thornton and Elizabeth Tailor otp (X). B
Wits: James Duffing, Robert Cooper
July 21Michael Walgate of Lowthorp (X) and Hannah Wilson otp (X). B
Wits: William Richardson, Elizabeth A Tompson
December 25William Harrison otp and Harriet Scrivener otp. B
Wits: William Baron, John Scrivener

August 28John Wilson of Lastingham and Martha Brambles otp (X). B
Wits: John Scrivener, Francis Thompson
December 8Thomas Robinson otp (X) and Elizabeth Scrivener otp. L
Wits: William Baron, William Scrivener, John Scrivener

June 18Aaron Fordan otp (X) and Mary Oman otp (X). B
Wits: Robert Thwaites (X), John Scrivener

May 22William Jackson otp and Mary Holtby otp. B
Wits: Francis Proud Willis, Phillis Webster
December 25Robert Bilton otp (X) and Mary Sellar otp (X). B
Wits: Isaac Sellars, John Scrivener

February 11Henry Noble otp (X) and Elizabeth Woodsworth otp (X). B
Wits: Robert Waites (X), John Scrivener
June 14John Farthing Robson otp and Matilda Dukes of Hunmanby (X). B
Wits: Richard Robson, Ann Robson

October 22Richard Orman otp and Elizabeth Welburn otp. L
Wits: Sarah Welburn, Dowsland Wardill, John Scrivener

February 4Edward Jackson otp and Mary Welbourn otp. B
Wits: William Jackson, Elizabeth Farthing

A new register begins at this point and continues into the 1970s, the last entry being made on 2nd April 1976. If not otherwise stated it can be assumed that the people concerned were of full age and resident in Reighton. In many later cases it is not stated if the marriage was by banns or licence. (X) indicates that the person made their mark rather than signed the register. However, this should not be taken as proof of literacy as many of the signatures seem to be drawn rather then written and many are very difficult to decipher. Also in many cases the signature of a more obviously educated person is so florid as to be difficult to read.

February 24Grindwall Stephenson (X), labourer and Rachel Woodsworth, minor, d/o Thomas Woodsworth, labourer. B
Wits: William Noble, John Scrivener
March 31Vickerman Mainprize (X) of Flamborough, fisherman, s/o Lenard (sic) Mainprize, fisherman, and Mary Ann Mayman(X), d/o Thomas Mayman, labourer. B
Wits: William Hoggard, John Scrivener
November 21William Vasey, labourer, s/o Thomas Vasey, weaver, and Sarah Turner d/o James Turner, farmer. B
Wits: Benjamin Walkinton, John Scrivener
December 18John Smith, widower, coastguard service, s/o John Smith, and Sarah Cowton d/o Benjamin Cowton, farmer.
Wits: Elizabeth Peacock, Johnson Edmund
December 24William Rowntree, of Burlington, smith, s/o William Rowntree, sawer, and Sarah Welburn d/o Thomas Welburn, labourer. B
Wits: William Welburn, Robert Rowntree, Joseph Holtby
December 25Thomas Rickett of Burythorpe, mason, and Jane Jemmison (X), d/o John Jemmison, labourer. L
Wits: John Scrivener, John Jemmison (X)
December 31Robert Champlin, labourer, and Mary Woodworth (X) d/o Thomas Woodworth, labourer.
Wits: William Noble, John Scrivener

February 9Joseph Holtby, joiner s/o Richard Holtby, carpenter, and Elizabeth Farthing, d/o William Farthing, farmer. B
Wits: Johnson Edmund, William Baron
February 12Joseph Danby of Hunmanby, butcher, s/o George Danby, labourer, and Jane Harrison. B
Wits: William Jackson, Ann Ireland

July 20Abraham Battey, labourer, s/o William Battey, blacksmith, and Martha Wilson (X), d/o Thomas Wilson, labourer. B
Wits: John Myers, John Scrivener
November 7George Baron, widower, farmer, s/o Richard Baron, blacksmith, and Dorothy Smith (X) d/o Edward Smith, labourer.L
Wits: Poskit Colley, John Scrivener

September 11New Rank, labourer, s/o John Rank, labourer, and Jane Roundell, 20, d/o William Roundell, groom. B
Wits: William Pearson, Mary Marshall

May 20Richard Mayman, tailor, s/o Thomas Mayman, labourer, and Elizabeth Oman, widow, d/o Thomas Welburn, farmer. B
Wits: Meredith Byrons, Jane Welburn

January 26Joseph Sawyer of Hull, sailor, s/o Francis Sawyer, sailor, and Mary Edmond d/o Robert Edmond, blacksmith. B
Wits: Robert Edmond (X), Ann Sawyer
November 28John Whiting of Skipsea, husbandman s/o George Whiting, miller, and Jane Scrivener, d/o John Scrivener, blacksmith. L
Wits: William Daniel Beal, William Whiting, John Scrivener

January 6William Cowton, labourer, s/o Benjamin Cowton, farmer, and Susannah Ezard (X) of Foxholes, d/o Thomas Ezard, labourer. B
Wits: James Ezard, Eliza Cowton
(No marriages 1845)

April 19Joseph Jarritt of Haisthorpe in the parish of Burton Agnes, labourer, s/o John Jarritt, labourer, and Ann Scrivener (X), d/o John Scrivener, blacksmith. B
Wits: George Welburn, John Scrivener
August 16Alexander Fox, labourer, s/o William Fox, labourer, and Hannah Watson (X) d/o James Watson, labourer. B
Wits: Francis Watson, Elizabeth Jennings
October 1John Munn, widower of Londonderry, merchant, s/o John Munn, merchant, and Ann Harbord, gentlewoman, d/o William Harbord, gentleman. L
Wits: James (?) King, Richard Harbord, M Harbord, Elizabeth Adam
December 5Samuel Mountain, labourer, s/o Thomas Mountain, publican, and Ellen Elliott (X), d/o Joseph Elliott, d/o Joseph Elliott, baker. B
Wits: William Webster, Hannah Scaife

January 5Henry Humfrey, labourer, s/o William Humfrey, labourer, and Elizabeth Jennings, d/o Isaac Jennings, labourer. B
Wits: Rachel Wood, John Scrivener
April 29George Crowe, of Speeton, farmer, s/o Robert Crowe, farmer, and Ursula Cranswick, d/o Thomas Cranswick, farmer.
Wits: William Crowe, Eliza Jefferson, Thomas Cranswick
July 10John Hanes (X), labourer, s/o Robert Hanes, labourer, and Mary Elliot (X) d/o Joseph Elliot, baker. B
Wits: Samuel Mountain, Hannah Scaife
September 5John Gibbon (X), labourer, s/o Thomas Gibbon, fishmonger, and Ann Austen (X), d/o Richard Austen, labourer. B
Wits: Thomas Wilson, John Scrivener
September 18Joseph Robinson (X), labourer, s/o Robert Robinson, labourer, and Elizabeth Taylor (X), minor, d/o David Taylor, labourer. B
Wits: Bean Snowball, Mary Scrivener
September 18Thomas Matson, labourer, s/o John Matson, labourer, and Elizabeth Myers (X), minor, d/o John Myers, labourer. B
Wits: Francis Mitchell, Hannah Underwood
December 25William Webster, labourer, and Rachel Wood, d/o John Wood, farmer. B
Wits; John Claxton (X), John Scrivener

April 10Thomas Petch, labourer, s/o John Petch, labourer, and Emma Austen (X), minor, d/o Richard Austen, labourer. B
Wits: John Scrivener, John Gibbon (X)
December 25Thomas Pinder of Hunmanby, labourer, s/o Richard Pinder, brickmaker, and Elizabeth Hartley (X), d/o Garton Hartley, labourer. B
Wits:John Wilkinson, John Scrivener
(No marriages 1849)

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