REIGHTON: Reighton Marriages, 1850-1911


Marriages at St. Peter's Church, Reighton 1850-1911

Editor's note
If not otherwise stated it can be assumed that the people in this register were of full age and resident in Reighton at the time of marriage. In many cases it is not stated if the marriage was by banns or licence. (X) indicates that the person made their mark rather than signed the register. However, this should not be taken as proof of literacy as many of the signatures seem to be drawn rather then written and many are very difficult to decipher. For example Frances Penelope Piercey signs herself as Frances Penelapy Piercy (she was a dressmaker, the daughter of William Piercey, the landlord of the Dotterel) and Matthew Crawford signs 'Matthew Crawfad', a spelling which finds its way into the 1881 census. Also, in many cases the signature of a more obviously educated person is so florid as to make it difficult to read. LB

April 29George Wilson s/o - and Jane Hartley d/o Garton Hartley, labourer. B
Wits: James Dunn, James Walker

April 4James Dunn, minor, of West Lutton, parish of Weaverthorpe, labourer, s/o John Dunn, labourer, and Mary Plows (X) minor, d/o William Plows, labourer. L
Wits: George Wilson, John Scrivener

June 19William Brown, tailor, s/o Francis Brown, labourer, and Jane Taylor (X), minoe, d/o David Taylor, labourer. B
Wits: John Scrivener, Joseph Robinson (X)
(No marriages 1853)

May 20George Glenton, 22, servant, s/o Robert Glenton, labourer, and Mary Ann Wallace (X), 19, d/o Horatio Wallace, labourer. B
Wits: Rachel Emmerson, Isaac Jennings
July 1Samuel Bilton, 29, labourer, s/o - and Rachel Tindle d/o William Tindall (sic), labouer. B
Wits: Rachel Jennings, Isaac Jennings
December 9George Goullen (X), labourer, s/o Nicholas Goullan, labourer, and Mary Scrivener, d/o John Scrivener, blacksmith. B
Wits: Edward Grice, Isaac Jennings
December 19Mark Knaggs, 32, labourer, s/o Richard Knaggs, shepherd, and Mary Warley (X), 23, d/o Thomas Warley, labourer. B
Wits: Ann Knaggs, Isaac Jennings

June 16William Harrison (X), of Carnaby, widower, labourer, s/o George Harrison, shepherd, and Mary Harrap d/o - .B
Wits: Jane Hoggard, Isaac Jennings
(No marriages 1856)

April 14Thomas Dooks, 21, of Sewerby, labourer, s/o William Dooks, labourer, and Ann Hoggard, 19, d/o William Hoggard, labourer. B
Wits: Robert Gunton, Jane Hoggard

November 23George Woodhead (X), labourer, s/o Joseph Woodhead, labourer, and Mary Taylor (X), 18, d/o David Taylor, labourer. B
Wits: Hardy Taylor (X), Jane Coeps (?)
(No marriages 1859)

March 10William Garton, 24, of Rudston, labourer, s/o John Garton, labourer, and Hannah Taylor, 17, d/o David Taylor, labourer. B
Wits: William Brown, Mary Beckett
May 5George Wilson (X), 23, labourer, s/o Robert Wilson, labourer, and Jane Claxton (X) 22, d/o John Claxton, labourer. B
Wits: William Sellars, Eliza Burnett
August 20Hardy Taylor (X), 24, labourer, s/o David Taylor, labourer, and Mary Beckett, 22 of Humnanby, d/o George Beckett, hind. B
Wits: William Brown, Annie Lamb

June 3Matthew Cranswick, 29, farmer, s/o Thomas Cranswick, farmer, and Ann Eliza Bowser, 20, d/o Edward H Bowser, farmer. L
Wits: George Crowe, Harriet Maria Bowser
December 18Jesse Walker, 21, labourer, s/o John Walker, labourer, and Jane Warcup (X), 19, d/o -. B
Wits: Edmund Hodgson (X), Dinah Baldry (X)

February 15William Stubbs, 28, shoemaker, s/o Thorp Stubbs, shoemaker, and Margaret Elizabeth Piercy, 19, d/o William Piercey, publican. B
Wits: William Moore, Mary Jane Piercey (X)

March 16John William Sunley, 24, joiner, s/o Thomas Sunley, joiner, and Rhoda Ezard, 19, d/o George Ezard, confectioner. B
Wits: William Garton, Martha Ezard

November 27William Hall, 23, labourer, s/o Gidion (sic) Hall, labourer, and Esther Claxton (X), 21, d/o John Claxton, labourer. B
Wits: Robinson Jimmison, Mary Claxton (X)
December 24William Proctor, 22, labourer, s/o Thomas Proctor, labourer, and Ann Jackson, 21, d/o Edward Jackson, shoemaker.
Wits: Thomas Temple, Mary Jackson.

January 7John Anderson, 25, labourer, s/o James Anderson, shepherd, and Mary Elizabeth Sellars (X), 18, d/o Thomas Sellers, labourer. B
Wits: Robert Sellers (X), Mary Jackson
March 25Thomas Hoggarth, 20, miner, s/o William Hoggarth, miner, and Mary Jane Piercey, 25, d/o William Piercey, publican. B
Wits: William Stubbs, Margaret Elizabeth Stubbs.
April 25William Noble (X), 47, (bachelor), labourer, s/o Robert Noble, labourer, and Ann Watson (X), 37, d/o David Taylor, labourer. B (It can be assumed she was a widow. LB).
Wits: George Welburn, Jane Whiting.
July 8William Duck Brewster, 22, labourer, s/o William Duck, miner, and Mary Wilson, 21, d/o Richard Wilson, labourer. B
Wits; William Simpson, Elizabeth Wilson.
November 13John Scales, 24, labourer, s/o Samuel Scales, labourer, and Hannah Austin (X), 32, d/o Richard Austin, labourer. B
Wits: George Welburn, Ann Nicholson Jarret (X)
November 25Francis Deighton, 23, labourer, s/o William Deighton, labourer, and Catherine Wiseman (X), 18, of Bempton, d/o Robert Wiseman, labourer. B
Wits: William Wiseman (X), Elizabeth Scales (X).

April 7James Kitchen, 28, labourer, s/o William Kitchen, labourer, and Elizabeth Tuckerman, 20, d/o Richard Tuckerman, fisherman. B
Wits: Richardson Putsey (X), Ann King.
November 25Pashby Scrivener (X), 24, labourer, s/o John Scrivener, labourer, and Harriet Dixon (X), 19, d/o Francis Dixon, brickmaker. B
Wits: Henry Hubberd (X), Ann Whiting.

August 1Edward Henry Bowser, 23, farmer, s/o Edward H Bowser, farmer, and Mary Holtby, 23, d/o Joseph Holtby, carpenter. L
Wits: Charles John Brearley, Joseph Holtby.
November 26Major Boyes, 24, labourer, s/o John Boyes, labourer, and Ann Marshall, 21, d/o James Marshall, labourer. B
Wits: William Marshall, Hannah Sellers.
(No weddings 1868)

September 5James Hargreaves (X), 23, labourer, s/o Robert Hargreaves, labourer, and Mary Brown (X), 23, d/o James Brown, labourer.
Wits: Matthew Brown, Isaac (?) Hargrave
December 26William Fell (X), 25, labourer, s/o Jonathan Fell, labourer, and Mary Woodhead (X), 28, widow, d/o David Taylor, labourer. B
Wits: William Garton, Hannah Garton.

November 26Stephenson Deighton (X), 27, gamekeeper, of Rudston, s/o Robert Deighton, labourer, and Ann Elizabeth Pinkney (X), 24, of Rudston, d/o George Pinkney, labourer. B.
Wits: Charles Watson (X), Mary Claxton (X).

March 11William Whites, 27, groom, s/o Robert Whites, labourer, and Ann Proctor, 27, widow (sic), d/o Edward Jackson, shoemaker. B.
Wits: John Whites (X), Mary Jackson.
November 28Henry Staveley, 23, labourer, s/o Robert Staveley, labourer, and Mary Whiting, 20, d/o Robert Whiting, labourer. B
Wits: Michael Scrivener (X), Hannah Marshall.

September 2Joseph Deighton (signs Richard Deighton (X)), 37, widower, gamekeeper, s/o Richard Deighton, labourer, and Fanny Waites, 30, d/o Robert Waites, labourer. B
Wits: William Whites, Mary Welburn.
October 17Edward Alfred Hay, 25, farmer, of Buckton, s/o John Hay, farmer, and Caroline Elizabeth Bowser, 25, d/o Edward Henry Bowser, farmer. B
Wits: Edward Henry Bowser, Henry Jeffrey Hay, Alice Louisa Bowser.
November 4John Wilson, 49, widower, labourer, s/o Thomas Wilson, labourer, and Ann Staveley, 55, widow, d/o John Gibson, labourer. B
Wits: George Stubbs, William Frederick Asbridge (?).
December 18George Pudsey (X), 21, labourer, s/o Stephen Pudsey, shepherd, and Jane Watson, 16, d/o Henry Watson, labourer. B
Wits: John Pudsey (X), Jane Pudsey (X)
(No marriages 1873)

February 23Henry Harper, 27, labourer, s/o John Harper, labourer, and Mary Staveley (X), 27, d/o Samuel Staveley, labourer. B
Wits: Edmund Vickerman, Susan Staveley (X).
November 26Pockley Knaggs, 22, labourer, s/o Thomas Knaggs, labourer, and Harriet Dobson, 25, of Speeton, d/o George Dobson, labourer. B
Wits: George Donson, Susan Staveley.
December 14David Wright, 25, labourer, s/o William Wright, veterinary surgeon, and Sarah Ann Claxton (X), 24, d/o John Claxton, labourer. B
Wits: John Claxton (X), Mary Claxton (X).

January 23James Overfield, 23, s/o David Overfield, labourer, and Jane Scrivener, 23, d/o John Scrivener, labourer. B
Wits: John Scrivener (X), Mary Overfield.
February 4Robert Ryder, 31, of Ganton, labourer, s/o William Ryder, shoemaker, and Ellen Hodgson, 32, d/o Jonathan Hodgson, labourer. B
Wits: William Ryder, Annie Ryder.
March 1Esau Hague, 30, labourer, s/o -, and Ann Boyes, 30, widow, d/o James Marshall, carrier.
Wits: James Marshall, Sarah Moor.
November 29John Edward Taylor (X), 22, labourer, s/o Edon (sic) Taylor, labourer, and Anne Elizabeth Bilton, 19, d/o Samuel Bilton, labourer, B.
Wits: George Bilton, Ellen Bilton.

February 19John Lawson Mallory, 22, labourer, s/o Edward Mallory, joiner, and Hannah Appleby, 16, d/o Thomas Appleby, labourer. B.
Wits: George Robert Coultas, Mary Appleby.
July 1William Emmerson, 22, labourer, s/o George Emmerson, labourer, and Jane Harper (X), d/o John Harper, labourer. B
Wits: Herbert Holman, Mary Harper (X).
November 27Matthew Robinson, 22, labourer, s/o Francis Robinson, labourer, and Grace Scrivener (X), 22, d/o John Scrivener, labourer. B
Wits: James Scrivener (X), Hannah Marshall.

May 5Robert Sellars, 32, labourer, s/o Thomas Sellars, labourer, and Sarah Collingwood (X), 25, d/o Edward Collingwood, labourer. B
Wits: T S Griesbach, May Strickland.

May 20Henry Wright (X), 25, labourer, s/o Samuel Wright, labourer, and Susan Staveley, 28, d/o Samuel Staveley, labourer.
Wits: George Fewster, Eliza Sellars.
(This was the last wedding conducted by Nathaniel Constantine Strickland. From this point on they were conducted by William Rowley. LB)
July 6Edward Johnson, 28, labourer, s/o John Johnson, labourer, and Margaret Sellars, 22, d/o Thomas Sellars, labourer.
Wits: Jo Hotham, Eliza Sellars.
July 27James Mayes, 28, labourer, s/o James Mayes, labourer, and Mary Claxton (X), 31, labourer, d/o John Claxton, labourer.
Wits: William Hall, James Frankish.
November 25Walter Hines, 21, labourer, s/o Mark Hines, labourer, and Sarah Jane Medd (X), 22, d/o Robert Medd, labourer.
Wits: William Waites, Mary Marshall.
December 2James Fox, 26, labourer, s/o Alexander Fox, labourer, and Annie Maria Taylor (X), 22, of Grindale, d/o Wilson Taylor, labourer.
Wits: John Harnbry (?), Elizabeth Wilson (?) (Badly blotted.LB)
December 7Tom Cox, 23, labourer, s/o Tom Cox, labourer, and Jane Priestman, d/o John Priestman, labourer.
Wits: John Priestman, Mary E Pinkney

May 31Frances Penelope Piercey (she signs Frances Penelapy Piercy), 22, d/o William Piercey, innkeeper, and John Chambers Lancaster, 35, bricklayer, s/o John Lancaster, bricklayer.
Wits: William Bilton Piercey, Gertrude Augusta Piercy.
June 26Thomas Singleton Griesbach, 26, gentleman, s/o William Robert Griesbach, clergyman, and Henrietta Annie Strickland, 23, d/o Nathaniel Strickland, clergyman. B.
Wits: Henry James Scott, Margaret Mary Armstrong.
August 6Arthur Holtby, 23, wheelwright of Knapton, s/o William Holtby, wheelwright, and Mary Ann Hoggard, 23, d/o William Hoggard, labourer.
Wits: James Scarsby (?), Elizabeth Dobson.
August 14William Rowley, 24, clergyman, s/o Charles Rowley, gentleman, and May Strickland, 19, d/o Nathaniel Strickland, clergyman. B.
Wits: George Henry Webber, Maud Jenkyns.
(William Rowley was the curate of the village and May Strickland was the daughter of the vicar. The marriage was conducted by R P Blakeney. LB)
November 26Thomas William Walker, 29, labourer, s/o Samuel Walker, joiner, and Isabella Adams, 29, d/o William Adams, grocer.
Wits: William White, Sarah Ann Stubbs.
(No weddings 1880 - 1882 inclusive. LB)

November 28Alfred Baldry, 23, labourer, s/o Samuel Baldry, labourer, and Mary Jane Gullen (X), 23, d/o George Gullen, labourer.
Wits: Michael Gullen (X), Sarah Gullen.
December 24Michael Newlove, full age, wheelwright, s/o Michael Newlove, wheelwright, and Annie Pateman, full age, d/o Henry Pateman, gamekeeper.
Wits: Matthew Crawford, George Milton, Gertrude A Piercy, Fanny Marshall

April 26William Frankish, 23, labourer, s/o John Frankish, labourer, and Sarah Ann Stubbs, 22, d/o William Stubbs, platelayer.
Wits: William Stubbs, Gertrude A Piercey.
September 10William Francis Foster, 33, farmer, of Rudston Grange, s/o William Foster, and Eliza Cranswick, 20, d/o Matthew Cranswick, farmer.
Wits: Matthew Cranswick, Harriet Cranswick, Thomas Stephenson, May Rowley (the vicar's wife, nee Strickland), Henry Cranswick.
September 29Matthew Crawford (signs Crawfad), 23, blacksmith, s/o Matthew Crawford, blacksmith, and Harriet King, 24, d/o Stephen King, shoemaker.
Wits: Richard Mayman, Mary Mayman.

February 21William Frowhell (X), 25, labourer, of Flamborough, s/o John Frowhell, labourer, and Sarah Gullen, 22, d/o George Gullan, labourer.
Wits: Michael Gullen (X), Annie Brown.
April 4John Chew, 34, labourer, s/o George Chew, labourer, and Ellen Bilton, 25, d/o Samuel Bilton, labourer.
Wits: Samuel Bilton, Jane Clark.
May 2Albert Stocks, 20, labourer, s/o William Stocks, labourer, and Christiana White, 19, d/o William White, labourer.
Wits: William White (X), Mary Ann White
October 17Charles Jemmeson Pickering, 20, labourer, s/o John ('John' crossed out and 'illegitimate, father's name not known' added),
and Sarah Ann Proctor, 18, d/o William Proctor, labourer.
Wits: William Waites, Annie Welburn.
November 28James Langton (X), 23, labourer, s/o Robert Langton, labourer, and Eliza Edmonds, d/o Pashby Edmonds, labourer.
Wits: Pashby Edmonds, Elizabeth Dobson.
(No weddings 1886)

October 3John Atkinson, 29, horse breaker, s/o William Atkinson, labourer, and Elizabeth Dobson, 26, d/o George Dobson, labourer.
Wits: James Dobson, M A Smalls (?) Smales (?)
November 28Walton Crawford, 23, labourer, s/o Matthew Crawford, blacksmith, and Fanny Marshall, 23, d/o James Marshall, farmer.
Wits: John Marshall, Annie Burt.

August 23William Jefferson, 24, labourer, s/o Thomas Jefferson, labourer, and Dina (sic) Elizabeth Ezard, 20, d/o Henry Ezard, labourer.
Wits: John Marshall, Annie Maria Jefferson.

October 19Robert Robinson, 29, naval pensioner, s/o (not known), and Hannah Smedley, 28, d/o John Smedley, labourer.
Wits: Thomas Major Hogg, Betsy McLaren.
(No weddings 1890)

August 24John Marshall, 24, farmer, s/o James Marshall, farmer, and Elizabeth Cass, 23, d/o Thomas Cass, coachman.
Wits: George Cass, Florence Cass.

May 19John George Edmond, 20, labourer, s/o Pashby Edmond, labourer, and Lavinia Jackson, 21, d/o Richard Jackson, labourer.
Wits: Fred Langton, Elizabeth Whitty.

October 14John Staveley Moody, 23, labourer, s/o John Staveley, labourer, and Margaret Ann Vickerman, 21, spinster, d/o Francis Skilbeck, woodman.
Wits: Francis Skilbeck, Esther Ellen Staveley.

November 24William Clements, 40, widower, coastguard, s/o John Clements, shoemaker, and Margaret Ann Ibbetson, d/o George Ibbetson, shepherd.
Wits: William Ralph Norwood, Elizabeth Glenton.

March 7Henry Coates, 28, bank cashier, of Barnsley, s/o Thomas Coates, gentleman, and Julia Cranswick, 19, d/o Matthew Cranswick, farmer.
Wits: Walter Melrose, Margaret Cranswick.

June 13James William Pudsey, 21, labourer, s/o George Pudsey, cartman, and Margaret Trotter, 19, servant, d/o John Thomas Trotter, labourer.
Wits: John Henry Pudsey, Ann Elizabeth Pudsey.
(No marriages 1897 or 1898)

September 23Charles William Pearson, 21, labourer, of Hunmanby, s/o William Pearson, labourer, and Martha Elizabeth Biggins, 26, domestic service, d/o Robert Biggins, labourer.
Wits: J R Biggins, Louisa Biggins.

February 10Frederick Skelton, 21, labourer, of Hunmanby, s/o Charles Skelton, farmer, and Mary Jane Waites, 20, d/o William Waites, labourer.
Wits: Charles Pickering, Jane Annie Pickering.
December 22Bage Cowton, 21, labourer, of Hunmanby, s/o Robert Cowron, labourer, and Cecily Clubley, 19, domestic servant, d/o John Clubley, labourer.
Wits:George Gash (Gosh?), Annie Louise Clubley.
(No marriages 1901)

May 24Henry Noble, 27, labourer, s/o William Noble, labourer, and Elizabeth Milner, 19, d/o William Milner, labourer.
Wits: John Moore, Fanny Pudsey.
August 12John Garbutt, 21, labourer, s/o William Garbutt, farmer, and Christiana Taylor, 20, (father not given).
Wits: Thomas Taylor, Sarah Cowton.

December 5Robert William Barker Chadwick, 20, labourer, (father not given), and Eleanor Crawford, 19, d/o Matthew Crawford, labourer.
Wits: George Cockerill, Ada Nightingale.

May 14Charles William Bullock, 27, of Grindale, s/o William Bullock, labourer, and Louisa Elizabeth Elliot, 25, (father not given).
Wits: Francis William Elliot, Annie Chapman.

January 17Thomas Chapman, 30, farmer, s/o Richard Chapman, farmer, and Ada Marshall, 21, d/o William Marshall, carrier/farmer.
Wits: Walter Marshall, Sarah Chapman, Grace Chapman.
February 18Henry Chew Marshall, 28, joiner, of Hunmanby, s/o Robert Marshall, bricklayer, and Alice Hall, 23, d/o Henry Hall, joiner.
Wits: Henry Hall, Katie Hall, Hilda Hall.
April 22William Henry Smithson, 25, labourer, of Grindale, s/o George Smithson, labourer, and Mary Elizabeth Gullen, 26, (father not given).
Wits: John Botterill Smithson, Caroline Elizabeth Trowhill, Elizabeth Smithson. (Easter Day).
July 29William Hood Chapman, 22, labourer, (father not given), and Annie Elizabeth Lawton, 19, d/o Joseph Lawton, labourer.
Wits: George Sawnsborough, Ada Mary Smith, Elizabeth Ann Croft.

September 20Frank Hood, 20, labourer, s/o William Hood, farmer, and Bella Grace Chapman, 19, d/o Richard Chapman, farmer.
Wits: James Chapman, Sarah Chapman.
November 28George Mainprize, 22, labourer, s/o Robert Mainprize, fisherman, and Fanny Pudsey, 22, d/o George Pudsey, labourer.
Wits: Watson Pudsey, Mary Jane Pudsey.

August 31John Newlove, 22, labourer, of Cayton, (father not given), and Sarah Chapman, 36, d/o Richard Chapman, farmer.
Wits: Annie Newlove, Elizabeth Newlove.

January 27Herbert Lund, 30, widower, decorator, of Eckington, and Mary Booth Hall, 23, d/o Henry Hall, joiner.
Wits: Henry Hall, Kate Hall, Hilda Hall.

February 27Watson Pudsey, 21, labourer, s/o George Pudsey, labourer, and Annie Elizabeth Hodgson, 19, d/o George Hodgson, labourer.
Wits: George Hodgson (X), Laura Jane Hodgson.
(This is the last instance of someone putting their mark in the register as opposed to signing it. LB)

November 26James Chapman, full age, labourer, s/o Richard Chapman, farmer, and Ethel Morgan, full age, d/o John Morgan, labourer.
Wits: Annie Morgan, Joseph Chapman.
(No marriages 1911)

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