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REIGHTON: Reighton Parish Records, 1711-1756

Reighton Parish Records, 1711-1756

Parish Records for St. Peter's Church, Reighton 1711-1756.

Editor's note
At this time the year began on Lady Day, March 25th.

1711-12: Baptisms
June 10Jane d/o Jane Uppleby
June 22Ann d/o George Davison
September 9Mary d/o Robert King
August 12Francis s/o Francis Jordan
February 19Richard s/o Richard Waugh
March 2William s/o William Jordan
March 21Jane d/o John Ward
(date unreadable)Richard Milner and Ann Foster
November 24Walter Ridgeley and Catherine Lamon
December 18Matthew Smith and Ellen Dawson
September 16Mary d/o Robert King
November 11Jane w/o John Waugh
December 3Jane w/o Thomas Bailey
January 2Mary Maltby, senex
March 10Mary d/o Phineas Wrench
George Gurwood, curate. Richard Maltby, Thomas Vickerman, churchwardens.

1712 - 13: Baptisms
April 28Ann d/o Matthew Smith
June 21John s/o Francis Wood
August 30George s/o Richard Smith
December 29Richard s/o Francis Jordan
October 19William Puckering and Margaret Carr
(date unreadable)William Leppington, senex
February 1Richard s/o Francis Jordan
George Gurwood, curate. Francis Wood, John Waugh, churchwardens.

1713 - 14: Baptisms
April 19David s/o Richard Jordan
September 6Thomas s/o Matthew Smith
January 1Thomas s/o Marmaduke Smith
February 2Mary d/o Francis Wood
March 19Robert s/o John Ward
April 4William Edmund and Ellinor Thompson
June 2John Janton and Mary Ward
March 3Mary w/o John Jordan
George Gurwood, curate. John Ward, John Maltby, churchwardens.

1714 - 15: Baptisms
April 2William s/o Francis Jordan
May 1Mary d/o John Vickerman
May 11John s/o John Janton
June 22John s/o William Jordan
November 2Thomas s/o Thomas Bailey
February 12George s/o Robert Read
May 6Robert Read and Jane Gurwood
June 22John Dawson and Susannah Hovington
Burials (NB. Much water damage and fading)
April 24- d/o William Foster
September 9- d/o George Gurwood
October 17- paterfamilias
February 24- senex
George Gurwood, curate. Matthew Smith, Robert Storrey, churchwardens

1715 - 16: Baptisms
June 24- d/o John Dawson
July 30Elizabeth d/o John Cross
September 16John s/o Richard Jordan
March 19John s/o David Cowton
May 26- Moore and Ann Cowton
February 19Francis Ward and Mary Vickerman
March 28George s/o Richard Milner
June 21Thomas Vickerman, senex
July 4William s/o Henry Cooke
October 11Jane d/o Francis Jordan
November 23Richard Puckering, senex
(Signatures unreadable)

1716 - 17: Baptisms
July 6Thomas s/o Francis Wardell
July 28John s/o Thomas Bailey
August 15William s/o Francis Wood
August 15Samuel s/o Thomas Moore
November 11Dorothy d/o John Janton
November 5David s/o Francis Jordan
January 28Susanna d/o Matthew Smith
November 18Robert Rowe and Anne Williamson, both of the parish of Filey, by virtue of Banns
published by Mr Ellery, curate of Filey in the church of the said town were married on November 18.
October 5Dinah w/o Richard Maltby
November 29Susanna w/o John Dawson
December 13Robert s/o Thomas Hud
February 2Mary d/o William Jordan
February 2Dorothy d/o John Janton
February 3Roger Storrey, senex
February 7John s/o Richard Wright
March 7Thomas Vickerman, senex
George Gurwood, curate. John Dawson, Francis Jordan, churchwardens.

1717 - 18: Baptisms
July 17Robert s/o Marmaduke Smith
October 5Richard s/o William Jordan
October 17Elizabeth d/o Thomas Bailey
February 19Valentine s/o John Janton
AprilChristopher Coulson and Mary Stevenson both of Filey,
by virtue of Licence from the - were married April -.
(-)John Gurwood of this town (the curate's son. LB) and Dorothy -
of Bridlington by virtue of Banns - . The ministers of both places were - .
January 28John Dawson and Dorothy Jordan, both of this town,
were married by virtue of licence from - of Bridlington on January 28.
October 15David Jordan, senex
January 15William Hesslewood, senex
George Gurwood, curate. Matthew Cowton, William Hesslewood, churchwardens.

1718 - 19: Baptisms
March 25Mary d/o William Lundey
March 31Dinah, d/o Richard Jordan
June 31John s/o Francis Wardell
June 23Thomas s/o Francis Jordan
July 13David s/o David Cowton
September 7Thomas s/o Richard Agar
November 12Elizabeth d/o Matthew Smith
November 24John s/o Thomas Moore
December 29George s/o John Gurwood
January 16William s/o Dorothy Fox
February 11Jane d/o Thomas Bailey
March 10Magdalen d/o John Dawson
June 8Thomas Jordan and Frances Clarke
November 27Ellerton Mosey and Susanna Cammish, both of Filey, by virtue of Banns, were married November 27
May 3Matthew Wood, juvenis
May 5John Thorpe
November 27John s/o Thomas Moore
February 14Jane Storrey, senex
George Gurwood, curate. William Jordan, John Gurwood, churchwardens.

1719 - 20 (Much water damage): Baptisms
April18- John Holtby baptised
September 30- Richard Agar baptised
January 25- Francis Jordan
February 21- /o John Gurwood
November 4- and Mary Cammish, both of Filey by virtue of Banns - Sumpton
December 8- - - Milner, both of Bridlington Key
March 1- - - Wilburn (could be a baptism but the date makes a marriage more likely)
June 28- paterfamilias
August 28Thomas Bailey, paterfamilias
September 2Frances w/o - King
No visible signatures

1720 - 21: Baptisms
May 22Dorothy d/o Thomas Jordan
June 4Matthew s/o William Jordan
October 28Francis s/o Francis Wood
November 17Dorothy d/o John Dawson
December 28Elizabeth d/o Francis Wardell
(Several marriages completely faded or washed away)
May 23Elizabeth d/o Richard Jordan
September 30Marmaduke Smith
October 9Joan Hootey (Footey?)
February 13Milka d/o George Gurwood
March 17Thomas Puckering.
John Sumpton, vicar. Richard Maltby.
January 18th 1720
Mr George Gurwood, late curate of the chapel of Reighton, one of the chapels of ease of the
church of Hunmanby, paid me the present vicar of Hunmanby the sum of 2s 2d for 26 burials, which
is called skin pennies, for 26 burials which is the sum of 1d each corpse which is paid to
the incumbent of the mother church for having the liberty of being buried in that churchyard.
With my hand, Richard Osbaldestone, Vicar of Hunmanby
This penny has been paid for each corpse to the incumbent of the mother church
in the 30 years that I have been curate at Reighton.
With my mark, 18 January 1720, George Gurwood

1721 - 22: Baptisms
April 2Ann d/o Richard Agar
April 20Matthew s/o Matthew Smith
April 26Mary d/o Francis Jordan of Argham
May 11Hannah d/o Marmaduke Smith
July 22Ann d/o John Holtby
October 20Elizabeth d/o John Tourton (?)
January 1William s/o Ralph Vickerman
October 15Francis Ezart and Elenor Pashby
November 12Thomas parker and Margaret King
July 15Ann Vickerman, widow
July 27- d/o John Holtby (surely Ann, LB)
August 29Elizabeth d/o Henry Cooke
September 5- Jordan of Argham (surely Mary d/o Francis, LB)
February 11- Holtby

1722 - 23: Baptisms
March 27Elizabeth d/o Richard Jordan
April 6Richard s/o Francis Ezart
November 2Marmaduke s/o John Holtby
December 18Susanna d/o John Gurwood
January 31William s/o Richard Agar
March 20James s/o David Cowton
January 22- of Boynton and Jane Morris of Hunmanby
April 8Elizabeth d/o Francis Wardell
September 20Mary d/o Mary Hasslewood
December 26Thomas Cannom
January 11Elizabeth d/o Richard Jordan
John Sumpton, vicar. Matthew Cowton, John Gurwood, churchwardens

1723 - 24: Baptisms
March 26Joseph s/o Francis Jordan
April 19Mary d/o Francis Wardell
April 28Mary and Marth ds/o Matthew Smith
May 14Richard and Sarah s and d/o Francis Wood
August 10Francis s/o Francis Jordan
December 7William s/o William Haslewood
March 7Ann d/o John Taunton
March 9Mary d/o Robert Richardson
November 23John Bower and Ann Vickerman
November 25Nickolas Beelby and Elizabeth Wilkin
November 25John Howden and Ann Reed
September 29Robert Richardson
October -Peter (?) s/o Marmaduke Smith
November 23Robert Hurd and Katherine his wife
November 26Thomas King
John Sumpton, vicar, Francis Jordan, Thomas Hall, churchwardens.

1724 -25: Baptisms
May 24Ann d/o Francis Ezard
August 25William s/o Richard Jordan
January 15Richard s/o John Holtby
February 14Ann d/o David Cowton
February 17Richard, s/o Francis Jordan
July 23Samuel Jordan and Elizabeth Clarkson
November 10John Welborn and Elizabeth Ridley
November 17George Wilkinson and Ann Cannom
January 19Thomas Grindale and Mary Walker
(No burial recorded)
John Sumpton, vicar, Francis Vazon, John Holtby, churchwardens.

1725 - 26: Baptisms
October 10John s/o John -
October 31John s/o Thomas -
November 7Frances d/o Richard -
May 11Richard Robson and Ann -
May 11Ralph Gurwood (?, very faint) and -
November 13William Warfolk( probably Warcup) and -
November 27- Robinson and -
February 6William -
April 17Mary d/o Matthew -
June 17Martha d/o -
John Sumpton, vicar. Richard Maltby, William Jordan (?), churchwardens.

1726 - 27: Baptisms
December 3Dorothy d/o John Gurwood
January 14William s/o William -
January 14Thomas s/o Francis Ezart
January 14Elizabeth d/o Francis Wardell
March 4Richard s/o Richard Cape
September 26Stephen Reddy and Abigail Warren
October 5Nathaniel Capelman and Elizabeth Capelman
February 1Robert Sheppard and Sarah Welborn
February 7Elizabeth d/o Francis Wardell
Robert Sumpton, vicar. William Hesslewood, - churchwardens.

1727 - 28: Baptisms
October 1Henry s/o Francis Wood
October 3Michael s/o William Hesslewood
January 13Lucy d/o George Penwick
January 30Dorothy d/o Francis Jordan
February 2Elizabeth d/o John Bowes
April 11Thomas Cammish and Ellis Anderson
April 18George Penwick and Anne King
November 6Christopher Jefferson and Naomi Baumbrough
November 30Richard Scales and Rachel Foster
November 30Thomas Rank and Elizabeth Haggot
January 4George Anderson and Jane Richardson
February 13John Samson and Jane Storrey
April 10Lucy King
September 7Thomas s/o Francis Ezart
January 11Elizabeth Puckering
February 9Thomas Watson
John Sumpton, vicar. Matthew Cowton, Francis Wood, churchwardens.

1728 - 29: Baptisms
October 8Francis s/o Francis Ezart
November 29Elizabeth d/o John Samson
January 29Francis s/o Francis Wardell
February 15Rachel d/o William Mainprize
May 24William Staveley and Rosamund Cattel
June 16Robert Simpson and Margaret Smith
November 19John Gatenby and Alice Jackson
November 26Robert Scales and Mary Dostell
November 26Richard Smith and Jane Watson
December 10Thomas Bradley and Rebecca Huddlestone
April 23Henry Cook
May 4Sarah Wood
September 29William Jefferson
March 12Isabell Jordan
John Sumpton, vicar. John Gurwood, Stephen Jefferson, churchwardens.

1729 - 30
September 26John s/o Richard Cape
August 19Nicholas Boolby (Beelby?) and Mary Bailey
February 9Francis England and Anne Johnson
March 28Dorothy Hall
October 22Jane d/o Thomas Parker
(Not signed)

1730 - 31: Baptisms
May 20Ann d/o Francis Wood
September 21George s/o George Penwick
October 14Jane d/o John Samson
January 8Walter s/o Francis Ezart
May 31Thomas Carter and Jane Carter
October 13John Bateson and Frances Scott
October 20Joseph Bolton and Ann Capelman
November 3William Hopper and Ann Preston
November 14Robert Watson and Isabel Cammish
November 14William Cammish and Mary Holds (Folds?)
November 24Thomas Ross and Anne B--- son (Bateson?)
November 28John Foster and Jane Johnson
December 8Edward Arthur and Rachel Cowper
March 2Edward Ombler and Elizabeth Foster
March 2John Bowes and Katherine Wardell
November 2Ann w/o John Bowes
January 13Robert Garton, a servant boy.
John Sumpton, vicar. William Jordan senior, Francis Jordan junior, churchwardens.

1731 - 32: Baptisms
May 11Robert s/o William Mainprize, husband
October 23William Capelman and Grace Bailey
November 25John Bramhill and Mary Vickerman
January 21Francis Jordan senior
January 28Dorothy w/o Francis Jordan of Argam
John Sumpton, vicar. William Jordan, Richard Maltby, churchwardens.

1732 - 33: Baptisms
May 14John s/o Henry Sumpton
October 10John s/o John Samson
November 15Elizabeth d/o Joseph Lownsbrough
February 4Alice d/o George Penwick
March 20Thomas s/o Thomas Parker
August 3Lewis Hamcourt and Jane Holy
October 15Elizabeth w/o Robert Storrey
December 29Richard Wood, batchelor
February 15Mary Haslewood, widow
John Sumpton, vicar. Richard Maltby, Robert Storrey, churchwardens.

1733 - 34: Baptisms
April 18Elizabeth d/o Richard Cape
April 27Mark s/o William Mainprize
June 22John s/o Francis Ezart
February 22Richard s/o John Bowes
April 2John Skelton and Elizabeth Williamson
July 4John Cammish and Ann Skelton
August 31Matthew Clark and Susanna Porter
June 16Mark s/o William Mainprize
August 25Thomas Shutling of Speeton
October 13Isabel Watson, widow
October 17William s/o William Jordan
October 18Thomas s/o Thomas Shutling
John Sumpton, vicar. Thomas Smith, Matthew Cowton, churchwardens

1734 - 35: Baptisms
May 24Katherine d/o William Mainprize
September 14 (?)Thomas s/o Thomas Vickerman
November 14Elizabeth d/o Christopher Kingson
January 25Robert s/o John Samson
March 9William s/o Stephen Jefferson
March 15James s/o Richard Cape
May 24Stephen Jefferson and Susanna Jordan
April 17David s/o Richard Jordan
December 31Henry Vazey
January 13Ann Jefferson, widow
March 21Mary w/o William Jordan
John Sumpton, vicar. John Maltby, Francis Wood, churchwrdens.

1735 - 36 (Water damage on the left of the page): Baptisms
-- d/o Matthew Cowton
-- d/o George Penwick
-- s/o William Mainprize
-- d/o Thomas Parker
-- d/o Francis Fox
April 1Thomas Hopper and Eleanor Ward
July 3Robert Storrey
July 5Elizabeth d/o Mr Matthew Smith
July 19Susannah d/o the same Mr Smith
March 17Ann w/o Francis Jordan
John Sumpton, vicar. William Jordan, William Jefferson, churchwardens.

1736 - 37: Baptisms
November 8William s/o Francis Ezart
October 8Ann d/o Stephen Jefferson
October 20Stephen s/o Matthew Cowton
April 27Richard Smithson and Ann Grindall
May 8William Masruther (?) and Grace Capelman
November 23William Jackson and Jane Edmond
November 25James Watson and Ann Cannom
April 27Thomas Vickerman, tailor
August 2Robert King
March 13Elizabeth d/o William Warcup
John Sumpton, vicar, Richard Maltby, Francis Vickerman, churchwardens

1737 - 38: Baptisms
September 4Jane d/o Christopher Kingston
September 4Mary d/o James W- (Watson?)
November 18Matthew s/o Matthew Cowton
January 24Matthew s/o William Carcup (Warcup?)
November13William Cowling and Easter Norwood
November 21William Cammish and Elizabeth Wright
January 17Edmund Maltby and Hannah Wellborn
January 24John Nightingale and Elizabeth Watson
May 15Richard Smith of Grindale
August 18Eleanor w/o Mr Matthew Smith
October 17Dorothy Jordan, widow
November 5Anne Smith, spinster

1738 - 39
(No baptisms or marriages recorded)
September 7Jane Vickerman, widow.

1739 - 40: Baptisms
May 24- -/o Thomas Parker
July 2Richard s/o Matthew Cowton
February 15John Sumpton, vicar
April 19Jane d/o Stephen Jefferson
April 27Anne d/o Stephen Jefferson
July 1Ralph Vickerman
July 3Jane Kingston d/o Christopher Kingston
September 6Thomas Smith s/o Mrs Matthew Smith

1740 - 41: Baptisms
June 15William s/o William Vickerman
June 18Mary d/o William Mainprize
June 21John s/o Christopher Kingston
August 5Elizabeth d/o William Warcup
August 24Bartholomew s/o George Penwick
March 24Mary d/o Stephen Jefferson
May 20Thomas Saylor (Taylor ?) of the parish of Langtoft and Mrs Ann Smith of the parish
of Reighton were married in the parish church of Reighton by virtue of licence granted by
Mr Ellery + (Cross as signature).
September 28- Jordan and Catherine Robinson both of the parish of -
by virtue of licence granted by Mr Ellery in the parish church of Reighton.
April 7William Maltby
May 21Elizabeth Bailey, spinster
December 6Elizabeth Vazey, a poor woman
Alexander Bell, vicar. John Maltby, Francis Jordan, churchwardens.

1741 - 42 (Big hole on the right of the page): Baptisms
June 9Elizabeth d/o William H-
January 20Samuel s/o William Jordan
February 3Christian d/o Matthew -
June 1William Paul of the parish of Nafferton and Margaret Smith of the parish of Reighton
were married in the parish church of Reighton by virtue of licence granted by Mr -
November 15Samuel Cowton of the parish of - and Elizabeth Read of the parish of - were married
in the parish church of Reighton by virtue of Banns.
April 17William Maltby, batchelor
November 25Alice d/o George Pennock
January 15Samuel s/o Francis Jordan
February 7Ann Hackney, widow

1742 - 43: Baptisms
June 28Ann d/o Stephen Jefferson
June 29John s/o Thomas Sharp
August 29Ann d/o Samuel Cowton
November 13Samuel s/o Francis Jordan
April 19Micheal Bradley of the parish of Sherburn and Ellenor Vickerman of the parish of
Reighton were married in the parish church of Reighton by virtue of banns.
-Richard Moorsom of the parish of Scarborough and Sarah Miler of the said parish were
married in the parish church of Reighton by virtue of licence granted by Mr Ellery.
March -Elizabeth d/o Jane Smith
-Julian Cowton, widower
Alexander Bell, vicar. Stephen Jefferson, Stephen Darley, churchwardens.
Deanery of Dickering, in the East Riding of the County of York
Perfect Terrier (1) of endowment of the chapel willed into the Archbishop's Registry in the Year
of Our Lord 1743, August 16. It is endowed with the mansion house, barn, stables and garth
(2) adjoining to John Maltby in the east of the town street on the west. It is also endowed
with the herbage (3) of the churchyard bounded on the east to John Maltby and the town
street on the west. It is endowed likewise with two cottages each with a garth containing about
three roods (4) apiece, more or less, with cottage rights. It is also endowed with three
flatts (5) of ground containing two oxgang (6), two of the flatts - a place called Whelpdale
adjoining to the Hunmanby fields to the west and Mr Smith of the east, and on the other flat
in a hall (fall?) called Long Dike adjoining on Grindale highway on the west and Mr Smiths
headland (7) on the east. The chapel is likewise endowed with one third part of the tyth of
corn, hay and lamb and with the one third part of the tyth of wool. Likewise with surplices,
robes, obligations (8), obventions (9) and whatsoever belong to the altar.
Alexander Bell, vicar. Stephen Jefferson, Stephen Darley, churchwardens.
(Definitions supplied by LB on the basis of the Oxford English Dictionary)
1A terrier is a register of landed property including lists of vassals and tenants with
particulars of their holdings, services and rents; a rent roll; in later use a book in which
the lands of a private person or corporation, civil or ecclesiastical are described in their
size, boundaries, acreage etc. Also in extended application an inventory of property and goods.
2A garth is a small piece of enclosed ground, usually beside a house or other building,
used as a yard, garden, paddock etc.
3The herbage is the natural herbage or pasture of any land as a species of property
distinct from the land itself.
4A rood is a measure of land properly containing 40 square poles or perches but varying
locally, or a plot of land of this size (a pole or perch being 6 to 8 yards).
5A flat is one of the larger portions into which the common land was divided: a square furlong.
6An oxgang is a 1/8th part of a carucate or plough land, varying from 10 to 18 acres.
(A carucate is the amount of land which it is possible to plough with a
single plough and a team of 8 oxen in one day - hence an oxgang is the share of land
ploughed by one ox in one day).
7A headland is the strip of land left untilled in a field at the end of furrows for
convenience in turning the plough. In old times this was used as a boundary.
8An obligation is an agreement enforceable by law whereby a person or persons become bound
to the payment of a sum of money or other performance.
9An obvention is an incoming fee or revenue, especially one of an occasional or incidental nature.

1743 - 44: Baptisms
July 11John s/o John and Catherine Pratt
September 17Thomas c/o John and Elizabeth Bilton
November 13Ralph s/o William and Ann Hutchenson
November 28Michael Wishaw of the parish of Muston and Mary Hopper of Filey were married in the
parish church of Reighton by virtue of banns and certificates granted by Francis Matson
curate of Muston and John Hall curate of Filey.
May 9Ann d/o Stephen and Susanna Jefferson
November 9 (?)Richard Maltby
February 6Mary Jackson
Alexander Bell, vicar. Stephen Jefferson, Stephen Darley, churchwardens.

1744 - 45: Baptisms
April 3Stephen s/o Richard and Mary Robinson
May 14Mary d/o John and Elizabeth Atkinson
May 24Grace d/o Matthew and Margaret Cowton
October 23Elizabeth d/o Francis and Ann Jordan
October 23Jane d/o William and Jane Warkup
November 14Grace d/o John and Catherine Prat
November 14Jane d/o Thomas and Mary Smith
December 3Francis s/o Thomas and Mary Wardell
December 26Stephen s/o Stephen and Susannah Jefferson
May 5Martin Lowish and Mary Danby both of the parish of Wold Newton were married in the parish church of Reighton by virtue of banns.
August 18Francis Jordan of the parish of Ergham and Ann Baron of the parish of Bridlington
were married in the parish church of Reighton by virtue of banns. Mr Ellery, surrogate.
August 28John Dousland of the parish of Muston and Elizabeth Ombler of the parish of Hunmanby
were married in the parish church of Reighton by bans and certificates granted by
Francis Matson, curate of Hunmanby.
November 30John Jordan and Elizabeth Bilton
September 10John Bilton
Alexander Bell, vicar. Francis Wood, Stephen Darley, churchwardens.

1745 - 46: Baptisms
March 31Elizabeth d/o William and Elizabeth Rogers
December 27Elizabeth d/o Elizabeth and John Atkinson
August 4Milcah d/o Thomas and Milcah Sharp
(No marriages or burials recorded)
Alexander Bell, vicar. William Jordan, Stephen Robinson, churchwardens.

1746 - 47: Baptisms
April 5Thomas s/o Richard and Ann Almon
May 3Hannah d/o John and Catherine Prat
June 3Mary d/o Matthew and Margaret Cowton
August 31Mary d/o Richard and Mary Robinson
July 6Ann d/o Francis and Ann Jordan
July 24Dinah d/o John and Ann Huetson
(No marriages recorded)
April 19Robert Baron d. April 19
February 22Mr Alexander Bell (vicar of Reighton, LB)

1747 - 48: Baptisms
September 20Michael s/o Stephen and Susanna Jefferson
November 22William s/o Thomas and Milcah Sharp
January 27William s/o Matthew and Margaret Cowton
November 24Richard Jordan of the parish of Reighton and Hannah Nicholson of the parish of
Bridlington were married by virtue of banns certified by Mr Ellery
November 26John Wood and Elizabeth Lounsborough
January 10John Jordan and Jane Leighton
April 3Joseph Lounsborough
February 2John Janton
July 23Richard s/o Thomas and Mary Wardell
February 24Eleanor d/o William and Ann Hutchinson

1748 - 49: Baptisms
May 2Mary d/o Thomas Wardell
June 20Joseph s/o Francis Jordan
October 23Francis s/o Richard Jordan
November 13William s/o John Jordan
February 5Elizabeth d/o John Darley
March 12Matthew s/o John Wood
January 31John Marshall of North Dalton and Ann Janton
November 26Dorothy Hovington
November 28George Hindson
February 10Matthew Smith, gentleman
March 22Emma Carr

1749 - 50: Baptisms
April 16Elizabeth d/o John Jordan
July 24Ann d/o William Vickerman
December 17Peter s/o Edward Healand
December 18Ann d/o Richard Jordan
(No marriages recorded)
June 27Ann Jordan
December 11Dorothy Brown

1750 - 51: Baptisms
April 1Elizabeth d/o Thomas Wardell
April 9John s/o James Coultas
April 9Thomas s/o Mary Jordan of Ergham
July 11Mary d/o John Allison
December 30Emme d/o John Jordan
January 20William s/o Richard Brown
February 3Richard s/o Richard Robinson
March 17John s/o William Hutchinson
April 17Richard Brown and Elizabeth Coultas
April 4Mary d/o Thomas Wardell
April 9William s/o Elizabeth Hudson

1751 - 52: Baptisms
June 9Stephen s/o John Darley
June 28Dinah d/o Stephen Jefferson
August 4Frances d/o William Vickerman
February 9Elleanor d/o John Allison
February 16Mary d/o Thomas Wardell
(No marriages recorded)
April 24Elizabeth Vickerman
January 7Francis Jordan

1752 - 53: Baptisms
April 12Elizabeth d/o Francis Vickerman
May 12Mary d/o John Maltby
June 14Dorothy d/o John Jordan
December 17Elizabeth d/o Richard Brown
February 25Mary d/o John Jordan
March 27Francis s/o Francis Vickerman
(No marriages recorded)
April 13Elizabeth Ombler, widow
May 1Dinah d/o Stephen Jefferson
May 5Elizabeth d/o Francis Vickerman
June 17William Hutchinson
July 17Francis Wood
September 29Mary d/o John Allinson
October 4Mary d/o Thomas Wardell
(Here is a gap in the records with 1753 records occurring some pages later, and a page in the
middle with records from the 1750s on one side and from the Elizabethan era on the other side)

1753 - 54: Baptisms
June 3Francis s/o Francis Wardell, farmer
October 28Thomas s/o Thomas Wardell
December 11Frances d/o William Vickerman
February 10William s/o Richard Tindall
(No date)William Stringer of Hunmanby and Elizabeth Kingston of Reighton
(No date)Mary Wood w/o Francis Wood, farmer
(No date)Mary w/o John Brambles
The Registers of the Marriages in the Parish of Reighton from the year 1754 to 1803, both
included, were entered and witnessed in the Register Book according to the form appointed by Act
of Parliament, but being written on paper and in a state of decay, were extracted from if in
the year 1803 as follows by me, Henry Eustatius Strickland, churchwarden of the Parish of Reighton.
(This appears in the register in 1803. In places the year of marriage is ambiguous as Henry
Strickland began the year on January 1 whereas the registers of this time began on Lady Day,
March 25. Where possible I have looked for the date of baptism of the first child and
assigned the marriage to the year which seems most likely in this context. Where there are no
children recorded of a match (usually where one of the parents came from outside the
village) I have allocated it to the year given by HS. However, the year of any marriage between
1754 and 1800 should be treated with some caution if it took place between January 1 and
March 25. The year given by HS is in brackets at the end of the entry. )

1754 - 55: Baptisms
July 7Ann d/o William Rogers
September 1Thomas s/o Richard Robinson
September 8Hannah d/o William Vickerman
October 27John s/o Richard Cape
December 27John s/o Francis Wardell
December 27Richard s/o John Jordan
November 10John s/o Richard Brown
January 19John s/o Francis Vickerman
April 30John Brambles, labourer and Ann Cowton, spinster
February 4George Hindson, farmer, and Elizabeth Porter, spinster (1755)
June 9Ellin d/o John Allinson
December 3John s/o John Wardell

1755 - 56: Baptisms
April 6John s/o John Scruton
April 17John s/o John Thackerey
May 18John s/o William Vickerman
June 22Thomas Leighton s/o John Jordan
July 20Mary d/o William Matson
October 20John s/o Thomas Wardell
December 16Richard s/o Richard Tindall
February 10Dinah d/o George Hindson
March 21Richard s/o Richard Brown
June 25John s/o William Vickerman
August 24Mary d/o William Matson
November 18John Maltby, yeoman
February 27Matthew Cowton
March 9Eleanor Ezard

1756 - 57: Baptisms
June 25Mary d/o John Jordan
August 15Thomas s/o Thomas Wardell
August 29John s/o John Brambles
October 3Ann d/o William Crosier
November 21Richard s/o Richard Cape
February 20Thomas s/o Richard Tindall
March 1Rebekah d/o John Thackarow
January 3Thomas Gibson, labourer, and Ann Ezard of Filey, spinster (1756)
February 10Thomas Shepherd, servant, and Ann Ezart, spinster (1756)
June 15John s/o William Stringer
November 25Francis Wood, yeoman
January 9John s/o Richard Brown
February 17Ann w/o George Wilkinson

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and presented here by permission of
Lisa Blosfelds ©2014