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REIGHTON: Reighton Parish Records, 1757-1800

Reighton Parish Records, 1757-1800

Parish Records for St. Peter's Church, Reighton 1757-1800.

Editor's note
The Registers of the Marriages in the Parish of Reighton from the year 1754 to 1803, both included, were entered and witnessed in the Register Book according to the form appointed by Act of Parliament, but being written on paper and in a state of decay, were extracted from if in the year 1803 as follows by me, Henry Eustatius Strickland, churchwarden of the Parish of Reighton.

(This appears in the register in 1803. In places the year of marriage is ambiguous as Henry Strickland began the year on January 1 whereas the registers at this time began on Lady Day, March 25. Where possible I have looked for the date of Baptism of the first child and assigned the Marriage to the year which seems most likely in this context. Where there are no children recorded of a match (usually where one of the parents came from outside the village) I have allocated it to the year given by HS. However, the year of any Marriage between 1754 and 1800 should be treated with some caution if it took place between January 1 and March 25. The date given by HS is in brackets at the end of the entry. )

1757- 58: Baptisms
March 30Jane d/o Francis Ezard
May 8Robert s/o John Scruton
February 28John s/o John Jordan
March 19Joseph s/o Francis Wardil
June 20William Ezart, servant, and Alice Stephenson of Bridlington, spinster
November 15George Wilkinson, labourer, and Mary Smith, servant
February 28Abraham Walker of Speighton, labourer, and Ann Wickwood
April 27Richard s/o Richard Brown
June 16William Wood buried
July 11Elizabeth Jordan buried
October 8Walter s/o Francis Ezard
November 22James Knaggs
December 28Richard Richardson
January 15Ann Sumpton

1758 - 59: Baptisms
April 9William s/o William Ezard
April 23Nancy d/o John Allinson
October 1David s/o John Brambles
December 3Ann d/o Richard Tindil
December 3Edward s/o Thomas Wardil
March 25Robert s/o Richard Cape
January 23Francis Ezard, labourer, and Ann Hutchinson, spinster (1759)
April 7Elizabeth d/o William Vickerman
June 21Elizabeth w/o Richard Brown
January 26David s/o John Brambles

1759 - 60: Baptisms
July 29James s/o John Scruton
October 21William s/o Francis Ezard
October 21Richard s/o William Ezard
January 6Richard s/o Francis Wardill
March 14Elizabeth d/o William Stringer
January 10John Milner of Bridlington, servant, and Jane Sharp, spinster (1760)
October 30Mary d/o William Matson
November 23William Jordan
March 13George Pennock

1760 - 61: Baptisms
-Jeffry s/o Richard Cape (difficult to read)
May 28John s/o William Matson
June 8Mary d/o John Glenton
July 20Richard s/o John Sampson
September 28Eleanor d/o George Hindson
December 8Margaret d/o Richard Tindall
November 2Hally s/o John Jordan
January 13James s/o Richard Cape
February 8Mary d/o Francis Wardill
February 24Jane d/o John Jordan
March 22John s/o Francis Ezard
April 10John Jordan, farmer and Ann Hamcoat of Filey, spinster
May 11William Jordan, servant, and Mary Fewster of Brompton, spinster
October 14Matthew Cowton, farmer, and Ann Jordan, spinster
February 22Mrs Mary Sumpton (widow)
February 24Mary d/o Francis Wardill

1761 - 62: Baptisms
July 19Milcah d/o John Milner
July 26Margaret d/o Matthew Cowton
August 11Ralph s/o William Vickerman
September 6Thomas s/o Thomas Shepherd
October 20William s/o William Matson
December 6Eleanor d/o Thomas Wardale
January 18John s/o John Jordan
February 14William s/o William Stringer
October 20William Vickerman, tailor, and Sarah Watson, spinster
August 11Ann Brambles
September 25Margaret Parker
December 17Ralph s/o William Vickerman
January 15Joseph Guelder, Strowler(?)
January 19John s/o John Jordan

1762 - 63: Baptisms
May 30Margaret d/o Francis Wardill
July 13Hannah d/o William Jordan
October 19Mary d/o William Milson
November 28John s/o John Jordan
December 12Alice d/o Richard Tindill
March 6Alice d/o William Ezart
March 15James s/o William Matson
April 7Mary w/o Robert Williams
August 19Richard Wood
September 27Hally s/o John Jordan
October 2Elizabeth Vickerman
December 18William Jordan
January 27Elizabeth Cape

1763 - 64: Baptisms
April 3John s/o George Humphrey
April 24Frances d/o Francis Ezart
May 3Ann d/o George Hindson
June 26John s/o John Milner
July 3Samuel s/o Richard Cape
July 10Martha d/o John Jordan
November 27Sarah d/o William Saunderson
January 8Thomas s/o Francis Wardall
March 18Francis s/o John Jordan
October 30Matthew s/o Matthew Cowton (This should have been inserted after Martha d/o John Jordan) (sic, LB)
May 3William s/o William Ezart
May 5William s/o Francis Ezart
July 14Martha d/o John Jordan
August 16Mary Jordan
September 6Elizabeth Sawden
February 10Robert Williams
February 20John s/o John Milner
February 21Frances d/o Frances Ezart
March 15Christopher Kingston

1764 - 65: Baptisms
December 23Richard s/o Richard Tindill
January 6Newyear s/o William Matson
January 27Jane d/o John Milner
March 10George s/o William Milson
October 29Matthew Smith, gentleman, and Elizabeth Jewetson, spinster
September 6Francis Ezart
September 25Richard Kirby
November 30Ann d/o James Watson of Speeton
December 31Ann Skeels of Sewerby
January 28Mary Robinson
February 4Jane d/o John Milner

1765 - 66: Baptisms
May 12George s/o William Ezart
June 24Mary d/o Francis Vickerman
February 8Susanna d/o William Sanderson
February 23William s/o John Jordan
December 17George Lownsbrough, servant, and Elizabeth Wilson, spinster
December 24Mark Hoasley, shepherd, and Jane Warcup of Bridlington
April 23Mary Nicholson
May 17John s/o John Jordan
October 23Richard Robinson
December 24Elizabeth Jordan
February 8Jane d/o Richard Binnington

1766 - 67: Baptisms
June 19Mary d/o Richard Cape
July 13John s/o John Milner
September 28Mary d/o John Bilton
October 12Mary d/o Mark Horsley
December 14Mary d/o Francis Wardel
December 28Mary d/o William Hunthill
January 25Matthew s/o Matthew Smith
June 15John Bilton, servant, and Frances Robinson
April 8Thomas Parker
July 6George Wilkinson
July 17John s/o John Milner
October 12Thomas Vickerman
March 14Richard Jordan

1767 - 68: Baptisms
April 30Elizabeth d/o William Milson
June 28Thomas s/o Mary Barnett, illegitimate
September 24John s/o Thomas Suggit
October 4Mary d/o Matthew Cowton
January 17Jane d/o William Pudsey
March 21Francis s/o John Jordan
July 26George Seller, shepherd, and Elizabeth Kirby, spinster
December 20William Pudsey, servant, and Elizabeth Deeton, spinster
April 11Mary d/o William Hunthill
April 30Mary d/o William Vickerman
May 4Mary d/o John Jordan
June 8Thomas s/o Mary Barnett, illegitimate
August 26Sarah Vickerman
September 24Elizabeth Hindson
March 4Thomas Robinson
March 21Thomas s/o Richard Tindill

1768- 69: Baptisms
June 27James and William ss/o William Hunthill
October 2Polly d/o Mary Edwards
November 6Nelly d/o Francis Ezard
December 4Thomison d/o Richard Tindill
January 8Matthew s/o Matthew Horsley
February 12Thomas s/o John Bilton
March 19Elizabeth d/o Francis Wardill
June 13John Mercer of Hunmanby, farmer, and Mary Brown, servant
January 9Thomas Shepherd, labourer, and Ann Dixon, spinster (1769)
March 25Richard s/o Richard Tindill
May 15Jane d/o William Pudsey
May 17Hannah d/o William Jordan
May 22Elizabeth Kirby
July 1James s/o William Hunthill
September 14Ann Shepherd
December 13Ann Brown of Boynton
December 16Jane Smith

1769 - 70: Baptisms
April 2Hannah d/o Matthew Cowton
April 16Elizabeth d/o William Ezard
October 22Nancy d/o William Pudsey
January 1Betty d/o Francis Vickerman
January 28William s/o William Milson
April 30Robert Doke of Rudstone, shepherd, and Mary Edwards, spinster
July 19William Vickerman, tailor, and Elizabeth Stabler, spinster
September 29Ann w/o Francis Ezard

1770 - 71: Baptisms
April 5Hannah d/o Robert Dookes, Captain
May 6Thomas s/o William Hunthill
May 13Mary d/o John Jordan
May 13Dorothy d/o John Jordan
December 29Frances d/o Matthew Cowton
June 28Francis Ezart, labourer, and Mary Pearson of Flamborough, spinster
November 27John Kirby, farmer, and Ann Pearcy of Weaverthorpe, spinster
September 16Jane Jordan
October 14Richard Robinson
October 22Francis Jordan
March 5Dorothy Jordan

1771 From Lady Day: Baptisms
August 25Ann d/o Thomas Shepherd
January 19Nancy d/o John Kirby
March 8Elizabeth d/o Lancelot Thorp
March 22John s/o John Bilton
December 8William Awman of Hunmanby, miller, and Sarah Crosier, spinster
June 19Hannah d/o Robert Douks
July 16Jane d/o William Rogers
August 7Margaret Parker

1772 - 73 This year commences January 1st by mistake (sic): Baptisms
January 10Nancy d/o John Jordan
April 19Hannah d/o Robert Douks
June 7Robert s/o William Wilson
August 9Elianor d/o Francis Wardell
September 13Kitty s/o Christopher Johnson (sic)
November 22Jenny d/o William Hunthill
January 9Christopher Johnson, farmer and Mary Dixon, spinster (1772)
January 23Lancelot Thorp of Malton and Mary Maltby, spinster (1772)
September 7John Jordan, farmer, and Dorothy Jordan, spinster
November 22Lawrence Lyon, servant, and Mary Richardson, spinster
April 23Elizabeth Rogers
November 7Nancy d/o William Pudsey
December 13Francis s/o Robert Baron
January 9Elizabeth Kingstone

1773 - 74 From Lady Day: Baptisms
April 6Mary d/o William Pudsey
September 26Richard s/o John Bilton
October 28Lancelot s/o Lancelot Thorp, gentleman
November 28Robert s/o Lawrence Lion
January 30Rachel d/o William Stephenson
April 6William Appleby of Flamborough and Ann Bacon, spinster
June 9Barney Jewetson
July 7Martha d/o Elizabeth Hutchison, illegitimate

1774 - 75: Baptisms
May 29Hannah d/o William Appleby
June 25Thomas s/o Christopher Johnson
September 18Thomas s/o John Jordan, farmer
February 5Elizabeth d/o William Hunthill
February 20Andrew s/o William Milson
April 2Francis Vickerman
March 7William Vickerman

1775 - 76: Baptisms
April 16Stephen s/o John Bilton
April 30Keturah d/o Lancelot Thorp (Keturah was the second wife of Abraham. LB)
May 7Elizabeth d/o William Wilson
August 6Elizabeth d/o Robert Douks
August 20Elizabeth d/o William Pudsey
November 19Mary d/o Lawrence Lion
May 29Matthew Wood, farmer, and Emme Jordan, spinster
May 18Mrs Beatrix Bell
July 10Mary d/o William Pudsey
September 13Thomas Sharp
January 3Stephen Darley
January 17Mary Jordan from Bartindale in the parish of Hunmanby
January 29James Watson from Speeton in the parish of Bridlington
February 13John Brambles, Labourer

1776 - 77: Baptisms
May 19William s/o William Galtrey
June 6Thomas s/o Thomas Almon
August 4Francis s/o John Bilton
September 22Elizabeth d/o Matthew Cowton (She lived to be 103, never married and is buried in Reighton churchyard where her headstone can be seen. LB)
November 24Moses and Aaron ss/o William Stephenson
February 9John Maltby s/o Mr Lancelot Thorp
March 2Elizabeth d/o Lawrence Lion
November 26Thomas Barkley, labourer, and Alis Coulby
June 2William s/o William Galtrey
August 8Francis Vickerman
November 26Moses and Aaron ss/o William Stephenson
February 25Richard Johnson
February 27William Deal Cooper s/o Jane Cooper

1777 - 78: Baptisms
April 23Jane d/o William Milson
May 11Ann d/o William Huntel
May 11William s/o John Dousland
October 5Mary d/o William Galtrey
January 18Leonard s/o Thomas Almon
March 8John s/o William Pudsey
February 11John Brambles, labourer, and Mary Woodal (1777)
April 8Thomas Horsfield, servant, and Elizabeth Pearson, spinster
June 6Stephen Robinson
November 11Matthew Smith esq
November 27William Vickerman
January 20Leonard s/o Thomas Almon

1778 - 79: Baptisms
April 12Matthew s/o Matthew Wood
June 14John s/o William Stephenson
June 14John s/o Thomas Horsfield
July 24Mary d/o John Brambles
September 27Matthew s/o Lawrence Lion
November 1Elizabeth d/o John Bilton
February 14Ann d/o Thomas Barkley
January 31John s/o Robert Douks
March 7John s/o Thomas Shepherd
March 21Richard s/o Thomas Almon
January 12Richard Spencer and Dinah Cape (1778)
November 1James Frankling and Ann Vickerman
March 27William Milson
May 25John Jordan
June 28Ann Knaggs
August 16Ann Vickerman
August 16Francis Ezard

1779 - 80: Baptisms
June 7William s/o Lancelot Thorp
October 10John s/o John Brambles
October 10William s/o John Jordan
December 5Lawrence s/o Lawrence Lion
January 3Elizabeth d/o William Galtrey
February 13Thomas s/o William Graham
April 3Mary d/o John Brambles
June 8Thomas Tate
January 10George Hindson
February 13John Wood
February 13John s/o Thomas Shepherd

1780 - 81: Baptisms
May 1John s/o Matthew Wood
July 22Ann d/o William Stevenson
September 15Jane d/o Thomas Horsfield
November 5Ann d/o William Pudsey
January 4Margaret d/o Thomas Barkley
January 29Richard s/o Susanna Cockroft, illegitimate
February 18Jane d/o Thomas Almon
January 1George Clarkson of Bridlington and Jane Ezard (1780)
May 1Lawrence s/o Lawrence Lion
June 29Margaret Cowton, widow
August 17Susanna d/o Lawrence Lion
October 2George Seller, shepherd
October 5Francis s/o John Bilton
October 24Ann Ezard, widow
November 4Robert Jackson, illegitimate s/o Elizabeth Jordan

1781 - 82: Baptisms
April 17Robert s/o John Bilton
September 2William s/o Thomas Cooper
January 1James s/o John Jordan
January 1William s/o William Clifford
February 1Milcah d/o Thomas Speck
March 10Robert s/o Robert Douks
(No Burials)

1782 - 83: Baptisms
June 2Matthew s/o Lawrence Lyon
July 21Elizabeth d/o John Brambles
October 6William s/o Thomas Barkley
April 16Samuel Jordan and Harriet Headley of Scarborough
December 3Thomas Grime of Filey and Jane Smith
July 7William Pudsey
October 29Mary Darley, widow

1783 - 84: Baptisms
May 5Elizabeth illegitimate d/o Frances Leadley
May 19Aron s/o William Stephenson
June 26Francis s/o Matthew Wood
July 11Margaret and Frances ds/o John Bilton
August 30Leonard s/o Thomas Olman (Almon?)
January 26Elinor d/o Thomas Speck
February 8Thomas s/o Thomas Cooper
August 13Nathaniel Cook of Filey and Ann Tindal
November 27Mark Linskill of Newton and Sarah Stamford
April 16Jane Horsefield
August 26Robert illegitimate s/o Ann Ezard

1784 - 85: Baptism
August 15Richard Hopper s/o Thomas Harrington
December 16Isabella w/o Robert Smith

1785 - 86: Baptisms
April 3Alice d/o Thomas Barkley
April 17Dinah d/o Thomas Speck
June 12Jane d/o William and Milcah Stephenson
July 2Eleanor d/o George and Edna Clifford
November 13Ann d/o William and Frances Clifford
January 15Rachel, d/o Robert Douks
May 29William Storrey, a pauper
July 2John Jordan
August 2Elizabeth Jewison

1786 - 87: Baptisms
April 23Aaron illegitimate s/o Frances Leadley
April 30Henry s/o Matthew Wood, farmer
November 5Ann d/o Thomas Almon
March 18Eleanor Robinson d/o John Bilton, labourer
February 6Robert Cape, carpenter, and Mary Wardel (1786)
May 7Dinah d/o Thomas Speck
May 12Elinor d/o Thomas Speck
May 14Henry s/o Matthew Wood
August 26Milcah Sharpe, widow, pauper
February 5William Vickerman of Speeton
March 4Ann Jordan, widow, of Grindal
Burials from the above date are inserted in the three left leaves (sic)
(Inserted in the appropriate places by LB.)

1787 - 88: Baptisms
April 22Mary d/o Thomas Speck, farmer
April 20Mark s/o Matthew Wood, yeoman
June 10Francis s/o Hannah Jackson, illegitimate, from Bridlington
July 15Rachel d/o Thomas Barkley
October 14James s/o Robert Watson
September 9Francis s/o Robert Cape of Wold Newton

1788 - 89: Baptisms
April 13George s/o George Clifford
April 20Mary d/o Christopher Sawdon, farmer
May 26Thomas and Hannah, s and d/o William Clifford
July 1Hannah d/o William Stephenson, weaver pauper
August 16Matthew Postell, servant, and Elizabeth Brown, spinster
November 2Richard Clarke, labourer, and Mary Falthorpe
September 9Elianor d/o George Clifford
October 6Ann d/o William Clifford
October 20Thomas s/o William Clifford

1789 - 90: Baptisms
July 5John s/o Christopher Sawdon, farmer
July 19Elizabeth d/o Thomas Barkley, labourer
January 17John s/o William and Frances Clifford
February 7William illegitimate s/o Thomison Tindall
February 7Eleanor Robinson d/o John and Frances Bilton (P) (sic)
July 31Mary Wilkinson, pauper
September 10Johanna Smith
September 23Francis Jordan of Ergham
September 25Thomas Shepherd
January 19Richard Cape
February 17David Jordan of Grindal

1790 - 91: Baptisms
April 4Elizabeth d/o Hannah Jackson
September 5George s/o Thomas and Mary Broderick
November 14Dinah d/o Thomas Speck
April 5Matthew Postle of Bridlington, and Elizabeth Putsey
November 28David Jordan and Mary Milson
March 29Francis Ezard
June 10Hannah d/o Andrew Fleck
February 17Robert Bacon

1791 - 92: Baptisms
August 14Milson s/o David Jordan
January 1Charlotte d/o Richard Edmond
February 2Richard s/o Dinah Ireland
March 13John Duesbury of Cherry Burton and Hannah Dukes (1792)
March 28Mary Bacon
September 8William Ezard
November 15Mary Ezard
November 2Richard Language and Thomas Capps (?), two shipwrecked sailors from Yarmouth

1792 - 93: Baptisms
June 4John s/o William Jordan
July 17Thomas s/o John Duesbury
March 3Elizabeth d/o David Jordan
March 24William s/o Rebecca Foster
November 30Thomas s/o John and Ann Jemison
May 23Hannah Robson
May 26John Clifford
July 29Thomas s/o John Duesbury
July 16Margaret Wardale
August 15John Horsefield
January 1John Bilton
January 13Francis Smith

1793 - 94: Baptisms
August 25William s/o Thomas and Hannah Duesbury
October 27Jane d/o William Jordan
February 23Naomi d/o Francis Coulton
January 7John Wilkinson of Etton, farmer, and Charlotte Anderson, spinster (1793)
July 25Francis Cowton, labourer, and Elizabeth Wood, spinster
August 25A shipwrecked boy
October 15Thomas Vickerman
October 31Mary Sawden
January 30Three shipwrecked sailors
February 23Margaret Cape
February 25Francis Clifford
March 9Mary Clifford
March 16Elizabeth Coulton

1794 - 95: Baptisms
November 15Thomas s/o Thomas and Ann Jemison
March 3Rebecca d/o Rebecca Foster
January 21Thomas Wardell and Jane Clarkson of Bridlington
October 7Richard Smith, cordwainer and Ann Mansell, widow
November 7James Mosey of Filey, mariner, and Eleanor Wardell, spinster
December 3George Redhead and Elizabeth Edmond
April 24George Clifford
June 30Matthew Wood
August 6Elizabeth Wood
January 16Matthew Smith
March 11A shipwrecked sailor
March 12Hannah Clifford

1795 - 96: Baptisms
August 22John s/o Richard and Ann Smith
February 4George s/o William and Ann Clifford
October 21John Burton of Hutton Bushel and Ann Ireland, spinster
May 31Margaret d/o John Bilton
September 16Mary d/o Francis Wardill
November 15Elizabeth Vickerman

1796 - 97: Baptisms
April 23Thomas s/o Thomas and Eleanor Speck
May 8Mark s/o Thomas and Jane Wardill
June 19Robert s/o Robert and Hannah Watson
December 6Ann d/o John and Ann Jemison
January 22Ann d/o Thomas and Elizabeth Woodsworth
April 3Ann d/o William and Ann Cooper
January 5John Clark of Hunmanby and Elizabeth Wardell, spinster (1796)
November 27Thomas Woodsworth and Elizabeth Dukes
June 21Robert s/o Mary Ratcliff
September 3Rebecca d/o Rebecca Foster
October 2Elizabeth d/o Richard Tindell
November 30Ann Watson of Speeton
December 22George Vickerman
January 8Richard Tindal
January 22Thomas s/o Thomas Barkley

1797 - 98: Baptisms
July 11Charles s/o Elizabeth Pudsey
August 23Elizabeth d/o Richard and Ann Smith
November 5Ellis d/o Mary Appleby
June 19John Appleby and Mary Jordan
September 5Margaret Vickerman
February 22Mary Fleck from Bridlington
April 3Jane Parker
April 4Peter Knaggs

1798 - 99: Baptisms
April 8Mary d/o John and Elizabeth Clark
April 15Ellin d/o John and Mary Appleby
August 26Robert s/o Rebecca Foster
October 6Robert s/o Thomas and Elizabeth Woodsworth
December 23Ann d/o William and Mary Carlin
June 29Susanna Jefferson
December 11Mary Gotby from Grindall

1799 - 1800: Baptisms
August 4Francis s/o Mary Emerson
September 2William s/o Richard and Hannah Dosdell
December 1Mary d/o Mary Matson
February 2Martha d/o John and Mary Brambles
February 21Margaret d/o Thomas and Jane Wardell
March 9John s/o John and Masey Appleby
March 23Thomas s/o Thomas and Elizabeth Woodsworth
July 30John Johnson and Folkton and Mary Wilson
November 25Francis Hart, servant, and Susannah Speck, spinster
May 29William Jordan
June 26Robert Bilton
July 21Thomas Jordan of Grindall
February 23Milcah Watson

Transcribed by
and presented here by permission of
Lisa Blosfelds ©2014