1834 Electoral Roll for the parish of


1834 Electoral Roll for the parish of Roos


The Names of the Persons entitled to vote in the Election of Knights of the Shire for the East-Riding of the County of York, and the Town and County of the Town of Kingston-upon-Hull, with a Description of their Qualifications.

  • The numbers given are those in the original book.
  • The Description of the Property is by name, or by the name of the Tenant, or by the Street in the Parish where situate.
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and Surname
Place of AbodeNature of QualificationDescription of property
1892Atkinson, RichardRoossCopyhold house and landhimself occupier
1893Bilton, JohnRoossCopyhold house and landhimself occupier
1894Bilton, WilliamRoossCopyhold house and landRichard Tindall, tenant
1895Bilton, JamesRoossCopyhold house and landWilliam Clapison, tenant
1896Brown, DavidRoossCopyhold house and landhimself occupier
1897Clapison, ThomasRoossCopyhold house and landWilliam Clapison, tenant
1898Clapison, WilliamRoossCopyhold house and landhimself occupier
1899Clapison, FrancisNo. FrodinghamCopyhold house and landRev. C. Sykes, tenant
1900Cory, Charles, RevRoossOccupier of house and 2 acres of landRooss
1901Dickinson, WilliamRoossOccupier of 100 acres of landRev. C. Sykes, proprietor
1902Futty, JohnBracken HillOccupier of 50 acres of landBracken Hill Farm
1903Heron, SamuelGrimston GarthOccupier of 50 acres of landGrimston Garth Farm
1904Ion, WilliamRoossCopyhold houses and landhimself occupier
1905Jackson, PeterRoossCopyhold houses and landhimself occupier
1906Johnson, JohnRoossCopyhold houses and landhimself occupier
1907Patrick, MatthewRoossCopyhold houses and landhimself occupier
1908Sykes, Christopher, RevRoossFreehold landWilliam Dickenson
1909Tindall, RichardRoossCopyhold landhimself occupier
1910Wallis, EdwardRoossCopyhold landhimself occupier
1911Walton, EdwardHullCopyhold landS. Woodhouse, occupier
1912Wright, WilliamRoossCopyhold landhimself occupier

The above copyright data was taken from the book
The Electoral Rolls of the East Riding of Yorkshire, 1834
and was presented to Genuki by the author:
Colin Blanshard Withers M.Sc., M.B.A..