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Rowley parish:


Rowley, Rectors transcription:

The List of Rectors in St. Peter's Church, Rowley.

The Rectors of Rowley
[Taken from "A History of South Cave and of other Parishes
in the East Riding of the County of York", by John George

January 15th 1228Richard Fitz. Robert
September 17th 1299Peter de Weverthorp
1304Hugo Duket
1309John de Hotham
January 10th 1317Egidus de Sledmere
June 12th 1348Henry de Greystoke
December 20th 1368John Calne
August 10th 1400John Walkington
January 24th 1408John Burnham
November 11th 1419William Grensoke
October 5th 1437John Wyter
March 21st 1469Oliver Almonde
1469Stephen Close
June 18th 1471Robert Thomlyson
December 20th 1472Thomas Ottlay
March 1st 1476William Crief
February 28th 1488Christopher Radclyff
Bernardo Holden
January 18th 1530Richard Sherwode
December 2nd 1540Henry Browne
August 4th 1583Jacob Gayton
November 14th 1584Jac. Gayton
April 2nd 1593Henry Picarde
February 21st 1620Ezekiel Rogers
June 6th 1638Thomas White
July 9th 1667Francis Brooksbye
August 15th 1690Thomas Walters
September 24th 1704William Hildyard
June 19th 1715Christopher Hildyard
October 9th 1734Thomas Wakefield
January 25th 1787Robert Croft
July 12th 1831Edward Thoroton
January 16th 1852Henry Charles Thoroton Hildyard
1897Robert Thoroton Hildyard
1908Lyonel D'Arcy Hildyard
July 1931William Hildyard
July 20th 1939Donald Charles Urquhart
June 15th 1973Frank Hardman
September 1976Julian Richards
January 1984Paul Robert Thomas
February 2nd 1990Jeremy Michael Trigg
September 9th 1998Angela Bailey

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson