Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for SCRAYINGHAM in Bulmer's Directory of 1892.



  • Post Office, Scrayingham, York; John Francis Watson, postmaster. Mails arrive at 8-50 a.m., and are despatched at 5 p.m. Nearest Money Order and Telegraph Office, Stamford Bridge. Caulcher Miss Emma, schoolmistress Cox Rev. Sir George, Bart., M.A. Mennell John, grocer Sunman John, carrier to York on Saturday Watson James, cowkeeper Watson John Francis, gardener


  • Beal Francis
  • Brigham Thomas William, Rectory farm
  • Dale Thomas
  • Hopper Christopher
  • Horsley Mrs. Ann, Pasture farm
  • Scaife John
  • Todd Richard, The Grange
  • Watson Joseph


  • Postal address, Howsham, York.

    Letters. &c., arrive at Kirkham Abbey Station (nearest Post, Money Order, and Telegraph Office), and are distributed by post messenger.

Miscellany of trades

  • Cholmley Harry Walter, Esq., J.P., C.C. & D.L., Howsham hall
  • Clough Miss, schoolmistress
  • Foster John, bootmaker
  • Marshall Miss Ann, grocer


  • Burton John, Oxfield house
  • Carr William, Paradise house
  • Day William (and miller)
  • Goodwill John, Grange farm
  • Harriman John, Gally gap
  • Harrison John, Farfield house
  • Noble John, Wood house
  • Stephenson Thos. & Henry, Low Ground farm
  • Stockton William, White house
  • Thomas Miss Mary Ann, Middlefield house
  • Triffitt Philip, Scalla Moor house


  • Postal address, Leppington, York.

    Letters, &c., arrive at Kirkham Abbey Station, and are distributed by post messenger. Nearest Money Order Office, Leavening, two miles distant; nearest Telegraph Office, Kirkham Abbey, four miles distant.

Frank Edwin, saddler

  • Frank Mrs. Mary, schoolmistress
  • Mattison William, joiner, Ivy cottage
  • Oliver John, bootmaker
  • Oliver Samuel, butcher


  • Fairbourn Miss Frances
  • Frank Robert
  • Garbutt George, Leppington grange
  • Gofton Francis Robert
  • Gofton Robert, Plaster pitts
  • Harrison Thomas, Poplar house
  • Oliver Henry
  • Oliver William (and corn miller), Water mill

Scan, OCR and html by Colin Hinson. Checking and correction by Peter Nelson.