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Help and advice for 1834 Electoral Roll for the parish of Sculcoates

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1834 Electoral Roll for the parish of Sculcoates

The Names of the Persons entitled to vote in the Election of Knights of the Shire for the East-Riding of the County of York, and the Town and County of the Town of Kingston-upon-Hull, with a Description of their Qualifications.

  • The numbers given are those in the original book.
  • The Description of the Property is by name, or by the name of the Tenant, or by the Street in the Parish where situate.
For the background to the information below, along with some useful pointers, please see the Introduction to the book from which this information came

and Surname
Place of AbodeNature of QualificationDescription of property
4198Appleyard, JohnChurch StreetFreehold tenementsCannon Street
4199Ablett, WilliamMachell StreetFreehold tenementsWilson's Row
4200Atkinson, JohnCaroline StreetFreehold housesFrancis Street
4201Brown, JosephProspect StreetFreehold houseWright Street
4202Bennett, SamuelAnlaby Road, HullFreehold tenementsNew George Street
4203Bourne, WilliamKirk EllaFreehold houseMason Street
4204Buck, FrancisHigh Street, HullFreehold houseHodgson Square
4205Brewer, JohnChurch StreetFreehold tenementsChurch Street
4206Broughton, James, sen.Church StreetFreehold tenementsLincoln Street
4207Browning, WilliamBeverleyFreehold tenementsDinsdale Square
4208Blundell, HenryBeverley RoadFreehold tenementsMill Court
4209Binks, WilliamHigh Street, HullFreehold tenementsChurch Street
4210Barker, JamesSilvester StreetFreehold tenementsNew Garden Street
4211Broadley, Henry, Esq.Melton HillFreehold houseGeorge Street
4212Bowden, JamesMoira BuildingsFreehold houseGeorge Street
4213Barnett, ThomasTrippett, HullFreehold housesCatharine Square
4214Bowden, Samuel WilsonNewland Tofts, CottinghamFreehold houseGeorge Street
4215Bilton, WalterCoronation Row, HullFreehold houseParagon Place
4216Broughton, Robert, jun.Church StreetFreehold tenementsGibson Street
4217Blossom, JohnScott StreetFreehold houseSykes Street
4218Buck, ChristopherEnglish St., HullFreehold housePrincess Street
4219Blanchard, WilliamSilver Street, HullFreehold houseKing Street
4220Bellard, RobertDock Office Row, HullFreehold houseStory Street
4221Buckle, WilliamAldbro' StreetFreehold houseAldbro' Street
4222Barkworth, GeorgeTranby HouseFreehold houseDock Street
4223Coldwell, WilliamJunction StreetFreehold houseSavile Street
4224Cammell, George, sen.Kingston Street, HullFreehold houseMason Street
4225Cart, JohnAnlaby Road, HullFreehold houseSavile Street
4226Coulson, GeorgeCottinghamFreehold houseCharlotte Street
4227Clarkson, William ThomasDock StreetFreehold houseDock Street.
4228Casson, JohnDock StreetFreehold housePrincess Street
4229Champley, JohnSavile StreetFreehold tenementsLincoln Street
4230Craven, ReubenCharlotte StreetFreehold houseCharlotte Street
4231Craggs, WilliamDock StreetFreehold houseNorth Street
4232Clarke, Thomas KelseyEdward's SquareFreehold houseEdward's Square
4233Cook, JosephEnglish St., HullFreehold houseSavile Street
4234Cook, JosephCaroline StreetFreehold houseNew George Street
4235Crackles, JohnWright StreetFreehold houseWright Street
4236Campleman, WilliamWest Street, HullFreehold houseScott Street
4237Collinson, RobertOsborne St. HullFreehold housePrincess Row
4238Coates, James SmithAldbro' StreetFreehold houseAldbro' Street
4239Colton, SamuelKing StreetFreehold houseNew George Street
4240Clarke, WilliamBond StreetFreehold houseCharles Street
4241Cooper, William SpyveeCharlotte StreetFreehold warehouseChurch Street
4242Craven, Robert MartinAlbion StreetFreehold houseDock Street
4243Collinson, JohnHigh Street, HullFreehold houseDock Street
4244Crosby, RichardGrimston StreetFreehold houseSilvester Street
4245Colquhoun, JamesKing StreetFreehold houseKing Street
4246Clifford, WilliamGreat Union Street, HullFreehold tenementsChurch Street
4247Caley, WilliamBridge Street, HullFreehold housesCatharine Square
4248Copley, WilliamGibson StreetFreehold houseGibson Street
4249Craven, RobertGeorge StreetOne fifth share of a freehold building, called the Medical SchoolKingston Square
4250Darley, JohnCaroline StreetFreehold housesJohn's Square
4251Dring, HenrySykes StreetFreehold housesPrincess Street
4252Dauber, WilliamCharles StreetFreehold housesWilliam's Square, Mason Street
4253Downs, ThomasEdward StreetFreehold tenementsEdward Street
4254Dinsdale, JosephMyton Gate, HullFreehold houseLucas Court
4255Dodsworth, BenjaminHoxton Lodge, near YorkFreehold houseGeorge Street
4256Dickinson, StephenMason StreetFreehold houseDock Street
4257Dikes, Thomas, sen.Charter HouseFreehold housePryme Street
4258Daniel, CharlesSpring Street, HullBenefice in a Dissenting ChapelGeorge Street
4259Day, William BentonSt. James St., HullFreehold housesCharles Street
4260Dick, ThomasGreen LaneFreehold houseGreen Lane
4261Dick, RobertGreen LaneFreehold houseGreen Lane
4262Ellerker, John BiltonSouthcoatesFreehold houseCharlotte Street
4263Egginton, Samuel HallCharlotte StreetFreehold tenementsChurch Street
4264Egginton, JohnCharlotte StreetFreehold tenementsChurch Street
4265Easton, WilliamKing StreetFreehold houseGeorge Street
4266Earle, GeorgeBelle Vue Terrace, HullFreehold housesKing's Place
4267Eglin, JosephScarbroughFreehold houseAlbion Street
4268Elvidge, GeorgeChristopher StreetFreehold tenementsChristopher Street
4269Field, WilliamJarratt StreetFreehold houseJarratt Street
4270Fleming, JohnSykes StreetFreehold houseNew George Street
4271Foster, OliverCatharine StreetFreehold housesCatharine Street
4272Foster, FrancisWincolmleeFreehold houseChurch Street
4273Fielding, George HunsleyJarratt StreetFreehold houseAlbion Street
4274Foster, ThomasWilson's RowFreehold houseWilson's Row
4275Foster, GeorgeEdgar Street, HullFreehold tenementsScott Street
4276Ferraby, JohnMarket Place, HullFreehold landHenry Savage and others
4277Foster, WilliamVincent StreetFreehold houseDock Street
4278Fillingham, ThomasNew George StreetFreehold houseNew George Street
4279Gibson, RobertNorth ParadeFreehold houseClarke's Square
4280Goodill, WilliamJunction St., HullFreehold houseWaterworks Street
4281Gelson, ThomasGeorge StreetFreehold houseSavile Street
4282Gawthorp, JohnKing StreetFreehold houseKing Street
4283Garton, GeorgeSalthouse Lane, HullFreehold houseAir Street
4284Green, RichardMachell StreetFreehold tenementsMachell Street
4285Good, WilliamKing StreetFreehold tenementsDinsdale Square
4286Gunnell, BenjaminBeverley RoadFreehold housesYork Parade
4287Gell, RichardSavile StreetFreehold housesSavile Street
4288Godmond, JosephMoira BuildingsFreehold housesNordiss Yard
4289Goldsmith, WilliamBridge Street, HullFreehold houseCatharine Square
4290Garton, LukeCumberland St.Freehold tenementsCumberland Street
4291Gill, RobertBond StreetFreehold tenementsChurch Street
4292Godson, JosephHigh Street, BartonFreehold housesSykes Street
4293Grimston, Henry EstoutevilleLingeroft Lodge, YorkFreehold houses and landin several streets
4294Grimston, OswaldBeverleyFreehold houses and landin several streets
4295Heward, JosephHigh Street, HullFreehold housesKing Street
4296Hudson, ThomasWaterworks StreetFreehold houseCarlisle Street
4297Harrison, RobertSykes StreetFreehold housesBeverley Road
4298Huntington, FrederickGeorge StreetFreehold houseDock Street
4299Holt, JohnScale Lane, HullFreehold houseAldbro' Street
4300Hogarth, RobertMarton in HoldernessFreehold Catholic ChapelJarratt Street
4301Holroyd, William FergusonHalifaxFreehold houseWright Street
4302Hewitt, CorneliusBeverley RoadFreehold houseBeverley Road
4303Holmes, JohnChurch StreetFreehold house and gardenSculcoates Lane
4304Hawks, RichardNelson SquareFreehold housesNelson Square
4305Hunter, WilliamOrdnance Place, DrypoolFreehold houseStory Street
4306Hollingworth, JohnNelson Street, HullFreehold houseAlbion Street
4307Halley, EdmundWorship StreetFreehold housesGoulding Place
4308Horncastle, CharlesWhitefriar Gate, HullFreehold houseJarratt Street
4309Hardey, RobertHigh Street, HullOne fifth share of a freehold building called the Medical SchoolKingston Square
4310Ivey, SamuelSculcoates LaneFreehold houseGibson Street
4311Johnson, WilliamLincoln StreetFreehold tenementsLincoln Street
4312Jarvis, TimothyFrancis StreetFreehold tenementsFrancis Street
4313Jackson, WilliamAlbion StreetFreehold tenementsMachell Street
4314Jackson, RobertLowgate, HullFreehold housesCaroline Street
4315Jalland, William EmpsonParliament St. HullFreehold mill and warehousesMachell Street
4316Jalland, Boswell MiddletonParliament St. HullFreehold mill and warehousesMachell Street
4317Joliffe, Thomas RobertCharleton House, near BathFee farm rent issuing out of Sculcoates Rectory 
4318Ker, Edward, Esq.Albion StreetFreehold garden and building groundNew Brook Street
4319Kelsey, JohnGrotto SquareFreehold houseGrotto Square
4320King, JohnPryme StreetFreehold housesWorship Street
4321Keighley, RobertWorship StreetFreehold houseWorship Street
4322Liddell, JohnEtherington Place, HullFreehold house and shopWaterworks Street
4323Lowther, FrederickSavile StreetFreehold housesSavile Street
4324Levett, RobertBeverleyFreehold houseGeorge Street
4325Levett, JohnMason StreetFreehold tenementsChurch Street
4326Lapish, JosephChurch StreetFreehold tenementsChurch Street
4327Leake, WilliamParliament St., HullFreehold houseNorth Street
4328Lowther, PhineasSavile StreetFreehold houseSavile Street
4329Lane, SamuelRegent SquareFreehold chapelSykes Street
4330Linton, JohnAlbion StreetFreehold houseUnion Street
4331Longstaff, George DixonWhitefriar Gate, HullOne fifth share of a freehold building, called the Medical SchoolKingston Square
4332Morley, JohnAnlaby Road, HullFreehold houseGeorge Street
4333Musgrave, RalphBrook Street, HullFreehold houseWorship Street
4334Mayfield, JohnWaltham St., HullFreehold houseScott Street
4335Miller, GeorgePryme StreetFreehold houseMason Street
4336Marshall, Thomas HarrisonJarratt StreetFreehold housesMason Street
4337Monday, WilliamJarratt StreetFreehold housesCumberland Street
4338Marshall, RichardPryme StreetFreehold housesMason Street
4339Martin, RobertSykes StreetFreehold housesSykes Street
4340Myers, JohnMedley StreetFreehold housesMedley Street
4341Marshall, GeorgeWincolmleeFreehold tenementsGibson Street
4342McBride, ThomasLowgate, HullFreehold houseSykes Street
4343Mayfield, JosephStepneyFreehold landJoseph Dibb
4344Metcalf, GeorgeNew George StreetFreehold house and shopMachell Street
4345Maloney, DanielCharter House LaneFreehold housesUnion Square and Edward's Square
4346Mitchell, ThomasSt. Cuthbert, Peaseholm, YorkFreehold housePrincess Street
4347Murray, EdmundOld Dock Side, HullFreehold housesClappison's Yard
4348Murray, JamesMason StreetFreehold housesNew Garden Street
4349Norman, William VernonBeverley RoadFreehold housesStepney
4350Nevins, William (objected to)Darley's CourtFreehold housesDarley's Court
4351Newsom, ThomasMyton, HullFreehold houseScott Street
4352Overton, JamesScott StreetFreehold houseAldbro' Street
4353Pryme, GeorgeSidney Street, CambridgeFreehold houses and landCaroline Street
4354Prissick, ThomasLister Street, HullFreehold housesPrincess Street and Clarence Court
4355Pudsey, Henry GeorgeSykes StreetFreehold houseGeorge Street
4356Potter, Thomas, sen.King StreetFreehold housesKing Street
4357Peck, RobertWright StreetFreehold housesWright Street
4358Pullan, ThomasMason StreetFreehold housesMason Street
4359Pool, RobertBond StreetFreehold houseBond Street
4360Prior, JohnChurch StreetFreehold tenementsChurch Street
4361Perry, AbrahamChurch StreetFreehold tenementsChurch Street
4362Prickett, Marmaduke Thos.North StreetFreehold landJohn Ganderton
4363Pickwell, RichardLucas CourtFreehold houseLucas Court
4364Pape, SamuelKing's SquareFreehold houseKing's Square
4365Raikes, RobertWeltonFreehold houseCharlotte Street
4366Richardson, GeorgeTrippett, HullFreehold housesJohn's Square
4367Robinson, JamesChurch StreetFreehold housesAir Street
4368Reed, JosephWincolmleeFreehold housesCaroline Place
4369Robinson, JohnChurch StreetFreehold houseChurch Street
4370Robinson, MatthewChurch StreetFreehold housesNew George Street
4371Rands, JosephKatharine StreetFreehold housesKatharine Street
4372Spalding, WilliamJarratt StreetFreehold building-groundJarratt Street
4373Sargeson, JohnRoper Street, HullFreehold houseScott Street
4374Simpson, JamesHigh Street, HullFreehold houseAldbro' Street
4375Scholes, JohnSykes StreetFreehold houseSykes Street
4376Sissons, WilliamMedley StreetFreehold tenementsEdward Street
4377Smyth, ThomasGrove Terrace, YorkFreehold houseStory Street
4378Sherwood, GeorgeCharles StreetFreehold housesBourne Street
4379Stephenson, RobertBeverley ParksFreehold housesGrotto Square
4380Stickney, AbrahamBridge Street, HullFreehold housesGibson Street
4381Spink, JohnWincolmleeFreehold housesWincolmlee
4382Smithson, WilliamScott StreetFreehold tenementsAdelaide Court
4383Skelton, ThomasAir StreetFreehold houseAir Street
4384Todd, JohnWright StreetFreehold houseDuncan Campbell
4385Thornhill, JohnWaltham St., HullFreehold coach-houseEdward Street
4386Tadman, FrancisLister St., HullFreehold houseBourne Street
4387Tadman, John, sen.Catharine SquareFreehold houseCatharine Square
4388Tadman, John, jun.Catharine SquareFreehold shedFrancis Street
4389Tinkler, WilliamGibson StreetFreehold houseNew George Street
4390Turton, JohnCaroline StreetFreehold houseCaroline Street
4391Tall, JohnGeorge StreetFreehold tenementsChurch Street
4392Thorp, SamuelRegent's SquareFreehold houseRegent Square
4393Tottle, LauncelotSouth End, HullFreehold houseNorth Court
4394Thornton, JohnAlbion StreetFreehold houseStory Street
4395Thomas, CharlesStoneferry, SuttonFreehold houseFoundry Row
4396Thompson, SamuelMatson StreetFreehold houseTrafalgar Square
4397Thompson, WilliamHumber Dock St., HullFreehold tenementsScott Street
4398Thorp, DavidCarlisle St., HullFreehold housesSykes Street
4399Vause, RichardOcean Place, HullFreehold houseBourne Street
4400Vickerman, DavidWaterworks StreetFreehold tenementsWells's Yard
4401Witty, RobertSykes StreetFreehold houseSykes Street
4402Wales, WilliamChurch StreetFreehold houseChurch Street
4403Whitaker, IsaacCharlotte StreetFreehold stableCharlotte Street Mews
4404Walker, JohnCannon StreetFreehold housesCrown Court
4405Woolf, JohnAlbion StreetFreehold houseJarratt Street
4406White, JonasChurch StreetFreehold housesChurch Street
4407Watson, James KieroWawneFreehold stablesMason Street
4408West, WilliamChurch StreetFreehold houseNelson Square
4409Walker, JohnJarratt StreetFreehold houseSilvester Street
4410Walton, Samuel StandidgePreston, in HoldernessFreehold houseWorship Street
4411Wright, Thomas DaleProspect Place, SouthcoatesFreehold houseSykes Street
4412Wilson, WilliamDock Office Row, HullFreehold houseWalker's Square
4413Wilson, RichardMedley StreetFreehold housesMedley Street
4414Walker, JohnWalker's SquareFreehold housesWalker's Square
4415Ward, ThomasGarden SquareFreehold housesGarden Square
4416Walton, JosephProvidence RowFreehold tenementsProvidence Row
4417Wilson, IsaacHessleFreehold houseYork Street
4418Watson, WilliamAir StreetFreehold tenementsChurch Street
4419Wardell, JamesNorth Bar Within, BeverleyFreehold housesFoundry
4420Williamson, RobertLucas CourtFreehold housesLucas Court
4421Watson, GeorgeBeverley RoadFreehold housesBeverley Road
4422Wood, JamesKing StreetFreehold houseEgginton Street
4423Walker, GeorgeChurch StreetFreehold housesChurch Street
4424Wilson, Robert DonaldsonWilton, near PickeringFreehold houses and warehouseChurch Street
4425Wallis, Edward, jun.Whitefriar Gate, HullOne fifth share of a freehold building called the Medical SchoolKingston Square
4426Young, JamesScott StreetFreehold houseScott Street

The above copyright data was taken from the book
The Electoral Rolls of the East Riding of Yorkshire, 1834
and was presented to Genuki by the author:
Colin Blanshard Withers M.Sc., M.B.A..