Sherburn: Sherburn Churchyard gravestones etc..




These photos of the Sherburn Churchyard gravestones etc. were taken in 2015 and consequently no graves after this date appear here.

The index consists of a table of surnames (below), each being linked to the first image of that surname. To get to the rest of the same surname images, simply use the scroll facilities on each succeeding page.

The number for the photograph is given in the caption below the photograph.

I made no attempt to remove grass from graves (no tools) but tried to remove the moss etc. from the graves which consist of a cross.

If you can identify the names on the "Unknown" graves, please drop me a line by email (use the "Report Problems" link at the bottom of the relevant page).

There are three sizes of photos: the thumbnail images which link to a page containing a larger image (640 by 480 pixels), and then a full size image which is linked from the previously mentioned larger image. The full size image can of course be saved for your own personal use.

You will appreciate that there is ample scope for errors in this, so if you find any, please drop me a line - there is a link to the error form at the bottom of each page.

Happy hunting!

Colin Hinson.

!General  Adams  Allison  Anderson  Appleby  Arnott 
Atkinson  Baker  Banks  Barmby  Bassett  Beal 
Bean  Beecroft  Bell  Berriman  Bielby  Bogg 
Bonham  Boreman  Bowman  Boyes  Bradford  Brassleay 
Brav_nder  Broome  Brown  Butler  Buttery  Cade 
Calam  Calvert  Carr  Carrie  Carter  Catherine 
CH-NSH  Church  Clarke  Clarkson  Clay  Clemit 
Clifford  Cockerill  Colley  Collinson  Cook  Cooper 
Costick  Cousins  Crosby  Crosier  Cross  Crossby 
Cundall  Currey  Dawson  Dexter  De_Wend  Dickinson 
Dixon  Dobson  Douthwaite  Dowsland  Duggleby  Dunn 
Edmonds  Edmund  Ellerker  Ellis  Elsey  England 
Flinton  Forge  Foster  Fox  Foxton  Freer 
Fryer  Garton  Gatus  Gilbank  Gillery  Grainger 
Green  Grice  Hall  Hardy  Harriet  Harrison 
Hart  Hartley  Heath  Hebden  Hegarty  Henderson 
Hepton  Heseltine  Hick  Hirst  Hodge  Hodgson 
Holmes  Horner  Horsley  Hosley  Hotham  Hugill 
Hull  Humfray  Jackson  Johnson  Johnston  Kay 
Kedge  Kellington  Kirby  Kirk  Knaggs  Knox 
KS  Lambert  Lang  Lawson  Leadson  Lee 
Levitt  Lickes  Lightfoot  Linskill  Longhorn  Lovel 
Lythe  Marflitt  Marsden  Marshall  Marston  Mason 
Massie  Matthews  McIntyre  McKenna  Mercer  Metcalf 
Metcalfe  Milner  Mintoft  Mitchell  Moment  Monkman 
Mook  Moore  Mudd  Nesfield  Newton  Noble 
Norland  Norris  North  Oates  Ogle  Ord 
Oulton  Ovendale  Owston  Oxtoby  Park  Parson 
Pateman  Patrick  Pennock  Penrose  Percival  Pickard 
Pickering  Pickup  Pigg  Pincher  Pinder  Pinkney 
Posthill  Potter  Prodham  Puckering  Quin  Rackham 
Rank  Raper  Render  Ringrose  Rivis  Robinson 
Robson  Roe  Sadler  Salisbury  Savage  Sawkill 
Saxton  Scholes  Scott  Scruton  Scurr  Sellers 
Senior  Sewell  Sharp  Shaw  Shephard  Shields 
Silversides  Simpson  Skelton  Sleightholme  Smith  Spanton 
Speck  Staveley  Stead  Stewart  Stockill  Stones 
Sugars  Swann  Taylor  Tee  Tellmann  Thistleton 
Thompson  Thomson  Todd  Tolliday  Trohear  Trousdale 
Umpleby  Unknown  Unknown*  Usher  Walker  Ward 
Wardell  Wardil  Watson  Welborn  Welburn  Weldon 
Whitehead  Whittam  Widd  Williams  Willoughby  Wilson 
Witty  Wood  Woodge  Woodhead  Woodill  Worthy 
Wray  Young                 
* Please note that the "Unknown*" section contains those with unreadable full surnames.