Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for SIGGLESTHORNE in Bulmer's Directory of 1892.



  • Postal address, Sigglesthorne, Hull.
  • Post Office at Prescott Barr's. Letters arrive daily at 6-40 am., and are despatched at 5-40 p.m. The nearest Telegraph and Money Order Offices are at Leven and Hornsea.

Miscellany of trades

  • Barr Daniel, estate joiner
  • Barr Mrs. Elizabeth, dressmaker
  • Barr George Henry, estate joiner
  • Barr Prescott, joiner and wheelwright, Post office
  • Billam Wilfred, schoolmaster, and organist to parish church
  • Bilton Mrs. Hannah, cowkeeper
  • Bilton John, carrier to Hull (Tues.), Beverley (Sat.)
  • Braithwaite Wm., joiner and sexton
  • Clappison Wm., smith, machinist and implement agent
  • Crawford Joseph
  • Dunkerley Rev. Wm., M.A., The Rectory
  • Fisher William, grocer, and agent to British Equitable Assurance Co. (Life)
  • Fox Mrs. Mary, cowkeeper
  • Gibson Femby, huckster and cowkeeper
  • Harrison Miss Fanny, schoolmistress at Seaton
  • Head Alfred, hind
  • Kemp William, thrashing machine owner
  • Lamb Wm. Newell, shopkeeper and huckster
  • Mathison Walter Scott, grocer and draper
  • Postill Miss Annie, dressmaker
  • Postill Geo. Fredk., thrashing machine owner
  • Riall Major Richard Villiers Sankey, J.P., Sigglesthorne hall
  • Taylor Mr. Richard, Sigglesthorne manor
  • Tessyman Henry, coal dealer
  • Waind George, police constable


  • Dunn Peter, Pasture house and Hall farm
  • Hayton Robert, Sigglesthorne grange
  • Mathison Frederick (and jobber), Field house
  • Taylor William, Sigglesthorne manor


  • Letters via Sigglesthorne, Hull. The nearest Telegraph and Money Order Office is at Leven.

Miscellany of trades

  • Anthony Thomas, hind for Richard Wright, Gransmoor, Catfoss grange
  • Cooper Joseph, farmer, Manor house
  • Wheatley Mrs. Myra Sophia, farmer, Hall farm


  • Letters via Skirlaugh, Hull, arrive about 8-20 a.m., and are collected at 4-20 p.m., week days only. The nearest Telegraph and Money Order Office is at Hornsea.

Miscellany of trades

  • Arksey Mrs. Mary Jane, dressmaker
  • Arksey William, bootmaker
  • Boynton William, cowkeeper
  • Cappison Frederick Wilson, blacksmith and wheelwright and implement agent & vict., Holderness Hunt Inn
  • Carr Mr. Hugh
  • Grantham Wm., thrashing machine owner
  • Hornby Herbert, hind
  • Parsons William John, hind
  • Salvidge George, market gardener, nurseryman, and florist, and farmer
  • Whisker Atkinson, labourer, Rowlands farm


  • Bower Thos., Rowland's farm; h Weather hill
  • Coates William Edward, Hatfield grange
  • Dunn William, Manor house; h Ellerby
  • Hornsey William, Wood farm
  • Jackson Robert (yeo. and property owner)
  • Nurse Isaac
  • Taylor Robt., Mount pleasant; h Withernsea
  • Wright Mrs. Mary


  • Letters via Skirlaugh, Hull, arrive about 8-0 am., and are collected at 4-30 p.m., week days only. The nearest Telegraph and Money Order Office is at Hornsea.

Miscellany of trades

  • Addington Robert, stationmaster, Sigglesthorne station
  • Thorpe George, hind


  • Drury John
  • Tanton George (and uctioneer and valuer), Middle farm


  • Postal address, Seaton, Hull.
  • Post Office at Miss R. Wyse's. Letters arrive daily at 6-48 a.m., and are despatched at 5-30 p.m. Postal Orders issued but not paid. The nearest Telegraph and Money Order Office is at Hornsea.


Miscellany of trades

  • Bateson Mrs. Maria
  • Bell John Mason, hind to H. T. Bateson, Ivy house
  • Beswick John, saddler, &c.; h Brandesburton
  • Brown William Smith, joiner and wheelwright
  • Clappison Alfred, agricultural engineer and implement agent
  • Clappison Samuel Shaw, vict., Swan Inn
  • Clark John, hind
  • Collinson Arthur, labourer, Bassymore
  • Creaser Mrs. Rachel
  • Duke Charles, grocer, draper, and bootmaker
  • Glossop Miss Mary Jane, dressmaker
  • Glossop William, cowkeeper
  • Harrison Miss Fanny, schoolmistress; h Sigglesthorne
  • Harrison William, shoemaker
  • Howbridge Miss Mary, dressmaker
  • Kelsey Richard Harry, shopkeeper
  • Marshall Robert, cowkeeper
  • Marson John, cowkeeper
  • Maw Mr. William Pexton, Seaton house
  • Reading Room - Alfred Clappison, sec.
  • Scott Mrs. Ann
  • Seaton Independent Oddfellows' Friendly Society. (" White Swan Lodge") - G. H. Barr, sec.; C. Duke, treas.; held monthly at infant school (established 1869; 118 members)
  • Stephenson James, overseer
  • Tomlinson Tom, butcher, Jessamine house
  • Towse Jas. coal, hay, and straw dlr. & carter
  • Towse John, groom
  • Wells Wm. Richard, cowkeeper, Manor house
  • Wyse Miss R., Post office
  • Wyse William, rural postman


  • Balls Christopher, (overseer), Seaton grange
  • Bateson Harry Taylor (and yeo.), Bassymore, Ivy, and Manor House farms; h Hornsea
  • Bower Thomas; h Weather hill
  • Clappison Wm. Hy. (and butcher & cattle dlr.}
  • Conner George
  • Dowson Hy. (and cattle dealer), The Villa
  • Foster George, Seaton hold
  • Grainger Joseph John; h Hornsea
  • Grainger Robert Lamplough (yeo.), Bonfield
  • Tong William (and coal dealer and carrier to Hull, Tuesday and Friday)
  • Ward George Stephenson


  • Postal address, Wassand, Hull.


  • Post Office at Seaton. Telegraph and Money Order Office at Hornsea.

Miscellany of trades

  • Allen Frederick, head gardener, The Gardens
  • Arter John C., coachman
  • Bower Thomas, farmer and colliery owner (T. and H. W. Bower, Allerton Main Collieries, W.R.), Weather hill and Burdale, York
  • Constable Captain Frederick Charles S., J.P., Wassand hall
  • Constable Henry Strickland, Esq., J.P., Wassand hall and 70 Cadogan square, London; club, Atheneum
  • Ellis Thomas, coachman, Weather hill
  • Hockney Wright, land agent, Estate office
  • Lownsbrough Alfred, estate blacksmith, Lodge
  • Morrow William, butler
  • Piercy Cooper, blacksmith, Weather hill
  • Taylor John, gamekeeper

Scan, OCR and html by Colin Hinson. Checking and correction by Peter Nelson.