Sledmere parish:


Sledmere, Vicars transcription:

The List of Vicars in St. Mary's Church, Sledmere.

Vicars of Kirby Grindalythe

9 Feb. 1305Joh. Menynthorpd. 7 Sep.1660John Bosseceded for Scalby
12 Oct. 1325Joh. Menynthorpd. 16 Mar. 1664John Warter 
24 Oct. 1349Walt. de Wodhouse  16 Jan. 1680John Dobsond.
Joh. Brydfordres. 22 May 1722William Dealtryd.
30 Nov. 1390Joh. Whyticks de Cattewyh  3 Sep. 1730Isaac Wykesceded for Levisham
8 Apl. 1402Joh. Whitwell  14 Sep. 1752Edward Knowsleyceded
4 Aug. 1403Joh. de Daltonres. 28 July 1753John Ruddd.
4 June 1410Ric. Pesset  3 Sep. 1772Major Dawsonceded
Joh. Daltonres. 10 Apl. 1781Jonathan DixonCeded for Burton Ridsea
7 May 1416Fr.Joh. Sheffieldres. 3 Apl. 1789Rowland Craxtond.
9 June 1417Joh. Clevelandres. 25 Oct. 1833Thomas Bousteadd.
7 May 1418Will. Sledmered. 25 Oct. 1868Joseph Calveley Hordernceded
3 Sep. 1425Tho. Bele,vel Belked. 13 May 1876John Martynd.
24 June 1467Joh. Colyngamed. 1880Edward Tottenhamceded
19 Mar. 1473Tho. Thomlynsond. 1889Harry Percy Atkinson 
14 Jan. 1482Tho. Morwyke vel Morlayeres. 1893Henry Browne Wilkinson 
3 Dec. 1493Ric. Stabelerd. 1896John Walker Pulleyneres.
12 May 1507Tho. Frankres. 1906Arthur Charles Laybourne 
19 Apl. 1521Joh. Jacksond.    
27 Nov. 1540Hen. Morwyn     
Joh. Hawkesres.    
23 Dec. 1583Roland Taylourd.    
1 Dec. 1617Nath. Pagettres.    
23 Dec. 1618Tho. Haddlesey     
Commonwealth Tobias Newcome Minister

Vicars of Kirby Grindalythe with P.C. Sledmere.
1305 - 1868

Vicarage of Sledmere
Ordained A.D. 1868

1868Joseph Calveley Hordernres.
1876Frederick Wilsond.
1878Newton William John Mantres.
1889Frederick Holmes Buckhamexchanged with
1896H. de Romestind.
1900John Llewellyn Daviesceded
1924John Collins Lloydceded
1928Llewelyn Wynn Thomas M.A. [Canon of York 1932]d.
1935George Owen Lewis B.A.ceded
1940Lloyd Jacob B.A.ceded
1947Walter Donald Salterd.
1953James Stoddart Seller L.Th.ceded
1960Clive Banlin Baker M.A.res.
1961Noël Bryce Burt M.A.ceded
1968John Bristo Parkerceded
1980Patrick Henry Fowlis Scott M.A.res.
1990David Pickres.
1998Robert Ivan Jonesceded
2001Marie Teare

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson