SOUTH CAVE: South Cave Congregational Church History up to 1868.



The pulpit of the church at North Cave was occupied during the Commonwealth by Thomas Nesse, whose son, Christopher Nesse, preached during some time at Cliffe, where his uncle, Brearcliffe, was vicar.

The first mention we find of South Cave in connection with Nonconformity is in the Hewley Grant List, where the name of Rev. JAMES BAYCOCK appears as a grantee in 1728 and 1729. The earliest trust-deed, which bears Mr. Baycock's signature, is dated two years later. That deed recognises Presbyterian government; but, as is usual with similar instruments of the period, defines no doctrine. About 1715, the congregation amounted to 400 hearers. Baycock lived to extreme old age. He seems to be mentioned by Calamy as one who at the time of the ejectment had received no settlement. If the individual be the same, he was probably, as Hunter remarks, "the very last of all on that list."

  • 1754. Died Rev. THOS. HICKINGTON, aged 82, minister above fifty years.
  • In 1773, the congregation and minister became Independent. The pastors since that time have been-
  • Rev. -- ELLIS or ELLICE. An Arian. His doctrine being extremely distasteful to the people, Mr. Ellice was compelled at last to retire from his office.
  • 1780. Rev. NOAH BLACKBURN. He stayed only a year at Cave. As he desired that the people should repair the dilapidated roof of the chapel, a meeting was called after the afternoon service to consider the proposal. But just before that time a heavy shower of rain compelled them to crowd to one side of the building, and proved a convincing argument. The chapel was repaired and a vestry built. Mr. Blackburn removed to Tockholes, 1781.
  • Rev. J. GRIMSHAW. During his ministry the chapel was crowded, and numerous vehicles brought worshippers from all directions; but, on account of unhappy occurrences, Mr. Grimshaw removed to Lancashire in 1778; ob. circ. 1833.
  • 1791. Rev. WILLIAM TAPP. Ob. 1819.
  • 1821. Rev. GEORGE NETTLESHIP. After a short period of awakened interest, disputes arose which led to Mr. Nettleship's resignation.
  • 1824. Rev. -- KELSEY, once a missionary to the South Seas. He left, circ. 1831.
  • Circ. 1831. Rev. WILLIAM STOTT. In his day the congregation was very low. His removal took place, circ. 1838.
  • 1839. Rev. JOHN ALLEN. Removed to Australia, 1846.
  • 1847. Rev. THOMAS ROBERTS. During his ministry some were added to the church who have been honourably distinguished. Removed, 1854, to Bradford.
  • 1854. Rev. J. MENZIES (Glasgow Un.), the present minister (in 1868).

A chapel and school-room were built at Elloughton in the year 1814, principally through the liberality of Mr. T. Carlile, a London merchant, born in the village. The site was given by the mother of John Todd, Esq., Swanland Hall. The building has been disused as a day-school, and is now a chapel.

* By aid of Rev. J. Menzies.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson © 2014
from the Appendix to
Congregationalism in Yorkshire
by James C. Miall, 1868.