1834 Electoral Roll for the parish of


1834 Electoral Roll for the parish of Sutton on Hull


The Names of the Persons entitled to vote in the Election of Knights of the Shire for the East-Riding of the County of York, and the Town and County of the Town of Kingston-upon-Hull, with a Description of their Qualifications.

  • The numbers given are those in the original book.
  • The Description of the Property is by name, or by the name of the Tenant, or by the Street in the Parish where situate.
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and Surname
Place of AbodeNature of QualificationDescription of property
1950Alder, George, Esq.SuttonFreehold house and landSutton Grange, Sutton
1951Austwick, JosephHigh Street, HullFreehold tenementsWitham, Sutton
1952Atkinson, JamesNelson StreetFreehold tenementsNelson Street, Sutton
1953Atkin, JohnChariot Street, SculcoatesFreehold tenementsWitham, Sutton
1954Allen, JamesSuttonFreehold house and landSutton
1955Baxter, RichardHolderness RoadRental above £50Holderness Road, Sutton
1956Beckett, WilliamHolderness RoadFreehold warehouseLime Street, Sutton
1957Bowlby, JohnWithamFreehold housesDuncan Street, Satton
1958Bolton, Wm. Watson, Esq.Charlotte Street, SculcoatesFreehold house and landGroves, Sutton
1959Bolton, Christopher, Esq.George Street, SculcoatesFreehold house and landGroves, Sutton
1960Broadley, Henry, Esq.Melton HillFreehold house and landStoneferry and Sutton
1961Cobb, WilliamWithamFreehold housesHolborn Street, Sutton
1962Coxford, RichardManor Street, HullFreehold tenementsChaffer's Alley, Sutton
1963Cooper, RichardJenning StreetFreehold housesJenning Street, Sutton
1964Colley, IsaacLowgate, HullFreehold houses and landSutton Drain Bank, Sutton
1965Coltman, Joseph, RevMinster Yard, BeverleyFreehold landStoneferry, Sutton
1966Charge, JohnChesterfield, DerbyshireFreehold landIngs, Sutton
1967Carter, ThomasWithamFreehold housesWitham, Sutton
1968Clarkson, BenjaminKingston PlaceFreehold housesKingston Place, Sutton
1969Crosby, WilliamMyton, HullFreehold houseLime Street, Sutton
1970Dean, GeorgeWithamFreehold housesWitham, Sutton
1971Dryden, WilliamHullFreehold landStoneferry
1972Fearn, ThomasSuttonFreehold house and landSutton
1973Fenwick, RobertHood StreetFreehold houseHood Street, Sutton
1974Fisher, RobertDock Street, SculcoatesFreehold dwelling-houseHodgson Street, Sutton
1975Gibson, EdwardGreat Union StreetFreehold house and ship-yardGroves, Sutton
1976Gedney, WilliamBond Street, SculcoatesFreehold warehouseWitham, Sutton
1977Gowland, GeorgeLime StreetFreehold housesLime Street, Sutton
1978Greenwood, WilliamLowgate, HullFreehold houseWitham, Sutton
1979Grayburn, ThomasSuttonFreehold house and landSutton
1980Hipsley, JohnLowgate, HullFreehold house and landBellfield, Sutton
1981Hey, WilliamLeedsFreehold house and landnear Turnpike House, Sutton
1982Holmes, StephenGroves, SuttonFreehold housesGroves, Sutton
1983Harrison, Charles RichardSuttonRental above £50Sutton
1984Hammond, CharlesSomers' Town, SouthcoatesFreehold house and landSutton Bank, Sutton
1985Holland, BenjaminSuttonFreehold house and landSutton
1986Hewitson, JohnStoneferryFreehold house and landStone Ferry, Sutton
1987Hewitson, WilliamStoneferryRental above £50Stone Ferry, Sutton
1988Higham, ThomasSuttonRental above £150Sutton
1989Hodgson, JamesLowgate, HullFreehold tenementsJenning Street, Sutton
1990Hill, RobertWincolmlee, SculcoatesFreehold tenementsJenning Street, Sutton
1991Jackson, RichardWithamFreehold houseWitham, Sutton
1992Jackson, GeorgePrince Street, HullFreehold houses and landGroves, Sutton
1993Liddell, George, Esq.SuttonFreehold houseSutton.
1994Liddell, JohnEtherington Place, HullFreehold houseLime Street, Sutton
1995Larard, ThomasPemberton Street, SuttonFreehold housePemberton Street, Sutton
1996Mason, ThomasLime StreetFreehold tenementsLime Street, Sutton
1997Morehouse, MatthewJenning StreetFreehold houseJenning Street, Sutton
1998North, MatthiasSuttonFreehold house and landSutton Carr, Sutton
1999North, ThomasSutton CarrRental above £50Sutton Carr, Sutton
2000Newton, ThomasWithamFreehold houseUnion Place, Sutton
2001Oglesby, RichardBourne Street, SculcoatesFreehold landGroves, Sutton
2002Priestman, ThomasEast MountFreehold house and landEast Mount, Sutton
2003Pape, MatthewUnion PlaceFreehold housesUnion Place, Sutton
2004Perkins, JohnProspect Street, HullFreehold houseThistleton, Sutton
2005Peat, JosephHodgson Street, SuttonFreehold housesHodgson Street, Sutton
2006Peacock, JohnStoneferryFreehold houses and landStoneferry, Sutton
2007Pauling, RobertWithamFreehold tenementWitham, Sutton
2008Robson, JohnChurch Street, SculcoatesFreehold tenementsHood Street, Sutton
2009Rydsdale, WilliamJenning StreetFreehold tenementsHood Street, Sutton
2010Rheam, EdwardSalts HouseFreehold house and landSalts House, Sutton
2011Richardson, ThomasCastle HillRental above £50Castle Hill, Sutton
2012Ross, SamuelBishop Lane, HullFreehold house and gardenSutton
2013Robinson, JamesScale Lane, HullFreehold house and landsSutton
2014Southwell, JohnDuncan StreetFreehold houseDuncan Street, Sutton
2015Sampson, GeorgeWithamFreehold tenementsHolderness Court, Sutton
2016Simon, WilliamJenning StreetFreehold houseJenning Street, Sutton
2017Simon, JohnHolborn StreetFreehold housesHolborn Street, Sutton
2018Sumpner, JohnElstronwicks HoldernessFreehold house and landStoneferry, Sutton
2019Spence, EdwardSuttonFreehold house and landTilworth Grange, Sutton
2020Taylor, John, jun.HedonFreehold house and shopWitham, Sutton
2021Thompson, GeorgeStoneferryRental above £50Stoneferry, Sutton
2022Thornton, Henry Sykes, Esq.Birchin Lane, LondonFreehold Sugar-houseLime Street, Sutton
2023Thornton, Samuel, Esq.Chubham, SurreyFreehold Sugar-houseLime Street, Sutton
2024Worrell, HenryStoneferryFreehold house and landStoneferry and Groves, Sutton
2025Wilkinson, JohnWaterworks St., SculcoatesFreehold housesWitham, Sutton
2026Wilkinson, JohnHolborn StreetFreehold housesHolborn Street, Sutton
2027Wilkinson, ThomasHolderness RoadRental above £50Holderness Road, Sutton
2028Wilson, ThomasStoneferryRental above £50Stoneferry, Sutton
2029Walton, NicholasLime StreetFreehold house and landSutton

The above copyright data was taken from the book
The Electoral Rolls of the East Riding of Yorkshire, 1834
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