Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for THORNTON in Bulmer's Directory of 1892.



  • Letters, via Pocklington. arrive at 9 a.m. Wall Box cleared at 4-55 p.m. Nearest Post Office, and for purchase only of POstal Orders, Melbourne (one mile). Nearest Money Order and Telegraph Office, Pocklington (five miles).

Miscellany of trades

  • Beckett William, parish clerk
  • Coates Robert, joiner
  • Coates Thomas, shoemaker
  • Hesslewood John, carrier to York (Saturday)
  • Setree Miss Caroline Alice, schoolmistress
  • Smith Joseph, bricklayer


  • Brown John, Grey Horse house
  • Gibson Arthur, Thornton grange
  • Gibson Mark, Oak farm
  • Gibson William, Westfield house
  • Hesslewood Wm.(& carrier to Pocklington, Sat.)
  • Nicholls James, East farm
  • Nicholls Michael, Eastfield house (and miller, Walbut mill)
  • Oldridge Thomas, Fir Tree farm
  • Richardson Elisha John, Thornton Street hs, Barmby Moor
  • Rooke Mark, Mill house
  • Rooke William
  • Snowden John
  • Story Robert Gibson
  • Tasker William


  • Post Office, and for purchase only of Postal Orders, at George Beckett's. Letters, via Pocklington, arrive at 8-50 a.m.; despatch at 4-35 p.m. No Sunday business. Wall Box, one mile east of Post Office, is cleared at 4-10 p.m. Nearest Money Order and Telegraph Office, Pocklington (six miles).

Miscellany of trades

  • Atkin Wm. Wilfred, vict., Blacksmiths' Arms
  • Barrow Stephen, tailor and grocer
  • Beckett George, shoemaker and postmaster
  • Board School (mixed) Henry Phillips, master
  • Brown Thomas, shoemaker
  • Bruce Richard Chas., joiner and wheelwright, asst. overseer and clerk to the School Board
  • Clarkson Robert, gardener
  • Crawford Mrs. Hannah
  • Dales Wm., vict. and refreshment contractor, Cross Keys Inn
  • Foster Hy., head gamekeeper, Melbourne hall
  • Fussey Joseph, police constable
  • Gorwood George, carrier to York (Wednesday, Saturday, and alternate Thursdays)
  • Grant James, blacksmith
  • Gunston Captain Bernard Hamilton (late 5th Dragoon Guards), Melbourne hall
  • Harrison Mrs. Elizabeth, Ross Moor house
  • Harrison John, grocer
  • Hodgson Miss Mary Ann, dressmaker
  • Howard Miss Jane, Melbourne grange
  • Hudson Charles, cattle dealer, Ross moor
  • Irwin Rev. Chas. A. K., B.A., curate-in-charge
  • Kidd Chas., carrier to Pocklington (Saturday)
  • Kidd Jno. Jas., carrier to York, Tues. and Sat.
  • Kidd Mrs. Mary, grocer
  • Parrott William, grocer
  • Todd Frederick, tailor
  • Todd Richard, shoemaker


  • Brabbs James Thomas, Brickyard farm
  • Brabbs John
  • Cook John (and blacksmith)
  • Dales William, Cross Keys Inn
  • Dalton James, Melbourne grange, farm bailiff to William Thomlinson Walker, Esq.
  • Featherstone Thomas
  • Harrison John, Westfield farm
  • Hessle Robert
  • Homley Thomas, The Lodge
  • James Thomas
  • Jennings Francis, Prospect house
  • Kirk John Frederick, (and butcher)
  • Ogle Charles Henry, Glebe farm
  • Ogle George Henry, East farm (and brick and tile manufacturer), Seaton Ross
  • Pulleyn Frank, Bibble farm
  • Simpson James, Ross Moor farm
  • Simpson John
  • Simpson John, junr.
  • Smith John, Violet cottage
  • Story Thomas, Barnfield house
  • Todd George, East Common farm
  • Towler John
  • Walker Richard, Park farm, bailiff to Walter Cliff, Esq.
  • West Stephen, Ross moor
  • Whitfield Thos.


  • Letters via Wilberfoss, York.


  • Anson George
  • Hessle Thomas, Park house
  • Jennings Francis Thomas (yeo.), White house
  • Jennings Robt. Edwin (yeo.), Storwood grange
  • Jennings Thomas (yeo.), Manor house
  • Jones John Dales, hind for John Sherbourne
  • Rickatson Robert, Rush Wood house
  • Simpson George, General lane
  • Tate Edward, (and temperance hotel proprietor), Hagg bridge
  • Thompson Matthew, Rose cottage

Scan, OCR and html by Colin Hinson. Checking and correction by Peter Nelson.