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Help and advice for Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for THWING in The Scarborough Gazette Directory of 1905.

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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for THWING in The Scarborough Gazette Directory of 1905.

General information:

  • Parliamentary Division---Buckrose
  • Postal Address---Thwing, Hunmanby. R.S.O.
  • Post Office---Postmistress, Jane Duke. Open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. week days. No Sundays. Delivery weekdays, 10 a.m. Dispatch 3.30 p.m. Postal Orders only.
  • Nearest Telegraph Office---Foxholes, 3 miles.
  • County Council, East Riding---H.B. Cranswick.
  • Parish Council---Chairman, Richard Barugh; John C. Burdass, J. Duke, R. Coates, M.L. Brigham, W. Lee, R. Newlove, W.J. Burdass; clerk, T. Southwell.
  • All Saints Church---Rev. W. Felton, vicar.
  • Weleyan Chapel, (Bridlington Circuit).
  • Primitive Methodist Chapel (Bridlington Circuit).
  • Council School---Schoolmistress, Miss Drake.
  • School Managers---Chairman, Rev W. Felton; T. Southwell, J.C. Burdass,
  • C. Knapton, Richard Barugh, Augustine Towse.
  • Nearest Railway Station---Hunmanby (6 miles, NER, Hull and Scarborough line).

Miscellany of trades

  • Barmby, Charles, groom.
  • Barron, William, labourer.
  • Berryman, William, labourer.
  • Bielby, F., groom.
  • Bielby, Richard, labourer.
  • Brigham, Martin L., farmer.
  • Broadley, John, hind.Burdass, John C., farmer.
  • Burdass, W.J., farmer.
  • Burt, Mrs. Maria.
  • Catterick, Mrs.
  • Coates, Mrs. Ellen.
  • Coates, Robert, labourer.
  • Coates, Wm., labourer.
  • Colley, Watson, labourer.
  • Coultas, Henry, labourer.
  • Coultas, John, labourer.
  • Coultas, Robert, draper.
  • Danby, James, roadman.
  • Duke, Johnson, roadman.
  • Dyson, John, labourer.
  • Felton, Rev. Wm., The Rectory.
  • George, Edmond, labourer.
  • Hodgson, Thomas, labourer.
  • Hoggarth, H., tailor.
  • Judd, Wm., labourer.
  • Lee, William, labourer.
  • Moment, Frank, labourer.
  • Maidens, Fred, groom.
  • Moore, J.
  • Nellist, George, farmer.
  • Newlove, John, blacksmith.
  • Newlove, Robert, joiner.
  • Orton, W., shepherd.
  • Prince, T., hind.
  • Redhead, John, engine driver.
  • Redhead, William.
  • Redshaw, George, farmer and carrier.
  • Robson, James, labourer.
  • Sanderson, Newsome, engine driver.
  • Sawyer, Joseph, grocer.
  • Southwell, Thos., farmer and assistant overseer.
  • Speck, Watson, blacksmith and parish clerk.
  • Sorey, Aaron, labourer.
  • Stork, Matthew, labourer.
  • Tindall, Matthew, hind.
  • Towse, Augustus, innkeeper, farmer and carrier, Raincliffe Arms.
  • Trowell, Benj., shepherd.
  • Ward, Thomas, labourer.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for OCTON in The Scarborough Gazette Directory of 1905.

General information:

  • Postal Address---Octon, Hunmanby, RSO.
  • Parish of Thwing. (see Thwing for other details).

Miscellany of trades

  • Bean, Thomas, labourer, Octon Lodge (Langtoft, Driffield).
  • Atkinson, Wm., labourer.
  • Braithwaite, H., labourer, Octon Lodge.
  • Bird, Leonard, labourer.
  • Brown, Daniel, hind.
  • Barugh, Richard, farmer.
  • Elvidge, John, labourer.
  • Goundrell, Geo., farmer, Octon Lodge do.
  • Greenley, Thomas, groom.
  • Hodgson, Robert, farmer, Octon Grange (Ganton, York).
  • Lazenby, ---, shepherd.
  • Mallory, John, labourer.
  • Rack, Thomas, labourer.
  • Robson, John, farmer, Octon Grange (Ganton, York).
  • Standy, J., farmer, Octon Grange (Ganton, York).
  • Sutton, Geo., farmer, Wold Cottage (do.).
  • Twiddle, Thomas, hind.

Transcribed by Pam Smith.