Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for WALKINGTON in Post Office Directory of 1857.


Private Residents:

  • Rev Daniel Ferguson MA Rector
  • Rev Douglas Ferguson MA Curate
  • Mr William Jackson
  • Mr John Leaper
  • Mrs Padget
  • Miss Page
  • Mrs Pardon
  • George Shepherd esq. the Lodge


  • Josiah Anderson shoemaker
  • Thomas Anderson cowkeeper and scythe shaft maker
  • William Atkinson farmer
  • Thomas Binnington farmer
  • Timothy Binnington farmer Manor House
  • William Bower carrier
  • Joseph Britton schoolmaster
  • William Collinson beer retailer
  • Phillip Deighton farmer
  • Ralph Dunning farmer and corn miller
  • John Hodgson cowkeeper
  • William Horsley farmer
  • Jas. Hutty Bay Horse Inn and blacksmith
  • William Hutty farmer
  • William James farmer Walkington Wold
  • Mrs Alice Kirby shopkeeper
  • John Lawson carpenter and wheelwright
  • Thomas Lythe shoemaker
  • Thomas Metcalf farmer Lions Den Farm
  • William Moment tailor
  • Mark Nicholson blacksmith
  • Lampley Northend shoemaker
  • Mrs Ann Oliver carrier
  • Timothy Oliver jun. shopkeeper
  • Spencer Page tailor and draper
  • John Ridsdale shoemaker
  • Jas. Robinson carpenter and wheelwright
  • George Rounding carpenter
  • George Stephenson farmer Walkington Wold
  • Matthew Stephenson butcher
  • Thomas Stephenson farmer Broadgate Farm
  • John Thompson Dog and Duck and sub postmaster
  • John Wallis bricklayer
  • Mrs Mary Watson and son farmers The Grange wolds
  • William Watson Watson shopkeeper
  • William and Edward Webster farmers
  • John Wilson farmer
  • Michael Witty farmer


  • John Thompson receiver.
  • Letters are received through Beverley by foot-post and arrive at 9am; despatched at 3pm.
  • Beverley is the nearest money order office.


  • Beverley William Bower, Thomas Constable and Mrs Ann Oliver, all to the Green Dragon.

Transcribed by Shelly Stephenson. ©2006