Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for WALKINGTON in Bulmer's Directory of 1892.



  • Post Office at Mrs. S. Binnington's. Letters arrive via Beverley, at 8-15 a.m., and are despatched at 4-15 p.m.


  • M. D. McLeod, M.B., medical superintendent; A. R. Douglas, L.R.C.P., assistant medical superintendent; Harriet Holt, matron; Rev. W. A. Pearman, M.A., chaplain.
  • Walkington School Board. - Members: Rev. M. W. B. Dawe, Robert Brabbs, and F. Oliver. (There are only four members at present.) T. H. Sample, vice-chairman; F. G. Hobson, Beverley, clerk to the Board.

Miscellany of trades

  • Anderson Josiah, shoemaker, cowkeeper, and market gardener
  • Anderson Thomas, shoemaker
  • Bailey Edward, hind, Littlewood farm
  • Binnington Lawrence, tailor
  • Binnington Sophia, postmistress
  • Board School, Samuel Kennard, master
  • Boynton George, blacksmith
  • Brown Ethelbert Ellis, butcher
  • Cape Seth, hind, Walkington wold
  • Carter Jas., steam thrashing machine proptr.
  • Clark Mr. George
  • Clarkson Mr. James
  • Dawe Rev. Michael Watson B., The Rectory
  • Dearing Richard, hind, Broadgate farm
  • Deighton William, butter, &c., dealer
  • Dinsdale William, wheelwright
  • Douglas A. R., L.R.C.P., assistant medical superintendent, East Riding Asylum
  • Duggleby Mrs. Emma, Elm cottage
  • Ezard Stephen, carrier to Hull, Tuesday, and Beverley, Saturday
  • Farrow Edwin, shopkeeper
  • Ferguson Mr. Fergus
  • Ferguson-Fawsitt Major John Daniel, Walkington hall
  • Gibson Mr. William
  • Hackney John, hind, Rectory Wold farm
  • Holmes William, cowkeeper
  • Hudson Anthony, shoemaker
  • Kirby Alice, shopkeeper
  • Lawson Henry, wheelwright
  • Lawson William John Cook, vict., Ferguson-Fawsitt Arms
  • Lythe Samuel Thompson, bricklayer
  • Maffin Arthur, vict., Dog and Duck
  • Maflin James, market gardener
  • Mathison James Arthur, hind, Tower's farm
  • McLeod Murdoch Donald, medical superintendent, East Riding Asylum
  • Oliver Mrs. Maria, beerseller
  • Page Edward, shopkeeper, & butter and poultry dealer
  • Page Mrs. Jemima
  • Ridsdale David, market gardener
  • Ridsdale Geo., shopkeeper, and carrier, to Hull, Tuesday
  • Ridsdale Rt. Richardson, cowkeeper & market gardener
  • Spence Thomas, racehorse breeder, Walkington park
  • Spencer John, grocer, coal dealer, parish clerk, assistant overseer, and collector of income tax, Beverley road
  • Taylor Mrs. Rebecca
  • Twiddle Richard, hind, Walkington grange
  • Webster James, gardener, West end
  • Wilson Mr. John, Feofees' cottage
  • Wilson Mrs. Martha Ann


  • Barr William, Lion's den
  • Catterson William, Broadgate farm; h Beverley
  • Dunn Thos. D., Littlewood farm; h Grove hill, Beverley
  • Dunning Robert (& corn miller), Rectory Wold farm and Walkington mill
  • Gardham George
  • Haldenby - , Walkington wold
  • Leaper Messrs. Geo. Hugh, & Mark, Manor farm
  • Sample Thos. Hy., Walkington wold; h Beverley
  • Screeton Thos, Walkington Wood farm; h Hull
  • Shaw John, Tower's farm; h Hull
  • Sheardown Edward William; h Beverley
  • Stephenson Thos. Staveley, Walkington grange; h Walkington house
  • Sturdy John; h Beverley
  • Webster Mrs. Robert
  • Witty Michael

Scan, OCR and html by Colin Hinson. Checking and correction by Peter Nelson.