Winestead Registers - Burials 1653-1812.


Transcription of the Winestead Registers - Burials 1653-1812.

Please note I cannot guarantee that my software has always extracted the date in the date column correctly.
The dates are given in the order the appear in the register which is not necessarily numerical order.
Also note that the year commenced on the 25th March up to 1752.

DateName(s) and relationship
10/10/1581Jennet Kirbie wife of Wm Kirbie was bur. October 10
06/03/1582Henrye Cooke was bur. Marche 6
14/11/1582Thomas Cocken was bur. November 14
19/11/1582A child of John Mattocke was bur. November 19
27/12/1582A child of Mr. Wm. Willowghbie was bur. December 27
28/12/1582Agnes the wife of Christofer Wilson was bur. December 28
02/03/1583Margaret Watson the wife of Robt Watson was bur. Marche 2
10/04/1583Jenet Tissamon was bur. Aprill 10
12/11/1583Christofer Wilson was bur. November 12
20/01/1584Maud Cooke the wife of Robt Cooke with her child was bur. Januarie 20
19/02/1584Robt Watson was bur. Februarij 19
16/03/1584Purser the wife Anthony Purser was bur. Marche 16
11/06/1584John Scriven was bur. June 11
07/11/1585Antony Purser was bur. Novembr 7
10/11/1585Twoo children of Willm Kerbie was bur. Novembr 10
22/06/1586Willm Kirbie was bur. June 22
04/07/1586Thomas Cocke was bur. Julie 4
13/07/1586Elizabethe Scriven the wife of John Scriven was bur. Julie 13
14/11/1586Willm Purser was bur. Novebr 14
08/07/1587Joan Purser the wife of John Purser was bur. Julie 8
07/08/1587A child of Thomas Blackes was bur. August 7
17/06/1588John Tibthorpe was bur. June 17
08/11/1588Cxpofer Wilson was bur. Novembr 8
10/12/1588Robt Bruer was bur. Decebr 10
05/07/1589Thomas Cocke was bur. Julie 5
14/05/1590Thomas Wilson was bur. May 14
25/05/1590Margerye Gray the wife of Wm Graye was bur. May 25
26/01/1592Jenet Norrie the wife of Christofer Norrye was bur. Januarie 26
12/02/1592Maude the wife of Willm Gorbott was bur. February 12
10/11/1592John Cooke was bur. Novembr 10
28/03/1593Robt Bancke was bur. Marche 28
14/07/1593John Warter was bur. Julie 14
02/02/1595Ladie Francis Hildyeard wife of Sir Christofer Hildyeard was bur. Februarie 2
07/09/1595Ellis Moliland wife of Ralfe Moliland was bur. Septebr 7
08/10/1595Willm Oliver was bur. Octobr 8
28/04/1596Margerie Shepperd the wife of Henrye Shepperd was bur. Aprill 28
14/11/1596Richard Thorpe was bur. Novebr 14
07/06/1597Margaret Hardie the wife of John Hardie was bur. June 7
13/07/1597Thomas Atkinson was bur. Julie 13
17/10/1597Beatrix Bancke the daughter of Robt Bancke was bur. Octobr 17
23/10/1597James Purser sonne of Christofer Purser was bur. Octobr 23
27/10/1597Agnes Purser wife of Christofer Purser was bur. Octobr 27
22/11/1597John Bancke was bur. Novembr 22
27/03/1598John Heaton sonne of Bernard Heaton was bur. March 27
20/04/1598Jane Bancke daughter of Christofer Bancke was bur. Aprill 20
04/05/1598A child of Steven Cayres was bur. Maij 4
08/12/1598Jenet Foston the wife of John Foston was bur. Decemb. 8
04/04/1599Joanna the daughter of George Brooke Clarke was bur April 4
17/05/1599Anna the daughter of Wm Thorpe was bur. Maij 17
21/08/1599Barbara daughter of Robt Cooke was bur. August 21
05/10/1599Maud Cocke daughter of Rich. Cocke was bur. Octob. 5
14/11/1599A child of Willm Dobson was bur. monstrum qui erit Novembr. 14
23/01/1600John Mattocke was bur. Januarij 23
27/01/1600Lettesse the daughter of Francis Wallas was bur. Januarij 27
30/05/1600Agnes Gray servant to Wm. Wilson was bur. Maij 30
26/08/1600A child of Jarret Hearron was bur. August 26
01/11/1600Christopher Bancke was bur. Novemb. 1
08/04/1601Agnes Clarke the wife of Nicholas Clarke was bur. April 8
13/01/1601Joanna Riles single-woman was bur. Janu. 13
18/01/1602Christopher Tipladye of Frothingham was bur. Janu. 18
12/02/1602Agnes the daughter of Willm Dobson bur. Febr. 12
24/07/1602(b) Sr. Christopher Hildyerd Knight was bur. Julij 24
17/10/1602Christopher Newton a boy in the kitchine at the hall Octob. 17
21/11/1602Mary the daughter of Thomas Rawline was bur. Novembr 21
20/12/1602Decembr 20. Agnes the daughter of John Shepperd was bur.
20/01/1602John the sonne of Christopher Bancke was bur. Jan. 20
27/02/1602Thomas the sonne of Willm Wilson was bur. Febr. 27
08/04/1603Elizabeth the wife of Francis Wallas was bur. April 8
01/05/1603James Mattock son of John Mattocke was bur. Maij 1
22/06/1603A child of Wm Ridley untymely borne & was bur. June 22
22/06/1603Bernard Heaton mason was bur. beinge burned wth fyer to deathe June 22
20/01/1603Jone the wife of Christopher Touste was bur. Januar. 20
10/03/1603Bartholomewe Gray servante to Thomas Rawline was bur. Marche 10
27/12/1604A child of Francis Wallas December 27
10/05/1606Jenet Waynman single-woman was bur. Maij 10
14/12/1606Ralfe Molyland husbandman was bur. Decembr 14
07/04/1607Frances daughter to John Pattyson Aprill 7
30/04/1607Isabell the wife of Henry Shepperd Aprill 30
26/05/1608Anna the wife of Richard Clapham was bur. Maij 26
12/06/1608Alice Watte single woman was bur. Junij 12
07/12/1608John Dalton laborer was bur. Decembr 7
12/01/1608Cxpofer Dunne laborer was bur. Januarij 12
05/05/1609Francis the daughter of George Brooke clarke was bur. Maij 5
02/01/1610Edward Robson servant to Sr Christopher Hyldyarde was bur. Januarie 2
03/02/1610Richard the sonne of Thomas Rawline was bur. Februarie 3
26/02/1610John Almon labourer was bur. February 26
18/05/1610Francis the daughter of Thomas Rawline was bur. Maij 18
22/05/1610Patricke Stevenson servante to Sr Christopher Hildyeard was bur. Maij 22
11/07/1610Peter the sonne of John Hardie was bur. Julij 11
10/10/1610Margaret the daughter of John Banck was bur. October 10
12/01/1610Cxpofer Purser husbandman was bur. January 12
26/02/1610Robt Surre servant to Sr Christopher Hildyeard Knight was bur. Februarie 26
13/03/1610Henry Shepperd husbandman was bur. Martij 13
09/07/1611A stranger whose passe did name hyme Thomas Tayler of Stepney Lodon & swoare to passe to Hull to his wifes frendes died in the layne heare & was buried the 9 of July Julij 9
26/01/1611Jennet the wife of Thomas Chamber was bur. Januarie 26
29/04/1612A child of George Huggens was bur. Aprill 29
29/04/1612Margarete the wife of Thomas Ripley was bur. eodem die
17/11/1612Agnes the wife of Robt Cooke was bur. Novebr 17
20/11/1613Thomas Chambers laborer was bur. Novemb. 20
20/11/1613[blank] Atkinson widdow was bur. Novemb. 20
18/03/1613George Brooke clerke Parson of Winestead dyed at Rosse and was buryed there Martii 18vo
04/06/1613Willm Rossedale was bur. Jun. 4
01/08/1613Catherine Cock single-woman was bur. Aug. 1
02/10/1613John Ombler husbandman was bur. Oct. 2d0
16/12/1613John Scriven yong man unmarryed was bur. Dec. 16vo
13/02/1613..... (Yiddish) of Willm Shafford of Frodingham brought forth in this town and bur. Febr. 13
24/02/1613Frauncis Wallas husbandman was bur. Febru. 24to
27/03/1615Marmaduke Stutt of Frodingham being drowned in Winestead Lane was bur. by the Constab: of Frodingh: Mar. 27mo
19/09/1615Stephen Caice of Newton was found murthered in Walkers Closes Sept. 19 and was bur. Sept. 20mo
12/12/1615Frauncese the daughter of Xpr. Banke bur. Decr. 12mo
26/12/1615Lettuce the wife of Willm Dobson bur. Dec. 26to
09/01/1615John Hardye husbandman was bur. Jan. 9no
29/02/1616John the sonne of John Purser was bur. Febr. 29no
30/08/1616[blank] the sonne of Robt. Dine was bur. Aug. 30mo
03/10/1616Looce Almond wid : was bur. Oct. 3tio
16/01/1617Ursula the daughter of Xpr. Banke bur. Jan. 16to
21/11/1617Anne Mulliland wid : was bur. Nov. 21mo
12/01/1617Jane ye daughr: of Sr Chr. Hildiard bur. Jan. 12mo
28/03/1618John Wright husbandman bur. Martij 28vo
12/02/1618Robert Cooke labourer was bur. Febr. 12mo
20/01/1619Elizabeth Wasned bur. Jan. 20mo
15/02/1619Christopher Purser husbandman bur. Feb. 15ro
06/03/1619Margret the daught : of George Robinson bur. Martii 6ro
30/05/1620Richd Cock husbandman bur. Maij 30mo
11/09/1620Elizabeth ye wife of George Robinson bur. Sept. 11mo
12/11/1620Anne Pease wid : was bur. Nov. 12mo
10/02/1620John Coleman bur. Febr. 10mo
30/03/1621Anne the wife of Robt Coleman bur. Mar. 30mo
05/02/1622Henry the sonne of Richard Ward was bur. Febr. 5to
16/04/1623A child of George Robinson still borne April 16to
22/07/1623Jane the wife of George Robinson was bur. July 22
04/09/1623Margret [blank] a poore woman of Pattrington bur. Sept. 4to
08/11/1623Katherine Purser was bur. Nov. 8vo
12/11/1623Richd. Coleman bur. Nov. 12mo
07/12/1623Isabell the daughter of Thomas Ripley Dec. 7mo
27/12/1623Anne the wife of George Huggan was bur. Dec. 27mo
13/01/1623Jane the wife of Thomas Ripley bur. Jan. 13tio
03/02/1623Elisabeth the daughter of George Huggan bur. Febr. 3tio
27/02/1623Elisabeth the daughter of Robert Dine was bur. Febr. 27
27/03/1623George Tummond of Pattrington butcher coming from an Ale-house in Ottringham in the evening was found the next morning being March the 10 in the bottomes, about sunne rising, who dyed there about 9 of the clock the same day, and was buryed by his wife and sonne-in-law Martii 12mo
21/04/1624Robert Gall of Garton a poore begger being lodged at Robt : Atkinson's dyed there and was bur. Apr. 21
22/04/1624Robert Dine labourer bur. Apr. 22
20/09/1624John the sonne of Andr. Marvell bur. Sept. 20
01/01/1625A childe of Richard Sheepeheards unbaptized bur. Jan. 1
03/08/1625Elizabeth the daughter of Robert Mattocke was bur. Aug. 3
07/09/1625Susanna the daughter of Thomas Ripley bur. Sept. 7
27/02/1625John Hansley was bur. being servant to Sr Christopher Hildiard Kt. Febr. 27
15/09/1626Richard Sheepeheard husbandman was bur. Sept. 15
19/09/1626Katharyne the widdow of Richard Sheepeheard was bur. Sept. 19
02/03/1626Fraunces Gibson servant to William Dobson junr. was bur. Mar. 2
19/03/1626Elsabeth the wife of Richard Clapham was bur. Mar. 19
30/03/1627Ellen the wife of Robert Atkinson was bur. Mar. ultimo
21/04/1627Elsabeth Isaacke servant to Sr Christopher Hildiard was bur. Apr. 21
But all too late comes the electuary When as to th' grave the corps the Beir doth carry
14/07/1628Francis the son of Francis Edgar was bur. July 14
03/10/1628Jenet Dalton bur. Octb. 3
01/01/1628Peter Chapman was bur. Jan. 1
19/01/1628William dobson thelder bur. Janu. 19
26/01/1628Margery banckes the wife of Christo. banckes bur. Jan. 26
29/01/1628Avis the daughter of Christop. Banckes bur. Jan. 29
24/12/1628Myls the supposed son of Robt. Aclum bur. Decemb. 24
21/02/1628A child of Jane Draper bur. February 21
18/12/1629Nicholas Dandye bur. December 18
07/03/1629Elsabeth the daughter of Georg Herron was bur. March 7
03/08/1630Aug. 3. Myles Truslove was bur.
03/09/1630Septemb. 3. William Lythe the servant of Sr Chr: Hildiard's was bur.
15/12/1630Decemb. 15. Richard Kempe was bur. ye kepper mane yeares of Winestead Parke
16/02/1630Febr. 16. A poore man dyed at Robert Gyles his house and was bur.
25/02/1630Febr. 25. Elsabeth the wife of William Dobson was bur.
22/07/1631July 22. (b) Elizabeth the daughter of Sr Christopher Hildiard Kt. was bur.
01/07/1631July 1. Robert Mattocke was bur.
10/08/1631Aug. 10. A childe dyed at Robert Baker's and was bur.
16/09/1631Sept. 16. John Blashell a servant of Francis Cockes was bur.
26/09/1631Sept. 26. Robert Allington burned to death wth lightening as he did sitte in a haycocke in Pattrington Ennyms, was bur. at Pattrington
01/11/1631Novemb. 1. Ellin the wife of Robert Gyles was bur.
12/10/1632Oct. 12. Ellin the wife of Robert Wood labourer dying in child-beareing was bur. And at the same time her child being a male and borne dead was buryed wth her
30/01/1632January 30. Jane the wife of John Pearson labourer was bur.
16/02/1632Febr. 16. Fraunces the daughter of John Pearson labourer was bur.
02/04/1633April 2. William the sonne of John Pearson labourer was bur.
10/05/1633May 10. Richard Ward labourer was bur.
20/08/1633August 20. Elsabeth the wife of Lawrence Preston dyed at Wynestead & was bur. at Ottringham
14/12/1633Decemb. 14. Avice Cooke widdow was bur.
06/06/1634June 6. Seth Barrett servant to Sr Chr. Hildiard Kt. was bur.
19/08/1634Aug. 19. Margery the wife of Robert Baker husbandman was bur.
22/08/1634Aug. 22. A bastard child of Alice Crosse the supposed father Thomas Holmes dyed unbaptized and was bur.
23/11/1634Novem. 23. (b) SR. CHRISTOPHER HILDIARD KNIGHT WAS BURYED (under the blue marble stone next the He which he built at his owne charge) [A slightly later addition to the entry.]
09/12/1634Decemb. 9. Anne Wood was bur.
20/02/1634Febr. 20. John Waddingham servant to Robert Baker was bur.
15/05/1635May 15. John Pearson labourer was bur.
08/09/1635Sept. 8. A child of Marmaduke Johnson non-bapt. was bur.
22/11/1635Novemb. 22. Christofer Bancks the elder was bur.
01/01/1635Januar. 1. Robert Robinson was bur. husb.
30/01/1635Januar. 30. Robert Gyles was bur. husb.
29/01/1635Januar. ultimo Christofer Owst the elder was bur.
01/03/1635Martij 1. A child of Francis Cocke not bapt. was bur.
28/03/1636Martij 28. Robert Collman husb. was bur.
31/05/1636Maij 31. Mrs Fraunces Pearson widdow was bur.
17/07/1636Julij 17. A child of Robert Wood unbaptized was bur.
28/07/1636Julij 28. George Huggan servant to Henry Hildiard Esq. was bur.
13/10/1636Octob. 13. Thomas Cocke labourer was bur.
09/12/1636Decemb. 9. Henry the sonne of Francis Edgar was bur. the 9 Decemb.
09/12/1636Decemb. 9. Abigail a poore woman of Pattrington dyed suddenly and was buryed att Winestead
25/02/1636Febru. 25. Thomas Johnson servant to Mr. Edgar was bur.
01/04/1637Aprill 1. A child of Willjam Rennison's buryed the 1 of Aprill
07/04/1637Aprill 7. Lettice the wife of Will. Rennison buryed
17/07/1637Julij 17. A child of Francis Cocke unbaptized was bur.
03/09/1637Sept. 3. Robert Christenwhite was bur.
19/10/1637Octob. 19. Fraunces the daughter of Richard Clapham the younger was bur.
08/01/1637Januar. 8. Ellin the supposed daughter of Martin Clarke was bur.
17/03/1638March 17. Margaret the wife of Gerrard Herron was bur.
05/04/1639Apr. 5. Anne Clowth widdow was bur.
06/04/1639Apr. 6. Gerrard Herron husbandman was bur.
04/09/1639Sept. 4. Anne the daughter of Wilfred Kemp was bur.
21/09/1639Sept. 21. Jane the daughter of John Pearson was bur.
19/02/1640Febr. 19. Elizabeth the daughter of Christopher Owst was bur.
17/06/1640June 17. A child of Ralph Owst bur. unbaptised
29/09/1640Sept. 29. Jane the wife of Robert Wood was bur.
21/03/1640Mar. 21. Mary the supposed daughter of Edward Blashell was bur.
03/04/1641Apr. 3. Fraunces Pearson the daughter of John Pearson was bur.
14/08/1642Aug. 14. Frances the daughter of James Bird was bur.
02/09/1642Sept. 2. Frances the daughter of Henry Wallas was bur.
02/11/1642Novemb. 2. Fraunces Joy the wife of John Joy was bur.
30/11/1642Novemb. 30. Anne Banckes the daughter of John Banckes was bur.
31/12/1642Decemb. 31. John Pearson labourer was bur.
19/01/1642Januar. 19. John Kemp the sonne of Wilfrid Kemp was bur.
09/02/1642Febr. 9. Mr. John Booth was bur.
04/10/1643Octob. 4. George Hancocke husbandman was buryed
20/10/1643Octob. 20. Christofer ye sonne of Raph Owst was bur.
26/11/1643Novemb. 26 Ellin the daughter of Michaell Browne was bur.
06/03/1643Mar. 6. Raph Dixson of Froddingham was bur.
06/04/1644April 6. Mawd Owst widdow was bur.
11/04/1644Apr. 11. Margery Baker the daughter of John Baker was bur.
12/10/1644Octob. 12. John Pearson the sonne of John Pearson was bur.
02/11/1644Novemb. 2. Anne Baker the daughter of John Baker was bur.
05/04/1645Apr. 5. Sarah Robinson widdow was bur.
17/04/1645Apr. 17. Elsabeth Bankes was bur.
01/06/1645June 1. John Willson was bur.
13/09/1645Sept. 13. Anne the daughter of Richard Clapham was bur.
04/12/1645Decemb. 4. Robert Ellerby was bur.
24/04/1646Apr. 24. Elsabeth Hallington was buryed
01/06/1646June 1. Elsabeth Ellerby was bur.
10/07/1646July 10. Francis Dyne was bur.
06/11/1646Novemb. 6. A daugh : of Mr. Christopher Hildyard not bapt. was bur.
09/11/1646Novemb. 9. A child of James Bird not bapt. was bur.
20/11/1646Novemb. 20. A child of Christopher Jefferson not bapt. was bur.
22/02/1646Febr. 22. Anne the wife of John Clarke was bur.
11/03/1646Mar. 11. Robert Baker was bur.
30/03/1647Mar. 30. A daughter of Richard Clapham not bapt. was bur.
11/04/1647Apr. 11. Margret Kempe was bur. (widdow to Wilfrid Kemp added in a later hand)
12/05/1647May 12. Clement the daughter of George Guy was bur.
11/10/1647Octob. 11. Christopher the sonne of Mr. Chr. Hildyard was bur.
24/10/1647Octob. 24. Barbara the wife of Robert Atkinson was bur.
31/12/1647Decemb. 31. A child of James Bird not bapt. was bur.
15/01/1647Januar. 15. Raph Owst Labourer was bur.
04/04/1648Apr. 4. Abdias Jackson was bur. servant to the Right worship Chrestopr Hildeyerd Knight
01/07/1648July 1. Robert the sonne of William Gyles was bur.
02/12/1648Decemb. 2. Robert the sonne of John Clarke was bur.
15/12/1648Decemb. 15. Anne the daughter of John Clarke was bur.
24/03/1648Mar. 24. Stephen Pearson Labourer was bur.
25/05/1649May 25. Susanna the (sic) Thomas Young was bur.
27/06/1649June 27. Anne the daughter of Chr : Jefferson was buryed.
02/10/1649Octob. 2. Katharyne the daughter of Chr : Jefferson was bur.
16/10/1649Octob. 16. , Hellen Parker servant of Francis Dobson was bur.
05/04/1650Apr. 5. Margret the daughter of Wilfrid Kemp was bur.
23/05/1650May 23. Elsabeth the daughter of John Clarke was bur.
04/01/1651Januar. 4. Christofer the sonne of Mr. Chr : Hildyard was bur.
25/10/1651Octob. 25. Isabell the wife- of Thomas Ripley was bur.
07/03/1651Mar. 7. John the sonne of John Clarke was bur.
01/08/1652Aug. 1. Anne the daughter of Mr. Chri : Hildyard was bur.
22/09/1652Sept. 22. Peter Smart servant to Mr. Edgar was bur.
03/11/1652Novemb. 3. Frances the wife of Francis Cocke was bur.
04/01/1652Januar. 4. Thomas Ripley was bur.
04/03/1652March 4. Robt. Wood was bur.
15/06/1653Elesabeth Pruston the wife of Law. Pruston was bur. the 15 day of Jun.
07/09/1653John Cooke the son of Law. Cooke was buryed the 7 of Sept.
19/11/1653Christofer broone the son of michel broone was bur. the 19 day of November
02/02/1653Elesabeth Kapon the daughter of Richard Kapon was bur. the 2 of February
16/05/1654Maister frances egger the minester was bur. the 16 day of May
28/07/1654Henry wallas was bur. the 28 of July
30/10/1654Willm hancock was bur. the 30 of October
31/10/1654Christofer hancock was bur. the 31 of October
08/12/1654Christofer Jefferson was bur. the 8 of December
20/04/1655Jone ward was bur. the 20 of Aprill
08/11/1655Ellis bilton was bur. the 8 of November
19/01/1655James burd was bur. the 19 day of January
06/04/1656Elesabeth pearsson was bur. the 6 of Aprill
11/10/1656Steven persson was bur. the 11 of October
20/11/1656John hancock the son of John hancock was bur. November the 20th
24/12/1656Katharyne the daughter of Christofer Owst was bur. the 24 of December
01/01/1656Alse Ruddack was buried the first of January
09/01/1656Em. Mattack was buried the 9 of January
14/04/1657Jane broone the doughter of michell broone was buryed the 14 day of April
06/09/1657An Gyles the wife of Willm Gyles was bur. the 6 of September
04/10/1657Richhard Clapan was bur. the 4 of October
09/10/1657Frances wallas was bur. the 9 of October
25/12/1657John Joy was Buryed the 25th day of December
07/03/1657An Hancoke the wife of John Hancoke was Buryed the 7th day of March
28/03/1658March the 28th. Francis Ripley was buryed
01/04/1658Aprill the 1st. Ann Brown the daughter of Michell Brown was bur.
06/04/1658Aprill the 6th. Michell Browne was bur.
07/04/1658Aprill the 7. Francis Cocke the wife of Thomas Cocke was bur.
08/04/1658Aprill the 8. Christopher Oust was bur.
23/05/1658Maij 23. John Bird the son of James Bird was bur.
03/06/1658June 3. Thomas Kemp and Jane Raley were marryed
11/06/1658June 11. Robt. Wright the son of William Wright was bur.
16/06/1658June 16. Alice Crosse was bur.
04/07/1658Julij 4th. Margaret the daughter of Robt. Kempe was bur.
04/10/1658Octobr 4. Marke Simson Miller kild wth the milstone bur.
15/08/1658August 15th. Margaret Clapham servant to George Guy bur.
17/02/1658February 17th. Anne the daughter of John Hancocke bur.
20/03/1658Henery Key servant to Catharin Jefferson bur. March 20 1658
17/04/1659April 17th. John the sonne of Lawrence Cooke was bur. Aprill 17
21/04/1659Elizabeth Oust the wife of Christopher Oust was bur. April 21
26/05/1659May 26. Willm Dobson of Frothingham was bur. at Winstead May 26
03/06/1659June 3. Francis Cooke the sonne of Lawrence Cooke was bur. June 3
11/11/1659William Giles bur. Novemb. 11th
10/12/1659John Clearke bur. Decr. 10th
06/03/1661Margaret the daughter of Thomas Kempe bur. March 6th
25/04/1663Elizabeth the wife and widdow of Abdias Jackson bur. April 25
09/06/1663John Browne the son of a travailer bur. June 9
30/08/1663Christopher the son of Wilfred Kempe bur. August 30
07/10/1663Elizabeth the daughter of John Wallis bur. Octob. 7
28/12/1663Cristopher Bankes was bur. the 28 day of December
01/01/1663Thomas Kemp the son of Thomas Kemp was bur. the 1 day of Janry.
08/05/1664Ann Bilet traveller was bur. May the 8th
20/05/1664William Jefferson the sone of John Jefferson was bur. May 20th
28/05/1664Ellin the daughter of John Wallas was bur. the 28th of May
23/08/1664August the 23. Mary the daughter of Lawrence Preston was bur.
12/10/1664October the 12. Grace the wife of Lawrence Preston was bur.
25/11/1664November the 25. George Heron senior was bur.
03/02/1664February the 3d. An Owst daughter of Chr. Owst was bur.
05/08/1665August the 5. Katherine Mathew was bur.
28/12/1665Isabell the daughter of Tho. Derby was bur. December the 28th
13/01/1665Margaret the daughter of Robert Kemp was bur. January the 13th
20/01/1665Richard the son of Thomas Kemp was bur. January the 20th
06/03/1665An Jefferson the daughter of David Jefferson was bur. March the 6th
22/04/1666April the 22d. Isabell ye daughter of Christopher Jefferson was bur.
24/04/1666Aprill the 24. Elizabeth Kay servt to Richard Ganton was bur.
29/04/1666Aprill the 29. Sibell Isac daughter of James Isac was bur.
06/05/1666 May the 6th. Elizabeth Wallis wife to John Wallis was bur.
09/02/1666February the 9th. Christo : Owst was bur.
19/06/1667June the 19th. An Jefferson daughter of David Jefferson was bur.
02/09/1667September the 2d. Bettrix Guy daughter of Christ : Guy was bur.
13/09/1667September the 13th. Hellen the daughter of John Wallis was bur.
22/10/1667October the 22d. Susanna Pearson widow was bur.
26/10/1667Octo. the 26. The same William Hildeyerd was bur.
01/11/1667November the 1st. Mrs. Dorothie Hildeyerd wife to Henry Hildeyerd Esqr was bur.
18/11/1667November the 18th. Ann Norton wife to Nicholas Norton was bur.
30/11/1667Novbr. 30th. Christopher Kemp son of Robt. Kemp was bur.
30/01/1667January the 30th. Nicolas Norton was bur.
05/02/1667February the 5th. Ester ye wife of Francis Wallis was bur.
19/02/1667February the 19th. Elizabeth Wallis wife to John Wallis was bur.
04/03/1667March the 4th. Katherin Jefferson widow was bur.
05/03/1667March the 5th. Alexander Sheilds was bur.
07/03/1667March the 7th. Mary Key was buried
11/03/1667March the 11th. Ann Mattock wife to Robert Maddock was bur.
16/04/1668Aprill the 16th. Margarett Kemp wife of Richard Kemp was bur.
18/05/1668May the 18th. Richard Kemp son of Richard Kemp was bur.
30/06/1668June the 30th. Richard Kempe senior was bur.
13/09/1668Sept. the 13. Susanna wife of Richard Fenby was bur.
24/10/1668October the 24. Peter the son of James Isak was bur.
03/12/1668December the 3d. Robt. the son of Henry Raven was bur.
12/01/1668January the 12th. William Girsby was bur.
09/03/1668March the 9th. Margaret Jefferson was bur. March the 9th
28/03/1669March the 28th. Christopher the sonn of Thomas Kemp was bur.
17/04/1669Aprill the 17th. Elizabeth Wallis widow was bur.
22/04/1669Aprill the 22th. Syth Rich alias Burgess was bur.
18/10/1669October the 18th. Jone Ellerby widow was bur.
19/10/1669October the 19th. Elizabeth Bell was bur.
16/11/1669November the 16th. Elizabeth Smith was bur.
07/04/1670Aprill the 7th. George Hancock the son of John Hancock was bur.
19/04/1670April the 19th. Wilfrid the son of Thomas Kemp was bur.
22/04/1670Aprill the 22d. Ann Banks [blank] was bur.
02/05/1670May the 2d. Richard Green travellour was bur.
22/06/1670June 22d. Mary ye daughter of Robt. Mattock was bur.
19/09/1670Sept. the 19th. Ann Guy wife of George Guy was bur.
29/10/1670October the 29th. Dorothy Isack wife of James Isack was bur.
14/11/1670November the 14th. Ann Pearson widow was bur.
05/12/1670December the 5th. Mary the daughter of Thoas Scott was bur.
19/02/1670February the 19th. Margarett Raines wife of Marmaduke was bur.
19/03/1670March the 19th. Robt. sonn of Wilfrid Kemp was bur.
02/05/1671May the 2d. Henry Hull was bur.
09/05/1671May the 9th. Dinah Herron widdow was bur.
14/09/1671September the 14th. Mary the daughter of Tho. Scott was bur.
15/01/1671January the 15. Tho : the son of Thomas Kemp was bur.
30/01/1671January the 30th. Frances Malls traveller was bur.
26/03/1672March the 26. Frances the wife of Henry Raven was bur.
23/02/1672Feb. 23. John the sone of John Wallas was bur.
25/04/1673Aprill the 25. Sam. the son of Robert Kemp was bur.
21/06/1673June the 21. Christopher the son of Robt : Kemp was bur.
17/07/1673July 17. Wiliam Pearson was bur.
07/09/1673Septebr. the 7th. Wm the son of Wm Pearson was bur.
21/09/1673Septebr. 21. Ann the daughter of Chris : Guy was bur.
21/12/1673December the 21. John Kemp son of Robert Kemp was bur.
28/12/1673December the 28. Francis Bird son of Katherin Bird was bur.
13/01/1673Jan. 13. Alice Key the supposed daughter of Tho : Egleston was bur.
01/04/1674Aprill the 1st. Ann the daughter of Thomas Maules bur.
27/08/1674August the 27. Lawrance Tennison died at Marmaduke Raines his house and was buried August the 28
01/03/1674March the 1st. Jane the wife of Ralfe Owst was bur.
10/03/1674March the 10th. Jane the daughter of Ralfe Owst was bur.
13/03/1674March the 13th. Christopher the son of Ralfe Owst was bur.
31/10/1675October 31th. Ann Browne widow was bur.
19/11/1675November the 19th. Ann Hancock daughter of William Hancock was bur.
26/11/1675November the 26th. Margaret Girsby widow was bur.
18/01/1675January the 18. Sarah Fisher servt to Jon Hancock was bur.
09/05/1676May the 9. John the son of Stephen Malls was bur.
04/07/1676July the 4th. Old Wilfrid Kemp an aunciant steward to the family of the Hildyards was bur.
25/01/1676January the 25. Richard the son of Wilfrid Kemp senr buried
16/02/1676February 16. Sarah the daughter of Ruth Maules bur.
22/02/1676February 22. Anna the daughter of Anna Jefferson bur.
08/03/1676March the 8t. Margaret Bird wife of James Bird was bur.
24/03/1676March the 24. Mary the daughter of Gabriel Raines was bur.
19/04/1677Aprill the 19th. Ursula the wife of Robert Mattock was bur.
10/05/1677May the 10th. Margaret the daughter of Wilfrid Kemp bur.
13/06/1677June the 13th. Bettrix the daughter of Christopher Guy was bur.
16/06/1677June the 16. Ann Smyth servant to Wilfrid Kemp sen. was bur.
26/08/1677August the 26. Frances the daughter of James Bird was bur.
22/12/1677December the 22d. George Guy farmer was bur.
01/04/1678April the 1st. Ralph Owst was bur.
29/05/1678May the 29. Ann the daughter of Jane Owst was bur.
26/07/1678July the 26th. Elizabeth Maules daughter of Stephen Maules [could be buried]
The names of them persons that have been buried in wooling in this P'ish of Winestead since St Bartholomew's day in ye year aforesd
24/11/1678Novbr ye 24. Mary the daughter of Gabriell Raines was bur.
05/12/1678Decembr. 5. Marmaduke Raines was bur.
01/01/1678January 1st. Betrix the daughter of Thomas Bambridge was bur.
04/01/1678January ye 4th. Hellen the daughter of Wilfrid Kemp ju. was bur.
05/01/1678January ye 5th. John the son of John Perkinson was bur.
28/01/1678January ye 28th. Mary the daughter of John Mawer was bur
31/05/1679May 31. Christopher son of Wilfrid Kemp sen. bur.
10/11/1679November ye x 2th. Gabriell Raines was bur.
11/12/1679December ye xith. Joo Parkinson son of Jon Parkinson was bur.
16/12/1679December ye 16th. Katherin Bird was bur.
17/12/1679December ye 17th. William the son of Jon Parkinson was bur.
27/02/1679February ye 27th. Thomas Kemp was bur.
21/03/1679March ye 21th. John Wallas was bur.
01/04/1680Aprill ye 1st. Ann the daughter of Robert Browne was bur.
09/04/1680Aprill ye 9th. William Clipingdale was bur.
24/04/1680Aprill ye 24th. Mary Dandy was bur.
12/12/1680December ye 12. Mary Parkinson bur.
18/01/1680January 18. Young John Wallas was bur.
24/01/1680January. Bettrix Guy was bur. Janu. 24
21/04/1681Aprill 21. Katherin Smyth was bur.
31/05/1681May 31. Thomas Scott was bur.
24/08/1681August 24. Francis the daughter of Robt. Brown was bur.
10/05/1681May 10th. William the son of Will. Coy was bur.
11/11/1681Novem. 11th. Christopher Cooper was bur.
09/03/1681March 9th. Elinor the daughter of Robert Kemp was bur.
03/02/1681Febr 3rd. Anna the daughter of Thomas Smyth was bur.
23/09/1681Septem. 23rd. Jane Kemp widdow was bur.
03/02/1682Feb. 3. Elenor wife of William Bell was bur.
15/11/1683Novemb* 15. Bridget the wife of James Bird bur.
12/01/1683Jan. 12. Gabriell Denton was bur.
12/04/1684April 12. Frances wife of William Bell was bur.
08/05/1684May 8. Jane daughter of John Rosdale was bur.
25/05/1684May 25. James son of James Bird was bur.
11/06/1684June 11. Gabriell son of Gabriell Denton was bur.
13/06/1684June 13. John Dandie was bur.
22/06/1684June 22. Margery Care was bur.
20/07/1684July .20. Robert Mattock was bur.
21/09/1684Sept. 21. William Coy son of William Coy was bur.
27/11/1684Novebr 27. Jane daughter of Tho. Bramebridge bur.
09/01/1684(b) Christopher Hildyard esquire bur. Jan. 9th
07/03/1684(b) Sr Robert Hildyard Knt and Baronet bur. March 7th 1684
25/07/1686Ellene daughter of Robert Brown bur. July 25
03/08/1686Michaell son of Robert Brown bur. August 3
04/08/1686John Williamson servant to Geo. Herron was bur. Aug. 4
06/08/1686Tho. son of Tho. Dandie was bur. Aug. 6 1686
26/03/1687Robert Owst was bur. March 26
26/10/1687Francis wife of John Twilton was bur. Octob. 26
04/02/1687Eliz. wife of Wilfrid Kemp was bur. Feb. 4th
01/03/1687Ann daughter of Leon. Grasscroft bur. March 1st
29/04/1688Ann wife of Tho. Brambridge was bur. Aprill 29
12/06/1688George Scot was bur. June 12
17/06/1688George Shot son of Christ. Shot bur. June 17
14/10/1688Jane wife of William Coy bur. Oct. 14
29/11/1688William son of John Mawer bur. Nov. 29
10/06/1689Mathew the son of Christo. Shott was bur. June the 10th 1689
11/05/1691Katherina filia Johnis Parkinson sepulta 11mo de Maij
13/09/1691Maria Rimer spinster sepulta 13tio die Sevenbris
13/09/1691Richardus Dailey spurius sepultus 13tio die Sevenbris
25/09/1691Maria filia Benneti Wyly sepulta 25to die Sevenbris
29/12/1692Gulielmus Longmire sepultus 29no die Tenbris
27/09/1693Johannes Mower sepultus 27mo die Sevenbris
01/09/1693Gulielmus filius Jacobi Bird sepultus 31 mo die Sevenbris
17/11/1693Susanna filia Richardi Harwood sepulta 17mo die Ninebris
14/06/1694Tho. filius Thomae Brodwell sepultus 14to die Junij
01/12/1694Elias filius Thomae Brodwell sepultus 1mo die Tenbris
03/02/1694Elizab. filia Robt Kemp sepulta 3tio Febry
04/03/1694Elizabetha Bird sepulta 4to die Martij
26/04/1695Geo. filius Georgij Longmire Rectoris sepultus 26to die Aprilis
19/06/1695*Maria filia Richdi Harwood sepulta 19 Junij
24/07/1695[Stephanus] Shackles sepultus 24to Julij
03/07/1695Geo. Dickinson de Kingston super Hull sepultus 3tio die febrii 1695-6
06/02/1695Elizab. Snaith sepulta 6to die Febrij
23/03/1695Johnes Wright sepultus 23tio die Martij 1695/6
09/07/1695This and the four following entries appear in duplicate on fo. 9.
04/04/1696Ellinor Longmire sepulta 4to die Aprilis 1696
20/06/1696Maria Bird sepulta 20mo die Junij 1696
12/08/1696Johannes Holmes sepultus 12mo die Augt. 1696
18/12/1696Jana Kemp sepulta 18vo die Tenbris 1696
06/02/1696Jana Longmire sepulta 6o die Febrij 1696-7
09/04/1697Katharina Jefferson sepulta 9no die April 1697
10/04/1697Johnes Wright infans sepultus 10mo die Apr. 1697
23/02/1697Anna Longmire sepulta 23tio feb. 1697-8
23/07/1698Barthol. Low sepultus 23tio die July 1698
03/12/1698Johannes Parkinson sepultus 3tio die Tenbris 1698
04/12/1698Bathsheba Conniston sepulta 4to die Tenbris 1698
12/10/1699Eliz. filia Gulmi Yeaton sepulta 12mo die Eightbris 1699
17/05/1700Richardus Smith sepultus 17mo die Maij 1700
21/10/1700Isabella filia Geo. Longmire sepulta 21 mo die Eightbris 1700
06/05/1701Maria filia Richardi Harwood sepulta 6C0 die Maij 1701
01/09/1701Tho. Brodwell sepultus 1 Imo die Sevenbris 1701
11/05/1702Johan. Conniston sepult. 11mo die Maij
16/07/1702Katherina Conniston sepulta 16o die Julij
13/02/1702Gratia Brambrigg sepulta 13tio die Febrij
06/08/1703Maria Bird spuria sepulta 6to die Augt
01/09/1703Tho. Smith sepultus 1mo die Sevenbris
15/10/1703Francis Haywood sepultus 15to die Eightbris
09/11/1703Eliz. Robinson sepulta 9no die Ninebris
18/01/1703Gulielmus Longmire infans sepultus 18vo die Janrij 1703-4
19/02/1703Gulielmus spurius Gulielmi Watson sepultus 19no die Febrij 1703-4
20/03/1703Bathsheba Botterill Hollym sepulta 20mo die Martij 1703-4
25/04/1704Gulielmus filius Gulimi Robinson sepultus 25to Aprilis 1704
07/05/1704Dinah Fox vid. sepulta 7mo die Maij 1704
07/05/1704Jonah filius Gulmi Fox sepultus 7mo die Maij
10/05/1704Margarita Conniston sepulta 10mo die Maij
14/05/1704Robtus Kemp de Pattr sepultus 14o die Maij
31/08/1704Jana filia Gulmi Hardy sepulta 31mo die Augt
03/11/1704Johannes Conniston sepultus 3tio die Ninebris
13/01/1704Johannes Dandy sepultus 13tio die Janrii 1704-5
22/01/1704Timotheus Coates sepultus 22do die Janrii
23/01/1704*Anna Herron sepulta 23tio die Janrii
22/05/1715Tho : filius Gulielmi Robinson sepult. Maij 22
15/08/1715Aug. 15, Mary the daughter of William Hardy buried
30/01/1704Maria Dawson sepulta 30mo die Janrij 1704-5
01/02/1704Petrus Conniston sepultus 1mo die Febrij
10/02/1704Elizab. Dailes sepulta 10mo die Febrij hitherto sent
18/03/1704Gulielmus Harwood sepultus 18vo die Martij
16/12/1705Elizabetha Robinson sepulta 16to Tenbris 1705
19/01/1705Jana Scott sepulta 19no die Janrii 1705-6
22/01/1705Maria Story sepulta 22do die Janrii 1705-6
19/02/1705Sarah filia Gulmi Hardy sepulta 19mo die Febrij 1705-6
16/06/1706Lancelotus Mauls sepultus 16to die Junij 1706
02/07/1706Tho. Hesk infans sepultus 2do die Julij 1706
31/07/1706Anna Story infans sepulta 231i0 Julij 1706
27/08/1706Jana Shackles sepulta 27mo die Augt 1706
07/10/1706Jana Shackles jun. sepulta 7mo die Eightbris 1706
04/11/1706George Herron senior sepultus 4to die Ninebris 1706
20/01/1706Gulielmus Wilkinson sepultus 20mo die Janrii 1706-7
02/03/1706Gulielmus Robinson infans sepultus 2do die Martij 1706-7
12/03/1706Johnes Holderness sepultus 12do die Martij 1706-7
18/03/1706Wm Watson senr sepultus 18o0 die Martij 1706-7
21/06/1707Tho. filius Gulmi Hardy sepultus 21mo die Junij 1707
01/07/1707Eduardus Robinson sepultus 1mo die Julij
09/11/1707Ellinora Wilson sepulta 9no die Ninebris
07/01/1707Alicia Parkinson sepulta ult die Janrij 1707-8
09/02/1707Francisca Browne sepulta 9no die Febrij 1707-8
21/02/1707Elizabetha Dandy sepulta 21mo die Febrij 1707-8
03/03/1707Margaretta Winteringham sepulta 3tio die Martij 1707-8
24/07/1708Jacobus Brambrigg sepultus 24tio die Julij 1708
08/02/1708Anna Maddock sepulta 8vo die Febrij 1708
05/04/1709Tho. filius Thomae Harrison sepultus 5to die Aprilis 1709
01/03/1709Phillipus Story sepultus 1mo die Martij 1709-10
18/05/1710Dinah Holderness sepulta 18vo die Maij 1710
24/06/1710Robtus filius Guliel Wilkinson sepultus 24 die Junij
13/01/1710Anna filia Robti Laikes sepulta 13tio die Janrij 1710-11
07/03/1710Elizabetha Mower sepulta 7mo die Martij 1710
30/07/1711Georgius Longmire Rectr De Winstead sepultus tricessimo die Julij 1711
12/05/1712Ruth Smith was bur. May the 12th 1712
12/10/1712William Holliday was bur. Octob. the 12th 1712
26/11/1712Jane Browne was bur. November the 26th 1712
23/02/1712Jane the Daughter of Tho. Harrison was bur. Febry ye 23rd 1712-13
18/07/1714Mary the wife of Robt Lakes was bur. on July 18th Ao 1714
10/10/1714Mrs. Sarah Wakefieild was bur. 10th Octob. 1714
22/03/1714Robertus Kemp sepultus erat Martij vicessimo secundo
22/05/1715May 22d, Thomas the son of William Robinson bur.
15/08/1715Augt 15, Mary the daughter of William Hardy bur.
21/06/1716June 21. Josephus filius Thomae Wright de Pidsey-Burton sepultus
20/04/1716April 20. Ellis Twilton Vidua de Winestead sepulta fuit
09/12/1716Decr. the 9th. Richardus Eddam de Winestead sepultus fuit
03/02/1716Feb. the 3rd 1716-17. John the son of John Fox husbandman was bur.
02/04/1718April ye 2d 1718. John son of Robert Lairks labourer was bur.
24/08/1719Phinehas son of Thomas Scot Parish Clark bur. August ye 24th 1719
22/08/1719George Hill hired Servant was bur. August 22d 1719
20/12/1719Mary wife of Robert Lairks Labourer was bur. Decr. the 20th 1719
02/01/1719Mary daughter of George Broadwell Labourer was bur.January the 2d 1719
13/01/1719William son of Robert Lairks Labourer was bur. January the 13th 1719
17/06/1719Richard Harwood Tayler was bur. Jun ye 17 1719
29/02/1719William son of Wm Wilkinson Labr was bur. Feb. the 29th
17/06/1720Thomas Hesk labourer was buryed June the 17th 1720
05/02/1720Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Scot parish clerk was buryed February the 5th 1720
16/02/1720Robert son of Robert Lairks labourer was buryed February the 16th 1720
07/03/1720Anne daughtr of William Wilkinson labourer was buryed March the 7th
19/03/1720Jane daughtr of Robt Lairks labourr was buryed March the 19th
23/05/1721William Eaten farmer was buryed May the 23d 1721
27/07/1721John son of Robt [another Christian name under Rohl erased] Burril ffarmer was buryed July the 27th 1721
01/09/1721Thomas son of Henry Hardy ffarmer was buryed Septembr the 1st 1721
11/09/1721Mary wife of Philip Story of Otteringham weaver was buryed at Winestead Septembr the 11th 172r
13/01/1721Anne Eaton widow was buryed January the 13th 1721
11/09/1722John son of William Fox was buryed Septembr the 11th 1722
05/12/1722Richard son of Richard Tinegate farmer was buryed Decr 5th
10/12/1722Anne wife of Richard Tinegate and Robert his son were buryed Decembr the 10th 1722
13/12/1722William Wilkinson labourer was buryed Decembr the 13th 1722
22/12/1722Mary wife of Thomas Harrison labourer was buryed Decembr the 161722
14/01/1722Anne daughtr of Mary Hesk widow was buryed Jany the 14th 1722
24/01/1722Mary Hesk widow was buried January the 24th 1722
30/01/1722Robert Brown was buryed January the 30th 1722
11/06/1723Dorothy Longmire widow of Mr George Longmire late Rector of Winestead was buryed June the xi.
27/09/1723Captn Henry Hildyard was buryed September the 27th [On a shield, a mullet with a crescent for difference.]
25/12/1723Richard Tinegate ffarmer was buryed Decembr the 25th
18/06/1724Robert Lairks labourer was buryed June the 18th
25/10/1724Anne wife of John Taylor was buryed Octobr the 25th Ed. Ellerington
21/07/1725Susannah wife of Wm Brown farmr was buried July the 21st
28/09/1725Sarah daughtr of James Watson farmr was buried September the 28th
10/10/1725Anne daughtr of Bartholomew Lindsley farmr was buried Octobr the 10th
24/10/1725Edward son of Bartholomew Linsdall farmer was buried Octobr the 24th
19/10/1726Anne daughter of Henry Hardy farmr was buried October the 19th
25/09/1727Elizabeth daught. of Wm Kemp weavr was buried Septembr the 25th
12/10/1728Thomas son of John Hardy farmr was buried October the 12
18/10/1728John Wailes hired st was buried October the 18th
18/12/1728Mary wife of John Hope labourer was buried Decembr the 18th
23/01/1728Hannah Brown spinstr was buried January the 23d
11/02/1728Mary wife of Thomas Marsen farmr was buried February the 11th
15/02/1728Elhen (sic) Wilkinson hired st was buried February the 15th
09/03/1728Christopher Shutt farmer was buried March the 9th
14/03/1728Thomas Harrison pauper was buried March the 14th
13/11/1729Frances wife of Bartholomew Linsdall farmr was buried Novembr the 13th
13/11/1729William son of William Hodges labourer was buried November the 13th
14/11/1729The Honourable Sr Robert Hildyard Knt and Baronett was buried November the 14th in the Burial place belonging to that family
17/12/1729Robert Burril farmr was buried December the 17th
05/05/1730William son of James Ramshaw labr was buried May the 5th
31/05/1730William Brown of the Parish of Pattrington (lately of the Parish of Winstead farmr) was buried May the 31st
17/12/1730James Watson farmr was buried December the 17th
24/12/1730William son of John Carrick labourer was buried Decembr the 24th
20/02/1730Frances Collinson widow was buried February the 20th
23/06/1731Elianor Green hired st was buried June the 23d
07/08/1731Elizabeth wife of James Ramshaw labourer was buried August the 7th
02/10/1731Richard son of William Robinson farmr was buried October the 2d
07/10/1731Francis son of James Ramshaw labourer was buried Octobr 7th
28/09/1732Martha .... buried September the 28th
27/05/1733Elizabeth wife of Wm Robinson labr was buried May the 27th
02/10/1733Dinah daughter of Benjamin Handcock labourer was buried October the 2d
13/01/1733James son of James Ramshaw labourer was buried January the 13th
25/01/1733Richard son of Wm Fox farmr was buried January the 25th
27/01/1733John infant son of James Ramshaw labourer was buried January the 27th
21/02/1733Mary .... was bur. February the 21st
06/03/1733Jane daughter of William Kemp weaver was buried March the 6th
27/12/1734Naomi daughter of John Jefferson farmer was buried December the 27th
20/09/1735Thomas Scot parish clerk was buried September the 20th
27/01/1735Anne . . . . was bur. January the 27th
11/11/1736Edward . . was buried November the 11th
25/12/1736Elianor Rheme of Waxholme st was buried Decembr the 25th
05/01/1736Thomas the son of John Forster farmer was buried January the 5th
11/04/1737Anne the daughter of John Hardy farmer was buried April the xi.
30/04/1737John the son of Robert Branton labourer was buried April the 30th
03/05/1737Martha the wife of the said Robert Branton was buried May the 3d
16/08/1737Mary the daughter of Henry Fox farmr was bur. Aug. the 16th
28/10/1737John the son of John Hope labourer was buried October the 28th
02/11/1737Mary the wife of Wm Kemp parish clark was buried Novr the 2d
03/11/1737Wm the son of the said Wm Kemp was buried November the 3d
24/12/1737Anne the wife of Henry Fox labourer was buried Decembr 24th
20/01/1737John the son of John Hardy farmer was buried January the 20th
27/03/1738Anne Ward pauper was buried March the 27th
07/11/1738William Fox farmer was buried November the 7th
07/12/1738William Robinson gardener was buried Decembr the 7th
28/01/1738Jane daughter of Henry Fox laborer was buried January the 28th
24/01/1739Mary Brown of Halsham widow was bury'd January the 24th
19/03/1739Eleanor wife of John Jefferson farmer was bury'd March the 19th
14/04/1740John Jefferson farmer was bury'd April the 14th
15/05/1740William Hodge laborer was bury'd May the 15th
17/04/1741Miss Mary-Catherine daughter of Sr Robert Hildyard Baronet was bury'd April the 17th
13/02/1741Gregory Marson farmer was bury'd February the 13th
23/03/1741Dinah Fox widow was bury'd March the 23d
16/12/1742Robert son of William Kemp parish-clark was bury'd December the 16th
31/01/1742Mary-Catherine daughter of Leonard Hildyard laborer was bury'd January the 31st
14/02/1742Christopher son of Benjamin Handcock laborer was bury'd February the 14th
29/04/1743John Foster farmer was bury'd April the 29th
27/07/1743William Reed sailor was bury'd July the 27th
21/12/1744John son of James Ramshaw laborer was bury'd December the 21st
11/03/1744Mar. 11. Isabel wife of Benjamin Hewson farmer was bury'd March the 11th
13/07/1746July 13. Ann daughter of Philip Reed of Owbrough laborer was bury'd July the 13th
20/09/1746Sepr. 20. William son of Mr William Powley farmer was bury'd September the 20th
27/09/174627. Lydia-C . was bury'd Sept. 27th
16/11/1746Nov. 16. Catherine daughter of Leonard Hildyard laborer was bury'd November the ,6th
17/11/174617. Mary daughter of Leonard Hildyard laborer was bury'd November the 17th
05/02/1746Feb. 5. Joanna daughter of Henry Fox laborer was bury'd February the 5th
25/08/1747Aug. 25. Dame Mary-Catherine the Lady of Sr Robert Hildyard Baronet was bury'd August the 25th
11/12/1747Decr. 11. Priscilla wife of Thomas Marshall farmer was bury'd December the xith
12/08/1749August 12th. Thomas Marshall farmer was bury'd August the 12th
16/08/1750August the 16. Richard son of Richard North was buried
25/09/1750Sept. 25. The Revd Geo. Longmire buried
26/05/1751May 26. Benj. son of Benjamin Handcock was buried
22/04/1752April 22. Ellin Scot was buried
18/04/1753April the 18. Mary daughter of Xtopher Marshall labourer
07/05/1753James Ramshaw buried May the 7th
13/05/1754John son of Benjamin Hewson farmer bury'd May the 13th
03/08/1754Elenor daughter of Christopher Jefferson farmer bury'd August 3d
99/10/1754Thomas son of James [? Ramshaw] labourer was buried October ...
01/11/1755Nov. 1. Susanna wife of Joseph Wanril was buried
19/12/1755Decembr 19. Rebecca daughter of John Johnson was buried
14/09/1756Sept 14. Died Mrs. Sarah Robinson wife of the Revd. Mr. Edw. Robinson Rector and was buried in a vault in the Quire the 17 of September 1756
07/11/1757Rebecca wife of Rich. North farmer buried Nov. 7th 1757
07/01/1758January 7. buried Edw. Foster farmer January 1758
31/01/1758January 31 1758. Mary Ramshaw buried
22/05/1758Thomas Marson farmer buried [April erased] May 22 1758
05/11/1758Mr. Edward Robinson Rector of Winestead was buried the fifth of Novembr
23/01/1759Jane dau. of John Meadley labourer bur. January 23d
12/04/1759Apr. 12. Christopher son of Wm Hornby labourer
07/05/1759May 7. Ann wife of Willm Kemp parish clerk
09/06/1759June 9. Robert White gardiner
25/01/1760Janry 25. John Meadley labourer Sam. Johnston Rector
16/07/1760July 16. John son of Christopher Jefferson of Inholmes in the Parish of Patrington farmer
10/04/1761Aprill 10. Jane
26/10/1761Oct. 26. John Jefferson of Ottringham farmer
01/02/1762Febry 1. Benjamin Hancock labourer
25/03/1762Mar. 25. Jane wife of Matthew Appleby of Patrington labourer
27/03/1762Mar. 27. Benjamin Hewson the Younger farmer
17/12/1762Decr 17. Christopher Marshall labr
19/01/1763Janry 19. Christopher son of Christopher Jefferson of Inholmes in the Parish of Patrington farmer Sam. Johnston Rector
30/06/1763June 30. Sarah daughter of Wm Hornby labourer
29/07/1763July 29. Jane wife of George Billany tollgatherer at the Turnpike House in the Parish of Patrington
11/12/1763Decr 11. John Hope labourer
31/03/1764Mar. 31. John son of Christopher Jefferson of Inholmes in the Parish of Patrington farmer
27/04/1764Apr. 27. Thomas Foster of Otteringham yeoman
23/07/1764July 23. Judith Fox spinster from Ryehill in the Parish of Burstwick
02/09/1764Sept. 2. Thomas Mitchinson labourer
23/03/1764Mar. 23. Richard son of Wm Martin labourer
23/05/1765May 23. Richard North farmer
04/06/1765June 4. William Redhead servant
21/06/1765June 21. Esther Walker spinster aged 63
13/11/1766Novr 13. Jane wife of Henry Fox labourer
20/02/1767Febry 20 Elizabeth Robinson widow aged 79
24/04/1768Apr. 24. Elizabeth
23/05/1768May 23. Jane daughter of Stephen Giles farmer
28/04/176828. Elizabeth daughter of Robt Ogerham labr
07/06/1768June 7. William Hancock labourer
03/03/1769Mar. 3. Robert son of Wm Hornby labourer
24/04/1769Apr. 24. John Longmire yeoman
12/06/1769June 12. Thomas son of Thomas Mitchinson labourer deceased
06/08/1769Augt 6. Benjamin son of Stephen Giles farmer
17/08/1769Augt 17. Christopher son of Wm Hornby labourer
13/09/1769Septr 13. Hannah
03/04/1770Apr. 3. Jane wife of Gregory Marson farmer
12/12/1770Decr 12. Mary Ogerham spinster
05/06/1771June 5. Margaret Hancock widow
31/12/1771Decr 31. Dinah Hancock spinster
13/05/1772May 13. Isabella daughter of Samuel Jefferson farmer
18/05/1772May 18. Ann wife of Henry Fox labourer
13/09/1772Sepr 13. Christopher Jefferson of Inholmes in the Parish of Patrington farmer
02/06/1773June 2. Isabella wife of Samuel Jefferson farmer
31/08/1773Augt 31. Margaret wife of Benjamin Hewson of Patrington yeoman
01/09/1773Septr 1. Elizabeth daughter of Christopher Hancock labourer
30/01/1774Janry 30. Mary Fewson spinster
18/03/1774Mar. 18. Henry Fox labourer 70
06/12/1774Decr 6. Benjamin Hewson of Patrington yeoman 84
08/12/1774Decr 8. William Kemp parish clarke 79
05/07/1775July 5. Mary daughter of Christopher Jefferson of Inholmes in the Parish of Patrington farmer deceased
22/02/1776Febry 22. Thomas Hornby servant
27/07/1776July 27th. Leonard Hildyard aged 72
15/06/1778June 15th. William Smith aged 80
25/04/1779Apr 25. Mary Sanderson of Pattirington widow
21/12/1779December 21t. Thos Sanderson in the Parrishs Patterington farmer
21/12/1779December 21t. Jane the daughter of Chrisr Jefferson of Enholms in the Parish of Patterington farmer
12/04/1780Apr 12. Jane the wife of Robt Ogram labourer
29/04/1780April 29th. Joanna Branton
20/12/1780December 20th. Gregory Marson
15/02/1781Feb. 15th 1781 Sr Robert Hildyard Bart aged 65
09/03/1782March 9th 1782 Mary the widow of Leonard Hildyard laborer
27/03/1783March 27. Thomas son of William Ingram' labourer
31/03/1783March 31. Robert son of William Ingram labr
01/05/1783May 1st. John son of John Courtney laborer
16/11/1783November 16. William Ingram laborer
14/12/1783December 14. Mary daughter of Thomas Scott gardener
10/12/1784December 10. Thomas Scott gardener
05/03/1785March 5. Jane daughter of Robert Ogram laborer
13/03/1785March 13. Mary wife of Robert Robinson laborer
06/04/1785April 6. Margaret daughter of Christopher Hancock labr
22/12/1785December 22. Thomas Jefferson bachelor labourer
26/02/1786February 26. Mary daughter of Samuel Garnet labourer
01/04/1786April 1. Richard Wake bachelor servant
04/04/1786April 4. William Hornby labourer
28/09/1786September 28. Richard Reed labourer
06/12/1787December 6. Caleb Billeny from Ottringham
04/12/1788December 4. Catharine Ingram widow
24/03/1789March 24. Susanna North widow
08/05/1790May 8. Robert son of Chrisr Handcock
26/12/1790Decr 26. Margaret wife of Jonathan Hewson labr
24/09/1791Sept 24. Robt Ogram labourer
14/11/1791Novr 14. Henry Ogram servant
21/10/1792Octr 21. Elizabeth daughter of Chr Handcock
09/10/1793October 9. Tamar daughter of Jno Courtney labr
29/05/1796May 29th. Margaret Mitchinson widow
10/12/1796December 10th. Catharine Hornby widow
15/11/1797Novr 15th William son of Jos. & Elizth Mumby
05/03/1799March 5th 1799. Mary wife of Micah Woodall
04/10/17994th Octobr. John Chambers servt to Sr Robt Hildyard
14/03/180014th March. Robert Linsdall farmer aet. 66
21/01/180121st January. Ann Harris servt to Mrs. Whyte ae. 63
02/02/18022d February. Robert
25/05/180425th May. Margaret Hewson
25/10/180425th October. Mary Saunderson
17/02/180517th February. Isabella wife of Christopher Jefferson
19/04/180519th April. William son of Cr. Jefferson
20/04/180520th Apr. Lydia daugh. of John Courtney
13/04/180713th April. Henry son of Willm Ogram
23/04/180723rd Apr. Elizabeth wife Willm Ogram
10/05/180710th May. William son of Saml Jefferson
02/09/18085th September. Catherine wife of James Whyte Esqr & second daughter of the late Sr Robt Hildyard Bart aged 61
24/03/180924th March. Elizabeth wife of Robt Robinson
22/11/180922nd Novr. Stephen Giles farmer ae. 76
06/12/18096th December. Lydia widow of Robt Linsdall m. 79
21/03/181221st March. Elizabeth Monkman
26/03/181226th March. Jane daughter of Richd Norton
16/06/181216th June. Jane daughter of Stephn Giles
15/11/181215th Novr. William son of John Terrington
03/12/18123d Decr. Richard Boseman
17/12/181217th December. Anne eldest daughter of the late Sir Robt Hildyard Bart ae. 67

Data transcribed from
A publication by the Yorkshire Parish Register Society
published in the year 1900
Transcribed by Colin Hinson
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