Winestead Registers - Miscellaneous.


Transcription of the Winestead Registers - Miscellaneous.

Miscellaneous entries in the Parish Registers.


Rector of Winestead.


The Registers of Winestead, in Holderness, date from 1578. They are contained in three Books. 1. The first is of parchment, and contains thirty folios, besides the fly-leaf. It measures 12 inches in length by 74 inches in width, and is in good preservation, though the ink of the earliest entries is in several places very faded, and the writing difficult to decipher. The entries have been originally begun in three different places-for baptisms, marriages, and burials respectively-but the intervening pages have been filled up without any apparent method, and the order is consequently most irregular. A key has therefore been supplied in the present work, to enable the entries of any particular year to be found readily. This Book covers the years from 1578 to 1719.

2. The second Book is also of parchment, bound in leather, and measures 16 inches by 6f. It contains the baptisms and burials from 1721 to 1812, and marriages from 1720 to 1754. It consists of twenty-two folios, four of which are terriers and deeds, and three are blank.

3. The third Book is of paper, bound in millboard, and measures 15¼ inches by 9¾ inches. It contains the marriages from 1755 to 1812, written upon eight folios.

All the volumes are in good condition, and do not appear to have suffered from damp. Nor does there seem to have been any mutilation of any of the entries, though in three places in Book I., on fos. i.-ii., 14 and 30-30b, and once in Book II., on fo. 20, a part of a page has been cut off. From 1695 till 1710, in the case of marriages and burials, these Registers were kept in duplicate; whilst from 1695 to 1703 the births are entered as well as the baptisms, and from 1703 to 1713 there are duplicate entries of baptism. The differences which occur in the duplicate entries, which are very slight, have been given in brackets. In all cases, except where the spelling is unusual, the words " baptised," " married," and " buried," have been contracted in printing the Registers.

In Book II. it has been thought well, in the case of the mention of illegitimate children, to omit the parent's name ; but to give the entry under the Christian name of the child, as affording data as to the condition of morals at the time.

The Registers have been transcribed by the Rector, and the printed copy carefully collated with the original by Mr. J. R. BOYLE, F.S.A., to whom his thanks are due.

N. J. M.

Album ecclesie parochialis de Winestead
Orimur ; morimur
Rectores ejusdem ecclesie
Gulielmus Retherby fundator ecclesiæ qui in choro sepultus jacet
John Fitz-Randall
George Brooke
Andrew Marvell
Francis Edgar
Humfrey Otway

John Cooper
Geo. Longmire
co us
Christopherus Hildyard inductus 3tio Die Novemb :
A.M. Rector de Claxby in per. Rob. Jellison Vic: de Burton-
Agro Lincolniens : et Sace
Comiti de Cromertie Gate Longmire
[NoTE.-The page is cut off here.]

Gate Longmire Inductus pr Joanem Bower
Rectr De Ross vicesimo qrto Die Novem. 1716

god lord have mercy on these
Birth is but a brag and glory a blease
Honner & Earth's pummp hiehies awaye
Andrewe Marvell Parson of Winstead was inducted into the corporall and peaceable possession of the sayd parsonage by Mr. Marmaduke Brooke deane Parson of Rosse upon easter even, being George's Day the twenty third of Aprill and in the yeare of our Lord 1614. Titulus pro Natalibus
Francis Edgar, Clerke Mr of Arts was inducted into the Corporall and peaceable possession of the Rectory or Parsonage of Winestead by Mr James Swaine, Clerke, Vicar of Hollam on Satturday the 11th of December Anno D'ni 1624
John Cooper Mr of Arts was inducted into the corporall and peacable possession of the Rectory or Parsonage of Winstead by Sam: Prowd Clerk Rectour of Pattrington on Monday the 13th of June
George Longmire parson of Winestead was inducted into the corporal and peaceable possession of ye sd. parsonage by Mr. Henoch Sinclare vic. of Owthorne upon the 13th day of June 1689
Titulus pro sponsalibus in Parochia de Winestead Francisco Edgar Rectore ibid a festo Nativitatis D'ni. Anno D'ni 1624
Ed. Ellerington enter'd on the Curacy of Winestead A.D. 1716
Sam. Johnston, S.T.B.,was inducted to the Rectory of Winestead A. D.1759
Francis Drake, S.T.P., was inducted Sepr 19 A.D. 1775
Wm Hildyard, LL.B., was inducted July the 9th 1795
Richard Hildyard, M.A., was inducted April 30th 1842
Henry Charles Thoroton Hildyard was inducted 1849
James Richard Whyte was inducted 1852
William John Mellish, M.A., was inducted July 9th, 1873
Norman James Miller, M.A., was inducted March 13, 1890
Francis Drake, D.D.,
Vicar of St. Mary's, Beverley, & Lecturer of St. Giles, Pontefract, 1775.
Data transcribed from
A publication by the Yorkshire Parish Register Society
published in the year 1900
Transcribed by Colin Hinson
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