Wintringham Registers - Miscellaneous.


Transcription of the Wintringham Registers - Miscellaneous.

Miscellaneous entries in the Parish Registers.

1558 - 1812.
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Wintringham is in tho East Riding of Yorkshire, S miles from Malton. Knapton, Newton (otherwise Place Newton), and Linton are townships in the Parish.

The Registers begin in 1558. The first and second Books are bound together, and are both written on parchment. Thu first has loaves 13½ inches by 8¼, and the second 11 inches by 6¾. The first book has 51 loaves, 30 of which have the top corners destroyed, and the first 10 leaves have a piece in the middle destroyed in addition. In the middle of the second hook is bound a small pamphlet of 4 leaves, called " The Prophesies and Predictions of James Usher, late L. Arch- Bishop of Armagh and Primate of Ireland," dated 1678. The third and fourth Books are also written on parchment. The third one contains the Baptisms and Burials from 1690 to 1771, and the Marriages from 1690 to 1753. These two books wore re-bound by Hawes of Cambridge about 40 years ago.

Thu fourth Book, written on paper by filling up the printed forms, contains the Marriages from 1754 to 1812.

The proofs were all corrected from tho original Registers.

The Church is dedicated to St. Peter. The Mother Church was the Priory at Old Malton of tho Order of Sempringham.


A coppe of the note of agreemente made betwune Nicolas Hobman of Aclam wthin the Countie of Yorke yeoman for and wth the consente of mrs Anne palmer weddowe of the one ptie and Thomas Englonde of Newmalton wthin ye said Countie Joyner the vth daye of Maye A° dom 1609 as hereafter followith

Firste it is covenanted & agreede that the said Anne Palmer wedow shall satisfye and concente & paye or cause to be paid unto the said Thomas Englonde durynge his life always at the feaste of Easter the Some of /iiis/iiij/

In consideration of web said Some of /iijs/iiija/ to be paid to the said Thomas Englonde as aforesaid The said Thomas Englonde doth covenante and praise to and wth the said Anne palmer that he the said Thomas Englonde shall repair and menteine of his owne pper costes and charges all these leades above the Channcell of the Church of Wintringham and also alle the glasse windowes aboute the said Channcell wth sowther leade glasse and workmanshipp from tyme to time and att all time and times hereaft durynge his life pvided alwaies that of the leades aboue the said Channcell or anye pte therof shall att anye time hereaftr be caste up or otherwise Battled by force of the extremitie of wynde the said Thomas Englonde shall not be chargeble wth the Repairinge and amendinge of the said leades but the same to be Repaired by the charge of the said Anne palmer.
Thomas England
Robert Stork

The third daye of March a° Dom 1608 It is agreed betwixte Thomas belt and Thomas foster Churchwardens of Wintringham of the one partie and Thomas Englonde of newmalton plumer on the other ptie

Firste the said Churchwardens and other ye sucsessurs shall yearlye paye unto the said Thomas Englonde durynge his said life sex bushells of barleye sweet drye and market able Prise at the feaste of the purification and also two Shillyngs sex pence att the feaste of easter yearlye durynge his said life

It the said Thomas Englonde in consideracion of the said monye and barleye shall mainteayne and repaire att his coste and chargses durynge his said lyfe as often as need shall Requier all the leades of the said pishe church of Wintringham wth sewder and workmanship whatsoever is necessarie for keepinge of the same drye pvided alwayes if the said leades be driven up or satled doune wth anye tempest aboue a dossen webbes then the said Thomas Englonde not be chargable

It the said Thomas Englonde shall uphold Repaire and mainteyne all the glasse windowes in the bodye of the church wth glasse leade and all other glasour work durynge his life
Thomas England
Churchwarden Thomas belt Thomas foster

1657 xxviijth day of Aprill
William Dringe of Wintringham came before me Ralph Thorpe one of the Justicies of the Peace wthin the East Rydinge of the Countie of Yorke and hath taken his Oath to execute the office of the Regist.... wthin the Parish of Wintringham ; According to the Acte of Parliament in that behalf made.
Giuen under my hand the day and yeare aboue written. Ralph Thorpe
1676 Then was ye spring called ye Spooute dry and so continued much of halffe yeare James Chambers Peter Lovell Churchwardens

We Lawrence Hodgson and John Goodale overseers for the poore of Wintringham and Newton for the yeare 1630 have received at the Hands of Robert Hodgson of Wintringham the sume of elleven shillinges and that for the interest mony which he is to pay for Francis milburne perte which mony was Bestowed upon Cloathe to make him clothes and shooes and shirtes for his furnishinge when he was bund prertise with Robert Wasling in presence of Mr peables Thomas Boynton Richard garmansway the tenth of May 1630.
Lawran Goodale
Andrew peables marke
Thomas Boynton marke
Richard X garmansway marke

Memoranda Received by me Guy Slater Churchwarden and William burton Overseer the Some of xxs of Robert Milburne of Kirby Grundzlithe Executor of Thomas Richardson Layte Deceased Giuene to the Parishe of Wintringham to be Destributed amongste the poore of the aforsayd parishe. I say Received by us Guy Slater Churchwarden & WilIm burton Overseer this xj day of August
1630 Guy Slater his marke
Phillip Robson
William Dringe

Memoranda that it is agreed and finally concluded between Mr peables Robert Wasling Robert Hodgson Rapphe Hodgson and Thomas Greene in name of the rest of the neighbours of Wintringham upon the third day of December 1629 upon the on parte and Robert tailor of Wintringham on the other part the sayde Robert tailor Doeth covenant to keepe and menteine Anne cisens in meate clothes bedding and chastisement from the Daite of these presents untill she come to the full age of twenty one yeares and he shall so keepe and mentaine her that she shall in no wayes be chargable unto the parish of Wintringham During the tyme till she be xxi yeares of age and In consideration if these covenants shall duly and truly so be performed by the sayde Robert tailor The neighbours above sayde are content that the sayde Robert tailor shall have all those things which ma...ry cisens her mother left which the said Robert hath received being valued and prysed to xviijth and they shall make it up unto him twenty shillings and other twenty shillings besyde to be payde unto the sayde r.... out of Sir John Listers many which he payeth to the poore...making up fortieeth shilling in all and whatsoever the sayde robert hath layed out for buying of the cloath to be the money and .... and what he hath payed for buriall and winding of the sayde margory cisens .... amounting to xviijth shall be payde unto him xxs aforesaid Unto which agreement Both the sayde parties have set their hands & markres the day and yeare above written
In presence of these witnesses
Robert tailor
Ralph H Hodgson his marke
Tho grene his marke
Andrew peables minister
Rober wasling his marke
Robert Hodgson marke
1714 This year there happened a greate Intemperance of winde on ye first day of February that it blowed down the West battlements of this Church against the broatch, and the southeast pinacle down to the ground, and did much damage in manie places, and blowed down Part of manie Churches, and manie trees, and many appletrees, and many wind millnes in manie places.-And the springs were verie Low, and the spring in the Church yeard was dry.-Writ by me Ralph Hodgson.
Whereas we the Underwritten Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor of Wintringham cum Newton in the East Riding of the County of York, this day, received of the Trustees and Guardians of Sr George Strickland, Baronet, (by the Hands of Mr. James Wilson, Receiver) the Sum of Forty Pounds ; being a Legacy left for the Use of our Poor by the Right Honour- able Sr William Strickland (Father of the said Sr George) late of Boynton, in the said Riding, Baronet, deceased ; as also eight Pounds more, being the Interest accruing since the said Legacy became due.

Now we the said Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor do hereby declare and resolve, That we will put out the said forty eight pounds to Interest upon sufficient Security ; in order that it May ever contunue & be kept up as a Poor-Stock or Fund.-And we think it proper to have this our Resolve duly Entered in the Parish-Register-Book of Wintringham aforesaid ; as well to inform all our Successors, that it was made wth the Unanimous Concurrence of those concerned in interest to support our Poor ; as to perpetuate the Memory of Sr William Strickland's generous Benefaction. Witness our Hands, this 28th day of September in the Year 1741.
Will: Chambers
Ralph Hodgson
Overseers of the Poor
Will. Botterill
Matt. Preston
I do hereby certify that This Resolution was enterered in the Parish- Register-Book of Wintringham by the Express Consent of the Reverend Mr James Borwick Curate of Wintringham ; and signed by the said Church- wardens, and overseers of the Poor, in my Presence Witness my Hand, Wm. Tyson, Clerk Signed also in the Presence of us Robt. Millner Christopher Stonehouse John Welbank

Be it remembered-That in the Month of April in the Year 1736. The Lord's Prayer, the Creed, the ten commandments & two Sentences over the Communion Table were writ upon the Walls of the Chancel of the Parish-Church of Wintringham (Leave being first obtain'd of the Trustees of the late Right Honourable Sr William Strickland Baronet for that Purpose) at the Expence of the Parishioners
Witness our Hand this 2d of May 1736
Ja. Borwick Curate of Wintringham
Mattew Preston Churchwardens
John Welbank

Mr Etherington paid me four Shillings for ye burial of his Wife; being the Customary Fees for burying in the Parish Church of Wintringham.
Witness my hand Wm Tyson Curate

The customary Fee due to the Churchwardens of the Parish of Wintringham for breaking Ground, to bury a Corpse in the Parish Church of Wintringham aforesaid is Six Shillings and eight Pence.- And this sum was paid (In Pursuance of the said Custom) to us, the under-written Churchwardens, by William Snowball on account of the Interment of John Andleby late of Wintringham ; who was buried this 22d day of January 1746
Witness our Hands
Signed before me Francis Marshal Curate
Ja. Borwick Thomas Hodgson Churchwardens

solemnized in

from the Year 1772 to 1812 inclusive
(Written on the fly leaf)
William Brickelbank Parish Clark of Wintringham August 22, 1802.
Population of Wintringham
No of Houses. 50
Males. 163
Females. 131
Taken in the Year 1811
Wm Jackson Ovr
Population of Wintringham taken in ye Yr 1821
Males 174. Females 152. Total 326
No. of Houses 52
Thos Coultas Ovr
This Register Book for the Parish of Wintringham was bought by Matthew Preston and Robert Allanson Churchwardens in the Year of our Lord 1772

Wheat in 1800 in consequence of the harvest in 1799 being exceedingly wet was sold for one Guinea a Bushell & upwards, Barley ten shillings per Bushell, & Oats 2/6 pr Stone, Mutton & Beef from 9d to 11d pr lb. Tho. Coultas.
1812 The harvest of 1812 was very wet, begun about the 20th of Sept. & not finished until Martinmus Wheat the following winter was sold from Seven to Eight Pounds pr. Qr.-Barley from Three to Four Pounds.- & Oats from Fifty to Sixty Shillings per Quarter. wrote by me Thomas Coultas.
Data transcribed from
A publication by the Yorkshire Parish Register Society
published in the year 1900
Transcribed by Colin Hinson
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