Withernwick, Vicars transcription


Withernwick parish:

Withernwick, Vicars transcription:

The List of Incumbents in Withernwick church.

Vicars of St. Albans

12th May1259Roger de Holland
13th March1328Jno. Skirlaw
Ult. July1360Peter de Skirlaw
 Peter Henrison
4th April1411Johs. Sotheran
 Johs. Hornsea
17th June1418Thos. Parker
28th June1425Rd. Arnald
 Alan Walkynton
29th June1432Robert Chapman
15th January1443Ws Bossal
11th February1454Ws. Robinson
17th August1462 Robt. Eskryke
24th August1467Ws. Robinson
21st September1480Johs. Gefferson
27th July1505Robt Richardson
26th December1505Wm. Bnod
10th June1507Robt. Copwper
 (Buried in the church)
30th April1516R.D. Carter
 Robt Oustayne
7th March1574Thos. Cooke
 (Buried in the church)
1585Matthew Cole
10th June1592Henry Thurscross, MA
25th April1595John Thurscross, MA
10th August1603Percival Hutchinson
25th February1639George Cooke, MA
1660Richard Meeke
7th June1669George Gibson, BA
22nd June1715Thomas Gale
10th May1716Wm. Tomlin, MA
26th July1721John Segar Carter
22nd January1754Matthew Topham, MA
 (Interred in old Church)
11th February1774John Clark, MA
1812George Kelly Holdsworth
7th October1863John Molyneux Crockett, MA
12th February1891Walter Radford Welch
12th January1903Devid Evans Jones, MA
2nd November1907Edward Earnest Eaton
3rd September1913Henry Percy Peacock
14th July1919Sameuel Edward Paling
17th June1940George Arthur Hewson
9th April1969Clive Douglas Proud
1973Philip Bishop
1978Kenneth Skipper
13th December1991Nelson William Stockbridge
1998Steve Foster, N.S.M.
29th December1998Syliva Rice-Oxley

Data transcribed by
Colin Hinson.
from photography by Colin Hinson